The Gifts of Summer: Ch. 09

The Gifts of Summer: Ch. 09

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The first of Summer's gifts is redeemed: Aaron blows everyone away.


The first of Summer's gifts is redeemed: Aaron blows everyone away.


Submitted: August 09, 2014

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Submitted: August 09, 2014



"Sweetie, is it true that you've been obsessing over how to dress me for tonight?"

Aaron actually blushed. "Well, I don't know about 'obsessing,' but yeah, I've been thinking about it a lot. I may never get another opportunity like this, you know?"

Smiling warmly, Summer reached across the table to clasp his hands. "Oh, you definitely will. I'll make sure of it."

Addressing the whole table, she said, "Okay, that settles it. My gift to Aaron was an invitation to design my outfit for tonight, and there was no mention of giving the entire Slobber Brigade a vote. Aaron, this one is all yours. When we get home, you're going to dress me, and I'll wear anything you want. You just need to choose."

"I already have," he smiled smugly.

"You're kidding, right?" I said, watching him in amusement. "After all your flip-flopping, now you suddenly know what you want? Okay, so which one did you finally pick?"

"The first one."

John asked, "What first one?"

Summer said, "When we opened the Christmas presents and you read your scroll, you mentioned that you really liked your gift. You had this evil little smile, as if you were already picturing it in your mind."

Aaron grinned. "You caught that? Yeah, I was. Right off the bat I had something in mind, and I'm going to stick with it. I never told these guys about it, either."

"So what is it?" asked Dave.

Summer said, "I'm dying now to find out too. How could you have already picked something that night? The only clothes you'd seen me in to that point were my sundress, my little red shorts, and the white tank top. Oh, and my Santa's Helper lingerie, plus the Sikh outfit I wore to Sonny's wedding. What did you do, bring a dress with you? You didn't even know we were going to a formal New Year's party."

Aaron said, "Okay, I'll let you in on a little secret. I've just been messing with these guys this whole time. See, despite everything I said all week, I pretty much decided on the basic outfit that very first night. I did pick up something extra, though, a couple of days ago. I wasn't a hundred percent certain about what I'd have you wear, at least not down to the last detail, but I knew this was going to be a part of it. Man, I'm so glad I got this one additional thing. It'll be perfect. You're going to be the most beautiful sight ever."

John piped in, saying, "Careful, dude, that's what I've thought a dozen times already. Just forget about it. No matter what your number one is, she'll find a way to knock it down a peg or two. It usually doesn't even take a whole day."

"Got a new one again, huh?" smirked Dave.


Aaron said, "Let me guess. Last night, when Dave spanked her...and the ice cubes."

"You got it!" laughed John, then Dave and Aaron laughed too.

Summer turned to me. "What in the world are they talking about?"

Intentionally ignoring her, I laughed right along with them, and she gave me a silly look of pure murder.

Aaron smirked at Dave and John. "Okay, along those same lines, here's another hint, and it concerns that extra thing I bought her the other day. Remember the morning on the patio, when Summer was asleep on the lounger?"

"Yeah, I remember," said Dave.

"Definitely," added John. "That was my new number one."

"Exactly," said Aaron. "It was mine too, at least to that point. Dave's deal with her, though, that might've topped it for me, just like it did for you. Still, think back to the one key moment that morning, when you gasped."

"Okay, yeah, I know what you're talking about, but what does that have to do with whatever you bought her to wear?"

"Once you see her, it won't take two seconds for you to get it. I went out looking for something very specific, and I can't believe I found it. You guys will die when you see her."

Becoming even more frustrated, Summer just glared at me.

"Hey," I laughed, holding up my palms in self-defense, "I wasn't there for whatever it is they're talking about. I don't know any more about this than you do."

Exasperated, Summer gave us the cutest little petulant pout. "Look at you monkeys, with all your secrets and riddles! Fine, I want to see what you goofballs are talking about, so let's get out of here already. God, you guys are going to drive me crazy!"

~ ~ ~

"One question," Summer said, leaning against me as we stood in our living room. With the moonlight filtering in through a skylight her hair was a shimmering fire, and her shining eyes sparkled like those of a happy child. "David, John, when are you two going to do your presents?"

"Tonight," said Dave.

"Tonight," echoed John.

She looked at them in astonishment. "Tonight?"

Suddenly it dawned on her.

"Oh, wait. The day David and I went to the beach, when you idiots lied to me about what you were doing...that was about your gifts. You guys all schemed up something for tonight during your secret little treehouse meetings, didn't you?"

She grinned triumphantly, pleased with her cleverness.

"Yep!" said John.

Catching my look of concern, he returned it with a dismissive smirk, as if to say, "Don't sweat it."

"You got it, smarty pants!" he continued, smiling brightly. "Tonight all three of us redeem our gifts, and yep, we arranged everything all secret-like behind your back, just as you suspected."

It finally hit me, what he was doing. He was removing her suspicions by confirming them. Of course he left out the biggest thing, but she couldn't possibly know that, could she?

My worries melted away. Everything was going to work.

Summer said, "Okay, if this is all happening tonight, then I guess Aaron's gift will have to come first. So whose gift is next?"

"After Aaron dresses you, I'll kidnap you and have my 'perfect Christmas holiday evening' with you," said Dave. "Just before midnight we'll all meet up again for the party at the hotel, then it'll be time to play John's game. Beautiful lady, you are in for one special evening."

