His Secret Part 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A man's secret fantasy gets found out by his wife


 His wife and him had been into all kinds of kinky sexual activities ever since they had met. One time she had him dress up like a girl and wear one of her tiny thongs before they fucked. Wearing it made his cock feel bigger and harder than it ever had while they fucked and he wished she had made him wear one of her bras too. 

 It was on one of what they called their "FUN" nights the last Saturday of each month. They took turns choosing whatever kinky sexual activity they would indulge in at bedtime with each other. He was on pins and needles all day because it was her turn to surprise him with her kink that night.

 One time when Penny, her best friend, was sleeping over after the three of them watched a porn movie one thing led to another and they ended up having a threesome together. He watched and listened to the slurping sounds of the two women licking and sucking on each others cunts while he took turns fucking both of them from behind. 

 He was a slow cummer so he got to do both of them before he came jerking off and painting both of their faces and tits with his cum after they took turns together on their knees licking their cunt juices off of his balls and his thick 7.5 inch long erection clean.

 He had a secret that he had never confessed to her. He liked to pretend that he was a woman and wear girls sexy underthings when she wasn't at home. She had a secret too. Her and her best friend Penny were closet lesbians.

 He had what he thought was a well hidden stash of girls panties, thongs, pantyhose, elastic top nylons and a thickly padded A-cup black strapless bra that he had bought. The pictures of himself wearing them were, he thought, well hidden on a flash drive. Little did he know that she had found everything about a week ago.

 He had small man breasts like many older men get when they stop working out like he had. They weren't anywhere near big enough to fill an unpadded A-cup bras but he liked how the thick padding on the one he had bought felt touching his hardened nipples and little tits.

 He would put his things on and wear them around their bedroom and take pictures of himself in them when she was out shopping or visiting her girlfriend. He would also take pictures of himself naked with his cock sticking straight out when he had a hardon as well.

  One thing he really liked to do when taking pictures was to wear just his bra and pretend he had a pussy. He would tuck his cock and balls up in between his legs and squeeze his thighs together when it wasn't swollen or hard. To him he thought that in the pictures he took standing with his back against the wall with it tucked up like that made it look almost like the top of a woman's pussy lips where his legs met his body.

 He kept his whole body shaved smooth. It was something his wife and him did for each other in the shower, so he didn't just look like a hairy guy in sexy looking girls things in his pictures.

 His cock, when he didn't have an erection was almost 6 inches long when it hung down between his legs. It was long enough that its head could touch him under his ass cheeks at the bottom of his ass crack. Squeezing his thighs together would hold his cock up there between them.

 They were just starting to make out later that FUN night and she started fondling his little tits and sucking on his hardened nipples. That was something she had never done before and he loved how her lips felt sucking on his little tits and hardened nipples. His cock swelled and got fully erect quite fast as his blood pumped into it when she did that. Once she had gotten him hard she got out of bed and put on her robe. 

 Leaving the room she told him to wait there and she would be back in a minute with a big surprise for him. His eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw her come back into their room holding his black bra in her hand at her side.

 His cock went soft faster than if someone had put a plastic bag full of crushed ice on it.when he realized he had been found out. She came over to him and sat on the edge of the bed beside him. He stuttered trying to explain but she just smiled and put her finger on his lips.

 "It's ok dear. I found everything. I have known about your fantasy for a week now. Wearing girls things is something I have heard a lot of men like to do. Girls think about having a cock sometimes wondering what it would feel like to have one. "

 "I loved the pictures on that not so well hidden flash drive. I really liked how you looked with the bra on and how your 'pussy' looked at the top of your thighs. I love how your cock looks sticking out of the leg hole of your thongs when you have a big fat boner. I liked seeing the back part of them pulled up into you ass crack too."

 She opened the top of her robe and let it fall down off of her shoulders onto the bed. It bunched up at her waist keeping her legs and pussy covered and hidden from his view. He saw she was wearing a bra that looked identical to his only bigger to hold her B-cup tits. Leaning down she ran her fingertips along the shaft of his wilted cock and around on his balls and kissed him. 
 "I want to fuck you with your bra on but before your cock gets hard again I want to see you put it on and hide your cock between your thighs like in your pictures. I want to see your pretend pussy up close before I fuck you."

 Using every bit of willpower he had he struggled mentally to keep his cock from swelling and rising up when he got out of bed. She watched as he hooked the clasps of the bra together in front of him and move the cups around to the front. It was a tight fitting bra and she saw him slowly get the cups of it moved up and onto his chest and cover his little man tits.

 ”Oh honey that looks so fucking sexy on you but I can still see your cock hanging down. I want to see your pussy." Spreading his feet and legs apart he bent forward a little and tucked his cock between his legs. Reaching between his legs under his ass he pinched the head of his cock and pulled it up under his cheeks at the bottom of his ass crack. Squeezing his thighs together tightly held it there when he stood up straight again. 

