Jasmine's Desires Awakened

Jasmine's Desires Awakened Jasmine's Desires Awakened

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


She wants him, she needs him but she doesn't know she can trust him. Is it too good to be true.


She wants him, she needs him but she doesn't know she can trust him. Is it too good to be true.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Jasmine's Desires Awakened

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A shorth story about a young woman discovering love, lust and all the delights that come with both. Please be kind.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 26, 2013






It was still dark when Jasmine dragged  herself out of the warm confines of her bed, cursing her best friend under her breath. She had had too much to drink last night and had an early start at wok this morning but Sammi had insisted on making the most of the weekend.  She should have gone home way earlier then she did but Sammi is so convincing and she didn't feel comfortable leaving her friend alone.

She showered quickly  and threw her uniform on, pulled her long black hair into braid and quickly put some foundation on. She knew she wasn't as stunning as Sammi but she didn't need to put much makeup either. Sammi was 5ft, slim hips, more than ample chest, tiny waist, legs models would die for, she had long strawberry blonde hair, wide baby blue eyes and full lips; Jasmine was slightly taller than Sammi, not so slim in the hips but she had a tiny waist but wasn't as blessed in the chest as her friend. Sammi was always tanned to perfect & Jasmine tried to tan but only ever achieved tomato coloured skin, Jasmine had long black silky hair down to the top of her pants, her  eyes were a vivid green surrounded thick black eye lashes and plump pink lips. As she opened her bedroom door she was hit with the delicious sent of freshly cooked waffles and bacon, that was one of the advantages of living with your best friend (who never slept).

"Good Morning sunshine, my don't we look stunning in our uniform today." Sammi radiated happiness.

"No need to be a smart ass Sam, god I don't know how we aren't whale size yet, thank for the breakfast. Is your latest Mr. yummy still in bed or have you booted him already" Sammi always brought home some unbelievingly good looking man when we went out. It was like they couldn't say no to her.

Sammi giggled and blushed " he is still sound asleep, hope we didn't keep you up too late. You know you could always bring your own Mr. Yummy home when we go out."

Jasmine pointedly looked at her watch, " Love to get grilled about my no existent love life but I am late for work, talk to you later" She so didn't want to have another conversation about her lack of experience with men and quickly shut the door before Sammi could respond.

She was actually running late, not that was unusual for her but it meant she had to run for the bus. luckily her boss wasn't due in for a few hours, working in a large law firm had its perks but travelling to and from the city every day was getting to be an inconvenience.  It was only an hour's tip on the bus but it always seemed so much longer and she never managed to get a seat.  She hear the driver call out her stop and made her way to the front of the bus to exist only getting groped once thank god. It was only a 5 minute walk to her office from the bus stop and she wasn't running as late as she thought so she didn't have to sprint there. As she walked in the receptionist looked up and smiled and waved her over. Louise was a nice enough girl, not to smart and always gossiping but she wasn't bitchy about it.

"Hi Louise, what's up?  You look nice today, the Max isn't in yet is he?"  She new the answer would be no, her boss was never in before 11.

" No and I don't think he will be in, the CEO is here and several people have walked out this morning not looking very pleased. You better get up to your office quickly, he hasn't called for you yet but it won't take long before he does."

" Oh really, thanks for the heads up. I have been here 5 years and I don't think I have ever seen the CEO or even spoken to him on the phone, what's he like?" She had heard rumours around the office that several staff members had been taking cash under the desk from clients but she didn't know who.

"Well I only managed a brief glimpse as he hoped in the elevator with his entourage but damn he filled out his expensive looking suit well, I wouldn't mind being stuck in a room with him." She gave a sly wink as she finished.

Before Jasmine could ask any more questions the front desk phone started to ring and Louise sat back down to answer it. Jasmine waved goodbye and headed toward the elevator, she had the feeling today was going to be long, stressful and interesting. She only had to go up 3 floors, she could have used the stairs but her legs were still killing her from all the dancing she had done with Sammi the night before. The elevator felt like it was moving at snail speed and the standard elevator music made it worse. Finally she was at her floor, the doors creaked as they opened, as she stepped out she  ran straight into Jason the junior on their floor. She picked up her documents she had been carrying and turned to apologize to him but the elevator doors had already shut.

