Claire's Story

Claire's Story

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The first outing for young Claire as a high class prostitute/call girl with two rich businessmen


The first outing for young Claire as a high class prostitute/call girl with two rich businessmen


Submitted: November 24, 2015

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Submitted: November 24, 2015



Claire’s Story

 Entering the lobby of Hotel Plush, the most expensive hotel in Los Angles Claire hesitated for a moment thinking over what she was about to do. She sat on one of the luxurious couches garnering her courage and resolve to actually go through with it. It was her first time out as a young high class hooker. Claire was meeting her first clients that were staying there in the penthouse suite owned by their company. 

 They were two very rich middle age millionaires who liked to have sex with submissive young girls. They were local men who worked as foreign executives for an international oil company in one of the oil producing nations in the Arabian Middle-East. 

They used the company suite for meeting young prostitutes when in town. They were very generous if the girl obeyed all of their requests and commands. If she did everything they wanted without giving them a hard time she was handsomely rewarded as she left.

 At twenty years old Claire was studying as an English major in university. Her striking beauty and exquisite looks drew the attention of every male and a lot of females as she passed. Taller and thinner than most young girls at 5'9" tall, weighing just over one-hundred pounds, she had the alluring looks, grace, and body of a top fashion model. 

 Claire’s long thin legs seemed to make her glide her tiny feet across the floor when she walked across it. Like a model, one foot in front of the other, her ass and hips had just the slightest sway to them as she moved. Her feet were encased in soft black suede thong type spike heeled sandals with leather lace straps that wrapped over her feet and up her tight calves. Her most alluring features besides her legs were her eyes, long hair, breasts, and slim torso. 

 She had the most captivating hypnotic deep blue eyes. Claire could melt a man's heart and make it start to pound in his chest just by looking into his with them. Like shimmering pools of water after a rainfall, light reflected off of them. They twinkled like little stars set in her beautiful face when it struck them.

 Her silky, long honey-blond hair cascaded down over her shoulders. It fell softly down, covering her whole back, all the way to her firm young ass cheeks. It moved from side to side on her back, swaying like it was being blown by a gentle breeze, as her shoulders and hips moved when she walked.

 Claire had the most perfectly formed B-Cup breasts. Small mountains of feminine flesh they stood out from her chest proudly with no need for a bra to support them. They were full and firm with their cleavage creating a tiny valley in between them on the times that she elected to wear one. 

 Rising out from her young chest they were topped by two small circular amber coloured areola with dark pink nipples that would swell and get hard when she was aroused. Their color was in stark contrast to her lily white skin. It seemed to make them stand out even more than they already did.

 Claire's sleek legs were longer than most girls her age. They were topped with well toned thighs that had a small gap between them where they met at the top. Exercise and yoga kept them firm but not muscular without any fat on them. 

 Her torso was slim creating a body that men lusted after. Claire's facial features were the perfect picture of innocence. Her smile revealed pearly white teeth behind a pair of thin sensuous red lips. She was so beautiful she could have any man or woman she ever wanted to have.

 She chose to remain unattached because she was unable to resist or control her body when her mind's strange and compelling urges too control of her. Behind her outer look of innocence lurked a dirty minded young creature that fantasized about taboo sex and yearned to be dominated and used. 

 The prostitution was going to be a way for her to fulfill, with complete strangers, the deprived urges of her dirty young mind's sexual fantasies when they overwhelmed and consumed her. She was going to be able to realize them without any of her friends knowing of them.

 Claire lived alone in a small apartment. She preferred it to living with anyone so she would be free to indulge in her fantasies. It allowed her to engage her second favourite secret activity of having sex with young lesbians when her tastes turned that way.

 Like a lot of her lesbian lovers Claire liked to keep her mons, labia, and everything under them waxed smooth. Her mons rose out from her body slightly like that of a much younger girl's did. It had a gentle slope at the bottom of it down to the top of her labia. It showed her puffy slightly darker labia clearer than if it was covered by hair.

 Her soft petal-like inner labia were a soft pink color and hung out just the slightest amount, down in-between the outer ones. When her lovers spread them open with their fingers to expose her tiny pearl shaped clit they looked like delicate tiny butterfly wings.

