Long Night's Journey into Death

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A sordid suspenseful tale of sex, murder, and a homicidal maniac

The dark clouds loomed over the blackened sky in the lonely woods of Green Harbor in Maine. A thunderstorm was brewing up and about to strike through the still and deathly silent night. As the lightning stabbed its way through the clouds like a knife; one could just see the outline of a well-built two-storied cabin shutting itself among the thick green pine trees. This cabin is owned by Jason Wyatt, a young successful architect who comes up here for fishing and sailing on his private yacht called Heart's Desire. For it was true that he did enjoy sailing and fishing up in Maine when he wanted to get away from his work. All those who knew him and his work he had everything a man would kill for. He had a great career, he had his outdoor activities, and was even married to the daughter of a wealthy steel magnate (whose father passed away a few years ago). Yet he had his secrets like anyone else. Dark secrets and desires. Jason stood by the window looking out at the wet thundering night. He looked out towards the lake that cast an eerie luminous glow as the mist was slowly menacing its way through the night. He turned away from the window and closed the curtains. A blazing log fire cast its warm and yet fiendish glow into the large spacious living room with its walls of hanging fishing tackles, its cold black steel shotguns, and the animal heads that were mounted on the walls with its dead faces staring at him with no feeling whatsoever. He had just poured himself another glass of whiskey and was about to sit in the big crimson leather armchair when a loud clap of thunder broke the stillness of the quiet room. At the moment his nerves were in a tangled mass of irritation and unease. His mind was slowly feeling better when he picked up the smooth and sexy black silk negligee that lay limp on the black leather couch. When he touched it he felt an excited tingling sensation running through his body and it made him think back to certain events and people that brought him up here and of certain actions he had done....

Jason Wyatt had worked for the well-known firm of Russell and Davidson for ten years. His firm held the highest regard and respect for his work and never found any kind of fault at his job. At 6 PM Jason would drive his car to their home near Cherry Creek in Denver. His wife Angela (who was slim, slender, and fair-haired) would greet him and take his briefcase to his private study while he went up to take a hot shower and help himself to a Dry Martini before dinner. After dinner, they would go into the living room and his wife would talk for hours about the countless committees and meetings she had presided over for the day. At 10 they went to bed and when he wanted to have sex his wife wasn't interested and tired. At long as he could remember things went along their same ordinary and dull course until he became so damn bored of this; he thought he would go crazy.

One day when he was finished for the day he stopped at the Blue Bottle Bar and Grill for a drink before he went along home. As he sat at the bar having a Scotch and Soda a young woman sat beside him on the adjoining stool. He looked up as she sat down and discovered that she was a very attractive girl in her late twenties with long dark brown hair in curls, bright sparkling blue eyes like sapphires, soft bright rose-pink lips, and wearing a silk white blouse and dark gray skirt. She said:

“What's the matter, handsome?”

“Just trying to survive this madhouse we call life.”

“What do you have to complain about?”

“My same old work keeping me busy for hours, and always attending so many business dinners and committees that just bored the Hell out of me” Jason said.

“What brings a sexy dame like you in this bar?”

“Trying to keep certain old guys away from me who are interested in me for one reason only.”

“I can see why.”

As they sat talking over their drinks; Jason felt a warm intense feeling in his body. Finally the girl said:

“I better get along home.”

“Where do you live I'll take you there, Jason said.”

After a few minutes' persuasion the girl said yes. When she told Jason the address they got into his shiny black Coupe and drove away through the streets as the sky was getting dark. He pulled up in front of an apartment complex in the suburbs. When she thanked him and got out he was about to drive away when suddenly she invited him to her apartment for a quick cup of coffee to which he accepted very quickly. They went into her apartment which consisted of a small but tidy living room with a brown leather couch, a medium-sized TV set, and a cheap little coffee table. She told him to sit down while she made the coffee in her small white-tiled kitchenette. As Jason sat on the couch he asked her what does she do for a career to which she said:

“I used to work as a secretary for a publishing firm until the dirty old guy fired me all because I slapped him when I refused his advances. So I'm trying to find another job in the Classifieds.”

