Are You Sure..?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Vivian is tired of being the only girl she knows that hasn't had her Mayflower christened. So what’s the solution? Sneak away with a sexy, experienced older man and drive that big ship into harbor.


I ran towards the light. My bare feet hardly touched the ground, as I raced to reach the back porch before my stark naked boyfriend behind me. I'd never been skinny dipping before tonight. Hell, I'd never lied to my family to be with a man before either. But so far all the reckless choices I’ve made tonight have lead me here, and that’s exactly where I wanted to be. As a skipped up the steps, capricious as I could possibly be, I couldn't recall ever having such fun. I grabbed the scratchy blue blanket off of the porch swing where earlier that night, Dylan almost had me. As much fun as I was having, I couldn’t deny that I was incredibly nervous. But no more running and no more skinny dipping; I'm ready to fuck. I turned toward the lake to watch his glistening muscles jogged towards me.

"It's freezing out here baby," He says catching his breath, while wrapping a towel around his lower half. "You wanna go in and warm up?"

I never really got a good look at his body, and the anticipation was killing me. I couldn't even respond. I could only take his hand as he led me inside. Dylan was much older than me. No one i knew would approve of the age difference. But I wanted an older man. Well no, what I really wanted was to lose my ‘lack of experience’ at thirteen, like every other girl. But that didn't happen, and I'm not going any further into my adulthood with my v card. As far as I was concerned, I couldn’t have had a better first; luck was on my side.

Dylan led me to a mess of blankets on the couch, a warm and cozy spot by the fire. It's true; Dylan was part scum for wanting to be with someone so much younger. But he was also part sensitive, sensual, sexy, charismatic hunk. He was the perfect man for the job. He didn't hesitate to envelope me in a deep kiss. His tongue dove deep into my mouth. Then to ruin his perfect preformance, Dylan released his gravitational pull and locked eyes with me.

"Viv, you don't have to do this..." His kind words were genuine as he broke his gaze to stare aimlessly at the hardwood floor,”The last thing I wanna do is hurt you."

My marveolous choice of man, leaned forward on his knees so his athletic upper build would tease me in the fire light. It was hard not to giggle at the thought of him actually giving a shit. I didn't want him to know it, but the fact was none of that really mattered. All i wanted from him was to take my virginity and take it now. However, denying that his kindness wasnt a bonus would be a lie. I just wanted to jump on his lap, but everything I had covered under the blanket had yet to be entirely approved. The last thing i wanted was to turn him off. Instead, I leaned in slowly for a tender kiss, and was greeted by his mutual desire. My shoulder was revealed slightly, as a set of strong hands caressed my neck line. His kiss began to travel, and his hand began to discover. I clung to the blanket, but it slipped off both shoulders and the petite upper figure was nearly revealed.

Dylan kissed my collarbone, and continued to pry in between my breasts. Through the shivers, I managed to let the blanket open and lay around my waist, displaying my breasts just for Dylan. His inhibitions finally thrown aside, he laid his firm grip around each one while burying his face between them. The feeling was incredible. I was his object of play. I just wanted him to use me. My head rolled back and I let out a soft moan. Dylan responded with his hands. They caressed my hips, nearly swallowing them in his grasp. He began to maneuvered himself as well as me, down on the couch.

The strength this boy possesed was astounding to me. Without any effort, he picked me up by the hips and turned me to lie back on the cream colored couch. It was impossible not to quiver with the chill on my exposed skin, the blanket being removed from my lap, and the sheer mass of Dylan's body climbing on top of me. All at once I was shook with arousal. His hips began to press against the inside of my legs, coaching me to spread them. His smile was contagious. My nerves were overwhelming and humorous to say the least.

"You can still back out." Dylan exclaimed, taking note of my case of the giggles with his body propped up above me. He pressed into me. I could feel his member, hard as rock pushing against my sweet spot. I started to wonder just how bad this was going to be, considering his warning and what i was literally up against.

"You gotta talk to me Viv," he protested, "This is your first time, isn't it?"

"Well yeah, but...” I scrambled to explain without deterring him from me. I pressed back against him. "I want it, Dylan..."