 Gathering her courage and trying to not let her arousal show, Claire rose from the sofa and walked to the elevator. Inside it after the doors were closed she entered the code she had been given that would take her to the floor where the penthouse suites were and signal her clients of her arrival. Stepping out when it stopped and the doors opened Claire could see that the top floor of the building only had four huge suites.

 Moving slowly, building her courage up to do this, Claire took a deep breath and walked to the number she had been told to go to. She could feel the natural moistness coming from within her on her labia. The small hole of her vagina deep inside her vulva throbbed in anticipation of being filled and forcefully ravaged by a hard penis.

 Claire knocked softly on the door and the electronic lock clicked opening it. From within she heard a deep masculine voice say; come in, close your eyes, and don't say a word. Standing there with her eyes closed she heard the door close and the lock click shut once she was inside the room. From behind she felt someone slip a dark silk hood over her head. A drawstring on the hood was pulled tightly around her neck preventing any light from coming in. Strong hands placed on the back of her shoulders guided her forward deeper into the room.

 Claire's legs started to shake slightly as she walked, her arousal rising within her. When they stopped, whoever was standing behind her gathered her hair in his hands and pulled down on it causing her head to be pulled back slightly. He pulled it just hard enough to cause the slightest sensuous amount of pain in the roots. 

 When they stopped Claire sensed that someone was standing in front of her also. He spoke to her saying; you may call us sir when and if we decide to let you talk. We may not. His hands came to the top of her blouse and slowly started to unbutton the little buttons holding it closed. 

 Claire felt her nipples stiffen from the coolness of the air in the room as her breasts were exposed. She heard the man in front of her speak two words; “absolute perfection”. That was all he said. His hands slid her blouse down off her shoulders and let it fall off her body to the floor behind her. 

 Her breathing got faster, the speed of her pulse increasing, as she felt the tips of his fingers run down her body over her breasts. When they crossed over her nipples it sent a shiver through her. His hands went to her waist and held her still. The man behind with one hand still pulling on her hair undid the snap and zipper at the back of her skirt and let it fall to her feet to join her blouse on the floor.

 Claire was told to spread her feet apart slightly. Not wearing anything under her skirt her body was totally exposed then, naked for them to see. The man in front let go of her waist and she felt one hand go to her shoulder grasping it tightly. The other one moved into the gap at the top of her legs. She sucked in a huge lung full of air causing her chest to rise out. 

 His finger slid in-between her wet labia, starting at the bottom of them and slowly rising up to run over her clit. The man behind her ran a finger up through the valley in the middle created by her ass cheeks. 

 His finger reached under her ass into her vulva to get his finger lubricated. Bringing it back up he forced it into her tight little hole to his second knuckle. The man in front lowered his finger and found the moist entrance to her vulva. His finger went in her through both sets of labia all the way into her now throbbing vagina. 

 Showing her no mercy they worked in perfect harmony as they roughly started forcing their fingers in and out of her. Her vulva was dripping; her vagina was trying to grip the finger being forced in and out of it. As they abused both of her holes she could tell they had done this with many a young girl before. The timing of their fingers going in and out of her was perfectly co-ordinated.

 They were rough enough to cause her pain but not really hurt her. Claire's body was responding to what they were doing. She could feel an orgasm rising from somewhere deep inside of her. Her mind raced as she realized that her fantasy of being dominated and abused was coming true. Not being able to see who was abusing her only increased the sensations her body was experiencing.

 She started to shake when it started. The man in back shoved his finger all the way inside her, her muscles there clamping down on it. As the one in front pushed his deep into her throbbing vagina his hand lifted her forcefully onto her toes and her vulva exploded. She lost control of her body as her orgasm took over. 

 It sent searing hot flashes repeatedly from her vagina, up through her stomach to her breasts and nipples, and then down her back to her ass-hole. It was like an electric shock shooting through her over and over, going in her front hole and coming out her back one.

 Claire's whole body was shaking and trembling violently as she came, her quivering legs were barely able to support her. She would have collapsed had the two men not been holding her up with their fingers in her two holes it was so powerful.

 Her vulva was like a river; the juices her body was producing flowed out of her and ran down her thighs. Her ass muscles locked on the finger of the man behind her holding him inside of her. She had never cum so hard or so long in her whole life.

