Buying a New Thong

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

An older man buying a woman's thong


 I liked to wander through the lingeree section on the second floor of the big department store in our town.  I was looking at the girls thongs hanging on a rack. To me there is nothing hotter looking than the look of a young girl or middle age woman's naked ass cheeks while they are wearing a thong pulled up tightly in the crease created between them.

 I had wondered for a long time what it would feel like to wear one and feel the thin strip of material in the back pulled up into my ass crack the way females wear them. My ass hole would twitch every time I squeezed my cheeks together thinking about the material pulled up tightly between them against it while wearing one.
 There was an especially sexy looking one I liked the look of. I picked it off the rack and felt my cock start to get a little swollen as I rubbed the silky material between my fingers. It was so thin I could see the shape of my fingers through it. I was going to return it to the rack but I decided to buy it instead and find out what it would feel like to be wearing it.

 After paying for it the salesgirl said whoever I bought it for was going to be love what that one feels like when worn. She said, "I have one exactly like that and the silky material makes me feel really sexy when I wear it. I really like how the back piece feels pulled up betwee my bum cheeks."

 My cock had gotten hard when I heard her say that. It had grown with the thought of seeing her bare ass cheeks while wearing hers. When I walked away from her I had to keep the bag with the thong in front of my crotch. Anyone I passed would be able to see the buldge in the front of my slacks caused by my erection. 

 I was feeling so fucking horny that I didn't want to wait to get home to try it on and see how it felt and take a few pictures of me wearing it. I took the elevator to the basement floor where the public washrooms are. There is a short row of four urinals on one wall and a longer row of stalls on the wall facing it.

 It is an older mall and the doors to the stalls don't fit all that tightly any longer. There was a small gap on the side where they closed. I could see the urinals through it when I closed and locked it in place.

 I kicked off my shoes and then took my slacks, underwear and shirt off. My cock was still hard as I stood there bare ass naked with it swollen and pointing out when I removed them. Sitting on the toilet seat I put my feet through the leg holes and pulled the thong up as far as my knees.
 I stood up and pulled it up over my swollen cock and up inbetween my ass cheeks in the back. I found that the little triangle of material in the front was barely able to contain all of my hardon. I had to position my cock sideways towards my leg to get it all covered. The young salesgirl was right about how the thong felt on. 

 In the front the silky soft material stretched tightly over my cock's swollen shaft and its head. The outline of the size and shape of them both was easy to see with the thong stretched over my cock when I looked down. 

 Running my finger tips softly along the bottom and sides of my shaft covered by the soft silk like material felt like nothing I had ever felt before. My cock throbbed when I ran a finger tip around on the smooth soft sensitive skin on my cock's head.

 I reached behind my back and pulled it up into the crack between my ass cheeks as far as it would go. I was so excited I felt my legs start to quiver when I felt it go between them and press up against my ass hole. 

 I started running the palm of my hand back and forth softly along the bottom of my shaft. Pressing a little harder on it the material pulled back over the head of my cock and it came out of the leg hole closest to it. When I touched the little slit on the end of it I felt some precum wetting the little lips on the end of it.

 My cock was so hard I knew I was going to have to jerk off to get it to go down so it would all fit back into the thong if I wanted to keep it it on when I put my slacks back on. I pulled the material covering the shaft of my cock to the side freeing all of my erection and my ball sac. Wrapping my fingers around its shaft I started moving them up and down its length really slowly.

 I had no sooner started stroking my cock when I heard someone else walk into the washroom. Looking up from my cock through the gap at the side of the door I saw that somebody had stopped at the urinal directly in front of my stall.

 It only took me a few seconds to realise he wasn't there to take a piss. I saw his arm start to move back and forth and knew that he was starting to jerk off. I couldn't stop thinking what he would think if I opened the stall door and he saw my hardon sticking out of the leg hole of my new thong.

 I wanted to try to see the guy in front of me better so I moved closer to the gap at the side of the door. The door was a loose fitting one and it made a small noise when I got close enough to press my face against it. I knew he would be able to see me watching him through the crack at the side of the door if he turned around.

 He smiled when he turned his body towards me and caught me watching him after he heard the noise. He had turned his body to see what had caused the noise and I saw he was still holding his very hard cock in his hand and slowly stroking it.

