Lost in Nowhere

Lost in Nowhere Lost in Nowhere

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Five friends go camping, will all of them stay friends and will all of them be the same afterwards?


Five friends go camping, will all of them stay friends and will all of them be the same afterwards?

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Submitted: December 20, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 20, 2016



"How much more do we have to walk till we reach the secret camp spot?" I asked already exhausted. I don't get a answer, just another eye roll from Aaron. He never really like me. It never bothered me much. At first I thought it was because I looked like his ex, with my long, brown golden hair, turquoise eyes and fair skin, but that's not why.

Blake walks up behind me and pulls me into a hug. "Hey Winter, how are you doing with this hike?" I shrug. "Good cause we have five more miles to go." And with that he walks ahead.

I mentally kick myself for getting talked into this. I could be at the beach with the girls but instead I'm here. Hiking in the middle of Tongass National Forest, with a bunch of guys.

I have always loved hiking with the guys, and this is no exception but I have no idea where we are. There is no phone signal, no radio we can use and no current maps. And this place is extremely secluded and nobody ever comes to this part of the park.

I feel as though I've been walking for ages when Kai walks up besides me and winks at me and silently falls into step with me.

"Hey,"And as usual he takes that as an invitation to flirt with me.

"Well hey back, are you okay?" He asks.

"What?" I questioned confused.

"It's quite hot out and considering how hot you are already you must be absolutely roasting." And gave me wink and a very charming smile.

He was always a very good looking guy with a smile that could make any girl swoon over him. But it never worked on me. Maybe because I always thought of myself as one of the guys, with my long golden brown hair in a constant ponytail. And the fact that I have never once worn a dress in public, nor make up. But that hasn't stopped the guys from flirting with me all the time.


"Oh thank god! We're here, finally."
I find a fallen tree, then plop down and take a long greedy drink from my water bottle and set down my things.

"Time to set up camp." Aaron told everyone. Then went about setting up his tent.

And with that I set about setting up my tent. I brought my favorite tent with me. This time the one with, two rooms and really big. And best of all, it is insulated, with a waterproof material roof. So I will stay warm and dry. The only downside, is that it will take awhile to set up.

When I finally finished with my tent I walk towards the guys who already have a fire set up and I sit in my chair they set up for me. And then I realize how late it has gotten, the sun was setting and it was near dusk.

"Hey, Winter I thought you would never finish setting up that tent of your. Why do big? Are you planning on not sleeping by yourself?" Said Seth, then added a sly wink.

"Shut up." I roll my eyes "I'm sleeping by myself, and you guys can't come into my tent when it starts to rain."

"Ah, Winter you just ruined my whole summer." Kai then gave me a pouty  face.

"Are you guys done with the flirting? Cause it's time for some real fun!"

And with that Aaron pulled out some beer from his bag and we all smiled. This was going to be a good night.


"God Winter! How many did you drink? Your so out of it." Laughed Kai.

"Sleep in tent I might do now." I slurred. I hobbled over to my tent unzipped it and stepped inside.

I laid down after taking off my shoes and slipped into my sleeping bag. I had been in my tent for only a little while when I heard the zipper, unzip.

In the next couple of seconds there is a warm body slipping in my sleeping bag next to me. I turn my face to see Blake behind me with one arm draped over my waist.

"Blake this isn't your tent go away." I complained. In response he just pulls me closer to him and snuggles into my back. I figured that I couldn't move him so l left him there and tried to slip out of the sleeping bag.

"Where you going sexy?" He said. I could tell he was drunk too.

"Away from you, now let me go!" I said a little annoyed. I couldn't get away from him he was too strong and kept his grip firm around me.

"Shh, just let it happen." He pulled me close to him and got on top of me. "I'll make you feel good."

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