The Taking of Jill: Ch. 01

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A slow fire burning....

This is the result of a request from an Aussie woman named Jill for a "hot, romantic story involving a beautiful woman who is taken from her husband by another man."

~ ~ ~

Standing before her full-length closet mirror, Jill debated how far she should go with her outfit for work that day.

While always a bit of a flirt anyway, she had to admit that more and more she'd really been enjoying the reactions she was receiving lately from men - and even many women - when she flirted. She was especially enjoying the escalating flirting game she had been engaging in with Trent, her incredibly sexy co-worker.

Trent was every bit as hot as she was, and the fact that the company stud had decided to make Jill the object of his latest attentions only heightened her desire to play her flirting game.

Whereas she was classically beautiful with perfect suntanned skin and long, silky black hair framing intensely bright emerald eyes, Trent was rough-looking, with a darker Mediterranean complexion. He always seemed to have a five o'clock shadow to go with an unruly mop of careless black hair, and his large, sensual mouth including shining white teeth and full, kissable lips just drove her to distraction.

More than anything, she couldn't get past the depth of his deep brown eyes. His eyes were so dark that they often appeared black, which Jill found to be an immense turn-on.

There was only one thing that excited Jill even more than fiery dark eyes: the idea of hot, nasty sex, especially with a gorgeous man sporting a really large cock. That's what turned her on more than anything.

Trent very obviously possessed just such a cock, the conspicuous bulge of which she loved to admire in his business slacks. She could usually make out its length and shape quite clearly, including the heavily ridged circumcised head. Seeing Trent's dick on such tempting display always made her mouth water.

Supposedly he never wore underwear either, which was another major turn-on for her.

She didn't find that notion difficult at all to believe. Besides the way it moved so freely and showed so vividly in his slacks, she had also become quite adept at 'accidentally' brushing her ass against his lengthy bulge whenever she found herself in tight quarters with him.

'He looks like a fucking vampire; a vampire with a beautiful cock,' she thought.

Jill often wondered how Trent got away with looking so casual and downright rough in such a professional work environment. Then she thought about all the water cooler gossip among her female co-workers regarding how "well hung Trent is" and how "voracious his appetites are in bed." Many of her friends at work, including Jennifer, the owner of the company, were always telling her how much they enjoy his "huge, hungry cock."

Jill's boss was married; happily married, in fact, and Jill thought that Jennifer had always been faithful to her husband. One day over lunch, however, that notion was blown out of the water when Jennifer couldn't help but giggle about Trent's cock and how that very morning in her office he had just torn her apart with it. She was ecstatic, raving to Jill about all the wild sex they'd been having.

'Now Trent seems to be turning his attention to me,' Jill smiled to herself, anxiously perusing the sexier outfits in her closet. 'It's about time,' she thought, her smile curling into a mischievous grin.

While truly not the least bit vain or arrogant, nevertheless Jill knew she was gorgeous; people made that perfectly clear to her practically everywhere she went. She knew she wasn't merely 'pretty,' 'cute' or 'attractive.' She also wasn't just 'doing well for her age,' which was not yet an issue for her at a very youthful-appearing thirty-one.

She was under no illusions that she was anything but a total knockout, at least whenever she wanted to be. Even her husband's friends could barely contain themselves around her.

Ah yes, her husband. Jill was married; which, at that particular moment, she rather regretted.

Her husband was a good man and a caring husband, she had to admit. Always faithful, never short-tempered, he was very understanding and supportive. He'd been a great friend, and over their six years of marriage they had managed to carve out a nice, comfortable existence together.

"Comfortable," Jill said with derision, gazing into her closet's mirror. "I want more than 'comfortable.' I'll bet Trent would show me more than just comfort," she added with a trace of bitterness, fidgeting in her bath towel. "Why is it that everyone but my 'comfortable' husband acts like they can barely stop themselves from ripping my clothes off and fucking me senseless?" she continued, speaking to the mirror.

She began to feel angry, and a new resolve washed over her.

Dropping her towel, she said, "Well, my 'comfortable' hubby, if you're not going to appreciate this hot wife of yours, then maybe I'll give other men more of what they've been asking for."