She brought over the coffee and sat down next to him on the couch. They talked some more about things. He found out her name was Sheila Riley and if she was married to which she said no. All through the conversation Jason wanted so badly to hold and kiss her soft luscious lips. She was about to get up when suddenly he seized her by the waist and kissed her. She pulled away and slapped him on the face until there was a bright red mark on it which was as bright red as his own hair. She told him:

“You son of a bitch! What kind of a woman do you think I am?”

“You don't fool me. I know that you are the kind of woman who wants to be dominated by a strong man who know what he wants and how he wants it,” he told her sarcastically as he pulled her closer and tighter to his chest. He playfully bit her deliciously warm and tender lips.

This time she didn't fight back and her body felt weak and warm. He finally let her go and said:

“Goodbye baby.”

He left her apartment and drove away he felt mixed up at first but he was glad he kissed Sheila. As drove along towards home he realized what an idiot he made of himself. When he got home his wife was in the living room and she said sharply:

“Where have you been? Do you realize that your was getting cold?”

He told her he stopped at a drive-in for a quick bite. She kept on talking and nagging at him throughout the entire night. Jason went up to take a shower and as he did so the way it felt when he touched her warm lips and her body it drove him crazy. Afterward they went to bed and Angela was already asleep. She obviously was still mad at him and gave him the cold shoulder but he didn't he mind was still on that girl and he knew he had to see her again.

The next day Angela had to go to Oregon because her mother was ill. So he decided to stay at home and catch up on some paperwork that had been piling up, As he worked in his private study the doorbell rang. He went up to answer it and he was surprised but pleased that Sheila stood outside. He let her in and said he wanted to talk to her in the living room. They sat down and he said:

“If I was being a jackass to you the other night I'm sorry. You're a good-looking lady and I couldn't help myself.”

“I must admit I liked it very much,” she told him.

“How did you know where I live?”

“I found your name and address in the phone book.”

“Last night Sheila I could not get you out of my mind. I had to see you again but why did you come to see me?”

“I couldn't get you out of my mind either. You were right I like and need to be controlled by a man. Especially a tall, strong, attractive guy like you,” Sheila said as looked up at him.

They held each other close as they kissed. In each of their minds they felt like had been reborn and all of their pent-up emotions had burst open like a dam from themselves. He picked her up, carried her to the bedroom, and gently laid her on the bed. He told off her blouse, her white bra and underwear, and her very short black skirt. He took off his clothes and he laid on top of her. It was a beautiful sight to see her laid out on the bed. She looked so pure, innocent, and desirable. She was a picture of sweet intoxication. For a while he spent the time kissing every square inch of her soft, smooth pearl-white body. He laid his hands on her warm luscious breasts and gently squeezed them (she gave out a slight ecstatic cry as he did so). He went up behind and fucked her doggy style. She grunted and groaned as she felt his long, hard, hairy cock slide in her tight hole. She gave little cries of erotic pleasure as he did this. Then he was on top of her and continued to fuck. He lightly spanked her soft slim ass as he did so. She said:

“Oh yes please spank me!”

They were like this for some time until they laid down from sheer exhaustion. Both of them were huffing and puffing and breathing deeply. Sheila laid her head on his tanned slightly hairy chest. He gave her little kisses on her check as he stroked and smelled her hair. It smelt of warm exotic perfume and ginger. Later they jumped in the shower and continued to make love. Jason tenderly rubbing her breasts under the hot water that sprayed down from the shower faucet. Sheila playfully pulled on his nipples. After a couple of more times sexually savoring each others' wet bodies they came out and each in turn dried each other with the light yellow bath towels that hanged on the bathroom wall. Afterward they got dressed and went back downstairs to the living room where he gave Sheila a light beer from the fridge and they began to talk.

Sheila said: “That was wonderful.”

Jason said: “It was amazing baby.”

