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Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Julia is abducted to be the wife of two brothers. Will she accept her new role of being the mother of their child or escape?


Julia is abducted to be the wife of two brothers. Will she accept her new role of being the mother of their child or escape?

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Julia is abducted to be the wife of two brothers. Will she accept her new role of being the mother of their child or escape?

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Submitted: September 06, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 06, 2013



This is a work of fiction, no people were involved in this story. In other words it's all made up in my twisted head.


Julia was jogging her usual route through the state park she loved so much not knowing anyone had been watching her. She enjoyed this park for its smooth trails with just enough hills to make it challenging yet not overly exhausting. Her breath puffed small vapors in the freezing morning air as she ran but she paid no attention to the cold. She had a fast paced popular song blaring in her ears from the player she used and going over her plans that evening with a friend instead of the below freezing temperatures that kept most runners home during the coldest months of the year.

The Morgan brothers knew the young woman's routine well. She drove up to this popular runners path every morning just after sunrise, put in her ear buds and spent the next hour running. They had long ago given up on finding a woman who would stay with them. Four times they had met a woman and four times she grew tired of the isolation and lack of modern convenience and left. They decided it was time to take what they wanted. They had spent weeks studying runners who ran the trails closest to their isolated farm in the Canadian wilderness. They had carefully hidden their temporary campsite so they did not have to track all the way back to their farm every night. Today was the day they would take the woman they had decided was theirs. They knew how to sense the signs of snow and by the smell of the air snow was close. They needed to have the woman at their farm before the first snowfall so they could not be easily tracked.

Silently Brant crept up to Miles. "She is coming, alone as usual."

Miles nodded silently and poured the sickeningly sweet smelling liquid into a thickly folded cloth. Just as it soaked through they heard the steady foot falls of a runner coming. He looked up and caught sight of the woman. Brant pulled the clear twine just in time to trip her.

Julia was lost in her thoughts when suddenly she hit the ground hard. The air was knocked out of her. She lay there stunned for a split second before something hard landed on her and lifted her face from the ground. Before she could even think to scream a cloth was placed on her face. She drew a deep breath to scream but the smell and sickening taste of the cloth nearly made her gag. She fought violently and tried again to scream. "Help me," she heard a gruff voice huff out. Suddenly there were more hands on her, pinning her to the ground. She was getting dizzy and her thrashing grew weaker.

"There she is going to sleep now." Another slightly softer but still very gruff voice said. It was sounding distant. She whimpered in fear as she felt herself lifted yet could not move to fight them off.

"Make sure you keep that cloth handy, it is a long hike home and I do not want to be fighting our new woman every hour. With snow on the way we need to get home,"

Julia tried to struggle, or open her mouth to scream but nothing worked. She could barely open her eyes to see she was being carried through the thick woods while the other man used a branch with dead leaves on it to cover the signs of her struggles to escape. A tear fell down her face as the other man ran up to catch up with them. She had a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. If robbery was their intent they would have taken her music player and wallet and fled. She knew she was in trouble and all anyone would know was she went on her usual run only to vanish. She had seen on the news many times where women vanished never to be heard from again.

" Aww Miles look, our woman is crying." The one carrying her said with sympathy.

"She will soon forget her former life and learn to love us with time." The one named Miles said without any sympathy.

Julia screamed in her head as she desperately tried to move. Nothing worked. Panic filled her. This was way more then a rape. They planned to keep her.

Hours passed. Everytime Julia began to be able to move the cloth was again placed on her face. She could barely turn her head to try and fight them off. Miles or Brant easily held her while the other held the cloth to her face keeping her drugged.

"We need to stop for some dinner and rest a bit." Miles said heading to a clearing well hidden by bushes and thatch. There were packs of blankets in the well hidden shelter.

"Yeah, we will eat catch our breath and head out again. I do not want to get stuck out in heavy snow with our woman not clothed properly for the incoming weather."

Julia felt herself being lowered onto the ground. Instead of it being hard and frozen it was soft. She was wrapped in blankets while Brant pulled a wooden box out of a hiding spot.

With blurry eyes that barely worked Julia watched them split a few biscuits. "We will give you a good meal once we get you home." Miles told her while sweeping her hair from her face.

Julia wanted to shake her head desperately, she did not want to eat. She wanted to go home. More tears fell with the knowledge that even if she escaped they had walked all day at a pace that was near a run. She had lost track of what directing they were heading and knew even if by some miracle her body suddenly started to work and she could out run them there was no guarantee she would be going towards home and not deeper into the wilderness where she would be overcome by the elements and die.

She had closed her eyes fighting the nausea. She was not sure if it was the drugs they used or her fear. She was unsure how long she laid there concentrating on trying to calm her stomach and dizziness when she felt herself lifted again.

"Don't worry, We will be home soon. We will give ya some good broth to settle yur stomach." Brant told her as he held her. She could not make out his face since it was now dark. She had no idea how they saw where they were going but neither of them tripped. Overcome with fatigue and nausea she closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.

She heard the crackling of a fire and smelled food cooking. She smiled wondering if her mom had showed up to cook for her like she sometimes did. Her mom had been lonely when she finally decided to move out at 22 years old. When she missed her girl too much she showed up for the day spoiling her with homemade food. Her stomach rumbled loudly. A finger stroked her face. "You are waking up finally," A sickening familiar voice said. Her eyes flew open and she gasped in horror. The one she remembered as Brant laid next to her on a bed. She could move. She rolled away from him and hit a wall. It was rough and cold on her bare skin. Horror filled her as she realized she had no clothing on.

