My Naughty Dream

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

My dream about a trip to Africa on a work assignment.

 I just woke up in the middle of a VERY erotic dream about being with her naked together in a luxury hotel room bed. It was my first night home from a business trip to Nairobi in Kenya Africa where I first met Maria.  I was there on business at the manufacturing facility that produces garments for the company I work for. They didn't scrimp on the cost of my accomodations and had put me up in a suite in the best hotel in the city.

 I won't go into detail about how we ended up in bed naked there together having sex. That is a story all by itself. It was my first time being with a coloured girl and one I will never forget.

 Maria was the most beautiful looking young black girl I have ever seen. Five inches shorter than me at 5' 6" tall she had the most exotic looking bedroom eyes that turned me on the moment I first saw them looking at me. It felt like she was undressing me with them the first time she looked into mine and then ran them down to my crotch and back up again.

 Her lips are the softest, most kissable ones mine have ever kissed. To me it felt like her lips were saying fuck me the first time she spoke to me and I saw them move when she spoke.

 Long black hair in tight braids fell down over her shoulders to just below the nipples on the dark chocolate coloured skin on her DD-cup breasts. I have always liked small breasts the most but the first time I saw and touched hers uncovered my opinion on girls with really big breasts changed almost instantly.

 Maria had been assigned to be my personal assistant and guide for the whole week that I was there. For some reason I could remember everything we had done in it before I opened my eyes. It was only one day since we parted and I was missing her already so I sent her an email telling her the details of my dream after I got up and dressed.

 I had been dreaming about kissing her and holding our naked bodies together. I felt a heat in my chest and cock like I had never felt before when her breasts pressed against my chest. My cock pressing on her body above her young pussy felt bigger than it ever had before.

 Kissing and sucking on her amazing black DD-cup breasts her nipples felt as hard as two little bullets between my lips when I sucked on them. Pressing my fingers into the soft skin on the sides of her breasts made her nipples swell and rise out even more when I took turns licking and sucking on them.

 I could feel her heart start beating rapidly while I ran the tip of my tongue around and over the darker skin on her perfectly round areolas under them teasing her. I could feel all of the tiny little bumps around her nipples on them as my tongue's tip passed over them.

 Her chest rose and fell as my fingers went lower over her belly until they reached the smoothly shaved skin on her mound above her pussy's lips. I could feel how wet they were already as my fingertips moved lower into the wetness in valley between her swollen lips when I cupped it.

 I felt it so hot when one of them first started to go through her soft inner lips into the warmth of the tightness in her vaginal canal.

  Crawling down between her legs I moved my hand off of it and used it and my other one to push up on the underside of her knees. Her legs went over my shoulders spreading her thighs open. It was so smooth and felt so soft there as my lips pressed on her lips. My thumbs spread her wet labia open and one of them went deep into the warmth of her wetness. She was leaking so much the wetness had reached her dark rose between her ass cheeks wetting it too and the tip of my finger. It pressed into it as far as my first knuckle.

 Once my thumb was all the way in her vagina and started moving back and forth I felt her vaginal and anal muscles muscles start contracting and squeezing them both. I moved my lips lower and my tongue slowly moved up and down from my thumb to the top of her lips.

 Reaching the top of the slit formed by her labia I got my first taste of a black girl's juices as it moved up through them. I couldn't believe how sweet she tasted and wanted more. Pulling my thumb and finger out of her my hands cupped her bum cheeks and lifted them off the sheets.

 My tongue moved between her lips until I reached her clitoris. It felt like a hard little wet pearl as I started licking it. The odor reaching my nose eminating from her entrance below it was intoxicating. I could feel the wetness on her outer swolen labia on my chin as my fingers sank into her ass cheeks pulling them apart.

 I moved my mouth off of her clit and I pulled my head back. I had to have a look at her there. The pink skin surrounding her clit looked so inviting in contrast to the dark chocolate colour of her thighs where they met her cunt lips.

