Gifts Of The Future - Part 1

Gifts Of The Future - Part 1 Gifts Of The Future - Part 1

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


This sequel picks up right at the end of "Price of Past Miracles" and follows the families through the decades to the present and a possible future. The new generation must learn how to handle their "gifts" in order to fight the dark forces to prevent not just the destruction of their world but to protect the existence of the universe.


This sequel picks up right at the end of "Price of Past Miracles" and follows the families through the decades to the present and a possible future. The new generation must learn how to handle their "gifts" in order to fight the dark forces to prevent not just the destruction of their world but to protect the existence of the universe.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Gifts Of The Future - Part 1

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This sequel picks up right at the end of "Price of Past Miracles" and follows the families through the decades to the present and a possible future. The new generation must learn how to handle their "gifts" in order to fight the dark forces to prevent not just the destruction of their world but to protect the existence of the universe.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Gifts of the Future
By Susan Robertson

Chapter 1

Megan Richards was in the middle of a dream; at least she thought it was a dream.  She was soaring through clouds like a bird, only she couldn’t feel the wind nor see the ground; she could see only clouds and blue, blue sky.  Then a haunting guitar melody that she vaguely recognized began as she saw scenes from her life reflected in the clouds.  As they flashed past, she heard a male voice begin singing with the melody.

I close my eyes, only for a moment and the moment’s gone.
All my dreams pass before my eyes, a curiosity.
Dust in the wind, all they are is dust in the wind.

Megan tried to sigh as she heard a chorus of voices speaking in her head, softly insistent, slightly sinister, yet saying things that seemed to make absolute sense.There is a certain truth in these lyrics.  What is your life in the grand scheme of things?  What good does it do to have dreams when they can so easily be shattered and fall to the ground to blow away just like dust in the wind?

She could still hear the lyrics of the song over the voices.

Same old song; just a drop of water in an endless sea.
All we do crumbles to the ground though we refuse to see.
Dust in the wind; all we are is dust in the wind.  Ohhhh ohh ohhhh

Poignant strains of a violin began to play that almost made her want to cry, but instead, she tried to laugh when the voices spoke again.  The lyrics keep proving you have nothing worth holding onto. You are just another drop of water in an endless sea of talented people with useless dreams.  Your life is meaningless.

The voices went silent as the song lyrics started again.

Now, don’t hang on; nothin’ lasts forever but the earth and sky.
It slips away, and all your money won’t another minute buy.
Dust in the wind; all we are is dust in the wind.
Dust in the wind; everything is dust in the wind, the wind…

Megan felt free as she saw the last scenes of her life flashing by; Jonnie railing at her about how she’d hurt him, but she didn’t feel the pain of that any more and she didn’t want to.  She was soaring toward a brilliant light that felt like the sun, feeling absolutely nothing but peace when a gust of wind suddenly threw her aside from her course and she heard Jonnie’s voice again, repeating a line from the song they’d heard earlier in the car.  And she suddenly remembered what she was supposed to be doing.


She tried to turn around but was finding it difficult to alter her course toward the sun.  Then she heard another voice that she didn’t recognize; it was gentler, more calming than the voices she’d heard before.

Megan, do you really want to go back?

She looked around trying to see who was speaking, but there was no one.  She tried to answer but couldn’t figure out how to make her voice work, so she screamed it mentally.  YES!!!

Another voice spoke, this one sounding like it was coming from the sun; it was a little louder, but still a calming, gentle voice.  Good, because your destiny has not been fulfilled.  You have to teach Jonathan how to handle his gifts.  Teach him wisely and he will help to save your world.

She almost wanted to laugh, but she still couldn’t figure out how to make any sounds with her voice.  So she let her thoughts speak for her.  What are you talking about?! How to handle what gifts?!

And yet another voice spoke but was growing fainter as if whoever was speaking was moving away.  This is not for you to question.  You will know when it is time; just remember what we have told you.

Her confusion was causing her to lose concentration on soaring through the clouds and she suddenly realized she was falling.  As she picked up speed, she started to become aware of feeling a lot of pain and being very frightened as she saw the ground rushing up to meet her.  She opened her mouth to scream but still no sound came out; there was only a whoosh of air into her lungs that hurt worse than anything she’d ever felt.


