The Gifts of Summer: Ch. 06

The Gifts of Summer: Ch. 06

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


David savors the opportunity to worship Summer, then Summer shines her light on John and Aaron.


David savors the opportunity to worship Summer, then Summer shines her light on John and Aaron.


Submitted: August 02, 2014

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Submitted: August 02, 2014



"What if they hadn't been here? What would you have done?"

"What would you have wanted me to do?" she volleyed, flashing an inviting smile.

Alone with David on the living room floor, Summer was still curled up in his lap.

"I'm almost surprised that their being here deterred you. I would've thought that it would turn you on even more, knowing they were watching us," Dave said, caressing her beautiful legs.

"Oh, believe me, it definitely did," she said, turning to straddle him again. "It was driving me crazy, knowing they were watching you touch me. I was already super turned on from our day at the beach, then you were all holding me down, basically stripping me naked. I was surprised you guys didn't just go ahead and pull my shorts off when you were tickling me."

"Did you want us to?" he asked, returning her volley.

"I would've gladly let you. I even would have helped, if that tells you anything. I was seriously excited, and I love the way you all look at me. It wouldn't have made much of a difference, though. You guys were already seeing what you wanted to see. Besides my top being wide open, I'm sure my pussy had to be showing through the gaps in my shorts, especially when my legs were spread. Then you managed to wrestle my shorts down my thighs, until it no longer mattered. At that point, since they were already well below my lips, I thought for sure someone would just pull them the rest of the way off."

"Okay, but with you being so turned on by having everyone there, what stopped you with me?"

"It was just what I told you. I was embarrassed over crying again, and I was about to turn it into an orgy, with me as the cream filling in a four-man Oreo."

"Would you ever let it go that far?"

"I almost did today, twice. When I was lying here with my legs spread, and everyone had their hands on me, yes, I would've let you all take me. I was almost expecting it then, and because I wouldn't have been the one starting it - like I would have had I gone ahead and fucked you while I was in your lap - I would've let it happen. David, I was incredibly turned on. I was thinking, 'If this is what everyone wants, then I want it too. Please, one of you, fuck me.'

"I just needed someone to make the first move, and no one did. You were fondling my breasts, which was driving me insane, but you didn't go any further. Jake was eating my pussy, then he just stopped. Aaron and John only touched my legs while watching you and Jake play with me. All anyone had to do was take my shorts off, or put my hand on his cock, or start fingering my pussy. At that point, simply making out with me would have done it. Anything would've worked. I was there for the taking.

"Then, when I was in your lap, that was the second time, but I was scared. I was the one who was about to start it, which somehow made it seem a lot different to me. It became more dangerous once I felt like I was being the instigator of what I knew would turn into an orgy. In order for it to happen, I needed to be taken. I couldn't be the aggressor, not for something that crazy. Had you just pulled my panties aside and fucked me, the sky would've been the limit.

"In any case, though, no, I have never let it go that far. Today was as close as I've ever come. David, I love intimacy," she grinned.

"Even if other people are watching!" he chuckled.

"You mean especially if other people are watching!" she laughed. "Besides, it takes two to tango, mister. Would you have been comfortable having sex with me in front of your friends? Would you have done it?"

"Summer, would I have had a choice? You're the very definition of irresistible, especially when you're happy, horny and naked."

"I'm the very definition of happy, especially when I'm horny and naked," she smiled. "No joking, though, when you had your hands on my ass and kept pulling my g-string out to where the others could see everything I have - showing them where I let those boys play with me - mmmmm, I was so close. God, if you would've touched my pussy and showed it off to them, the way you showed off my ass? I definitely would have lost it. I would've taken your cock out and fucked you right then and there, and the others would've watched, bailed, or joined in. We both know they wouldn't have bailed, and I don't think they would've just sat there and watched."

"Summer, seriously, what do you think you would've done if they had tried to join in?"

