What Happens When You're Dirty

What Happens When You're Dirty What Happens When You're Dirty

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


One of my favorite stories that I've written.


One of my favorite stories that I've written.


Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Submitted: February 20, 2013




My mind is normally very dirty, and sometimes I can’t control my thoughts, which is why I end up in crazy situations. I went to a coffee shop near home, hoping to find someone interesting to talk to. Maybe even bring him or her home. This is what happens when the conversation goes crazy: we talk about things we shouldn’t.

I met a nice guy drinking coffee. Such a handsome guy, he was. We talked over caramel and mocha lattes about everything under the sun. I asked him back to my apartment to enjoy a little wine and music. Of course, he accepted. His brown eyes and soft brown hair were definite turn-on’s. His name was Easten, but I called him “E”. He was a handsome 27 –year old Australian, whose accent drove me crazy.  We left the shop and walked the few blocks to my building. He didn’t seem to mind the walk, and I’ve always enjoyed it.

As we enter my quaint apartment, I asked, “Can you please leave your shoes at the door?”

“Sure,” He complied and left his red Chucks near the door facing, walking over to my couch and sitting quietly.

I poured two glasses of wine and brought it to him. The conversation of sex partners arose as we drank, which really wasn’t something I intended to bring up, but it happened.

“I promise I’m a good girl. I just have a terribly dirty mind,” I said, giggling from the four glasses of wine I had already downed. I was just a tad woozy, but not completely shit-faced.

“Haha. Yeah, right. Juniper. No way that you’re a good little innocent girl. There’s a vixen there. I can see it behind those sultry blues,” E said, laughing.

“I’m naughty to an extent, but I promise I’m a good girl,” I said walking over to him and sat in his lap, wine glass in hand.

“I think someone needs to be naughty. You ready to get punished?” He said, taking away my glass and bending me over his lap, firmly slapping his hand against my soft ass.

“Ooh. Me likes. Can I have another, mister?” I asked innocently looking into his eyes. He slapped my ass again but was dissatisfied with the feeling on the jean fabric. He slid my jeans from my legs to reveal my softly shaven legs, and he slapped my now bare bottom for a third time.

“You’re forgetting my frilly panties. You likey?” I asked, shaking my bottom in his face. He softly caressed the soft, dainty fabric of my nearly nonexistent purple thong.

“Mmm, yes I do, gorgeous,” he said, spanking me again firmly. I moaned loudly, loving the little dose of pain that he sent throughout my body, and pushed him hard onto the floor. 

“You know, you really shouldn’t spank a dirty girl,” I giggled as I sat on his stomach.

“And, why wouldn’t I do that?” E asked staring daringly into my blue eyes and smiling evilly.

“Because dirty girls take the initiative, and you never know what we’ll do,” I laughed loudly and pulled his t-shirt from his torso, pushing down on his warm chest when I finished. He grabbed me roughly by the shoulder and rolled us over, holding me on the ground.

“And you clearly don’t know what happens when you provoke a caged beast, my dear. You should tempt an horny man,” E replied, kissing me passionately on the lips.

“I win, bitch,” I said, pulling away to roll him over once more and straddle him again. I love being in control. His eyes stared up at me, taking in the sight of my body, which made me a little self-conscious. He began to feel the smooth skin of my thighs and what lies between them.

“That’s debatable,” He said, looking forceful.

“No way, sir. If it’s debatable, you must take action, mister,” I said giggling lightly.

“Very well, my dear,” E said, running his hot hands up my thighs, one of which slipped under my frilly panties to tease the soft folds of my cunt beneath. The other hands traveled up my body to caress and hold one of my breasts. I moaned lightly at his touch but slapped his hands away. He rested his hands on my legs again as I stared back at his stunned face.

“Well, are you going to make your move then?” He asked impatiently, just as I turned myself around. I lowered my pussy right over his face and unzipped his tightened jeans.  E smiled lightly before nuzzling his face into my wetness, and he, then, slid my panties to the side. He proceeded to lick my damp slip with his hot tongue.

I moaned quite loudly, pulling his cock from his cottony boxers, and licked the head of his cock tentatively. I could feel his body tighten beneath me, his muscle stiffening with pleasure. He groaned deeply, though as soft as he possibly could, and raised his hand to play with my clit while moving his swift tongue firmly across my dripping cunt. I continued to moan on his cock, not controlling the volume of my voice, and began to suck harder on his member.

E’s body shook and twitched under me in ecstasy as I pleased his sex organ with ease. I could feel his pace quicken as he lapped at my slit and was still amusing my swollen button. My pussy clinched down hard and pulsed, releasing my liquid sex all over his face. As he tried to savour my succulent flavors, he moaned softly within my folds. I giggled at the vibrations he sent through my loins.

“Mmmm…you taste wonderful, “He replied, caressing my asscheeks while licking up the last traces of my cum. I began to suck harder on his cock as his tongue continued to delve harder into my lips. His moans were muffled in my flesh, and I could tell he loved the feeling of my mouth around his hard cock. I softly rubbed the tips of my teeth against the underside of his shaft and snaked my tongue around the tip, watching him writhe in great delight.

“Uhhh…you don’t want me to cum before I get inside your pussy, do?” He asked, “Men don’t have the same stamina as women do, my dear.”

