the witche's night

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

pay attention... it's a sabba's night..

It was June, the 21st of June, the beginning of the summer…

Cutie was wonderful, with her dress flying in the air, and her feet dancing with the sound of drums. I loved this night, a lot of people around the square, the Celtic music, the beer, all people enjoying the new summer. I loved also my city, Edinburgh, with a wonderful center, old buildings, and over all, the castle, the silent guardian.

My name is Bill, Bill Sunset, and at this time I was there with my friend Cutie, my favorite colleague from school. She was pretty, a bit short like me, and slim, and this night she was like a fairy.

Maybe we had too much beer and it was a bit late, so I asked to Cutie if we could go someplace.

Sometime later, the music was only a distant sound, and we were walking in the Royal Mile road. Suddenly I needed to do something.

"Sorry Cutie, too much beer, and now I have to do a bit of water," I said.

"Ok, but the pubs are closed," was her answer.

"I'll find a spot behind the road."

"Don't let me alone, I'll go with you."

"Cutie, please, a bit of privacy."

"I'll turn my head."


So I was pissing, a bit excited because Jenny was so near, when suddenly I heard a strange song. I tried to hear it better,

At the end of this small road there was an old house. It looks like uninhabited, but I was sure that the sound was there.

I said "Hey Cutie, did you hear this sound?”

"What, your piss?"

"No silly, this kind of song."

"Yes, now I hear it too. What is it?"

"Let's go and see!"

We approached to the house, and we were both much too curious, so we looked in through a window, and we saw an incredible thing.

There was a large room, with lots of candles on the walls, and also a big candelabra on the ceiling; in the middle of the room there was a big wooden table, and on the table a very strange statue, a kind of woman, or a goddess, her hands filled with fruits and flowers, animals at her feet, and she was naked. But she wasn't alone; around the table and the statue there were 5 women, dancing with slow movements, singing a strange melody, and… they were totally naked!

"Bill, what's this? Are they a group of crazy people?" asked Cutie.

"I don't know," I answered.

"Please, let's go away."

"Wait a minute."

I was so enchanted, and excited, about what I was seeing. Someone was younger with a nice slim body, someone older. I have never seen so many naked females together. I loved seeing their naked round bottoms dancing with the lights of candles,

"Please Bill, I'm afraid," she said.

"Ok, let's go.”

Suddenly there was the sound of steps behind us,

"And you two, what are you doing? It isn't a good action to spy."

"But, no, we weren’t spying, we heard a sound, so…" I said. "Hey but, what are you doing, let us, hey…"

Two big women held our arms and pushed us through a door that was opened by a third woman. Suddenly the other women in the room stopped dancing and singing, and looked at new people.

There was a woman, older than others (she had grey hair and a flat body with flaccid breasts). I thought she was the chief of this strange group, because she asked "What's happening? Priscilla, who are these two youngsters?"

"We caught them spying on you by the window," said the woman named Priscilla.

"Is this true?" the old woman asked me.

"No, it isn't. We were at the party in the square, and we were going home, only I saw a light and I heard a sound in this house that I thought was uninhabited, I thought it was strange, and we want to understand what was happening, that’s all. Sorry for the interruption, now we'll go away" I answered.

But Priscilla, still holding tightly onto my arms, said "I don't think they want to go, Fiona. I think they want to spy on our meeting, and maybe tell someone about it after.”

"No, it isn't so, we…"

The older woman, Fiona, said "Ok, I don't mind if you’re telling the truth. Anyway, now you are here, and you have interrupted our ceremony. It isn't good for the Summer God, so we have to think what to do now." And so, while Priscilla and another woman held us, the other women were whispering each other,

I looked at Cutie, and she said "Please, we really haven’t seen anything or anybody. We won't tell anybody about your games. Please let us free, it's late and we have to go."

