Sorry brother

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

bad afternoon for a annoying brother...

This happened some years ago, one Sunday afternoon in our garden. My sister Eileen and her friend Maja were there, studying for their final exams.
I was sitting in our swing, reading a book and listening to rock music on my stereo. It was a very hot and sunny day, and I was feeling a bit sweaty.
Sometimes I would glance over at Maja. She was very attractive, brown hair and green eyes, with all her curves in the right positions. And I could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra under her shirt.
Then my sister said to me, “Mike, please turn off your stereo. We’re studying.”
I tried to ignore her, but she called my name again. “What do you want?” I asked her. “You can go study inside the house.”
“But the light is better out here,” she argued. “Now please turn off your stupid music!”
“My music isn’t stupid! It’s better than the music you listen to!”
Eileen tried to ignore my music for a while. But soon, she said “Mike, please, for the last time. At least turn down the volume.” But I paid no attention to her pleas. “Mike!”
“It’s my vacation time, and I want to have a bit of fun,” I said sourly. “Leave me alone.”
“Mike, our exams are more important than your vacation,” she snapped back. “Now please turn off the music. I’m starting to get angry.”
Mike could hear the girls whispering, but couldn’t hear what they were saying.
“I just don’t know what to do with my brother,” Eileen was whispering to Maja. “He’s always like this, even with our parents. He always seems to be the winner in any conflict we have.
“You aren’t his slave,” reasoned Maja. “Maybe what he needs is a good slap.”
“I know, but my parents never seem to discipline him. He gets away with everything, and it’s not fair.”
Maja was thinking about it. “You know, he is rather arrogant. You don’t always have to let him win.”
Eileen thought about what her friend was saying. “You’re right. But I don’t like the idea of slapping him.”
“Okay, but how about teaching him a little lesson another way?” Maja had Eileen’s attention now. “We can teach him to show a little more respect to his older sister.
“All right,” grinned Eileen. “What are you thinking?”
Myra smiled. “Is your brother modest?”
“With his body, you mean?”
“Oh yes, very much so,” Eileen said, her mind beginning to consider the possibilities. “I can never go in the bathroom when he’s in there.”
“Well, the other day I saw a movie,” continued Maja. “There was a scene where some girls and boys strip another guy naked for punishment! It was a very funny scene. I was thinking, maybe we could do the same!”
“You mean, strip him naked?” Eileen was blushing at the idea, but she was smiling, too.
“Sure, why not?” Both girls were laughing now.
“That could be very funny,” said Eileen. “And very embarrassing for him!”
I could hear the girls giggling. “What are they laughing about now?” I said to myself. “Stupid girls!”
“Mike, for the last time, please go away and let us study,” said Eileen, trying to be reasonable. “If you don’t leave us in peace and quiet, we have ways of making you sorry. And I don’t think you’d like them, either. Do you hear me?”
“What could you possibly do?” I asked boldly, never dreaming what they had in mind for me.
“What if we were to come over there right now,” warned Eileen, “and strip every piece of clothing of you, right here, right now?”
Did I hear right? My sister and her friend were planning on stripping me?
“What about it, Mike? You want Maja to see you naked?
I understood her just fine, but I didn’t take her stupid joke seriously. In fact, my heart just grew harder at the threat.
“Mike, I’m counting to ten,” Eileen warned him. “Then we’re coming over there and strip you naked, I promise you!”
I didn’t budge an inch.
“One… two… three… four…”
I didn’t think they’d have the nerve to follow through on their stupid threat. Besides, I didn’t want Maja to think that I was shy.
“Five… six… seven… eight…”
But what if they were serious?
“Nine… ten! Okay, I warned you,” said Eileen, a big smile on her face. “I’m tired of your behavior, anyway. You deserve a lesson. Maja, can you help me?”

