Price Of Past Miracles

Price Of Past Miracles Price Of Past Miracles

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


This is the next sequel to "Haunted by the Past" and "Ghosts of the Past." It is 18 years later, the children of the Richards, Seldon, North, Estevez and Wilson families are coming into their own, knowing they've had feelings for a particular friend they've grown up with, even though they've been like family all their lives. And for two of the young lovers, a past secret must come to light and force them to re-evaluate the path they had chosen. But their true soul mates have been waiting for them to realize who they should've chosen.


This is the next sequel to "Haunted by the Past" and "Ghosts of the Past." It is 18 years later, the children of the Richards, Seldon, North, Estevez and Wilson families are coming into their own, knowing they've had feelings for a particular friend they've grown up with, even though they've been like family all their lives. And for two of the young lovers, a past secret must come to light and force them to re-evaluate the path they had chosen. But their true soul mates have been waiting for them to realize who they should've chosen.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Price Of Past Miracles

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This is the next sequel to "Haunted by the Past" and "Ghosts of the Past." It is 18 years later, the children of the Richards, Seldon, North, Estevez and Wilson families are coming into their own, knowing they've had feelings for a particular friend they've grown up with, even though they've been like family all their lives. And for two of the young lovers, a past secret must come to light and force them re-evaluate the path they had chosen. But their true soul mates have been waiting for them to realize who they should've chosen.

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Price of Past Miracles
By Susan Robertson

Chapter 1

“Mama, I love him and he loves me!” Megan Richards exclaimed as she clung to her lifelong friend and soul mate, Brad Seldon.

“Aunt Dee, I know you probably think we’re too young, but we’ve known each other our whole lives.  We know everything about each other.  I love her and I want to marry her!” Brad stated emphatically as he pulled the sheet up higher.  Oh God, this so embarrassing; my girlfriend’s mother catching us in bed together!

Diana Richards’ heart pounded as she took several deep, calming breaths.  Oh God, this can’t be happening!  I opened this door hoping to find her in bed with Jonnie!Why couldn’t I have seen this coming?!  “Megan, Brad, I’m going to shut this door and the two of you will get out of that bed and put your clothes on immediately.  I’m going to call your fathers at work and get them home!  All of us need to sit down and have a long talk.”

“It doesn’t matter what any of you have to say, Mama; it’s not going to change our minds!  We love each other and we want to be together!  Brad is the only one I’ll ever love!”

Diana’s heart constricted at the tears gathering in her daughter’s hazel eyes.  “Megan, sweetie, just do what I said.  If the two of you aren’t dressed and out here in five minutes I’m coming back!  This is very serious; do not argue with me!”

She shut her daughter’s bedroom door and headed straight for the phone to dial her best friend’s number.  “Lynda, it’s Diana.  We have a big problem!  I just caught Brad in bed with Megan!  Oh, God!  What are we going to do?!!”

Lynda gasped and then was silent for several seconds.  “Oh my God, Diana; this is going to kill them!  Have you called Charles and Tom yet?”

“No.  I’m going to call them as soon as I hang up!”

“I’m on my way, Diana.  I’ll be there in about five minutes!”


“I don’t understand what the big deal is!  It’s not like we’re actually related!” Brad ranted as he paced back and forth in the living room between his parents, Tom and Lynda Seldon, and their long time best friends, Charles and Diana Richards.  Uncle Charles had been his dad’s partner with the FBI for over eighteen years.  He and Aunt Dee had been like a second set of parents to him and his three other siblings, but they were not blood relatives.

He and Meggie had grown up together since infancy and had been playmates along with their other siblings and close friends throughout their lives.  But he’d always felt a special pull toward her for some reason.  For a while, he’d felt closer to her than he was to his own sister.  But when they hit puberty and Meg’s body had blossomed to be as shapely as her mother’s, she didn’t seem like a sister to him any more.

When they’d turned fifteen, the dreams he’d been having of her suddenly had him waking up in a sweat with a raging hard-on almost every night.  Her piercing hazel eyes framed with sparse lashes would deepen with desire as she stared at him while he took her virginity.  He was determined to be her first; they would be each other’s first.  Every time he saw her start to get interested in another boy, he’d swoop in and tell her everything bad he knew about the guy to make her think twice; though he did feel guilty at times for keeping Jonnie away from her.

He’d finally had to reveal his feelings to her.  At the beginning of their senior year of high school, she had started dating the quarterback of the football team, another friend of his.  And there was nothing bad he could tell her about Lee; he was a good guy.  But then he saw Lee making out with Megan in the parking lot after school one afternoon in December and had noted the look in her eyes.


