Heather At the Theater

Heather At the Theater

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Heather gets paid for her afternoon sexual encounter at the movie theater with an older man


Heather gets paid for her afternoon sexual encounter at the movie theater with an older man


Submitted: November 21, 2015

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Submitted: November 21, 2015




 My name is Heather and I was only 14 when I lost my virginity. I love all kinds of sex and am quite uninhibited when I have sex with someone. The only things I really don't like doing are; anal sex and anything that involves pain. I was 19 years old and still single when all of this took place.

 Since the first time I had sex I had developed three fantasies that I had never acted on. One was having sex with a man that was old enough to be my grandfather. Two was to try and find a girl my age to have a lesbian encounter with. Three was to be a street/walker/prostitute for a day.

 I am short, only 5'2", and weigh about 105. My measurements are 32B-26-32. Having very full B-cup breasts on a small frame like mine makes them look even bigger than they are. They have small dimpled areolas that are dark pink and my nipples grow and get very hard when I am aroused sexually. My legs are slim and well defined with a small gap at the top of my thighs under my vulva.

 My mons has a slight rise out from my body and is very soft to the touch. It is still a little puffy like it is on a young pubescent girl. It’s very sensitive and I get quite aroused when it is touched or kissed. I keep the small amount of hair I have on it shaved or waxed so it is always quite smooth to the touch.

 While not overly big my outer labia are well defined and create what’s called a camel toe when I wear tight spandex pants. When sexually aroused they swell and get quite puffy. My softer inner labia hang down a tiny bit, just past the edges of my outer ones, and are quite sensitive to the touch.

 I get really wet down there during sex and occasionally actually squirt when I play with myself rubbing my clit as only I know how. Reading sexy stories gets me really excited sexually. While reading, I like to run my fingers over and through the wetness on my aroused and swollen outer labia. I then like to play with and gently caress the lips of my inner ones. I like to find the opening to my inner chamber and stick my fingers or dildos in and out of my vagina until I make myself cum all over them. I love the taste of the juices that my body produces and I usually suck whatever I use clean when I am done.

 I was and still am proud of the way I look. I work out at the gym and jog regularly. I liked to keep from putting on weight like a lot of my married girlfriends were starting to do. I get very aroused when I know that people, men or women, stare at my body.

 I was feeling quite sexy and very horny that day. After I finished showering and shaving my legs and my sex parts I got dressed up in what I call my slut clothes. When I finished dressing and I looked in the mirror I saw what looked like a young street-walker getting ready for work.

 Looking at my reflection got me excited thinking about how the men would be looking at me and what they would be thinking as I was walking down the street? Would they start to get worked up? When I dressed up like that I liked to walk like a prostitute making my ass sway side to side teasing the men walking with their frumpy looking chubby wives.

 I wore my leather bomber jacket over a semi-transparent white silk blouse with no bra. My breasts are firm enough that I can go bra-less if I want to. That allowed my already hardened nipples be visible through the thin material of my blouse. I left my coat totally open and the top three buttons of the blouse undone so that the top of my breasts and some cleavage was showing.

 Under my short very skin tight black leather mini skirt I had on a pair of white silk nylons held up by a lace trimmed silk garter belt with tiny silver clasps. The skirt was short enough that you could see the clasps and few inches of the silk straps and some bare skin on my thighs. The skirt had a heavy silver coloured zipper that ran from the bottom of it to my waist and a small clasp at the top.

 I didn't wear any panties that day because I like the feel of the leather moving across my ass and my smooth mons when I walk. A pair of 4" spiked heels gave me a little added height and enhanced the look of my thighs and legs. A pair of silk, lace fringed white gloves with the fingers cut off at the knuckles and small leather clutch purse with a thin leather strap over my shoulder finished the outfit off.

 It was early in the afternoon so to kill some time before going clubbing so, feeling a little horny; I went to a nearby twenty-four hour movie theatre. It was well known for its sexual activities and goings on. It was one that showed porn films and once inside you could stay as long as you wanted. It was an old theatre that had a small balcony where they allowed smoking along with other activities.

 It was very dim up there; the only lighting was that of the film being shown. People went up there sometimes to make out, to have sex, or to watch others while they did. The theatre’s management knew what was going on but as long as nobody complained they never went up there.

 I liked to sit in the very back row to watch the movies and couples making out and sometimes even having sex. It was one of the few places left that you could still smoke. I got really worked up watching porn movies, especially ones that involved my fantasies so I would usually smoke a cigarette while I watched them to calm me down a bit.

