A Dream Come True

A Dream Come True A Dream Come True

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


A young woman meets her favorite movie star in 1954 and it turns into A Dream Come True for her.


A young woman meets her favorite movie star in 1954 and it turns into A Dream Come True for her.

Chapter1 (v.1) - A Dream Come True

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A young woman meets her favorite movie star in 1954 and it turns into A Dream Come True for her.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 04, 2015



A Dream Come True
By Susan Robertson

Chapter 1

She had always more than admired her favorite actor, but felt some of his romantic scenes were somewhat lacking.  He seemed like such a powerful and sexy man to her, but that didn’t always translate in some of his romantic screen personas and she’d often wondered why.

In April of 1954, she was the assistant to an executive producer and their studio had just secured a movie deal with the big star.  She had been assigned to give him a tour of the studio lot and had no idea it would become even more than a dream come true for her.

According to stories in the entertainment papers, he lived his life like a lot of his movie characters, as a rough, tough, hard-drinking, and outspoken, opinionated man—a real man’s man.  And, although he never outwardly appeared so in public, she had a feeling he could be a red-blooded ladies’ man as well.  His type of charm might not appeal to some ladies, but it certainly did to her! 

It had recently come out that he was divorcing his second wife and she wondered what had caused the breakup.  The tumultuous life of Hollywood stars usually didn’t make for ideal marriages.  Still, she felt he deserved to find happiness with a woman who could truly appreciate his many fine qualities.

She had been looking forward to this day ever since she’d been told of the assignment, but the day did not start as she had hoped.


The day did not start as he had expected, either.  The star’s first meeting with the executive producer was typical enough, and as usual, he was being foisted off on an underling for the rest.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve asked my assistant to be your tour guide.  She’s a very efficient young woman and she knows the studio well,” the executive producer told him.

He struggled not to roll his eyes.  Great; another young wannabe starlet who’s going to flirt with me all day to try to get herself a part in the movie.  It certainly won’t be the first time I’ve had to put up with this.

He was getting tired of fending off women who wanted either to just sleep with him in hopes of getting a part or to be his next wife ever since news of his second divorce had come out.  Opening his mouth to ask the man to find someone else, he stopped when there was a knock on the door.

The producer said, “Here she is, right on time.”

When she entered her boss’ office, he introduced her to the big star.

“Mr. Wayne, this is your tour guide, my assistant, Miss Diana Maitland.”

She didn’t look directly at John Wayne until her boss had finished the introduction.  When she first entered, she was afraid to look his way, didn’t want him to see the effort it was taking her to remain composed in his presence.  He had almost overwhelmed her from the moment she’d opened the door and all she’d taken time to notice was that he was dressed casually in a light suit and a loose collared shirt. Oh my; he looks even bigger and taller than he appears on screen. 

When she finally looked up at him, the expression on his face confused her.  He looked almost… startled; it was the only word she could think of to describe what she thought she saw.  It lasted only for a few seconds and then his expression became stony.  He said a quick “hello” and then mumbled, “Excuse us, please,” as he took her boss aside to speak privately.

He’s asking my boss to assign someone else?  Is he disappointed that I’m his tour guide?

Not being what most people would consider a typical beauty, she wasn’t exactly plain, either.  She had tried to dress carefully in a conservative length skirt and a fitted blouse of lightweight material, with medium heeled sandal shoes, but no stockings.  It was a warm day and the tour would be mostly outside. 

She tried to keep her disappointment from showing.  If John Wayne thinks I’m not good enough to be his tour guide, then maybe I’ve misjudged him.

Wayne looked at the young woman who entered and nearly jerked as if he’d been punched in the gut; a good description of his immediate physical reaction to her.  Never had a woman affected him in such a way the very second he saw her.  But this… girl looked very young and seemed to have all of the physical attributes he had fantasized of recently as his “perfect woman.

She wore very little makeup and had the most naturally lovely face he’d ever seen, framed by wavy, thick, golden blonde, shoulder-length hair.  Her deep-set, sparkling, blue-gray eyes had short, sparse lashes; but he’d had enough of doe-eyed starlets always batting their fake lashes at him.  He also noticed her small, nicely shaped nose and her lovely, bow-shaped mouth.  Those lips were made to be kissed!  There was just a tinge of color on her lips and cheeks; she didn’t need any more enhancement than that.

