Mia, My Passion

Mia, My Passion

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Headmistress Daughter....


Headmistress Daughter....


Submitted: May 18, 2013

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Submitted: May 18, 2013




From the day I turned sixteen, I have been exploring my bisexuality. My sister made sure of that. At seventeen, I was deeply enamored with many members of the same sex. I looked at a lot of girls and all I could think about was what they would feel like close up. One such girl was named Mia.


 Mia was in the same class as me in school. She had light blonde hair and pale blue eyes that seemed to sparkle. The one thing you should know about Mia is that she is the Headmistress' daughter. That's what made me like her even more. It felt like it was something extra wrong, like it was a taboo.


 It was a Tuesday afternoon and like every Tuesday we had swimming class. It was my voyeur day. I'd watch the other girls in their bathing suits, watching their bodies hug the material. Their beautiful young nipples were poking out of the bathing suits and cute camel toes doing the same.


 We swam and did all we were told to by our butch swimming teacher and soon our hour of swimming was over. The girls and I piled into the showers to wash off the chlorine. Some of us, including myself, took off our bathing suits and showered naked. This was my best part of the week. I washed down my body as I watched the other girls do the same. Slowly, one by one, the girls left the shower until there was only one other person left.


 Mia looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and walked over to her. Her body was amazing. She had bigger, fuller breasts than I, but a smaller ass. She made the first move and reached out and cupped one of my breasts. I smiled at her and leaned forward. She seemed to know exactly what I was thinking because she leaned forward too.


 Our lips met for the first time and I felt the electricity between us. At first, it was just a peck, two pairs of lips touching and pulling away only to touch again. Then I felt her open her mouth and all I could do was slide my tongue into the opening she had provided for me. We kissed and Mia closed her mouth around my tongue. I could feel her gently sucking on my tongue as her hand squeezed my breasts.


 We parted from each other and Mia was the first to speak.


 "Lisa you are so sexy. I have wanted you for so long."


 I smiled and was about to open my mouth when she put a finger over my mouth to keep me quiet.


 "Lisa my mother always leaves the school at 2 pm on Tuesdays. I suggest we get dressed and go to her office. We won't be disturbed in there and it's sound proof so we can be as loud as we want," she said.


 I smiled and blushed at the same time. Mia took me by the hand and led me to the changing room. All the girls had left and Mia and I slowly got dressed.


 We watched each other dress. There was something sexy about her getting dressed.


 We left the locker room and walked slowly down the hall. We didn't want to get caught before we got to the office or we'd be sent to class before we even got to do anything. We didn't get caught and made it to the Headmistress's office. Mia opened the door slightly, and seeing no one inside, led me by the hand through the outer office and into her mother’s office.


 Once inside she switched on the light and locked the door behind me. We walked over to the big desk that was in middle of the room and I sat down. Mia stood in front of me and I wrapped my legs around her hips. She slipped her arms around my neck and soon we were kissing like when we were in the shower.


 Her tongue slid into my mouth and my tongue slid into hers. We licked each other's tongues savoring the taste of each other's mouths. After a minute or so of kissing, Mia's hands slowly started to unbutton my shirt. We both smiled as we kissed, our hands fumbled with the buttons on each other's school blouses.


 Mia got mine off first and I reached behind to unclasp my bra as she took off her shirt. She cupped my breasts making me gasp with her cold hands. My breasts soon got used to them as she gently squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples.


 I pulled her closer and slipped my arms around her unclasping her bra. She shrugged it off showing me her voluptuous breasts. I stepped off the desk and turned her around. She hopped onto the desk where I was just sitting. I slowly kissed her neck trailing my tongue down to her cleavage.


 My tongue slid over her soft breasts taking one of her nipples into my mouth. I gently bit and sucked on her nipple making her purr in pleasure. Her hand slid through my hair as I suckled on her breasts. I sucked hungrily like a newborn child savoring the juicy breast she was feeding me.


 Mia pushed my head away and hopped off the desk. She giggled slightly as she pulled down my skirt and panties at the same time. She made me bend over the desk as her hands roamed my body from behind. She gave me small kisses on my back and down to my round ass. Her tongue started to lick at my butt and I felt her spread my butt cheeks and slowly lick at my sphincter.


 I gasped, not knowing what to think. She seemed sense my apprehension.


 "Don't worry, Lisa I won't do anything bad to you. I just love your butt; it's so soft and round."


 I turned around to face her and she smiled at me. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close, feeling her breasts press against mine. I kissed her deeply, taking a deep breath from her mouth as I did so. She held me close too and she seemed get really into our make out session.


 I pulled away slightly and got to my knees in front of her. I pulled her skirt down and pulled her white panties to one side. Her pussy was completely shaven except for a small tuft of hair just on top of her pussy.


