The Gifts of Summer: Ch. 04

The Gifts of Summer: Ch. 04

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Enjoying Christmas Day together at the beach, David challenges Summer to give him a taste of her flirty magic.


Enjoying Christmas Day together at the beach, David challenges Summer to give him a taste of her flirty magic.


Submitted: July 29, 2014

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Submitted: July 29, 2014



Except for Dave, who was reading a book on the couch, the house was empty when Summer walked into the living room.

"Where is everyone?" she asked, rubbing her sleepy eyes.

"They took off for a few hours to go shoot some hoops."

"Why didn't you go too?"

"I'm not much of a hoops player, so I thought I'd just hang out and relax. What about you?"

"I was actually thinking of heading down to the beach. We've got this awesome weather, so I thought, hey, Christmas Day at the beach! Why don't you come with me? You could read your book and keep me company while protecting me from the wolves!"

He grinned ironically. "You know, that sounds excellent. I haven't been to the beach in forever. Yeah, let's do it."

They drove down in Summer's car, all the while talking about nothing in particular. She did notice, however, that his attention frequently strayed to her smooth, bare legs, which were displayed to mouthwatering effect by her tiny terry cloth beach shorts. Smiling happily, she reached out to take his hand. Giving it a gentle squeeze, she caressed it with her thumb before laying their hands together high on her thigh.

"David, I really want to thank you for what you said earlier. Everything was such a whirlwind, and you were so calming. You're a really sweet man. I just hope I don't disappoint you."

"Summer, to be honest, I didn't say everything I might have."

"Oh? Such as?" she asked, a flush of fear coloring her countenance.

"Don't worry, it's not what you think. Remember when I said that if Jake trusts you then you're trustworthy, period?"


"Well, okay, that's true, but to be honest, it's more than that. I'm also a pretty good judge of people. Everything we said about you, I know it's true. Though I haven't had the good fortune of knowing you for very long, I trust my instincts, and I trust what I feel in my gut. Of course I've been watching you, studying you, looking to see whether maybe we've missed something about you; something that might come back to bite Jake in the ass after you two are married."

"Hold on," Summer said. "You're the third person now to talk as if it's a certainty that Jake and I are going to be married. Do you know something I don't?"

"Well, let me ask you a simple question. Do you love Jake?"

"With all my heart."

"If he asked you to marry him, would you say yes?"

"After I woke up, and he was still standing there? In a heartbeat."

"Then consider yourself married, Summer. Jakes loves you, and yes, we've all talked about whether you're the one. That was before we even got together with you. Now? After all this? It's only a matter of time. He won't risk losing you. Besides, we won't let him."

Grinning, he squeezed her hand, and she brought his fingertips to her face. Using them to brush away her warm tears, she said, "Losing me is the last thing he'll ever have to worry about. Getting rid of me is more like it." Nuzzling his hand, she kissed the knuckles one by one. "David, may I ask you something?"

Nodding, he waited.

She gave him a sincere smile. "You are just so wonderful. You're unusually sweet and caring, especially for a big, burly 'jock.' Despite your 'tough guy' exterior, you're really thoughtful and mature, and you're much kinder and gentler than one might guess from your intimidating appearance. Don't get me wrong, you're a very good-looking man. You're beautiful, actually. My god, you even have a great job. There isn't a woman in this city who wouldn't want you, so how is it that you're still single? You can't tell me you're gay, because I've felt the way you touch me and kiss me. I know you like women."

She grinned, and he laughed, "Nope, definitely not gay. Good to know you figured that one out." Gazing into her eyes, he became more serious. "Always the wrong place at the wrong time, I guess. Like John said, Jake lucked into meeting you first."

She looked down, unable to face him. "God, I must be dreaming. Please, don't ever let me wake."

"You've got it backwards, Summer. You're the dream, and we're all just trying to catch fleeting glimpses."

She looked up at him, her eyes sparkling. "Though I've only known you for a short time, would it be wrong to tell you that I love you?" She smiled, again using his hand to brush away her tears. "I can't explain it, except that I trust my instincts too, and I just know. David, I already know that I'm in love with you."

