Raising Stakes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Contemporary erotica

It's now four years later, and Michael and Allison are still going strong.They may not fight as much... But they've definitely raised the stakes.

Michael threw the resume to the side with an exasperated sigh.

When he’d gone out and started his own company, he’d never expected for it to take off as quickly as it did. In fact, it skyrocketed putting Michael on the cover of every financial magazine as the hottest new thing on the market. It was more than he had ever dreamed of.

But, with all good things came the responsibility of making sure the company stayed afloat.

His team had grown exponentially keeping things fresh and new, but he was at his wits end trying to keep his own life in balance.

In short, it was time for him to hire a personal assistant.

When he’d told his friends about the idea, they all thought the same thing:

Get someone sexy.

Naturally, he dismissed them, but every time the subject came up, they all chipped in with different sexual scenarios their friend could partake in, but Michael wasn’t interested. He had a wonderful girlfriend who kept him more than satisfied in and out of the bedroom. Hiring someone sexy would do nothing more than make her jealous and cause him more problems than he needed.

No, he was looking for someone with brains. Someone who would take the job seriously, and most importantly, not make his girlfriend want to beat his face in.

Unfortunately, it was easier said than done. Each secretary he’d interviewed seemed more idiotic and wore less clothing than the last.

At this point, he was ready to throw in the towel sure that his friends had been the ones to set up each and every one of these appointments.

With a long groan, he dropped his head on his desk.

“This is hopeless.”

A small, timid knock interrupted his wallowing.

“Am I too late?”

Michael slowly lifted his head to see a messy red bun and pleading green eyes peeking in through the door. “No, not at all. Come in.”

The moment she walked in, he could feel a stirring in his pants. All thoughts of hiring someone capable disappeared from his mind. Her outfit was perfectly professional but infinitely sexy. The way her jacket, a deep plum color, accentuated her breasts underneath a cream shirt while the matching pencil skirt hugged her tight little curves and stopped just below her knees. The perfectly sculpted calf moved down to a pair of cream-colored stilettos she was more than capable of walking in.

An image of him running his hands up the sheer stockings seeking out what he only imagined was a sweet center between those toned thighs made him shudder. His eyes rested on her full lips.

The icing on top of a deliciously edible cake.

There was no way he could hire her. She would be the death of him.

“I tried to get here earlier but traffic is as unpredictable as always.”

She fumbled in her bag to pull out her resume and handed it to him. “But I’m sure you don’t want to hear about that.”

Michael’s finger skimmed over hers as he accepted. A tiny smirk hinted at the corner of his mouth when he saw the very visible shiver go through her. He knew he shouldn’t be thinking along those lines, but it was a small indulgence in a rather long day of boring interviews.

His eyes skimmed over the short resume. He could barely stop himself from rolling his eyes as there wasn’t much of anything on it besides a few previous jobs and a bachelor’s degree in early child development.

The words made his eyes move up to her breasts for a moment. Anyone, child or man would love to get their mouth on those.

He shook his head at the ridiculous thoughts.

He’d never been much for blondes, which is why his girlfriend was such an anomaly. A great anomaly as she was like no one he’d ever met before.

But still.

No, his kryptonite was red heads. No matter how faithful his body was, his thoughts always went to the dirtiest of places.

She wasn’t qualified, at least not on paper, but he was curious about her.

“So, Ms.… Gray, you don’t seem to have any of the qualifications required for this job. Though I’m sure you have other ample assets, I must ask, why should I hire you?”

“Well, Mr. Larimer…”

“Call me Michael.”

Her smiled caused his attention to fall on her lips bringing forth an erotic image of them wrapped around his cock.

He did his best to adjust without being obvious.

“Okay… Um, Michael, I don’t believe that everything can be taught in a classroom and everyone has to start somewhere in their career choice. I mean, I could be mistaken, but you yourself didn’t start running your own company. Someone took a chance on you as well. I’m sure they taught you well.”

 He swallowed hard.