 I looked up at her and smiled before burying my head between her legs as she stood above me. She placed her hand on my head as my tongue flicked over her clit. She leaned back against her mother's desk as I carried on licking her now wet bud.


 She pushed my head away and pulled off her panties. She sat on the desk and spread her legs for me. I smiled and pulled one of the leather chairs in front of her. We giggled as I sat down in front of her.


 Her pussy looked amazing as I spread her pussy lips open. I leaned forward and slowly started to eat her out. My tongue slid over her pink lips and I slowly sucked and pulled on them with my mouth. Mia's moans told me I was doing something right.


 I slid my tongue over her clit and gave it gentle kisses before sucking hard on her little bud. I slipped my tongue inside her pussy trying to slide it in as deep as I could. Mia gasped and I felt her hand grasp my head tightly.


 I licked her pussy hard and pushed a finger inside her. She whimpered loudly as I slowly started to finger her. I lifted my head and watched the beautiful girl in front of me. My finger slid in and out of her like a piston as I watched her face contort with pleasure.


 I slipped a second finger in with the first one and fingered her faster. She groaned louder, her breath getting shorter. I leaned forward, kissing her inner thigh and gently biting it too. With my other hand I started to rub her clit.


 Mia screamed and groaned and I could feel her body start to shake. She groaned almost crying like a child would. It was then that her body shook uncontrollably and I could feel something trying to push out her pussy. I pulled my fingers away and a gush of liquid burst forth from her pussy.


 It was only one small squirt, but it was enough to turn me on even more.


 Mia looked down at me, her eyes slightly glazed over from intense orgasm. I stood up and held her close. I kissed her passionately sliding my tongue deep inside her mouth. She held onto me as we kissed each other as she relaxed from her orgasm.


 "Lisa that was amazing. I have never felt so good before, even when I masturbate."


 I smiled at her and gave her another peck on the lips.


 "Well Mia, it is now your turn to make me cum."


 She smiled like she was up to the challenge. She hopped off her mother's desk.


 We switched places again and I sat on the desk once more. I spread my legs for her.


 She smiled up at me and leaned forward. She started by gently kissing my thigh before sliding her tongue gently over my pussy lips. Her tongue went up and down my wet hole while her hand held on tightly to my thighs.


 Her tongue slid over my clit and she slowly started flick at it. I held on to her head and pushed my crotch forward against her mouth. Mia slurped away at my pussy making noises like she was eating a juicy fruit.


 I groaned at the pleasure she was giving me. I could tell that I wasn't the first girl she did this with, but I was just glad that she was doing it to me. Her hands roamed my body as her tongue roamed my pussy. Her hands slid over my belly and cupped at my breasts.


 I slid my hand over hers, manipulating her hand to squeeze and caress my breasts. Her tongue slid deep inside me as her nose pressed hard against my clit. I groaned as she forced her nose against my clit, rubbing it as her tongue pushed deep inside me.


 She looked up at me and smiled. Her hand gently wiped my pussy clean. I felt two fingers enter my tight hole. I closed my eyes and arched my back. Slowly, she slid her fingers in and out of my wet pussy. Then felt her hot breath on my nipples. I opened my eyes to see her tongue gently slide over my nipples.


 I looked at her and our eyes met. The connection between us was electric. I whimpered as I felt her thumb rub gently against my clit. It was all getting to me; her fingers in my pussy, her thumb rubbing my clit and her mouth on my breasts.


 It was too much for me.


The stimulation she gave me was pushing me to the brink and I groaned loudly in pleasure. She must have realized what was going on because her fingers started to pick up speed.


 She stood up and leaned close to me. Her lips met mine and we started to make out passionately. In the meantime, her fingers were hooked into my pussy pulling upwards. She definitely knew what she what she was doing because the motion of pulling at my pussy was putting pressure on my clit.


 I screamed and groaned into Mia's mouth and soon my body was shaking as my orgasm rippled through my body. Mia pulled her fingers from my pussy and I watched breathlessly as she licked her fingers clean.


 I hopped off the desk and walked to the middle of the room. Mia smiled at me and turned the chair to face me. She sat on the chair and patted her legs. I knew what she meant and I sat on her lap and leaned in for a kiss.


 We slowly made out savoring the taste of pussy on each other's lips. Her body was soft and warm as she held me close. We finished kissing and just sat there holding each other enjoying the feeling of one another until we were rudely interrupted by the school bell signaling the end of the school day.


 We smiled at each other and slowly pulled away from our loving embrace. We stood up and gathered our clothes together and slowly got dressed. Once dressed, Mia led the way out and we walked out into the hall which was filling up with students leaving their classrooms.


 Mia and I walked to our class and got our bags and coats. We then made our way out of school with all the rest of students. They may have seen us holding hands, but I bet they didn't know what that really meant.

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