'Wow he was in a hurry, that must mean the CEO is on this floor already, I wonder if I can sneak into my office without being noticed.' She headed straight for her office, it was only around 2 corners from the elevator. She did notice it was unusually quite on her floor, although that was to be expected there was only 5 people on her floor and her boss was one and by what Louise said he wasn't coming into or anytime soon and she assumed Jason was just let go; so that only left Leea and Mr Perkinson ( she didn't know his first name and he never left his office). As she reached he office door she noticed that the door was already open and the light was on. 'Shit, not a good sign. Just breath it might be okay, I can't really afford to lose this job'

She took a deep breath and walked, she didn't look to see who was in her office she walked straight to her desk to sit down and then looked across her desk to see who was sitting on her sofa. Her eyes were met the one of the most delicious sights she had laid her eyes on. He looked like a Greek god sitting there in a perfectly tailored Brioni suit. He had an olive complexion, she could tell he was muscled under the suit & tried her best not to picture him without it on, he had a slight shadow on his chin, which defined his strong jaw line; thick black hair that looked like he never had to brush it and steal blue eyes, which to her embarrassment she realised where giving her the once over. She needed to stop looking at him, but she couldn't take her eyes off him. Her throat was suddenly dry and her skin felt like it was on fire.

" Good Morning Ms Sirois, nice of you to finally join us. I was unaware I was paying staff to sleep in these days." He is eyes glinted devilishly, as he casually looked at her, he knew he was making her feel uncomfortable and he liked it; she looked like a deer caught in head light, albeit a hot deer, a very hot dear. He had been imagining her naked lying on her desk since she walked in and  had to adjust how he was sitting several time as it was becoming painfully uncomfortable. He would have to keep this short or he would cross that line between employers and employees. She had blushed deeply in response to his comment and her lips parted and her tongue darted out to wet them slightly. Good she is going to drive me crazy.

Jasmine  gathered her wits, she was not going to be pushed around be this man, she didn't care if he was the CEO. He had never come into the office before and she had been working late for 5 years now, so she was a little late in the morning, she felt she was a little entitled to it.

"Good Morning Sir, it's nice to finally meet you. How can I help you this morning? I am quite busy and really need to get stuck into my files or I will be working late again." She was one of their best employees and she had squeaky clean record, so he couldn't fire her not without opening himself up to a lawsuit & she would fight if she had to.

Tristan smiled, he was impressed to see that she had a fiery spirit, he didn't like delaying with the airheads like the receptionist downstairs. "Ms. Sirois we have recently had a few unexpected openings and will be looking to fill these quite quickly. I have been through your case record and your statistics show you are quite talented. We will be looking at instating you as the senior associate of this floor."

She hadn't expected that, she would have thought Leea or Mr. Perkinson would have been the next to be promoted to senior associate. " Um thank you sir," She couldn't wait to get home and tell Sammi.

" You will be moving into Max's old office and I will have your new contracts sent to you tomorrow for you to sign. Your salary will increase as of next week and your company car will be available as of next week. If you have any questions after you have read through your new contracts please have a meeting set up with my PA Olivia." He need to get out of her office he was finding it harder and harder tho think straight, She smelled delicious like vanilla and raspberry and all he could think about was find out if she tasted like she smelled. He bet that her hair was soft as silk and would look sexy as hell splayed about her as she lay on her desk in nothing but those little red heels she was wearing. He  was thankfully he was wearing his suit jacket, and stood up and re adjusted his belt and jacket. " It was nice to finally meet you Ms. Sirois, I have a feeling we will be seeing each other again soon."

Jasmine was a little shocked that he was leaving so abruptly but she really wanted to call Sammi and tell her about the exciting news and she really need to go to the bathroom and cool off. No man had ever had this kind of effect on her but she was pretty sure that she would have to throw her underwear as it was soaked just form him being in the same room as her. She moved to shake his hand and as she go closer she could feel the heat radiating from him. She held out her hand waiting for him to reciprocate, as their hands touched she felt a as though her legs had turned to jelly and she so desperately wanted him to  lean down and kiss her. All too soon he withdrew his hand and exited her office. It took her a couple of minutes for her hear to stop racing and her breathing to return to normal. She felt stupid for reacting that way to a man she had never met before, she didn't even know his name and he only used her last name but she knew he would fill her dreams that night.