It'd been a couple of days since Summer had last broken down, but with Dave's words she couldn't help herself. Her eyes welled up, and her voice cracked as she said, "I don't know what you guys have planned, but I just want to tell you that this has already been the greatest week of my life. Thank you, all of you, and thank you, Jake, for bringing this together. From the sounds of things I may be too knocked out later to thank everyone properly, so I want to thank you now and tell you each how much I love you."

Openly weeping, she held out her arms to them. One by one they came to her, hugging her in a sandwich with me.

When Dave gently touched her face while affectionately kissing the top of her head, her entire body was wracked by a huge sob. She held his hand to her face, kissing it before caressing it with her cheek, and he leaned down to look into her eyes. Cradling her chin in his other hand, he said, "We love you, sweet angel. Always know that. You are a deeply loved and cherished girl."

Summer's dazzling eyes shone like diamonds at rest in a glass of champagne as she turned to me and whispered, "Oh, god, baby, I love you so much. Never let me go. Please, Jake, never let me go. Promise me."

"Forever, Summer, I promise," I whispered in return.

She searched my eyes, her expression so achingly beautiful. It nearly broke my heart, and I silently made a solemn vow that I would never be the reason for sadness or disappointment to color my golden Summer's perfect face.

While we quietly hugged, Aaron went out to his car, returning a moment later with a lavender bag.

"What's that?" John asked.

"It's my Christmas present to Summer," Aaron said.

"Let's see it!" said John.

"You will, don't worry!" he chuckled. "Besides, you already have seen it, or at least the vision that inspired it."

"The other morning, on her sun lounger," Dave said.

Aaron grinned. "Yep. Besides, I can't show it to you. Summer has to be the one."

"You guys are killing me here!" she laughed. "C'mon, Aaron, it's time. Come redeem your Christmas gift. Oh, and by the way, you guys, don't even think about barging in to get any sneak previews. No one is to enter the bedroom, not even you, Jake. I'll come back out only when Aaron says I'm good and ready."

~ ~ ~

Summer stood before her bedroom's closet mirror, with a smiling Aaron directly behind her. "I can't wait to see what you finally decided," she grinned, turning to move into his arms.

"Let's start here..." he said, reaching for the hem of her tank top.

Beaming beautifully, Summer let him pull it up and over her head. "I think I like this outfit already," she said with a sexy giggle, and he was enchanted by the way her breasts seemed to giggle right along with her.

"Aaron, this is going to seem like a conceited question, and I honestly don't mean it to be, but do you like my breasts?" she asked, cupping them and pulling on her nipples, bringing them to full attention.

"Summer, they're perfect, absolutely perfect, the same as every other inch of you..." he answered, squeezing one of her full mounds into his mouth. Swirling his tongue around her nipple before lightly biting down, he made her gasp. "Of course I don't just like them, I love them. They're indescribably beautiful. In fact, 'beautiful' and 'perfect' don't even begin to do them justice. Believe me, and I'm not just saying this, but I've never seen such ideal, flawless breasts. They're like breasts from heaven."

Sighing, she tenderly held his face to her nipple. "I know this will sound terrible, but I was only wondering about my breasts because of the way men go so crazy over my ass and pussy, and...god, I can't believe I'm saying this...especially my asshole. I swear, Aaron, everyone always loves my ass and pussy. You all want my pussy so much; sometimes, even if it's just to see it. You guys keep telling me these things, and it's almost always about how my pussy and ass look and feel! It makes me wonder, is there something wrong with my breasts?"

She laughed with embarrassment, covering her blushing face in her hands.

Hugging her, Aaron laughed too. "Listen to me, girl. I swear to god, I will never lie to you, and I'm telling you right now that trying to choose a favorite part of you is like trying to pick out your favorite star in an endless velvet sky. It's like trying to choose your favorite breath. Summer, you are the most beautiful woman in the world - every blessed inch of you. You simply could not be more beautiful. You are the first person I have ever seen who is literally flawless: a perfect woman. That perfection includes your breasts. Your breasts would cause wars, if only everyone wasn't already fighting over the beauty of your pussy, your ass, your legs, and especially your heartbreakingly gorgeous face...the face of an angel."

"Aaron, tell me, am I going to make it through this evening alive?" she asked softly. Holding his face in her hands, she searched his eyes.

"Alive and well...very well," he said, hugging her tightly. "I love you, Summer. We all love you, and tonight will be one wonderful moment after another for you, I promise."

"I love you too, Aaron. God, I do. You are so completely beautiful, and such an incredible, wonderful lover. You always make me feel like a precious jewel."

Grinning, he reached down to her skirt. "Okay, we need to lose this too."

"You want me naked? Mmmm, I can do that. I love being naked for you. Aaron, if that's what you really want, then let me go naked for you tonight," she said, smiling warmly. Loosening the clasp, she unzipped her skirt, and with a sexy wriggle of her hips she made it float down to her pretty feet.

Standing before him completely nude, she waited expectantly.

"Though I would always prefer to see your breathtakingly gorgeous body naked," he began, transfixed by her majestic beauty, "the challenge I assigned myself for tonight was not merely to place your stunning perfection on display. No, somehow I had to find a way to complement it."

"You know my naked body is yours to do with as you will. Baby, you've got me so turned on right now that my naked pussy is dripping down my naked thighs, and I'm guessing you already know that too," she said, with an incendiary smile.

"I do," he answered, dropping to his knees before her. "You're so wet, Summer...." Bringing his hands to the tops of her moist thighs, he pressed his face to her pussy, deeply inhaling her intoxicating scent.

Quivering at his touch, she whispered, "I'm not going to make it out alive tonight, I just know it."