 I could see that his cock looked to be about the same size as mine. Its darker head was shaped like a blunt tipped spear head like mine and not like the wide flattend mushroom shape ends like some cock's heads are. Watching him stroke his cock a little faster my fingers squeezed my cock and I tried matching him stroke for stroke.

 I wanted to get him in the stall with me so he could see me in my new thong with my erect cock exposed. I had a sudden urge to have us both holding each others cocks stroking them for each other and then have him suck me off. 

 Getting a blow job from another guy was one of the biggest fantasies I had had since I was a teenager. I'm not gay so that's one that will never happen except in my imagination while mastrubating.
 I new it would be stupid to do that with the new deadly covid-19 corona virus going around. So instead I backed up and opened the door. I did a slow 360 degree turn so he could see my thong pulled up between my ass cheeks. When he licked his lips when he saw me stroking my cock with nothing on besides my thong I could tell he was thinking the same thing I was.
 My other hand moved up to my chest and I started squeezing my little, old man tits. Pinching and pulling my nipples sent a shiver through my body right down into my cock and ass hole. He let go of his cock and pulled his pants down to just below his balls and then resumed stroking his cock.

 Watching me do that his other hand moved to his ball sac. He was rolling his nuts around and pulling down on his sac. We both just continued stroking our cocks slowly while watching each other for a minute or so. Gradually as our excitement built we both started jerking off a little faster.

 My hand left my tits and moved behing me and I started squeezing my ass cheek. When he saw me do that he let go of his balls and did the same thing. Both of us started beating off a little faster. I could feel my ball sac swinging around hitting the upper sides of my thighs and watched his doing the same thing.

 My excitement built the faster and harder I pounded on my cock watching him. I could tell I was almost ready to cum when I felt my ball sac contractng up on my nuts. 

 When I felt the cum start to rise up through my cock I cried out, "I'm gonna fucking cum. Are you?" He replied,  "Yes! Oh fuck yes, here it comes." The timing of our orgasms couldn't have been better if we tried.

 Within seconds of each other both of our cocks started spewing our cum out of their heads. Rope after rope shot out powerfully and fell to the floor. He was a few years younger than me and his orgasm produced quite a lot more cum than mine did. His shot out a littlr farther than mine did too. 

 As we finished squirting our hands slowed down and stopped moving. With a finger pressed up into the bottom of our shaft we both pushed the last drop of cum up and out the end of our cocks. We both had our eyes glued to the head of each others cock and watched the last drop of cum ooze out and hang there for a moment before falling.

 He turned around and quickly pulled his pants up and then turned and looked at me still standing there holding my shrinking cock. He said, "That thong makes you look so fucking hot, especially your ass." After saying that he just turned and left.

 I closed the door and locked it shut. I sat on the toilet for a few minutes calming down and then got dressed. I kept the thong on and put my underwear in the thong's bag and cleaned up my cum off of the floor. I then left to go up to the food court for something to drink before leaving the mall.

 I loved how the thong felt pulled up between my ass cheeks as I walked to my car. Driving home was different too. Sitting in my bucket seat made the thong pull up on my ass hole a little. I had to concentrate really hard on my driving to ignore the feeling it was creating in me between my legs down below.

 When I got home I took some pictures of me wearing it and saved them in the hidden folder where I keep the ones of me wearing my wife's panties.


Submitted: May 19, 2020

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Amy F. Turner

Quite the sex pot, you naughty man! Love the tale of dueling orgasms! It so nice when you don't have to cum alone. Very hot tale.

Wed, May 20th, 2020 5:02am


Awe, thanks Amy for reading it and your comment. It's always nicer to have someone close by when you cum than when you do it alone.
As for me beng naughty remember the other word that goes with the old saying, "naughty but nice."

Tue, May 19th, 2020 10:22pm

Michael Arlis

Our COVID19 tales continue to amaze the readers. That old guy was a little bit bent when he was hard.....LOL

Wed, May 20th, 2020 6:52pm


Thanks for reading it Michael ut he wasn't bent. His cock stood straight out when he had a hardon. ;-))

Wed, May 20th, 2020 8:49pm

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