Tristan made it back to his own office without having to stop and make meaningless conversation he nodded to his PA and his way past he desk and closed his door as quickly as possible. He needed to unzip his pants as they were still painfully tight, he could seem to shake the mental image of her spread out over her desk begging for him. He knew he needed to have a taste but he wasn't quite sure how to get her meet in a social setting. He knew from office records she rarely attended office functions, he would need to have a look through the social media websites and see if she was any of those.


Jasmine decided to take a long early lunch and send Sammi a message to met her at the bar around the corner from her office. It only took her 10 minutes to walk there and that was long enough to compose herself before Sammi got there. She had discarded her wet underwear in the toilets at her office and felt very naked and a little naughty being in public without anything on under her tight black pencil skirt. She ordered a long island ice tea and chose a table in the back overlooking to gardens, she only had to wait 5 minutes before Sammi got there. She knew that Sammi was there even without even turning around; all the males in the establishment had all let out wolf whistles  which was the standard reaction when Sammi entered a building.

" Hey sexy lady, do you mind if I sit here with you for a while" Sammi asked trying her best to look innocent.

"It didn't take you long to get here, did Mr. Yummy go home early?" Jasmine asked with raised eyebrow, finally turning to look at what Sammi was wearing. God she needs to learn to wear more clothing, or at least clothing that cover something or anything. " Did you forget your skirt Sam or is this the latest look?" Sammi was wearing a black boob tube, the tiniest crocheted cardigan and what appeared to be a boob tube made of denim as a skirt.

"Don't be silly Jas, I am dressed plenty respectable. Mr. Yummy's name is Tony and he is currently tied to my bed awaiting my return." She had such a mischievous look on her face that Jas snorted and spat her drink out.

"Noooooo you named him, you're not supposed to name them remember the rules." she threw up her hands in frustration. Sammi fiancé Davide had passed a year ago and at the funeral had found out she wasn't his only partner, since then she had been determined to erase his memory with any Mr. Yummy she could but every time she got to know them they always wanted just more than sex and Sammi wasn't emotionally equipped to handle that yet so there was a no names rule so they couldn't get to close.

"I really like this one Jas and he is very delicious and eager to please, anyway enough about me, what's up? You never take a long lunch and I don't think I have ever seen you drink during the day  except at Davide's wake." She looked expectantly across the table at her friend.

Jasmine started to retell the morning events to her friend, some guy at the bar sent over drinks which the girls accepted and kept talking. She told her all about her encounter with her mega hot boss but left out the fact she had been so turned on by him she had to ditch her underwear, she wasn't ready to deal with that just yet even though Sammi would have been super excited she was finally interested in a guy.

The girls chatted for over an hour before Jasmine decided to head back to the office and Sammi was eager to head back to the hot man she had tied up in her bed. Jasmine drank a little more than she had intended, hopefully no one noticed and she could sneak back into her office. Louise wasn't at her desk and she deicide to take the stairs as the door to the stair well was next door to her current office so she would run into anyone. The rest of the day fairly uneventful and she decided she wasn't going to stay back today as she was keen to o and celebrate with Sammi about her promotion.  Sammi would have no doubt made a gourmet meal & all she wanted to do was eat & and not think about her oh so handsome CEO, which is all she had done since their encounter.

As she got to her door she could hear music playing and smell lots of wonderful aroma coming down the hallway and as they were the only residents of the top floor (one of the perks of your best friend owning the building) it meant Sammi was working hard in the kitchen. Before she could turn the handle the door opened and Mr Yummy was standing there in a very well fitted pair of blue shorts. Sammi had really outdone herself this time. He was nothing short of drool worthy, tanned 6ft tall , lightly muscled thick blonde hair and deep chocolate eyes and a dazzling smile, No wonder she named him, I definitely would have.

"Hi, you must be the roommate that Sam keeps talking about, I wouldn't go into the kitchen if I were you. Every time I go in there she yells at me to leave so I am headed to the bottle shop, you want anything?" His voice was smooth, deep and unassuming, He seemed genuinely nice she hoped Sammi didn't crush him.