"I would have taken all four of you, David. I would've let you all fuck me any way you wanted, until everyone was totally spent. Of course I would have. I'm fucking you right in front of Jake and two of his best friends. At that point, how could I say no to anything? Baby, I couldn't. God, if I let it go that far, I wouldn't even think of saying no. I'd want you all to fuck me, and I'd do my damnedest to make my horny men happy.

"That's why I had to stop myself, before it was too late. I wasn't ready to turn this into an orgy, and I'm not even sure you guys would want that anyway. Would you?"

"Me? Nope. Definitely not into sausage fests. When I'm picturing a fantasy woman like you, my cock is the only one in the room."

"Sausage fests? God!" she laughed.

"Hey, what can I say? I'm just not into 'em. Oh, and speaking of you and my fantasies, are you aware that you're practically naked while straddling me right beneath some mistletoe?"

She gave him a sly grin. "Why yes, I am," she said, kissing him hotly. "By the way, are you aware that we're all alone now, and not only am I practically naked, I'm also dripping wet? Even better, are you aware that your cock is very hard, and it's been pressing directly against my pussy the entire time I've been straddling you?"

"Why yes, I am! Our combined powers of observation are impeccable!"

"Beyond reproach!" she giggled. "So what are we going to do about this situation, hmmm? Doing a quick head-count, I see no sausage fests. Your cock is the only one in this fantasy."

Dave smiled goofily. "Is this where you finally get into my pants?"

Summer shot him a mischievous smirk. "Is this where you would like me to finally get into your pants?"

"Summer, you know what I really want right now?"

"Tell me," she said, smiling anxiously. "Tell me what you really want."

"Stand up," he grinned.

She hadn't expected that. Coming to her feet, suddenly she felt very naked. She didn't know where to put her hands, and she wondered whether he was just going to take her right there, standing in the middle of the living room.

"Now what, baby?" she asked, her skin tingling beneath his fiery gaze.

"Summer, I just want to look at you. Let me simply look at you…all of you. Let me worship you."

Nervously biting her lip, she nodded. "What do you want me to do?"

"You don't need to do anything. Just stand still for me. Let me savor this moment…."

She shuddered at his words, then she shuddered again when he went behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders. Expecting him to urge her to her knees, she started to go down, only to have him hold her in place before tracing his fingers along her shoulder blades.

"Just let me look at you," he breathed into her ear.

His fingertips whispered across her shoulders and down the sides of her arms, giving her goose bumps. Sliding back up her arms, he slowly ran his hands beneath her hair, onto her neck. She twitched when he caressed the soft place behind her ears, then she moaned when he pressed his face to her nape, inhaling her scent. After gently tracing her earlobes, he brought his hands to her cheeks. Standing tall above her, he stroked the corners of her mouth before leaning in to brush his lips there.

She started to whisper, "David, I want you. I—"

He pressed his finger to her lips. "Shhhhh. Even if it's only this one time, let me worship you just the way I want to."

Sliding his hands down between her shoulder blades, he transitioned into a light tippling action; then, making sure not to tickle her, he palmed her sides. Simply holding her, he let her become comfortable with his touch before he began stroking gentle circles across her back.

Shivering with anticipation, she reached up to caress his face.

Accepting her caresses, he leaned in to kiss her. Moaning hotly, she opened her mouth, her tongue snaking out to touch his lips. He sucked her tongue before pulling away to kneel behind her, his fingertips following along. Kissing his way down her spine until his hands were cupping her hips, he squeezed her supple curves, rocking her back and forth in slow undulations. By keeping his mouth still while guiding her hips, he caressed his lips with her smooth, sumptuous bottom.

When she let out a soft moan, he whispered, "This is heaven…."

Drawing it out, taking his sweet time, he barely whisper-touched her ass before painting flowing strokes down her trembling thighs. When he trailed his tongue after his fingertips, a moaning Summer couldn't help but move; her thighs parted, and her hands reached back to squeeze her hungry bottom.

All through her deep, beautiful divide he stroked first with his fingertips, then the tip of his tongue.

