It's Always Been You

It's Always Been You It's Always Been You

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Dominic Corrigan has been secretly fantasizing and fancying his next door neighbour who also happens to be his best friend. While in the process of searching happiness and love she gets badly heartbroken over and over again. Dominic finally plucks up the courage to tell her about his feelings and finds out a shocking revelation!


Dominic Corrigan has been secretly fantasizing and fancying his next door neighbour who also happens to be his best friend. While in the process of searching happiness and love she gets badly heartbroken over and over again. Dominic finally plucks up the courage to tell her about his feelings and finds out a shocking revelation!


Submitted: June 01, 2015

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Submitted: June 01, 2015



A fallen angel.


That's the first thought that came into his mind when he saw Rose sitting in front of his door with her knees drawn to her chest and hands covering her face. He could see her body shaking uncontrollably. It was pouring outside. The sound of rain drops echoed along the hurried long steps he took and enshrouded her distant hollow sobs. She sensed him and her body tensed altogether. He threw the umbrella aside not caring where it landed. It fell with a loud 'thud' on the floor. But she didn't look upto him as he sat down beside her. She wasn't going to look upto him. She didn't want to see the lingering sadness in his face. But she couldn't contain the plangency that was arousing in her voice as he wrapped his hands around her protectively despite the fact that she was soaking wet. She inhumed her face in his warm body. The vulnerability in her voice rended his heart.

He wanted to do something to make it all better for her. How many times has it been already? He lost count of how many times he had to watch her lose a piece of herself. He lost count of how many nights he had been the one to hold her while she cried her heart out for someone who left her broken. But he didn't say anything to her. No soothing words would do her justice. He has been illuding himself all these time. But it was time to put an end to this. She doesn't deserve to be treated like this! She doesn't deserve to be used and thrown out like a rag doll! More than that,he doesn't deserve to be stabbed in the heart over and over again watching her weep for someone else while in his arms.

First he needs to apologize to her for lying to her. He lied to her about not being single when in truth he hadn't even been in a relationship since college. He had to so that it would keep her from worrying about him,so that it would keep her from any allusion. Now he has to come clean.

He takes in a deep breath. He has been practising those lines at home. If anyone saw him while he was parroting those they would have dismissed him as a crackpot surely. Just a few lines. They hold so much significance,so much weight that it scared him to the point of cowering away. Because once they are out nothing can be taken back. He shallowed the lump in his throat. All his courage were slowly dissipating. It was definitely the case of 'easier said than done.'

But it was now or never. He has undoubtedly waited long enough. Too long to be honest. He should have said it long ago. Then all these time she would have been only his. He squeezed his eyes shut. He didn't want to get his hopes up though. Scared wasn't even the right word to describe what he was feeling. He was afeared and petrified of being rejected by the person he has been in love with since the first summer they spend together.

Those days....he missed those carefree,blithe and jolly days. He still misses the old Rose. So cheerful and joyous. Her smile could light up anyone's dark day from afar. He buried his nose in her hair to inhale her sweet fragrance. She wasn't crying anymore. Just holding onto him like he was the end of her rope. Like if she let go she would fall into a deep dark trench.

However he wasn't going to tell her in a state like this. If she didn't change soon she was going to catch a cold. He loosened his hold on her body just enough to pick her up and carry her inside his house. She wrapped her hands around his neck. Her head now buried at the crook of his neck,her hot and small puffs of breathes tickling and taunting his skin making the hair on his neck to stand up.

He gently lay her down on his big soft couch. This time she slowly looked upto him. Her tearstrain face and eyes filled with such immense pain and dejection that his guts twisted to see her like this. He wiped her cheeks with his gentle fingers. Closing her eyes she leaned onto his hand just as he was about to retract it. Such a small act of gesture yet it filled his heart with love for her. He sat down beside her,holding her hands with one hand he tipped her chin up with the other one to look at her straight in the eye. But couldn't help but steal a glance at her pink rosy lips. How he yearned to suck those ripe and juicy looking full lips. But now's not the time to think of that he scolded himself.