He asked her if she had any luck in finding another job. She said: “no”.

“If you are interested I'm looking for a good secretary who can handle my calls, appointments, and other matters and I promise not to take any advances on you unless you wish it.”

She accepted the offer and told him she could handle him all right no matter what. He finally realized that he had to tell her that he was married. For a while she was a bit hurt by the news but she told him that she didn't care she wanted him. She began her new job with Jason and looked forward to some more rough and kinky sex.

It was some weeks later, that he received a call from his wife saying her mother was getting a little better and thought it best to stay on for a little while longer. He didn't tell about hiring a new secretary (for she didn't really have much interest in his work). He found himself having to make excuses for not appearing at work. He had to go up to his cabin in Maine for some rest and to catch up on a latest project for a San Francisco buyer. In truth he made certain changes to his place in the woods. On the weekends he spent as much time as possible with Sheila at her apartment or at his home.

It was one night when they had just finished having sex at her apartment that they heard the news on the TV. The news announcer was saying:

“Earlier this evening at 5:30 Homer Graves who was committed to the Institution for the Criminally Insane in Indiana a few weeks ago escaped during a riot. He knocked out one of the orderlies and put on his clothes and made a getaway. He was reported to have stopped a passing car and strangled the driver and took his car. He was last seen heading to Texas. His description was destroyed in the riot as he made his getaway. It is remembered that Graves was responsible for the brutal murders of his wife and her lover. He came home one day to find them both in bed and in a fit of mad savage rage he killed them both with an ax...”

Sheila turned it off with a shudder. She got a couple of drinks for them both to warm them up after hearing this bit of cruel cold-blooded murder.

“What an awful thing. That guy is a psycho,” Sheila said.

“Yeah. Certainly not pleasant for the hacked-up cheating couple.”

Some weeks passed and they continued to see each other and they had spent some time up at his cabin in Green Harbor. No one up there knew too much about him except that he frequently goes up there for sailing, fishing, and rest. None of his business friends knew that he had a cabin of his own. He regarded the place as a little private world of his own and he wanted to share that with Sheila. During the daytime they would go fishing and sailing on his private yacht. Later in the evenings, they would go for a swim in the lake completely stark naked. One night as they sat by the fire enjoying a glass of red wine he asked her:

“Have you ever been tied up or at least fantasize about it?”

“No but I'm willing to try something new,” Sheila replied without hesitation.

He led her by the hand as they walked upstairs and approached the room. The walls were of blood-red silk, the floor was hard and cold, candles were lit in different parts of the room, in one corner on a wall were hung various BDSM paraphernalia including whips, leather paddles, a riding crop, and other dark and kinky objects devoted to cause pain and pleasure on its willing victims. A St. Andrew's Cross stood against this lush red background waiting to be used on the submissive prey. In a closet near the equipment contained corsets, leather gear, ropes of different colors, blindfolds, chains, and other various objects to explore their own dark desires. Sheila was afraid at first but she could not help feeling exciting in her own mind and then she became aroused. Jason removed his clothes and put on a pair of black leather chaps and some tight black leather gloves that felt smooth on his hands. He then went up behind Sheila and told her in a firm and yet sinister whisper: “Take off all your clothes.”

She did as she was told and stood there quietly. Then he told her: “Get down on your knees.” Then he told her that their safe word will always be “apple”. Once she did that he put a blindfold on her and picked up the riding crop. He went over to her and gently at first slapped her buttocks with the crop then in certain parts of her warm smooth back. He then set the crop aside and told her to get up. He guided her to the St. Andrew's Cross and bound her from hand to foot and kissed her in some areas of her body on others he would tenderly lick her cheeks and stomach. Later after a few more rounds with the riding crop on her; Sheila had him stripped down, blindfolded, and on his knees. She wore a dark purple corset and black nylon silk stockings. She picked up one of the floggers and let the leather playfully tickle his strong, tight, and hairy body before she would sexually torment him with whip-marks on his chest and back.