 I went to my usual back row seat in the hopes of seeing some live action as well as that on the screen. It was a weekday afternoon and there weren't many people in the theatre when I got in there but there was one couple the row in front of me. He was sitting on the right side of her. I sat a couple of seats to their left so I could have a better view of anything they did.

 They were kissing quite passionately when I sat down. She was sitting back in her seat facing forward. He had his left arm on the back of her seat and his hand was rubbing her shoulder. His right hand was on the outside of her blouse, moving around on her breasts as they kissed.

 She had on a white blouse that wasn't tucked in at the waist of her short, flared and pleated plaid catholic-school-girl type skirt. I could see that it would only come down low enough to cover her sex and her ass cheeks when she was standing, exposing most of her bare thighs.

 I watched as he started to slowly undo each of the buttons on her blouse exposing her breasts to me once he got them all undone and the shirt tails spread open. Like me she wasn't wearing a bra under her blouse.

 When he had it completely open I could see her breasts were about the same size as mine and her nipples were hard already. As he started feeling her exposed breasts and playing with her areolas and nipples I felt my own nipples start to tingle and get harder.

 He was kissing her neck while feeling them, first one then the other. She was leaning back in the seat and had her left arm on the arm rest of the seat so it didn't obstruct my view of what he was doing. He moved his hand down under her left breast and cupped it. His lips never left her body as they moved down off of her neck as he lifted her breast up to meet them.

 Her head was tilted back and I saw her eyes close as his lips moved down over the rise of her breast until they were covering her nipple. When they got there he pressed them on to it and he started sucking on it. I watched as his fingers started to press into the flesh of her young breast pushing it into his mouth. Her head rolled from side to side and her hand kept clenching and releasing the end of the arm rest as he did.

 I undid another two buttons on my blouse and started touching my own breast and the hardened nipple on the end it. Pinching my nipple got me aroused between my legs and I could feel my vulva starting to get wet and leak a little. Squeezing my legs together I could feel the wetness on my swollen labia as they pressed against each other.

 His lips moved all around her breast kissing it everywhere. I could see her pushing her chest ahead into his lips as he did. I could see how wet and hard he nipple was as his mouth slowly moved across her chest to suck on the other one.

 She slid forward a bit in her seat and opened her legs when his other hand went on to the middle of her thigh. That movement caused the bottom of her short skirt to rise up enough so that her shaved mons and the top of her labia were visible. Her legs were tanned and I could see the tiny patch of white skin on her pubic area where her bikini must have been when she tanned.

 His hand on her shoulder dropped down on to her breast and he started playing with the nipple on the end of it as his mouth sucked on the other one. His fingers on his other hand caressed her slowly along the length of the inside of her thigh. I saw his hand start to move higher between her legs up to her slit and his fingers start running along the outer edges of her labia.

 With her legs open like they were I could see her labia were wet and swollen. His one finger went in between them, spreading them apart as he moved it up her slit to the top and up onto her puffy young hairless teen mons.

 He ran his fingertips up across the gentle rise of it pressing in as they came back down. His finger started moving around inside at the top of her vulva spreading her labia and moving in small circles on her clit.

 When he did that my other hand went onto me and started pressing the leather of my skirt around on my own mons. I rubbed my palm on it in small circles while pressing down into it. I loved the sensual feeling of the leather as it touched me on my most sensitive intimate area.

 As he rubbed her clit she started to push herself forward onto his fingers and move her hips to match the movements of his finger. He moved his fingers back down in between her labia and started pushing one of them slowly inside her. He moved it in and out very slowly and after a minute or so he inserted a second one in her too.
 He started moving in and out faster. Her mouth was open and she started to gasp for air as she breathed very rapidly. She pumped her pelvic area up and down in time with his fingers as they slid in and out of her faster and faster.

 I quickly undid the clasp at the top of my skirt and pulled the zipper down far enough that I could get a hand inside of it. I had the palm of my hand on top of my mons and my fingers spread my labia so I could get a finger inside me far enough that it penetrated my vagina. I was moving it in and out matching the speed of his finger inside her.

 I saw her grab both of the arm rests on her seat tightly. She raised her ass up off the seat and she started to gasping and moaning as she arched her back. Her legs shot straight out, and went rigid holding her up as her orgasm started. Her whole body shook and the area between her legs vibrated rapidly as it took control of her body.

