The Lesbinator

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Outer_Limits

A bisexual woman and her newest sex toy have some fun at the mall.

  Before I start my story let me tell you a little about me and describe myself to you. My name is Andrea but my friends call me Andy. I am a middle aged highly sexed bisexual woman. I love cock and pussy equally.

  I was seduced by a female teacher my age when I was in my last year of college but we won't get into that here. The only thing that tastes better to me than a man's cock and cum in my mouth is the taste of the wetness on a hot or coming out of a wet pair of cunt lips.

  I am considered tall for a girl at 5' 9". I keep in shape from jogging and my weekly yoga classes. I'm no beauty queen, more of a plain Jane. My hair is a fiery red color and hangs down as far as my shoulders. My complexion is very pale milky white. There are freckles on my cheeks and nose and my C-cup breasts. Their areolas are an auburn color, about the size of a quarter with eraser tip nipples.

  I had the hair on my legs, mons and vulva laser removed so I don’t need to bother with shaving. My labia form a pretty little camel toe when my yoga pants are pulled up in the slit between them and my firm butt cheeks. Ok, that’s enough about me, on with the story.

  I love seducing a young girl or a woman who has never experienced sex with another female. I ordered the latest thing in sex toys and was in the bathroom drying off from my shower. I heard the door chimes and I threw on my silk robe that comes down to the bottom of my ass cheeks and ran to the door.

  Opening it a quite handsome young delivery guy stood there with a small package and his clipboard. It was cold outside and I could feel my nipples getting hard and poking through the thin material covering them. I invited him to step inside while I signed for my package. He handed the small box to me. I made sure to brush my fingers over his as I took it from him. I turned and placed the package on the floor at left side of the door.

  Reaching down lifted the hem of my robe enough that he could see my naked ass cheeks and heard him suck a lung full of air in. Standing up and taking the signature board from him I noticed his eyes locked on the cleavage of my breasts. The robe had opened slightly from my bending down and my nipples were poking through. I smiled when I noticed the bulge in his pants so I took my time signing. I thanked him and showed him and his swollen cock back out into the cold.

  Tearing the wrapper off I smiled when I saw it was my newest toy, The Lesbinator. A wrist band, the latest innovation in the sex toy marketplace. Once turned on it supposedly emitted an inaudible high frequency sound. It would work on any female that had ever thought or wondered about having sex with another female. When their ears heard it, it stimulated the nerves in their cunt and raised their sexual arousal almost to the point of orgasm..

  It would cause them to become sexually aroused making the job of seducing them very easy. The instruction sheet said it had a range of 5 to 10 feet depending on the distance from the wearer. The younger the target the greater the distance. It also warned that it would have the same effect on the wearer as well.

  I put on the tightest yoga pants I own and a loose fitting low cut crop top sans panties or bra. I went to the big shopping mall near my house. I went to the less used washrooms at the far end of the mall. Opening my coat I pulled my stretchy yoga pants up between my cunt lips and ass crack as far as I could get them to go.

  Standing there looking into the mirror I pushed the 'on' button just as an lady about my own age walked in. I could feel its effect on me the moment I turned it on and hoped it would turn her on and wet her labia the way it was doing to mine.

  Turning to her I saw her staring at me with her mouth open and lust in her eyes. Licking her lips I watched her eyes quickly travel up and down the length of my body from my swollen nipples down to the slit of my clearly visible cunt lips and back up again.

  One hand went into the top of my left breast. Pushing my top down and exposing my breast to her I started massaging and squeezing it and pinching my swollen nipple. Her eyes followed me as I stepped onto the nearest cubicle and left the door open letting my coat drop to the floor. She stood there transfixed unable to move and watched me pull my other breast out once inside.

  I thought her eyes were going to bulge right out of her head as she watched me stimulating myself. One of her hands went up and covered her mouth and the other one started massaging her breasts, first one and then the other.

  Lowering my pants to mid thigh I smiled and started running a finger through my wet lips. With a glazed look in her eyes she started taking small ever so slow baby steps towards me. Once inside with me she closed the door and locked it. Turning to face me I could see her legs tremble as she leaned her back against the door.

  Stepping forward I closed the distance between us. Not saying a word I slowly undid her blouse and slipped it off of her. Reaching around I unclasped her bra and removed it also exposing her breasts to me. Her nipples looked like two little bullets sticking out.

  Once she was topless I pulled her into my arms crushing her breasts against mine and kissed her shoving my tongue into her mouth. My hand went between us as we kissed and undid her pants, lowering them like I had done mine. With my hands on her ass cheeks I pressed my pubic mound into hers.

  Turning her to the toilet I had her sit with her cunt on the very edge of the seat and knelt between her legs. I watched her play with her breasts as I slid her pants and panties down to her ankles. I slipped them along with her shoes and socks off and placed them between her feet.

 Leaning in I hitched her legs over my shoulders. My tongue went to th bottom of her slit and licked its way up to her swollen clit. With my hands on her ass I pulled her into my mouth and furiously attacked it.

  It wasn’t long before I felt her start to shake as her orgasm neared. Pressing her thighs tightly against my face I heard a throaty whisper, “Oh My God, I going to cum.” Her whole body shook as she flooded my mouth with her sweet juices.

 When she finished cumming her legs fell to my side and I stood up. “Finger your cunt for me baby, stick it in you”, I told her. When she started I stood up and pressed the off button. Its effects on her wore off immediately.

  Looking at me with her finger in her cunt and a shocked questioning look on her face she first looked between her legs and then all around the cubicle. “What the FUCK?”, she said on the verge of a self induced orgasm. She watched me quickly get dressed and leave her sitting there wondering what had just happened.

  I returned to that washroom a couple of more times that day and got a pretty young nineteen year old high school student and an early twenties college girl before I drove home.

  I was very happy with my new toy and planned a trip to the mall at the other side of the town for the next day.

Submitted: March 06, 2017

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Amy F. Turner

Now what naughty inventor thought this debilitating contraption of the future up to leave women who might be bi curious at the mercy of the serial Lesbinator! Wow! Instant slaves to desire. Very liberating, amusing and very hot. What a colorful imagination you have .

Mon, March 6th, 2017 11:13pm


I'm working on one for men who are looking for curious female virgins that don't want to be one any longer but are afraid to act on their urges. I think the market for them will be quite a big one no matter how much I feel like charging. ;-))
XoxoX Ron

Mon, March 6th, 2017 7:33pm


Wow what an invention that would be, leaving any woman at your orgasmic mercy! To be left in the right person hands I think!

Tue, March 7th, 2017 12:07am


Thanks for reading it and your comment. I think they would have trouble keeping them in stock once the word got out about them in the lesbian community. ;-))
XoxoX SWx

Mon, March 6th, 2017 7:20pm


Such a simple device that instantly arouses women? I simply must have one! I'm working on a potion that, once slipped into a woman's drink, will make her crave a man's sperm. Want to buy in on it?

Tue, March 7th, 2017 5:33pm


Thanks for reading it and your comment Ben. I'll trade you 50% of the shares in the one I am working on for men that works on women the same way as the Lesbinator works for lesbians for 50% of the ones for potion. I'm game if you are. We're gonna be two very rich, happy and worn out old men when they hit the marketplace.

Tue, March 7th, 2017 11:18am


You and your twisted mind are at it again. What an intriguing device... watch out women, Ron's at it again!! Loved it:)

Fri, March 10th, 2017 12:39am


Thanks for reading it and your comment. A twisted mind eh? Wait till you read the Womanator. Then it really will be "watch out girls".
XoxoX Ron :-))

Thu, March 9th, 2017 7:57pm

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