"We'll keep you on life support if we have to, I promise. We need you alive. We have big plans for you." And with that, Aaron allowed himself a long, slow lick through her glistening flower. "God, I love you," he said, moaning into her pussy.

She came then; a small, beautiful cum, and he was delighted. Rising to his feet, he kissed her on the lips. Her eyes fluttering, she returned his kiss, whispering, "Please, make love to me. I want you so badly, I can't wait any longer." Undoing his jeans, she knelt before him. "Even if all I can have right now is a little taste, like our first time, please, just let me feel you inside me again."

With a knowing smile, she pulled out his erection. Pausing to admire it, she held it lovingly in her hand, kissing it and cooing to it before taking it into her mouth.

Aaron looked on in wonderment as she tugged his pants off while taking him all the way down her throat. "I love your cock, Aaron. I absolutely love it," she grinned, stopping to toss his pants aside.

Returning to her feet, she threw her arms around his neck and draped her right leg over his hip. Reaching down to grasp his cock, she guided it to her steaming entrance; then, punching her hips forward, she took him into her body. Her eyes were smoldering as she said, "Whatever we do tonight, I want your cum inside me. Please, baby, fuck me. I need you to fill me with cum." She clutched his ass with both hands and urged him on; standing with their bodies slapping together, they kissed and fucked with wild abandon.

"Fuck me, baby! Fuck me! Fuck me! God, fuck me!" she moaned, pounding her pussy up and down his pulsing cock.

Aaron lifted her into his arms, holding her off the ground as he drove again and again inside her. Increasing the speed of his thrusts, he hotly moaned in her ear, "Fuck...fuck! I'm almost there!"

With her gorgeous breasts bouncing against his chest, she continued to ravage his enormous shaft, finally crying out in exultation when she felt his massive orgasm deep in her pussy. "Yes! Yes!" she shouted, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of cum flooding her silky walls. He just kept shooting and shooting, and it felt so gloriously perfect to her. She could feel the torrent of thick, hot cum pouring into her pussy...bathing her womb...and it was everything she ever wanted.

When they finally collapsed to the bed together, Summer panted, "God, Aaron, that was amazing! You filled my pussy with so much cum, it was like a fire hose going off inside me! Mmmmmm, I'll be dripping cum all night. Thank you, baby. That was absolutely perfect."

Trembling, Aaron stared into her eyes. Summer hugged him close, holding his softening cock inside her. She rolled him on top and stroked his face while affectionately clenching her pussy, until finally he slipped out.

After kissing her dewy breasts and swollen lips for a few more moments, he headed to the bathroom. She heard him peeing, then the faucet turning on and off. When she sat up, she felt his warm cum starting to drip from her pussy. Smiling to herself, she rubbed her thighs together, luxuriating in the feeling.

Returning from the bathroom, Aaron lay on top of her; she hugged him, bringing them cheek to cheek. For many long moments, all they did was breathe together.

"I love you," she finally whispered.

Her heart soared when she saw his eyes overflowing. She kissed his tears and hugged him more tightly, breathing her love into his ear.

Spreading her legs, she gave a soft gasp when he slid back inside. They moved gently together, their hips dancing in perfect harmony. Sinking his cock all the way in, he lingered to explore her welcoming depths before easing back out; her pussy was hot silk caressing his invading shaft, and tears of joy ran down her beautiful face.

"Love you..." she chanted in rhythm with his hard flesh penetrating her glistening wet folds; all she wanted was for him to keep kissing deep inside her pussy. "You belong inside me, always," she whispered, opening her shining eyes. "Always," she repeated, her eyes fluttering when he came again, his warm, precious gift pouring into her womb.

" you in my your cum in my pussy..." she moaned, undulating her hips as she milked his pulsing cock.

"Angel, I will never love anyone the way I love you, but we do need to get started on dressing you," Aaron finally said, having savored her for as long as he dared.

"If we must," she smiled, breathing it into his mouth.

Pulling his pants back on, Aaron sat on the bed as she stood before him.

"Okay, what's next?" she asked, turning to face her mirrored closet. She saw Aaron staring at her ass before he elevated his gaze to admire her breasts.

"So you do prefer my breasts," she smiled.

Never taking his eyes off of her, he said, "I do. I also prefer your ass, your legs, and your sexy back. I prefer your silky arms and sweet tummy, and I prefer your soft skin. I prefer your gorgeous pussy, too. More than anything, though, I prefer your laughing voice, and your eyes when you smile. Your perfect ass and classically sculpted breasts are just what I'm treating myself to at the moment."

She bent at the waist and wiggled her ass. Using two fingers, she lewdly spread her soaking wet pussy for him. "See what you do to me when you stare at me that way?"

Aaron went to her, kneeling to cup her ass.

"Don't you start again, baby, not unless you're going to finish," she smiled, watching him in the mirror.

"I won't. I just want a small taste, and I want to say thank you."

He kissed her smooth bottom, one cheek then the other, giving each a loving squeeze. Spreading her open, he slid two fingers deep into her pussy as he kissed her adorable pucker, making Summer gasp. Quickly reversing his attack, he slid two fingers into her ass while kissing and sucking her pussy. "Thank you, perfect beauty," he whispered, petting her with deep affection before returning to his seat on the bed.

With her ass still writhing for more, Summer held herself up on shaky legs against the mirrored door. 'So good...don't know how much more of this I can stand...' she thought, moaning in pure desire.

"Summer..." he grinned, interrupting her reverie.

"Sorry," she answered. "Mmmm, god, you just don't know what you're doing to me. Okay, back to business. What do you want me to wear?"

"Where did you put that outfit you wore for Sonny's wedding?"