Later after they got through with an hour of erotic games (such as nipple-play with nipple clamps and paddling each other) and dirty talk they went up to bed each feeling physically and mentally aroused as they kissed and caressed each others' bodies. They went back to Denver and as they headed back Jason turned on the car radio and the news came on and said:

An update on the escaped maniac Homer Graves. He was seen in Amarillo, TX and manged to catch a passing a freight train and made his escape after hacking a party of four adults in a blue Sedan. It is believed he is on his way to Denver, Colorado...”

Jason switched it to some jazz music on a local station. They wanted nothing to do with brutal horrific murders and focused on their desirous lust for each other. They arrived back to the everyday world and remembered to keep their sexual liaison a secret from his business colleagues. After he dropped Sheila off at her apartment he headed back home feeling great after being with her up at his cabin. He got in and was surprised to see Angela sitting in the living room. She looked upset and had a worried expression on her face. She said:

“Where have you been?”

“I had some business take care of out of town.”

Then Jason asked: “What are you doing back here?'

“My mother was feeling better and when I heard that awful man has escaped and apparently is heading to Colorado; I was worried about you.”

For the next few months he couldn't risk seeing Sheila and having his wife get suspicious. When he saw her at work they both had to be on their toes and professional about their business. They would however text each other dirty erotic messages that helped get them through the day when they couldn't see each other. Some days they planned secret meetings at different places. Jason and Sheila met separately as arranged at Barnes & Noble that also had an adjoining coffee shop. Once they were inside they explored various genres of books until they reached the sexuality section that was close to the restrooms. Jason would go into the men's room to make sure the coast was clear. Then he would go into the last stall in the back and then he would text her to come. Then after locking the door they would have a quick round of bathroom sex and then they would leave separately. After that they would have some espressos. They kept this up at other places such as various stores in the shopping mall in Aurora, at different restaurants (he would gently slide his hand down the back of Sheila's dress and playfully squeeze her buttocks), and once or twice in the movie cinema. To them it was fun , exciting, and dangerous....

It was on a mild day in April that things came to a shocking halt. For one thing the news reported that the demented killer Graves has struck again three times in Colorado (one in Westminster, another in Colorado Springs, and the third in Fort Collins.) All of them were of course hacked to death! Angela's nerves were getting edgy and downright maddening to Jason. Lately she seemed to be upset and hiding something. At breakfast she looked at her husband with a malevolent glare in her eyes. Finally that night when he got home she pounced on him with her suspicions.

She said: “Have you been having an affair with another woman?”

“Of course not! What's gotten into you?”

“I know you have been seeing someone else. For some time I have had a private detective keep track of your movements. Also I have gathered up other proofs (on my own) against you and soon I will expose your cheap affair with that little conniving slut! You better enjoy the upcoming days you have because I shall make your life and that horrid bitch suffer as long you both live.”

A few nights later at Sheila's apartment he told her of the miserable scene he had with Angela. They sat close together each with a seriously grim face. Finally she asked:

“What does your wife plan to do?”

“No doubt she plans to ruin my career and make some divorce proceedings against me.”

After a pause he asked: “Do you still love me?”

“You know I do. No matter what happens I still want you.”

“There is one thing that we can do that would fix everything.”

“You mean...”

“Yes I do.”

“But how and would we be able to get away with it?”

“There is a way. Listen and I will tell you...”

Jason left Sheila and drove for a couple of hours and had to make a stop at couple of stores. When he got home at seven o' clock he was surprised by the mass of passing bystanders, police cars, and an ambulance gathered in front of the house. He rushed out and headed for the door when a policeman stopped him. He said:

“Do you live here sir?”


“Then I hope your nerves are up to this. It's not a pretty sight.”

