A Different Sort of Contract

A Different Sort of Contract A Different Sort of Contract

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



One hot friend is nice, another is even better when they're your dad's friends it's hard to remember what line to cross and what line to stay behind. Especially when they can only stay so far away and it all started with a little drunken frustration.


One hot friend is nice, another is even better when they're your dad's friends it's hard to remember what line to cross and what line to stay behind. Especially when they can only stay so far away and it all started with a little drunken frustration.

Prolog (v.1) - A little resistance

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 17, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 17, 2017



(I was just thinking of an update and this popped into my head to replace an idea that just wasn't working, yeah I've been a real spaz lately I know, I won't start anymore until I finish one no matter how distracted I get or maybe I just won't post if lol. If I had never finished a story I don't think I'd be able to humor my racing thoughts as freely as I do ha.


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Prologue – A little resistance


Camden shifted he sat at his desk having a meeting he wasn't just successful he was a lawyer and one of the best he handled divorce cases mostly though he worked fairly freely. The firm was owned by his friend and he appreciated the position but he hated it. He never wanted to be a lawyer he took the offer after he saw his father's will. He was always bitter that his son didn't follow in his footsteps and he left his fortune to him but he could only claim his inheritance and the house it came with if he became a lawyer.


Lance, his friend and boss, wondered why he would put up with it at all when he was more than happy to take his case but he wouldn't let him get involved. He had rules to follow to live freely his kind was already on borrowed time there weren't many of them compared to the past. Simply put it wasn't paperwork that could be disregarded entirely or even properly taken care of due to missing information on the legal side. If he wanted to continue living the way he was then he would follow the rules, it would be satisfied after a good run as a lawyer which was loose. He met Lance in college he inherited the firm from his mother when she retired, and Camden made sure the bastard who killed her got life in prison.


Lance took a sort of comfort knowing he was wasting away while his mother was at rest she couldn't have children and adopted him he'd been close to her growing up and it didn't matter where he came from as far as he was concerned he lost his only family then. When he got married Camden was there, he had met Christina one Summer fresh out of college they dated on and off until it stuck. He paired up Camden with his wife insisting that he needed someone for a while it worked he was almost glad to be set up. Unfortunately for him his mother found out about her, which he wanted to avoid in case she liked her. She was a sweet woman, loving as a mother but when she thought something was best for you that was it. She didn't care what you thought.


She did like Angela and she wanted her married into the family properly which was the problem, it was a completely different ritual while it wasn't permanent paperwork wasn't enough. While his kind had fallen and mates were no longer found the effect could be imitated. He hadn't agreed to that it had been fifteen years and she wouldn't accept her until they were properly tied.


The only problem with her was because she had always been positive that he didn't love her as much as she wanted him to. She had his ring, access to his money, everything she could want and she wouldn't sleep with him. He was just frustrated though not enough to rush her down the demon's aisle. He wasn't really the type looking for divorce just because of that but after wasting away in this field for twenty years he was simply bored. He was used to the freedom he had when he only had to worry about which bar to go to.


He ignored the fighting pair he wasn't even sure what they wanted at this point though they weren't clients so he didn't care. He looked up as the shiny metal door was pushed open his office was reasonably sized. He had his fire proof cabinets a desk that was covered that he had a few different meetings under...as it were and the chairs. His secretary was Lance's twenty four year old daughter she was shorter than his 6'3 but still fairly tall. She was showing off her long legs in a tight little skirt, though they lucked out in warmth in Bakersfield this Summer she normally wore pants and she'd only been working here for a year though he always kept an eye on her.


A lot of his coworkers watched the bouncy dark haired young woman she wore thin glasses had her father's blue eyes though her dark curls came from her mother Lance himself was blond. When it came to gossip columns they didn't care about how many cases they won but how attractive they were. Camden himself has a bit of tan and a dark auburn hair, with bright green eyes. He turned to the men in the room they had been distracted as she set down coffee for him.


“Alright gentleman we can continue this later.” he said firmly he gave them a firm look they tripped over themselves moving to leave and she laughed.


Biting her pouty lip she glanced down at him.


“What was the meeting over?”


“I have no idea.” he said honestly as he sipped the coffee he'd always had a bit of a sweet tooth and she knew just how he took it plenty of cream and sugar.


She grinned.


“Are you sure this is the position for you when you hate it?”


“After a few drinks ask me again.”


He looked over her legs.


“Feeling casual today?”


“Oh uh..Francine 'accidentally' spilled coffee on me asked mom to bring me something since she was on her way here anyways.”


He shook his head.




She shrugged.


“Well I checked your files for you, you're free at the moment did you have something else for me to do?”


“Not really is Christina going to leave with Lance?”


She nodded.


“Then I'll head out why don't you take the rest of the day.”




“Yeah I'm going out so no reason for you to be stuck here.”


“Can I come along?”