She studied herself in the mirror, justifiably pleased with what she saw. She decided her husband was an idiot for not wanting to ravage her the moment she walked through the door every night.

Standing sidelong to her mirror, she ran her scarlet nails down her taut stomach and wonderfully ripe thighs before trailing her fingertips back up to her smooth, tight bubble ass. Inspecting herself very thoroughly, she decided that she absolutely adored her lush, sensual curves.

Many men had told her that her ass was her greatest physical asset. Touching herself, she could see their point. She knew she had a delectable bottom.

She caressed the soft, silky folds of her hairless pussy, delighted that she had treated herself to a complete waxing. Although she'd always kept her full, pouting labia and pretty pucker bare, she usually maintained a small, neat patch of dark fur above her pussy. She'd only recently stripped it utterly clean, and she savored the thought.

She had long fought a battle with herself over her pussy lips. She knew she didn't have what the men in her office jokingly referred to as a "butter knife wound" type of pussy in which almost nothing is visible except for a straight, discreet slit; the kind of pussy one expects to see on a twelve-year-old girl.

No, she had very prominent labia, like succulent rose petals. Even when she wasn't excited - which lately hadn't often been the case, since she was in a nearly permanent state of arousal - her pouting inner lips extended well beyond her outer labia. When she was totally wet and wanting a good fuck, her sex flowered open, practically palpitating.

As she studied her open, glistening pussy in the mirror, she was amazed by how eloquently it described her turned-on mood.

It was her gorgeously slutty-looking pussy, she realized, that made her finally decide to break down and wax her mons completely bare. She had guessed that her very womanly pussy lips combined with a young girl's smooth, hairless mound would make for quite the striking visual, and the image reflected in her mirror confirmed that she'd been correct.

'My pussy, not my pussy is my best feature,' she thought, stroking her slit with painted fingertips. Covering them in silky wetness, she brought them one by one to her mouth, tasting herself. 'Mmmm, definitely my pussy.'

Flexing her thighs, she again admired their sleek, rounded lines. She loved how her legs looked so strong leading up to her smooth, blemish-free ass, which had no sag at all, she noted with pride.

Turning her back to the mirror, she also noted the beautiful gap at the top of her thighs, thrilling over the way it framed her gorgeous sex so invitingly.

Again turning sidelong to the mirror, she arched her elegant back while cupping her large, firm breasts.

Stacey, her friend at work, always told everybody that Jill's breasts were her best physical feature. As Jill studied them in the mirror, she couldn't really argue the point. She hefted her breasts and released them, once again noting with satisfaction that despite their ample size they merely bounced once before coming to rest. They didn't flop or sag at all.

'Perfect tits,' she thought, caressing her outrageously erect nipples.

Jill's areolas were rosy pink, and they glowed in beautiful contrast to her warm skin tone. She truly had the longest, thickest nipples she'd ever seen. Not even her sisters' nipples were quite as prominent, though their breasts were just as large.

Between her incredible breasts and those tantalizing nipples, Jill felt truly blessed.

She tugged on them, laughing to herself, 'I'm like a female version of Trent the Vampire, with his big cock! We belong together!'

Noticing that it was getting late and she had better get a move on if she hoped to catch her train on time, she stopped playing with herself and began to get dressed.

Deciding that she really wanted to up the ante that day with her flirting, she pulled out her sexiest work skirt. Though not as tiny as any of the micro-minis she typically wore to go clubbing, it was the shortest one she could hope to get away with while maintaining at least the facade of professional business attire. It probably was still too short for work, but her office had scheduled that day as their once-a-month "Casual Friday."

She grinned to herself, 'Screw 'em if they can't take a joke. I'm going to have some fun today.'

The skirt was a skintight charcoal gray wool number that only extended eight inches below her pussy, and the four-inch slits on each side exposed quite a bit more thigh. Trying it on, she realized it was shorter than she'd thought. She knew she would have to be careful how she sat.

Debating between tops, she first picked out a business blouse in sheer black. She wanted to wear it braless but knew there was no way she could get away with that at work, not unless she never took off her jacket.