"Hi nice to meet you, I am indeed said roommate, the name is Jasmine. Hahaha rookie mistake trying to get in the kitchen when she's in there. Thank you for the offer but I will be fine." He flashed his dazzling smile and stepped aside so I could get inside, as he filled the doorway completely. I wonder how Sammi had him tied to the bed, he looks too big to fit on her bed.

" See you in a couple of minutes then." He waved and sauntered off down the hall towards the elevator.

The door had literally just clicked shut when Sammi came running up behind me squealing with delight. It was good to see her in such a good mood, it was infectious and you couldn't help but smile and giggle with her.

" So I met Mr. Yummy, I think he out does the yummy name maybe we should call him Mr.  mouth-watering. I can see why you named him. " Sammi lightly slapped her arm and giggled again.

"Isn't he just and he really know his way around a bedroom. Dinner should be ready in about 15 so you can go get cleaned up, wear something sexy he invited a friend over for you and I have a feeling he is going to be just as scrumptious." She gave me an evil wink and skipped off to the kitchen before any form a protest could be uttered.

She shook her head at her friend retreating back and headed for her bathroom. It didn't take long for the water to heat up and she instantly relaxed standing under the flow of water, she closed her eyes and leaned against the wall enjoying the hot water washing over her. Her mind instantly went straight for her own Mr. Yummy she had met this morning, she imagined his hands roaming over her, massaging her breast and pulling her into his body. Leaving a trail of kisses down her neck as one of his hands made its way from her breast to her sweet spot between her legs. His mouth had made its way from her neck to her nipple and he was slowly rolling it around with his tongue occasionally nipping it.

Knock knock knock " Are you still alive in there Jas?" Sammi had already opened the door and made her way into the bathroom before I could  respond. I was a little annoyed she had interrupted my daydream but then my tummy rumbled and  remembered she had been cooking a feast.

" Yes bossy pants, I was just really enjoying the hot water, it's like have a free massage. I take it Mr.  mouth-watering is back, what does his friend look like?" Sammi handed me a towel and went and sat on the bed while I rifled through my closet.

Sammi giggled and shook her head " not telling you anything, it will be a nice surprise. I hope your hungry seem to have gone slightly overboard with the food and you are NOT wearing that ." She got up and snatched the shirt I was holding out of my hands and proceeded to fling clothes out at me. It didn't take her long to go through my entire closet (not much in there to begin with) pick an emerald low cut green top and my favourite pair of black skinny jeans for me to wear. I thought it was a little flashy for dinner but there was no point arguing with her. I quickly slipped on the clothes she had handed me, while she sprayed me with perfume.

"You're going a little over board Sammi, it's just dinner. It's not a date." I shook my head at her.

She poked her tongue out at me and headed for the door, "You never know."  Sammi bounded down the stairs and was already taking her seat at the table as I reached the bottom. I could hear her talking to the guests at the table. I saw him first before I looked over at Sammi and Mr. Mouth-watering, it took a moment to realise he was sitting at our dining table and I had to remind myself to breath. This had to be a mistake or maybe I had finally lost the plot, I tried to get Sammie's attention but she was too busy laughing at whatever Mr. Mouth-watering had just said. I tried to act as normally as possible as I walked over to the table but I tripped over my own feet as usual my clumsiness is my downfall, luckily Sammi finally noticed I was downstairs and started with the introductions like nothing had happened.

"Guys this is the best roommate in the world Jasmine, She got promoted today which is why we are having this I don't want to too my own horn amazing meal. Jasmine you already met Tony and this is his brother Tristan, who apparently works for your company. How come you have never mentioned him before Jas?" She gave me a questioning look.

"Dinner looks amazing Sammi, um I have ever mentioned him before because we only met this morning and he doesn't just work for the company he is the owner. Nice to see you again Sir." I was pretty sure my cheeks were bright red and the impossibly perfect and infuriating man was just sitting there smiling at me.  I wasn't sure that I was going to be capable of eating anymore.