He let Jason in and found more policemen, a few photographers, and the ambulance men in the living room. On the floor something was covered up by a white sheet. The room looked like it had been through a tornado with furniture tossed upside down, broken bits of china and crystal scattered on the floor, and pictures slashed in a wild frenzy! The two ambulance men had just gently lifted something that was covered up in a white sheet when Jason rushed over to see what it was. He lifted the sheet and moved back in awestruck horror as he stared down with frightened and yet cold eyes at the mortal remains of Angela---with her fair hair clotted and stiffened with blood, her dress soaked in bloodstains, and her head split open by a sharp and vicious weapon! Jason's lips tightened and he was beginning to feel sick. They covered up again and carried her to the ambulance and drove away. Jason felt a bit unsteady on his feet and one of the officers advised him to sit down and have a drink of brandy from the bottle that was on the jade-green malachite table. Color was returning to his face which was beginning to grow pale. He felt better after having the stimulant when a short man with a sharp-looking face like a bullet asked him:

“Do you feel well enough to answer some questions?”


He asked Jason his name, profession, and did he know the deceased before he asked:

“Where were you this evening?”

“I had to handle some business matters at work and I had to get some things at different stores.”

Then Jason asked: “What happened?”

“It seems that earlier in the evening some of the neighbors thought they saw a figure coming in from the backdoor carrying something. There was a sound as if there was a big brawl was happening. Your wife must have heard it and confronted the intruder. There was a fight and she screamed for help but by the time the police got here a few hours earlier two of the neighbors came in and discovered her body lying on the floor. The attacker had already gone leaving behind him the weapon he used on her.”

An officer brought a blood splattered ax from the garage that was wrapped up in plastic.

“Have you seen this before?” The detective asked Jason.

“Yes; it's mine I have owned this all my life I keep it in the garage.”

“Who would do such a dreadful thing to my wife?”

“According to the police in Indiana and Texas we believe it is the maniac killer, Homer Graves who struck three times already in Colorado. No one has been able to give a positive identification on the culprit and by now he has already moved on to another location where he can strike again on more unsuspecting victims.”

“Why did he do this?”

“Who knows what goes on in a lunatic's brain? We have heard about him killing his wife and her lover maybe he feels he must kill again to atone for his heinous deeds. Or to punish those who in his diseased mind are adulterers and unfaithful. We may never know. Maybe he just enjoys hacking people to death just for kicks.”

The detective asked no more questions and spent the rest of the time doing some more work on the crime scene then one of the detectives advised Jason that maybe he should stay with someone until their investigation was completed. Jason headed to Sheila's apartment and told her what happened. She poured him a whiskey and did her best to soothe him. It was some three hours later that a detective called him on his cell phone and asked him to come back to the house. Jason told Sheila he would be back as soon as they were done with him. Once he got there the sharp-faced detective he spoke to earlier said:

“It looks like it's an open and shut case as far as we can see. This homicidal maniac seems to be behind your wife's brutal demise and please believe me we shall do our best to find this crazy bastard and brought to justice.”

Once all of the officers, reporters, and spectators left the horrific crime scene; Jason felt a strange relief throughout this ordeal. He decided it was best if he stayed with Sheila at her place. He took with him some clothes and certain business papers and went back to Sheila. He took her in his arms and gave a hard sensual kiss. He poured out two shots of whiskey for Sheila and himself. He told her excitedly:

“It's all over baby! All our problems and worries are over. We both wanted her dead and out of the way and now we don't have to kill her that crazy guy Graves has already done it for us. We're free.”

He couldn't control himself he tore off her clothes and she yanked off his and for a couple of hours they made passionate love. They were like animals as she drove her fingers into his broad strong back and he lustfully kissed and licked her breasts. They were like this for a while then they laid on the bed with Sheila resting her head on his strong firm chest while he stroked her long soft hair. To them they were in heaven. Jason said:

“After my wife is buried and I take care of some business matters we will go back to Maine and spend some more time at the cabin. From now on it will just be you and me baby.”

“Whatever you decide to do I'll always be with you,” Sheila replied.

