Dreams Do Come True

Dreams Do Come True Dreams Do Come True

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Diana finally meets her true soul mate, Charles Richards.


Diana finally meets her true soul mate, Charles Richards.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Dreams Do Come True

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Diana finally meets her true soul mate, Charles Richards.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 07, 2015



Dreams Do Come True
By Susan Robertson

Chapter 1

There it goes again!  Those prickles on the back of her neck that she got whenever she felt someone was watching her.  She’d been experiencing this sensation off and on for several years, but when she would look around to see who was staring at her, there was no one.

It was about 8:00 on Friday evening, April 13, 1956.  Friday the 13th; maybe she was letting the date get to her.  She had come to this Irish-style Pub in downtown Los Angeles with her three girlfriends to have a few drinks and relax after a long, hectic week at work.  She looked around.

Then she saw him.  A man at the bar was staring at her with the same smoldering look she’d seen in the big man’s eyes; a look that conveyed more than just desire.

He reminded her of the big man from one of his movies, but younger; about the same age as she—thirtyish.  Dark brown hair and piercing grayish blue eyes under heavy, expressive brows, and the mustache; oh… my… God!He was handsome and VERY sexy.

The prickles on her neck became tingles and moved down her spine to settle between her thighs when his eyes traveled down her body as if he was envisioning things he wanted to do to her.  Mmm, yes; there are some things I want you to do to me, too!  Part of her heart stirred when his eyes returned to hers.  There was no denying he wanted her, but did he want more than just her body?

Two other men approached to ask if she and her girlfriends wanted to play darts.  She shook her head but nodded at her girlfriends and indicated for them to go.  She stayed seated at their table and kept glancing at the man at the bar.

Her drink was empty so she got up and walked to the bar several feet away from him and set her glass down.  The bartender asked if she wanted a refill; she nodded.  Her nerves were reacting to the constant scrutiny by those piercing eyes.  Say something, you idiot!

The bartender poured her another whiskey, neat.  The man crooked his eyebrow at her choice of drink.  Good God, he does that just like the big man!  As she opened her purse to pay for her drink, he got up and walked toward her.

“I’m paying for that,” he said to the bartender.  God, even his voice is sexy! 

He was a just a few inches shorter than the big man and he seemed to have a very manly physique; broad shoulders, a large chest and tapered abdomen under a very business-like suit.  She caught a whiff of his aftershave lotion.  Oh damn, he smells good!  Stop sucking in air like that; you’re making him stare at your breasts!

Stop staring at her breasts and find out what you need to know, Agent Richards!  “Are you here to meet another man tonight?” he asked casually.  She shook her head.

“Do you have a boyfriend, fiancé, husband or lover?”  Again she shook her head.  What’s the matter?  Cat got your tongue?  Want me to find it for you?  Just tell her before you blow it!

His voice deepened to a sexy rumble that made her soul stir from a familiar echo.  “Good.  Then I won’t have to beat the shit out of some man for messing with my future wife.  I’m Charles Richards, and you belong to me now, pretty lady.”

Suddenly taken aback by his boldness, she knew she should say something, but her nerves still held her silent.  She tried to walk away but he grabbed her hand and pulled her back against him, wrapping her arm behind her back; and then he kissed her.  He leaned her backwards—just like that scene in The Quiet Man when Sean first kissed Mary Kate when he found her cleaning his cottage.

Oh, my God; you’re already hard!  So much for my clean panties!  She felt herself melting into him, except for that piece of her heart that had been claimed years ago.

She buried her face on Charles Richards’ chest and took a few seconds to recover from that kiss he’d planted on her.  Wait a minute.  Who the hell do you think you are?  Are you handing me some line because you just want to get me into bed…?  Mary Kate had gotten mad in that scene; her nervousness suddenly turned to anger.

Stepping away from him, she swung her arm back to slap his face and he fended it off as well as John Wayne had in that scene.  She glared at him and said in her best Mary Kate imitation, “It’s a bold one you are!  And who gave you leave to be kissin’ me?!”