She gave him a curious look. "Really? That's what you want me to wear tonight?"

"Well, sort of," he said, with a pleased smile. "Do you still have it?"

"Sure, it's over here. I actually don't know whether I'm supposed to keep this stuff or give it back," she giggled. Naked, she padded across the bedroom to grab a bag from her dresser. She brought it to him and pulled out the contents: the blue silk pants, the sari, the coverlet, and the blue heels. The final thing was the sheer scarf they'd used to wrap her hair and shroud her face.

She looked at him, waiting.

"Tough shit for them if they want it all back. You're keeping at least one thing," he grinned. Reaching into the bag he'd brought in from the car, he pulled out some tiny royal blue silk ribbons and a small embroidery needle.

Fascinated, she sat down beside him and watched as he spread the sheer scarf out on the bed. She was surprised to see just how long it really was, since the girls in Sonny's family had only used it to tie up her hair and shroud her face. Because they stood directly behind her the entire time they were adjusting it, she never noticed that the scarf was actually quite a large rectangle; seeing it laid out in full, she estimated it to be six feet in length and two feet wide.

"What are you doing?" she finally asked.

"Shhhh," he answered, poking holes through the scarf with the embroidery needle.

Stirring impatiently, she was becoming really curious.

When he was finished poking holes in the scarf, he grabbed the blue heels, noticing for the first time that they were covered in a silken material. 'Nice,' he thought. "Give..." he said, taking her by her slender ankle. She scooted forward to the edge of the bed, giggling as she offered him her dainty foot. Smiling, he caressed it for a few moments before slipping on the blue heel.

She brought her foot up to look at it in the mirror, spreading her legs and opening her pussy in the process. When Aaron leaned down to kiss her delectable lips, she affectionately stroked his hair.

"See, Summer?" he grinned from between her legs. "Now do you realize just how great this Christmas present you gave me really is? Dressing you, I have total access to your body. Did you plan it this way? You didn't even know me yet when you came up with this gift."

"Details," she smiled.

"Okay, now the second one..." he said, kissing her pussy again.

She offered him her other foot, and he repeated the process. When she had both heels on, she brought her legs together and lifted them high in the air, twirling her feet to admire her heels from different angles.

"Jesus, Summer," he moaned.

She grinned when he leaned in to lick her pussy. Still holding her legs high, she let him drink to his heart's content from her flowing fountain. "Mmmm, Aaron, that's so wonderful," she purred, arching her back and raising her hips in response to his voracious tongue.

"Gotta stop...gotta stop. Stand, girl," he said, reluctantly pulling himself from her glorious pussy and those amazing legs. When she stood, naked except for her blue heels, he positioned her so that she was again facing her closet mirror. He painted his fingertips up the backs of her thighs and over her smooth, round bottom, his gentle touch making her skin tingle.

"I love what these heels do for your legs and ass. You're just impossibly gorgeous," he whispered. Standing behind her with his hands resting on her bare hips, he studied her luminous face in the mirror.

"What now?" she asked breathlessly.

"Now we try on your outfit," he answered.

She was about to say something, then thought better of it. Instead, she watched as he picked up the large scarf and brought it to her. "Arms at your sides," he said.

She was well past the giggling stage. Focusing on his every movement, she was intensely curious as to what he had planned for her; she knew it was going to be special, whatever it was.

Obediently, she held her arms at her sides.

"Stand still. Don't move," he said. Slowly circling her, he ended up in front of her, where he draped the scarf over her left shoulder before sliding it back and forth a few times. "Keep standing still." As he moved around her again, she felt him touching the scarf, gently tugging on it.

"Hmmm, one or two?" he mused aloud, holding her waist in both hands. "Oooh, yeah, this will work out perfectly. It's going to be even better than I thought."

As he intently contemplated her in the mirror, she stood excited and nervous, watching him.

'This is the hottest thing ever, being dressed by my lover,' she thought.

With Aaron fully drinking in the sight of her standing nude before him, she smiled beguilingly.

"Okay, this will definitely work," he finally said.

Starting with the right side of her body, Aaron used the embroidery needle to feed the fine silk ribbon through the lower of the two holes on the side of the scarf he'd draped over her back. Next, he fed it through the higher of the two holes on the side he'd draped over her front, tying it together in a little bow. He reversed the process with the other two holes before repeating everything on the left side of her body.

When he was finished, Summer saw what he'd created. Using the tiny ribbons to fashion a crisscross pattern of stays, he'd transformed her scarf into a transparent dress that draped over one shoulder in a bunch before fanning out as it cascaded down her body front and back, the ribbons forming four-inch wide, waist-high X-patterns on either side. The X-patterns were tied very loosely, allowing a body-width gap between the front and back portions of the sheer scarf.

Her sides were left bare. She could see the full swells of her breasts, and her torso, hips and legs were completely exposed. With the scarf floating delicately over her back, her curvy ass was in plain sight.

"Turn," Aaron said.

She turned to face away from the mirror, and together they studied the rear view. While the scarf had sufficient width to cover all but the outermost contours of her hips, it was so short that it only barely shrouded her ass. She had maybe three inches to spare, and she knew that with the material being so light and wispy those three inches would immediately disappear with virtually any movement she made.

She imagined how she would feel wearing something so revealing while dancing at a formal-wear party in a crowded hall, and her pussy pulsed. Moreover, she noticed that the scarf was of a fine gossamer material; though it wasn't completely sheer, it was still dangerously transparent. Had it been white rather than royal blue it would've been totally sheer. As it was, she could see the deep cleft of her ass, which somehow made her seem even more naked than if she'd been truly nude. She could also clearly see the rear view of her dripping pussy. Smiling to herself, she realized that in heels she didn't need to spread her legs or bend forward at all in order to display her tempting sex.