Since it was going to be a warm day, she decided against the blouse. Instead she pulled on a formfitting, uncommonly thin turtleneck sweater. It was made from a light, breathable cotton, so it wouldn't be overly hot, and it described her torso like a second skin. Her nipples were screaming beacons in that top. Because the material was black, it wasn't too very see-through, yet she could still clearly make out the sexy silhouette of her breasts and nipples.

'Bra, or no bra?' she pondered, turning to check out her profile in the mirror.

Her nipples were scandalously obvious. It was almost obscene.

'So? Lots of women in the city show their high beams,' she decided, giggling to herself.

Having already shaved and creamed her legs to a smooth, glossy finish, she opted to leave them bare.

'Panties, or no panties?'

She sat on the bed and crossed her legs, facing the mirror. Without a doubt, she caught a glimpse of her naked pussy. She tried it again, crossing them more carefully.

It was close.

She stood and faced away from the mirror to check her coverage from the rear. Bending from the waist as if she were leaning over a desk, she saw that the tops of her thighs showed, but no ass or pussy. She bent over a bit more, the way she would if she were retrieving something from a low filing cabinet.

Pussy lips. Pouting pussy lips and perfect ass crescents.

'So hot,' she thought.

Just to be funny she slid her skirt up a little higher, until she could see her asshole; flexing it, making it wink, she made herself laugh.

Moving over to her dresser, she pulled out a pair of transparent silver bikini panties. After slipping them on, she moved back to her spot on the bed in front of the mirror where she again tried crossing her legs.

She caught a flash of silver and a hint of her slit.

'Nice,' she smiled.

Uncrossing her legs, she sat up straight and brought her knees together.

She could still see all the way up her thighs to her silver panties. Her slit wasn't visible, though. Giggling to herself again, she wantonly spread her legs; she could see her entire pussy, only lightly shrouded in a silver haze.

Standing and bending at the waist until her panties came into view, she saw her ass crack and full pink lips through the sheer material.

'Perfect,' she thought. Her tiny panties would allow her to show her pussy and do some serious flirting while still maintaining a necessary modicum of plausible deniability. 'Besides, if a naughty opportunity presents itself, I can always just slip them off.'

Smiling to herself, she decided to wear them.

She slid on a pair of black pumps, noting that the sexy heels made her tits and ass stand out even more attractively while also making her legs look absolutely spectacular.

Grabbing her small purse, she headed for the door.

~ ~ ~

"There she is!" Gary blurted to his buddy Darren.

Gary and Darren were a couple of casually dressed business types waiting for their train to arrive. Jill had just walked up, and was waiting too. Standing only a few feet in front of them, the backs of her bare thighs shone golden in the morning sun.

Gary and Darren had noticed Jill on other occasions during their daily commute, so they were really looking forward to that morning's train ride.

"Look how short her skirt is today!" Darren guffawed.

"Jesus, could you possibly say it any louder?" Gary hissed, elbowing him.

The train arrived, and the doors whooshed open. Jill moved up the steps, her two admirers falling in right behind her.

Darren made a goofy gesture, as if he was going to duck his head beneath the back of Jill's skirt.

Gary did him one better, quickly slipping his cell phone under her skirt to snap off a few pictures.

Climbing the steps, Jill's ass was directly in Darren's face. He hung back a bit, trying to get a clear shot up her skirt; when she reached the last two steps, he was rewarded with a beautiful vision of heavenly pussy through sheer panties.

"Dude!" he exclaimed excitedly.

Turning to see what the commotion was about, Jill immediately realized she was giving the two guys behind her a perfect upskirt shot. She smiled to herself and flashed them a sexy grin before continuing on up, her two admirers following closely behind.

Since she knew she had a good twenty minutes before the train would arrive at her stop, she moved to the back of the car.

The guys moved all the way to the back as well, only one close body-space behind her.

The car was full, so Jill had to stand while holding the grab rail above her head. Her position stretched her torso taut, forcing her to thrust her chest out. The speeding train occasionally jostled everyone, making her braless breasts quiver beneath her clinging lightweight top, she noted with satisfaction. She enjoyed the feeling of knowing people were staring at her beautiful legs and gorgeous tits, and her nipples grew erect.

