A Woman in Uniform

A Woman in Uniform A Woman in Uniform

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Officer Kalpen hasn't gotten laid in six years and her first one night stand to break the chain didn't happen in the most normal situation. Though that doesn't matter so much, it's her partner's secret that gets to her the most.


Officer Kalpen hasn't gotten laid in six years and her first one night stand to break the chain didn't happen in the most normal situation. Though that doesn't matter so much, it's her partner's secret that gets to her the most.


Submitted: September 18, 2016

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Submitted: September 18, 2016



(Was bored again, made this little short story to entertain myself :P


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)



Officer Kalpen sighed as she pulled into the parking lot, all she had to do was check on the noise complaint and she could go home. She liked being on the force, made some reliable friends and learned a lot though there were days when she just wanted to go home. To what? Nothing really a cat who seems to hate her that she ended up with after her neighbor passed away, leaving in the Will that she needed someone to be there for her cat, a tabby that never warmed up to her. She took the cat she liked them well enough but just being nice she wanted to send it somewhere else usually. She never found a mess he, Corbin, had a blanket he liked to sleep on, never made a mess with food or water, and used his litter box while keeping his scratching to his post.


Though as soon as she stepped in it was all hissing and clawing, she didn't even bother with trips to the vet. He went and got his check ups but she paid a baby sitter to do it for her instead, though he would still curl up next to her on the couch and sleep without a sound or on her pillow when she went to bed. He was a very odd cat, she guessed he just missed his original owner but it wasn't matter of just taking him home after all.


She got out locked her car and went up the steps, as she went she saw a few men and women leaving she had a feeling the party was just being broken up. She had half a mind to just leave since it was quiet but there had been a lot of complaints from one woman they sent a few out and always it was quiet her complaints were sometimes ignored as they were starting to think she was just trying to get attention though the complaints were piling up so to speak.


If nothing happened this time, she would get a ticket.


She checked the number written down and went to the apartment, she knocked a bit then the door opened she paused for a moment. The woman leaning against the door was just the type of woman who had to be used to getting whatever she wanted. She had long black hair, an olive complexion, dark green eyes and a nice athletic but curvy build. She was also wearing a short open robe and her black lace panties and bra were visible. Though she's not very confident Kalpen is just as attractive, a tall red head with blue eyes and a tight figure. Her breasts are a little smaller than the other's but just as nice.


She shook her head more than a little distracted though she was confused, out of her league the thought was hilarious she'd never been attracted to women like that. She cleared her throat.


“Hi sorry to disturb you I'm Officer Kaplen and we've......”


“You've had complaints from the witch in 19C?” she started.


She sighed.


“Yeah that's right.”


“I swear that woman is such a pain, you know I've been here for four years Officer.” she went on.


“We haven't been getting complaints for four years...” she said thinking of the most recent calls they had gotten.


“Exactly, ever since she heard about the little pornos I shoot once in a while when I wouldn't let her join in she started being a pain. I know it gets loud, but I have sound proof foam in the room I use and no one else hears a thing they talk to me like I'm just a normal neighbor. Now tell me that isn't just jealousy.”


“I see, so those people I passed on the way up were part of your group then?” she asked trying not to picture what they could have been doing, she couldn't remember the last time she had any more action than her fingers.


“Tall blond, good looking guy with a deep tan?”




“Uh huh, we just finished, you look like you're about finished too.” she said with a smirk.


“Somewhat, this is my last call, well there is no proof from anyone else and things are fine now so enjoy the rest of your evening.”


“Hey wait are you going to keep coming by?”


“No ma'am I'm supposed to give her a ticket and then you're good just don't make actual noise in the future.” she turned to leave.


“Hey just stick the ticket to her door and come back, join me for a drink?”


“I can't...”


“But this is your last call, I'll even wait for you I love a woman in uniform.”


She shook her head to decline just because she was still technically on the clock.


“Fine fine, suit yourself.”


She turned and looked for the other door looking up as her shoulder was tapped looking over again she saw that the other was pointing down the hall toward 19C. She nodded and walked by as she knocked on the door she jumped as the other leaned against the wall next to her.


“You must really be tired you didn't even ask my name for your report.”


“....I am tired but I don't need your name if nothing happened, there won't be a report.”


“You don't need my name or you were just distracted and forgot to ask?” she teased.


She shook her head and looked down as she knocked again.


“It's Amari, and I saw you staring at my tits I know what you like.”


She blushed.


“I wasn't staring, maybe I was just wondering if they were real.” she snapped.