The girls both stood up and, with devilish grins on their faces, approached me.
At that point, I realized they were probably serious. I stood up too, and said “Okay, I’ll leave now.” I wanted to add “You stupid girls,” but I held my tongue. Not that it would have mattered, anyway.
“Oh no, it’s too late now,” said Maja. “You had your chance. Now you’re going to take your medicine, like it or not.”
I dashed into the house then, and straight to my room. And I soon decided they were only joking, anyway. Then I started to get a little angry, as I considered that they had threatened to strip me, and I didn’t want Maja to know how modest I really am. So I just turned on the stereo in my room.
Eileen was still thinking about what had just happened. “He was too quick for us. At least it’s quiet now, but your idea was so funny!”
“Yes, and we needed a break from studying, anyway.”
Eileen called to her brother in his room. “Hey Mike, we were only joking! Mike, come on outside! We’re finished studying for a while, anyway. Let’s have a glass of iced tea, okay?”
No answer.
“Mike? Mike!”
“What?” I snapped.
“Come on down. Let’s make peace. Let’s have an iced tea together.
I thought about her offer. My sister could be such a brat sometimes. But I didn’t want to act too offended in front of Maja, either. And a glass of iced tea sounded good, too. “Okay, I heard you. I’m coming!”
I opened the door to my room, and headed for the kitchen. But nobody was there! Where were they? In the living room? “Eileen, where are you?”
I headed into the living room, when suddenly, somebody had a hold of my arms and hands, holding them firmly behind my back. I just knew it was Maja. “What’s happening?” I demanded. “Maja, what are you doing?”

“Eileen, take his feet,” I heard Maja say. My sister appeared in front of me and took my legs. With the element of surprise, they had easily overpowered me, and they now had me by my arms and legs alike!
“What are you doing?” I sputtered in shock. “Let me go now!”
“Eileen, let’s take him back out to the garden,” said Maja. “There is better light out there. Remember?” she asked slyly. “Better for stripping him!”
Both girls laughed at that. “Okay, good idea!”
They actually carried me out to the garden, and lay me on the grass. “You stupid girls! You’re getting my clothes dirty!”
“Don’t worry, Mike,” said Eileen. “You won’t be wearing them for long, anyway!”
Both girls were already laughing at me, as I lay there helpless. Maja was now behind me, holding my hand firmly to the ground, while Eileen sat on my legs. I could do little more than wiggle.
“Okay, Mike,” giggled Eileen. “Now we’re going to do what we promised. Do you remember?”
“All right, you can stop joking now,” I said nervously. “Really, I understand now. I’ll leave you to study in peace and quiet. I think I’ll go over to my friend’s house.”
“Sure, Mike, no problem,” chuckled Maja, clearly eager to see what she would see. “You can as soon as we’re finished it. We won’t take too much of your time. Your clothes will be gone in a hurry!”
“What do you think, Maja?” asked Eileen. “How do we begin?
“With his shoes, I think,” said Maja. “That way, he won’t be able to kick you with them.”
“Okay,” Eileen turned to me. “Let’s go for your shoes, Mike.”
Eileen untied my right shoe, then slipped it off my foot.
“Come on, girls!” I pleaded. “Please stop! This isn’t very funny.”
“Oh, but this isn’t a game, Mike,” smiled Maja. “We really are going to strip you naked!” Eileen had my left shoe off by then. “And don’t shout so much! Do you want to attract your neighbors’ attention? They might come over and see you like this!”
I was really getting scared now. I didn’t want to be stripped by these stupid girls, but I especially didn’t want my neighbors to see me that way, too!
“Now what, Maja?”
“His shirt, I think,” replied Maja. “Hold tight onto his legs, I’ll get his shirt off.”I could feel Maja’s hands untucking my shirt, pulling it loose. Then she was directly above my face, her face only inches from my own. She was so close, I could smell her perfume!
Maja finished pulling my shirt over my head, tossing it on the grass. My stomach was bare. I didn’t think they’d continue, though. I was already embarrassed, having been overpowered by two girls. And I was staring to grow angry again.
“Oh, your tummy is so white,” Maja teased. “You need to get a little sun, sometimes. Your skin is so white! And I’ll bet you’re ticklish there, too!” I could feel Maja’s fingers tickling my belly, my sides.
I couldn’t help laughing from the tickling. “Please, leave me alone!” I begged.
Eileen was ignoring me, and I could tell that they were both growing excited.
“And now, Maja?” giggled Eileen, her anticipation growing.
“I think his dirty blue socks must go next!” As Eileen removed one sock, Maja added, “Mike, I hope your feet don’t smell too bad!” Both girls laughed at that. As the second sock went, Maja said “You do have cute feet, Mike!”
“Please stop!”
“I don’t think so,” Maja said, suddenly quite serious. “We are now arriving at the best part!”
Eileen glanced at Maja. “Trousers next, it’s our only choice.”
“Yessss!” exclaimed Maja, clearly eager to see me naked.
For a moment, there was nothing but silence. I was really afraid; angry, and embarrassed, too. Was she really going to take my trousers down? I could feel my face burning red, and my breath was coming in rapid bursts. I could hear cars driving down the street, birds singing in distant trees, and then the zipping sound of my trousers coming open. My sister’s fingers were moving slowly, deliberately, as she unfastened my belt. Then I could feel my trousers slowly coming down.
“Noooo!” I pleaded to unhearing ears. My white underwear came into view as my trousers were tugged down my legs, past my feet, and tossed in a careless pile on the grass.
“Okay,” grinned my sister. “Here we are!”
At that moment, I had only one thought, a terrible, ridiculous thought, given my situation. I was hoping against hope that my underwear was clean!
“I love your briefs, Mike,” said Maja, and she sounded like she meant it. “You really aren’t such a bad looking guy! Kind of sexy like this. Too bad your friends aren’t here to see you too!”
“Please no. This is bad enough.” I said quietly.
“What do you think, Maja?” asked Eileen. “Should we stop here?” I knew she wanted see me naked, though.