Charles was surprised.  Ah, a fellow John Wayne fan!  He was more surprised, however, at her temper.  She wasn’t a redhead; she had the most beautiful, thick, wavy, golden blonde hair he’d ever seen, just like he’d always seen on his “dream girl.”

He knew this scene, too; in his best John Wayne voice, he delivered his line.  “So, you can talk!”

She almost grinned. You know this scene…?  “Yes, I can, I will and I do!”  Backing away from him toward the bar, she continued, “And it’s more than talk you’ll be gettin’ if you step a step closer to me!”

“Don’t worry.  You’ve got a wollop!”  Boy, do you ever, he thought as he rubbed his left wrist.

“You’ll get over it, I’m thinkin’!”  Like I could ever really hurt you, you big, sexy hunk!

“Well, some things a man doesn’t get over so easy.”  Yeah, like five years of betrayal by your own wife!  Let it go; she’s not Sherry.

“Like… what supposin’?”  Do you really want me?  All of me?  Just as I am…?

He backed her up against the bar and put his arms on either side of her, bracing his hands on the edge of the bar as he said the next lines. “Like the sight of a girl comin’ through the fields, with the sun on her hair.  Kneeling in church with a face like a saint.”  And a body like a sex goddess!

“Saint indeed!”  Wait’l I get you alone; you’ll be praying to me for mercy!!!

“And now come into a man’s house to clean it for him.”  I want you in my bed, not as my maid!

“But… that was just my way of bein’ a good Christian act.”  I am a Christian, but don’t expect to find me in church.

“I know it was, Mary Kate Danaher.  And it was nice of ya.”  I’m looking for a nice girl, who also happens to enjoy being very naughty!

“Notatall.”  And though she couldn’t escape through a door behind her, she stretched up and kissed him quickly.

She stared at him, her chest heaving as she tried to control her growing excitement.  Several people around them started clapping and they grinned at each other.

You’re the man I’ve been waiting for!She had no idea how long she’d been waiting for him.

She noticed his smile right away.  He had a sexy, crooked grin with a dimple in his right cheek.  It made his grin look more boyish than John Wayne’s.  The image of a boy’s face with a dimple like his flashed through her memory.  Where did that come from?  Frowning slightly, she tried to recall it, but it was already gone.

She’d already taken notice of his eyes while he’d stared at her.  They were almost exactly the same color as hers.  Sparkling, grayish blue at the moment; not the slightly deeper shade she’d seen when desire had blazed in their depths.  Then she noticed his eyelashes; they were longer, thicker and curled more naturally than her short, sparse, straight lashes.  No amount of mascara could enhance hers enough and his were so perfect they looked almost fake.  I want your eyelashes!  But since you can’t give me those, I’ll take something else!

Charles stepped back, took her hand and then pivoted around beside her.  He glanced around at the people clapping and said to her, “Take a bow!” as he bent forward, so she curtsied.

He picked up her forgotten drink from the bar and then led her over to the table she’d been sitting at and seated her in the chair she had occupied most of the evening.  Sitting next to her on her left, he stared at her for several moments.  Alright, maybe I pushed a little too hard at first.  Thank God you’re a John Wayne fan!

“Now, why did you try to slap me?  You could’ve hurt your hand!” Charles chided, chuckling.

She suddenly wished she didn’t find herself so attracted to him.  You may be the man I’ve been waiting for but you’re really starting to irritate me with your smugness!

Frowning, she replied, “You seem awfully sure of yourself and of me when you know nothing about me!  How can you dare to presume that I belong to you and am going to be your wife?  What makes you think we would be suited for marriage when we know nothing about each other?”  He grinned and she almost wanted to slap him… or at least try to again.

“I know you have a temper and a bit more than you may think,” he stated confidently.

She almost growled in irritation.  His grin was full of smug confidence.  When she arched her eyebrows in question, his face grew serious as he continued.