Even when barefoot, standing straight and tall, the natural separation of her ass and thighs afforded anyone behind her an inviting view of her pussy. She had always loved that sexy quirk of her body; with the addition of high heels, it became nearly obscene.

Admiring her bottom in the mirror, she saw that it appeared as if she was offering up her luscious pussy on a serving dish.

"Turn," he said again.

Turning to face the mirror, she gasped. Her bare nipples were vividly on display, as was her alluring belly button. She could easily make out the perfectly symmetrical circles of her silver-dollar areolas, and her erect tips were veritable lighthouse beacons rising from the crowns of her proud breasts. Again, although her scarf wasn't completely sheer in the front either, it was very see-through, and that was in the subdued lighting of her bedroom.

"I can just imagine how this will look under bright lights. I'll be naked for you tonight after all," she grinned, thrilling at the thought.

"We'll see about that. Spread your legs a bit," smiled Aaron.

Spreading her feet shoulder-width apart, she could clearly see her pouting labia. "Mmmmmm, you are sending me out naked tonight. It's a good thing I'm shaved, so you can really see everything. In this scarf, you can see my lips," she smiled, watching him in the mirror as he studied her pussy.

Grinning, he said, "You look so perfect right now that I almost do want to send you out there tonight just like this, but no, we're not finished yet."

She watched as he went to his lavender bag and pulled out four gift boxes, each finished in black velvet. "Merry Christmas, Summer. I hope you'll always remember this night as fondly as I will," he said, presenting them to her.

When he opened the first box, Summer's hands went to her mouth in shock.

"Angel, you won't be completely naked tonight. I knew I couldn't send you out totally nude, yet it was difficult to find anything that wouldn't mar the perfection of your bare body. It took a while, but I finally found some things that I think will complement your beauty."

"Oh my god, Aaron," she said, her eyes filling with tears. "They're...they're so beautiful. They can't be real," she whispered in wonderment.

"Yes, they're all real. I would never offer you anything fake. Summer, these pieces are my Christmas gift to you. They can't even begin to approach what you've given me, but I hope you'll always think of me whenever you wear them.

"Here, you're my Christmas tree now. Let's decorate you."

The first thing he showed her was a pair of earrings. They were a single strand apiece, each with six large pearls, including a two-carat princess-cut diamond at the top and bottom of each strand.

"May I?" he asked, holding one strand to her ear.

No longer able to speak through her tears, Summer could only give a tiny nod.

"Beautiful," Aaron said, turning her to face the mirror after he'd set both strands. The diamonds sparkled brightly, and the pearls danced across her cheek.

Next he pulled out an expansive necklace of pearls, diamonds and sapphires. Formed into icicles falling upon her chest to kiss the tops of her breasts, there were five widely spaced strands of pearls trailing down from dual bands of alternating diamonds and sapphires that caressed her slender neck. At either end of each hanging string of pearls shone a large diamond.

"The sapphires are for the beautiful blue of your eyes, and the diamonds are for their enchanting sparkle," he said. Glancing in the mirror as he kissed her neck, he noticed her mysterious eyes had turned his favorite shade of deep blue through her dazzling tears.

"And the pearls are for your wonderful white cum on my breasts," she finally managed to say. "That's what you were hinting at to John and Dave, wasn't it?"

"Yes, Summer. You're so beautiful when you wear my cum."

"I never feel more beautiful than when I'm wearing your cum. Even this gorgeous necklace isn't as beautiful to me as your cum glistening on my skin. Aaron, I don't know what to say. I never could've prepared for this, or even imagined it. This is overwhelming."

"Shhh," he said, opening the next gift box. Her breath caught when he clasped a sterling silver armband around her right biceps. Grecian in design, with delicate filigree tracing each edge, in its center was the image of a woman's eye formed of pearls, sapphires and onyx.

"Oh my god, Aaron, it's incredible! I've never seen anything like it! Where did you find it?"

"A friend of mine is an artist, and I had her alter a piece she'd already almost finished. I begged her to change the eye color to blue, to match the shade yours become when you're really happy. She said you'd better be one special girl, since it was a total pain in the ass for her to have to redo the iris. I assured her that as beautiful as her piece is, it belonged only on the most beautiful woman in the world, and that's exactly where it was going. I think she liked that idea, because she stopped bitching and seemed happy to do it."

"Please thank her for me," Summer said, gently touching the intricate gem work.

"I will, and so can you. We'll go drop in on her sometime. When she sees you wearing her piece, she'll want you to model all her work, I guarantee it."

Next, Aaron brought forth an elegant diamond and pearl anklet that matched the earrings. They were a single strand of fine white pearls, with a diamond clasp. Placing it on her right ankle, he added a tender kiss.

Summer stared down at Aaron kneeling before her. "This is amazing. You are amazing. Aaron, you always make me feel like a goddess."

Bending her knee, she raised her heel to admire her new anklet. "It's so smooth and slinky, and absolutely gorgeous! I love it!"

"God, Summer...your are just so impossibly beautiful," he said in wonder. Staring up at her, he nuzzled her sleek calf with his lips.

"I'm impossibly lucky, and impossibly happy," she smiled, leaning down to kiss and hug him. "I'm also still naked! Wooohoo!" she giggled.

"Ahh, but not for long. I saved the best for last..." he said, pulling out a larger gift box. "Close your eyes, Summer."

