An Offer I Can't Refuse

An Offer I Can't Refuse An Offer I Can't Refuse

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Part fiction part based on personal experience this story tells of a young bored college guy who gets into trouble only to find a an attractive guy who proposes an enticing offer.


Part fiction part based on personal experience this story tells of a young bored college guy who gets into trouble only to find a an attractive guy who proposes an enticing offer.


Submitted: August 04, 2015

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Submitted: August 04, 2015



I still find it hard to believe this really happened to me. To this day no one knows what I did and I still chuckle when I look back to that new and exciting experience I had. I've never told anyone about my rather intriguing escapade and at nights when I'm in bed I can't help but dream about it and savor each and every kinky and erotic detail...

It all happened on a warm afternoon in early June and I was getting bored and restless since my parents had gone off camping somewhere up in the Rocky Mountains for a few weeks. I had the house to myself and all the time in the world. Best of all, I was not being under the controlling eyes of my parents. I went out for a walk to see what I could get into. I was getting kind of hungry when I stopped at a grocery store in a nearby mini mall. I walked through the varied aisles with their sirloin steaks, beer, chips, and other tempting items for a hungry guy. I passed by a deli and decided to get some spicy chicken tenders and a Coke to wash them down. Afterward, I continued to see if there was anything else that caught my eye when I realized I left my wallet at home. Embarrassed and cursing myself for being a total idiot I was about to leave and forget the food when my stomach kept rumbling with hunger so when there weren't too many people around and no one looked I ate the tenders and drank half of the soda. I felt better and no longer hungry. However, I was trembling with fear as to how I was going to get out of here without attracting suspicion. I made my way to the exit and so far no one said anything. I walked out and the reached the parking lot. I actually thought I was going to get away with it when suddenly I felt a firm hand on my shoulder and I was trembling again. Slowly I turned around and a tall, well-built man in a gray T-shirt was standing before me. He pulled out a badge and said:

“Will you come with me please?”

I thought about making a run for it but in the end it was useless so I went along with the undercover cop. We went back into the store and he took me to the manager's office off to the left. Inside there was a middle-aged man in his late forties, shirtsleeves, and dark hair slightly gray in the temples he sat behind a massive cluttered desk. As I sat in a chair opposite to him I noticed the cop was standing against the wall. The manager said:

“What is your full name?”

“Brandon Alex Morgan.”

“Your age?”


He asked me where I lived and gave him my address and after asking a few more questions he said:

“Mr. Morgan, since this was your first offense we'll make a deal with you.”

“What's that?” I asked nervously.

“If you agree to pay for the items you took; we'll say no more about it and the charge will be dropped.”

“I don't have any money on me. I left my wallet at home.”

“We'll give you a couple of weeks to raise the money but if we don't hear anything from you by the end of that time; then the police will be called in.”

I was glad that he gave me some time and that I would not have to deal with the police but I still had to get the money. After signing a paper the manager let me go and I left. As I did so I noticed the cop was looking at me with a strange expression on his face. However, I didn't care and headed back home hoping I could figure out a way to get the money. I checked my wallet that I left in my room but there wasn't much. I looked around the house for any loose change but it still wasn't enough. I was getting frustrated, irritable, and on the verge of panicking. My parents were away and in any event I would never tell them because my dad was a control freak as well as being a smug self-righteous bastard and between him and my mom they would kick me out of the house with no moral compunction whatsoever. I was stressing and worrying when the doorbell rang. I was scared and confused for a few moments as I headed to the door wondering who it was. At first I thought it was the police or my parents coming home early but I pulled myself together and opened the door. It was the undercover cop from the store I was surprised and worried as I let him in. I told him:

“If you've come for the money I don't have it and besides the manager gave me time.”

“Don't worry. In fact I came here because I propose an offer that I know you can't refuse.” He replied.

“I'm listening.”

“Listen you seem like a decent enough guy as well as being rather good-looking.”

“What are you driving at?” I asked a little tensely.

“What I'm getting at is an arrangement where you don't have to be in trouble, the charge can be dropped, and you will not have to go to jail.”

“What would I have to do?”