Don’t get too personal right away, Special Agent Richards.  “I know you’re not originally from L.A.  You have a slight southern accent that you haven’t quite been able to get rid of, but it lends itself nicely to an Irish brogue.  If I had to guess where you’re from originally, I’d say… Virginia, probably eastern Virginia.  You’ve been in L.A. for about… ten years now.  Probably came all the way out here with stars in your eyes, wanting to get into show biz, but you changed your mind for some reason, even though you seem very talented.”

Her eyes widened.  Do you know me somehow…?

I’m right so far.  “You seem to be a confidant woman, but you’re very wary of men; you’ve been hurt in the past.  And something about your wary vulnerability tells me you’ve never been married.  But you have been in love, probably only once.”

She frowned worriedly.  How did you pick up on that much about me…?

Charles shifted nervously in his chair.  Now what are you thinking…?  Are you interested in ME…?  “You have specific qualifications that you’ve been looking for in a man.  And I think you’ve seen something of them in me from the way you’ve been looking at me since you noticed me watching you.  I think you’re a huge John Wayne fan and that I remind you of him somehow.  I can live with that; I’m a big fan, too.”

She chuckled silently.  Well, the John Wayne thing is obvious, but I’m a bit more than just a fan!  Then she frowned again. Oh shit, don’t turn out to be like Robert; you’re already way too late!You can’t possibly think I’m still a virgin!

Oh hell, are you going to try to slap me again for this next part…?  “I can also tell by how you try to keep your innate sensuality in check that you’re experienced with sex, despite never having been married.  But I don’t care about that.  I’m not looking for a nice, pure, chaste little wife.  I want a woman who enjoys sex as much as I do and who knows what she wants and what she’s doing in bed, or wherever!”

She sighed with relief at first.  Alright, you’re not like Robert, thank God!  But then his words sank in and she realized he’d voiced almost word for word the type of man she was looking for.  Damn, this is getting a little too close for comfort!  How the hell do you know me so well…?

Bingo!  “And I can tell from the way you’re breathing heavier, how your face has flushed and how wide your eyes are that I’m pretty damn close or maybe even hit the nail on the head.”

She was nervous again.  Do you really mean what you said?  How much should I tell you about my past and my relationship with the big man?  If you really intend to marry me, I’ll have to be honest with you at some point, but I don’t have to tell you any of the details.  I just hope the simple facts won’t scare you away!

“Alright; how the hell could you possibly know all of this about me from just staring at me across a crowded pub?”

Charles smiled to himself as his pulse raced.  You just confirmed it, pretty lady.  You are the one.  My gut feels different this time, but I’ve been wrong before.  “I have degrees in psychology and psychiatry.  I’m a special agent with the FBI; I specialize in observation of human behavior.  During interrogations, I study suspects’ behaviors to determine whether or not they’re telling the truth.  It helps lead the interrogation by knowing what questions to ask.  I can tell a lot about a person just by observing them and their mannerisms closely, which is what I’ve been doing with you all evening.”

She’d frowned in disbelief when he’d said he was an FBI agent so he’d pulled his ID and badge out of his inner jacket pocket and showed it to her.  He was wearing a very official-looking dark suit with a crisp, white shirt and a non-descript tie.  Other than the mustache—which was very sexy on him—he did have the look of a government agent.

Staring at him curiously, she leaned back in her chair.  “Why me?  You couldn’t find anyone else more interesting in here this evening to study than me?”

The blue of his eyes deepened again as he leaned forward.  His voice was very low and sexy.  “No; because you are the first woman I have ever seen that, please pardon my bluntness, I wanted the second I saw you.  I’ve imagined doing all sorts of… unspeakable things to you.”

His eyes traveled hotly down her body again leaving a blazing trail on her flesh.  There were roaring flames in his eyes when he looked back into hers.  She throbbed as more wetness flooded between her thighs.  Her eyelids lowered as matching flames leapt in her eyes and her chest heaved as she struggled to drag air into her lungs.  The fire burning between them seemed to have sucked up all of the oxygen around them.