Floating on a cloud, she closed her eyes. She couldn't imagine what else her wonderful man had up his sleeve, nor did she even try. She simply stood basking in the feeling of cool pearls touching her body, as well as those warmer ones still dripping from her pussy. Sensing his hands raising her scarf, she heard the faintest of smooth tinkling sounds, then something was placed on her hips. She gasped when she felt his fingers at her pussy...a slight penetration through her wet lips...a gentle tugging...finally, her scarf drifting back down, softly coming to rest atop the elegant slopes of her gorgeous bottom.

"You may open your eyes now, Summer."

When Summer opened her eyes, she instantly became lightheaded. Wavering, she was held steady by Aaron. Blinking again and again, she stared in the mirror, certain that she had to be dreaming.

"Holy...oh my god...Aaron, this is impossible! You did not do this! It must have cost a fortune! You can't give me this!"

"Merry Christmas, angel," he smiled, hugging her from behind. "You're definitely worth it. You are worth so much more, but at least this does some justice to your perfection. I hope you like it."

"Oh god, Aaron, what did you do?!"

Shining beneath her sheer scarf was an incredible array of pearls, sapphires and diamonds forming a g-string panty that matched her necklace. Dual strands of diamonds and sapphires again made up the waistband, while an elaborate flower of diamonds, pearls and sapphires were crafted into a clever clasp in the back. Attached to the lower of the two strands was a single streak of glowing white pearls running front to back between her legs.

Her bottom remained bare, as the single strand merely bisected her smooth curves. The pearls looked amazing on her golden skin, the beautiful separation of her ass rendered even more exquisite by the tantalizing contrast.

A single pearl kissed her blushing pink star, then the strand of pearls split the deeper pinks of her pussy lips before reappearing in the front as a dramatic slash of shimmering white that opened and brilliantly displayed her moist, succulent labia. After caressing her clit on their upward journey, the pearls joined another flower of diamonds, pearls and sapphires at the center of the lower strand of the waistband.

Summer smiled dreamily in the mirror. "These pearls represent your cum dripping from my ass and pussy. That morning on the patio, when I was lying on my stomach, you all saw cum leaking out of me, didn't you?"

"Yes, Summer. That vision inspired my search for these panties. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen, and John and Dave agreed. You can't even imagine how beautiful you were. This is as close as I could come to recreating that look for a New Year's party."

"Ohhh god, Aaron...mmmm. Still, you didn't need to do this. Honey, you know you can always have the real thing. If you want to see your cum dripping from my ass and pussy tonight, just keep making love to me. Decorate me in cum. Baby, I promise you, I'll wear it with pride. Don't you realize that even now your warm cum is spilling from my pussy, and that's exactly how I want it?"

"This is a special evening, Summer. You'll see. To accomplish everything we have in store for you tonight we need you to wear at least a little something."

"I'm 'legal' now, you mean," she smiled.

"For where we're going, yes."

"Oh, god. Are you going to tell me what we're doing tonight?"

"No, angel, I can't. Other gifts still await you, and I'm not about to spoil the surprise."

Beaming, he held his hand over her head in a formal presentation. "My gift was to dress you in a manner befitting this most auspicious of evenings. Now, princess, let me see you walk in your beautiful raiments."

Crossing one foot in front of the other while slowly strutting around the bedroom, Summer gasped at the sensation of the pearls slipping back and forth through her pussy and over her clit. Her 'dress' was so lightweight that the slightest of movements caused it to breeze up, playfully exposing her. She saw her ass through the scarf, the exquisite white strand dividing and vividly describing the centerline of her smooth, sexy bottom. Shaking her head in amazement, her eyes were drawn to the sapphires and diamonds sparkling on her dancing hips. She sat on the bed and crossed her legs before the mirror, noticing when her thighs parted that the single strand in the front had slipped inside her pussy; those pearls were only visible as they entered and exited her bare slit, otherwise the heart of her dripping sex was naked where it embraced its precious treasure.

"Aaron, this is the most wicked outfit I have ever seen. I can't believe you came up with all this. The way these pearls feel in my pussy, I think I'll be cumming the entire night just from walking, or even from simply crossing my legs. You, sir, are an evil genius, and I love you for it."

"It's wicked, yes, yet it's still elegant and beautiful. I want you on display. When people see you tonight, they'll say to themselves, 'Now there is a woman to be worshipped. As long as I live, I will never see her equal.' You say I make you feel like a goddess? You are a goddess."

Taking her hand, he brought it to his lips, then he gently touched her face. "Thank you for this perfect gift. Summer, how did you know?"

Her joyous eyes shining warm and loving, she smiled, "I got lucky?"

~ ~ ~

"Okay, guys, she'll be out in just a few."

"It's about time! We were beginning to wonder whether you two were ever going to come back," John said, smirking at Aaron.

"We still have a ride to catch," cautioned Dave.

"C'mon, let Aaron enjoy this," I said. "I have a feeling it will be well worth the wait."

Aaron said, "I want you all to go into the den now. I'm going to bring Summer out to you. When you hear the bedroom door open, close your eyes. Don't open them until I say so, and don't cheat."

We heard Summer call out from the bedroom, "Aaron, could you come back, please? I need you to check one last thing!"

Grinning, Aaron returned to the bedroom.

~ ~ ~

"I just want to make sure you think my hair and make-up are okay. I tried not to overdo it."

Matching the exotic look of the scarf, Summer had applied a light dusting of smoky indigo eye shadow to complement the provocative crimson of her glossy lips. Her long hair was tied up in the back, two strands trailing down to frame her beautiful face.