“CLEAR!!!” the emergency technician yelled as he placed the paddles on Megan’s chest once more and set off the shock mechanism of the defibrillator.  Her chest heaved upward and her eyes popped wide open as she gasped in pain, but everyone heaved a sigh of relief when they heard the machine beep, indicating her heart had started again.

Megan immediately passed out from the pain, but her heart continued to beat erratically and she was breathing.  The paramedics prepped her as quickly as possible to be transported to the hospital.  They had determined the bullet had nicked a major artery and she was in danger of bleeding out if they couldn’t get more blood into her quickly enough and into surgery as soon as possible.  The hospital had already been called and they would be ready to take her as soon as the ambulance arrived.

Jonnie was upset that he couldn’t go with her.  He had to stay behind to talk to the police and give them the details of what had happened.  His father arrived just after Megan was taken down and loaded into the ambulance.  Jon, Sr. immediately got on the phone and called Tom and Lynda Seldon to tell them what had happened and asked them to go to Megan’s parents, Charles and Diana, and take them to UCLA Medical Center where their daughter was being transported for surgery.

Jonnie gave a very clear account of the incident and his father and the other officers on the scene assured him he had handled everything very calmly and professionally.  The whole thing had lasted less than five minutes and, in the space of that short period of time, it had become crystal clear to Jonnie that Megan was his life; she loved him more than she did herself and she trusted him.  And he trusted her; he’d trust her with his life.

He broke down sobbing as he realized she’d just proven he could.  He’d tried to protect her because he couldn’t stand the thought of losing her and then she’d turned around to do the same thing!  Kris was going to kill him just because she didn’t want Megan to have him and Megan had valued his life above her own.

There was no greater love than what they shared, that they’d give up their lives for each other.

Jonnie went into the bathroom of the hotel room and washed Megan’s blood from his hands and face as he tried to calm down.  He watched as police officers escorted a practically catatonic Kristina Davidson from the room in handcuffs and he felt sick.  How could he not have noticed how disturbed she was?!  What could possibly have happened to the girl to make her behave so irrationally?!

His need to answer those questions reinforced his belief that he was destined to work toward hunting down and stopping people like her.  He tried to convince himself it was a good thing the first time she had a breakdown had been with him so he could stop her.  If she’d pulled this on some other guy, they might not have been so lucky and she might have gotten away with it.  At least now she wouldn’t.


Megan was in surgery for hours, during which she had to be given three units of blood before the doctors could repair her artery.  Tom and Brad Seldon, as her biological father and half-brother who were the same blood type as her, had immediately gone down to the hospital’s blood unit and donated as much as they were allowed and instructed them it was for Megan.  Tom even went so far as to follow the hospital technician all the way to the OR entrance to make sure it got to her.

The OR waiting room was packed full by everyone who’d been having Thanksgiving dinner with Megan and Jonnie earlier that evening except, of course, Kristina Davidson.  No one mentioned her, but questions were still floating around Jonnie’s mind; he was determined to urge the police to check into her background.  He was sure there had to be something else in her past that had triggered this incident.

The surgeon finally came out to tell them it had gone as well as could be expected; they’d even been able to remove the bullet from where it had lodged against her shoulder blade, causing a slight fracture that should heal completely.  The doctor said it was a good thing the bullet had entered at the angle it did; other than nicking her artery, it had done very little other internal damage.  He even mentioned if the bullet had not been stopped by the thickest part of her scapula, it probably would have gone right through her.

And it would’ve ended up right in my heart.  The image of the gun in Kris’ hand pointed straight at his heart firing just as Megan jumped in front of him, flashed through Jonnie’s memory.  Everyone turned to look at him when he sat down sobbing.  She’s not only my soul mate, she’s my guardian angel.

Barbara North went to her son and held him.  Thank you, God, for giving Megan the courage to save my son; please watch over her.  I don’t think my son would want to live without her…

Everyone waited around until the OR recovery personnel notified them Megan was stable and being moved to a room.  Then most of the group went home; the only people who stayed were Jonnie, her parents, and Tom.  They took turns sitting with her during the night; no one wanted her to wake up alone.