He gave her a look.


“Well you are a little more than half my age and going by stereotypes there is no way you'd like what I do, wouldn't want you to be bored.”


She put her hands on her hips.


“Oh please you'd be surprised what I'm into.” she said adjusting her glasses.


He was sure she meant nothing by it though his mind might have wandered a bit he stood up she looked away from him. That smile could make most do anything he said she hadn't always had a crush on him she'd had boyfriends and didn't just assume every man her age was immature and impossible she just liked him because he had been kind to her though there had been no favoritism because he was her father's friend. She hadn't always been a good girl she was more likely to tell him when she messed up, crashing her dad's car when she drove drunk he helped her but she had to spend the time in jail. Her parents knew and they wanted to go get her but he reminded them to let her sit so she wouldn't make that mistake again. He was always honest when he needed to be and kind when it was better.


She was frustrated but rather than act like a brat she did her community service worked to pay the reinstatement fee and took all the classes she needed to prove she could be responsible behind the wheel. They really didn't want to give her another chance but it was a first offense and no one was hurt so her father fought for that much at least though she just had a license she didn't own her own car and she was expected to remain with a driver of age. He didn't comment on his effort there because she did keep up her end and stay out of trouble in that way no more drinking more than she could handle in fact she didn't go out often at all. When it came to making poor choices with guys though he'd come get her if she wasn't safe he was naturally protective of her in that sense.


Though for her free party ways he knew from scent when she said she didn't sleep around she didn't though her ways of having fun weren't always legal she hadn't really gone too far. She was loose with right and wrong not a crazy slut and she had mellowed out since then.


“Surprised? Me when it concerns you?”


She smiled.


“Okay maybe not surprised, but at least interested.”


“I don't know you tend to get into trouble, why don't you go out and prove you can stay out of trouble no calls and I'll take you out.”


“Haven't I been doing that?”


“I don't know I haven't had to monitor you, remember your dad may have pulled a few strings to help you so long as you did what you were told but he can only have one free pass there. You can't just go out anywhere with me the next judge will think I'm too friendly with you then you need a separate lawyer.”


She sighed.


“I know, and I still take the bus the license is more just in case and for temporary use...I doubt anyone would assume you always come get me like any lawyer why does it have to be questionable?”


He shook his head refusing to humor her, though it was difficult not to he had seen she was doing just fine and kept her nose clean just like her father said.


“A man old enough to be your father out at a club with a scantily clad woman, oh yeah that sounds real wholesome.”


She pouted.


“Don't make that face people already know we're connected you get in trouble now and it could come back to us.”


“Why would I do anything bad with you around?”


“You tell me.” he said resisting the urge to suggest anything.


She shifted and pressed against his chest he froze as she huffed.


“I get it, it's code for you don't like me and don't want to be with me, but I know better I've worn this all day I saw you staring.” she said stroking his chest.


“Remember where we are now Elyssa, lots of men stared you're legal and showing off your legs.”


“I wasn't doing anything.”


“And you still won't I'm not interested.” he said carefully pushed her back.


“Look I know what's happening here get rid of the crush it's not going anywhere.”


“I...don't have a crush to get rid of....”


“Well then that's great, you're not my type anyhow, you don't have quite the sex appeal you think you do.” he said firmly she bit her lip that stung a bit but she shook her head.


She chewed on her lip.




He only smirked, the conversation was over he often let her go back and forth get things off her chest but she knew when enough was enough.


She turned to leave chewing on her lip it wasn't the first time she acted out to get his attention just the first time like that.


She felt a little off though she did ask her mother to grab one of her skirts it wasn't just to tease Camden. She had been proofreading paperwork for him though he normally didn't need it unless he was rushing she couldn't just run off over a mess. Yes Lance could have rose colored glasses with her sometimes and she would never say she hadn't taken advantage of it but he didn't let her get away with everything.


He would definitely expect her to just get over messy clothes she did sit in the back behind a computer no one could see her. At least now she could just go and pretend that her longest lasting crush didn't turn her down. Didn't matter that he was so close in age to her father it wasn't like she was chasing some poor man on his last breath for his money and she knew he was married and had definitely heard his frustrations when he'd gotten drunk while visiting she wasn't even supposed to be home, she had classes to get her license back and a water mane break shut down the little center essentially.


She was slipping in when they were already here he wasn't even talking to her father who could barely handle his booze past a certain amount. She had sex appeal and she'd prove it she shook her head. Remembering that wasn't the way to go even if she couldn't help her feelings.


Though clearly saving herself for him was silly she guessed one little fuck wouldn't be an issue.

(Okay so I know I could be too soft with the license thing I know it depends on a few things how you get it back but to show her father is much softer with her than Camden is it fits. So yeah I know it's just for this scene that getting lucky story magic humor me I mean she's a bit different than some of my leading ladies hmm stay tuned.)

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