Aaron stared curiously at her bare arms and legs, their subtle sheen having caught his eye.

"Oh, that? I smoothed on some glitter body lotion. Look..." she giggled, posing with her leg out. Next she presented her bare arm for his inspection before raising her drape to reveal her glimmering bottom. Finishing with a flourish, she showed him her sparkly stomach and breasts. "I went for the goddess look, like you said."

"Perfect. You're a walking dream."

"As thoroughly drenched as you've made me, I must be a walking wet dream," she grinned. "Okay, I'm ready. Make them close their eyes, like you made me close mine."

"Way ahead of you, beautiful girl. I already told them."

Aaron took Summer by the hand and led her into the den, where he stood her before the fireplace. Smiling with deep satisfaction, he noticed that the flickering flames gave Summer an ethereal glow.

"Hands clasped behind your back, shoulders straight, chest out, legs spread. Make me proud, angel," he whispered.

Giggling beneath her breath, she tried to position herself as instructed. When she thought she had it just right, she looked to him for approval.

"You're perfect," he grinned, kissing her on the cheek.

Shooting him a nervous look, she pounded her chest with her fist, making a motion like her heart was going to leap right out.

He whispered, "They'll never stand a chance. Knock 'em dead, gorgeous."

~ ~ ~

At long last we finally heard Aaron and Summer leave the bedroom and come into the den. As we sat anxiously waiting amid the crackling sounds of the fire, Aaron whispered to her a few times before saying, "Okay, guys, you can open your eyes now."

Whatever reaction Summer was expecting from us when we opened our eyes, I'm sure it certainly wasn't the one she received, which was utter...stunned silence.

We were all too awed to speak.

Backlit by the fire, appearing less like an earthly woman and more like a spirit descended from the heavens, there stood Summer before us.

John finally said, "New number one, and nothing will ever top this. No way. This time I'm absolutely sure."

Rising from the couch to go to them, I think he surprised us all when he hugged Aaron instead of Summer. "I can't believe you did it," he grinned, slapping him on the back, then he knelt before Summer. Bringing her hand to his lips for a soft kiss, he looked into her eyes. " one..." he said quietly.

That was it. Returning to his feet, he headed straight for his room.

Clearly at a loss as to what had just happened, Summer turned first to me then to Dave, who broke the ice by going over to shake Aaron's hand. When I got up to join them, he shook mine too. "This is it. We're doing this tonight," he said determinedly.

We both nodded, and he gave me a big hug. When Aaron grinned, Summer looked even more confused.

Dave turned to take her hands. "Summer, I want you to know that tonight will be the greatest honor of my life. No mere words could ever express how I truly feel, so let me just say...thank you."

Then, just like John, he kissed her hands before taking off to his room.

Aaron and I hugged, and he thanked me for the gift of Summer. I shook his hand, warmly thanking him in turn. Saying he needed to start getting ready for the party, he gave our blushing girl a final hug before collecting his things and heading to the bathroom.

With my heart doing somersaults, I took Summer's hands. Gazing at her in wonder, I was simply amazed. Though I'd seen my beautiful girl so many times before, it felt as if I was seeing her for the very first time, and I wasn't sure I could believe my eyes.

Meanwhile, Summer remained at a total loss. "What...what's happening? What just happened here?" she stammered, concern etched on her face, her eyes welling up when she saw that mine had already begun to spill. "Jake, tell me! Did I do something wrong?"

Taking her in my arms for a crushing hug, I just wouldn't let go. Since she didn't know what else to do, she began stroking my back while searching my eyes, until finally I whispered, "No, baby, you did nothing wrong. Everything you did was absolutely right."

"Then what's wrong? Why are you crying, and why didn't anyone say anything?"

"They did, baby. They said everything. Didn't you hear them?"

"Why did they all leave?"

"They had to, angel. Except for Aaron, I don't think they could handle it. You even made John go speechless."

"Honey, I don't get it."

"Shhh. You will. I promise, you will."

She looked closely at me. "Jake, at least tell me you're okay. Tell me what you're thinking."

"Summer, I never dreamed there could be someone like you. I swear, you've done something so amazing to my heart that I can't even begin to comprehend it. I almost don't believe you're real, much less that you're actually mine."

"But I am yours, Jake, and I always will be, for as long as you'll have me. Please, tell me what just happened here. Why did everyone act that way, and what was all that with John and Aaron?"

"Summer, Aaron surpassed anything any of us could've imagined. With the simplest creation he revealed the most exquisite beauty, complemented by dazzling extravagance. Baby, if I tell you something, will you promise to keep it a secret? It's not hurtful or anything, but I really do need you to keep this to yourself. You'll know why, once I tell you."

"Okay, I promise," she whispered.

"Honey, the things you're wearing right now are worth much more than what both of us combined earn in a year. Everything you have on is real."

Summer was stunned. "I know Aaron said it was all real, could that be?" she asked, stammering again. "You're telling me these things cost something like a hundred thousand dollars, and Aaron is just giving them to me?"

"More like a quarter million, and that's just for the panties.

"Okay, Christmas Day, when you and Dave were at the beach, John and I went with Aaron to see a friend of his at some specialty jewelry store in Beverly Hills. We watched as the guy showed Aaron a dozen or so different pieces, including a few of the things you're wearing now. After Aaron spoke to the guy in private, we all left, and he never said another word about it. I guess we figured he didn't find anything he really liked and was just humoring the guy by checking out his crazy stuff. He must have arranged for the purchase then. You know he disappeared for a good part of the day yesterday, so I'm assuming that's when he picked everything up.