 My orgasm started too as she started to climax from what he was doing to her. It was so strong that I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out. I was squeezing my breast so hard it almost hurt when I came. I was so wet I could hear squishing noises as I fingered myself. There was so much wetness coming out of my slit that my juices were leaking out over my labia and wetting the inside of my thighs.

 He pushed his fingers in as far as they would go and held them there until she finished. When she was done her ass just fell back down in the seat. He kept moving in and out of her slowly until she got her breathing back to normal. He let them come out of her, raised them to his mouth, and sucked the wetness off them as he raised his head and then gently kissed her mouth.

 She moved back up in her seat and reached over between his legs. Her fingers found the button on his pants and undid it. She pulled the zipper down. He lifted his ass off the seat and pulled his pants down far enough that his erect penis was visible. It was a big one, about seven inches long and quite thick. I could see how swollen the purple head of it was.

 He was leaking quite a lot of a sticky clear fluid out of the slit on the end of it. She took a finger and spread it all over the head. Her fingers went down around his shaft and she moved her hand up and down. He wasn't cut and when her hand came up it pushed his foreskin up momentarily hiding the head until her hand pulled it back down.

 I loved watching that as I prefer a penis that still has a foreskin. It looked so sexy as the dark swollen head would emerge when the down-stroke of her hand pulled the skin down tightly on his shaft.

 Lowering her head into his lap her tongue came out and she started licking and kissing the tip of his penis. His hand grasped her hair and pushed her mouth onto him. Holding her by her hair he moved her head up and down pushing more of his penis in her mouth between her lips each time he did. Her mouth went down farther on him each time he pushed down until she had the whole thing completely engulfed inside of her mouth.

 His hand let go of her hair and went down on her back onto her ass and started caressing it. Her head bobbed up and down taking him into her mouth completely each time she went down. As she sped up I saw him throw his head back and squeeze his eyes closed. He had what looked like an expression of pain on it but I knew it wasn't pain he was feeling. He was getting ready to come in her mouth.

 He lifted his ass up when she had him completely in her mouth and his hand came up onto the back of her head and held it down on him, his body shaking violently as he ejaculated his sperm into her mouth. She kept sucking him until he couldn't take it any more and pulled her mouth off of him.

 They sat there, them cuddling and kissing, watching the last few minutes of the movie that was playing after all three of us got our clothing done back up. When they got up to leave she looked at me and smiled when I grinned at her and gave her two thumbs up.

 The next movie came on and it was like one of my fantasies come true. On the screen there was an older man undressing a young girl that looked to be close to my age and body type. She was dressed in an outfit that wasn't too much different than what I had on except for the gloves. They were sitting on a couch and he had one arm around her with his hand on her shoulder. His other hand was undoing the buttons on her blouse.

 I had just had an explosive orgasm a few minutes ago and what I was watching started turning me on again. I was getting more worked up by the minute. I closed my eyes for a second and let my imagination take over my thoughts. I started thinking of myself as the girl in the movie. In my mind I could feel his fingers touching me as I watched what they were doing on the screen.

 When I opened them up I noticed a movement to my right. I had been so busy watching the couple in front of me and playing with myself that I hadn't noticed an older man sit down only three or four seats away from me.

 I looked at him and we just smiled at each other briefly. He was well dressed, quite good looking, and looked to be in pretty good shape for his age. He looked to be somewhere in his mid to late fifties.

 I thought to myself, OH MY GOD, how long has he been sitting there? Did he see what I was doing to myself as I watched the couple in front of me?

 I wasn't an exhibitionist and had never done anything like what I had just done with anyone watching me before. I got so embarrassed sitting there wondering how much he had seen. My hands started to nervously shake as I reached into my purse. I needed a smoke to calm me down.

 I opened my purse and fumbled with the package of smokes with my trembling fingers until I finally managed to get a cigarette out of the package. I searched for my lighter but couldn't find it. I had forgotten to put it in when I got my little clutch purse ready.

 He was smoking and he looked over towards me and noticed me going through my purse with the cigarette shaking between my lips. He asked me if I needed a light and I nervously said; yeah thanks, I seem to have forgotten my lighter. He stood up and reached in his pocket, got his lighter out, and came over to me. He lit it and held it out to me. I had trouble keeping my cigarette in the flame because of how much I was shaking. Once I got it lit he sat down in the seat right beside me. 

 I was so nervous with him sitting there I couldn't get my hands to stop trembling thinking about what he might have seen. He looked at me and asked if there was something wrong. I tried to answer him but my voice wouldn't cooperate and I just kind of squeaked out feeble sounding no.