New Year’s Eve 1974, Megan Richards had gotten the shock of her life.  Brad had gone to a party with his and Meg’s close siblings and childhood friends; Meg’s twin brother Charlie and Brad’s younger sister Didi, and their close friends Jonnie North, Barbie Estevez and Lily Wilson.  Jonnie’s parents, Jon Sr. and Barbara, Barbie’s parents, Rick and Dawn, and Lily’s parents, Larry and Maria, were also good friends of Meg and Brad’s parents.  Meg had come to the party with Lee, but she’d ended up going home with Brad.

Megan recalled the moment she learned Brad loved her as much as she had always loved him.

“Brad, have you seen Lee?  I can’t find him!”

“I sent him away, Meg.”

“Why?!!  I thought you liked Lee!  What is it now?  Am I not good enough for HIM?!!” she asked with tears in her eyes as questions she was too afraid to ask swirled through her mind.  God Brad!  Why do you have to keep treating me like I’m your sister?!!  I can’t get you to notice me because of Barbie; I saw you kiss her a couple of weeks ago!So why do you keep interfering with every guy who does notice me?!!  And what is with all the tension between you and Jonnie lately?  “Why do you keep doing this to me?” she cried pitifully.

He grabbed her shoulders and hauled her against him.  “This is why,” he said quietly as he lowered his lips to hers.  It had started out as a slow, tender kiss but it quickly morphed into a full-blown, deeply spine tingling, toe curling kiss.  Their bodies felt like they had fused as soon as their lips parted and their tongues stroked together.

Megan clung to Brad’s strong, athletic body, molding her full breasts against his lower chest.  Brad tangled his hands into her long, wavy, golden brown hair.  Then he quickly backed her up against the wall, pressing the full length of his body against hers so she would be in no doubt of how he felt about her.

Megan gasped as she felt the hard bulge in the front of his jeans.  Oh, my God; all of a sudden I’m NOT your sister?!!  When Brad finally broke the kiss, she saw the need in his deep hazel eyes.  But there was also something else; something she hadn’t seen since that dance four years earlier.

“I’ve been dreaming of you since we were thirteen, Meggie, but I was afraid to let you know.  I somehow sensed that you felt the same and we could’ve gotten in way over our heads when we were too young.  So I treated you like you were my sister, looking out for you at school, making sure no boys got out of line with you, making sure you never fell for anyone else.”

He untangled his right hand from her hair to stroke her cheek.  “I’ve loved you all my life, Meg; we belong together.  You’re my soul mate.”


They had agreed they didn’t want anyone else to know how they felt, afraid it might make their friends or family members uncomfortable for some reason.  They’d promised they wouldn’t make love for the first time until they graduated; both were going off to school and they’d decided to spend a short, magical summer together before they had to part.  Once they were through college and knew they belonged together, that’s when they’d tell everyone else.

There had been stolen moments over the months since New Year’s spent making out when no one else was around.  They’d progressed to some pretty heavy petting, stroking each other to mind-blowing orgasms until graduation a week before, Friday, June 6, 1975. 

Skipping the graduation party, they had gone to a secluded beach in Malibu to give their bodies and their souls fully to each other for the first time.  It couldn’t have been any more beautiful and perfect.  Megan had hardly felt the sting of his first penetration.  He’d brought her to a powerful climax with his lips and tongue and then entered her for the first time in the midst of her orgasm.

Brad had practiced while masturbating, learning how to control when he wanted to come.  He’d kissed her deeply and stroked her body with his until he brought her to climax again and then he’d let go to join her.  It had surpassed all of his dreams.  They were making love for only the third time when Aunt Dee unexpectedly came home from work early and caught them together.


Megan’s attention was torn away from Brad by her mother’s anxious voice.  “Just how many times have the two of you been together?  And please tell us you’ve used condoms!”

“Oh, Mama, this was only our third time and yes, we’ve used condoms.  I’m not stupid; I don’t want to get pregnant!  We’re being very careful!  We just want to spend as much time together as we can before Brad has to leave.  We’ll be careful, we promise!  We love each other and you can’t keep us apart!” Megan exclaimed as she threw herself into Brad’s arms.

Tom Seldon sighed wearily and stood to approach them.  He said quietly, “Kids, it’s not that simple.  It’s not about being careful.  We have something to tell you, so please, sit down and let us tell you a story.”