Shuddering in his hands, she tugged her g-string aside, fully exposing herself.

He grasped her tiny panties, slowly pulling them over her hips, past her ass and down her thighs. Inhaling her aroused scent, he pressed his face to her warm, lush bottom.

"Yes…" she moaned, bending at the waist. When her g-string fell to her feet, she daintily stepped out of them, one foot then the other, each time receiving a kiss to her pussy. Free of her panties, she spread her legs and leaned over the couch, offering herself to him.

Dave took possession of her ass with both hands, spreading her wide. When he pressed his tongue deep inside her glistening wet folds, her hips bucked, and she cried out as he licked an exquisite trail all the way through her dripping pussy, straight into her shining star. Smoothing his hands up and down the backs of her thighs and over her perfect ass, he painted with knowing fingertips.

"Mmmmmm…oh my god…" she breathed. Grinning, she looked back over her shoulder. "Baby, what are you doing to me?"

Dave couldn't get enough of her. Touching, stroking, squeezing, he just had to feel her legs, ass and pussy; wherever his hands traced, his mouth followed.

Summer moaned when his hands approached her center, then she giggled when he nipped at her ass and thighs. She froze when he took a pouting lip between his sharp teeth; lightly tugging on it, he pulled it left and right, up and down. She gasped when his long middle finger slid into her molten core even as he chewed on her gorgeous labia. When he drove three fingers deep into her welcoming cunt, she collapsed in a heap over the armrest of the couch. Offering up her mouthwatering bottom so temptingly, she raised her hips even higher, crying out with joy when he pressed his thumb past the tight ring of her pulsing asshole.

Attacking her ass, he gave a single bite to her lower left cheek followed by two in the center of her quivering perfection, nipping gently before taking in whole mouthfuls. He sucked as much of her delicious bottom into his mouth as he could; holding it inside, savoring it, he left wickedly lurid marks all over her delectable flesh.

Finally, gloriously, he was feasting on her perfect ass; an ass that had bewitched him ever since Summer first appeared in the living room wearing those goddamned sexy little red shorts.

Spreading her again with his hands, he made her shriek even louder when he stabbed his tongue past her tight ring, deep into her velvet embrace. Tongue-fucking her gorgeous little pucker, he squeezed her quivering bottom with one hand while slamming two thick fingers into her pussy with the other. Nearly crazed in his devouring of her, he pulled his tongue out and clamped his mouth over her pussy.

"Oh yessss…" hissed Summer, grasping the armrest of the couch.

Dave was searching, exploring her inner walls. She was writhing on his hand, trying to increase his penetration, and he just kept up a steady sucking and tonguing of her immaculate sex. When he began a steady stroking higher inside, petting the spongier flesh there, she cried out that she was going to cum.

Wanting her cum more than anything he'd ever imagined, he panted into her pussy, "Cum for me! Fill my mouth! Cum for me!"

With Summer's ass vibrating, her thighs trembling, he continued his focused assault until finally she panted, "I'm cumming...cumming...cummiiinnng!!"

Grasping her ass, he held on tightly when her pussy began to spasm against his mouth. She was drenching his chin and chest with her gushing orgasm, and still he continued lapping away; swallowing quickly, he thoroughly laved every glistening inch of her sweet, gorgeous sex. As she continued trembling, he held her securely, hugging her thighs, his face pressed to her warm crevice.

Finally slipping to the floor, she descended from her explosive peak. Stretched out beside her, he gently laid her on her back, cradling her head with his forearm.

She looked up at him with a loopy smile and half-lidded, smoky eyes. Lolling her arms around his neck, she pulled him down, wetly sucking his tongue into her mouth. "Mmmmmm, baby, that was totally amaaaaaazing. I love how I taste on your tongue."

"I love how you taste on my tongue, too," he smiled. "I could taste you anytime."

"Yes, you can. Taste me as often as you want. I promise you, I will never say no. That was absolutely incredible, David. You really did just want to worship my body, didn't you? Baby, you didn't even fuck me."