“All you have to do is agree to have sex with me and no one will know a thing about it.”

“Are you crazy?” I responded rather loudly.

“Listen to me you are in a jam and need a way out. I'm the one who can help you; I only ask that we can fool around for a few days and in return I'll pay the charges for you and no one will never know about it.”

He put his firm hand on my shoulder and rubbed it in a caressing way. It felt weird but I was kind of liking it. I hesitated before I asked:

“You're sure no one will know about this and once I do what you ask of me the charges will be dropped?”


“What kind of stuff do I have to do?”

“Are you into kink or at least fantasized about it?”

“I've thought about it at times but I never could score.”

“I'll bet you have. Look at you with your dark eyes, curly black hair, and your strong perfect body. I mean you're an attractive guy.”

At first I thought this guy was just being a pervert but I couldn't help but be a little flattered by his compliment.

“What would it mean if I said I wanted you?”

“Anything you want.”

He smiled as he pulled off his shirt to reveal his hard and muscular body with his moderately hairy pecs and abs, pierced ears, his slightly rugged face, short, spiky, brown hair, and his strong, luscious, lips with that pleasing smile on his face. There was no denying that he was a very sexy man and after all I never was able to hit it off with others so why the hell shouldn't I?

“One last question.”


“Does the manager know about this?”

“Oh no this was my own idea.”

“All right. I'll do whatever you want me to do. I don't care anymore.”

He closed the blinds and made sure the door was locked. He came over and helped me take off my shirt and began to caress my smooth brown chest then he proceeded to kiss it.

“Where's your bedroom?”

I showed him where it was and we went in. He took off his blue jeans to show off his firm tree trunk legs, his tight bare buttocks, and his his hard, arrogant, nine-inch cock with its bushy dark brown hair surrounding it. I stared at his cock with amazement and thought about how it was going to feel in my mouth and in my smooth tight ass. He was unbuckling my belt and my olive green cargo shorts. He looked with lustful and pleasant glee at my innocent naked body. I was a little nervous and excited by all this. When he held me in his strong, slightly hairy arms I could smell the sweet strong cologne on his attractive body. He kissed me hard on the mouth and I felt a wave of repressed excitement and desire surge up in me as I felt his lips and tongue. It was something new, different, dark, strange, and oddly enough sensual. We laid on the bed and for some hours we kissed and caressed each others' bodies. Then he asked:

“Are you hungry for some cock?”

I nodded with eager anticipation as I was on my knees before him on the floor and he loomed above me and I felt his hand behind my head and my mouth was wrapped around his huge, juicy, thick dick and sucked it like an extremely delicious Popsicle.

“You like that?”

I nodded with approval as I savored this tempting man-meat of his. It felt good and exciting. A little while later we took a break and drank some cold water to refresh us. He said:

“You're pretty good at sucking cocks.”

“I was curious but I enjoyed it.”

“How about my sticking this cock in your nice, bare, pink hole?”

I got on all fours and I felt his monster dick feel tight and snug in my ass. I grunted a little as he pounded me and I was feeling so horny. I had no idea how great and kinky it was to be fucked hard by a guy with a terrific body that could only be sculptured and chiseled by the ancient Greeks. After an arousing session we refreshed ourselves and rested on the brown leather couch kissing and caressing each others' sweaty naked bodies close together. After a few moments of silence I asked him:

“What's your name?”


“Have you always been an undercover cop?”

“I used to work for a moving company.”


“No not yet.”

“How about I suck your cock this time?”

I laid back on the couch while he let his mouth tantalize my modest cock. I grunted and groaned with dirty satisfaction that a guy like Toby wants me. After that, we got dressed and was about to depart when he said:

“I will call you when we meet again.”

He gave me one more kiss and drove away. It was around six-thirty in the evening when I ordered some pizza from Blackjack's. After dinner I went for a quick walk around the park nearby my home. As I walked I was filled with a strange sense of excitement and satisfaction over what happened to me this afternoon. I found myself laughing at what had taken place. Who would have thought that a case of shoplifting would lead to an erotic encounter with a ruggedly handsome guy. For a guy who didn't get laid much this was a welcomed change to indulge in my homosexual vices. After I got back home I took a quick shower before I stretched out on the couch with a beer and watched some TV before going to bed. My phone rang and it was Toby. He said:

“Hey sexy what are you wearing?”

