The Gifts of Summer: Ch. 02

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The giving of the gifts.

"Baby, it's midnight, so it's officially Christmas now. Let's light a fire, then we can open the presents."

Having finished her shower, Summer had rejoined us. John had also showered, and we were all watching TV in the den.

"I only need to open one present," I smiled, taking her hand.

"Oh? And which one might that be? You don't even know what I got you for Christmas," she grinned.

"I think I know which one..." Aaron said with a laugh.

Summer gave me a warm, loving smile. "Okay, baby. Light the fire, then you can open your present."

I started piling some kindling together, then Dave added a couple of larger pieces, and soon we had a nice crackling fire going. The room was lit by the combination of the blinking Christmas tree lights, a dozen Christmas candles placed all around the den, and the growing glow from the fireplace.

Summer stood barefoot before the fire, warming her hands. We were all gathered around her, watching the rising flames together. Along with a Santa hat, she was wearing a red cotton robe trimmed in white, with a green and white belt. The belt was tied into big loops, making it look like a large bow.

"Okay, grab a spot," she said to the guys, pointing to a bunch of blankets and throw pillows she'd spread around the base of the Christmas tree. Grinning, they took their places on the floor.

"You stay right here," she said to me. She wrapped my arms around her waist and nuzzled her face into my neck, then she purred, "Mmmm, our first Christmas together. Merry Christmas, baby. Would you like to open your present now?"

Nodding, I slowly tugged on her belt loop. She nuzzled deeper into my neck, purring with more passion. I tugged the belt until it popped, the two ends going slack. Kissing her soft hair, I reached down and separated the lapels of the robe. Sliding my hands up her sides until I reached her shoulders, I slipped the robe away. She shrugged against me, and her robe fell to the floor.

We all gasped.

Her arms at her sides, Summer stood before us in sexy Santa's Helper lingerie. Except for a white garter set high on her left thigh, her long, supple legs were bare. Her flawless ass and immaculate pussy were beautifully complemented by the tiniest of red satin bikini panties trimmed in white lace, with delicate bow ties on either hip. They were very loose panties, only loosely tied. Her belly button was also bare, as was her entire back. Her matching halter top was an enticing drape of red satin featuring straps that were nothing more than crimson strings. It hung extremely low over her chest, and there was no side coverage. Amazingly, her gorgeous breasts were almost completely out in the open, and if she leaned forward at all her plunging drape would fall away to expose her nipples too.

Posing demurely for us in her stunning lingerie, she may have looked even sexier than if she'd been totally nude.

She gave me the softest, prettiest smile. "I bought this to wear for our first Christmas together. I wanted tonight to be special."

"It's...incredible," I said, awestruck.

"I hope you don't mind that I still wore it," she whispered, stepping back into my arms.

"God, no, I don't mind at all. I love that you wore it for us. Baby, you are truly beautiful, in every single way. Thank you for making this a perfect Christmas."

Reaching up behind me, she pulled down a sprig of mistletoe from over the hearth. Smiling invitingly, she held it above her head. "So you like your present?"

When I again wrapped my arms around her waist, she leaned in to give me a long, deep kiss. "Mmmm, this is the nicest mistletoe kiss so far. Touch me, baby," she whispered, finally breaking our kiss. Feeling my hardness pressing against her, she drove her hips forward, and I slipped my hands inside her dangerously loose panties. Coaxing the satin more than halfway down, I caressed her bare ass, and she moaned appreciatively into my mouth as her perfect bottom danced in my hands.

Upon sliding my fingertips back up to her waist I could tell that I'd left her ass exposed, and still she just kept moving her hips against me in those same maddeningly sexy circles.

"Merry Christmas, guys," John said.

I turned Summer to face them. "Merry Christmas!" we said together.

"It's just awesome that you're all here, sharing your Christmas with us. Thank you so much for making this the nicest Christmas ever," Summer said. Kneeling and leaning in to hug them one by one, she warmly kissed them on the lips. Bent at the waist that way, her ass was simply devastating, and her loosely hanging top offered a delectable view of her naked breasts.

