A Secret Worth Sharing

A Secret Worth Sharing A Secret Worth Sharing

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Sometimes being obedient to a milf can work out in the long run.


Sometimes being obedient to a milf can work out in the long run.


Submitted: January 19, 2016

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Submitted: January 19, 2016



( Okay so ...I don't know what to put here so...uh hope you like it.


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)



I stepped out of the shower to get ready for work I liked to take a long one so I always got up early so I could take my time. I looked at myself in the mirror after wiping the steam off, I had never been a very hairy guy none of the men in my family were. I've always been slim not really slender but I'm not the most muscular person. I've been told I'm handsome, I keep my brown hair short, I wear glasses over my green eyes, and I have a tan. I'm not vain and I'm not self conscious about my looks I think I'm okay and that's all there is to it. I'm a teacher at the local college normally but as it's Summer I'm just working at a community college for students who need an extra hand, I like to keep busy. One student in particular comes in a lot, she hasn't decided what she wants to be yet but I've seen her grades, spoken to her personally and she's very intelligent she doesn't need help with anything. In fact she's mostly there to help out, aside from that she's been my obsession since I saw her.


I'm in my forties and she's a ripe twenty-two with flawless pale skin, deep blue eyes, and wavy brown hair. She often wears short skirts that barely contain her perfect ass but they show off her legs nicely, she spends a lot of time in the gym and worked to stay as toned as she was.




I shook my head now was not the time to be thinking about her I was running late and her breasts...I mean my students couldn't wait forever. I ignored the hard on orgasm denial worked for me for whatever reason. Reaching into my drawer I pulled out a pale blue lacy thong, I walked in on my friend's mom changing once we had known one another for years and I was treated just like one of her kids. I had a key and was always welcome, I had just turned eighteen and I wanted to hang out of course by then he had a girlfriend and he would jump when she said to. So of course he wasn't at home, I went upstairs because even if I was welcome I didn't want to go into anyone's house and say nothing.


His mom, Carrie, was the first milf I had ever been introduced to she took great care of herself and I stared at her once in a while. She was bent over completely naked rubbing lotion on her ankles, she was a yoga instructor and was always more than happy to show off. I watched for a moment before she noticed me. She stood up slowly and beckoned me closer, I was already hard thinking she wanted to make some idiot's dream come true, it seemed like it when she told me to take my clothes off. Reasoning that I had gotten to stare at her and she should get the same, I did and then she told me to lay on the bed.


I was already hard but she wanted to play, she straddled me hovering that warm pussy over my cock muttering something about how she loved young guys. I wasn't too worried about getting with her, she divorced her husband a long time ago, he was in my friend's life but she had been alone for some time as far as I knew.


“What would you do to me?” she asked.


I said I would fuck her till she was weak, I wasn't just cocky I had always been a sexual person I had plenty of girlfriends that were easy enough for me to get more experience. She continued to ask me questions, what do I like? Do I think she's hot? Can I taste her? Lowering further my head was pressed against her before she got up and jumped off the bed . She walked over to her drawer and pulled out some black ribbons.


“I'm feeling a little playful, you'll let me tie you up won't you?”


I nodded, as if I could turn her down.


“Oh good, but one more thing...” she pulled out a package of panties and waved them at me.


“Put one of these on.”


I don't know what led me to agree, I didn't argue I just did as I was told I guess I'd always been curious about women's underwear, a strange fetish to some I guess. She was so pleased that after I was tied up she crawled on the bed to give me a blow job. They were cotton panties she pulled my cock out and sucked like her life depended on it, the ribbons my wrists and ankles were pretty tight it wasn't uncomfortable but I couldn't really move. Not that I wanted to at the moment, I didn't think there was anything wrong with an adventurous milf getting me off this way. Then she just stopped I looked at her thinking she was really going to leave me like this. I could see her glistening shaven pussy and she was clearly wet and turned on, that would be cruel to both of us.


Instead she got another ribbon a larger one and a few pairs of fuzzy handcuffs to restrain me better, when she finished she slipped into the closet and came out with a whip. I felt a little nervous but she hit me a couple times and it didn't really hurt something about the material it was made out of. Though it did turn me on further.


“You'll agree to continue won't you?”