A young woman near Fiona was smiling, and then Fiona said to us "I'm sorry, young girl, I know that it's late, and I also know that you are probably two good youngsters, only a bit too curious. But this ceremony it isn't a game. We are a group of women that search to keep the old knowledge and the old links with the traditions and nature. We are celebrating this most important day of the year, the first day of summer, where the nature is in its best moment. This statue is our Goddess, and we are dancing and singing praise for her.”

"Ok, but now we go. I don't care for any of this shit," I said a bit angrily.

"No, young man, this cannot be. The ceremony was interrupted, and now we have to begin again, but we cannot allow you to leave you. It's much too important that our group remains secret, and I also think that you have to learn more respect about the old traditions of your country, and also to be less curious."

"So what we are going to do with them?" Priscilla asked.

"I don't like hard punishment, but I think that a lesson is always important to learn in life, said Fiona. We are the summer day, the day of nature. We are dancing around our Goddess. We are all naked, because our Goddess sees only the heart, and doesn't like unnecessary adornments like clothing. So, youngsters, you wanted to see our Goddess? Now our Goddess wants to see your souls, your bare souls. So please take off all of your clothes."

I stood frozen, although I understood her well. With a forced smile,Cutie said "Ok, we understand our mistake. We are very sorry, but we’re leaving now." She turned to leave, but the woman held her firmly. "Hey, you’re hurting me! Are you crazy?"

Fiona said "We are not playing, youngsters. I'm sorry, but this is our decision. It's a good lesson for you, and not a big deal. There’s nothing bad about nudity, so please take off your clothes, or we will have to do it for you."

The room was silent. I looked at the light of the candles on the walls, and I looked at the stern faces of the women. I noticed a young girl, standing near Fiona, smiling in anticipation. I didn't know what to think. Were they joking? Or were they serious? I felt a hard lump my stomach.

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by Fiona, saying "Ok, you’ve made your decisions. We’ll just have to do it ourselves. Priscilla, please bring me the young girl.

Priscilla brought Cutie to the table. Cutie was struggling, but Priscilla was stronger. Fiona said "Ok, now lay her down on the table, here by the statue, where the light is better. You two, help Priscilla hold her."

"What are you doing? Are you crazy, or what? Let me go!" screamed Cutie.

Cutie was on the table, three women holding her arms and her legs, her face turning red. Fiona said "Cutie, relax, we don’t want to hurt you. You saw us naked, now it's your turn," and she began to unbutton Cutie’s yellow dress.

The woman holding me stood to the side, so I could to see very well too. The first part of the Cutie’s dress was open, and Fiona pulled the dress down over the Cutie’s shoulders. I could now see her bare shoulders and her pink bra. Then the buttons were all open, and Fiona took off the dress and threw it on the floor.Cutie didn't scream now, she just closed her eyes, turning very red in the face, and she breathing very rapidly.

Fiona took off Cutie’s shoes, and I looked at her small feet. Cutie was now down to her underwear, a pink bra and a pair of blue panties. I felt so sorry for her, but I was also so excited! Always in my dreams I thought about Cutie’s naked body, and now I was really seeing her! Some part of my mind thought, ‘Maybe they are only joking, to teach us a lesson. It's embarrassing enough for Cutie, so now they’ll let her go, and it will all be over.’ But another part of my soul, the devilish part, was praying that the stripping would continue.

My mind was on these thoughts, when Fiona put her hand behind Cutie and, with a fast movement, undid her bra and took it off. I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing! I was looking at Cutie topless, her very small breasts, so white, with large areolas and erect nipples. Wow!

Fiona said "Do you see, Cutie? It isn't a big deal. And I can also see that you are enjoying this moment. You have very nice breasts." Cutie remained silent, her face red as fire. Fiona then put her hands around Cutie’s hips, her fingers under her panties. No, it isn't possible, I thought. Suddenly I realized I was very excited. In my pants, I felt my dick getting hard, and I was feeling guilty for that.

