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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

caught naked on my deck beside my pool

  It was nice outside this morning when I went for my smoke. The sun was just coming up and it wasn't too hot yet. I had my robe on but decided to take it off because I love being naked outside and feeling the sun warming my body as I walk around.
  There is a trail close to my back yard on the edge of the parkland behind my house. Sometimes in the morning I see lots of people walking on it in the morning before it gets too hot.
 There is a 5' high wooden privacy fence all of the way around the deck surrounding my pool.. You can see my swimming pool but not behind the fence in front of the sliding glass doors where I come out of my kitchen onto the deck. There is a small hill at the back of my house so the trail behind it is high enough to see down into my pool and the deck surrounding it.
  I went outside and took my robe off while I had my smoke behind the fence where anybody walking by can't see any of me except maybe my head. I really like being naked outside and feeling the rays from the sun warming my body as it comes up.  
 Most days there isn't anyonr out walking on the trail before about nine o'clock. If I see anyone approaching my place I just move to the part where they can't see my body if I am naked.
  I was hornier than usual and started playing with my cock while I had my smoke standing at the back of the pool. My fingers wrapped around its shaft started to make it swell and grow longer as it got harder. When I finished my smoke I jusstood there leaning my back against the house stroking it slowly.
 I was really getting into it and forgot to keep an eye peeled on the trail to watch for people passing by. I could feel my cock starting to throb like it does just before my cum blasts out from between the little lips on the end of its swollen head.
 I don't know what made me look up from my cock but when I did I realised I had been caught naked jerking off. There was a young lady that looked to be about twenty-five standing close to the wire fence the city had erected at the back of the properties on my street close to the trail.
 She was dressed for the warmth in the shortest form fitting spandex short-shorts I have ever seen. Her legs coming out of them were long and lean like a joggers legs.
 Her top was one of those crop top ones that barely cover the bottom of the wearer's breasts. Her breasts were out of proportion to her slim body. They looked like they were a very full C-cup. I don't know if they were implants or not but if they were her surgeon had done an amazingly good job on them.
  There was no way around it. I had been caught and she had been watching everything I was doing with my covk. As soon as I saw her standing there I used both of my hands to try to cover my erection so she couldn't see it. 
 When I started to move to the sheltered area of the deck I saw her lift her arm and start waving her arms and hands around like one does when they are motioning you to stop moving.
 I don't know what possed me to stop and turn to face her still covering my cock that felt like it had grown an inch since I had first seen her. I think it must have felt like that from the excitement of her looking at it and not freaking out and running away.
 I had nothing to loose at that point so I thought that if she wants to watch she isn't going to be running to the cops and  report me. 
 I started stroking my cock again slowly when I saw one of her hands move to her chest and go under the bottom of her top and start playing with her tit.
 When she did that it caused the bottom of her top to move up and let me see about ninety percent of her other tit and its big pink nipple poking out from the darker colour of her small areola.
 When I saw her start pinching and pulling on her other tit's nipple My hand sped up squeezing my cock's shaft that was at that point sticking straight out.
 I saw her look from side to side to see if there was anyone approaching on the trail. The coast must have been clear because I saw her flash me a shit kicking grin. Then she moved her free hand down under the waist of her shorts and started rubbing hersel between her legs where I assumed her clit was between her lips.
 The faster my habd on my cock moved back and forth along my shaft the faster her fingers moved on her pussy.
 I was peaking and almosr ready to cum when I saw her arch her back ahead and her whole body start to shake. Her legs started to wobble around and she had to let go of her nipple and grasp the wire fence when she saw the cum blast out of the end of my cock when she saw me cum.
 I stood there watching her remove her hand from her shorts after she finisged. She used it on the fence too to steady herself for a fewn moments while the effects of her orgasn faded.
 When she recovered she straitened the waist of her shorts and pulled her top back down. She smiled and blew me a kiss before walking away on her not so steady legs.
 I quickly moved to the sheltered portion of the deck and collapsed into one of the deck chairs and lit another smoke. Sitting there smoking ot I felt that last bit of cum that usually leaks out of a mans cock when it gets soft wetting the inside of my thigh.
 About a minute after she left I heard the footsteps of a couple of people walking along the gravel covered path. I smiled wondering what they would have thought if they had came down the path a few mintes earlier.
 When I finished my smoke I went back in the house and had a shower. Once I was dressed I went back outside and cleaned up the mess my cum had made where it had landed on the deck.
 I plan on going out there again tomorrow morning at the same time to see if she happens to be walking past my house then.

Submitted: July 03, 2020

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Charity Day

Such a nice view to come upon while having a walk in the morning.

Sat, July 4th, 2020 5:21pm


Thanks Chaity for reading it and your comment.
If you promise not to tell anyone I told you I'll tell you where that path is. :-))
XoxoX Ron/SWx

Sat, July 4th, 2020 1:35pm

Sarah C

What a nice surprise for her! Enjoyed this :-)

Sat, July 4th, 2020 6:26pm


It was for me too when I caught her watching me and seeing what she did.
Thanks for reading it and your commebt.
XoxoX Ron/7SWx

Sat, July 4th, 2020 1:27pm


A great way to start your morning for both of you. Nice piece.

Thu, July 9th, 2020 2:20am


Thanks Trixe for reading it and yur comment.
For both of us??
Was that you watching me?
XoxoX Ron

Wed, July 8th, 2020 7:44pm

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