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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Editor's note.
If you haven't read part 1 yet please read it first. It sets the scene for part 2 and will make this one better

 She removed her finger from his butt hole and turned him around. Getting him turned around she saw his engorged hardon pointing out only inches away from her face. 

 She took his cock in her mouth and sucked the whole thing all of the way into her mouth getting it wet. Digging her nails into his ass cheeks she used her hands to squeeze his ass cheeks as she moved his body back and forth making his cock feel like it was fucking her mouth.

 Letting it come out she reached up and queezed on the top and bottom near his cock's little lips with her thumb and a finger tip. Doing that made them open a little and she saw a small gap between them. "Ooh look at you sweetheart. It looks like you have a tiny little cunt hole between the little lips on the head of your cock." 

 Her pushing the pointed end of her fingernail into his piss hole made his knees feel weak when his whole body trembled. It felt just like the sweet sharp burning pain a man gets in his cock the moment just before his cum shoots out.

 She stood up close to him and let her robe fall to the floor.  "I hope getting your ass fucked is a part of your little girly fantasies." she said. Standing up she let her robe fall to her feet and pushed him back a step. 

 She looked down and said, " I'm going to fuck you with this. You are going to find out what it feels like to me when you fuck my ass." 

 When he looked down his eyes bulged out, his cock twitched, his asshole clenched and his heart started pounding in his chest. He couldn't figure out what to think or do when he saw what she hd on. She was wearing a strap-on with a realistic looking flesh toned phallus shaped dildo that looked to be about the same size as his cock pointing straight out.

 He hadn't been able to see it when she came into the room or sitting on their bed. Her other hand had been in front of her robe holding it against her body like she was holding her robe closed.

 "Get down on your knees. If you want to be a woman that badly you're going to suck it and get it wet before I fuck you and fill your ass with it."

 Even when he was dressed in his girl things pretending to be a woman he had never given any thought to sucking a cock. Getting his ass fucked by one yes, but sucking on one no.

 He got down on his knees between her feet and looked up at her cock and opened his mouth. She put her hands on the back of his head and pulled his mouth onto her toy. 

 When it went in his mouth his mind started to spin imagining how its size was going to feel in his asshole and he started sucking on it.

 She started shoving it in and out slowly. His lips went back and forth along its shaft as he sucked. His saliva was coating it as it slid in and out. His fingers wrapped themselves around his own cock squeezing and stroking it in time with the one going in and out of his mouth. He felt his ball sac tightening on his nuts when the throbbing in his cock started.

 He was very close to cumming when he heard her say, "Are you going to cum for mommy you dirty little slut? Are you going to unload? Let it go little girl. Cum for mommy. Pump that cock and cum for her."

 She pulled her toy cock out of his mouth and looked down. When he heard her say that he couldn't hold it back. She watched his hand fly back and forth along the length of his cock pounding on it furiously. 

 His cock felt like a volcano erupting as blast after blast of cum shot out when he came. It felt like it was burning the inside of his shaft as it rose up through it and out of his cock's slit.

 When his cum shot out it landed on the toes of one of her feet. Sitting back down on the bed she said, "Ooh you naughty little slut. Look at the mess you just made on my toes. Lick it off of them and clean it up." 

 He lifted her foot up to his mouth and took each of her cum coated toes in his mouth one at a time like little cocks and sucked his cum off of them. He licked any that had gone between them off too. He felt so much like a woman at that point it never even dawned on him that he was sucking his own cum off of her toes. 

 When he had cleaned all of his cum off she stood up and said, "That's a good little girl. Now get up on the end of the bed with your ass in the air for mommy." He crawled op onto the bed and positioned himself on it so the tops of his feet were pressed on the edge of it with his knees bent and his ass up for her. Bent forward he supported his body with his forearms pressed on the sheets with his knees spread apart.

 Reaching into his nightstand she got the anal lube he used when he fucked her ass. Looking back he watched her coat her cock and then felt her wet his ass crack and the outside of his hole with it before she moved in closer. Using one hand she started running her toy cock's head up and down through his slippery ass crack after she stuck her finger in his hole lubing it up inside too. With the other hand she pushed his one ass cheek to the side a little.

 Every time her cock touched his puckered hole she pressed it ahead on it but didn't push it in. He was so turned on by her doing that he started pushing his ass back on it in an effort to make it go in. She hear him moan and say, "Oh God, fuck me mommy. Please, I want to feel your cock inside me."

 She pushed ahead just hard enough for its head to spread his hole open and go in about half way down to its crown. "Hmmm, is my little slut ready for mommy's big fat cock. Do you want the rest of it?"

 He was so excited up he couldn't speak or stand having just part of its head in him. He pushed back with all of his might and felt her slippery cock fill his insides as it went in. It felt about ten times bigger than his finger ever had to him when he was sticking it into himself. 

 She held it in letting him get used to its size and then said, "Well now, seeing how you want it so badly lets get it on." 

