A Dream Come True

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Celebrities and Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A young woman meets her favorite movie star in 1954 and it turns into A Dream Come True for her.

Table of Contents

A Dream Come True

A young woman meets her favorite movie star in 1954 and it turns into A Dream Come True for her. Read Chapter

Chapter 2 John Wayne, big Hollywood superstar, looked like he had just been scared out of his wits, that is if anyone had caught a gl... Read Chapter

Chapter 3   They slowly assessed their situation as they stared at each other, their laughter subsiding.  Diana Maitland wa... Read Chapter

Chapter 4 As if on cue, there was a knock on the door at the front of the suite, and a man’s voice, “Room service!” I DO NO... Read Chapter

Chapter 5 John Wayne brushed Diana’s hair back from her face and was about to make a suggestion when he felt a mass of tangles.&nbs... Read Chapter

Chapter 6 Diana leaned over and kissed John Wayne softly, then sat up next to him and picked up the bowl of strawberries and cream on... Read Chapter

Chapter 7 Diana was in the middle of one of her dreams about John Wayne again.  He had just laid her on the bed, kissing her, hi... Read Chapter

Chapter 8 John Wayne became aware that, with his arms wrapped completely around her, almost all of his weight was resting on Diana; h... Read Chapter

Chapter 9 They were laughing again after another incredible lovemaking session.  In the bathtub, no less, in water that was star... Read Chapter

Chapter 10 Diana slowly straightened her legs as she lay on the big man’s chest, moaning at the stiffness in her knees.  He ro... Read Chapter

Chapter 11 When they finished breakfast, John Wayne and Diana Maitland went into the bathroom to brush their teeth.  She used hi... Read Chapter

Chapter 12 John Wayne and Diana Maitland were sitting on the bed, naked, with a deck of cards, discussing the rules for their game; h... Read Chapter

Chapter 13 They finished clearing away the dishes from lunch on the patio of his friend’s beach house, having decided to undress ea... Read Chapter

Chapter 14 The location shoot had been cancelled.  He hadn’t known if Duke was going to take him up on his offer because he ha... Read Chapter

Chapter 15 Diana looked at John Wayne as he sat staring at her.  They were still wrapped in towels and sipping wine.  He wa... Read Chapter

Chapter 16 It was about four o’clock Saturday afternoon and they were reclining on the double chaise lounge on the patio again.&nbs... Read Chapter

Chapter 17 John Wayne had not seen Diana for an hour.  As soon as he left her, he put his bags in one of the bedrooms, then went... Read Chapter

Chapter 18 John Wayne leaned his forehead against Diana’s lying on his shoulder as she sat straddling his lap.  Panting heavil... Read Chapter

Chapter 19 They were bathed in moonlight as Diana sat in John Wayne’s lap.  It looked as though he was thinking a thousand dif... Read Chapter

Chapter 20 Lying on the couch watching flames dance in the huge stone fireplace with soft music emanating from the radio, they sipped... Read Chapter

Chapter 21 John Wayne awoke lying on a pillow between Diana’s thighs on the sofa in the main room, the fire still smoldering in the... Read Chapter

Chapter 22 They started to awaken at about the same time.  Early morning sunlight brightened the master bedroom of his friend’... Read Chapter

Chapter 23 A thirty-seven-foot wooden cabin cruiser painted white with teak decking, shiny chrome rails and a covered flying bridge b... Read Chapter

Chapter 24 He kept distracting her.  Every time she tried to ask something, he’d distract her with sex.  He started to te... Read Chapter

Chapter 25 John Wayne carried Diana Maitland up the stairs to the master bedroom to take her in that big bed again.  I don’t i... Read Chapter

Chapter 26 Diana answered, “I do,” but it wasn’t in response to the question John Wayne longed to hear posed to her before a pr... Read Chapter