In a Bad Neighborhood

In a Bad Neighborhood In a Bad Neighborhood

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


An Erotic Short About Penny & Her Mysterious Evening.


An Erotic Short About Penny & Her Mysterious Evening.


Submitted: February 01, 2015

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Submitted: February 01, 2015



The ground was wet. Penny's shoes squeaked and echoed down the alley. The urge to run was compelling. But she told herself to keep calm; running would be useless against paranoia. The walk home from the library always made her nervous. It was only a few blocks away from her apartment. But a large bank building didn't allow pedestrian traffic after 4, forcing to take the closest and ugliest alleys to avoid the long way around. Her lousy after school job gave her late hours for the remainder of the month, which meant even later hours at the library.


Howling winds accompanied the chill of the season, teased Penny under her jean jacket. Racing thoughts reminded her of the recent mugging on her street last week. A new apartment was the first thing on her list for a new life. She was on her own, and a single student doesn't have time for a decent income. Almost there, she turned the corner. The bad Chinese restaurant across the street was closed, an abnormality for a Wednesday evening. Penny reaches her apartment's stoop. Shifting her view onward she noticed the entire street was quite unusual. Lots of lights, but no sounds...


Penny twisted her key into the old rusty lock and entered the stairwell. Dim lighting and dark paneling was an eye sore on their own. But at least the feeling of security was pleasant. It was an early bedtime for this block; Penny assured herself nothing was mysterious about the night. It was natural to feel awkward, it was a bad neighborhood. She shifted her attention to the hot shower she was going to reward herself with for the long day she had had. This put pep in her step and she continued up the stairs, ready for some self indulgence.


Penny entered her small studio apartment. Lonely and quiet, she disturbed the silence with jangling keys and squeaky Chuck Taylor's. Just the thought of the steamy shower got her hot and bothered. She shed her shoes and coat leaving them behind her on the floor. She flipped on some quiet music and made a trail of clothing to the bathroom. She flipped the light switch and the mirror in front of the door showed her light pink underwear. The lace job on the panties stretches with the curves of her tight backside, groping around both cheeks and into her sweet spot. Penny bent over the tub to turn the faucets. The lights flickered as the pipes groaned, but this didn't phase her drive for satisfaction.


Her perky tits flirted with the cups her lace bra with each movement, nearly fighting to fall out. With one hand she reached behind her and freed them, and the florescent light gave the full round shape of her breasts attention. Her petite nipples hardened as Penny sat on the edge of the tub waiting for it to warm. She slowly slipped her fingers, one by one, underneath her lace panty line.


Penny removed her last piece of clothing. Her entirety exposed, she lowered her luscious body into the cast iron tub. The water was only an inch or two, leaving her curvy thighs half in and half out. She bent one knee and arched her back with anticipation, the shower head had always rocked her body in ways no one else could. She groped her pink perky tits, letting her nipples in between each finger. After positioning the hose just right, she turned the knob to release the small pulsating jet and laid back into position.


The sensation was so intense; she placed her hands back on her breasts and squeezed. But it didn't help, it was too powerful. She quickly slammed her legs together and took a breath. She couldn't help but smile and positioned herself again. The stream of water reached her pretty little pussy, and Penny let out a soft moan. Her light red hair fell off her shoulders, and bobbed in and out of the water with each bit of struggle to stay put.


The stream began to pulsate slowly, gently stroking the folds of her pussy up and down. She fought hard against the urge to move. Her back arched and her legs spread, opening the petals of her juicy cunt. Another cry of pleasure escaped her just as the stream conquered her clit. Oh, it was conquered. Caressing the sensitive area perfectly, Penny shook with pleasure. She needed to be fucked, now.


Penny began to rock back and forth in rhythm with the pulsating stream. She placed her hand on her hip and cried out with delight, she was so close. She reached around her leg and found her tight little hole. The stream was so warm she couldn't help but penetrate herself. The stream licked her repeatedly. She slipped her middle finger deep into herself. The feeling was incredible; there was no better feeling of relief. It licked her again. Her climax would wait no more.


She slipped her finger in, over and over. Her muscles tightened and she came hard, lasting for a few more pumps. The shower head stream was still aiming on target but after such an orgasm it was too sensitive. Penny struggled to sit up. She reached for the side of the tub.

"Done so soon?" A deep voice protested from the dark living room. Penny shot up in fear and reached for her towel. But the lights went out. The light shining through the window kept her towel visible. She grabbed her chest and went for it.


The water trickled down her voluptuous tits and rear end as Penny stood up. She thought to get out and run, but started to wonder if she had heard anything at all.

"Who's there?" Penny called out, wrapping the towel around her torso. She listened, hearing only the drips that hit the floor. Penny stepped towards the door when a hand touched hers. She jumped back landing in pure darkness. She was still with fear. Her eyes had begun to adjust and she could see no one here with her.


She felt a soft wind brush back her half soaked hair, sending chills down her spine and between her legs. Penny could feel her juices still soaking her sensitive pussy. She clutched her towel with one hand and shook the other that had just been touched.

"What the hell..?" She said aloud. When suddenly her towel was jerked from her body and thrown towards the door. Penny jumped for it but was viciously thrown into the wall.