He was trying to speak to her like a gentleman, but the look in his eyes assured her his thoughts were anything but gentlemanly.  Was he afraid to tell her exactly what he wanted to do to her?  Could he not tell just how much she enjoyed sex?  As long as it was with the right man, like him, and the big man.  Will you really be able to handle me?

She leaned close to him and asked provocatively, “If we weren’t in a crowded bar, would you tell me of these ‘unspeakable things’ you want to do to me?  The only man I’ve ever loved made me come just by telling me what he wanted to do to me.  Think you could do that as well?”

Whoa!  He hadn’t quite expected that much sensuality!  Her outward appearance was that of a sexy, yet reserved woman.  She would play the part of a proper lady in public but turn into a total sex kitten in the bedroom.  He’d never even thought it was possible to do that to a woman.  How would I do that?!!

His eyebrows went up; he was shocked.  So you’re not able to read me completely, thank God!  I hoped to be able to surprise you somehow; might as well get the biggest shock out of the way.Sitting back in her chair again, she grinned.

“Oh, damn.  Now I’ve shocked you—I thought you said you knew me well.  The big man tried to warn me about being too aggressive.  Now you’re probably scared and re-thinking whether I’d make a good wife.  Just to let you know, you’re the first man since the big man to stir my heart and soul enough to consider marrying you; that is, IF you’re still interested in me.”

Now he was confused.  She’d thrown him slightly, but he wasn’t scared.  And he definitely wasn’t re-thinking her potential as a good wife; she seemed perfect for him!  His eyes widened.  I stir your heart and soul; you’d CONSIDER  marrying me?  I’m going to make you do more than just consider it!  Hell YES, I’m still interested!  Wait…

“I’m just a little shocked at how straightforward you are about… sex.  And no, I’m not re-thinking wanting to marry you.  But who is this ‘big man’ you keep referring to?” he asked.

She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, staring straight into his eyes.  Here goes the shocker!

“John Wayne; the only man I’ve ever loved.  I call him ‘big man.’  He’s been the man of my dreams since I was fifteen years old.  I had an encounter with him a couple of years ago that ended up being the most incredible experience of my life.  He fell in love with me, too, and we have a very special relationship.  But he’s married again and his wife just gave birth to their first child.  So we’re not in direct contact with each other any more.”

She paused; he’d looked shocked at first but now he was frowning.  He doesn’t believe me.  Well, it does sound pretty unbelievable.  Hell, it still feels like a dream to ME at times!

When he didn’t say anything, she continued, “We were together for one weekend in April of fifty-four, but we loved a lifetime’s worth in those three days.  I’ll never forget every moment with him.  He owns a piece of my heart and always will.  So if knowing that doesn’t bother you, then I think I could love you as much as I do him.”

She can’t be serious?!  He couldn’t distinguish whether she was telling the truth or not.  She never blinked and the expression that came over her face for a few moments made him inclined to think she was describing a fantasy or a dream.  If it really happened and he was the only man you’ve ever loved…

He laughed shortly.  “Oh, come on.  You expect me to believe that you had a weekend affair with John Wayne and that he fell in love with you?  If that’s true, why didn’t he marry YOU?”

Her eyes lowered.  “Marriage wouldn’t have been good for us.”  Don’t ask me more.

He stared at her in disbelief and she wouldn’t meet his eyes.  What is she holding back?  “Why would you think you couldn’t make a good marriage with John Wayne?  It couldn’t possibly have been that the sex was bad; you said it was the most incredible experience of your life!  Or was it just that?  The only thing going for you was that the sex was incredible?”

Charles felt slight pangs of jealousy.  I really don’t want to know how good The Duke was in bed!  She didn’t reply to that, but she did look him in the eyes again.

I have NO intention of ever telling you just how incredible it was!  “Just suffice it to say we wouldn’t have been good for each other in the long run.  I’ve told you all I’m going to tell you about that.  Either you believe me, or you don’t.  It makes no difference as long as you don’t hold it against me; IF you still want me,” she ended quietly.