"You can't imagine how deeply I worship your body," he said quietly, alternating his caresses between her beautiful cheekbones, lips, and nipples. "I love how you feel," he added, gently pulling on her thick tips; with each tug, her back arched. "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, Summer. Your scent drives me insane, and no one tastes like you. Your beauty is almost too painful. The way you cum, what your body does when you let go, it's the most perfect thing I've ever experienced. I do worship your body. I love every inch of you."

"I can tell," she said, pressing her breast into his hand. "You truly know how to make a woman feel beautiful. Baby, that's a wonderful gift. Were you really okay, though, know…."

"The way you cum?"

"Yes. You made me cum really hard, and you saw what happened. Some men get freaked out by it."

"I did, too, but in a good way. Seriously, I think it's the best thing ever. I absolutely loved it when you drenched me."

"I'm so glad," she purred. "But wait," she added with a giggle. "Does this mean you're going to put together another tickle party, just to get me to 'drench' you again?"

He laughed, "I wasn't really planning to, no, but now that you mention it, hell yes, I'd love to see you lose control that way, too! How awesome would that be? Damn, I can just imagine it. I think that would be almost as incredible as watching you cum," he said, pausing with a wry grin to add, "Almost."

"You're baaaaad," she said, smiling at him in wonder. "You'd really enjoy tickling me until I peed all over you?"

"Yep!" he said, still grinning as he tenderly caressed her softly rising and falling tummy. "You would be indescribably beautiful, Summer, laughing and writhing until you lost control. I can't imagine a more joyous sight. God, just to see you laugh that way, then to see the exultant expression of surrender on your perfect face when you finally let go...."

She studied him for a few moments. "I think I believe you, and you're amazing," she finally said.

He pulled her into his arms for another long kiss. "You should always believe me," he grinned, breaking their kiss. "Anything that has to do with your body, I want it, and I will absolutely love it. Besides, there's nothing more adorable than watching you kick, laugh and squirm when you're being tickled."

"Adorable to you, maybe," she smiled, pulling him back down. They kissed and kissed, until finally she lay her head on his chest, purring her contentment.

~ ~ ~

Maybe the happiest I had ever seen Summer was when we were all together again that night, just watching movies and playing board games. She was simply glowing. Any pleasant comment earned its author a warm snuggle and a wet, lip-smacking kiss. Every joke made her laugh like a child. Anything anyone wanted from the kitchen, she eagerly jumped up and danced away to grab for him. Whenever we caught her beneath the mistletoe, she moved into our arms and hotly made out with us. Roaming hands were sometimes tentative at first, but with Summer leading the way it never took long before they became more and more adventurous.

She started off the evening wearing a cute little baby-tee and the sexiest pair of sweatpants I've ever seen. Those things were as thin as tissue paper and tighter than the most painted-on jeans. With every movement she made, they did an amazing job of highlighting her supple flesh. Her sweats were also so brief that any time she leaned over at all they pulled way down in the back, exposing half her naked bottom. Whether standing before us straight and tall or sitting on the floor with her arms hooked around her raised knees, her dramatic camel toe in those pants was truly breathtaking.

She was pure magic.

With each break in the game, following any compliment tossed her way, Summer would climb into the lap of that person. I'd fondle her breasts, Aaron would slide his hand down the back of her sweats, Dave would just kiss her for what seemed like forever, and inevitably she and John would end up wrestling. Equally inevitably, her sweatpants would end up falling down, precipitating another Battle Royale between those two.

She was just outstanding, and so very happy. Watching her that night, I fell in love a hundred more times.

During one of our board game marathons John commandeered the couch, stretching out to take the whole thing for himself. Never one to pass up the opportunity for some quality snuggles, of course Summer joined him, wedging herself into a spoons position with the "greedy brat," as she put it.

A little while later Aaron looked over and laughed, "Summer, what happened to your pants?!"

Elbowing John in the ribs, she giggled, "They were making me hot from all our wrestling, and butthead here kept pulling them down anyway, so finally I just took them off."