It was seven in the morning when Sheila made breakfast for him while he was in the shower. She felt more alive and happy that she had Jason back and they could be together for always. After they had breakfast they went to work. Remembering to keep their new-found sexual delight and ecstasy concealed in the work environment. Jason told Russell and Davidson that he would be taking some time off in light of his recent tragic bereavement. The company was in great sympathy and understanding over his loss. The funeral was held a few weeks later and Angela Marie Ellison was laid to rest.

Jason closed up the house and after picking up Sheila at her apartment they drove off to the airport to catch the afternoon flight to Maine. Once they got there and rented a car and after picking up some groceries they made their way to the cabin. They turned on the radio to hear some music. A news announcement interrupted the easy listening tunes. It said:

Homer Graves has fled Denver, Colorado leaving behind his sanguinary trail to his next haunting ground. Sources say he is heading to either Oregon or Maine. Police say that this time they may finally catch this twisted monster. Please continue to listen for further reports....”

They switched it to another station as the sky was turning gray as the sound of thunder was roaring in the distance. They didn't care about the storm they were totally oblivious to the approaching storm for they had each other both in body and soul. They made a number of twists and turns as they drove through the dark woods along the snake-like road. Their pent-up sexual desire rose to a fever pitch as they came into view of the cabin where they would continue to make more erotic memories in that pleasure room of his with the blood-red walls. But they were somewhat surprised and alarmed as a dark gray Packard was parked near the cabin. They stopped the car and got out as a short slightly stout man with a slightly bald head got out of his car. The stranger said:

“Excuse me for trespassing on your private property but I would like to have a little talk with you.”

Jason said a little nervously: “Of course by all means just wait till I unlock the door.”

He did so and let the stranger in first and then Sheila help bring in their luggage. Jason told the stranger to sit down in the living room while he go get a couple of beers. Jason was a little rattled by the appearance of this man but he told himself to keep it cool. He came out of the kitchen carrying three bottles of beers and after having dispensed with the drinks he said:

“Now sir what can I do for you?”

“Let me introduce myself, my name is Elmer Garner and I run a cheap private detective agency in Denver.”

Jason and Sheila said nothing but looked at him with growing fear and apprehension. Garner continued to say:

“Do you mind if I smoke?”

Jason said he didn't mind as Garner took out of his inside breast pocket a cheap cigar and lighted it up. Sheila asked:

“What do you want from us?”

“I'm merely here to pay my respects to Mr. Wyatt's bereavement on his late wife. I also like to do some fishing especially since I plan to catch the one who got away.”

He said this with a smiling sarcastic note in his voice. He stopped to take a few puffs on his cigar and some sips of his beer before he continued.

“You see I had undergone a case for a lady client who suspected her husband of fooling around with a pretty little thing on the side. I'm a very careful and discreet man but then of course you have to be in my profession. So for some time I followed her philandering husband and his playmate to different places like a bookstore, a coffee shop, various areas at a shopping mall, restaurants, and a few times at the movies.”

He took a huge gulp of his beer before he said with deathly finality:

“Do you want me to go on, Mr. Jason Wyatt?”

Jason's face was the color of clay as Garner said his name. He said at last:

“All right what do you want from me, Garner?”

“Well you see I know your wife was the daughter of a wealthy steel magnate and she would have paid me a whacking great fee for my services if it hadn't been for her brutal murder.”

“I didn't kill my wife! It was that psychopath who did it; you must have heard about it on the news!”

“Oh I know you didn't do her in but I still have the evidence of your playing around with that little slut standing beside you. If I showed this proof to your employers your name would be in all the tabloids, your firm would kick you out, and your clients would take their business elsewhere. Now I'm not an unreasonable man and considering that you inherit your wife's estate and your not a poor man shall we say $100,000 to keep my mouth shut for now.”

“I can't get that money right now but I could give you a check for $25,000,” Jason said.

“Now listen I said I want $100,000 and if I don't get it then I'll sell my information to the tabloids and I'm sure they pay me a pretty penny for this dirt on you two,” Garner said harshly.

“Could you let me and Sheila talk about it in the kitchen for a few minutes?” Jason asked.

“Okay but no funny business now if you two are not out of there in a few minutes I will leave immediately for Denver.”