Not even considering the fact that there was more than this and that she didn't explain I said yes, she covered my eyes and soon I felt her dragging the whip across my body. She told me since I was so obedient that she had a couple gifts for me. First she let me cum down her throat then worked my cock back to life I heard her reach into the drawer for something along with some shuffling I didn't know what else she could possibly want to play with but I was a horny bastard and was good with anything. She poured some cool cream on my cock, scented lube as she massaged me I was on cloud nine, until I felt her touch my ass.


“Hey! What are you doing??”


“Why, I'm playing with you.”


“...Wait just a second Carrie...I'm not gay..or bi I don't want that.”


She laughed at me.


“Eric honestly, don't tell me you believe those homophobic idiots that believe a human being will sprout erogenous zones based on sexuality. A woman can finger her pussy and enjoy while being straight, a man can enjoy what gets him off too. I like anal, do you think after giving birth to three kids I'm secretly a homosexual male?”


I shivered.


“N..no but.”


She shushed me then slid her finger in.


“Don't be so shy, tell you what when you start craving men then you can be gay or bi until then, just be a human and we'll see what else turns you on.”


She returned to massaging my cock though I was focused on the strange feeling of being...invaded I guess. She only pushed in a tip of her finger which I could tell was covered with a glove but slowly she worked in the whole thing, it didn't really hurt it felt exactly like it should...a finger was in my ass and it probably shouldn't be there. I was still hard because of how she played with my cock but it felt strange, after a while of gently moving she twisted her finger and hit a nerve or something so help me I moaned she laughed again, which made me feel self conscious.


“I thought you might like it if I was careful and there was enough lube, it's not for everyone but I'd say it's always worth a try.” she said excitedly.


“What did you do...?”


“Well I just toyed with your prostate a little, too many men get jumpy about it because they assume it's gay but it can't be stressed enough that that's just where a lot of the “fun” nerves are in a man. Shall I continue?”


It goes without saying what I said, for a few years it was like this I let her have her way and she teased me as she saw fit. My friend never found out, eventually she decided to settle down with someone and she cut me out. Sadly on their honeymoon they were killed in a car accident the secret was taken to the grave. In some twisted way I couldn't let go and wanted to remember her, which led to this. I never really felt completely ashamed of it, though I've only had a couple girls that were okay with it, and eventually they got tired and left. My last relationship lasted six years I hid this from her, when she found out she flipped and left me. That was a few months ago, I'm not the type to get emotional over break ups if a girl leaves I'll be out the same night searching for easy ass and approval.


Though it bothered me still, I've been off I get it, this isn't really normal for a straight man and it doesn't appeal to most but I expected her to stay. She didn't try to rush me to marry her she was fine with how things were but once she was gone I realized how attached at the hip we were. Things feel a little empty around here. I shook my head that was enough, no time to feel sorry for myself I volunteered for the time so I had better go, grabbing my things I walked out telling myself that it was time to get out again.


With any woman, even if it was just for a quick fuck in the bathroom I was going to distract myself.



I dropped my things off in my classroom and told the students to give me their essays from the weekend. I looked up as Alexia walked in she wore shorts and a clingy top she distracted most of them, thinking back to my denial I hardened further and swallowed thickly. There was no way I was going to be able to focus on work like this. Still I made an effort, some what, the day moved far too slowly. I felt like she was purposely waving her hips in my direction. I planned to set them up with a movie that was made by some other students which had finished the course last year, it was a general course and I used simple methods as far as I'm concerned if they can't learn from methods used in high school then there isn't much I could do for them. I wanted notes and rough essays written while the movie played. The screen was against the back wall so they all used the behind them or turned their chairs.


I looked up as Alexia set the essays on the desk, since she was a little late she offered to collect them from the front desks instead. She also flipped off the light.


“Are you going to do the assignment?” as she, as well as some of the others in the school were much farther ahead they got more freedom in what they did or didn't do.


She shook her head and moved to sit on my lap, smirking when she felt my erection I shook my head.


“The others are going to notice.” I said, as quiet as I could.


“Not if you stay quiet, besides this is just a Summer course and I”m completely legal so what does it matter you won't see any of them when you go back to work.”


“...That's not the...”


“I saw you staring yesterday.”


I sighed.




“So, you're usually less obvious.”


I admit I felt embarrassed over being caught though she had put on a pair of stringy lace underwear and I didn't see them until she bent down to pick her book up which I believe she dropped on purpose.