John laughed too, saying, "I was wondering when you guys were ever going to notice."

Summer was completely bare-assed naked from the waist down, with John proudly spooning her.

We couldn't help but look forward to her turns at the game, knowing her habit of bending provocatively over the board, and every time she sauntered off to the kitchen or the bathroom we just stopped and stared. Her spellbinding bottom would bedevil us on her way out, then her beautifully flowering pussy would captivate us upon her return.

Always, she would slip back into her spoons position with John.

With the TV turned up loud and the sounds of Caddyshack filling the room, he grinned to her, "You're driving me fucking insane, you know that?"

"You were already insane long before I met you, but good, you deserve some punishment," she said happily. When he gently cupped her ass, she brought one knee forward, inviting him to explore. He slid his hand into her moist heat, stroking her from behind. "Mmmmmm…nice," she said in a low, sexy voice. He leaned down to kiss her; returning his kiss, she bit his tongue and wouldn't let go. Holding on to it as he caressed her pussy, she playfully growled in his mouth.

"Hey," Aaron said, "it's getting kinda cold in here. What do you guys think about starting a fire again?"

"Awesome!" chirped Summer. "I'll go get us some extra blankeys!"

Scampering off to the hallway, she quickly returned with an armful of "blankeys," which made me laugh every time she said it. She gave one each to Aaron, Dave and me, then, giggling with glee, she lobbed John's onto his head before moving over to the fireplace where she knelt to get the fire started.


Totally bare-assed, with only a tiny baby-tee covering her braless breasts, she was kneeling on all fours directly in front of us. Her swaying bottom was closest to Aaron, so he had the honor of reaching out to stroke it. Wiggling against his hand, she gave him a beguiling smile over her shoulder while arranging the kindling.

Running his hand up and down her thighs and all over her ass, Aaron soon slid it into her gorgeous split. She clenched her smooth, round moons, playfully trapping his hand. Giggling, she thumped him on the head with a throw pillow as I jokingly attempted to strike a match off her sculpted cheek.

When it didn't work, she petulantly grabbed the matchbook from me and lit the fire. "Does that look like a block of wood to you?" she grinned, rubbing the spot on her ass where I'd applied the match. After shooing us away with a sunny smile, she leaned in and began adding the logs, carefully stacking them just so.

Her fire successfully started, she sat back on her knees, her hands on her taut thighs, her ass perched on her upturned heels. Reaching between her legs, she slowly stroked her moist sex before bringing her fingertips to her lips. Blowing me a wet pussy kiss, she mouthed, "I love you, baby."

She basked in the warmth of the fire, holding her hands near the flames as we drank in the sight of her naked bottom. Finally, she scampered back to the couch. "Make some room, bub!" she said to John, wedging in front of him again. After grabbing his arm to drape it around her waist, she pulled their blanket up to her hips.

"Better?" smiled John, watching Dave roll the dice and move his piece.

"Much better," she said, returning his smile. "Now take off your shorts."

Surprised by her directness, he nevertheless rustled around beneath the blanket, kicking his legs back and forth. When he was done, he pushed his crotch into her ass.

"Underwear too, sweetie," she grinned. "If you're going to press against my ass like this, let's both be naked."

He stared at her in even greater wide-eyed surprise. She nodded, giving him a warm, sweet smile. Again with the rustling and leg kicking; when he was finished, she reached back to grab his ass for confirmation. "Mmmm, perfect. That's what I want. Since you kept pulling my pants down and touching my bare pussy, it's only fair that I get to feel your naked hard cock," she said quietly, so only he and I could hear her.

John's turn at the game was next, and he leaned over Summer, who rolled onto her stomach to accommodate him. She let out an "Ooof!" when he pressed down on her, then she laughed, "Jeez! For having such a gorgeous body, you sure do weigh a ton!"

Of course he proceeded to flop down on her as hard as he could, right on her lower back and pillowy soft ass. "Oops! Sorry!" he said, knowing he'd knocked the wind out of her.