They entered the kitchen both feeling worried and upset. Sheila said:

“What are we going to do? If we pay him he won't say anything.”

“I know but this won't be the only payment there will be others in the future until he has taken us for all we got,” Jason said.

Then he asked her: “Are you up to helping me get rid of him?”

“Why not. You didn't kill her and he's nothing but a lousy blackmailer.”

“Listen you keep him occupied in there while I make the arrangements outside and leave the rest to me.”

They left the kitchen with murder in their hearts though in their minds it was not murder it was the simple removal of a common low-life exhorting money from them. Garner had a greedy happy smile on his face as they came in. Jason said:

“All right Mr. Garner we'll pay you. But first do you have the information on me with you?”

“Of course I do.”

“Then if you'll wait here with Sheila I'll make out a check.”

He left them in the front room as he headed to the back of the cabin. He quietly opened the back door and headed to the woodshed standing next to the cabin. He found the things he needed and with a sinister wolf-like smile on his face he headed back to the cabin and saw Sheila flirting with that fat pig of a detective and him trying to touch her breasts when Jason came in. He said:

“Excuse me Garner but would you mind helping me real quick with something out back?”

“Oh all right but I want that money. A storm's coming and I want to get back to town before it rains.”

Jason and Garner walked towards the woodshed and he walked in first and then Garner. Garner was about to say something when Jason split his skull open with the ax that was hanging on the wall. Garner fell on his face on the stone floor. He searched through Garner's breast pocket until he found all the data he had on him plus a few copies which he placed now in his own pocket. Next he took out some strong coils of rope and two concrete blocks. He then tied the blocks to Garner's limp legs then found a a round heavy stone and tied it to the dead man's chest. Then he found a wheelbarrow that was laying outside against the side of the shed. He carried the body and placed it in the wheelbarrow. Then he wheeled his deadly cargo in the direction of the murky blue lake. Then with careful precision and timing he pitched the corpse in the water and it caused a splash as it sank slowly but fairly quickly to its watery grave. Once the body was under water he pushed the wheelbarrow back to the shed and found some old rags to clean up the blood inside the barrow which he then put it back against the side of the shed. Next he took another rag and cleaned off the blood from the ax and on the floor of the shed. He placed the ax back inside the shed and then when into the cabin feeling satisfied that he removed any visible bloodstains in sight.

He went back in the cabin and found Sheila. She heaved a sigh of relief as he came in. He kissed hard on the mouth and told her what he did. He then threw the bloody rags and the proofs against him into the fireplace which he then set a match to it and started to make a warm glowing blaze against the gray sky with its rumbling thunder that they still heard. He threw a couple of logs into the blaze and he used the poker to see that the damming evidence against him vanish into smoky black wisps until they were nothing but ashes.

Next he had to dispose of the dead man's car which he managed to do by pushing the car into another part of the lake after he had placed some heavy stones to weigh it down. He went back inside and took Sheila into his arms and kissed her. He felt like he had been stung. It was sweet, soft, wonderful, and sinfully terrible. He felt strong and invincible not because he killed Garner but because now nothing stood in their way. They ripped off their clothes and he carried her upstairs to the pleasure room. For hours they spanked, flogged, bound, talked dirty to each other and he even slowly poured candle wax on her soft deliciously amazing body. She made little cries of pleasure and arousal as he ticked her with an ostrich ticker while she was blindfolded. After that they jumped into the shower before they had dinner and shared a glass of champagne. They had each other and now they can enjoy the rest of their lives together....

A few hours later the sky was growing gray with mist and fog after the storm had passed. A distant foghorn made occasional blurts of warning in the night. The fire was dying out and he had to go to the shed to chop up some wood. After he put on his robe and slippers he walked out in the enveloping misty gray fog. As he chopped some wood he heard the eerie sounds of crickets, an owl hooting, some shuffling noises, and the foghorn wail out a dirge of death. He carried the wood inside and put of them in the fireplace. After lighting it up the living room cast an spooky grim atmosphere in the dark room with its curtains closed. He had a quick drink and carrying Sheila's black negligee he walked up the stairs and found Sheila laying naked and peacefully in bed. He went over and kissed her neck tenderly. Sheila said: “Hi sexy. What are you up to?”