They stared into each other's eyes, until finally Dave broke the silence. "I fell in love with you the first moment I saw you. I could just sense it, that there's something very different about you. I've never seen anyone like you before. I've never felt anyone like you before. Something hit me when I saw you, and it was telling me that you're not like any other woman.

"Summer, we all love you. The downside is you've pretty much ruined us for other women!"

~ ~ ~

Although the beach was hardly crowded, it wasn't empty either. There were a couple of volleyball games going on, and scattered groupings of people dotted the wide sands. As far as the eye could see, it was mostly youthful types. Families with young children? Not on Christmas Day.

Summer chose a spot that was a good distance from most of the other groups. After she and Dave spread out their towels, Summer pulled off her top and beach shorts. Watching her peel down, Dave let out a low whistle.

"You like?" she giggled, doing a full pirouette for him.

"I like! I really like!"

Summer was wearing a pale pink Wicked Weasel g-string micro-bikini. Unlined, it also had no obscuring prints or patterns, so the addition of any moisture rendered it completely see-through. Her breasts were mostly exposed, with only the areolas covered by the adjustable triangles. The bottoms had just a string running through her ass crack from the top of the t-back, and the narrow string wasn't nearly wide enough to keep her tempting asshole or pouting outer labia covered. If she lay on her stomach with her legs spread or her ass pooched up at all, one could see the string bisecting her tight crinkle. It was obvious from either the front or the rear that she was shaved smooth, otherwise any pubic hair would've showed on the sides and over the top of the tiny pussy-pouch.

Sitting down, she said, "Let me know if this is too much for you, or if it bothers you when guys hit on me. I can always put my shorts and top back on."

"Summer, I'm telling you right now, if you cover up, you're walking home."

"Hey, wait a minute! It's my car!" she laughed.

"Tough shit. Cover up…you walk home," he grinned.

"Yeah, right. As if you'd let me walk home dressed like this," she giggled. "So, okay, you're fine with everything? I mean with other people seeing me?"

"I won't let anyone hassle you, if that's what you mean."

"No, I'm not talking about guys hassling me. It's more like they just gravitate to me, and we always have fun. No one ever acts like a jerk, but a lot of men in your position don't want any other guys hovering around."

"My position?" he grinned.

"Yes, David, your position: alone with me, when I'm dressed this way. Since everyone ditched us, I'm all yours today. I'm like your date, or your girlfriend. Plus," she added coyly, even dangerously, "there's that one other issue, centering around how we feel about each other. Maybe now you don't want other guys gawking at me and pawing me?"

"So you're my girlfriend today, huh? Nice. The truth? I'm actually sort of curious to see how it all plays out. I haven't gotten to watch people respond to you yet, or you to them. I wouldn't mind witnessing firsthand some of that legendary Summer flirty magic. Also, since you mentioned it, yes, I'm curious to see how I'll feel about being in Jake's shoes...well, sort of, anyway."

She grinned happily. "You want to watch me flirt? Okay then, sweetie, let's have some fun today. You'll see. Now let's go get wet!"

She took off running across the sand, but Dave had to ditch his shirt and sandals before he could set out after her. Turning back, she squealed when she saw him tearing across the sand towards her. As she continued running, the entire beach was treated to the unforgettable sight of her gorgeously bare bottom churning away, along with her nearly naked breasts trying to escape her tiny triangles. When she reached the water, she turned again, only to be immediately bowled over by a charging Dave. He gently tackled her into the surf, and she came up spluttering. "What is it with Jake's friends?! Can't any of you simply escort a lady into the water? Do you all just have to attack me?" she laughed, punching him in the chest.

"Sorry. It's that 'rough exterior' of mine. As they say, you can take the lion out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the lion!"

"That's fine, Simba, but at least try to be gentle with your kitty! I told you, she bruises easily!"

"She also falls out of her bikini easily," he chuckled, nodding to her bare breasts. Both her tiny triangles had slipped to the sides, leaving her gorgeous tits fully exposed.

"See!" she said, laughing as she adjusted her top back over her nipples. "That's just one more reason why you need to be gentle with me. As you can clearly tell, I'm not exactly dressed for the Olympics."

They roughhoused some more in the surf, splashing, dunking and wrestling, until finally Dave said he wanted to head back and catch some sun.