"The only thing we saw him choose was your arm bracelet. Once we left Beverly Hills, he took us to a little shop in Santa Monica. Again, despite it being Christmas Day, he had a friend waiting there. They'd obviously already talked about the bracelet because the woman had it ready for him, and it was the only thing she showed him. He got her to agree to change it around a little, though she said she would need a few days. He told her that was fine, as long as she could definitely have it done by today. When she promised she would, he went ahead and paid for it, and we took off.

"Baby, we thought that was all he was getting you, so that's why John hugged him just now. He knows what Aaron did for you, and for all of us. That's why you can't let Aaron know that I told you any of this. We don't want to embarrass him."

"I won't, Jake, I promise. Still, why would he do that, and how can he even afford to do something so crazy?"

"I can't answer your first question, except to say that he was really blown away by the generosity of your gift. Summer, Aaron loves you. He truly loves you. He thinks you're magic."

As I described Aaron's feelings for her, the joy in Summer's azure eyes was too beautiful for words.

"To answer your second question, Aaron is a wealthy man. He isn't just a software designer. He owns his own software company. Although he's never done anything like this before, he can definitely afford it. You should also know that Dave with his construction company is very well off too, and please don't mention that either. John and I are the paupers of our little group, but you know what? John has always been happier than any of us, at least until I met you. Now they all take a back seat to me."

I smiled, and she finally began to relax. Pulling away from me, she gently touched her arm bracelet. "This is amazing," she said, clearly awestruck.

"It better be," I grinned. "That little fella cost twenty-something grand."

Summer gasped, quickly snatching her hand away as if she'd just touched a hot stove.

Laughing, I whispered, "Baby, if you think that's bad, your necklace was nearly as much as your panties."

Her face turned white. "You can't be serious," she whispered. "Please tell me you're just joking."

"Sorry, sweetie, but none of this is a joke, so I need you to do me a big favor. The next time you get all excited and take your panties off for some horny frat boys at the beach, please make sure you're not wearing these panties, okay?"

Guffawing, she punched me in the shoulder. "Okay, fine," she giggled, "I'll try to remember that, but I'm pretty sure my horny frat boys just want to fuck me, not rob me."

"Yeah, I suppose you're right," I laughed. "All they ever want is this...." Reaching between her legs to grasp her single strand of pearls, I gently pulled it through her silky wet pussy lips.

"Mmmm, now that feeling is definitely priceless," she grinned, wriggling her hips in response to the pearls pop-pop-popping her clit.

She let me tease and caress her gorgeous pussy for a few more moments before sighing happily, "Okay, so this is all real? You guys aren't just messing with me again?"

"That's right, and remember...the night is still young. If you think for even a second that John and Dave don't also have some very special plans for you this evening, then you're not only wildly beautiful, you're certifiably insane."

She beamed in my arms. "Fine, I'll play along, at least until you all turn into pumpkins at the stroke of midnight. Just make sure you guys keep a close eye on me. If these things really are worth as much as you say, I won't be safe wearing them in public. In case you hadn't noticed, this sheer scarf doesn't exactly hide anything. Anyone can see me, including all these jewels," she said, grinding her pussy on my hand.

"That's a good point. After tonight, you should probably only wear the arm bracelet. Maybe you can wear the anklet and earrings sometimes too, but we'll need to keep your necklace and panties in a safe-deposit box, only bringing them out for special occasions. You're definitely wearing them tonight, though. This is your gift to Aaron."

"I know, I know," she said, again sighing happily. "So...what now?"

"Now we wait for the guys. Remember, I'm like you tonight. They get to pick whatever they want, and we both have to go along with it. I guess they'll let us know what to do."

"Yes, we will," said Dave, rejoining us in the living room. Aaron and John were right on his heels, both looking mighty dapper. In fact they were all wearing nice suits, and Dave had a long coat draped over his forearm. "Summer, it's time to redeem my gift, which means the first order of business is to tell these other guys to...let's see did you put it...."

Pausing, he reached into his coat to pull out Summer's little scroll. "Here we go. It says, 'You could choose a group activity, or maybe you'd prefer something more intimate involving just the two of us, leaving the others to sit around sucking eggs as they imagine all the fun we're having!' And that's exactly what I'm going to do. You guys can sit around sucking eggs while I go enjoy a night out on the town with the most beautiful woman in the world. We'll catch up with you later at the hotel. Don't worry about us, I'll make sure we don't miss the evening's festivities."

After helping Summer with her coat, he offered her his arm, grinning, "C'mon, gorgeous, let's blow this popsicle stand. Our chariot awaits!"

Beaming brightly, she hooked their elbows together, and we watched as he escorted her out the front door and down the walkway to where a stretch limousine idled at the curb. A giant of a man sporting a completely shaved head stood by the open door at the rear of the white limo, beckoning Dave and Summer inside. When Summer turned back to us, we all waved to her. Laughing, she gave us a cute little wave in return before removing her coat and handing it to the very appreciative chauffeur, whose furtive glances immediately strayed to her naked breasts and mouthwatering pussy. Dave held his arm high over her head; like a ballerina, she reached up to take his hand. Flashing another brilliant smile, she executed a perfect pirouette, arching her back and even kicking up a heel. Giggling sweetly, she twirled with glee, finishing with an elegant curtsy.

Dave climbed in first so he could assist her into the car, and after she kissed the grinning chauffeur on the cheek, she blew everyone a kiss.

Our final vision was of Summer leaning forward to step inside, her firm breasts swaying freely beneath her sheer blue scarf. Her flawless legs parted, her gorgeous ass sparkled, then she was gone.

~to be continued~

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