“Just chopped up some wood for the fire downstairs. Feel like another round?”

“Okay but this time you will be tied up and I'll punish you this time because you certainly have been a really bad boy,” Sheila said coyly.

After she stripped and tied him to the bed and made sure the ropes were tight but not too tight she placed a blindfold on him. She said:

“I'll go get a drink from downstairs and when I get back you'll be in big trouble. Do you understand me?”

“Yes mistress,” Jason replied.

He heard her go down the stairs and in his mind he made plans for the two of them. He would keep up being an architect for a little while longer then he would give it up and he would ask Sheila to marry him and with the money he had inherited from Angela they would see the world. For them it would be nothing but fun, travel, and dirty sex. He heard the sounds of heavy footsteps walking slowly up the stairs. Jason said:

“I'm ready to be disciplined baby. I'm totally at your mercy and I know I have to be punished.”

There was no response but the footsteps came slowly closer. Then a harsh wild voice said:

“You son of a bitch! It's guys like you who break up the homes of happily married people and then fool around with married women! I hunted for days and days to find the two of you.”

Jason helplessly laid on the bed frozen with terror as the voice went on:

“You thought I would never catch up with you two but now that I have there is only one thing to do to a guy like you...”


Submitted: April 23, 2015

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My goodness. This was harsh and brutal. I like it.

Thu, April 23rd, 2015 11:25am


Thanks for the comments. I must admit it was a harsh and brutal type of story but like the story life can be harsh and brutal especially where sex, lust, deceit, and hate intermingle in the mind and heart of a fellow human being. I'm glad you liked the story. Did you like the sex scenes in the story?

Thu, April 23rd, 2015 9:37am

Alyson Williams

Great writing. An intriguing story. Kept my interest to the end even though I cringed several times. Good job!!

Thu, April 23rd, 2015 2:48pm


Thank you for the compliments. Glad you enjoyed it even though you cringed several times and I can understand. I wanted to create a story that hinged on the elements of sex and murder and how through these violent passions and ambitions can be fatal for those who become engulf in its clutches. By the way how did you like the way I handled the sex scenes and my description of the sex room. I know it may sound like Christian's playroom in 50 Shades of Grey but at the time I wrote this; I was caught up in all the hype on the upcoming film. Even though I never read the book. Hopefully I made it believable and arousing to you as well as others who might read this.

Thu, April 23rd, 2015 9:34am

Laura Lewis

Wow dark and gripping....loved it!!

Mon, April 27th, 2015 8:16pm


Thanks for the comments and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Tue, April 28th, 2015 7:17am


I like dark stories, my favorite are paranormal reads, if the writer can pull it off. With the sex scenes I wish you would of went more into depth, describe the scenes more, more details of their actions and feelings.I like how they shared the dominance. (I haven't read or watched fifty shades of gray, just haven't got around to it)I can't believe they weren't thinking of the private detective, I certainly was, and then there he was looking for money ofcourse.Nice dark story!

Mon, May 11th, 2015 2:31am


I'm glad you liked it. I know I should have gone into more depth and description towards the sex scenes. I was trying to balance both the sex and crime angles. I'm glad you like dark stories. I know mine was a pretty dark one and that's why not many readers have checked it out. My objective in this story was to show how sex can push a human being into the violent act of murder and once he has stepped over that line; retribution in some way can come back on you. Even though it wasn't his hand that committed the deed he still had the thought and when he thought his life could be destroyed when the detective found out his mind turned to murder. I thought it would be nice if both Jason and Sheila took turns being the dominant. I'm glad you read it and that you weren't too disturbed by the subject matter. Check out my two gay erotica stories if you like.

Mon, May 11th, 2015 7:19am

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