"Get away from me." She screamed in terror.

"Julia," he purred with a look on his face that made her skin crawl, "Don't be like that. We are going to be lovers, you will bear our children." he told her as if he was discussing the morning news.

"No," Julia said in a voice filled with terror. "Let me go home."

"You are home," the other man, Miles told her as he walked into the room with a steaming bowl of soup and some bread.

Julia let out another panicked whimper shaking her head.

"You need to keep your strength up, Julia. Eat your dinner." Miles ordered.

Julia shook her head. "I don't want to." she whispered her voice quivering with terror.

She did not have time to scream when she was roughly hauled across Brant's lap and her jaw forced open.

"Stop." She screamed as she fought as hard as she could to free herself. Warm broth was poured into her mouth while her nose was plugged. She could swallow or choke. She involuntarily swallowed then let out another panicked scream. More broth was poured in, Despite her fear her stomach calmed with the warm broth.

"Now do you want to eat your dinner willingly or do we have to force feed you some more?" Miles asked harshly. "I have all night, and I enjoy this actually."

Julia let out a sob, "I will eat it." she said not wanting to go through that again. A tray was set on her lap and she shakily picked up the spoon. Fear caused her to finish every bite of the soup and the bread.

"That's a girl," Miles grinned. He put his hand on her stomach and rubbed it. "The mother of my children needs to be strong.

Dizziness overcame Julia as another panic attack over took her. "I know, this is all new and sudden but you will grow to love us," Brant assured her. He had been messing with something. Miles tossed him a pack of batteries and when he put them in the device buzzed in his hands. "Still works." Brant smiled.

He felt Julia's leg softly. "You will soon learn to crave our touch instead of fear it." The look in his eyes was filled with lust.

"No, no I wont," Julia cried now realizing he was holding some sort of vibrator.

Miles grabbed her. "It has been so long since we had a woman. I would like to have waited for you to adjust a bit to your new home, but a man has needs."

"No. NO!" Julia screamed trying to kick as Miles pulled her close to him.

Miles picked her up easily walking to some sort of devise that was padded and had straps everywhere. Both men easily forced her to kneel strapping her legs far apart. Something was placed between her legs right on her clit. She screamed and fought but two large men easily controlled her making her bend over. Her arms her pulled tight and restrained. Sobbing she realized she was almost immobile.

"You are going to scream as you come for us over and over again." a voice filled with lust whispered in her ear.

She shook her head, "No, I wont." She screamed. Terror filled her as she saw Miles and Brant both stripping.

"Help me, Somebody help me." She screamed.

"Go ahead, we love to hear our women scream." Miles said and ran his hand under to between the soft padding and her breasts. "One day I will spend ours on these." he said pinching her nipples. She tried to squirm away but she was unable to move.

Just as she thought it could not get any worse the vibrator placed between her legs turned on. she fought to move it. She did not want this.

Brant laughed. "Lemme get her good and wet as he watched his brother.

Julia bit her lower lip as her body betrayed her while Brant shoved the vibrator harder on her clit and moved it just enough to make sure the entire bundle of nerves was stimulated.

"Don't bother fighting it, We are good at pleasing our women." Miles said enjoying watching her fight.

Julia tried to fight the pleasure building but Brant knew exactly where to place the vibrator. She felt herself growing wetter as the pleasure grew. She was fighting the growing orgasm concentrating on fighting it when suddenly she felt Brant fill with one hard thrust.

"Oh god Miles, She is so fucking tight," he hissed.

Julia screamed again and tried to move away from him but she was completely restrained. She shook her head whimpering. Miles pinching her nipples, the vibrator still forcing pleasure out of her she did not want and now a huge cock in her was pushing her towards orgasm.

"No," She whimpered then to her horror Brant moved the vibrator again as he pulled out only to roughly push back in. She gripped her hands on the straps holding her arms down while her body shook from the force of Brant thrusting into her. Her first whine of pleasure had her biting her lower lip harder but that was no match for the stimulation the brothers forced on her. She panted and groaned the closer she got.

"Oh fuck." Brant moaned as he moved harder and rougher. "Damn she is so tight." He hissed when she felt the beginning of the unwanted orgasm. "Fuck she is close." he hissed.

Miles pinched her nipples while the vibrator was pushed harder into her clit."Oh god, oh god, oh god," she whimpered her gasping turned to cries as her body rocked with the force of Brant slamming into her. She stiffened and screamed as an explosion of pleasure was unleashed on her.

Hands gripped her hips while she heard Brant moaning. "Oh fuck yeah baby," he moaned. "She is milking me dry, Miles." he hissed.

Julia was still crying out with the waves of orgasm when she felt the cock in her start jerking. "Take it baby, take all of my cum," he told her sounding out of breath.

The waves of orgasm finally dissipated, Julia laid limply on the bench they had her strapped too while she sobbed. She had just been raped and had enjoyed it, what kind of a slut was she?

"You are an even better fuck then I imagined," Brant said rubbing her sweat drenched back. He pulled out of her and took the vibrator off. She felt relief that it was over only to hear words that caused her terror to flare again.

"My turn," Miles said moving off of the bed.

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