 When it finished they slowly removed their fingers. Gasping and panting like a dog, Claire was trying hard to get enough air into her lungs to keep from passing out. Her heart was beating so hard and fast she thought it would burst. They allowed her to recover before proceeding.

 Undoing her hood drawstring the man in front handed her a silk sleep blindfold and ordered her to put it on without opening her eyes telling her she wasn't allowed to see their faces. He warned her they would severely beat her if she did. Doing as she was told Claire removed the hood and put the mask on, covering her eyes so she still couldn't see them. When she had it in place she was told to get on her knees.

 The man in back pulled harder on her hair forcing her head back again. The one in front of her ordered her to lick her thin red lips and get them wet. He told her to open her mouth and make a small circle with them. When he moved forward and shoved the head of his penis through them Claire could feel the sticky precum that was leaking out of it on her lips.

 In a very authoritative voice he said; suck it and don't you dare let those beautiful teeth of yours touch it. Claire moved her head forward closing her lips on the shaft of his penis below it and started sucking. Her tongue was licking the head of it cleaning the slippery liquid from the slit at the end of it.

 That's a good little girl she heard him say. Now suck the whole thing in your hot little mouth for me. He was thick and his penis almost stretched her lips as she moved her mouth down the length of it until she had it all in her mouth. She liked how soft the skin on the outside of it felt on her tongue.

 He started to slowly ease it in and out over her lips deeply into her mouth. Her mouth was so full it was almost making her gag when it went all the way in. Suck harder he ordered. Claire increased the suction as she bobbed her head up and down the length of it. He started going faster, fucking her mouth with it as she sucked.

 Claire heard his breathing get raspy and his penis start to pulse. He was getting ready to cum and fill her mouth. When she felt his penis start to throb she pulled her mouth back so that only the head and about an inch of his shaft were left inside. Rolling her tongue around it she licked his shaft and around on the head of it. She felt him stiffen and start to cum. It was hot and very thick as she felt him expel his seed onto her tongue. 

 There was so much coming out the end of it in never-ending spurts that she had trouble swallowing fast enough to keep it all inside her mouth. Never before had a man’s orgasm produced that much cum or lasted for so long while she sucked them. When he finished cumming he withdrew it slowly from her mouth. She was still sucking as he did and it made a small popping sound as the last of it passed over her lips.

 You are doing very well so far he said. You have a very talented mouth. Now stand up please. Taking her by the hand he led her into another room. He walked her forward until she felt her knees bump into the mattress of a bed covered in silk sheets. Get up on it on your hands and knees and spread your legs he commanded. 

 Doing as she was told she crawled up on the bed. He roughly pushed the top of her body down, her face landing in a pillow. Claire felt the two me crawl in beside her, one on each side. Each of them took one of her wrists in their hand and pulled them back together behind her back. 

 With her weight now supported on her shoulders one of them held them together and she felt the other gather her hair and twist it around starting at the top moving down to the bottom of it. He was it forming it into a silky makeshift rope. 

 She felt him start to wrap it around her arms below her elbows, binding her with it, pulling them together until he was at her wrists. It hurt her shoulders because in doing so they were stretched back. Still on her knees with her face pushed into the pillow she was unable to move without the use of her arms. 

 Claire started to feel the excitement of the fear of being completely at their mercy running through her body. Her arousal was peaking with not being able to see or move and not knowing what they were going to do next. It was scary to her yet deep down it was lighting her insides on fire wondering what would happen to her next.

 The one that was previously behind her positioned hisself between her legs and he spread them apart more. The fingers of his left hand ran up the soft skin on the inside of her thigh while his right one went to the cheeks of her ass. His thumb ran down the crack in between them to the bottom of her still dripping wet labia getting it wet. As he moved it back up to her hole she felt him push the full length of it into her while grasping her ass cheek with his fingers.

 His left hand came up between her legs and she felt his thumb and forefinger pinch hold on the skin of her inner labia with them. He started pulling them out of her as far as they would come causing her some pain but exciting her at the same time. That was something she liked having done to her inner lips and had her lesbian lovers do it to her too.

 When he released them Claire felt a finger go between them and go in past them deep inside her. Pulling it out he ran it up through her moist folds to her clit. His finger moved around pressing on it causing it to throb with pleasure as he moved it. Removing his fingers both of his hands went to her hips. He pulled her back towards him moving her upper body as he pulled. 