Before he could even open his mouth she spoke in a hoarse voice.

"I'm done Dom." His eyes flicked in surprise at her tone. Then he scrunched up his eyebrows in confusion. What was she talking about? She looked at him dead in the eye.

"I'm done with all this. I'm so,so tired." His heart was thumping so loudly in his ribcage he was surprised that she couldn't hear it. His ears were pounding. Was he hearing it right? Her eyes suddenly looked so dull and devoid of emotions that it scared him. She looked like an empty shell. Just a host in the human body. He couldn't recognize the girl sitting in front of him. There's no way he was about to lose a fight he didn't even start!

He put his hands on her shoulder and shaked her slightly.

"Rosie this isn't like you at all! Please talk to me!" He knew he sounded desperate. It didn't matter cause he was desperate. A tear escaped her left eye and his thumb grazed her cheek,wiping the remnant of salty pathway it created. A soft sob left her lips.

"I can't do this anymore! I'm tired and sick of being tossed aside! I'm sick with myself!" She was on the verge of her breaking point he could tell. Her face scrunched up in disgust with herself. He feeled so damn pained to see her like this. It's as if she could read his mind,she bit her lower lip to control the tears that were threatening to fall free any moment. He traced his thumb over her lower lip and she let go of it at his touch. His tender touch made her lower lip quiver a little and his eyes darkened at the reaction.

"I want to be able to rely on myself again" She croaked out between her audible sobs. He wanted to let her finish. So he rubbed his hand soothingly up and down her back.

"I'm always letting them do this to me! I'm always giving them the chance to tear me apart willingly! But not anymore Dom. I'm not going to fall for their lies and be left broken!" Yeah baby that's more like it! Don't give in to those bastards! He praised her in his mind.

"I have been such a blind fool Dom. I'm a weakling coward! All this time I have kept my true feelings so deep inside of me. I thought if I buried them deep within me,I would maybe someday forget about it. But all these time I have just been fooling myself around. You can't just bury feelings! Emotions don't just go away if you hide them." Her shoulders slumped. He took in all the things she said,letting them sink into his mind.

What was she talking about? Confusion was fogging his thoughts. He had a vague feeling that she wasn't talking about her ex anymore. What did she mean hiding her feelings?

"I...I need to tell you something Dom.." The uncertainty in her voice got him to the edge. The eerie and uncanny feeling on his stomach wasn't helping either. He could tell whatever she was going to say would be a life changing kind of situation. How? He didn't know,but it's just one of those feelings you get when something bizzare is about to happen.

"I know you are in a relationship but I-I need to tell you this...I can't wait any longer.." Dominic swore under his breath. That's exactly what he wanted to clear first.

Dominic wasn't actually in a relationship. Since college he hasn't been on a relationship. The only relationship he wanted to be in was with Rose. And he had to lie to her about a relationship so that she didn't get suspicious. All the nights he told her he was out with the 'imaginary girlfriend' he was actually sitting alone at his room getting drunk in the thoughts about Rose.

He shook his head a little looking her way.

"W-what's wrong?" She asked,her voice laced with concern and a hint of fear. He looked at his slightly shaking hands. It really was now or never. Clearing his throat he slowly turned his gaze her way.

"Rose I need to tell you something first." He touched her hands and slightly squeezed them,loving how soft her skin felt. She didn't answer,just returned the squeeze. That gave him the courage to go on.

"I have lied to you about something. I'm not in a relationship." She furrowed her brows.

"What are you talking about Dom? Is this some kind of joke?" She asked irritatedly. He shook his head.

"No,this isn't a joke Rose. There's no Samantha. I lied to you" She snatched her hands away from him and looked at him angrily. At that time his heart felt like it's been torn into pieces. He tried to grab her hands back but she wouldn't let him. He swallowed the thick knot forming in his throat and looked down.

"How could you lie to me!" The pain in her voice forced him to turn his face her way and he regretted immediately. Tears were falling freely from her eyes. He knew he did a horrible thing by lying to her. But her reaction surprised him. He didn't realise she would be this angry!

