Shame on the snow

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

revenge on a boring skier

Shame In The Snow

It was a beautiful sunny day, the snow shining in our eyes. I was very happy to be back here again with my husband, where years ago I had spent my winter holidays. I was sitting on a chair, sun-kissed, when suddenly a thought, an image, took shape in my mind.

I hadn't thought about it for years, but the place, with its smells -- the trees, the coconut suntan lotion -- had inevitably evoked from the past a memory, an event that happened right there, on those ski slopes, when as a twenty-year-old I was skiing with some friends.

Although many years had now passed, a vague sense of guilt, of embarrassment, was rekindled in my mind...along with other sensations.

In those days I was with my friend Gretchen, her boyfriend Tom, and another of our friends, Adam. They were all good skiers, while I was just a beginner and very scared. That day, I remember, was just like the day I sat there in the sun, a warm day in early March. We had brought some sandwiches in our backpacks, planning to have a meal in the snow at mid-day.

After having skied all morning, I was exhausted, so Tom had brought us to a secluded ski slope where there wasn't much traffic, and after removing our skis, we were sitting near some trees, with a windbreaker spread on the snow as a tablecloth for our sandwiches and drinks.

Gretchen and Tom were a really nice couple. She was wearing a black ski suit, and with her short red hair she looked wonderful, as did tall and slender Tom. Adam was a bit shorter, but he too had a very athletic body. I, on the other hand, felt a bit out of place, not being used to wearing a ski suit.

So I was sitting there, engrossed in sipping a little tea from a thermos, when I felt a sudden blast of air next to me, and heard a loud noise in the snow. The shock sent a shiver through me, and I spilled my tea on my jacket. Then, turning my head, I saw some guys on snow boards who were already speeding farther down the slope, yelling and making a racket.

I heard Tom shouting at them, telling them to be more careful and telling them that with all the free space they had, they didn't need to pass so close to us. Actually the language he used was more colorful, but you get the idea.

Gretchen made a comment about how she hated snowboarders.

But we soon forgot the incident. The tea had not caused serious damage to my jacket, and I was eating my sandwich when we again heard voices calling out to each other, and turning around I saw the same guys beginning another descent on the slope.

"It's those turds again," said Adam.

"If they come near us again, this time I'm really gonna be pissed," said Tom.

And sure enough, as expected, while two of the guys stayed in the middle of the slope, a third broke away from the group and shot past us like a bolt of lightning, even closer than before, touching our backpacks. I got up for fear of being struck, while Tom, who was really angry this time, yelled all sorts of insults at him.

But by then the three guys were already farther down the slope, and we could clearly hear them laughing. At this point it was obvious that they were doing it on purpose. While the first time could have been an accident, now there was no longer any doubt.

I remember that I suggested to my friends that we move away and find someplace quieter, because those idiots had taken away our peace and quiet. My three friends, however, did not want to give in to them. So the time passed, no more noises were heard, and I was lying on my jacket letting the wind caress my face. Unfortunately the peace was not destined to last long.

Suddenly I once again heard laughter near us. The guys were back.

But this time their plans went awry. The bully who liked to pass too close somehow lost control of his snowboard as he went past us, and went on a nice little flight smack into the middle of the snow. His companions didn't notice the fall of their friend, and continued on their way downhill.

The guy who fell -- who I thought was French -- shouted something to his friends, but it was too late and they didn't hear him. He struggled to get up and retrieve his snowboard, but Tom and Adam were faster and overtook him.

I saw that they were grabbing him by the arms and jerking him around, shouting at him. At this point Gretchen and I also got up, and we headed towards the scuffling trio. Gretchen began to swear at him too, while I said, "Let him go, he's just an idiot."

So there we were in the middle of the snow, with Adam and Tom holding onto this guy -- not very tall, blond, and younger than us, with a typical French face -- who was struggling to free himself.

Tom, however, didn't want to let him go, and threatened him, saying that we wanted to report him to the police because he was skiing creating a hazard to others -- which was true -- and that he was just a turd. But what good would it really do to drag him downhill with us? It was better to let him go right there and be done with it.

Adam was bored and said, "Fine, let this idiot go, or we'll waste the whole day thanks to him."

But suddenly I saw on Gretchen's face one of her mischievous smiles, and I heard her say, "Wait, don't let him go! Why don't we take the opportunity to teach this guy something about British manners, and have some fun at the same time?" Then she went up to Tom and whispered something in his ear.

Then Tom's face brightened too, and he said to Adam, "Let's carry him over to those trees." So they dragged him over to the edge of the forest.