Brad and Megan stared defiantly into his weary hazel eyes.  Putting his arms around their shoulders, he walked them over to sit down between them on one of the couches.  Charles and Diana sat in chairs near their daughter and Lynda sat beside Brad.

Tom began speaking to Brad, “You know Charles and I were assigned as partners in September of 1956.  We’ve told you that your Uncle Charles and Aunt Dee were responsible for introducing your mother and me and that we fell in love the second we saw each other.  And I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that your mother was pregnant with you before we married just over a month later.”  Brad rolled his eyes and nodded.

“It all started while we were working on our first big case together.  We were assigned to check into rumors of an arms smuggling ring that was being operated through Green Worldwide Enterprises, an international import/export company owned by Harold Green, Aunt Lisa’s father.  When she took it over, it became Green & Clark Enterprises.  We all realized by the time that investigation was through how fate or destiny had been twisting all of our lives to make sure we would be forever bound together for some reason.”

Tom reminded the kids of the tragic story they’d told them years ago about the man who’d attacked Megan’s mother in July 1956 and then came back the night before Thanksgiving wanting to kill her but they’d ended up killing him.  And Charles and Diana had discovered a “magical” bond that night that had saved her life.

Tom took Megan’s hand and stared into her bright hazel eyes.  “Also because of that incident, your Mom and Dad realized they could communicate telepathically, Meggie.  And then your Mom discovered she could actually hear her husband’s thoughts even when he wasn’t trying to communicate with her.”

Brad interrupted, looking at Megan’s parents.  “I’ve always believed you two could communicate without words!  I’ve watched you do it over the years.  That’s why I believe Meggie and I are soul mates; we can hear each other’s thoughts sometimes, too!  I’m just glad you were never able to hear MY thoughts, Aunt Dee; I’d have been in big trouble!”

Diana stared at him with a sad frown.  “Bradley, dear, just because you and Meggie can hear each other’s thoughts, it doesn’t mean you’re meant to be soul mates.  And I’ve never been able to hear the thoughts of any of you kids but I wish I could’ve.  Just let your Dad continue the story.”

Tom smiled sadly at Diana and went on to tell the kids how two of the suspects in their investigation had past connections to their mothers and about running into them at a Christmas party a few weeks later.  “Brad, your mother was none too pleased to see her ex-husband, Donald Price.  Aunt Lisa was his wife at that time, the woman he’d dumped your mother to pursue just because she was Harold Green’s daughter. 

“And Diana wasn’t very happy to see Uncle Bob, either.  He was an old ex-boyfriend who’d broken her heart by breaking up with her unexpectedly.  This was also the night we realized Uncle Bob and Aunt Lisa knew each other.  But it wasn’t until the end of the investigation that we learned they were more than just acquainted.”

Megan jumped in.  “Is this story why Uncle Bob and Aunt Lisa always say they’re grateful to you guys for the way things worked out?  You all started out hating each other and now you’re friends?  Man, this is starting to sound like a really twisted story.  I can’t even imagine how it’s going to end!”

The adults all glanced at each other.  Oh, Meggie, you’re not going to like the ending, sweetie.

Tom continued again.  “It was during this part of the preliminary investigation that your Dad received some devastating news, Meggie.  Your Mom had been upset, wondering why she hadn’t been able to conceive, so your Dad went to the doctor and found out he was virtually sterile; most of his sperm are dead.  Your Aunt Lynda and I were the only ones they told.  It was the night of one of our poker games, the same night Aunt Dawn recognized our last suspect.

“He’d looked familiar to me but I couldn’t place him.  It turned out it was Bradley Williams, Dawn’s uncle and my commanding officer when I was in Marine Intelligence who was supposedly killed during World War II.  We’d all thought he was dead, but instead, he’d disappeared and then turned out to be a suspect in our investigation.”

“Wait a minute!” Brad exclaimed as he jumped up from the couch.  “Are you saying the man you named me after was involved in the arms smuggling ring you were investigating?  You named me after a criminal?  Why?!”

Tom stood and grasped his shoulders.  “Sit back down, son.  There’s a lot more to the story.  We’ve got to tell you about the investigation as it unfolded.  To jump ahead would be confusing.  This is only the part where we were just starting to put things together.”

As they sat again, he went on.  “All four of us ended up in Washington for the Christmas and New Year holidays.  Charles and I were called to FBI headquarters in Washington to search for Bradley Williams’ alias identity and the Bureau generously allowed our wives to accompany us.”