"Okay, this is what we'll do…" she smiled, her arms draped around his neck following a long, steamy kiss. "I'll walk back with you to our towels. After a little while, I'll go over and flirt a bit with the guys right behind us. You'll be able to see and hear everything. Keep your sunglasses on, and just make it look like you're reading. A few minutes later, pretend to fall asleep. That'll be my signal to begin some serious flirting."

"Ooh, I gotta see this! You're on!"

"Yeah, well, just make sure you don't really fall asleep! That could be very, very bad!" she said, laughing as they walked together up the sand. They went back to their towels, where Dave stretched out on his stomach and opened his book. He was facing towards the snack stands, with Summer's target group of boys only a few yards away.

Summer felt their eyes on her. She knew that with her wet bikini they could see her erect nipples and pouting pussy lips as clear as day. Arriving at her towel, she immediately turned away from them, bending at the waist to squeeze the water from her hair. Grinning to herself, she knew she was offering them a perfect shot of her bare ass and moist sex. She reached back to her g-string and pulled it from her slit, ostensibly to reposition it. Tugging it out that way, she showed them her pink pucker and the mouth of her flowering pussy; then, with her ass still facing the boys, she went to her knees to smooth out her towel before lying down beside Dave.

"Enjoying the show?" she whispered.

"It's amazing how casually you do that trick. It looks completely natural."

"That's because it is completely natural. Everything I did - pretty much everything I always do - they're things any girl does when she's by herself or with her boyfriend, or even with other girls. Think about it. Bending over to wring my hair, pulling my g-string out, kneeling on my towel; that's all I did, and those are perfectly normal things. Most of the time they aren't the least bit sexy. The only reason they seem so sexy sometimes is people are conditioned to expect girls to be protective of their modesty in mixed company."

"I never thought of it that way, but yeah, you're right. The one obvious difference-maker, though, is the girl doing all those things. When she's a drop-dead gorgeous knockout like you, those seemingly mundane acts take on a whole different level of sexy."

"True," she giggled. "There's nothing I like more than watching a really hot girl making men drool. It's not just guys, you know. I love it too."

"And since you're always the hottest girl, you just fill the role."

"Something like that," she smiled playfully. "Okay, it's time for Phase Two. I'm heading to the snack bar now, so start reading your book."

Getting up to walk past the boys, Summer smiled for them as she strolled on by.

Quickly scrambling to his feet, one of the boys followed her to the snack bar.

"A small Coke, please," Summer said to the stunned kid gawking at her from behind the window.

"I got it," smiled the boy who'd followed her to the snack bar.

"Thank you! That's really sweet of you," she said, offering him her hand. "I'm Summer."

"Zach," he said, awestruck, shaking her hand.

"Pleased to meet you, Zach."

He looked dubiously back at Dave. "Is that big guy your boyfriend?"

Summer smiled sweetly. "No, he's not my boyfriend. He's my boyfriend's best friend. We're just here together, enjoying this beautiful Christmas in the sunshine."

"Where's your boyfriend then?"

"He's off playing basketball with some of his other friends."

"He doesn't mind you being here with that guy?"

She laughed gorgeously. "With David? Of course not! David and Jake are best friends!"

"I guess that's cool. Hey, you look like you better get some lotion on you."

"Do you have some?"

"Sure, c'mon!"

After escorting her back to their cozy little spot on the sand, Zach introduced Summer to his two buddies, Adam and Marco.

"Here you go, Summer. Here's some sunblock," Zach said, handing her a bottle.

"Would you mind doing me, Zach?" she asked, giving the boys a sexy smile.

"No problem!" he answered, a little too eagerly. "Ummm…lie down on your stomach."

Watching the guys through her dark sunglasses, Summer lay on her stomach, her arms cradling her head, her legs spread a foot apart. "I haven't gotten much sun lately, so make sure you do all of me, okay?"

"No problem," a grinning Zach said again.

Adam and Marco sat there dumbfounded, simply blown away that such an amazingly hot woman was letting their friend put his hands all over her. Still they high-fived him, making Summer and Dave chuckle.

Zach squeezed out a large dollop of sunblock into his hands, and after rubbing them together he smoothed the cream into her shoulder blades. With Summer humming her approval, he started with slow circles.

