His Sectet Part 3

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Their first threesome is about what happened during the one they had in the "His Secret" story part one. If you haven't read it yet it might be a good idea to read it first. Near the beginning of it it sets the scene for the threesome they had with her best friend Penny

fter they watched the porn film they were all horny as hell when it was finished. They had watched a well endowed man with a monster of a thick10 inch long cock fuck two women while they licked and sucked each others pussies as he took turns fucking them from behind.

 He suggested they play a game of strip poker. His rules for the game were simple. The loser of the hand had to stand up in front of the other two and remove an article of clothing. The game was to go on until all three of them were totally naked.

 Penny said she didn't like playing poker and asked if they could play a game of high card draw instead . She explained her rules to him and his wife.

 They would all take turns taking the top card off of a deck of cards. After showing it to the others the loser was the one with the lowest value card. The winner was the one with the highest value card.

 They had to have an article of clothing removed by the one who had the second highest card. Socks didn't count so they would start the game barefoot. If the loser was already naked the winner could pick a spot on their body the other person would have to kiss and lick or do something kinky with them for thirty seconds.

 They all agreed on the rules of the game and decided to play it on their king size bed. He was already hard thinking about where this might lead when they started. 

 His wife had a nice firm set of middle age B-cup breasts that had just the slighted bit of age related sag to them. Her girlfriend Penny's were quite a bit smaller. They were barely big enough to fill the cups of an A-cup bra so not needing one she went braless quite often.

 The thing he liked best about when she did that was seeing her nipples that always seemed to be hard poking through the tight fitting t-shirts she liked to wear in the warmer weather. He had jerked off many a time after seeing them showing through wondering what they would look like uncovered.

 For the size of her tits her nipples were quite big. Bigger than his wife's. They made his cock get hard imagining what they looked like when she was undressed every time he saw them. Ever since he was a teenager, unlike other boys his age who liked really big tits, he had had a thing for small ones.

 She had caught him trying not to be obvious about where he was looking while staring at her chest a few times. Being the tease that she was she would push her chest out in a way that didn't make it look like that she was doing it on purpose or let him know that she had noticed where his eyes were looking.

  Even though the group had all reached middle age they were all still in pretty good shape. Both of the girls legs and asses were still as firm as they had been in their 20's because they got together a few times a week for a 5K run. 

 It never failed to arouse him every time he saw the two of them from behind in their skin tight yoga style running pants. Setting out for their run with them pulled up into their ass cracks they left nothing to an onlooker's imagination.

 He felt lucky that he was still thinner than most of the men his age he would see each day. He didn't have a pot belly like a lot of them did. He was quite proud of the size of his bigger than average 7.5 inch long cock when he had an erection too. 

 As luck would have it he drew the lowest card on the first draw. The girls both started to giggle when they saw his card before they showed theirs. His wife won the first draw and got Penny to remove his shirt.

 He won the next draw and Penny lost. He had his wife remove Penny's blouse. Even covered by her very thin see through bra her nipples showing through were enough to make his already hard cock tingle and throb a little.

 His wife lost the next hand and he had Penny remove her blouse. The same thing happened again next draw and he had Penny remove his wife's bra.

 This went on until both of the girls were totally naked. He was down to his underwear when he lost the next hand. His wife won and she had Penny pull them down off of him freeing his hardon and his balls.
 With nothing left to take off he suggested that they continue the game but with no clothes on using his rules. The girls seeing his cock and each others naked bodies were hornier than when the game started so they readily agreed to his altered rules. 

 The winner would get to pick whatever they wanted the loser to do to the one with the middle value card. It had to be either sexual or have some kind of kink to it for thirty seconds.
 His wife won the first draw and Penny lost. Remembering how much he had liked wearing her panties on one of their FUN nights she got Penny to put her little red bikini style panties on him. 

 The girls broke out into a fit of laughter as Penny tried in vain to get them to cover his hardon that was too big to be contained by them. Every time she got his erection tucked in sideways and let go of the waistband it would spring back up past it. 
 When the girls stopped laughing they got back into bed with about half of his cock sticking up out of the top. He was so worked up wearing her panties a little precum had started leaking out of the slit on the end of his cock's head.
 Penny lost the next hand and his wife won. She got Penny to pull her panties down off of him and lick the precum off of his cock and then suck just its head in her mouth for the rest of the thirty seconds.

 His wife lost the next draw and Penny won. She had his wife suck his balls into her mouth and play with his ass cheeks for the whole thirty seconds.

 His wife won the next round and he lost. She had him get on his knees at the side of the bed. She got Penny to lay on her back in the bed with her legs spread apart and had him lick her cunt for the full thirty seconds.

 After that thirty seconds was up they stopped drawing the cards and it turned into one big orgy. Forgetting the cards they just took turnd making each other perform some kind of sexual thing with each other while they watched.

 He ended up fucking both of them from behind while watching them licking each others cunts. They really went at it and he could hear their moans and the slurping sounds they made while doing it. 

 The game ended when he jerked off with the girls at his feet painting their faces and tits with his cum and then them licking it off of each other.

 After that they were all done in and tired. They all went to sleep with him sandwiched in between the two of them.

Submitted: March 24, 2020

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Quite enjoyable indeed ;)
- Sexykitten45

Thu, April 2nd, 2020 9:22pm


Thanks Kitten for reading it and your comment

Thu, April 2nd, 2020 7:11pm

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