Just over five feet tall, she was short, but not so small he was afraid of crushing her if he hugged her too tightly.  He quickly eyed her voluptuous, curvy body with full breasts that looked slightly too large for her short frame; her medium waist and softly rounded hips were not quite wide enough to balance her over-large chest.  He liked women with a little more meat on their bones, loved to feel soft flesh under his hands as he caressed their body.  The skinny starlets he had to work with sometimes did not help to make those love scenes believable.

This girl’s legs weren’t very long and were mostly covered by her knee-length, flowing skirt.  But her calves were nicely toned and he imagined her thighs to be very shapely.  I can just see your shapely legs wrapped around my hips as I lower you onto my hard… Damn it! 

You IDIOT; everything you’re thinking is written all over your face!  The image had startled him even further just as she turned to look up at him.  He was stunned for a couple of seconds and she was studying him with a strange expression.  Instantly putting on his usual scowl, he mumbled, “Hello,” then, “Excuse us, please,” grabbing the producer’s arm to drag the man with him, moving away from her long enough to regain his composure.

My God, I have no idea what to say to this man!  “Is she the only person available to give me a tour?” he asked uncomfortably.

“Are you not happy with Miss Maitland for some reason?”

Wayne immediately said, “No, it’s just that…”  You can’t tell this man you don’t trust yourself to be alone with that young woman because you might drag her off somewhere and have your way with her!  I’ll just make myself think of her as a ‘little girl’—like a daughter or a niece.  Yeah, right, like that’s going to work!  You will just have to figure out how to control yourself around that… girl.  Just do WHATEVER you have to!

“I’m sure it’ll be fine and that she’ll be more than adequate.”  What an understatement.  Get a HOLD of yourself!!!  He was sweating and his mouth was dry so he grabbed a glass and poured a drink of water from a pitcher on the conference table, taking several gulps as he listened to the girl’s boss giving her instructions.

“Give Mr. Wayne a complete tour of the facilities and then assist him with anything else he needs.”

Yeah, like your body.  I need you BADLY, little girl.  WHAT THE HELL?!!

Diana and the producer both turned to look at John Wayne as he nearly choked while taking a drink of water.  She asked, “Are you all right, sir?”

 All he could do was nod in the affirmative.  This is going to be harder than I thought; not to mention a certain part of my anatomy.

When they walked into the hallway outside of her office to begin the tour, he growled, “Lead the way, little girl.”

The way he said “little girl” in his low, gravelly voice made her nerves tingle.  Is that just my body’s response to his nearness or is it something else; something in his voice?

He tried to sound disdainful, calling her “little girl” on purpose.You won’t get anywhere with me, so don’t even try.  PLEASE don’t flirt with me!

Is he annoyed with me for some reason?!  She led him around the studio lot for about half an hour, with him constantly referring to her as a “little girl,” even though his tone of voice still sent tingles down her spine despite his gruffness.  And she knew he was staring at her from behind; the back of her neck was prickling with awareness and she got that feeling only when she was sure someone was watching her, even when she couldn’t tell who it was.

I can’t imagine why he’d be angry with me!  I’ve kept the tour as short as possible, showing him only the areas he would need to know, doing my best to behave professionally and now he isn’t even listening to me any more!

Damn it.  He could not stop watching every move of her shapely body; couldn’t get the images of what he wanted to do to her out of his mind!  And he couldn’t blame her; she hadn’t flirted with him at all.She must’ve gotten his message.  Damn it.  Why won’t she beg me to just grab her and pin her up against that wall and take her right here with her legs wrapped around me, her lips on mine…  Whoa!!!

Diana stopped and turned to face him and he ran right into her.  His arms automatically went around her to keep from knocking her down; their bodies were crushed together.

Oh… my… God!  Diana nearly gasped out loud when she felt a hard bulge as his crotch pressed against her.  He felt huge!  A thrill of excitement flowed through her as her eyes flew to his.  The raw need she saw in his blazing blue eyes nearly made her explode in ecstasy.  She had stopped and turned to face him, to ask him why he kept calling her “little girl.”

You’re not thinking of me as a “little girl” at all, are you?!!!  Ohhh, Yes!!!