“A pair of red silk briefs.”

“How's your ass?”

“Raw and pounded hard.”

“When you go to bed tonight I want you to imagine my lips on your vibrant warm body.”

He said goodnight and I got my naked self to bed then turned out the lights. My heart was thumping loudly with sensual longing and wondered what Toby had in store for me the next time we would see each other again.

A few days later around noon time, Toby called me on my phone and asked:

“Want to hang out with me at my place?”


“Good. I'll pick you up and we'll drive there together.”

He came by a few minutes later and we headed towards his apartment not too far from the Aurora Mall. When we entered I noticed how modest and comfortable it looked with its exotic Oriental rugs, sports memorabilia, a collection of swords and daggers, and some unusual and yet erotic figurines. I sat down on a gray leather couch while he went into the small adjacent kitchenette to get us some drinks. I thought his place was pretty cool and intriguing. He returned with the drinks and we sat close to each other as we sipped our drinks. He seemed to look at me with searching eyes and after we finished our drinks he said:

“I think you need to be punished.”


“After all you were guilty of shoplifting, weren't you?”

“Yes.” I replied meekly.

“You have been a very bad boy. Say it!”

“I have been a very bad boy.”

He went off to a room down the hall and a few minutes later he appeared shirtless and wearing black leather chaps and some tight leather gloves. He said:

“Come with me.”

He took my hand firmly in his and led me into a room with red and dark blue wallpaper. He went over to a drawer near the closet and he took out a black leather G-string and he said:

“Put this on.”

Obediently I slipped off my clothes and put the outfit on. He inspected me with a sardonic smile on his rugged face then he went over to the closet and took out a black leather flogger as he commanded me to:

“Go to the bed and lay on your stomach.”

Then he took out some red ropes from a drawer and proceeded to bound my arms and legs to the bed. I heard him say:

“Remember this hurts me more than it hurts you.”

He started to flog my smooth bare back and ass. It felt tingling as each blow penetrated my bare white buttocks. It stung at first but after a while it felt kind of good and hot. After all if this was to be my punishment then bring it on. After that, he unfastened the ropes and said:

“Lay on your back.”

I did so and he tied me up again then proceeded to take out some nipple clamps and a purple dildo. After he placed the clamps on me; he slid the dildo in my tight pink hole. It felt good and snug as I made little cries and groans as the sex toy filled my hole and he pulled on the clamps teasingly. I yelped and cried out for more. I was getting more action now than I ever did when I was in high school as well as in my first few years of college. Considering he was in his early thirties as well as have an sexually appealing physique who was I to complain. Most important of all, my parents would never know anything about this. After a few more rounds we just laid naked on the couch and watched some hot gay bareback porn. Then we spent several hours fucking each other nice and hard. Later we took a nice warm shower together and I remember how good his hard, masculine, muscular, rugged body felt against mine under the warm water. After we dried ourselves and got dressed we had a late lunch at the On the Border restaurant near the mall. We talked about our lives and how we felt about the world. It felt great talking to someone who doesn't judge, nag, or completely control what I do. Even though we met in a rather odd way it made no difference besides the sex was fantastic. After lunch he took me home and said:

“We'll meet again on Saturday around seven PM.”

He kissed me and drove off. I slept that night feeling like I was on top of the world.

On Saturday, he called saying he would come over and pick me up. He did so and we went to his place once again. I was feeling excited for what he had up his sleeve for this evening. We had a quick drink then we went to his bedroom then he started to tear off his clothes. Next, he put on the black leather chaps and a brown T-shirt and he told me to put on the red thong he laid out on the bed. Then he took out a black dog collar with spikes on them and as he placed it around my neck he said:

“I need you to wear this so people will know that you belong to me.”