When he ran his hands beneath the string across her back, she casually said, "Just untie me." Zach untied her bikini strings, and they fell to her sides. "That should make things easier now," she grinned.

Zach ran his hands over her back and across her sides, edging closer with each pass to her breasts bulging out beneath her.

Taking a peek back at Dave, she noticed he'd dropped his book. He was pretending to have fallen asleep.

"Mmmm, don't miss anything," she said quietly to Zach.

Smoothing his hands along her sides, he stroked the soft curves of her breasts with the edges of his palms, and she breathed an audible sigh. When he began slowly moving his hands inward, she lifted a little, giving him more room. Soon he was cupping each full swell, causing her to let out a small moan.

Encouraged, Zach spread his fingers, until the tip of the middle one grazed her nipple.

"Sweetie, I don't think we have to worry just yet about getting too much sun there," she giggled.

'Okay,' Zach thought to himself, 'she established a boundary.'

He returned to doing circles over her back and down her sides, each time pressing more firmly against her breasts. Summer stirred, but didn't say anything.

While sliding his hands down her spine, he moved to the edge of the towel. He started to do her calves, then the backs of her knees, and she bounced her legs in appreciation. As he slowly caressed his way up her thighs, he noticed that she raised her ass.

Adam and Marco noticed it too, and they exchanged knowing grins.

When Zach slid his hands to the inside of her thighs, she moved her legs a few more inches apart.

'Permission granted,' he grinned to himself, sliding his hands further up her thighs. Summer responded by subtly grinding her hips; knowing how sexy it would look to the boys, she writhed on her towel, sensually flexing her ass for them. Glancing over, she smiled when she saw Adam adjusting his obvious erection in his board shorts.

Feeling a pause in Zach's ministrations, she wiggled her ass back and forth. "Do all of me, please."

Marco and Adam shot each other looks of utter disbelief.

Zach obediently smoothed two full palmfuls of cream over her perfect curves. He too could scarcely believe that he had his hands on this hot twenty-something's gorgeous bare ass!

"Mmmm, nice," she said, wiggling her bottom more noticeably.

With Zach's hand-circles spreading her cheeks on each outward stroke, Summer knew the boys and especially Dave could see the string bisecting her asshole. When Zach ran his hands beneath the top string crossing above her sun-kissed divide, he managed to slip it out of her deep crevice. She knew they could all see her exposed little star, and probably her moistening pussy too. Squeezing her thighs together, then spreading them open again, she felt herself becoming very wet.

Watching her every undulation with rapt attention, Zach stroked down the center of her ass. When he traced his fingertips over her sensitive pucker, she raised her luscious bottom into his hands while softly breathing, "Mmmmmm, definitely don't let me burn there."

Rubbing more steadily through her enticing split, he pressed the tip of his middle finger past her tight ring. She moaned sexily, so he slipped it in deeper, to the second knuckle, and began sliding it in and out.

She let him penetrate her ass for a good thirty seconds - long enough for him to get his thick finger all the way in and really fuck her - before she finally said, "Mmmm, that feels so good, but I think I'm covered there now."

Moving his hands to her inner thighs on either side of her precious pussy, he slowly rubbed in more cream. With her ass still sexily circling for him, he brushed his fingertips over her wet center. Thrilled by the sensation of her moist heat and the wondrous feel of her full labia, he began gently petting her soft folds through the sheer, wispy g-string.

She felt the sliver of material being tugged aside, then he was boldly stroking her bare lips. Murmuring quietly, she allowed him to continue. Moments later, though, when he slipped a finger between her blooming petals and slid deep into her pussy, she said, "No, not there, sweetie. I love what you're doing, and I let you have a few strokes where you shouldn't, but you can't go inside my panties there."

"Okay…" he said absently.

When he kept going, driving again and again deep inside her pussy, seemingly mesmerized by the touch of her silky walls, she playfully wiggled her ass for him. "Zach…" she grinned.


Reluctantly, he pulled out.

"Mmmm, s'okay, and thank you. I think I'm good and covered now."

She snuck another peek at Dave, who'd lowered his sunglasses. "Wow," he mouthed to her, his eyes wide.

Smiling teasingly, she pursed her lips, making a kissing motion as she tapped her pussy twice with her index finger. Lying back down, she drifted off into a blissful haze.