As he went to roll the dice, Summer swept her arm back under the blanket. John jumped, then he froze, making a strained gurgling noise in his throat. Grinning, Summer lifted their blanket with her elbow just enough to show me what she'd done: She'd grabbed him by the balls, and wasn't letting go! After moving John's piece on the board with her free hand, she bucked her ass to drive him back behind her.

Once she had him pressing comfortably into her bottom again, she smirked over her shoulder, "Oops? Sorry?"

Rolling his eyes, Aaron grinned at John. "Here you are, lying with an astoundingly beautiful naked woman, yet all you ever seem to wanna do is drown her, wrestle her, or just plain smoosh her. Can't you think of anything better you'd rather do to her, you big dummy?"

We all laughed, and Summer smiled sweetly at John. "I'm going to have my work cut out for me in trying to housebreak you, aren't I?"

John grinned, "Hey! I'm totally housebroken! I hardly ever poop on the carpets anymore!"

As we all laughed again, Aaron drilled John in the head with a pillow. Rolling away from the table, Dave said, "Anyway, this is my favorite part of the movie. If you guys don't mind, I'm gonna take a little break from the game."

"Yeah, let's take a break," added Aaron. "Anyone want anything while I'm up?"

We all told him we were fine, and when he returned from the kitchen everyone settled in to watch the movie. Dave and Aaron were on the floor, over near the fireplace. I was by the coffee table, leaning up against the love seat adjacent to the couch. Though the movie was loud, we were loud as well, laughing at our favorite lines.

"Uh-oh, Summer…looks like we did it again…" said John, and she followed his gaze up to the mistletoe hanging above them over the couch. Beaming, she reached behind his head to pull him down for a kiss.

"Good thing no one's touched it, huh? I told you we'd have more kissing opportunities," she said, pausing between wet smacks. "Didn't you say something last night about how you like to kiss me?"

Smiling, John returned his lips to hers. As their tongues began their erotic dance, he slid his hand up her stomach, going beneath her top. Firmly taking hold of her breast, he tugged on her nipple, making her moan in his mouth.

Grinning brightly, she sat up and whipped off her little t-shirt. After tossing it to the floor, she made him take off his shirt too before rolling onto her back. Giggling when she realized all their twisting and shifting around had managed to tangle them up in the blanket, she tried to slither her legs free. Becoming frustrated, John finally just pulled the blanket away, leaving them uncovered to their knees.

"We should try to be quiet," she smiled sexily, pulling him on top of her and spreading her legs. Grasping his bare cheeks with both hands, she gave them a playful squeeze. "Mmmm, you have such a great ass. Baby, I may never let you wear shorts again."

Grinning, he leaned in to kiss her, and with his chest pressed against her naked breasts he reached beneath her to take hold of her plush bottom. Thrusting her hips, she moaned into his mouth while guiding his erection to her steaming pussy. Once she had his crown positioned within her silken folds, she wrapped her arms around his back and pulled him in. "Fuck me," she said softly, gazing into his eyes. "Fuck me slowly. I want you to feel my pussy sucking your cock. John, I need to feel you deep inside me. Will you do that for me? Will you fuck me?"

Burying his face in her neck to stifle his moan, John slid all the way in. Answering with an urgent thrusting of her hips, she squeezed his ass and clawed at his back while breathing into his ear, "Mmmm, our friends are right here, and you're fucking me for Christmas. I've tried to be very good this year, so please fill my stocking with your wonderful cock, and lots and lots of hot cum…."

John leaned down to nibble and suck her breast, and with a needy hand he latched on to her other breast while biting her nipple.

As they quietly writhed together, Summer gave me a gorgeous smile. "Thank you, baby. I love you," she mouthed before closing her eyes and simply savoring the sex.

Dave eventually got up to go use the bathroom, but he went in the opposite direction of the couch. I don't think he saw John and Summer fucking beneath the mistletoe.