Amari giggled.


“Ah don't be like that.”


She pulled her bra up then grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand up to press it against her, soft unscarred...they were really hers alright. She pulled her hand away, it wasn't true she didn't think they could have been fake though she was embarassed being noticed.


“What's your first name?”




“Who is it?” the woman called.


“Ma'am this is Officer......Shannon Kaplen, I'm here about your noise complaint.” she said, mumbling her name she didn't know why she bothered answering it wasn't like she had to.


“Oh good go and arrest her, I can hear it now all that banging and pounding it will lead you right to it.”


“Ma'am I”m out in the hall with Ms. Amari there is no noise, these false complaints are tiresome now open your door and take your ticket for false claims so we can both be done for the night.”


“False! You hear it you're just on that whore's side just like all the others!!”


She rubbed her temples, not in the mood she was going to leave the ticket, she tensed as she looked over at Amari she was pinching her nipples putting on a show. Shannon shook her head and looked away telling herself to ignore it. Though she looked back as Amari reached down to rub her panties, she bit her lip barely listening to complaints about the ticket. It really had been too long she felt heat rising in her body as she watched her slide her panties down to rub her lips, she was shaved and wet.


“Want to touch me?” she whispered.


Shannon nodded then blushed and shook her head no matter what she was feeling she squeezed her legs together as she wrote out the ticket. She hurried by her though Amari quickly pulled her panties back up and walked over to grab her wrist as she turned her around she kissed her deeply, teasing her tongue with hers. She moaned despite herself giving in for a moment feeling Amari massage her breast while sucking on her neck, a weak spot for her. Whimpering a bit as she undid her pants it had been far too long the wetness between her legs and the shiver up her spine was a clear sign of that.


Amari smirked as she felt Shannon's fight fade away, she pulled away grabbing her wrist as she moved tugging Shannon into her apartment. She told hersel to leave while she still could but she was aching, she supposed doing porn taught her plenty of tricks to push anyone who got in her bed. As the door was closed and locked she walked over and led Shannon through the dark apartment and picked her up like she weighed nothing before tossing her on the bed as she climbed on top of her she kissed her deeply while undoing her shirt she tossed it on the floor her belt and holster were set on the nightstand. She shivered as she kicked her shoes off her pants were tugged off and joined her shirt on the floor.


Amari tore her white top and looked down at her she wore silky panties and a nice bra matching in color. She licked her lips.


“Such a tight little body you have.” she nearly purred stroking her sides, Shannon swallowed as she tossed her robe to the floor.


“....Hardly...nothing like yours..”


“Hush now, you're beautiful don't you know that? You seem a little confused about what you want but just touch me like you would touch yourself.” she unclipped her bra.


Shannon reached up to massage her breasts pinching her nipples tweaking them bit by bit she moaned pulling her close as they rolled over on top of the red blanket it was a little chilly in Boston this Fall even the cheap apartment building seemed too cold but every heated touch made it easier to ignore. While they were facing one another Amari could tell her how she liked her to lick and bite her breasts and nipples while she trailed her fingers down and into her panties she moved them so she was partially on top she kissed her neck as she teased her lips.




“Don't worry I'll take good care of you babe.”


Moving lower to pull her panties down having her spread her legs she ran her tongue up and down her clit flicking her tongue over the sensitive bud.


“You know it's been a waste, I'm a very sexual person and I've only gotten to shoot these past couple of weeks never having enough time for threesome scenes while my usual cameraman is out of town. I could use release, how much sexual frustration do you have that leads to wet full lips like this hmmm?” she said fingering the lips as she teased the clit.


Shannon arched moaning as she did she had her fingers in her long hair groaning.




She smirked slightly.


“Ah here I am complaining about a couple of weeks, you poor thing I'll really have to work hard to make it better huh?” she grit her teeth feeling her tongue swirling about she cried out arching, Amari was too good with her tongue.


“....Just keep...doing that...” she mumbled her voice trailing off.


“Of course, spread your legs wider.”


While Shannon was rocking her hips she felt off and shook her head before trying to make Amari stop it wasn't completely fair she thought she should turn around. Amari smirked as she slid her panties off and tossed them on the ground before moving. Shannon moved so she could mimic what she felt from Amari at least in finger and tongue movements.


Amari moaned telling her what she liked she was used to more frequent lovers that were entirely stingy it was fine though she just liked to get off as they rocked together getting closer she grit her teeth.


She still had brand new toys to break in as they came hard she only shivered, wanting more.