Though she hadn't been paying any attention, her car had somewhat emptied out following a few stops. She was lost in her own world, thinking about the flirting fun she hoped to have that day with Trent. She was also beginning to regret her decision to wear panties, knowing she'd just given her two leering admirers such a perfect upskirt shot.

She didn't move to take a seat, and neither did the guys. Although he wasn't touching her, Gary had stepped up close behind Jill, while Darren had positioned himself to her side. With the only other occupants sitting in the middle and forward sections, the three of them had the back of the car to themselves.

Darren motioned for the camera, and Gary passed it over to him. Darren again slipped it beneath Jill's skirt, where he shot a few more pictures before passing the camera back to his buddy.

With an eager grin, Gary began scrolling through the pictures.

When Jill caught his goofy grin, he gave her a lopsided smirk. She also caught the smile on Darren's face as Gary passed the camera right back to him.

Curious, Jill wanted to see what they were looking at, especially after Gary gave her another dopey grin when Darren again handed him back the camera. They were both smiling at her, and she ping-ponged her glance back and forth between them.

"Okay, what are you two smiling so goofily about?" Jill finally asked, breaking the ice.

"Oh, nothing," Darren said, grinning at Gary.

"Yeah, is it so unusual for two guys to smile at a beautiful woman? I'm sure you get that all the time," added Gary.

Jill gave him a wry smile. "Sure, whatever. What's with the camera?"

"Should we show her?" Darren asked, teasingly.

"Nah. She wouldn't want to see."

Jill rolled her eyes at them. They seemed totally harmless, plus they were after all on a public train. She offered them a cute smirk. "Okay, fine, I'll play your little game. What's on your camera, since it has you two mooning at each other like a couple of love-sick gibbons?"

Gary laughed, "You've got it all wrong, pretty lady. We're not the ones doing the mooning," he said, conspicuously leering down at her skirt before raising his smile back to her face.

"You're not the ones doing...what? Huh? You...oh, wait. You didn't..." Jill said, finally catching on. "Tell me you didn't."

"We did!" laughed Darren. "Still wanna see?"

Jill made a quick lunge, trying to snatch the camera from Gary, who raised it high above her head. She reached up to grab it, forcing her breasts to press against him. Gary let her hop up and down a bit before tossing the camera to Darren, who made a big production of scrolling through the pictures.

Deciding to try a different approach, Jill turned to Darren with her hands clasped innocently behind her back. "Pweeeeease?" she asked, all sugary sweet baby-talk, giving him a comically sad pouty-face.

She was enjoying their silly little game. They were both quite good-looking, and she knew they had been taking peeks up her skirt. She was becoming genuinely turned on.

She moved to Darren's side, trying to look over his shoulder at the pictures. Leaning into him, she conspicuously pressed her erect nipple against his upper arm.

Gary moved behind her so he could look over her shoulder and check out what she was seeing on the camera screen. In doing so, he also pressed against her ass.

He couldn't tell whether Jill had noticed. She'd given no response. She'd merely pressed herself even more firmly against Darren's arm.

Jill had in fact noticed. In the same way that she was pressing her breast against the one guy's arm, she felt the guy behind her intentionally pressing his crotch into her soft, smooth bottom. She didn't want the guy with the camera to move away; she wanted to see what was on that thing. She knew her nipples had become erect, which they always did at the first sign of attention, and she correctly figured that once the guy felt them pressing into his arm he wasn't about to go anywhere.

She smiled to herself, thinking, 'I can't believe this. I don't even know these guys, and here I am, letting myself be sandwiched between them on a moving train just so I can see some upskirt shots they took of my ass.'

She shook her head over her audacity. Still, she really did want to see those pictures, and Darren was letting her look as he showed them to Gary.

"This one came out great..." Darren said, showing them a picture of Jill's ass with one leg ahead of the other. Although her pussy came out a bit blurry, her deep divide showed crisp and clear; they could definitely tell that her panties were silver and totally see-through.