As soon as he left the room, Summer returned to the spoons position with John. She moved one bent knee forward, spreading herself open, and he slid back inside her pussy. "Mmmmmm, yes, you feel so good inside me," she quietly moaned. "God, I love your thick cock. Oooh…squeeze my ass…keep fucking me."

John whispered, "Jesus, Summer, I can't believe we're doing this!"

She smiled over her shoulder. "Yet here we are. We're naked together on the couch, and you're driving your beautiful cock inside me. Mmmm-hmmm…you're fucking me, baby."

Biting her neck, he moaned, "I can't believe it! I'm actually inside you! Summer, you have the wettest, hottest pussy ever! God, you're totally amazing!"

"Mmmmmm, yes," she moaned right back, "you're fucking me…really fucking me…even after all your vicious little games. You're deep inside my pussy, and it feels sooooo good. Your hands on my ass…oh, baby, do it…."

John fucked her hard, until I heard their bodies slapping together. With her hand over her mouth she looked over at me and giggled, "Oops!"

When Dave returned from the bathroom, John tried to make it look as if he and Summer were merely spooning and kissing. Had Dave paid any attention, though, he couldn't have missed Summer's naked breasts shuddering to the rhythm of John's continual thrusting.

Once Dave was back on the floor in front of the TV, Summer rolled onto her stomach. Grinning over her shoulder as John straddled her hips and began to pound her bouncing ass, she arched her back and raised her hips, offering him an impossibly sexy target. Pressing himself along her body, he hissed, "Fuck, that feels so good, the way you squeeze me with your ass when I pull out of your amazing pussy." Moaning into her neck, he drove again and again into her delicious bottom, chanting, "Love your your your ass...."

Summer moaned, "Do you want to fuck my ass?"

"God, yes!"

Seductively writhing her hips, she breathed, "Then take it, baby. Take my ass. I want your big cock deep in my ass."

When John eased out of her pussy, Summer reached back to caress her wet slit, moistening her fingers before pressing them into her tight little pucker. Spreading her legs, she pulled herself open, and John slid between her thighs. Taking his cock in her hand, she rubbed it all through her shining split before positioning it directly at her pink star. "Do it, John. Put it in my ass," she whispered.

He pushed, and she pushed back, raising her hips even higher. His large mushroom head compressed for a few beats before popping past her spreading ring.

Incredibly, John's cock was in Summer's gorgeous ass.

With a gasp of sheer pleasure she buried her face in the cushion, muffling her moans. Slowly inching his way in, gradually opening her, he paused following each incremental advance.

It was amazing, the way her ass quivered.

He leaned forward to bite her neck, making her squeal into the couch. "I'm going all the way now…" he breathed in her ear while pushing down, down, down, until his balls were kissing her pussy. A long, continuous moan from Summer accompanied his deep penetration of her hottest, tightest sheath. Squeezing her ass, he pulled back and drove hard, pounding into her perfect bottom.

Summer was raising her hips, trying to take him doggie style…oblivious. Gasping into the cushion with every devastating stroke of his immense shaft, all she wanted was more.

"This is so awesome!" she giggled, turning back to him after a seemingly never-ending drilling that had her full, lush bottom crashing sensually on his cock. "You're totally fucking me in the ass, you brat!"

"Keep squeezing! I'm almost there!" he said, pressing his mouth to her neck. Pounding away until his dam burst, releasing a long, hot flood deep inside her, he groaned into her hair as she moaned in ecstasy. With her pussy clenching just as fiercely as her ass, she pulled his free hand down to cup her flowing sex, and together they rode out their electric spasms.

Finally, they were finished cumming. With his cock still buried in her leaking bottom, their bodies trembling, he pulled her back to a spoons position before bringing her drenched hand to his lips for a taste of her sweet orgasm. Smiling happily, she did the same; taking his cum-soaked fingers into her mouth, she moaned while licking each one clean. He leaned down to kiss her, and she clenched her ass on his softening cock, making him groan.

