The Italian Sugar Daddy

The Italian Sugar Daddy

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


WARNING: This is not intended for readers under the age of 18. The adventures in finding my perfect sugar daddy with a man I call "The Italian."


WARNING: This is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

The adventures in finding my perfect sugar daddy with a man I call "The Italian."

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Italian Sugar Daddy

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An adventure in finding my perfect sugar daddy.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 02, 2012



I had been on the hunt for the perfect sugar daddy since my birthday back in January. I've dated a couple of men but no one I found intriguing enough to want to keep going with. I wanted what I had at one time, a daddy who was everything to me. A lover, a best friend, someone confident in me and himself. But with the changing of times and of course ageing twelve years, I was having a hard time finding "the one." I was ready to give up when I started getting messages from a man who was local to me. We talked about a week before we decided to meet each other.

I met the "Italian" at a Starbucks. The location was good, and the area was very busy. Our conversations were very interesting for me. We seemed to have a lot in common and had similar takes in hobbies, music and sports. We also had similar issues with relationships as I had been married before to someone like who he's dealing with now. Only difference was I was with mine four years before I had enough, and he had been with his thirty. It was just in the past year he decided he needed something.

He was also a good looking man, his eyes showed a side to him I wanted to meet in person. He was his 50s, with salt and pepper hair. He was tall, I would say around six foot and with an athletic build. A consultant in his world and very educated.

Again, like most of the men I'm attracted to, he was married and extremely unhappy with his marriage. She ignored him most of the time and never paid any attention to him. He was lonely.

I've always liked married men, they seem to have needs and desires I know I can provide for, and since I was tired of the crap with the "normal" relationships I dealt with, this kind of thing was right up my alley.

"Take care of a married man, and they will take care of you," a good friend had told me. "They're stress free and don't want or cause drama."

He walked up to me and he instantly knew who I was. I was sitting on a sofa, sipping my frappe-chino. I knew it was him too. His eyes were a dark brown and like his pictures, I could see his true self in them.

He sat next to me and that's when I caught his scent, he smelled of mint and cologne. I recognized the cologne but couldn't remember the name. I remember it from when my daughter and I were checking out the cologne in Hollister.

Attractive for a man his age who wears cologne from there. It gave him an edge for me that made me tingle.

We chatted for about five minutes when I said something to him about relocating to a more laid back setting. He smiled and asked if I was sure, that he wasn't going to pressure me into anything I didn't want.

I know what you're thinking, "Are you crazy? Going with a total stranger?"

Yes, I was going with a total stranger... sorta, I was going to follow him, plus I was going to make myself known or at least seen when we go to the hotel. And there was something about him that made me feel secure with him. He was open and honest with me from the get go in our conversations, giving me all his info. I needed to look him up and check him out. He had passed my inspection so all was good for me.

I had been thinking all morning long about what I wanted. We had clicked early on in our conversations and he was sure of himself I was what he was looking for in a mistress. He offered me an arrangement before even meeting me.

He reminded me of that one non traditional relationship I had with the "Politician" years ago. Everything I was looking for in a daddy.

I told him I was sure of what I wanted to do... I was there wasn't I?

He told me to follow him just across the way to the nice hotel we had spoken about earlier on the phone.

We entered the building and, like I said, I made myself known to the clerk at the front desk.We stepped into the elevator and he came close to me, leaned in and softly kissed me. It was sweet and slow. Our first kiss.

We walked into the room. I instantly became comfortable and 'turned my sexy on'. We chatted about our day as I slowly slid off my jacket, letting it slide down my body and hit the floor. My next items were my shoes and then my jeans. He sat on the bed and continued to talk of his day as I slowly undressed. My tank was the last thing to go. Under all my outer clothing was a short see-through lace nightie. I had light pink lace panties on and my bra matched it.

He sat there and had a hard time keeping his end of the conversation going. My eyes were glued to his.

A seductive smile and, "Mmmhmm," at every little thing he said.

I came to him and took his hand, made him stand before me. I cuddled in his arms as I gave him a long, slow passionate kiss. We stood there and kissed for quite some time. My hands started to wander over his shirt... slowly unbuttoning it. I asked him, as I was undressing him, what he liked. He spoke but I knew he was having trouble focusing on my request.

I smiled at him with bedroom eyes and whispered to him, "I know what daddy wants."

My hands after unbuttoning his shirt slid in it and touched his bare skin. His skin was darker than mine and was very smooth. My hands slowly trailed down to his pants and unbuttoned them. His pants slid down his legs and landed on the floor. My hands went to the one place I knew would cause him to squirm... and it did. He whispered to me how he wanted me. I looked at him and told him he would have me in due time.

My hands then slid inside his underwear. His cock was hard and ready for me. I slid down his body, kissing his chest and his stomach and helped him slide off his underpants and the pants which were on the floor around his ankles already. By this time, my mouth was ready to take him. I so wanted to taste his cock, to feel it throb in my mouth.