He clicked on the next shot, which made Jill gasp and blush. Her pussy was vividly on display; in fact, it was really nothing more than a shot of her panties-covered lips, with only a little of the bottom of her ass evident.

Jill flushed when she felt Gary's cock harden against her ass. She didn't move away; she merely shifted her stance. Gary's left hand was down by her bare thigh, seemingly trapped by their bodies pressing together.

"Guys, that wasn't very nice," she grinned, as they all continued to stare at the picture of her pussy. "You took advantage of me. You could easily get arrested for doing things like that, especially if it's the wrong person, at the wrong time."

"I couldn't help it," Gary responded. "You were definitely the right person, at the right time. Look at you. You were born for this. I mean there you were, looking the way you do, wearing what you're wearing. It was like my camera had a mind of its own. It just sort of leapt out of my pants!"

Testing the waters, he began moving his hips just a bit, dragging his full erection back and forth across her ass.

Charged with sexual excitement, Jill reached back to stroke his cock. "I don't think it was your camera that wanted to leap out of your pants," she teased, grinning over her shoulder at him.

Darren didn't know what was going on behind him. He only knew that he had an amazingly hot woman pressing her gorgeous breasts against his arm, and her nipples were obviously hard. They were standing tall beneath her thin top, calling to him for attention.

He just didn't know what to do about it. He wasn't sure what he could risk with her.

Gary harbored no such doubts. She was stroking his cock on a public train, so he slid his hand up her thigh, slowly slipping it beneath her skirt. She looked back at him, her excited eyes encouraging him to explore further, and he moved his hand to her ass. He touched her cheek where it was exposed beyond her panties; when she responded with a quiet moan and a subtle dancing of her curvy bottom, he ran his hand down the center, over her rounded split.

Glancing back, Darren noticed that she was no longer looking at him or the camera; her eyes unfocused, she had her head pressed against his shoulder.

Gary slid his hand around to the front of her panties, firmly cupping her pussy, and Darren didn't miss her sudden movement. Her hips twitched, then she quickly hunched down on Gary's hand.

Darren looked at Gary, who grinned back as if to say, "Dude! Can you believe this?"

Jill again caught their exchanged looks. She loved the way they were freaking out over her. She just absolutely loved it. They were on a public train so she knew she wouldn't let it go too far, yet once their flirty little mid-morning interlude had taken a decided turn to the erotic she'd decided to kick off her day with a bang!

"Yes," she smiled to Darren, "your friend has his hand beneath my skirt. He's touching my wet pussy."

"Dude, seriously, I am! I'm touching her pussy!" Gary said, slipping his hand inside her panties. "Oh my god, she's totally shaved! You gotta feel this!"

Darren looked pleadingly at Jill, and she nodded.

"Here, take this!" he said, frantically handing the camera back to Gary.

Jill laughed, enjoying their boyish enthusiasm. "If you two are going to take sneaky little pictures of my pussy, let's do this right. Here, hold on a sec...." Giving them a wicked grin, she reached beneath her skirt and shimmied out of her panties. After leaning forward to slip them over her heels, she stood and held them up for the guys to see before dropping them into her purse.

"That's better," she said, taking Darren's hand and placing it over her moist sex. As soon as he started fingering her, she looked back to smile at Gary. "Take a picture of my naked pussy when I'm cumming, okay? That's the one I want to see."

She pressed her pussy onto Darren's hand, and he easily slid two fingers deep into her drenched cunt. Gasping, she bit his shoulder. "Mmmm, yes, fuck me hard. Imagine it's your long, thick cock pounding my married pussy on a crowded train. Fuck me...fuck me...."

Darren drove his fingers inside her, and she couldn't stand still. Her ass moved in rhythm with his hand as she continued jacking Gary's erection through his pants.

Though Gary tried to hold the camera near her pussy, their bodies were moving so much that he couldn't keep it steady.

Darren pulled her skirt over her hips before taking the camera back from Gary. Jill's pussy was completely exposed, as was her naked bottom, which Gary began to stroke and squeeze with both hands. She continued to give him a handjob through his pants, and he breathed in her ear, "If you keep that up, I'm going to cum."