 Pulling her bum cheeks apart opened her outer labia and I could see her inner ones between them. Moving my mouth back onto her I felt her shudder and push her pussy up against my lips when my tongue went between the softest lips it had ever touched.

 Grinding her wet lips slowly against mine as my tongue explored between them I heard soft mewling sounds reaching my ears from above. The more I licked the louder the sounds got until they turned into moans as she pressed herself against me.

 Without any help from my hands her bum rose up even more as her back arched when her thighs squeezed together on the cheeks of my face. I could feel her heels digging into my back as she went rigid and I heard her scream my name when the dam inside her broke and her juices flooded my mouth when she came. I thought her orgasm was going to last forever but it slowly subsided.

 Her thighs finally released my head and her ass fell back down onto the sheets and her legs fell off of me. I could hear her panting taking deep breaths trying to get her breathing back to normal.

 Once she got it back I heard her moaning, Oh Fuck Oh Fuck, over and over as I licked up the wetness that had escaped. I felt her fingers on the sides of my head start pulling me against her.

 My cock was throbbing in anticipation of going into her mouth or her pussy's hole.Then it happened. Shit, I fucking woke up.

My fingers were wrapped around my cock pumping up and down its swollen shaft. It felt hard as a rock and I could feel it throb every time I squeezed and released it. The precum oozing out from between the little lips on the end of its head were running down wetting it.

 My cock was swollen and hard as a rock and its head was literally coated in precum that was oozing out as I squeezed harder and sped up my stroking it. I felt a knot forming in my pelvic muscles that felt like a knife was cutting through me and was going out of my butt hole when I came

Submitted: January 08, 2020

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Amy F. Turner

I love your dreams you naughty tease but there is nothing for my eyes to behold.

Wed, January 8th, 2020 3:38pm


Thanks for reading it and your comment.
I love my naughty dreams too but hate it when I wake up in the middle of it before it ends like this one did.
There is nothing there for your naughty eyes to see. If you saw "SOMETHING" your mouth might drool and your eyes might pop out of their sockets when you saw "IT"
XoxoX Ron

Wed, January 8th, 2020 1:28pm


Nairobi! Spare no expense!
Ron, you're gonna smother in tits like that - you need to back it on up.
You don't have to go on Safari to get a Chocolate Sunday, boy. We've got plenty of brown sugar around here. And you're always as detailed as ever, dreaming or awake.
I bet you wake up with a hard-on every morning. I can just imagine monitoring you at the hospital doing a sleep study....the doctor comes in and wants a review of all the patients on the monitors -
"Well, that's so and so, and that's so and so, and that's Ron under the tent."

Admittedly, I'll probably slip in your room later and wake you up out of your dream. I mean, I have to put the cherry on your Sunday...

Thu, January 9th, 2020 4:50am


Hmm, a naughty nurse. You put the cherry on and I'll put the creamy filling in your pie when you come to visit me late at night under the sheets. In the tent you can take my temp using my built in thermometer that is holding the tent up.Or maybe I'll use it as a rectal one to check how hot you are. Thanks for reading it and your naughty comment.
XoxoX Ron

Wed, January 8th, 2020 9:11pm


great story. I liked it.

Fri, January 10th, 2020 8:04pm


Thanks Ify for reading it and your comment.
Black girls are so hot. Their bodies drive white guys like me crazy with lust wanting to tear their clothes off and make love with them when we see them.
XoxoX Ron

Sat, January 11th, 2020 5:06am

Amy F. Turner

This story was ramping up for a release of some sort and you tease there was no finish. I say you need to go back to sleep and dream up the rest of this juicy tale. Such a tease even when you're sleeping!

Thu, January 23rd, 2020 12:44am


Gotcha. It sucks when you wake up in the middle of an erotic dream and you are so worked up and have to finish yourself off with your fingers..
It did exactly what I intended to do. Did it get the juices flowing in anticipation? Has that ever happened to you? Maybe the next dream I have that I don't wake up early in will be a wet one and I will get to finish what I started. If I do I promise to let everyone know what happens.
Thanks for reading it and your comment.

Thu, January 23rd, 2020 3:52am

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