His resolve was waning. The sound of his name rolling off her lips had him nearly bursting out of his trousers.

His body was failing him, and his thoughts had been long gone. Even as he tried to remember what his girlfriend looked like with her blonde locks, he knew he was in deep trouble with this woman before him.

Michael watched as the young woman did her best not to fidget under his steely gaze.

He smirked wondering if she could tell the things he was thinking about her.

He sat nodding pretending to consider her words, but said nothing. He was overflowing with thoughts about what it would look like having her bent over his desk. His fingers digging into her sides as he slid in and out; slowly at first, then gaining speed and force; filling her to the hilt with his cum.

As the thoughts continued, he caught a glimpse of her licking her lips. The tip of her pink tongue sent all remaining blood rushing into his already hard shaft making for an almost painful erection. He might not have been 100% on hiring her, but having her as his own person sex slave… that was a job she looked like she could handle. His thoughts were so vivid that he had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from saying them allowed.

“…I’m very dedicated to making sure all your requests are carried out in a timely manner. Morning, noon or night whenever you need me, I’ll be there ready to give you whatever you need.”

Michael covered up a nervous laugh with a pretend cough.

“That sounds well and all Ms. Gray, but I’m still not sure why I should take the chance on you.”

He watched a few different emotions flit across her face, but neither of them broke eye contact.

Michael wondered what could be going through her mind as his was made up. He’d thrown all common sense and decorum out the window. At this point, his own thoughts were busy with the previous thought of undressing her and imagining her straddling him in those heels. He was brought back to reality when his eyes caught sight of her licking her lips again, this time more slowly. Michael let out an involuntary breath at the sight.

It was almost as though she was teasing him.

After what felt like forever, she got up and went to the door.

Michael watched in earnest wondering what her next move would be. The sound of the lock bolting into place forced his glance upward to her face. All the fidgeting, nervous behavior was long gone in lieu of a confident playfulness that had him holding his breath.

“I think it’ll be easier if I simply show you why you need me.”

His eyebrows rose in curiosity as she moved back over towards his desk letting her hair free from its clip.

“Ms. Gray...”

His voice was lost the moment she moved in between his legs. “Don’t worry,” she whispered leaning down next to his ear. “If I haven’t convinced you by the time I’m done, then I don’t deserve the job.”

His words were caught in his throat at the feel of her lips on his neck. The smell of her perfume and something vaguely familiar engulfed his senses making this already a million times better than any day dream he could conjure up.

Her movements were sure and sensual. Michael watched with hooded eyes while her hands slowly unbuttoned his shirt. He was itching to touch her, but a part of him worried that it might all stop if he did.

His head leaned back on the chair at the feel of her lips following the path of her hands scorching his skin with every touch. He was beyond the point of no return never wanting her to stop.

“Watch me.”

His head sprung up.

He was hypnotized. Completely under her control.

Just before she unzipped his pants, she stopped and looked up.

 His cock throbbed something awful with expectation, but she still hadn’t moved.

“What’s wrong?” He asked unable to hide the want in his voice.

“What do you want?”

Her voice and the words that accompanied it made his toes curl. He swallowed hard doing his best to get his voice back under control.

“This is your game Allison, I’m following your lead.”

Allison chuckled.

“I know. This is part of it. I’m the wanton secretary ready to fulfill your every desire.”

Michael licked his lips. “I want…” he paused briefly as his voice cracked. A sly smile swept his features “I want you to let me have my way with you.”

She smiled, but he could tell she was a little thrown by his words.

“That doesn’t sound too bad.”

Michael smiled predatorily. “I haven’t started yet.”

His voice was gruff as he undid his pants the rest of the way and pulled out his impressive cock. Her asking him what he wanted was enough for him to take the lead. Silently, he moved his hand behind her head and guided her mouth down.

Her lips wrapped around him expertly taking him slowly at first. She then wrapped her hand around the base taking him in as deep as she could. Michael bit his bottom lip as she found a steady rhythm.