"Summer...Summer…" she heard a few long moments later, the voice boring into her consciousness. "It's time to roll over. You've gotten enough sun on this side."

"Mmmphh...'k," she mumbled. Holding her top to her breasts, she rolled onto her back. Dropping her tiny triangles loosely on her chest, she managed to cover only her beautiful tips; otherwise, she was bare-breasted on a 'clothing required' public beach. Her legs were bent slightly at the knees, spread ten inches apart.

She lifted onto her elbows to check on Dave, who gave her a double-eyebrow raise above his sunglasses. He was staring at her moist, panties-covered pussy, her g-string having slipped between her outer lips. Only her inner labia were covered, and her top had fallen from her breasts when she'd sat up.

She smiled and lay back down, returning her top to the general vicinity of her nipples. Wiggling her hips back and forth, she lifted them while tugging her g-string from her pussy. In doing so, she not only showed Dave her bare sex, she also managed to pull the g-string down her hips quite a bit. When she stretched out again, her tiny bikini bottoms were no longer hugging her lips. The sheer Lycra was gapping below her gorgeous pussy, giving Dave a clear view of her glistening center. Her panties were resting low enough on her hips that the top of her slit was also exposed.

"We'll do this side!" Adam and Marco said enthusiastically. While Marco went to her feet, Adam started at her shoulders, rubbing cream into the tops of her breasts. She moved the skimpy bikini aside for him whenever it got in his way, and before long he was simply squeezing and fondling her amazing tits.

"Mmmm…yes, do my breasts…and my nipples…" she whispered, her back arching as her breath quickened.

He rubbed sunscreen into her tummy and up towards the bottoms of her heavy mounds, then he did the sides. When he cupped and hefted her spectacular tits, she again let slip an audible moan. Adam was being careful in his efforts to avoid the jumbled top, until finally she just pulled it away. Tossing it aside, she raised her arms above her head and smiled, "Don't let me burn. Do me good."

Sporting a huge erection in his board shorts, Adam kept bumping it into her right breast every time he leaned over her body to massage cream into the left one. Soon he was openly mauling her tits, nothing more; dramatically arching her back, she was beginning to breathe heavily.

Looking down her body, Adam could also see her bare pussy. Her tiny bottoms rested loosely around the sides of her ass, well below her hip bones.

Marco hadn't been idle. Having managed to move her g-string aside, he kept coaxing her thighs apart by rubbing in more and more cream. When his hands moved up to the beautiful valley at the top of her thighs, he pressed higher, sliding his fingers over her soft mound. With a quiet moan Summer raised her hips, even dipping one knee in before swinging it all the way out, yet Marco didn't touch her lips. Instead he rubbed below her belly button, down to her smooth, bare mons.

"Careful, Marco," she purred.

He allowed his fingers to trace across her bared slit, making Summer shudder. Beginning a slight but insistent stroking of her mound, he caressed the top of her slit and clitoral hood on every third pass. When he changed the angle of his hands so that his fingers were pointing down towards her pussy, he managed to contact her swollen pink clit peeking out from beneath its deeper scarlet hood.

"Marco, not there, sweetie. Not inside my panties."

While Adam continued pinching and pulling on her nipples, his cock still pushing directly into her breast, Marco went back to rubbing her legs; taking special delight in raising her knees, he provided himself direct access to the undersides of her thighs, all the way to the soft half-moons of her delectable ass.

He and Dave enjoyed a particularly vivid and inviting view of Summer, which she encouraged by spreading her legs. Having slipped well below her ass, her g-string was merely stretched across her upper thighs. When she sat up again, leaning back on her elbows, she saw Marco and Dave devouring the sight of her wide-open pussy.

That thought lit her fuse.

Throwing caution to the wind, she slid her g-string down to her knees. Raising her feet high and crossing her ankles to slip her tiny panties the rest of the way off, she knew she was offering up an explicit display of her naked pussy and tight pink asshole. After tossing her drenched bottoms to Dave, she lowered then lewdly spread her legs. With one hand she began to stroke her clit while pumping Adam's cock through his shorts with the other.