Tom came to relieve Diana at around 2am to find her standing at Megan’s bedside, holding her hand as silent tears slid down her cheeks.  His chest tightened at the sudden realization it was their daughter that came so close to dying.  He stood next to Diana and put his arm around her comfortingly.  Then he leaned his head down and whispered, “I don’t think I’ve ever told you how glad I am to have helped create this beautiful girl.”

Diana turned to him and they held each other for a moment.  Then they parted slightly; she looked up at him and smiled softly.  “We did good,” he continued, “We created a beautiful child; she has the best of both of us and a father who loves her as his own.  She’s a remarkable person created for some special reason and I’ve never regretted my decision,” Tom ended quietly and then kissed Diana tenderly before she slipped out of his arms and left the room.

A little while later, he was sitting next to her bed when he heard a faint moan.  Tom looked up to see his daughter wincing as she tried to move her arms.  “Megan, sweetie, don’t try to move.  You’re okay, but it’s going to hurt like a son-of-a-bitch for a while.”

She frowned and spoke without opening her eyes.  “Daddy, is that you?” she asked weakly.

Tom hesitated as a lump formed in his throat, and then he cleared it and replied, “No, sweetie; it’s Uncle Tom.”

Tears sprang to his eyes when she smiled slightly and opened her eyes to look at him as she murmured, “No, not uncle; Dad.  You’re my Dad; but I’ll keep calling you Uncle if you want me to.  And my father will always be my Daddy, but how lucky could a girl be to have two Dads?”  Then she winced and moaned, “Ohhhh, you weren’t kidding about this hurting like a son-of-a-bitch!  How did you know?”

He blinked the tears out of his eyes and chuckled slightly as he stretched the opening of his polo shirt across his left chest and pointed to a scar he thought she’d noticed vaguely at times over the years when she’d seen him shirtless.  “I took a bullet during the war in pretty much the same way you did; trying to save someone else’s life.  I never realized how alike we are, and I’m proud of you, Meggie; so damn proud!” he whispered hoarsely as tears gathered in his eyes and spilled down his cheeks.

Tom wiped the wetness away when he saw her tear up.  He didn’t want to start her crying; that would just make her hurt worse.  So he grinned and said jovially, “Hey, do you feel up to seeing anyone else?  Three other people have been here all night waiting for you to wake up!”

She nodded slightly as she winced again, so Tom went to the door, opened it and looked down the hallway to the chairs where Charles, Diana and Jonnie were leaned back trying to rest.  Charles looked up first; Tom smiled widely at his best friend and long-time FBI partner and waved for them to come.  He saw Charles nudge his wife and Jonnie and they all jumped up and headed his way.

Megan smiled softly as she saw the tears of relief in her parents’ eyes when they both leaned down to kiss her forehead.  Then her father clasped her right hand and squeezed it gently as he tried to make a joke to relieve his lingering fear.  “Megan, sweetie; promise your Dad that you’re not going to jump in front of any more bullets any time soon!”

She looked at her soul mate and grinned as she replied, “I don’t plan to, as long as I never see a gun pointed at Jonnie ever again!”

Jonnie wanted to cry again, but he didn’t want to upset her, so he expanded on the joke, but then he realized he wasn’t joking.  “You won’t need to jump in front of any more bullets because I’m going to make sure you always have a gun so YOU can shoot whoever points a gun at me!!”

Megan tried to chuckle at the seriousness of Jonnie’s face but it made her flinch and moan in pain just as a nurse came in.  The woman looked around as she said, “I’m sorry, but I’ll have to ask all of you to leave soon.  The patient needs her rest and I’m going to give her some pain medication that will probably put her out again for a while.  So now would be a good time to tell her good night and for all of you to go home and get some rest yourselves!”  Then she readied the dose of pain medication to be introduced into Megan’s IV tube.

Tom left first after kissing her forehead and saying he’d be back from time to time to check on her.  Then her parents kissed her cheeks and told her they’d be back in the morning with some personal items for her.  Then Jonnie moved up next to her and stared at her, his intense aqua eyes swimming with so many emotions, but only one thought still in his mind.

My God, Megan; I don’t know what I would’ve done if I’d lost you!