The frustation that's been bottled up for so long was threatening to burst. And just when soft uncrontrolled sobs left her mouth he lost it. "Goddamn it Rose! Don't you understand what it fucking does to me when you cry like this?! And knowing that it's caused by me!" By now he was on his feet,his back her way. It hurt. It hurt so much more to see her cry because of him than when he saw her cry for others.

"Do you think it's easy for me to see you like this?! I know I lied to you. Do you think it was easy for me? To see you with other guys!" He turned around facing her an intense gaze,his posture rimming anger. He took a step close to her literally hovering over her. She had to look upto to clearly see his face.

"What are you talking about Dom? Wha-

"You know exactly what I'm talking about! Yes I'm talking about you being man-handled! I'm talking about you always looking for someone who will love you! Rose when will you open up to see that there is someone for you! When will you stop looking at other places and consider looking beside you for once!" His chest was heaving now,pin drop silence surrounded them. Rose was surprised that she couldn't hear her heartbeat. She stood up at his sudden outburst.

"When will you realise that the person you are looking for has always been there with you?" He was only an inch away from her now. Her breath hitched up. All her thoughts became disoriented. Was she hearing right? Could it be that Dom liked her?

"When will you open your eyes and see that I love you so fucking much Rose!"

Her eyes became wide as his sudden confession was spoken. Before she could even speak he cupped her face and bend his head down to touch her soft plush lips with his. Just as his lips touched hers she closed her eyes and leaned into him. Nothing needed to be said. She has been in love with this man for so long. Now finally,at last she got him. Her heart was threatening to burst out. The kiss was sweet,slow. Not needy and filled with promises and love. He broke the kiss first to look at her. Her cheeks flushed,eyes blazing with a fire he had never seen. And swollen pink lips made him draw her close for a kiss again. He couldn't help it. This time the kiss was more powerful. Demanding.

Her hands tugging his hair lightly. He sucked on her lower lip enticing a lovely moan from her that made him groan. He slipped his tongue and explored her sweet mouth. She tasted like honey and all the sweet just like he imagined.He sucked on her tongue while molding her ass. Her knees gave in and he picked her up before she could fall without breaking his sweet assult on her juicy lips. He backed her up against the wall. He kissed her like a hungry man who's been starved for to long. One of his hands explored against her collarbone down to her hardened nipple that was begging his attention. He broke the kiss and drove straight to her hardened pink bud.

"Oh my god Dom!" She whimpered grabbing his hair to hold on while arching her back. Pleasure shot through her insdies like lightning. He sucked on her nipple through the wet fabric biting gently while massaging the other nipple and tugging it slightly to add to her pleasure. She was so wet for him. All the nights she had tried to pleasure herself thinking it was him now she couldn't believe he was sucking her breast. She couldn't wait to feel him inside her. The mere thought made the inner walls of her wet pussy squeeze.

He gave the same attention to her other breast. The clothes were frustating him at this point. He ripped her blouse apart in a swift motion. She gasped out loud. Her big bosoms were threatening to bounce free from the baby pink bra she wore. Suddenly he looked upto her with such hungry eyes. "You are so fucking beautiful Rose. I have wanted you for so fucking long!"

"Then take me. I'm only yours Dom" His eyes darkened more and he wasted no time in waiting. He kissed her intensely,lips smashing lips,tongues dancing together while him rubbing his hardness against her sex. She moaned loud,while gasping for breath they broke the kiss but he trailled soft butterfly kisses along her jaw,down her neck sucking on the soft milky flesh alluring more moans from her. She began writhing. He smiled against her skin at her impatience then unclasped her bra and freed her beautiful big breasts that bounced out. He rubbed his slightly stubbled chin over her bosoms. The sharp contact on her skin made her gasp out in pleasure. 'Oh I'm going to make you feel so good baby' he thought inside.