Intrigued by her reaction to what Zach had done earlier, Marco penetrated Summer's perfect asshole; moaning, she lifted her hips and spread her legs wider.

With Marco's long finger plunging again and again deep inside her ass and her own finger rubbing her clit, it didn't take long before Summer reached her peak. While still pumping urgently on Adam's cock, she thrust two fingers into her clenching pussy and wildly fucked herself. Writhing on her towel, arching her back crazily, she let loose with a gorgeous peal of sexy laughter as her taut body was wracked by a devastating series of convulsive orgasms. Moaning deliriously through her crashing release, she cried out in joy when she drenched both her hand and Marco's with a beautiful gushing of clear girl-cum; at the sight of the amazing goddess erupting, Adam simply lost it, shooting off inside his shorts. Feeling his creamy warmth seeping through to her fingertips, Summer kept jacking him until his anguished groans and electric spasms finally ebbed, and he fell back exhausted onto the sand.

Panting heavily, her legs spread wide, Summer likewise collapsed onto her towel. Continuing to fuck herself in post-orgasmic bliss, she purred with contentment while languidly dipping her fingers in and out of her soft, wet pussy.

"Thanks, guys, I think she's had enough. I'll take it from here," Dave said, suddenly appearing alongside them with Summer's miniscule scraps of clothing in hand. "Summer, lift…" he added, wanting to slide her shorts up her legs.

"Wait," she said. "I've got all this cream on me. Let me at least go shower this stuff off." Smiling for the boys as she twisted provocatively on the towel, she struggled back into her g-string and tiny bikini top. Coming to her feet, she gave them each a kiss, then she grinned, "Thanks, guys, that was fun! See you next Christmas!"

Watching Summer happily strut away, the slack-jawed boys stood frozen in amazement.

Dave escorted her to the outdoor showers near the snack stand, where she took off her sheer bikini. Standing naked before him, she thoroughly washed every inch of her golden body, smiling as he admired her bobbling breasts. After drying herself in the warm sun, Dave handed her the little terry cloth shorts and transparent top. Making a pouting face, feigning sadness over having to put anything back on, she slipped into her tiny cover-ups.

Returning to the car, they tossed everything into the trunk, then they sat quietly decompressing together in the front seat.

"Is it always like that with you? Total strangers, getting naked, cumming in public?" asked Dave in amusement, finally breaking the ice.

Summer laughed, "No, David, definitely not! Those things only happened because of you. No way I let it go that far if you're not there."

"Because you felt safe, knowing I'd protect you."

"Yes, that too; but no, not really. I did all that for you, not for them. I wanted to let you feel how it is when Jake and I go out. See, we're always doing things like that, especially when I'm really turned on; you know, showing off my body, flirting, even making me cum with people watching. I do those things only when I'm with someone. If you weren't there, I wouldn't have been nearly so turned on, and I definitely wouldn't have stripped naked and fucked myself. I never let total strangers touch my ass and pussy, not if I'm alone. You wanted to see what it's like to be with me when I flirt and allow guys to paw me. That was all you, David. They didn't turn me on…you did. I masturbated because I saw you staring at my pussy! The way you were looking at me, god, it drove me totally crazy! I didn't even care anymore about those other guys being there. I just wanted to cum, and I was getting off on the thought of you watching me make myself cum for you."

Studying his expression, she gave him a soft smile. "Were you okay with that?"

"I was pretty shocked, I must admit. That kid came in your hand!"

Dave laughed, then Summer laughed too. "Yeah, well, I just needed to keep him occupied. With the way he was pushing his erection into my breast, I knew he wanted me to take it out and suck it. I figured I'd distract him with a handjob through his shorts until I could make myself cum for you. And you know what? It worked!"

Dave high-fived her, making her giggle.

"That was definitely the coolest Christmas Day experience I've ever had," he grinned.

"Me too! Christmas Day, naked and cumming on the beach? Thank you, baby. All the fun I'm having today, it's because of you. I just hope you're at least having half as much fun as I am!"

"You'll hear no complaints from me, that much I can promise you. Girl, you can take me to the beach anytime you want!"

During the drive home Summer was unusually quiet, and Dave finally had to ask, "Summer, what's wrong?"

She turned to him with a pensive look.

"Tell me," he said.