Tom addressed Megan.  “It was on the way back to Washington from your Mas and Grandaddy’s house in Colonial Heights Christmas night that your Aunt Lynda and I realized how devastated your Mom and Dad were at the thought they’d never have children.  But they tried to keep their hopes up.  They told us the doctor had said there wasn’t a zero chance, just that it would take a miracle.  So they said they were going to keep trying and praying for a miracle that night.”

He skipped the part where Meg’s Mom and Dad had sex in the back seat of the car while he and Lynda tried to ignore them, but he stared pointedly at his partner and his wife.  Charles and Diana looked at each other and blushed as they tried to hide embarrassed grins.  Our kids would be shocked to hear how wild we were, and still are sometimes!

Then Tom looked back at Brad and Megan.  “Four fervent prayers were heard that Christmas night.  And with good intentions, we tried to aid in making a miracle happen on New Year’s Eve.  It turned out to be even more of a miracle than we knew.  But we’ll come back to that after we finish how the investigation turned out.”  He glanced around.  “I need to take a break and get something to drink.  Is that okay?”

The adults nodded, but Brad and Megan looked anxious to get on with the story.

Tom poured a drink and then sat back down on the couch between the kids again.  “We returned from Washington with confirmation of Bradley Williams’ alias identity and authorization to start the formal investigation of Green Worldwide Enterprises.  But our investigation was stalled until Aunt Barbara foolishly took a job as Harold Green’s secretary and secretly got us a key piece of information.”

Brad and Megan looked at each other as they realized almost all of their parents’ friends had been instrumental in helping with that investigation. 

Tom noted their surprise and said, “You think that’s good?  Wait ‘til you hear this.  I tracked down a former Army buddy of mine to help try to identify the source for the illegal arms and it turned out to be him.”  When Brad and Megan’s eyes widened even further, he added, “And here’s the best part.  My old pal Captain Gary Butler and my former commanding officer Major Bradley Williams and Harold Green all conspired to have Charles and me killed.”

Brad and Megan’s mouths dropped open, shaking their heads in disbelief.  Tom almost forgot one last coincidence.  “Oh, by the way; the man they’d hired to kill us was one of Aunt Dawn’s old boyfriends.”

Megan interrupted again.  “Uncle Tom, this is a very weird and interesting story, but I still don’t see how all of these coincidences have anything to do with me and Brad being in love and wanting to be together!”

Charles took his daughter’s hand.  “Megan, sweetie, I know this all sounds irrelevant, but it’s not.  It seems our group of friends was meant to meet and share our lives together for a very special reason, though we’re not yet sure what that reason is.  But we all know what it means to have found our soul mates and we’ve tried to show you kids how incredible that is, but we didn’t expect it to happen between any of you kids!  And for you and Brad; sweetie, just bear with us and we’ll explain everything in the end.  Go ahead, partner,” Charles nodded at his best friend.

Tom frowned as he continued.  “As if learning some old friends were willing to kill me to hide the fact they were traitors wasn’t bad enough, Gary said he’d only wanted me dead because of the money, but Major Williams had felt I’d betrayed him because he was in love with my first wife, Yakira.  Gary also told me it was she who’d helped convince everyone Bradley was dead; he’d also attacked her out of his anger over learning she was in love with me and we’d married.”

Brad and Megan could see the pain on his face, hear it in his voice.  Tom looked sadly at his son.  “I came home that morning after interrogating my old friend and your mother held me.  I remember it so clearly because it was the first time she felt you move.  She put my hand on her and I felt you, too.  I laid my head on her stomach and told you that we were anxiously awaiting your arrival and that I’d keep talking to you.”

Brad rolled his eyes.  “Oh, for God’s sake, Dad!  You’ve always been so damn corny!  I can’t believe you started it even before I was born!”

“Thomas Bradley, what a mean thing to say to your father!” Megan interjected.  “I think it’s very sweet, Uncle Tom.  Daddy told me he did the same thing with Charlie and me.”

The two men stared at each other as Charles said quietly, “That’s because Uncle Tom and I wanted to be fathers so desperately; we loved you kids even before you were born.”  Then he looked at his daughter’s smiling face, reaching his hand out to caress her cheek.  Then he looked back at Tom.  “Go on, partner, finish it up.”

“The FBI and the LAPD staked out the port docks to catch everyone.  Donald Price intended to kill Bob until Lisa unexpectedly showed up to warn him.  They got into a scuffle, so that’s when we moved in.  Charles and I got Price to lower his gun, and that’s when your Dad saved my life, Meggie.  Bradley Williams pulled a gun on me and Charles shot him.  Price raised his gun again to shoot your Dad but Uncle Bob shot him in the shoulder.  Williams wasn’t so lucky; your Dad hit him square in the chest.”