Tristan couldn't believe his luck, he hadn't been able to find her on nay social media websites, he had considered going through her employee profile but then he would have had to ask his PA for it and she  would have asked too many questions. He had only agreed to come to this dinner because his brother had all but begged him to, he was apparently really into this chick and was eager to please her. Tristan was  pleasantly surprised when Jasmine had come down the stairs, he knew as an employer he shouldn't cross the line but he had too or she would drive him nuts. He was determined to at least get a taste of her mouth by he end of the night. The fact that she had instantly blushed and her lips parted ever so slightly when she made eye contact with him only made him want her more. She seemed so innocent and pure but he was sure that was not possible, not the way she looked. "We aren't at work, you can call me Tristan but I do like the way sir sounds when it comes from  you." He winked at her and was rewarded with sight of her cheeks flushing red again.

She was going to respond but Sammi had started talking about celebratory plans for the weekend and where they were going to go, Jasmine wasn't really too interested and kept looking over at Tristan. Thankfully dinner went fast and Tony was eager to get Sammi alone, they were like horny teenagers. She was glad they had finally excused themselves, it was starting to get a little uncomfortable watching them make out in the lounge room, however it did mean she was alone with the only man she'd ever met that made her brain go fuzzy and her legs turn to jelly.  She turned the music up to drown out any noise coming from Sammi's room and headed outside to join Tristan on the balcony.

They stood in silence, Jasmine was swaying lightly to the music that was drifting through the house. The disk changed and she could hear 'Moon River' start to play; Tristan moved from his spot against the wall and pulled her towards him and started to dance slowly with her, without saying a word, he moved his hands down her back and pulled her closer. She could feel his hot breath on her neck as he lent down to whisper in her ear. She had never danced so intimately with a man before, it was definitely something she could get used to. God he feels so good.

"la mia donna deliziosa si sposta così seducente." He whispered and kissed her neck. He had never been so hard in his life. The way she swayed her hips to the music was almost criminal and she wasn't even aware of the effect she was having on him. He loved the way she shivered when he kissed her neck and subconsciously pressed herself closer to him. He kissed her neck again and nibbled on her ear lobe. Her breathing had quickened and he swear he heard the tiniest of moans escape her luscious lips. Never had a woman been so responsive to his touch and never had he needed those sounds of satisfaction more than he needed air. He was sure they would be explosive together in bed and it would be something he would never forget.

The song had changed again not that he was paying attention to the music, he only noticed because Jasmine had started to sway faster to match the rhythm. He spun her around, barely took notice of the shocked look on her face, lifted her up to his face and kissed her.

Jasmine was stunned, this was her first kiss with a man and it was her boss, she didn't have time to think about the  repercussions of what they were doing as his tongue was flicking her lips demanding entrance and her lips of seemingly of their own mind obliged and all thought was lost.

Tristan couldn't believe she tasted exactly like she smelled, she had wrapped her legs around his waist and he moved her against the wall of the balcony. Her hands were in his hair pulling him in deeper. He moved one hand from cupping her perfectly shaped ass to her breast, he felt her tense but he deepened his kiss and she relaxed. He could feel that she wasn't wearing a bra & her nipple was hard under his palm.

Jasmine knew she should stop him but he felt so good and he had ignited a hunger that demanded to be sated.  She pulled back from the kiss and moved her hands to the front of his chest trying to create just a little bit of space, she need air & to think and neither of those were possible when she was so close to him. She didn't want him to think she was a tramp but she didn't want him to know that she was still a virgin either, the thought made her blush deeply with embarrassment.

"What's wrong mea dulcis" His voice laced with concern as he lowered her to the ground.  He noticed that she was blushing deeply again and absentmindedly chewing her lower lip; for him  the sight was mother watering.

She could see the concern in his eyes as she looked up, " I uh um have never um been um with a man" OMG I can't believe I just admitted that. Please floor swallow me know. I am never going to be able to face him at work now. I will have to find a new job, argh why is he smirking.

He closed the distance between them and picked her up, "Which way is your room?" his voice was laced with desire. He didn't wait for her respond and started to carry her inside.

She hadn't expected for him to still want her, she thought he would laugh and end the evening there. "Up the stairs, on the right." it came out as a whisper and she felt his lips touch her head as he started up the stairs.



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