"Ahhhh Dom,the bedroom!" He kept on sucking her breasts while moving to his bedroom. As he reached there he threw her on the bed gently watching her bounce a little and her hair splaying all over his pillows. He stood there,transfixed at the sight in front of him,at her beauty. He wanted her like this in his bed every night,every morning. Splayed,cheeks and skin flushed,her beautiful breasts inviting him in. He hovered over her positioning himself between her legs, kissing below her breast murmuring a quiet "so fucking beautiful."

He kept on trailling down,down and down. Swirling his tongue on her navel,her body arched up towards him. He fumbled with the button of her jeans,taking them off her legs revealing her smooth skin. She could feel his breath close to her already dripping core. She looked upto him and he met her gaze,giving her a wicked grin. She bit her lower lip and he groaned. She looks so fucking sexy when she does that he couldn't help but get up and suck her lower lip.

"Mmmm take off your clothes" She ordered him. Grinning he complied."Yes ma'am"

In a minute he joined her again. Now fully naked as the day he was born. He hardness standing proudly. He was so big. Almost too big for her as she stared,biting her lips with her eyes wide. His hardness seemed to grow more under her gaze if that was possible. She couldn't help but lick her lips. She got upto touch him but he laid her down,he chuckled as she whimpered in protest.

"First my turn baby,I've waited too long for you" He said and in a flash he ripped her panty apart without any warning. She gasped out loud.

"You are so wet for me baby" he murmured as he praised her shaved soft mound. The lips swollen with her juices. His hot breath tickled her pussy making her moan and bite her lip in anticipation.

He rubbed his stubbled chin up and down her inner thigh,never quite touching the place where she ached for him. She whimpered in protest. "Stop teasing me Dom!"

A deep laugh vibrated through his chest making goosebumps rise in her flesh. By now she was so wet that her juices were dripping. His mouth watered,without any warning he plunged his tongue inside her pussy and sucked her hard,making her scream out.

Her hands fisted the sheets and she arched her body up. His stubbles grazing her skin,adding to her delight. She could feel it stimulating. She was getting so high on pleasure that she feared she might fall hard. One of his hands reached upwards to fondle with her breast while his tongue plunged deep inside her pussy,fucking her. She could feel it building gradually. She grabbed his hair with both her hands,her nails grazing his scalp from the sweet torture he gave her. He clamped his mouth around her clit and sucked hardly while pushing in two fingers. She was pressing down hard squeezing her eyes. Then he gave one more suck on her over-sensitive clit and that was it for her. She arched screamed his name out. Her orgasm rushed through her. Waves of pleasure coursing through her body. An overwhelming feeling of ecstasy ran through her veins. From afar she could hear him groaning as her pussy clenched around his tongue.

He sucked her clean. Then hovered over her placing the head of his hard throbbing cock in front of her now swollen pussy lips. He cupped her face and kissed her deeply and passionately. She couldn't help but moan out. Then not taking his eyes off hers he slowly pushed the head of his cock in. She gasped and snaked her hands around his neck to bring down his mouth to hers. He's so big that he completely stretched her pussy and filled her entirely.

With two thrusts he pushed in all of himself inside her tight core and gave her time to get used to the length. She looked upto him,eyes filled with love and trust. She placed her hands over his chest and arched her hips for friction and he started moving. In and out,in and out. Never getting the head of his cock out completely he fucked her at a steady pace. Both their breathing laboured and sweat glistening his body. She roamed her hands across his strong chest muscles and abs.

She was in a peaceful oblivion. He started going faster and her moans increased. Suddenly he flipped them both over,sitting her on his lap,her back facing his way. He started penetrating faster making her huge breasts bounce with each thrust. She couldn't handle the pleasure. She faced sideways,both of them panting heavily. He took her lips and penetrated faster and harder and she came apart. She screamed out and called his name over and over again. He gave in as he came inside her. He flipped them both and held her tight murmuring sweet things in her ear.


"Shh I know baby. I was so scared before wondering all the time if I could ever be the only one to hold you like this but I'm not anymore. I'm right here and I'm never letting you go again. I love you so fucking much Rose" He kissed her head and placed his forehead against hers looking at her with all his love for her.

"It's always been you"

She smiled at him. Nothing needed to be said anymore.


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