Charles frowned and looked down as his daughter’s eyes widened in shock.  Tom continued, “He didn’t mean to kill him, Meggie; it happened so fast that he could only react on gut instinct.  And I think Williams would rather have been killed than to end up in prison any way.  He confessed to me before he died that he’d never meant to hurt Yakira; he knew she loved me and that the baby she was carrying when she died was mine.  His last words were that he loved her.”

Tom looked at his son.  “Bradley Williams was a great man for many years; he just couldn’t handle the horrors that we’d faced during the war and the fact that the only woman he’d ever loved didn’t love him.  That’s why I gave you his name, Brad; to honor the good man that he was.”  Brad smiled sadly and nodded in understanding.

Then Tom chuckled.  “Aunt Lisa was shocked to learn that Uncle Bob had been an undercover agent for the CIA the whole time.  She was afraid that she’d let herself fall in love with a guy who was just as bad as her father and Donald Price.  She begged Bob to take her away that night; they’d never been together, and Bob had looked desperate when he told her they’d have to wait.  Charles felt sorry for them and told them to disappear for a while, then come back and give their statements when they were ready.” 

Megan busted out laughing.  “My God, Dad!  You really like to play matchmaker, don’t you?  First Uncle Tom and Aunt Lynda and then Uncle Bob and Aunt Lisa!  Maybe I should’ve told you how I felt about Brad a long time ago so you could’ve helped me get his attention sooner!”

Charles frowned sadly.  “Megan, sweetie, I also wish you had told me about you’re feelings for Brad.  It would’ve been a lot easier to help you then.  But now…”  He swallowed the lump that kept trying to form in his throat.  “I didn’t play matchmaker for Bob and Lisa; they were already in love.  I just couldn’t stand the thought that two soul mates had been kept apart due to twisted circumstances beyond their control, so I gave them a break.”

And from what Lisa told Diana and Lynda years later about that night, she was eternally grateful to me for that!  Charles’ mind drifted and filled in the details of what had happened between Bob and Lisa from what Diana had described to him during a really hot lovemaking session one night.  Bob was almost old enough to be Lisa’s father and they had built a vivid fantasy about her being “Daddy’s little girl.”  Then he frowned and shook his head.  It’s okay to fantasize about an incestuous relationship, but not to play it out for real. 

Tom watched Brad and Megan as he explained, “We all realized that we had been destined to meet through strange coincidences and we were able to let go of past hurts so our circle of friends could expand.  Uncle Rick introduced Larry and Maria to us just before Lily was born.  It was during this time Diana learned she was pregnant and we were all SO happy for them!”

Brad got up to pace in front of the couch again.  “Okay, so you discovered some good guys had gone bad, some guy who’d been a bastard in the past to Aunt Dee was actually a good guy and now he’s married to the second ex-wife of the bastard who was first married to my Mom and you’re all friends now!  The arrests didn’t go down as smoothly as you would’ve liked, but the arms smuggling ring was shut down and the bad guys ended up in prison or dead; justice was served.  The end.  Like Meggie said earlier, this was a very interesting, but twisted story, but what does it have to do with us?”

Tom sighed.  “You kids have always known what close friends we’ve been through the years.  What we were trying to make you understand from this story is that Charles and I felt an instant connection when we met; we’ve always instinctively trusted each other.  That’s why we’ve always made such a good team.  And your mothers were friends for years before we met them; they’ve always been as close as sisters.

“There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for each other and we made some pretty big sacrifices in years past in the name of love and friendship so we could all be happy, especially when it came to you children.  It all started on New Year’s Eve 1956.  And as soon as I refresh my drink, we’ll finish explaining,” Tom said as he stood to move to the bar; the others followed him.

Brad and Megan groaned in frustration.

The adults were all thinking the same thing.  We can’t tell the kids everything, only what they need to know.  But we sure shared some really wild times that night! 

Memories of that night flooded their minds as they fixed themselves very stiff drinks.

New Year’s Eve 1956 in Washington, DC; the night Tom and Lynda Seldon made the ultimate sacrifice for their best friends, Charles and Diana Richards.  They had made the most gut-wrenching decision of their lives.  And at Charles’ insistence, Tom had finally relented to help them create a miracle; and then Tom and Diana had issued a challenge that Charles and Lynda had surprisingly accepted.

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