She smiled softly as she heard his voice inside her head and felt the effects of the pain medication kicking in, giving her a floating feeling, and she vividly recalled the strange dream she’d had.  She murmured sleepily, “I couldn’t leave, Jonnie; you reminded me of that song about how I’d take away your heart.  And besides, I have to teach you how to… handle your gifts…”

Jonnie stood staring down at her as he realized she’d drifted off, wondering what on earth her last statement had meant.  Handle my gifts?  What gifts?  He thought perhaps the pain medication was just messing with her head, but he’d understood clearly what her first comment had meant; she’d heard his desperate plea to her while her heart was stopped.

He’d called to her in his mind and she had heard him, even though she’d been at death’s door.  Her heart had refused to beat on its own for over three minutes before they’d been able to revive her.  And he couldn’t help but wonder what had happened inside her head during those three and a half minutes.  Was there just nothingness or was she still aware?  She must’ve been aware; she’d heard him call to her.

Jonnie leaned down and kissed her lips gently for a moment, feeling no response from her, which was utterly strange to him.  Then he lifted his head and stared at her pale but beautiful and peaceful face as he whispered, “You’ve always had my heart, Megan.  When you leave, my heart goes with you.”

The hardest thing he’d ever done was to leave her at that moment.  He never wanted to be away from her again.


Megan recovered more quickly than the doctors had expected and she was out of the hospital by the end of November.  Jonnie had spent every minute of every day with her, making sure she ate properly and got plenty of fluids as well as vitamin supplements.  And he’d gotten the nurse to show him how to gently remove the bandage from her surgical wound, make sure it was clear and cleaned with antiseptic, apply some healing ointment and replace the dressing.  He continued to do all of that for her every day after she was released from the hospital.

He was bound and determined to have her completely healed by Christmas Eve.  He’d asked her to marry him and she’d said yes; he was arranging, with the help of their families and friends, to surprise her with a Christmas Eve wedding.  It was going to be a simple ceremony held at sunset on a beach near Palos Verdes with a reception at a nearby country club afterward.  And then he was going to whisk her away to their home; a new oceanfront condominium in Santa Monica that he’d just purchased.

Megan was kept busy contacting Northwestern University making arrangements to close out the first semester of her junior year without losing credit for the courses she’d taken.  Once the school officials heard what had happened, all of her professors and advisors agreed that, as good as her grades had always been, she deserved full credit with the grades she’d already earned that semester.  But they were saddened to hear she would not be returning to Northwestern; she asked them to forward her transcripts to UCLA.  Then she was busy contacting UCLA and applying for a transfer to finish her undergraduate studies in communications.

The only thing that made Megan uncomfortable was all the national media attention she was getting because the album she’d made the previous summer had just been released and the public was hailing her as a hero after they’d heard the whole story.  Needless to say, the record company was thrilled with all the publicity; her records were flying off the shelves!  And her song Forever Yours became an instant hit because of her poignant lyrics and melody and the fact that it was about her love for the man whose life she’d saved, a very handsome, famous model.

But the song Jonnie kept hearing Megan humming and singing off and on during the weeks leading up to Christmas was not one of her own; it was a song he’d never heard before.  He asked her about it one day when he caught her singing it because the words haunted him; they made life sound so empty, so hopeless, so meaningless and he refused to believe that.

“Megan, what is this sad song you keep singing about how everything is just ‘dust in the wind’?  I don’t remember ever hearing it before.”

She frowned as she thought she must’ve heard it somewhere in order to know it so well.  “Are you sure you’ve never heard it before?  Because I know I have; I heard it in a dream the night I was shot and it seemed familiar to me then.”

Jonnie looked surprised and asked, “You had a dream when you were shot?  Do you still remember it?”

She smiled softly as her eyes grew distant recalling the entire memory; she replied, “Oh yes, vividly!”  Then she proceeded to tell him the whole thing as it had unfolded along with the song lyrics, the voices and her own thoughts.

Jonnie’s hand covered his mouth when she told him how it ended and that the next thing she was aware of was the worst pain she’d ever felt in her life.  He was stunned to realize this was something she’d experienced during the time her heart had stopped.  But what he was most thrown by were the voices she’d heard, especially the one that had told her she had to “teach Jonathan how to handle his gifts.”  Then he remembered she’d mumbled something like that at the hospital that night.

As far as I know, I don’t have any “gifts,” not like she does.  I can’t hear her thoughts like she can hear mine; I’m not talented in any way, which some people also consider a gift.But he did possess a “gift” of which he was completely unaware because he so rarely used it; and when he did, he didn’t even realize that he was.

