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Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Diana Landon never had a man. not because she didnt want to but because no one wanted her. Tim Reece is recently broken. he's not ready for a relationship but is down for some great sex. Diana and Tim find each other, each with different perspectives of defining their relationship. another threat emrges as it turns out Diana has an obsessive secret admirer. will Tim want to fight for her? is he strong enough to let go of his past disappointments and look to the future for something new.


Diana Landon never had a man. not because she didnt want to but because no one wanted her.

Tim Reece is recently broken. he's not ready for a relationship but is down for some great sex.

Diana and Tim find each other, each with different perspectives of defining their relationship.

another threat emrges as it turns out Diana has an obsessive secret admirer.

will Tim want to fight for her? is he strong enough to let go of his past disappointments and look to the future for something new.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter 1

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Instead of putting this scene in 'home is where the heart is'. i decided to put it in here as a beginner for tim's story. HIWTHI has only one chapter left. An epilogue really. updates will be on weekends. please, show some love if you like this story.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Tim was completely worn out by the time he arrived back home. He switched on the music player, plugged in his phone and Wyclef’s voice boomed from the home theatre surround speakers in strategic spots around the living room.

The living room of his small apartment has an immaculate chair. White and brown leathered chairs makes a small cove around the entertainment section. The low coffee table in the middle still carried his half-finished beer from the previous night. He’d returned back home from meeting his fiancé’s boss and family a bit depressed and angry. His fiancé’s so called boss had riled him up and he really wanted to punch someone but he wasn’t that kind of person.

Tim is a gentle, level headed man and caring. He’s loved by many and envied for his beautiful face.  Tim had big brown eyes, messy blond hair and a light skin tone. He stands at about 6ft and a few inches with a narrow build. He’d worked out to get his moderately ripped figure since before he could remember. He’d had a father who was always dragging him along to the gym. He went reluctantly at first but then the activity began to grow on him until working out became his hobby right next to mountain biking.

He pulled off his shirt and crashed right down on the chair looking at the stylish wall art hanging on the white wall.  Abby hated that painting. He smiled as he thought about her. He made a mental note to call her before going to bed. He had to apologise to her. Aidan, her boss might be a jerk but she didn’t deserve for him to be angry at her. It’s not her fault she works for an arrogant bastard. Tim had always been jealous of Aidan not that he would show his insecurities to Abby. She’d never given any reason to doubt her. It’s just the way Aidan looked at her, especially that first time at the restaurant when he’d found Aidan holding Abby like he was ready to eat her up in public. Tim was a man, he knew that kind of intense look. He wore it himself whenever he was with her. Then the fact that his fiancé is left to sleep alone with a single man in the house who may or may not be interested in fucking her was giving him loads of reasons to stay up at night.

And then what was all that about last night. Aidan kept going on and on about Tim not knowing anything about Abby. He’d never been given an opportunity to know her. She’d always had little time to spare amidst looking after Mikey that in his opinion, she was obsessed with, doing her maid duties and keeping the family together.

He couldn’t wait to be married to her. For a lot of reasons, to get her away from the boss who he still believes wants to fuck her, to have his not so holy way with her. God, the girl was sexy without knowing it. Two years and he’d been a horny monk. Try abstaining from sex with Beyoncé’s boobs and ass in your face that’s what it felt like with Abby. She didn’t need to undress to give him a painful boner. Her only weapon was her sexy ass body and that killer brown eyes. He hid it well, of course. He’d never wanted to make her uncomfortable.

Abby was a wife material, she had the promise of a great home maker and besides all of these points, he was in love with her. 

He bent down and pulled off his shoes and socks, moaning at the feel of the plush rug beneath his feet. He just needed a bit of rest, stroll out to get some take-out food and he’ll call Abby, apologise to her for giving her that stupid ultimatum. He’d done it in the heat of the moment. He couldn’t help the feeling that he was leaving her on a daily basis in the jaws of a hungry lion. What the hell was he thinking asking her to pick a wedding date before the end of this week? It should be her choice, at her own time not because she was pressured into it.

When he’s done apologising, he would remind her that he loved her and then go to sleep once more with a boner. Yeah, one more weapon in her arsenal, her voice. It had this up beat, just woken up, bedroom fuck me nuts kind of tone to it.

He reached for the remote to change the music from album to song shuffle when his doorbell rang. He paused the song and headed to the door, wondering who that might be.

He opened the door to find Abby at his doorstep with an unsure look on her face or was it scared, he couldn’t tell.

“Abby? Come in,” it must be an emergency for her to be there on a week school night. “Is everything okay? Where’s Mikey?”

She stepped through and stopped at the door, looking nervous and definitely scared.

“Abby? Are you okay? Did something happen?” he’s beginning to get worried himself. He knows Abby doesn’t have a melancholic personality. She’s very fun, bright, energetic and amusing. Her only response to his question was to reach in her pocket, take his hand in hers and placed something cool in his palm. He opened it slowly to find the 0.45 carat 3 stone engagement ring he had given to her about two weeks ago, one he’d spent his entire savings on and even had to borrow from his dad. Not that he was going to pay back.