“...You know I stare but you continue to wear short skirts?”


“What can I say? I like the attention.”


“I could be a creeper that keeps girls in my basement.”


“If you were, and you admitted that I'd use it against you.” she said with a wink.


She moved her ass over my cock.




“Ssh.” the way she whispered it in my ear reminded me of Carrie, I stayed quiet cursing my submissive nature..only partially.


She ran her hand over my erection, my eyes darted around the room hoping no one was watching, they were still focused which is good none of them wanted to have to sign up for next year. They were penalized for failing as this was an optional course but they did pay for it so it would be good if they learned enough to get by. I took time off to volunteer here my college had a very small Summer vacation I wanted to try and help those that needed more one on one time. I didn't know when I offered that I would meet Alexia. I spread my legs and she leaned closer.


“Eager?” she teased.


I didn't comment, she unzipped my black slacks and I grabbed her wrist I felt strange when I didn't wear panties or thongs it just felt right I guess Carrie trained me properly. I really didn't want Alexia to know what I had on.


“This...doesn't need to go that far.”


“Turning me down? You must have something to hide.”


I knew she was only teasing but the way she looked at me I could tell my expression must have given it away.


“So you do? What's under your pants? Panties or something?”


She gave me that look again, I remembered Carrie's words.


'You're being dominated never hide things from the woman in charge.'


Carrie didn't teach me that I was lesser or anything she said that if I didn't establish dominance before the first touch then I should accept my place. It stuck with me, and since I couldn't throw her on the desk like I wanted to I accepted this, unfortunately I'm much more of an open book than I thought.


“No way.” she yanked her hand free and swatted mine out the way.


Soon her hand was on my lace covered cock, I really thought she might scream or something to get attention. Though she remained quiet and leaned forward to get a piece of paper she wrote something down then got up and went to her desk. I quickly fixed my pants and looked at it, expecting some sort of threat, I feared being blackmailed over this. I was really going to have to suck it up and buy boxers. It was her number and a note.


She wanted me to text her my address so she could get a better look at what I was hiding.



I'd been thinking about Carrie a lot lately, maybe I cared about Samantha...my ex, more than I thought I always thought about Carrie when I was stressed or lonely. I know I shouldn't I'm plenty weird as it is, but I did anyways. As time went on she picked out more things for me to wear, she liked to dress me up, no make up, wigs, or heels of course just a few things like different types of panties and stockings. I wanted Alexia so I was already in submissive mode. When I got in I messaged her, she said she didn't want me to text her until I got home so she could meet me there.


}You are quick to obey aren't you?{



}You could say I've been prepared for it.{


}What else do you like aside from lace that is :){


I told her which led to what toys I had, I only have a small vibrator a custom one I ordered, and a vibrating cock ring operated by a small remote. I didn't bother with cuffs since I didn't seem to attract many curious women and I can't completely restrain myself.


}Oh really? Ever use a dildo?{


}One was used on me...{ and it wasn't pleasant.


}Did you like it?{


}No I hated it.{


}Fair enough, why don't you get all clean and dressed down I suppose and I'll be there soon.{


I was straining enough as it is but now I wondered what she wanted, did she plan to humiliate me or did I finally attract the woman I was waiting for, hard to say. Though I would do as I was told, no question there.



I put on new lace panties and stockings with a garter belt it was good I never really filled out or I know I'd look a lot stranger. Still I'm comfortable like this, I got off in the bath so I could last through whatever she wanted to do. I covered up with a robe and let her in when she arrived. She had changed into a short leather skirt and a tank top she closed the door and bent a little showing me the dark purple bikini cut panties she wore.


“I believe these were your favorite right?”


I nodded slowly, they looked a size too small and it worked out nicely for her.


“You know I've been fantasizing about you, that's why I dress so casually.”


I swallowed thickly as I stared at her with wide eyes, she dresses for me?


“Don't joke.”


“I'm not joking, you're far too sexy to just ignore.”


She slid her arms around my neck, I swear if I'm dreaming I would rather not wake up.


“Is that a fact?”


“Mmmhmm, to think this good looking man has a dirty little secret it's pretty hot but I wonder if he was able to follow instructions?”




I got rid of the robe and she looked me over.


“I think it suits you.”


To be continued?

(You know, if you liked it...it's not one of my stories if I don't tease you right? Hehe)

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