 Her chest came up off the sheets creating a space between her breasts and them. Moving his body forward she felt him guiding his penis head onto her vulva. He pushed the full length of it slowly in between her labia getting it wet and slippery as it went inside her. He pushed forward harder penetrating her with it all the way into the tight little hole of her vagina. Claire's vulva was still soaked from cumming a few minutes ago and he wasn't as thick as the other man and a bit shorter so it went into her easily.

 Holding her by the hips he started slowly moving their hips back and forth pulling his penis out and then pushing it back in. He was pulling her ass back against him tightly every time he went all the way in. 
 When he started doing that Claire felt the hand of the other man go onto her chest and start squeezing her breasts moving back and forth between them and pinching her swollen nipples. He knew how hard to pinch so that she was at the place where pleasure meets pain. 

 These two men were skilled lovers and worked like a well practiced team on her. They knew how to please her, causing her pain without hurting her yet pleasing her at the same time. They were dominating her totally and driving her crazy with pleasure with the things they were doing to her hot body. They seemed to instinctively know what the other was doing or going to do next without saying a word to each other.

 The man in back started thrusting into her a little harder and faster. Claire's insides felt like they were on fire as yet another orgasm built in her. She started pushing back harder, trying to get his penis to go as deeply as it could into her burning vagina. Sensing she was getting close he started slamming his penis in and out of her vulva as fast as he could, her ass cheeks crashing against his pelvis.

 When his orgasm started her vaginal muscles clamped onto him when she felt his cum shooting into her. The other man sensed what was happening between her legs and inside her vulva. He pinched hard on one of her nipples just as his friend's penis erupted inside of her. The feeling of the man's penis shooting cum in her vagina and the sharp pain of her nipple being pinched set her orgasm in motion.

 Thrashing around pulling at the hair binding her but unable to free herself, her vulva was literally vibrating with the feeling of him fucking her and filling her with his cum. The man at her side pinched her nipples and squeezed her breasts harder sending waves of pleasure through her chest. When they were both finished the man in the back's penis softened and he pulled out. Suddenly Claire felt a sense of emptiness as he did. 

 She fell down on the sheets when he let go of her hips and the other one let go of her. Claire was still bound with her hair around her arms. She was totally exhausted and unable to move. Their combined cum leaked out of her and formed a small puddle under her after dripping off her labia.

 The two men untied her arms and they fell to her sides. They rolled her onto her back and took turns sucking on her nipples and kissing her their tongues going in and out of her mouth through her lips. Claire was completely exhausted. She couldn't take any more.
 Please sirs; no more she whispered too worn out to talk properly. She was trying to get her breathing back to normal and her heart to slow down. They got out of the bed leaving her there lying with her ass in the pool of their combined cum that had leaked out of her insides while they went to get showered and dressed.

 When they returned they helped her out of the bed and sat her on the toilet in the bathroom. There are clean towels for you to use after your shower. Your clothing is on the counter when you get finished. Put your mask back on and call us when you are dressed. Claire quickly showered, got dressed, and put the mask back on. 

 She called out to them and they came for her. Each of them took one of her hands in theirs and led her through the apartment to the door. The man with the deep voice placed a small leather clutch purse in her hand. You can take the mask off once you hear the door close. 

 In the hallway when she opened the purse while waiting for the elevator to come she found out how rich they really were. Inside it she found five thousand dollars. There was also a small velvet covered jeweller’s gift box. Opening it she saw a fine white gold necklace with a teardrop diamond hanging on it. There was a pair of matching diamond stud ear rings, one on either side of it. 

 On the ride down in the elevator to the main floor she felt like she was the luckiest girl in the world. Her fantasy had been fulfilled and they had paid her a fortune for letting them do it for her. How much better could life get?

 She walked outside to a sunny day. The doorman hailed the waiting limo the men had arranged. Passers by looked at her like she was some kind of VIP or celebrity as she got in. Claire went back to her little apartment feeling more satisfied and happier than she had ever been before. She lay on her bed after she got home and wondered what other adventures were in store for her with her next clients as she drifted off into a blissful sleep.

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