Shannon rubbed her eyes as they showered, her lips were tingling from the vibrator, Amari told her that the people that came brought their own toys, she cleaned the two they used and put them back in the case. It was late and Amari got Shannon to text her other neighbor to check and make sure Corbin had food and water she was staying over. She felt dazed staring at the paintings on the wall, she looked up as Amari walked back in the room with the pizza in her hands.


“Here better eat up while it's fresh.”


She set the box on top of an old blanket and climbed under the fresh one on the bed, she looked over at Shannon with a smirk on her face. She moved closer to kiss her neck, Shannon shivered.


“Hey...aren't you going to eat?”


“I would if you spread your legs.” she said.


She shook her head with a smile.


“You're sex drive is way over mine..”


“Oh after a few more nights with me you'll get used to it.”


“A few more nights?” she asked licking sauce off her finger.


“Of course, I've waited for you to come here for so long you're not getting away from me easily.” she said.


Shannon stared at her.


“Waiting for me? How long have you been waiting to use that line?” she asked laughing.


She paused as Amari gave her a stern look.


“It's not a line Shannon, I men it, a demon like me needs a woman like you.”


“A demon..I suppose you are, no one I've slept has a tongue like yours.” she said, finishing one piece.


She let out a noise as she was pushed into the pillows, she stared up at her her eyes wide as she turned violet her hair a dark royal blue, the sclera in her eyes turned black as her eyes turned a bright yellow. She waved a long tip around her entire lower half melting into a massive snake tail she raised her clawed hand and stroked Shannon's cheek, her own with twin black marks on either side. Her skin was silky smooth the markings down the sides of her breasts, stomach and tail could be beautiful if Shannone wasn't scared out of her mind.


“I won't beat around the bush it's not very fair to keep you around without telling you what you're getting, it is more than frustration the touch of one's mate is intoxicating for someone who claims to not know what they're doing you did perfectly my dear mate.”




“Don't be afraid I won't hurt you....” she let out a pained groaned as Shannon kneed her in the stomach rolling on to the floor and grabbing her gun.


Amari hissed in frustration then pouted rubbing her stomach as she aimed it at her.


“Okay....I don't know what drugs you slipped me....but stop looking like a snake right now before I shoot and plead insanity...”


“You aren't crazy...this is very much happening, and I didn't drug you, well I used your lust against you but that's just how lust demons are...at least I'm not a succubus I didn't take any energy sharing pleasure with you was enough.” she said, nervously, speaking quickly.


Shannon huffed and rubbed her head, clearly the creature was lying she told herself she was having a bad nightmare and just needed to wake up. Amari held out her hand.


“Come here, I'll show you that there is nothing to fear with me.”


Just a dream she told herself, she set the gun down, just a dream over and over like a cheer Amari pulled her against her chest moving the pizza box out of the way as she laid back cuddling Shannon against her.


Just a dream, things like this don't happen in real life.


At least that's the story she fed herself, why else would she feel safe and calm again when in the woman's...arms.



Later that morning Shannon woke up in a daze and sat up, she looked around, nothing was out of the ordinary. Amari was holding her and sound asleep looking just like the model she had when they went to bed she sighed rubbing her head.


“Of all the things to imagine...” she whispered to herself.


She pushed Amari's hand off and stood up to get dressed she left quickly and quietly she had to get to work and still needed to get ready in her own bed, she was sure the real Amari only wanted a one night stand no need to leave a note or anything.


“Just a one night stand she'll be glad that I'm gone.”




It was some time before Amari woke up she swore, she had been out of it, she heard that first joining with a mate took a lot of energy, to connect them fully especially when they were human but she didn't know she'd be that deeply asleep. Connected or not she wouldn't know everything there is to know just the basics she knew what she was craving, some of what she liked to do and how she wanted to be pleased already it was a start while they worked on making it stronger.


She had been over the moon when she saw Shannon's eyes and realized who she was to her she knew she had probably used her powers a little too much. Though she didn't want her to leave she had to get her worked up enough to stay she knew that pulling her powers away had been what put her mate to sleep.


She rubbed her eyes and sat up, realizing she was alone, she saw that Shannon was gone and stood up so out of it she didn't notice her leaving. She got out of bed, she rubbed her forehead feeling frustrated and hurt.


“Why would you just leave without waking me up, were you so unwilling to talk to me?” she bit her lip.


Swallowing thickly as a tear slid down her cheek.


“Was she that repulsed by my true form?”


The End?


(I don't know...might give this couple more attention, hope you liked it. :D)

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