The hard tile stung her pale skin. She waited for the imminent fall to the floor, but it didn't come. She kicked her legs to find footing, blinded by darkness. She was disoriented, but could clearly tell she was levitating in the air. She struggled to find something solid but failed. Flailing her arms made it easy for whoever the mystery voice was, to pin them behind her. Penny gasped but couldn't manage to scream. She felt the person push up against her back, reveling lower inch by lower inch to her touch.


This person was clearly a male. His member was pressing hard against her bare bottom, and it felt as if he was naked as well. She knew his intent was clearly malicious. But she couldn't work up the fear deserved. Penny grew even more disgusted at the thought of enjoying such an event being so sexually frustrated. All in that moment her arms were slightly released, the mystery mans grip weakening. But his member grew harder and she felt it growing in between her cheeks.

"Please..." she whispered.

"I don't want hurt you…" the deep tone froze her, but turned her on regardless. The man's hands released one of her arms and placed it in the curve of her back, encouraging her to bend over.


Penny couldn't find the floor to push back against her attacker. She turned her head to look back behind her and the other hand of the intruder made its place on the inside of her hip. She clenched her legs together but his hand didn't stop sliding closer to her crevices. She grabbed his hand.

"No, wait..." Her pleas met only by his continued pursuit. The hand gained more sensitive skin with each inch. Penny tried to push back against him but part of her just wanted to let it happen.


The tips of his fingered reached the meeting of her legs and slowly made its way in between. She could feel him reaching, squeezing into her area. It wouldn't take much more for him to be directly on target. Penny lunged forward to force his hand from its current place, she was successful. But that only gave him full access to her backside.


Penny tried to push away from him still, but he was strong. And so was his cock. He backed away just enough to place his member in between her legs. His tip dug its way in between them, slowly brushing her tight pussy. He placed both hand on the front of her thighs. The harder she protested the closer he got to her tight hole. It was too late. This was going to happen and Penny didn't have ground to stand on. She closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable.


The tip of his member squeezed in between her juicy lips. He was incredibly large, larger than any man Penny had ever been with. His persistence was a steady pace. Penny reveled as her broke through her. His tip was incredible, she felt as if he would rip her open.

"It’s too much...” She protested again,

“Don’t...” But he continued to enter her. She was thoroughly wet from her previous orgasm. It went in so easy, stretching Penny beyond her own belief. She cried out as her bent over her, pushing even deeper. The euphoria the connection gave was unreal, and wet. He began to thrust.


He drove his thick cock into her so gently, again and again. She felt a twinge of pain when he went deep, as if she would break right through her. But she was hypnotized by how full she was. He pumped her again. Her pussy was exceptionally juicy, and his hard dick stretched her with ease. She could feel the approaching climax and knew she had been had.

"Cum with me baby...” The magic man struggled to grunt into her ear. His pleasure excited her even more.


Their bodies intertwined, they rocked into each other in steady waves. Sliding deep into her hot cunt and withdrawing, muscles squeezing his throbbing cock in ecstasy. A violent shiver tore through her body at once, she came and it seemed to last forever. She moaned aloud as his cum shot deep into her, his cock pulsating through it. He moved his hand into her pussy lips, slowly caressing her clit just as her climax was ending.


They both let out a harmonious sigh, while he slowly began to remove his self. Stroking her sensitive spot all the while, Penny couldn't control her shivering. She was held and balanced in the air by a single pair of masculine arms. The well equipped man held Penny by the hips, and his tip dropped out of her. Her open, gaping pussy now revealed, slick with cum.


Penny looks up to realize the event must have gained momentum because they were no longer in the small bathroom. It was very dark and all she could feel were these large hands on her hips. They turned her around facing an unknown direction, and she felt his hips approaching hers between her legs. His hands on her ass, she felt up her attacker’s chest and found a face to identify. She felt like she could slap him but before she could have another thought, her bed was presented behind her.


The man laid her down gently, turning her to the length of the bed. Penny was so confused by the concern in his movements. He slipped his hand from behind her back, as Penny's eyes recognized the small stereo light, giving her a sense of direction. She could see where her bedroom door was; as this hand released her she began to realize that he should be blocking that view. His lips found hers with a tender kiss, but her eyes where open and she could still see that light...


She felt his face, and stretched her eyes wide. His hands left her body, and he backed out of her embrace. She could still see that light. Desperately confused, Penny did not remove her gaze waiting for something to cross into that doorway and far away light. Without looking away, she reached for the nightstand lamp. She hit the switch quickly and the light filled her sectioned off sleeping area. The room was empty. She crawled toward the end of her bed and peered through the dividing shelving, but she saw no one in the living area.


Her apartment appeared empty. Covering herself with a sheet, Penny searched her apartment. The strangeness of it all left Penny in awe. Confusion was all she had left, her body drained from the act. She was certain of what just happened.


Something had left her exhausted... what left her exhausted? What just happened? She pulls her floral sheets along as she went to sit in her bed.


When did the music stop? She was sure she turned the radio on... when did it go off?


She zoned out on the blue radio light, and leaned back on her head board. She wrapped her arms around her legs, and felt the lingering sensations her pussy was giving her.


She was overwhelmingly sad. The moment... a dream or not... was unreal. Penny had lost her mind.


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