“I came to return this,” his eyes flew to hers in shock. The blow of her words on his weak heart was enough to cripple him.

“I’m not the woman for you, Tim. I don’t know how to explain it but you’ll be miserable with me,”

Tim could not seem to find the right thing to say. He stood there in a daze looking at her like she had just grown two heads. The bewildering situation of the ring she’d excitedly accepted being returned muddled his thoughts. The first question that popped in his head was what could he have done wrong? He’d tried to do everything right. This was turning out to be the second time a woman would break his heart. I’m probably carrying a plague, he thought.

“Say something,” her voice carried back to him, penetrating his daze.

“I…I don’t understand. Did I do something? If I did, is it that bad that you can’t forgive me for it?” his brows scrunched in confusion, apprehension setting in.

“No! No! You didn’t!” he saw the first fresh set of tears peppering her eyes. She’s crying. She’s breaking up with me and she’s doing the crying? He screamed in his head.

“I don’t know how to explain it right Tim,”

“Are you seeing someone?” if he didn’t do anything, then it must be that. He spotted the debate on her face, she was contemplating to lie but failing miserably at convincing herself to lie. Shit! She had been cheating on him? All these time, he’d been wearing an imaginary cock cage and she’d… okay, something wasn’t adding up. She barely had time for him. She had a tight schedule, baby-sitting throughout the day or doing some other chores. The little time she had to spare, he made sure she spent with him even if it was having a quick meet up at a restaurant during lunch break.

“I don’t get it. How come? Where do you…” reality suddenly dawned on him. He felt so stupid! Ah! His father would have a field day making jokes about his doltish brain if he ever got wind of this. Anger suddenly welled up in him, “it’s your boss, isn’t it? You’ve been fucking your boss!” he shouted, his fist pounded the door right above her head. The sound reverberated through the room. Abby flinched and he almost laughed. He would never hurt her not even when she was using his heart as a kerb. Hey, man, just walking through, sorry.

“Tim it’s not what you think!” she cried, the tears falling now.

And there the confession was. “You’ve been fucking your boss and lying to me and I was so stupid, I believed you,” emphasis on the stupid. His heart wasn’t the only one broken, apparently his ego took a huge hit too.

“Tim, no! Please, let me explain!”

“Explain what? What will you try to tell me? What you’ve done is as fucked up as you think it is. Don’t explain to me to make you feel better, no! You’re a cheat,” cheat wasn’t exactly the word he wanted to use but he was not brought up to talk to a woman in any way improper and he would not begin just because he’d been made a fool of.

“Since when?” he knew he probably shouldn’t ask but he had to know since when they’ve been making a fool of him. Then they all had the audacity to invite him over to dinner and he’d foolishly gone. He was like a deer about to be roasted still creaming itself with flammable oil. Point is, it would burn faster.

“About three weeks ago,” she answered amidst silent tears.

“Before or after I proposed to you?” his eyes narrowed.

“On the day you did…”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Why the hell did she agree to marry him if she was just going to up and fuck her boss? “Get out!” he shut his eyes and saw all his dreams with her disappear. Every scene conjured up in his mind’s eye of their future together disintegrating on the spot. He was going to buy a house, to have a wedding, to have three to four kids with her maybe all boys. Sisters are a pest, he would know. He wanted to grow old with her, make love to her…


“Out! Abby!” he screams, letting out his pain. The agonising sting of his heart being shredded in pieces and being made a fool of. He loved her, he really did.

“I’m sorry, Tim! I wanted to marry you, I swear I would have. You’re a good man, Tim. There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s just…it’ll be unfair to you if I don’t love you enough,”

“If you had waited to break up with me first before sleeping with someone else, this break up might have been a little bit easier. So save the speech and get the fuck out of my house,”

She nodded once and wiped her nose. She took one long look at him and walked out. Her usual bouncy saunter faltered. Even after what she’d done, he hated to see her leave.

He’d seen the signs, he’d read the signs, he’d understood the signs but he’d trusted her. Never again. Never ain would any woman make a fool of him.

He walked to the window to watch her go. He saw her shaking as she cried. She stood there sifting through her purse. Why was she crying? She wasn’t the one whose heart got broken. He was about to step away from the window when he saw a figure move towards her. It was Aidan. The man wrapped his arms \around her and let her cry. He would have to admit, he’d never seen her vulnerable side. He’d never witnessed anything apart from what she wanted him to see. Every time he was with her, she’d seemed like she was ready to take on the world. She was very confident and so self-assured and stubborn and loving and…. He sighed.  

She’d been fooling him since day one. He stared at the ring in his hand. Its sparkle mocking him.

He looked away from the window back to where he’d taken off his shirt and shoes. Seriously? She had to break up with him on a Monday?

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