Fiona very slowly took down Cutie’s panties. First I could see her trimmed brown hair, then the panties were at her thighs and then past her feet. I looked there, between her legs, at the nice little patch of hair. Behind I could see the soft rose lips. I looked at Cutie’s face. I could hear her breathing, a strange sound with each breath. I looked again at her pussy, and I saw that the hair was wet now. I was shaking, and I felt wetness in my pants,

"Ok, the Goddess has seen your wonderful body, girl. I think that this experience will be very important for your life, and also your sexual life. You have the blessing of our Goddess now," said Fiona, and she nodded to other women to take Cutie away, and to helped her with her clothes again.

The woman helped Cutie, and when she was ok, I looked at her and she was so embarrassed that she turned her head.

"Ok, now it's your turn," Fiona said. This hit me like a lightning bolt. The moment of Cutie's stripping had distracted me, and I never thought that maybe the same destiny awaited me.

"Put him on the table," said Fiona.

I awoke suddenly from a dreamlike state, and I began to struggle. Not too much, because I didn't know how I felt. But my heart was beating so hard and, and… yes, I wanted to be stripped by these women! I wanted to be humiliated by them, and also to be seen by Cutie. Maybe it was because I felt so sorry for having seen her.

So I was now on the table, the women holding my hands and feet and, like Cutie, I closed my eyes. I hoped that Cutie was near, and could see me also.

Fiona first took off my shoes, leaving my feet on display. Then I felt her hands undoing my belt, and unbuttoning my trousers. She opened them, and so my underwear was under the light! I was wearing a pair of black underwear. She took them down slowly, and she drew her head near my ear, saying "Little guy, I think you liked seeing naked your friend, now it’s her turn to see you totally naked. Don’t be afraid, it'll be a wonderful experience! You'll see."

My trousers were taking off. I felt my dick growing a bit hard inside my underwear. I also felt like I was wet there, and my cheeks were so hot. Then Fiona slowly began to unbutton my shirt. As I inhaled her scent, she pulled it over my shoulders and off.

I was now there, wearing only my underwear. I heard a woman say, "Look at him, his tummy is so white." I was praying that they couldn't see my cum, especially Jenny. I opened my eyes for a moment, and I looked at her. She was seeing me, like this. I said "Please, Cutie, close your eyes."

But Fiona said "No, nobody will close their eyes, we all want to see your naked body, including your friend, I think. I repeat, it's no time for false pride. We are all already naked, soon you will be too." And so I felt her fingers under my underwear and slowly she took them down.

My brown hair, the tip of my dick, and then the shaft. I was exposed when Fiona took off my underwear under my dick, a bit of my cum visible on the tip. I heard a woman say, "He was cumming! He is so sweet."

Now I was in my glory, I felt so humiliated, but my dick now was hard again.

Fiona said "Young guy, you are the single male in the middle of all these women, and you are naked. It's a good lesson for you, for you to remember the respect for tradition. But I think also that you are learning something more about your sexuality."

She nodded, and the women let me free. I jumped down off the table, and I picked up my clothes I knew that at this moment the women could also see my bottom. I put my clothes on, and I went to the door. I felt Cutie near me, and I heard behind us, "Remember, not a words about this night, youngsters."

We opened the door and we began to run down the road. We were too silent, too much afraid, humiliated, and perhaps excited?

Now, lot of years after, I'm working in a shop with Cutie. In our life we have never said anything about that night. Sometimes I think it was only a dream, we drank too much beer and so we had a nightmare. But sometimes when I look into Cutie’s eyes, I see a rose color on her cheeks, and I think that it's impossible that we dreamed the same dream....


Submitted: August 14, 2020

© Copyright 2022 sunset. All rights reserved.

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Great story. And of course if you love the witches of Edinburgh you can visit The Witchery at the top end of the Royal Mile near the castle. They'll let you keep your clothes on though!

Sun, August 23rd, 2020 5:21am


thank's :)

Sun, August 23rd, 2020 8:50pm

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