When he eventually slipped out of her warm clutch, she mock-pouted before rolling over with a giggle to face him. Settling in for a nice cuddle, she wrapped her arms around him as they began kissing. Purring in his mouth, she draped her thigh over his hip and fed his semi-hard cock back into her pussy. Moving her hips, building up steam, she kissed him until he was fully erect again. "My pussy, baby…my pussy still wants your cum," she said, driving hard against his pounding shaft. Openly fucking him, their blanket long since discarded, she was taking everything he could give her.

She smiled serenely when his second load poured this time into her womb. Grinding hotly together, savoring the feeling of post-orgasmic bliss as he languidly thrust in and out of her thoroughly drenched pussy, they kept kissing while enjoying a few more moments of slow, luxurious sex.

Contented at last, they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms, his cock still pulsing deep inside her.

~ ~ ~

She lay staring at the ceiling, trying to figure out where she was. She knew she'd been out for a fairly long while. Maybe a few hours? She couldn't tell. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw that John was still sleeping. Grinning to herself, she wondered how they'd managed to end up spooning again during their nap together.

Jake and Dave were asleep on the floor. The fire was glowing bright, and the room was warm and toasty. Aaron was still awake, watching Sportscenter with the volume low.

Getting up from the couch, she quietly headed to her bathroom. After having a glass of water, she sat down to pee. When she was finished, she held some toilet tissue to her bottom, which was still leaking. Smiling, she felt John's silky cum on her fingers. Slipping them into her pussy to feel his cum there too, she was only able to find a little more. She sucked her fingers clean, taking time to linger over each one before returning to the living room.

Naked, she slid down alongside Aaron beneath his blanket. "Hi," she said, with a friendly smile.

"Hi yourself, gorgeous," he grinned happily.

Summer took his hand and kissed it. Pouting cutely, she nuzzled it with her cheek. "It would seem that our regularly scheduled program of Summer tucking Aaron in for bed has been preempted. Everyone crashed out here tonight, and John took your spot on the sofa."

"That's okay," he said, shifting over to add another log to the fire. "I'm good sleeping right here."

"Mind if I join you?"

"Not at all. Skootch on in here…." Rearranging his little bed of blankets and pillows, he created a cozy space for her.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" she asked, smiling mischievously. She pulled the blanket away, leaving her divine body on beautiful display in the dancing firelight. "Baby, you know our little rule. If you want me naked in your bed…."

"Then I have to be naked too," he grinned, eagerly shucking his t-shirt and sweats.

"There…that's much better," she cooed, rolling onto her back to take him into her welcoming arms. Aaron pulled a blanket over them, then they happily kissed, their hunger quickly building; soon they were hotly tongue-wrestling while writhing against each other.

Finally pulling up, Aaron gazed at her in wonder. "Summer, this is such a perfect moment, having you here with me."

"Mmmm, yes, it's absolutely perfect," she answered. Cupping his ass, she rubbed her clit against the crown of his granite erection. "The fire, the blankets, your warm, beautiful body against mine...."

Grinning, he leaned down and kissed her. Breathing into her mouth, he whispered, "Summer, can I fuck you just a little again, like this morning?"

Smiling hopefully, he positioned his cock at the entrance to her dripping wet pussy.

"No, baby," she said. Giving him her sexiest smile, she pulled him down for a deep, soul-searing kiss.

The firelight made for amazing shapes as it danced across her naked breasts, yet it was the rising flames in her enchanting eyes that made him look upon her in wonder.

"You can't fuck me just a little again..." she began in a breathy whisper. Spreading her legs, she guided his cock past her silky lips. Moaning happily, she felt him push all the way inside her pussy, until his pubic hair was tickling her bare mound. Grinding her hips against him, she reached up to cradle his face. As she stared into his eyes, she continued whispering, "...because tonight I want you to fuck me more than just a little. Baby, I want you to fuck me every way you've ever dreamed of fucking a woman. Aaron, make love with me."

~to be continued~

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