And why did that voice call me “Jonathan?”  I’ve never gone by my given name; all my life I’ve been called Jonnie or Jon, Jr.  This doesn’t seem to make any sense!

I don’t want to scare Megan by telling her that “technically” she was dead during this experience and this was very possibly not a dream at all, but a vision of something most people never get to see; a glimpse of the future.  Maybe not a glimpse, but a hint of something that was meant to be that would never have been if her life had ended…

I have a feeling the woman I love is something far greater than just my soul mate and guardian angel; her life has been spared for a very important reason and I just hope nothing I could ever do will get in the way of whatever it is!  And how crazy would everyone think I am if I were to tell them any of this!  He chuckled, realizing his own thoughts were making him nervous.

Jonnie’s fears were allayed as he listened to the lyrics of Forever Yours, the song she’d written for him.

Forever your dreams had you wishing for the day
When I would look into your eyes and finally say…
It was you all along.

But I had thought there was too high a price to pay
Until the night you kissed me and I heard you say…
I’d be forever yours.

I’ve been forever yours…
Ever since the night a miracle created me…
Ever since the heavens deemed that I was born to be…
Forever yours… forever yours.

Forevermore I dreamed that we would never part
Until the day I let a damned lie break my heart…
And I pushed you away.

I had forgotten that you’re the one who made me see
That destiny somehow already fated me…
To be forever yours.

I’ll be forever yours…
Until the day I can no longer recall your face so sweet…
Until the end of time or my heart can no longer beat…
I’ll be forever yours… forever yours.


Saturday, December 24, 1977 at 5:30 in the evening, Jonnie almost thought he was dreaming as he stood on a platform not far from the edge of the waves and saw his soul mate coming toward him down the walkway on the arm of her father.

Megan was wearing a simple, elegant white gown with a fitted, strapless satin bodice that showed just a hint of her cleavage through the thin layer of chiffon attached to the top of the bodice that created the neckline, shoulders, and fitted sleeves, helping to hide the scar that went from the middle to the right side of her upper chest.  The full skirt fell loosely and billowed behind her in the soft ocean breeze.  Her thick golden brown hair was curly and loose, but pulled back from her face by a headband adorned with baby’s breath which also surrounded the single white poinsettia bloom she carried.  And her makeup was very subtle; just enough to enhance her natural beauty.

When Charles handed Megan over to Jonnie, they faced each other and stared into each other’s eyes during the entire brief ceremony.  Barbie Estevez and Brad Seldon, serving as maid of honor and best man, also stared at each other.  In their hearts, they were married during that ceremony as well, mouthing the “I do’s” right along with their best friends, pursing their lips at each other when Megan and Jonnie kissed.

The weather was mild for late December; the breeze off of the ocean that evening was out of the southwest and carried the moist warmth of the tropics.  The air had been perfect for long dresses and suits in the glow of the setting sun, but they knew the temperature would probably drop once the sun was down, which was why the reception was indoors at a nearby country club.

While only family and close friends had attended the ceremony on the beach, they had invited many other friends and acquaintances to the reception.  Most of their parent’s co-workers and other old friends had come and they were treating it like a Christmas party as well as a wedding reception.  The food was fabulous and the drinks were flowing, especially lots of champagne.

Megan and Jonnie watched each other throughout the reception even as they were separated at times.  But they’d excuse themselves as quickly as they could to get back to one another.  When Jonnie led Megan onto the dance floor, he had to let her lean against the right side of his body with her arms around his waist as they swayed together.  Megan still couldn’t lift her arms very well due to her wound, but she was working on it every day with physical therapy.

While they were swaying slowly, holding each other with their eyes closed, they froze and looked up when they heard a familiar voice.  “I hope the groom will pardon me for interrupting, but I’d be highly honored if the bride would share a brief dance with this old man!”

Megan smiled warmly at John Wayne as Jonnie continued to stare at him in surprise.  She laughed softly as she said, “You seem to have caught my husband off guard, Mr. Wayne, so please let me introduce you.  This is my soul mate, Jonathan Christopher North, Jr.  Jonnie, will you shake The Duke’s hand and let him know if you’re willing to give me up for a brief dance?”