Charles had sat back to study her.  It was obvious from the expression on her face that she had a big thing for the “big man.” But he still couldn’t quite buy the story.  It just didn’t sound like something he thought The Duke would do.  Maybe she was being candid about her feelings for The Duke because she wanted him to understand that she was a HUGE fan!  Maybe she even had a shrine to the man in her home and she didn’t want him to think she was crazy.

Maybe that was why she made up a story like this, to explain her adoration.  That sounded plausible.  I can live with you being crazy about a big star like John Wayne as long as you don’t let it rule your life.  But you’d better not think about HIM when I make love to you!

She watched him studying her.  He leaned back and rested his right elbow on the arm of the chair, his mouth and chin propped in his hand, his eyes narrowed in concentration.  His pensive expression seemed to indicate he was accepting her feelings regarding the big man.  But then he frowned, like he still didn’t believe she’d actually had a relationship with him.

I can see the wheels turning in your head, Special Agent Richards; that’s fine.  You can make up whatever explanation you need.  I’ve told you the truth.  And I don’t have to MAKE you believe me.  I just don’t want you to ask any more questions; I’m afraid it would only interfere with our ability to build intimacy between us.

It appeared she was waiting for him to make up his mind on whether he still wanted her.  Hell YES, I want you, pretty lady; I’ve never wanted ANY woman the way I’ve wanted YOU from the first moment I laid eyes on you!  EVEN if you’re crazy for The Duke!

Her eyes were blazing at him as much as he was sure his were at her.  He leaned forward and slid the glass of whiskey she hadn’t touched yet in front of her.  “We need to learn more about each other before we just jump into bed.  Drink this, pretty lady; then I’ll take you home.”

Oh, WHY did you have to turn out to be such a gentleman?  She sighed heavily and grinned regretfully, then threw the shot of whiskey into her mouth and gulped it down as she stood with her purse on her arm.

Just how big of a fan are you?  She held her hand toward him.  “Lead the way, Kirby.”

Why did you call me that?  He frowned in confusion as she chuckled silently.  You’re obviously not going to tell me; you’re challenging me to figure it out because you’re a huge John Wayne fan and I told you I was, too! 

She hadn’t denied that he reminded her of The Duke in some way—probably one of his movie characters.  Which ones were named Kirby?  Suddenly, he remembered the movie Rio Grande.Wayne’s character was Col. Kirby Yorke, the same cavalry officer from Fort Apache. He’d had dark hair and a mustache and Maureen O’Hara had played his wife; her name had been Kathleen.  He grinned crookedly.  So, I’ve reminded you of another scene!

Reaching forward with his right hand, she gasped when he grabbed her body, spinning her aside as he pulled her against him.  His right arm curved around her waist, his left across her shoulders as he crushed his mouth to hers.  Her left hand went to his right arm and trailed up to his shoulder slowly as he kissed her.  He lifted his head, staring at her for a few moments and then released her.

“I’m sorry, Kathleen,” he said gently as he picked up her sweater off of the chair and handed it to her.  It’s too soon for us, pretty lady.

She almost smiled again and she was impressed; he’d figured it out pretty quickly.  “Your sense of duty again, Kirby?”  Are you really such an honorable man?

“I’ve seen things that make my sense of duty important,” he said regretfully.  “I’ll take you home.”  I’d rather just take you, but it’s just too soon!

He started to lead her out of the pub as they smiled and nodded to the people around them who had witnessed this performance and were clapping again.  A few men even broke into chorus, singing the first lines of I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen, one of the main musical themes of that movie.  They looked at each other and grinned widely.

She waved to her girlfriends among the crowd.  They were grinning broadly and cheering loudly—except for Lynda.  Diana wondered briefly why her best friend did not look happy at all.  Maybe it was just because Lynda had never seen her this taken with a man that she’d just met.  But Barbara and Dawn were probably thinking that he was finally THE ONE.

He was.

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