 That's quite the sexy looking outfit you're wearing he said. I like younger girls, especially when they are dressed like you are. I like the leather skirt and jacket. You've got beautiful legs and I like how the nylons and the garter belt make them look.

 I froze when he reached over and ran his fingertip along the top of my thigh. They feel really nice and soft. None of the panic signals my brain was sending to my body seemed to be able to turn into actions. It was like I had been hypnotized and couldn't talk or move to stop him. I was both scared and aroused watching and feeling his fingers as they touched me.

 It looked like you were having a lot of fun watching those two before he said. Too bad you didn't have anyone here with you to help you out. I got my voice back somewhat and managed to ask him how long he had been sitting there. Ever since you unbuttoned your blouse and started feeling your breasts he answered.

 I'm not the kind of girl that normally likes to show off like that in public I said. I'm sorry; I wouldn't have done that if I had realized you were sitting there. No need to apologize he said, I enjoyed watching you. You're very pretty and have a most beautiful body. It turned me on and got me quite hard watching what you were doing. I hope it felt as good for you as it looked to me. Totally embarrassed, I must have turned fifty shades of red when he said that.

 I felt his leg touching the outer side of mine and he kept running his fingers along my leg going higher on it each time he moved it towards me. I hadn't been able to say stop or make a move to stop him before as he spoke so he must have thought it was okay to continue touching me.

 I was still so worked up from the action that had just played out in front of me before that his touch was getting to me. It started feeling really good and I didn't want him to stop. The combination of what was going on in the movie and my mind going to my older man fantasy turned me on even more.

 He rested his palm on the top of my thigh. His fingers were pressing lightly on the bare skin on the inside of my leg just above the top of my nylons and I felt his thumb moving back and forth. As we sat there his hand started moving just slightly and he increased the pressure of his fingers on my leg.

 His hand was now starting to go up under the hem of my skirt. I moved my other leg against it to hold it in place when he started to move up towards my vulva. My mind had gone into my fantasy watching what was happening on the screen and feeling his hand on my leg.

 He got his hand out from between my thighs, moved his left arm up over the back of my seat and rested his hand on my shoulder. His other hand went to my leg. Instead of going under my skirt it moved up along the top of my skirt until his palm was resting on top of my mons. 

 The hand on my shoulder moved downward until his fingers ran over the top of my breast. Running down it across my areola two of his fingers gently pinched the nipple that was poking through my blouse. My head was spinning unable to figure out what to do next. The combination of watching the couple on the screen and what he was doing it had me so aroused I let myself go imagining it was me and him in the movie.

 I knew I shouldn't be letting him molest me like he was but I was so worked up and deep into my fantasy by then and didn't want it to end. I heard him say; this skirt is in the way. I felt him move his hand off me and start to undo the clasp at the top of my skirt. I should have stopped him right there but I was so worked up that I couldn't stop him. I felt the zipper being pulled down all the way to the bottom.

 His hand went under the open edge of my skirt and moved it across my legs exposing everything to his eyes. I was frozen, unable to make him stop. I was so sexually excited I just couldn't stop him doing what he did next. His hand moved over and he placed it so that his palm was on top of my mons and I felt his fingers resting on the edges of my labia.

 Without thinking I opened my legs up for him to allow him access to me. I wasn't in control any more; my sexual fantasy had completely taken over me. I needed to be touched and caressed.

 When his fingers moved down they came to rest on top of my labia with one of them pressing in between them. I was so wet he had no trouble curling his middle finger up and going right inside me. He started to move it around brushing the tip of it against the opening of my vagina.

 His other hand had moved around on my breast on the outside of my blouse and he was playing with my nipple. Like a robot obeying commands I unbuttoned my blouse when he whispered in my ear for me to do it. His hand went around my exposed breast and he lowered his head. I felt his lips go over my nipple and his tongue running around my areola. I moved a hand up to the bottom of my breast and started pushing it into his eager mouth.

 As he was sucking me the hand on my vulva came up and pulled my hand off my breast and down now to his leg. I heard his zipper being pulled down and could feel him taking his penis out. He took my hand and moved it back onto his erection. My fingers closed around it and he moved his hand back to my vulva.

 He went back to running his finger along and pressing in between my swollen labia again. I tightened my grip on his penis when I felt him go between my labia and a finger penetrated deep inside me. That time it went right inside my vagina. He started to slowly move it in and out. I felt my vagina pulse; gripping it trying to pull him in deeper each time he moved his finger back and forth.