"Okay, I'm afraid of what you think of me now. You must think I'm some total slut, like I screw every guy I see. David, it's not like that. Yes, I love sex, but I don't just fuck every guy who wants me."

"Summer, no," he said, taking her hand. "I promise you, it's nothing like that. I know what today was about. I know you did that for me, and I think you're amazing for doing all those things. I love that you can be so outrageously gorgeous and slutty when you want to be, plus you're so ridiculously good at it!"

Giggling again, she punched him in the arm. He held her slender hand there, cupping it in his much larger one. "Seriously, don't worry for even a single second that I think you're cheap or trashy, or any crap like that. I swear to god, I would tell you point-blank if that was what I thought. I would tell Jake, too. As his friend, I'd have to warn him."

With a small smile, she gave him a penetrating stare. "What will you tell him now?"

"I'll tell him we went to the beach, and you got naked for me in front of some totally stoked teenagers. I'll tell him how incredible you looked when you came. Or maybe I won't say anything at all, since I don't need to report back to Jake with everything you do. Sweetheart, you're not under surveillance. No one has any doubts about you.

"Here's a question for you, though, Summer. Do you want me to tell him about today?"

"You can if you want to. I'm certainly not going to ask you not to tell him, and it doesn't matter anyway since I'm going to tell him. There's no way I wouldn't. I know he'll get a kick out of it. He'll love the part about me pulling off my panties and letting you watch me get myself off on a public beach. He won't believe that I actually squirted for you!"

Blushing while shaking her head, she laughed before giving him a soft smile. "I'm not worried about Jake. I was only worried what you might think."

Squeezing her hand, he offered a warm, reassuring smile. "See? That's what I mean. He knows. I know. We all know. It's you, Summer. You're You're beauty incarnate. That's who you are, angel. I don't need to tell him that any more than I need to tell him water is wet."

"So we're still the same as before?" she asked hopefully.

"Better," he grinned.

"Better? Why better?"

"Summer, I'm even more totally smitten with you now than I was before. Think about it. The last time we were in this car, I hadn't yet seen your perfect asshole or your gorgeous pussy, and I certainly hadn't seen you squirt! I mean, c'mon!"

"David!!" she guffawed, slapping his arms and chest. Laughing happily again, she exclaimed, "I can't believe you just said that! You're not as sweet and innocent as I thought!"

"Hey, when did I ever say I was sweet and innocent? You're the one who's sweet and innocent, with a heart of gold. I'm just a guy!"

"You're definitely not 'just a guy,' David. You're a kind, thoughtful, sexy, beautiful man, and I love you."

"Awww, you're just saying that 'cause you want to get into my pants." He smiled brightly, just like one of her wonderful smiles.

She answered with a lovely leer. "Yeah? So? And what if I do? That doesn't make a single word I said any less true, you know."

He grinned wickedly. "Hmmm. Interesting. Didn't someone I know give me a Christmas gift invitation to build myself the perfect holiday evening date with her, with or without the other galoots along for the ride?"

"Yes, I believe someone you know gave you just such a Christmas gift. The question is how are you going to use it, and what is to become of the poor gift-giver once she's under your irresistible spell? How will she ever hope to maintain her virtue while operating under such tempting duress?"

Grinning at each other, they began to laugh.

"Well?" she smiled.

He squeezed her hand again. "Well, beautiful one, I guess you'll just have to wait and see, won't you?"

She breathed a theatrical sigh. "Fine, fine, although I should give you fair warning: Of my many virtues, patience does not rank very high on the list."

"So don't make you wait too long to get into my pants then, is that what you're saying?" He grinned smugly, pleased to discover that he was quickly adapting to her flirty rhythms.

With a loving, sexy smile, she traced her fingertips along his thigh. "Would you do that to your Summer? I would hate to think of you as cruel."

"Girl, I'm just making this up as we go along, as I suspect you are too. I honestly have no idea where I'm going with any of this."

"Sweetie, neither do I, but I'm glad we're in this together. Whatever happens next, I just know we'll always have fun."

He laughed, "Whatever happens next, I just know you're always going to give me another hard-on!"

"I certainly hope so," she grinned, mischievously biting her lip as her hand moved slowly up his thigh….

~to be continued~

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