I rocked my hips like I did when we went dancing. He seemed to agree because he kissed me hard again, and completely removed his towel. His cock brushed against my apparently wet pussy.

"You want it..." he said, as his tip spread the lips of my opening, rubbing up and down. The intensity was nearly too much. I gasped but never broke my intimate stare.

"I want it..." I managed to whisper.

He slid his cock in the same motion again, this time nearly making entry. I laid back and folded my arms above my head and Dylan reached to direct his member.

 "Are you sure?" He looked at me with consideration and I anxiously nodded my head to confirm. "Take a deep breath." His final words before he leaned to kiss on my neck a little more. All while continuing to rub his throbbing tip against me. I arched my back and inhaled deeply, letting out another soft moan.

Dylan's chest met mine and he leaned in to enter me. I felt his tip land on target, and he gently began to pursue. It hurt a little. I could feel his head broaden my opening. It was in. I exhaled and Dylan gave a forceful groan. It slid slowly but with ease and I couldn't help but let out celebratory cry. I couldn't move without feeling like I was going to hurt myself or Dylan, so I just laid back and kept my legs spread wide. Dylan’s hands grabbed hold of my hips and he gave one final quick shove. I opened my eyes, just as Dylan was opening his. We both notice at the same time he was completely inside of me, and quickly the passion became real.

He collapsed partially on top of me and I wrapped my arms around his neck, mostly to hold on for the pain. Dylan started to drive into me. Thrusting with a weakened shove, one after the other. It was so sureal I forgot I had to live up to his previous encouters and i fell victum to the pleasure. Everything was so wet. It didn't hurt like I thought it would. With each struggling pound he slid out and in with ease. I didn't realize how loud and intensely I was moaning. Dylan's hot breath panted in my ear. I couldn't believe how amazing it felt, considering his exceptional size. He kept a slow pace, but he shook increasingly with each push.

"Damn, that's tight. "He managed to prop his self up and look down at me. "I'm gonna go a little faster, k?"

Dylan and his glistening body picked up the pace before he could even finish his sentence. His face was strained, his eyes were closed but he had a thrilling little smile that was even sexier from underneath him. I was so happy to see him enjoying me I didn't notice the quivering sensation I was having. Dylan's thrusts became longer; he pulled back farther, and I looked down to watch his cock bounce in and out of my tingling cunt.

 The pain, if any had gone. All I could feel was pleasure, almost too much pleasure. My hips jerked as I felt the juices run down my ass. I tensed up all over, and Dylan slumped over me to let out another overexcited cry. His backside tensed in my hands as he gave me his last few pumps and I could feel his hot cum fill all the spaces in me his fat cock hadn't already. I threw my head back and shouted a few more times. I just couldn’t help it. Dylan had wrapped his arms underneath me and his hands came over my shoulders, sort of like a hug. He was still deep inside of me and although the orgasm had passed the sensitivity and tingling was still present.

I lay there underneath him, exhausted but so still full. We both struggled to catch our breath but didn’t dare pull out. I could feel everything dripping, and although there was no movement from any of us, it felt just as good as the sex. It was almost electric, and so close to climax it was strenuous. Dylan seemed to feel the same way; his breath never steadied and his arm secured his position with a firm gasp on my ass. He grabbed the blanket from the floor, scooped my up and placed me on top off him. I went to get up but he stopped me, and held me close. It felt right, so I just laid there on his chest. Wrapped in a blanket together, our bodies intertwined, the moment was incredible. I don’t know when or how but eventually, even through the sexual ecstacy... I fell asleep….

Submitted: April 20, 2015

© Copyright 2023 storiesBYpirate. All rights reserved.

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I like it, the sexual energy was flowing!

Tue, April 21st, 2015 2:32am


So sweet... It felt as though we were there with you, enjoying the pleasure of your new birth!

Tue, April 21st, 2015 4:49am

Laura Lewis

My god youve written everyone's dream first!! It was so descriptive and the balance between the physical and the emotional was perfect

Tue, April 21st, 2015 8:06am


Waw. The detailed description was amazing. Excellent job

Tue, April 21st, 2015 5:24pm

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