First time

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Am I still a child after my first time

We had only been dating for four months and where already ready to do it. The movie was over and the lights where out. He laid me on his small twin size bed with the dark blue sheets and kissed me passionately.
My closest female friend has done it and told me all about it about six months ago. "It hurt at first, but I don't regret it," she said.
Will I regret it? Will It hurt me?
So many thoughts circled my head. This was going to happen and I won't forget it.
His brown eyes stared into mine as he let go and gave a gentle smile, "are you ready?"
I took a deep breath nodding knowing this has to be done, but this young, just eighteen. I was still a child, but laying on my back at this young of an age might tell people otherwise.
He stood up and removed his T-shirt then unbuckled his belt, "you undress too."
I nodded taking off my brand new long blue and orange dress and short jean jacket. Am I still a child? 
I stared at him still wearing my matching lace black bra and panties. I looked at the clock Six-fifteen. I looked back at him as he removed his navy boxers revealing his six inches. Will his fit? Will it hurt?
He smiled kissing me lightly and pushing me down onto the bed unbuckling my bra. One he took it off me leaned down biting gently on my nipple. 
This was all so new, but it was different. My body wanted more of his touch, I wasn't much longer a child.
He leaned his fingers down into my panties slipping one of his fingers inside of me making me yelp. He smiled and moved his pointer finger into my clit and started to move it clockwise. He nibbled on my nipple again and licked it softly making me blush. What was this? I've never felt this way before.
I felt like electricity was rushing in my blood ready to explode. Did I want to stop? No, I wanted more and more.
He smiled and with a few more movements I had what was called my first organum. 
He kissed me again and stared into my eyes, "are you ready?"
I nodded breathing hard. I was ready for this.
He leaned up and pushed it inside of me slowly. It hurt badly, but I faked a smile telling him I was ready for him.
He pulled me up onto his lap and hugged me pushing it even more farther making the pain worse. I wasn't a child anymore. He started to movie his hips thrusting bit by bit then faster and faster each thrust hurting more and more, but I faked a smile. Was he wearing a condom? I forgot to check? Have I not learned anything from Family life.
He thrusted more and more harder and harder until after several forceful thrusts he hit his climax. I didn't feel any warm liquids inside of me just his throbbing dick hitting my womb. He had a condom.
He waited several moments before he exited out of me and laid down next to me staring into my eyes not saying a word.
Did I regret my first time? Maybe later, but right now as I stare into his deep brown eyes, no.

Submitted: December 31, 2014

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