Gretchen and I followed them, and I said to her, "Gretchen, let's leave him alone. He's just an idiot."


"Let's have some fun...just a little," Gretchen replied.

Tom and Adam were holding the guy by the arms while he shouted at us, I think cursing in French. Gretchen told them to keep a firm grip on his legs, because he was kicking at us, so Tom and Adam tried to block his feet so that she could approach him without getting kicked. I still could not understand what those three wanted to do to him. Then I saw Gretchen grab the guy's jacket, unbutton it, and then pull it off with the help of Tom and Adam.

Under the guy's jacket he wore a black shirt and gray ski pants. Gretchen bent over and started pulling down the zipper of his ski pants. Adam and Tom had a tough time restraining the guy, but meanwhile Gretchen's skillful hands somehow managed to pull his pants down. Now Gretchen's intentions were clear to me. "But she's crazy!" I thought. "She wants to pants him right here? What if someone comes and sees us?"

"Gretchen, don't be stupid!" I said. "What if someone catches us?"

"No one ever comes around here," Tom replied. "That's why I chose this place. Well, no one except these assholes."

By now Gretchen had finished pulling the guy's pants down to his ski boots. At first it wasn't possible to see much because of his long black shirt, but Gretchen, wanting to see more, had also pulled his shirt up over his belly.

I was still worried that someone might see us, but I had to admit that the scene was funny. The guy had lost all his arrogance, now that he was standing between Tom and Adam with his pants down and his white briefs gleaming in the sunlight.

"That's enough, guys," I said. "It's funny, but I think he's learned his lesson. Now let's him go, before he catches a bad cold."

But Gretchen said, "It's not so cold..and besides, now comes the big moment!" And with that she grabbed the guy's underpants. At that moment I felt a very strange mix of emotions. I was scared, and I wanted it to all be over, but at the same time I hoped that Gretchen would continue...I wanted to see how the guy looked naked. I was ashamed, but I couldn't do anything.

While I was lost in these thoughts, Gretchen had started to pull down the guy's underpants, slowly but surely. He wasn't struggling any more, perhaps because he understood that it was futile, or because he was overwhelmed by shame, or perhaps he was experiencing some unusual emotions beyond embarrassment and anger.

I heard laughter from Tom and curses from the guy. Now that Gretchen had gotten up and moved a bit to one side, I too could enjoy a perfect view of the scene. The guy's underpants were pulled down to his ski boots, so he was naked from the top of his belly down to his ankles. I was fascinated by the sight of his penis. It was quite small, perhaps because of the cold, and his balls were contracted. He had light-colored pubic hair, and was not circumcised.

It was really strange to see that guy in front of us like that, naked, out in the snow and the woods, and I have to admit that I was aroused. I remember looking up and seeing his face red with shame, which added to my excitement, but when our eyes met I felt sorry for him again, and I thought to myself, "This time we've gone too far."

While I was pondering all this, I heard Gretchen make some remarks about the size of his penis, and then she told Tom to turn him around because we also wanted to see his butt. Tom and Adam managed to turn him around, and so now he was also offering us a great view of his cute bottom. I must say he had a really nice butt, lean and muscular.

Meanwhile, Gretchen had gotten up, retrieved something from our backpacks, and returning with her camera, had begun to take some pictures of the scene.. Hearing the click of the camera, the guy started struggling and yelling again, but Gretchen showed no pity as she methodically went about her task. The camera flashed again and again, capturing his lower body, his face, and then a nice shot of his whole body.

Regaining my senses, I said, "Okay, that's enough, please!" Finally my words were heard, and at a nod from Gretchen, Tom and Adam set him free. Of course the guy wasted no time in pulling up his underpants and then very quickly getting the rest of his clothes back on.

"Now get lost," Gretchen said, "and if we ever see you pulling stunts like that on these slopes again, you can be sure that your little worm will wind up all over the Internet. Got it?"

Without a word, the guy hung his head, retrieved his snowboard, and took off as quickly as he could. Just as he disappeared around a bend, we heard him yelling something at us again.

That was years ago, but thinking about it, I again felt a bit of shame for what we had done, but at the same time, a certain excitement as well.

I wonder if Gretchen has kept those pictures...

Submitted: August 14, 2020

© Copyright 2022 sunset. All rights reserved.

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Your story seemed to me to be an excellent narration of a true life event. More experienced authors such as Blondie would likely have added what the major characters were thinking at various stages of the tale.

Sat, March 27th, 2021 5:00pm

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