Haunted By The Past

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Charles and Diana Richards begin their life together but her past quickly comes back to haunt them.

Table of Contents

Haunted By The Past

Charles and Diana Richards begin their life together but her past quickly comes back to haunt them. Read Chapter

Diana and Charles stop at her apartment to get some of her personal items and get sidetracked... and caught by her neighbors. Read Chapter

Chapter 3 His apartment was about ten minutes away from hers, closer to the FBI office.  Charles Richards had a two bedroom, one... Read Chapter

Chapter 4 The women had met eight years ago in a bar one Friday evening after they had left work.  Lynda had stopped in because ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5 Charles and Diana had quite a crowd for their 4th of July party. Diana’s girlfriends were there, of course.  Bar... Read Chapter

Chapter 6 Why am I so jumpy…?!!  Diana leaned down to pick up another piece of paper that she’d dropped on the floor.  ... Read Chapter

Chapter 7 Charles gazed blindly out the window of the plane through the tears in his eyes as he felt a bitter twist of irony.  H... Read Chapter

Chapter 8 Sunday afternoon, Barbara came to visit Diana.  She couldn’t go to the hospital; she’d had an intense aversion to ... Read Chapter

Chapter 9 Jon and Barbara undressed each other as they made their way through her house.  His jacket and tie were dropped on the... Read Chapter

Chapter 10 About a week after Diana’s last visit to her gynecologist, Charles brought up the subject of sex as they were getting in... Read Chapter

Chapter 11 Lynda Curtis had realized the night she almost took advantage of her best friend’s husband that she had to let go of her... Read Chapter

Chapter 12 Charles and Diana were in the kitchen when they heard Lynda and Tom.  They looked at each other and laughed. Dian... Read Chapter

Chapter 13 She heard her husband saying something about John Wayne and saw how the look on his face changed as he practically threw a... Read Chapter

Chapter 14 Jon had tried to attack Barbara as soon as they shut the door to the guestroom.  He pulled the towel off of her and s... Read Chapter

Chapter 15 Nearly three months had passed and the police still had no leads whatsoever on the whereabouts of Diana’s attacker, Edwa... Read Chapter

Chapter 16 Rick was suddenly nervous.  Dawn had ordered him to take her to bed and make love to her.  He’d been steadfast... Read Chapter

Chapter 17 The next morning, most of the couples woke around nine o’clock but didn’t leave their bedrooms until over an hour late... Read Chapter

Chapter 18 The group was pleased to learn when they arrived at the nightclub of The Riviera in Las Vegas that the concierge had arran... Read Chapter

Chapter 19 Diana watched her husband’s face as he sat on the edge of the bed removing his clothing.  There was a fire burning ... Read Chapter

Chapter 20 After brunch, the couples went back to the suite to pack their suitcases for the return trip later that afternoon.  T... Read Chapter

Chapter 21 A few weeks after the group’s honeymoon weekend in Las Vegas, a large group gathered to celebrate both Charles and Diana... Read Chapter

Chapter 22 Charles and Diana spent the Sunday afternoon in early November 1956 with her parents.  Retired Air Force Colonel John... Read Chapter

Chapter 23 Ed Hood had arrived back in Los Angeles on Sunday night, November 4, 1956.  He’d started watching and following Dia... Read Chapter

Chapter 24 Tom arrived at his partner’s house just after noon with lunch and the latest updates of information on the investigation... Read Chapter

Chapter 25 Just before eight o’clock, Agents Thomas Seldon and Charles Richards and Assistant Director Peter Woods were about to le... Read Chapter

Chapter 26 Charles and Tom had finished making a passable path through the undergrowth that emerged at the corner of the garage into ... Read Chapter