Damn, little girl, you want me, too, don’t you?!!!  Ohhh, Yes!!!  Oh, no…

He had failed in his attempt to hide her affect on him and, incredibly, she seemed as mesmerized by him. The color in her cheeks and lips deepened with her excitement and he suddenly realized she wasn’t wearing any makeup at all!  It was her natural blush and it further enhanced her beauty.  Her large, soft breasts were still crushed against his lower chest and his desire for her deepened.  He quickly stepped back, dragging in deep breaths, trying to fight his lustful thoughts.

She was panting, willing her wantonness to go away.  All they could do was stare at each other trying to deal with what they felt happening between them.

His voice shook.  “I’ve never met a woman who caused such overwhelming desire in me the second I laid eyes on her until you.  And you are so young,” he said with a low, gravelly moan. 

She responded softly.  “I’m probably not as young as you think.  I’m twenty-eight, and I’m also not as inexperienced as you may think.”

He looked confused; she smiled slightly and commented, “I think you’ve been calling me ‘little girl’ trying to convince yourself I’m probably a virgin and too young to be seduced by a dirty old man like you.  Am I close?”

His soft chuckle and lop-sided grin confirmed her correct appraisal of his thoughts.  “I can see you’re a little older and wiser than I first thought, but you’re still young enough to be my daughter.  Ohh,” he moaned, turning his head aside so she wouldn’t see the strain on his face.

Damn it; I knew the “little girl” ploy wasn’t going to work.  So why can’t I just do what I know we both want?!  It’s getting harder and harder to resist the urge, just like a certain part of my body!  Is there some reason I’m holding back?  I feel like there’s something I’m forgetting.  John Wayne frowned as he tried to think of whatever it could be.

He was holding back and obviously wasn’t going to make a move on her; he was more honorable than she had given him credit for.  But even an honorable man could withstand only so much.  If you’re feeling just half of what I saw in your eyes, we could have one of the most incredible experiences of our lives if you will just let yourself think of me as a woman who feels exactly the same as you!

She moved to him, lifting her left hand to his cheek, turning his head to face her and looked straight into his eyes.  “I’m a grown woman who has always admired you, both as an actor and as a man.  I’ve based most of my judgment of your character from your on-screen portrayals and what I’ve read in the industry bios about you.  And, for the most part, I’m finding I’m right.  I have always seen you as powerful and sexy, but I feel that part of you has been held back in some of your love scenes.”

Pausing when he raised his eyebrows, she then continued, “You are also honorable and kind as you’re showing me with your determined resistance to my ‘charms.’  You feel as though you would be taking advantage of me and, if that’s the case, please don’t hold back or you’ll make me feel as if I’m taking advantage of you.  I want you more than any man I have ever seen or met, or probably ever will in my life.”

You’ve studied me quite a bit and so far, you sound like you know what kind of man I am and how to talk me into doing what it seems we both want.

She lifted her right hand to caress his cheek, then trailed it down his neck, down his hard chest, over his stomach and stopped when she touched his belt buckle.  The desire in his eyes increased as her hand moved downward, but then she hesitated.

I want to keep going, but what would you think of me?!

You want to touch me, don’t you little girl?  But you’re afraid to.  The look in his eyes instantly changed from desire to raw hunger. 

Her eyes were pleading.  Oh please, let me know what you want!!!

I want to feel your hand on me, I want to take your body, but I’m afraid of hurting you.  He closed his eyes and growled, grabbing her hand at his waist, clenching it in his.  After a few seconds, he opened his eyes and groaned, “Careful what you wish for, little girl.  It might turn out to be more than you can handle!”

She responded huskily, “Who says I wouldn’t be able to handle it?”

His eyes widened in surprise as his heart thundered in his chest.  He stammered, “Now look, little girl, I like that you see me as… powerful and… sexy… and I do love to fu… I mean… I… have a healthy libido… even though I’m almost forty-seven.  But I still feel I would be taking advantage of you!”

She smiled widely.  “Oh, there is no way you could ever take advantage of me, because I want you as much as I think you want me.  Do you?”

He could only stare and nod.  Damn, she certainly seems to know me!

Then she said, “I think I have a way I can prove how badly I want you.  You wanna know how?”

With a look of curiosity, he nodded.  The lack of blood in his brain was affecting his ability to speak.