“Fuck.” He bit out trying to keep himself in control. The more she sucked on him, the more he imagined himself being buried deep inside her.

She looked up from her knees to see a light sheen of sweat glistened on his face. Their eyes met again and she winked at him.

Michael feet began to ache as his toes stayed curled up in his shoes. Her ministrations could only be described as expert. There was no way he was going to make it if he let her continue. With all the control he could muster, he pulled her up from her kneeled position.

“Did you not like it?” she asked steadying herself.

Michael pulled her into a hard kiss before turning her around to face the desk. “You were wonderful, but let’s see how well you adapt to sudden change.”

As he spoke, his hands pushed her skirt all the way up exposing the lace panties and garter she was wearing.

“Beautiful,” he breathed out moving her underwear over to expose a small pair of glistening lips. The sharp intake of breath from her made his cock jump. It was almost like an out of body experience as he watched the head of his cock slide past her folds and force itself into her tight hole.

The mixture of watching and feeling was almost too much for him to bear. He stilled for a moment gripping on to her shoulders.

“You feel…so good.” He breathed out doing his best not to come early.

“Is that a requirement for the job?”

Michael opened his eyes to see the playful look on her face. “An added bonus.”

With another breath, he began moving inside her causing a deep moan to escape from her. His hands pulled off her jacket before he went under her blouse to her full breasts.

“You…are…perfect.” He panted into her hair. “Love…You.”

She leaned back into his chest giving him better access to her neck. “Only with you…would I wear this... ridiculous wig.”

Michael pulled the messy mop of red off exposing her blonde locks. “Thank you.” He huffed pushing deeper into her.

Allison had never done anything like this. She’d never even imagined doing something this crazy, but after finding out about Michael’s love of naughty sex, she couldn’t help but think of some scenarios of her own. When they'd playfully discussed it one night, it sparked an idea in her head that had her buying a red wig a week later while he was away on a business trip.

Michael pushed her all the way forward on the desk grinding into her. The more he thought of the situation, the deeper he wanted to be buried inside of her.

The way she’d gone all out in the role had every hair standing on end. The fact that she wasn’t even supposed to be in town until tomorrow. The way her legs looked in the skirt, the way her clothes hugged her curves, it drove him to a place where the only thing he could register was the physical pleasure he was taking from her body.

The pressure was building quickly within him. Michael spread her legs further apart so he could be as deep as possible. He’d long since ripped her shirt and bra with the urgent need to feel her breasts in his hands. The only noises he made were barely audible grunts each time he pounded into her from behind.

He had no idea the way he had Allison clawing at his desk making indescribable noises from being filled so completely. His body had her trapped underneath him surrounding her, clouding her thoughts. Somewhere in the back of her mind she hoped that she wasn’t being as loud as it felt like she was being, but Michael had never been so intense, not even after their most ferocious arguments. If this is what it meant to think outside the box when it came to sex, she would have no problem wanting to experiment more often.

The orgasm building inside him promised to be long and intense. Never one to be called selfish, Michael still found it difficult to slow down long enough to make sure Allison was going to come at all. Attempting some semblance of focus, he moved his hand down to her clit. A sharp, piercing noise ripped through her the moment he touched the pink bundle of nerves sending his orgasm reeling through him nearly buckling him as her own clenched down on his cock like a vice grip.

“Ooh shiiit!” He growled. Every muscle in his body tightened and jerked uncontrollably. His eyes closed so hard that he saw white spots before darkness clouded his vision. Once spent, he unceremoniously pulled her down with him into his leather desk chair.

She’d never come so hard in her life. Michael’s pounding into her mercilessly all the while knowing there were still employees there was like nothing she’d ever experienced before. He’d never been so selfish or forceful in their lovemaking. What surprised her even more was the fact that it turned her on unbelievably quick. His presence engulfed her making ever part of her tingle with her growing orgasm. He hadn’t heard any of her pleas as it began to border on painful. At the same time, she didn’t want him to stop. She needed him to keep going.