“It would be a pity to stop now,” grinned Maja. “We have so much more to see! Mike, you aren’t shy, are you? If we see your penis, will that be a big problem for you?”
I knew they wouldn’t be stopped now, for anything. There was nothing I could say. I could feel my face burning red, but I just lay there in silence and closed my eyes. The embarrassment was overpowering.
“You know, Maja, I haven’t seen my brother naked since he was a little boy.” Eileen laughed. “I want to see whether anything has changed!”
I could feel my sister grabbing the waistband of my underwear. I couldn’t believe she was really going to do this to me! “Please, Eileen,” I begged. “Please, not with Maja here? Please?”
“Okay, then Maja can close her eyes. Right Maja?”

Sure, Mike,” giggled Maja. “If you only want your sister to see your little pee pee!”
I knew Maja wasn’t closing her eyes, and she could see my pubic hair as it emerged from my shorts, as Eileen slowly pulled them down. My penis then came into view, and I thought I’d die from the humiliation. It wasn’t just being exposed; it was being overpowered by two girls, as well. It was all just too much.
Eileen pulled my underwear over my feet, and I was lying there, completely exposed. The sun was shining where it never shines, and the girls were both laughing uncontrollably. My face felt like it was on fire. This was the worst day of my life, and I knew I’d never forgive my sister for this.
“Mike, you are very sexy,” teased Maja. “Your pee pee may be a bit small, but don’t worry. It will get bigger some day! Maybe…”
“Actually,” giggled Eileen, “it’s just like I remember it, from when he was a little boy! You really don’t have much hair, either, for someone your age!”
“And you have so much skin there, at the tip of your penis,” added Maja, enjoying herself greatly. “Maybe you need a little surgery?”
“Finally, Mike, I think you deserve a little spanking,” said Eileen. “What about it, Maja?
“Sure, turn him over!”
This was my worst nightmare. They now had me lying face down on the grass.
“Look, Maja,” said Eileen. “You like my brother’s butt?”
“Very cute! Nice and round, but a little white!”
Eileen struck the first blow. Her swat wasn’t hard at all, but it was so humiliating! “His skin is so soft,” she said.

The next swat, just a little harder. It was too much to bear. I didn’t want them to see, but the tears were coming now. “Please,” I pleaded. “Eileen, please stop.”
“Okay,” she conceded. “Maybe this was enough. But Mike you really deserved this. In the future, maybe you’ll show me a little more respect.”
They rolled me over again, adding one more dash of humiliation. My face was wet with tears, and my penis was fully erect. Maja stared at my penis, smiling as a little drop of moisture formed at the tip. I grabbed my clothes, and I was pulling on my shorts, Eileen approached me.
She gently placed a hand on my shoulder, and leaning in so Maja couldn’t hear, she said, “Sorry, brother.”

Submitted: August 13, 2020

© Copyright 2022 sunset. All rights reserved.

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Callum white

Loved this great story

Thu, August 13th, 2020 10:19pm


Just right.
Loved this little sexual romp.
Is it based on a real life experience?

Fri, August 14th, 2020 1:13am


nope,.only silly story :=)

Fri, August 14th, 2020 4:46pm

Kitty Hall

I loved this, it was fun. Are we going to have a brothers revenge story? lol :)

Fri, August 14th, 2020 6:37pm


Fun stuff!

Mon, September 21st, 2020 2:05am


Sexy stuff!

Sun, December 19th, 2021 3:23am

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