“I know,” I said, hopping off and sliding off my adorable thong. His smile lit the room around us, and he kissed my forehead, leading down to my lips in a small trail of saliva. He reached for the hem of my pink v-neck t-shirt and slid it up and over my head, rubbing the curves of my body as he did so.

“Like the matchy-matchy bra?” I asked, eyeing him naughtily.

“I love it,” E said, running his hands across the satiny material of the bra and lowering his lips to kiss it while looking up at me.

“Gotta enjoy the sexy lingerie, right?” I asked.

“That I do, but I must not ignore the real goods,” He replied as I felt his warm hands rubbing my back and searching for the clasp of my bra. I moan lightly as he released my breasts from their keeper. He began to kiss the soft skin of my bosoms, and as he properly removed my bra, his lips sucked gingerly on my revealed nipples.

I loved the way his hot breath felt on my exposed skin. I moaned softly and allowed myself to fall slowly onto the silky sheets of my bed. I watched him as he removed his pants to follow me, and a hand reached down to insert a finger into my pussy while his lips remained locked on my left breast. I closed my eyes and began to clutch the delicate sheets beneath me. His finger’s rhythm and his moving lips made me sweat, and he inserted another finger to work my pussy. I could feel another orgasm approaching rapidly.

E’s’ fingers glided in and out roughly just a few more times before I felt my body shudder. My juices gushed out onto his hand, and he licked them up. He placed his index finger at my lips, nodding for me to taste myself. I sucked them from his fingers, eyeing him seductively. After finishing, I began to sit up, but he pushed me back playfully on the bed. He pressed his hands against the bed-frame and slowly pushed the head of his cock against the entrance of my wet pussy.

“Fuck me hard. Do it!” I whispered in his ear. He roughly shoved his rock-hard dick into my cunt, sliding in and out of me. His breathing becomes labored as he thrust hard into me, and his grasp tightened on the bed.  His cock filled my pussy so tightly, and I loved the way it felt within my walls. I moan loudly, pulling my arms up around his neck.

E continued to thrust into my, and I stared into his eyes before my lips locked with his, kissing him as he began to fuck me even harder. My cunt constricted on his cock with my juices pouring out again.

“Oh gosh, you feel so good.” I moaned.  He couldn’t even reply as his own orgasm moved quickly through his body. He gave one final thrust, and his thick creamy cum shot into me, filling me from the inside out and mixing with mine. I moaned once more as he removed his dick from my cunt.  Though softened, I took it into my mouth and began to suck our juices away.

He groaned softly for me, running his hands through my tousled curls. As I continued to suck on his member, I pulled E’s hand toward my pussy, gliding his fingers through the wetness. He recognized my hint and thrust his fingers into me, rubbing the inner walls of my honey pot.

“You make me so hot,” I said, working against your fingers. My wetness was still dripping from me as his fingers worked their magic on my aching twat.  E smiled at me as he moved his fingers in rhythm with my thrusting crotch. I could feel his cock beginning to harden again in my mouth.

“You do the same to me, my dear…” He replied with a hint of his accent in his voice. It made me crazy. I began to suck harder on his penis but pulled away. I pushed him down on the bed and straddled him hard, lowering my aching cunt onto the head of his dick. His moans sounded in my ears as I felt my cunt envelop his massive cock. His hands rested on my hips to guide me up and down at the perfect pace.

I began to hump him softly at first, but he took control from me immediately, thrusting hard and deep into me. He firmly grabbed my waist and raised me up only to slam me back down against his hips as his cock pumps up into me. I couldn’t resist kissing his gorgeous lips, so I bent down to kiss them. I moaned loudly in his mouth as he rammed his dick into me faster. He thrust upwards even harder as my hands reached around his body to grab his sexy ass firmly. I loved the feeling of his baby soft lips and skin.

“Oh shit,” I voiced, feeling an orgasm beginning to rip through me as he grabbed my ass and pushed himself deep inside of me. My sweet liquids pour onto him, and my pussy tightened around his cock. He groaned in my ear as he rammed harder into my cunt, my cum lubricating his stiffened dick.  I knew I would be sore in the morning.

“Fuck me. You’re so good. Take me,” I said, submitting to him.

“You’re so good as well. I would fuck you all day long, babe, if I could,” E replied breathlessly. I stopped him for only a moment as I got on my hands and knees, exposing my dripping cunt. He pushed his engorged penis back into my cunt with swift force and movement, causing my arms to collapse under me with sheer pleasure.

He fucked me hard from behind with his hands firmly grasping my ass before sliding himself forward and around my body to grab my tender breasts while thrusting into me. The touch of his hands was exhilarating. My cunt was aching to cum again, but I held off. He bent over to kiss my neck as he thrust harder, ramming my pussy with renewed force. I came, screaming his name in delight.  The feeling was so great that I began to push hard against you with every thrust.

He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back, beginning to truly fuck me hard. His stiff cock ripped in and out of me, rocking my entire body forward with immense pleasure. I loved being fully taken by him. As continued to fuck me roughly, I could feel his dick begin to pulse within my walls, and both of us came at the same time.  We fell forward onto the sheets, and I curled up into his arms, grabbing them to cover us.

E breathed heavily, totally exhausted but completely content with me in his arms. I lifted my heavy head, filled with the thought of sleep, to kiss his sweet lips once more before falling asleep on his heavy chest. As he heard and felt my breathing, he fell asleep as well, sweet dreams filling his mind.

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