“Follow me.” She took his hand and led him around the corner of the building they had been standing in front of to a dead-end alley.  It would be a relatively safe place as no one was using this section of the lot at the moment so there was no reason for anyone else to be around.  After leading him to the end of the alley, she turned to face him, leaned against the wall and quietly told him what she wanted.  “Whisper in my ear what you want to do to me.”

He looked confused.  “I don’t understand?!”

She said softly, “I guarantee, telling me what you want to do to me will send me into ecstasy.”

He jerked in surprise; he’d never made a woman come by just talking to her!  One woman from his past had told him she would get more turned on if he said “dirty” things to her while they had sex and it seemed to work.  But most of the women he’d been with seemed too prudish.

And this young woman, who possessed all the physical attributes and personality he had been fantasizing about lately, seemed to want him just as much and was willing to prove it.  He stared intently and read the intense passion in her eyes.  Ohhh, she might just turn out to be far better than I could’ve imagined in my fantasies!  But is she as earnest in her desire for me, and how could I be sure?  What if she’s just a really good actress and all she’s after is a part in the movie?

“All right, little girl; I’ll do what you want.  But I want proof that you’re not faking it.  So how do we handle that?”

She thought for a moment.  Then she blushed as she answered, “I think I have a solution.  After I… um… you know… I’ll slip my panties off and show them to you as proof.”

John Wayne nearly broke into a sweat.  Holy SHIT!!!  All right, just calm down and concentrate on what you’re going to say.  But, my GOD, I’ve never done what I’m about to do to her.  HOW will I be able to DO this?  I guess it’s all going to depend on how I say it.  Hmmm…

He cleared his throat nervously.  “Uh… what kind of… ‘talk’ works best for you; more romantic descriptions or… dirtier language?”

She blushed again.  “Well, I love to read romance novels that paint very clear pictures of what goes on when people are making love.  I’ve never tried the ‘dirtier’ language, so I’m not sure if that would work for me.  I think I would prefer you keep it more romantic.”

Deep, slow breaths were all that helped him to maintain control as his excitement increased, causing his engorged shaft to throb painfully.  Closing his eyes for a moment, he clarified an image so he could describe it for her.  Damn, I’m afraid this might send me over the edge, too; but at least it’ll be mutual if she really is telling the truth!

She whispered, “I’m ready.”

Oh God, I hope this won’t take long; my desire for her is growing with each moment!  Opening his eyes, he looked into her beautiful face.  Her eyes were half closed and heavy-lidded.  The state he was in, he probably wouldn’t last very long either if he did as he had imagined the second he saw her.  Just tell her what you’ve been imagining all along.

He started, “You wanted to touch me.  I saw it in your eyes, little girl, and I wanted you to touch me, too,” he whispered huskily near her ear.

She nodded in response and sighed, “Ohhh, yeees!”

He smiled at hearing how much that turned her on, so he intensified the low tone of his voice.  “I’m not even touching you, but I can feel the heat radiating from you.  It makes me want to caress your lovely body all over.  But my impatience to have you must make that wait for a subsequent encounter.”

She panted quicker and harder.  You mean this won’t be a one-time thing?!

Dragging in a deep breath, he continued with a groan.  “I so badly want to grab you, lift you up and pin you against this wall with your shapely legs wrapped around my hips, as I lower you onto my throbbing cock and thrust into you until we’re both moaning loudly in pleasure!”  He was getting close.  Oh please, don’t take too much longer, little girl!

She whimpered as her teeth briefly dug into her lower lip.  Ah, she must be close, too; maybe this will send her over the edge.  He deepened his voice as sexily as he could.  “But maybe before I take you, I could spread your creamy thighs and caress you with my lips and tongue!”

That did it.  She groaned, “Oh, God!” and collapsed with her back against the wall, her hips undulating as she continued to utter soft moans.

Her knees seemed about to buckle so he pinned her against the wall with his body in an effort to support her but they ended up grinding their hips together.  That was all it took for him.  He stopped just in time from letting out a loud, surprised shout, instead emitting a low groan as he exploded.

It took several moments for them to regain control.  Somehow they knew that neither of them had ever experienced such a powerful climax without actually touching.

Parting, they stared at each other with expressions of awe and wonder.  Then a scary thought entered their minds and they spoke at the same time.  “I hope we don’t kill each other!” 

After a stunned moment, they suddenly burst into laughter!

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