 Slowly pulling it back until just its head was still inside she stopped. Grabbing hold of his hips she pulled him back all of the way onto her cock in one swift movement. 

 She started fucking his ass for him like that then. At first she slowly pulled it back almost all of the way out and then plunged it back in all of the way.
 Her doing that over and over to his insides was creating feelings inside his body like no other he had ever felt. He was surprised when he felt his cock that hadn't fully deflated after he came just a few minutes ago start to get hard and rise again. Her cock going in and out was making his cock grow and get hard again. 

 Every thust in seemed to make it get bigger and harder until he had a hardon that felt like it would burst if it grew any bigger. When she increased her tempo and start to pound it in and out he felt his cock start to bob up and down in time with her thrusts.

 As her speed increased so did the felings inside his cock and balls. It felt like his nuts were being pulled right up into is body as his sac tightened around them. His cock throbbed every time hers went into him. "Is mommy's cock going to make her little girl cum again for her. Is that what you want?"
 He was so far beyond being able to speak he just nodded his head. She started pounding in and out so hard it felt like the head of her cock was going to go right up into his stomach.

 It wasn't long before he felt his balls start to pump his cum up through the swollen shaft of his cock. He cried out, "I'm gonna cum again!!!" She pushed her cock all of the way in and pulled his ass against her tightly and held it there.

 Without any help from his or her hands his cum spewed out all over the sheets under him. When he was spent he lost all of his strength and fell forward causing her cock to come out of his ass.

 She got off of him and lay beside him after pushing on his shoulder to get him onto his back. Laying beside him she started kissing him and playing with his wilting cock. She squeezed the last drop of his cum out from between his cock's lips and used a fingertip to spread it around on his limp dick's head.

 "That was fucking amazing", he said. "I don't think I have ever came that hard before. I can't believe you made me cum without even touching my cock." 

 "That was the wildest thing you have ever done. We should get Penny over here again the next time it's my turn. I could get dressed up in my bra and a thong for the two of you. We could let her watch you fuck my ass and I could watch you fucking her cunt. Maybe we could even get her to suck my cock with me wearing a thong while you fuck her ass too."

 She smiled an evil grin and looked right into his eyes. "If you thought my plastic cock felt good in your ass you would love how a real one feels."

Submitted: March 11, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Storywriterx. All rights reserved.

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Such dirty fantasies! Mine arent that dirty, just some light bondage and maybe a two man sandwich ;))
- Sexykitten45

Wed, March 11th, 2020 5:32pm


Hmm, maybe I should tie you up and spank your bum naughty girl. Threesomes are a lot of FUN. I hope you get to have both of your fantasupies come true.
Thanks for reading it and your comment.
XoxoX Ron

Wed, March 11th, 2020 11:32am

Amy F. Turner

My oh my quite the kinky couple and they are off to the races it sounds like, now that they have some delicious taste of such lustful fruit. No going back now.

Thu, March 12th, 2020 4:11pm


You can't undo what's done. The only thing left to do now is push forward. :-))
Thanks for reading it and your comment.
XoxoX Ron

Thu, March 12th, 2020 7:02pm


When I read the first part I knew something like this will happen but after reading it I'm as surprised n happy as I would've when I wouldn't have known... This is my fantasy too.. I just loved it...

Sat, March 14th, 2020 4:27am


Thanks for reading it and your comment. I guessed you were a naughty girl with a secret from your comment on part one. I hope your fantasy if it ever comes true, turns out as good for you as his did for him.
XoxoX Ron

Sat, March 14th, 2020 8:46am


What are these birds on your thong, Ron? Flamingos?
So tell me, you slutty little girl; do you prefer a short fat cock up your ass or a long skinny one? Plastic balls or a realistic 'smack' on your perineum from a soft heavy scrotum? A load up your rectum or tropical spray all over your butt cheeks? Hmmmmm? I think I could buy a battery operated nine inch strap-on that will vibrate your prostate till your testicles explode. But this mommy is a little masochistic. I might have to strap one of those thick rubber bands around the base of your cock just to make you suffer and strain....turn that geyser of yours into a dripping faucet.

Thu, March 19th, 2020 1:39am


Thanks Meg for reading it and your naughty comment.
I think that you are a lot naughtier mommy than she is to think up and leave a comment like this.
It shows the evil and sadistic side of your dirty mind.
The elastic band at the end of it proves it.
XoxoX Ron
Yes they are flamingos.
I don't think the pictures of his ass in his thongs he took would look anywhere near as good as that red one you are wearing.
I would bet his cock would get hard as steel if he ever found your stash of pictures if he could see what it looks like if you took one from the front too and he could see your little bee-stings or if he saw you wearing just the matching bra and he could see your Megalips down below it:-))
Roll over, PLEASE.
We want to see what the front view of your picture looks like

Wed, March 18th, 2020 8:00pm

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