 ”Oh my God dear. It really does look like you have a woman's cunt. The top of it looks so much like a woman's cunt lips squeezed together. Your cunt looks so fucking hot. It's smooth like Penny's and mine are when she gets undressed and just has her bra on."

 "I've got a lirrle secret too. Her and I have been having sex together at her place ever since the night we all had that threesome together. It woke a feeling of desire to have sex with another woman in both of us once we tasted each other there that we didn't know we had."

 "She has the sweetest tasting pussy juices you ever could imagine when I lick her slippery slit and when she comes. We each have both bought some toys and we fuck each other with them too every time I go to her house for a visit and her husband is out."

 "Keep your legs together and turn around. I want to see where your cock goes when you have a pussy." Keeping his thighs pressed together he shuffled his feet around and stood with his ass facing her while she sat on the edge of their bed. 
 What she saw then made her gasp. All she could see of his cock was its head held up under his ass cheeks between his thighs. She slowly ran her pointed nails up along the back of his thighs to his cock's head sending shivers through his body. 

 Her nails were filed to a point on the ends of them. He shuddered when the nail on one of  her fingertips touched the little slit formed by the lips on the end of his cock's head. "Oooh, It looks like it's trying to reach your ass hole." 

 He couldn't stop his body's reaction and his cock's shaft pushed down between his thighs as it filled with blood and swelled as it started to get hard. Using one of her feet as she sat there she moved his feet apart freeing his swelling cock. 

 She ran a finger down through his ass crack until she found the wrinkled entrance to his poop chute. She pressed on it and her finger tip went in as far as her first knuckle. His cock sprang up fully erect when she did that

Submitted: March 07, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Storywriterx. All rights reserved.

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Ron, you naughty boy; something tells me you're going to get a spanking.....

Sat, March 7th, 2020 2:07pm


Nope. Your something is totally wrong. What he is going to get is something that might make a certain part of your body react in a way that might surprise you.
Thanks for reading it and your comment.
That certain part of your body IS NOT what you have hanging between your legs. ;-))

Sat, March 7th, 2020 7:27pm

Amy F. Turner

Now there are no more secrets to this kinky couple! The cat is literally out the bag and now it sound like they are about to have a lot of fun. Both seem to be open to the alternative lifestyle where both might fulfill some hidden fantasy.

Mon, March 9th, 2020 5:38am


Now whatever would make you think that? Oh I know, it's your naughty mind. ;-))
He is about to get his greatest fantasy fulfilled by her.
Do you have a secret that you are keeping hidden? I think most of the readers and writers on BooksieSilk do.
Thanks for reading it and your comment.
XoxoX Ron

Mon, March 9th, 2020 3:17am


You are getting dirtier Ron.

Mon, March 9th, 2020 11:21am


Thanks for reading it and your comment. Glad you liked it.
You have no idea how dirty my mind is when my kink takes over my thoughts.
You will find out in part 2
XoxoX Ron

Mon, March 9th, 2020 4:48am

Dick Wood

Fuckin hot story. Super freaks all the way round. Rick James would have bee proud.

Mon, March 9th, 2020 9:22pm


They get even kinkier and frekier in part 2
Thanks fir reading it and your comment Mr. " WOOD" :-))

Mon, March 9th, 2020 8:29pm


Very naughty indeed ;))
- Sexykitten45

Tue, March 10th, 2020 12:56am


As naughty as a Sexy Kitten?
Can you guess what is going to happen in part 2?
Do you have a secret like they do?
Thanks for reading it and your comment
XoxoX Ron

Mon, March 9th, 2020 8:36pm


Well, I’ve finally found someone with tits smaller than mine! Hallelujah! I thought you might could borrow some of my bras, but they are too big for you..,at least the cup size.

I’ll give you credit, this is an extremely open relationship and totally inhibition free. I’m not sure what I’d say if I came home to my husband in lingerie but I guess I’d have to get out a razor. I bet you’d like to look at your pussy in the mirror while I make you cum from behind, wouldn’t you?

Tue, March 10th, 2020 7:48pm


Don't worry about having small tits. Bigger isn't always better except in the case of your bank account balance or if the person looking at them has very poor eyesight.
I think I only ever had one inhibition but I misplaced it years ago and can't remember what it was all about but I do have a few secrets. Do you have any?
You will have to explain to me how you would "make me cum from behind". Is that something they teach you how to do in nurse school?
Thanks for reading it and your comment.
XoxoX Ron

Tue, March 10th, 2020 9:14pm


Ohhh this made me wanna try that.. Though I'm not sure that it'll be possible or not.. But i will... Damn!!! You are a naughty one!!!

Sat, March 14th, 2020 4:20am


Thanks for reading it and your comment. Being naughty and having a secret FUN. Are you a naughty girl with a secret?
XoxoX Ron

Sat, March 14th, 2020 8:39am

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