Unzipping him, she panted, "Do it. Cum on my ass." Once she'd pulled his cock free, she hissed, "When you feel me starting to cum, I want you to cum all over my bare ass."

She was almost there.

"Just like that! Keep going! I'm...oh god, I'm about to...cum!"

She shrieked into Darren's shoulder, trying to muffle her scream as he began clicking off shot after shot of her pussy's clenching spasms on his fingers.

Feeling his leg suddenly becoming wet, he thought she'd even peed on him; that is, until he looked down and watched in total amazement as her pussy squirted clear cum.

Jill allowed herself to continue cumming; she was having her best orgasm in ages, and wasn't about to stop it. Completely letting go, she cried out as her pussy kept gushing and gushing; she simply let it happen, loving every second of her wild ride.

Gary couldn't hold out any longer; exploding against her bare bottom, rope after rope of his hot cum drenched her ass and thighs. As he shot off into her ass crack, splattering her tight little pucker and even her pussy, she sexily writhed on his pulsing length. Continuing her manic stroking of his erupting cock, she pressed the head up and down her deep divide, nearly taking him inside when his heavily ridged crown split her spread lips. His hips were jerking, and still she relentlessly tugged away on his flagging shaft, until finally he began to laugh and frantically yelp, "Stop! Stop! Too sensitive! Stop!"

Once he had calmed down, she used his shirt to wipe his cum off her ass, then she wiped her hand on Darren's pants, noticing for the first time how wet they were at the spot where she'd gushed on him.

She couldn't believe it, but she had literally soaked him with her cum! It had been so long, she could scarcely remember the last time she'd enjoyed a gushing orgasm like that, and she was ecstatic.

"Did you get the pictures?" she asked Darren excitedly, fairly beaming.

"Let's see...." He held up the camera, and they all laughed when they saw that it was dripping wet.

He scrolled through the pictures, but the new ones of her pussy cumming were all just indistinguishable blurs, like trying to see through a windshield during a heavy rainstorm when the wipers aren't working.

"Oh well, at least we got the other shots," he chuckled. "Seriously, though, I thought you were peeing on me!"

"Yes, well, I noticed you sure didn't seem to mind. You were gladly letting me pee on you. Maybe next time, hmmm?"

She flashed him another wicked grin.

He made a shocked face, and her flirty grin melted into a softer, warmer smile. "Alas, no, I wasn't peeing on you. I came so hard that you made me gush cum. God, that was so hot. Still, I can't believe I just did that! I can't believe we just did that! I don't even know you two sickos, and you just made me cum all over you on a public train!"

"Dude," Darren said, glancing at Gary, "you look like you're in shock."

"You would, too, if she just did to you what she did to me!"

He gazed at Jill in total awe.

"I wish," Darren said, smiling to her. "I wish," he repeated, again giving Jill a pleading look.

She offered him a sexy come-on grin. "Who knows? I never expected any of this to happen, yet here we are, so maybe next time it'll be your lucky day."

"It already has been!" they both said, and they laughed at themselves for saying the same thing simultaneously.

Smiling, she added, "Mine, too. That was a total blast, but I do have to get going now. My stop is coming up."

Reaching into her purse, she pulled her panties back out. "Cover me," she giggled, pushing Darren and Gary together, making them stand in front of her. She'd just noticed that their car wasn't nearly as empty as she had thought; while she and her two guys had been playing, other people had apparently boarded the train. She hadn't paid any attention, and there were at least five new people staring at her, mouths agape.

A pack of strangers had just watched her have explosive sex on a train, including a wide-eyed mother and her snickering mid-teens son and daughter.

"Oh, god," sighed Jill.

Still feeling hornier than she could ever remember, she knew she had to get out of there before she did something really crazy. She slid her panties up her glistening wet thighs, until her dripping pussy was safely covered again. After pulling her skirt back down, she sexily stretched onto her tiptoes while running her hands through her long hair.

As the train slowed to a stop, she moved towards the exit.

Darren called to her, "Wait! At least tell us your name!"

"I'm Jill!" she called back, stopping to blow them a kiss before happily bounding out the door.

~to be continued~

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