 My breathing got deeper as I felt my orgasm get closer and closer. I slid my ass forward on the seat to make it easier for him to go in me further. I grabbed hold of the ends of arm rests tightly with both hands.

 I was having a hard time getting enough air and my breathing sped up. My exposed chest was rising and falling with each deep breath I took.
 He took his thumb and moved it so it was on my clitoris and started rubbing it while pushing his finger in and out of my vagina. That triggered start my orgasm. I lifted up off the seat clenching my ass cheeks together and pushed my vulva as hard as I could against his hand.

 My whole body went stiff as my ass rose up off the seat. My legs pressed tightly together holding his hand in place, stopping him from withdrawing his finger as I started to come.
 As I came my whole body shook. It was the longest orgasm I had ever had and it felt like it would never stop. I was flooding his fingers with my vaginal lubricants as I did. I had never had that much come out of me before.

 When it ended I fell back into the seat completely drained of all my strength. I was so weak that I couldn't move. It felt like every muscle in my body had turned to mush.
 He reached over and took my left hand and pulled it across me and placed my fingers around his erection again. His hand came off my breast and went to the back of my head his fingers going into my hair. I felt him grab a handful of hair and he started moving my head towards his lap.

 I saw the clear precum leaking from the slit at the end of the swollen purplish coloured head of his erect penis in my hand coming closer as he pushed my head down. I knew what was going to happen next but I was still weak from my orgasm and didn't have the strength or will to fight him. I could see that he had shaved his penis like I did my vulva and the skin on it felt very soft and smooth.

 My lips touched the head of his penis and I heard him say; suck it. Opening my mouth I felt it slide between my lips filling my mouth. My hand went down the length of it and I felt the smooth skin of his ball sac. He started lifting and lowering my head, his penis going in and out of my mouth. Again he said; suck it.

 I started sucking and massaging his balls. It didn't take long. I felt his sac tighten up and his penis start flexing. His hand held me down on him when he started to come. His penis was so far inside my mouth that when his semen erupted out of him I had no choice but to swallow it all.When he was done he lifted me off him and moved me back over into my seat. I was still swallowing and tasting his as he cum, too exhausted to move.

 When he finished lifting me back into my seat he stood up, tucked his shirt in, and did his pants back up. I saw him reach a hand behind himself. When his hand came back around it was holding his wallet.

 He opened it and removed a bill. That was very nice he said. I'll be here next week, same time. If you're free, meet me here then. He placed a one hundred dollar bill in my hand, then turned and walked away without saying another word.

 I just sat there holding the money. My blouse and skirt were both completely open, exposing everything, my bare breasts, vulva, thighs and legs. It took a minute or so for me to gather my thoughts. I realized he must have thought that because of the way I was dressed and what I had let him do to me that I was a young hooker.

 We had been the only ones there when all that happened and I realized that I needed to get myself dressed again before anyone else came up there. The first thing I did was to button up my blouse so my breasts would be covered if anyone did come. They couldn’t have seen me from the waist down but they sure would have seen my exposed breasts.

 I managed to get it done up just a few seconds before another couple came up. They sat down a few rows ahead of me. Watching the movie they didn't see me doing up my skirt.
 I just sat there, unable to move yet, looking at the money clutched in my hand. I couldn't believe what had just happened to me. Slowly everything started to sink in and I started shaking again, this time it was my whole body not just my hands. OH MY GOD! I had just had sex with an older man and gotten paid for doing it.

 I got up and left after the shaking in my body subsided. Walking was hard, my head was still spinning thinking about what had just happened. My orgasm had taken most of strength I had out of me. In my heels with wobbly legs I must have looked quite awkward walking down the street going home.

 When I got home I stripped, showered and crawled under the covers in my bed. I was completely worn out and I fell asleep very fast. Later, after a short nap, I started to slowly wake up from the most erotic dream I had ever had. I had to check something out.

 I reached to where my clothes were for my little purse. I was still not fully awake and wasn't sure that if what was going through my mind was me recalling the dream or had it really happened. Reality set in when I opened it up. It shocked me and my jaw dropped when I saw the money he had given me. As I lay there, thinking about it, I realized that two of my longest running fantasies had been fulfilled.

 The only fantasy I had left now was to have sex with another girl. I can’t wait for that to happen. I love the taste of my pussy and want to see if another girl’s tastes as good.

 I started touching myself between my legs thinking about what I would do with another girl and how nice it would feel when it happens.

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