This was the first time I ever wore a dog collar and being led and controlled by a hunky man. We drove through the bustling nighttime streets of Downtown Denver with many people walking along, talking, and people at bars and nightclubs as the warm summer night cast a sleepy haze in the air. As we made our way through the shady and seamy parts of the town we pulled up in front of a red brick building with a bright yellow neon sign that read: “The Bound Leather Gods Club.” When we got out of the car he attached a metal leash to the dog collar and we entered the club. We ascended a short flight of steps and entered a dimly-lit room with a cocktail bar, plush leather couches, and tables with shiny black table tops. There were also some half-naked men kissing and fooling around in private booths and couches. I was fascinated by this place and the intimate erotic atmosphere as my “owner” led me through the club with its sounds of spankings, moaning, groaning, laughing, and cries of pleasurable pain.

We entered a room with black walls, lights in various places, and some metal cages and cells with naked men. He took off the leash and my shirt as he placed me in one of the cages. Some of the other “owners” made their way to me and I could feel every pinch, caress, and light spank all over my body while Toby watched me with a smile of pleasure and pride as the others touched me with lustful admiration and indulgence in their eyes.

A little while later we had a couple of drinks and had some time for a few rounds of kissing on the couch. Then he had a few of the guys spank me with floggers and paddles while I was on all fours on the stone floor. It seemed to give Toby a sick sense of delight watching other men spank my tight firm ass as I looked up at him and his eyes held a strong hypnotic stare as he watched me. Finally after having one more drink for the road we made our way back to my place and he went away down the moonlit street.

On the following Tuesday, Toby came over and we headed out to lunch at a restaurant in the Cherry Creek shopping district. After we had ordered, I could feel his firm hand slide inside my pants and playfully squeeze my ass. He stopped suddenly as the waiter brought us our food. I was really enjoying the time we spent together like this. It was much better than being alone or having to come in contact with two miserable and hateful parents who are not exactly understanding or sympathetic about their gay son.

After lunch, we headed towards the downtown district and stopped outside one of the city's fashionable gay bathhouses. After showing our Ids to the front desk one of the employees handed us some towels and showed us the way to the locker room. After we got undressed and wrapped the towels around our waists we decided to spend some quiet time together in one of their hot tubs and let the warm bubbling water help calm and relax our bodies as we stroked each others' cocks. Later on after we dried ourselves up we made our way to the steam room.

When we got there I could see through the steam a number of men sitting on benches talking while there were some who were fucking and sucking each other. There were also some who watched with carnal intrigue and desire in their eyes. We sat down on a bench he began to kiss the back of my neck as he slid his moist strong hand down my chest and reached for my hard dick. I was extremely aroused by the steamy and lustful atmosphere. Then Toby fucked me hard with his firm cock for some hours. It was pretty wild and forbidden being fucked with all these other guys enviously watching us. Later we showered and had one of the male attendants give us a massage in one of their private rooms. Finally we headed back to my home; it had been a very busy day. We had an early dinner and laid back on the couch watching TV just enjoying each others' company.

It was getting close to ten PM and was about to head to bed when Toby followed me to my room and started to undress himself and then me. We both ended up naked and in each others' arms. His kisses were warm and tender and I felt very happy this had happened to me and I never wanted it to end. We kissed, caressed, sucked, and fucked until I was feeling tired and rested my head on his strong broad chest.

The next morning we were awake and he started to get dressed when he said:

“Well buddy, this is the end of it. You kept your promise and now I will keep mine.”

“I'm sorry you have to go. I'll miss you.”

“Hey we'll run into each other sometime and if you're ever in the mood for a little fun between buddies you know where to find me.”

As we headed to the front door I gave him the dog collar, leash, and thong when he said:

“Keep them it will remind you of me when you're in bed.”

He gave me one last kiss and left. Some time later, the store had received the money and my debt was paid. My parents finally came back and I never told them about my recent sexual escapades. When my parents are around I hide the stuff Toby left here for me in my bedroom closet. This has been one of the wildest and passionate moments of my life. Tonight, my parents out with some friends and I'm now standing before his door with the collar around my neck and he opens the door. I offer up the leash and he is pleased to see me. He said:

“Good boy.”

He closes the door behind me.....



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