My hands touched his body and cock as I let my tongue swirl around the tip of his manhood. I slowly took him in my mouth and sucked gently. He moaned with pleasure and his hands went to my head to hold me. I rocked my head back and forth on his cock, allowing him to fuck my mouth slowly. He loved every minute of the lovemaking.

I played with his cock in my mouth until he was ready to cum. He told me he was about to so I stopped. I decided to take him to the edge and leave him there. I stood up but with such seduction. He stood there, his bedroom eyes were beautiful and I was turned on more.

I was back in his arms again, cuddling and kissing with passion.

He told me he could get used to this. Having a beautiful woman make love to him in ways he had forgotten.

I told him I was there for his needs and desires, "Whatever daddy wants, daddy gets."

He smiled at me and slowly turned me to the bed guiding me onto it and asked in a husky, sexy voice, "May I please eat your pussy?"

As he guided me to the bed, he kissed me deep, letting me know he was in control. It was another slow, passionate kiss. His hands started for my waist, sliding under my nightie. I left his fingers toy with my panties as though he was second guessing himself. My hands went to his, as though they were encouraging him to continue.

He looked at me deep in the eye, "Are you sure my love?"

"Yes," I whispered.

He kissed me again, I felt my panties leave me. He bent down and guided them to the floor and he helped me step out of them. Once I was free of them, the "Italian" brought them up to his nose and he inhaled my smell. He then sat them down and came up quickly and gently laid me down on the bed.

His mouth was soft, warm and wet. I shivered as I felt it on my neck, then along the breast line of my nightie. He kissed my breast through my nightie and looked up at me with his deep, brown eyes.

I smiled and whispered, "Yes," before he could ask again.

He smiled back and started heading downy my body with kisses. He came to my thighs and parted them, kissing at the edge of my nightie and bare skin, then kissed my right inner thigh before crossing over to my left. Each time we was getting closer to my hot spot. I was wet and ready for him. I couldn't wait to feel his mouth on my clit couldn't wait to feel his tongue.

And then it happened, there he was, his hot mouth kissing my womanhood. He licked my clit and pulled it into his mouth and suckled on it. I felt his tongue take me, his fingers danced over my opening. It was beautiful, feeling him take my body in this way. He fingered me as his tongue played. It felt like an eternity but I wasn't going to complain. I moaned softly in pleasure then went for his hair. I loved his hair, soft and long enough for me to catch it between my fingers and hold him. He moaned when he felt my hands in his hair. He had told me in an email that he loved his hair being toyed with during sex.

I moaned louder, enjoying him as he ate my pussy, as he took my juices. He came up and looked at me with a devious smile. I smiled back and he came in for a kiss.

I could taste me on his lips. And how good did it was, so good, blended in with his taste.

His body was between my legs and and now I invited him with my legs as they wanted to wrap around him. My right leg came up over his hip and I pulled him down. I felt his hard manhood against my now soaked pussy. I was dripping wet wanting to feel his cock deep in me. He rubbed his hardness over me as though he was teasing. We were still deeply kissing when I felt his hard tip at my opening. He pulled away from our kiss and looked at me deep in my eyes. I couldn't speak, I could barely whisper,

"Take me..."

We had sex a total of six times in a two-hour period. Besides the traditional position which we did twice. I was on top twice, we did doggie twice. Between rounds we talked personal stuff... stuff we hadn't talked about in email form. He told me if we had more time we would do more. The "Italian" is a great lover... and someone that can keep up with my sexual drive.

We took a quick shower together which almost caused another episode but we just more or less made out heavily.

We chatted as we dressed. I could tell we were going to become good friends and lovers. We talked about what we had to do once we parted.

As I was slipping my shoes on, he was completely dressed and came to me. He kissed me softly like our first time. He told me that he had a wonderful time. It was then he handed me a $50.00 gift card for Starbucks and told me it was my gift for the day. I smiled and kissed him again thanking him for such a sweet gesture.

And, as he had promised, he handed me an envelope. It was a card. He told me he had finished it while I was in the bathroom a few minutes ago but that he wanted me to open it now. So I did.

It was a sweet natured thank you card with his own words written down the side.

"Thank you for a wonderful afternoon. I want you as my sugar. Let me be your daddy."

"I will treat you like a princess."

(insert name here)

Besides the card, there was another promise of what I would get for being his sugar baby.

We kissed deeply and I again thanked him for the gifts. I told him I would love to be his lover, his mistress, his hidden getaway. We hugged and gently loved on each other one more time before going our separate ways.

As I drove home I was pleased with this meeting, a meeting like no other I'd had. He kept his promise, unlike some men I've encountered. He's a gentleman first and a lover second. He even treated me like gold after.

Could this be the one? The one to replace the "Politician" I'd had so many years ago?

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