The sudden feel of his fingers on her clit was such a shock that the scream mixed with the orgasm ripped from her was more like a cry for help. Tears streamed her face effectively ruining the rest of her make-up that hadn’t been smudged from his pawing or the mingling of their sweat.

After what seemed like forever, Michael finally found the strength to speak.

“That was incredible baby.” He breathed out.

Allison took her time before deciding to answer. “You really liked it?”

Michael looked at her sideways. “Are you kidding?”

She smiled and leaned back onto him; their bodies still slick with sweat. “You were something else.”

His hands played idly in her blonde locks that were still drenched. “I didn’t hurt you too bad did I?”

Allison looked down at her tattered clothing. “Nothing that can’t be salvaged I suppose.”

He chuckled lazily. “I still can’t feel my legs.”

They both laughed.

Michael kissed her neck once more. She leaned back so she could look at him. “You know, seeing as this was my idea, I’m sure I was supposed to be the one in control.”

“Hey, I was just staying true to character. Besides, what did you expect me to do when you walked in here like that? And then you asking me what I wanted? I nearly came then and there.”

“Yeah, but I had an entire script and everything.” She told him pouting a little.

He found her lips in a gentler embrace. “Sorry that I'm not sorry.”

That sat quietly a while longer.

“I think you should dye your hair for real. I’ve got a thing for red heads you know.”

“So you keep reminding me.”

“I’m just sayin’,” he continued. “It’d be like cheating on you… with you.”

Allison nudged him playfully before settling back on his chest.

Michael idly played in her messy hair before asking, “What made you come back early?”

Allison smiled widely. “I was always scheduled to come back today. I just wanted to surprise you.”

He nodded absently as the air seemed to settle around them. Every bit of tension drained from their bodies while a post-coital bliss replaced it.

“I suppose I should let you get back to work huh?”

Michael could only imagine the faces of his co-workers if any of them had happened to walk past his office while they both climaxed. A knowing smile passed his lips knowing what Mark, his partner, would say.

Struggling to sit up further in the chair, he asked, “You really think I'm capable after a feat like that?"

Allison shrugged helping him button up his shirt the rest of the way. “I would say you’re capable of doing anything you want to do.”

Michael pulled his close to his body. “Even going for round two?”

The laugh that erupted from Allison would have normally spurned him on in retaliation, but she was right. There was no way he was ready for a repeat performance.

The finished getting dressed helping each other as much as they could before heading towards the door.

Before unlocking it, she turned to him. “Would you say it’s better than make up sex?”

Michael stood pretending to compare. “Um…”.

“Michael.” Her tone was joking, but there was a hint of warning in her voice.

He chuckled deep in his chest before placing a languid kiss on her lips. “Baby, it doesn’t matter what way we have sex as long as I’m having it with you.”


They walked quietly through the most deserted hallway down the rear fire escape to her car.

He would have let her walk out alone, but after a few stutter steps in her heals, it was clear that wasn’t happening. That, and if anyone saw her, they’d know exactly why she couldn’t walk straight anymore; a fact he wouldn’t let her forget considering he was to blame for her unsteadiness.

“See you shortly?” she asked.

Michael nodded. “I’m just going to clean up and then I’ll be headed home right behind you.”

Allison took her time easing down into the seat. A flash of him entering her made sent a chill throughout her body.

“You alright?” he asked with a smile.

He chuckled as she gave him a warning glance.

“You should probably take off the shoes before you drive.”

“Way ahead of you.” She remarked slipping them off her feet.

Michael leaned down into the window and moved a stray lock behind her ear.

He wondered if it was the sex or the woman that brought out this side of him. Looking down into her delightful green eyes, he was sure it was the latter.

Before closing the door, he leaned in and planted a chaste kiss on her lips. “I love you,” he whispered before standing up.

Her face was glowing as she looked up at him. “I love you too.”


Submitted: August 28, 2017

© Copyright 2023 Sully Masterson. All rights reserved.

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