Predator! The Saga Continues

Predator! The Saga Continues

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This is the epilogue to Predator! I am basically posting it to give readers an idea of my writing style. This book is available on Amazon.


This is the epilogue to Predator!
I am basically posting it to give readers an idea of my writing style.
This book is available on Amazon.


Submitted: July 11, 2013

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Submitted: July 11, 2013



It has been six months since my escape from the man that abducted me and forced into a world of BDSM that I knew nothing of.

I go about from day to day as if I am ok, back to normal if you will, but my predator opened a Pandora’s box that I have never been able to fully recover from.

I blame him for the demons that he unleashed and I am sure that he blames me.

I know exactly what he would say, “I only showed you what was already in you.”

“The monsters that lie in the shadowy places of your mind are not my doing; but yours.”

All I know is that he forced his way into my life and into my very being and I have never recovered, I have never been the same.


My Pet believes that she has escaped me which works very well for me.

It means that she will let her guard down and I will be waiting in the shadows to pounce.

It is just as well that the little cunt escaped ;because there is truly nothing like a great mind fuck to spice things up.

Oh she will pay; that you can be certain of.

Pet has been a very bad little slave and needs to be punished.

She is unaware of just how sadistic that I can be.

Tick, tock, tick, tock, I am only biding my time.

My loins stir as I think about how futile her struggle will be when I do get my hands on her, she is such a fighter and breaking her has always been so much fun for me.

Ours is a game of prey and predator and she is the perfect prey to toy with, she absolutely won’t give up her fight and even more so she will not give in.

It makes taking her so much more fun…



I refuse to be afraid and I go about my daily tasks knowing that predator stalks.

I cannot stop living my life or he wins and I refuse to give anyone that kind of power over me.

I head out today into the dense woods for my off terrain bike ride almost as if testing him; as if I am defying him and letting him know that he is not in control of me.

I refuse to let him dictate my coming and goings but I will regret that decision.

I make my rounds through the hilly terrain and before I know what has hit me: I am thrown from my bike and I look up into the bright shining sun to see predator standing over me laughing.

I back away through the brush crawling kicking at him aimlessly as he stares down at me.

He viciously reaches down picking me up by a handful of hair; as I kick and scream to no avail.

He leads me back into the density of woods and tosses me like a rag doll over a tree stump; subduing me with rope that he has already placed there.

He rips my shorts from my body with his bare hands and pulls my legs apart spreading me open as if I am a smorgasbord for his taking.

He licks and sucks roughly violently causing a cross of pain and pleasure with his tongue and teeth. My body immediately betrays me convulsing with orgasm, after orgasm; as he licks, bites, chews, and sucks at my tender clit.



I’m screaming and clawing at the bark on the tree stump that he has thrown me over.

“You little slut, you like what I do to you,” he hisses.

I fall face first into the dirt and rocks: worn out so quickly from the fight with my abductor.

He tears my legs open causing me to scream out as he thrust his engorged cock into me, “Aahh he hurts so fucking good.”

I hate him I love him, I abhor him, I adore him, why, why will he not go away.

He tears and claws at my hips viciously pounding in and out of my tender flesh as over and over my body betrays me to this mad man that is taking me.

In a matter of moments, it is over and he is gone.

I drag my battered body and get my bike heading home as if nothing has happened.

It will do no good to fight this mad man, he will never go away.


I pour my broken body into a hot shower to wash the remains of my abductor from me.

I sit in my bed and as I turn my TV on once again he is there; there on the screen.

He wears a hood, but I know Predator’s voice and the hair on the back of my neck raises; as if validating that which I already know.

“Prey I am part of you and every time that you think that you rid yourself of me: I will return.”

“Each time that you make plans for your life to move on I will be there.”

“You have no future, you have no past, and you have nothing that I am not a part of!”

I watch as the screen goes black and I know that what he says is truth, I will never escape predator…

©2013 Suzanne Steele


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