Jonnie grinned nervously as he shook hands with the famous star.  “I’m sorry, sir; it’s an honor to finally meet you.  Megan’s family and my parents have always said how kind you are and I’ve always enjoyed watching your movies!  And I know Megan would love to dance with you; just be careful of her arms.  She still can’t lift them because of her injury,” he said gravely as he handed her over to the older man.

Wayne carefully put his arm around Megan as she settled against his right side and he held her small right hand in his left palm as he moved them slowly around the dance floor.  When she looked up at him and smiled happily, he stated seriously, “Well, young lady, you are quite the heroine!  Getting yourself shot to save the man you love; writing and singing a hit song about your love for him and now you’ve married him!  I thought most young women liked to play hard to get!” he ended teasingly.

Megan chuckled with him as she replied, “Well I did for years while we were growing up!  But he persisted until he finally wore me down.  Now I’m just making up for all those years I pushed him away and I wasn’t about to lose him when we’d finally both realized we were meant to be!  I never thought I could love someone so much,” she stated softly as her gaze drifted from his to where her husband was watching them with a huge smile.

The Duke looked over and watched the smile fade from Jonnie’s face as he and Megan stared at each other.  He fully recognized the flames that came up in the young man’s striking aqua blue eyes as he watched his wife dancing with him.  It was the same look he’d given Megan’s mother years back, the same look that Megan’s father still gave his wife after over 20 years together.  The man who loved his wife so much that he asked his best friend to help give her a child, thinking he couldn’t, and ended up with the miracle of a child from each of them, and loved this lovely young woman as if she was his.

If there was one thing he’d discovered about Diana Richards and her friends over the years, they had a knack for finding their one true love and they knew how to love them without reservations!  He sighed heavily as he wished he could’ve learned more from them.  He had no doubt Megan and Jonnie would have a long, happy life together.

John Wayne danced Megan over to her husband and kissed her cheek gently before he handed her back to her one true love.  He smiled sadly as he put his hands on their shoulders and said, “I envy you two; I don’t think I’ve ever shared a love as deep as what you two have.  But I think I came close… once,” he said quietly as he looked over to where Megan’s mother was watching.

Then he looked back and smiled genuinely as he stated, “I wish you all the happiness in the world!  I know you two will love wisely and well and be sure to also pass that ability on to your children.  They will be your greatest joy!  Good bye; until we meet again!”  The Duke bowed his head and turned to make his way over to Megan’s mother and father to say good-bye and then he left, his looming presence still felt by the group of friends who’d so admired him for years.

Megan and Jonnie stayed at the reception for a little while longer.  They didn’t do the traditional bouquet and garter toss; everyone already knew who was getting married next.  But they did cut their wedding cake together and very civilly fed each other a bite as they stared lovingly into each other’s eyes.

They were starting to realize that they’d managed not to fully consummate their love before their wedding night.  Jonnie would finally be taking Megan’s body for the first time, as her husband.  He was having a hard time controlling his excitement at that thought.  He’d never shared that intimacy before, even though Kris Davidson had attempted it one night, but he’d stopped her before his body had even registered any sensation of pleasure.  And he was beginning to worry whether he’d be able to control himself enough with Megan to give her pleasure.

Megan was recalling how dreamy Aunt Dawn’s expression grew every time she told her and Barbie how awesome it had been between her and Uncle Rick on their wedding night because they’d waited to share that ultimate intimacy as husband and wife.  Then Dawn would giggle girlishly as she admitted it was all Rick’s idea.  If she’d had her way, they’d have been fucking like minks every night!

That last bit had just recently been admitted when Barbie had asked her Mom if she was disappointed that she and Brad were already so sexually active.  Dawn had hugged her and said she’d have gone crazy if Rick had told her they had to wait four years before they could get married!  She didn’t blame Barbie in the least.

Barbie and Brad were planning to spend the night together making love in his bed.  Barbie had told her Mom and Dad that she was spending the night with Brad’s sister Didi since everyone was going to be coming over to Tom and Lynda’s for Christmas Day any way, but they knew better.  Brad and Barbie would both wish that night they could get married right away, but the forces of destiny had made them aware they were headed where they needed to go.

Megan’s twin half-brother Charlie and his secret girlfriend Lily Wilson would also begin to believe that night their destiny was to be together and they would know when the time was right to make it permanent.

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