"This top really doesn't keep me covered. I hope you don't mind," she smiled to John as he gawped yet again at her exposed breasts. When he just kept grinning, she gave him another kiss on the lips before cutely crawling on her hands and knees across the floor and back into my arms.

"Are you happy, baby?" she asked, leaning up to kiss me.

"I've never been so happy. I love you, Summer."

"Do I need to cover up?" She knew her ass was facing the guys, following the gift of her bare breasts she'd already given them with her hugs and kisses.

Returning her kiss, I said again, "I love you, Summer. Please don't cover up my beautiful Christmas present."

Beaming, she began to cry as she whispered, "Oh, god, Jake, I love you so much. Thank you, baby."

Holding each other close, we swayed back and forth in front of the fire. Finally I took her by the hand and turned her to face the guys again. Still beaming brightly, she giggled, "Okay, let's see what Santa brought everybody! It's time to open our presents!"

"Who goes first?" I asked, sitting us down together on some pillows beside the tree, with Summer perched sidesaddle in my lap.

"Since I'm the only one here who's certified by Santa himself to pass out presents," answered Summer, fluffing the official 'Santa's Helper' script on her Santa hat as proof, "I think you boys should let me do it!"

When she scooted off my lap to begin passing out the presents, we all just looked at each other.

"Holy fucking god," Dave whispered to me.

Let it be known far and wide that nobody passes out presents like our incredible little North Pole elf, Summer!

Our playfully sexy girl, she didn't simply climb down from my lap and sit at the foot of the tree, which would have easily enabled her to pluck the presents out and hand them to us from one stationary spot.

Nope. That's what any normal person might do.

Summer? She merely slid down off my lap and turned to face the tree. On her knees, her legs spread wide, she leaned way forward to grab each present from beneath the tree. Holding herself up on her elbows, her ass high in the air, her white garter tempting us to devour her, she remained locked in that position while reading the tags. Her panties didn't cover very much of her ass to begin with, and they'd become so loose that they were noticeably gapping. As she lay spread before us, I had a beautiful view of her flowering pussy flashing vivid scarlet, and I'm sure the others did too. I know we all could see her bare breasts swaying outside her top, and when she'd lift a bit to read a tag we could see her erect nipples. Once she would read the tag, she'd twist her body towards the recipient, giving those behind her the opportunity to drool over the sight of her bare back and exquisite ass. The recipient? He'd be treated to her naked breasts.

Back and forth she went, left and right, handing out presents - the sexiest Santa's Helper ever.

Of course the guys had brought the usual Guy Gifts. Dave gave each of us tickets to Laker games. Aaron gave us all software gifts and snazzy new phones, and he also gave Summer a certificate to a luxurious spa. John bought everyone rounds of golf. Summer and I had gone in together on a big LCD TV as our main Christmas gift to each other, plus I surprised her with some jewelry. We got the guys gift certificates to their favorite restaurants.

Summer gave them a sly wink as she handed out those certificates. They didn't understand the wink, and Summer said she'd explain later, then she jumped up and ran into the hallway. While we all watched her beautiful ass and bare back, she leaned into the hallway closet and began digging through a pile of miscellaneous crap before emerging with a ribbon-bedecked package shaped like a guitar case.

"No way," I said, totally stunned. "You didn't."

"Merry Christmas, baby! Open it!"

I pulled off the wrapping, and there it was, the signature tweed Fender case. I knew what I'd see once I opened it, and Summer was sitting upright on her knees, beaming a million-watt smile. Her ass was simply a crime, on such amazing display like that. Her thighs were miraculous, and her breasts were just so perfect, it was painful to behold. Still, as she sat before us anxiously waiting, it was her dazzling smile that thoroughly shattered me.

"Open it, baby," she said again, noticing that my stare was fixed on her beautiful face.

Even though I was bursting with anticipation, I forced myself to drag it out as long as possible. Closing my eyes, I clicked the locks and slowly raised the lid. Truly savoring the moment, I opened my eyes...and I about died.

There lay a brand new Jeff Beck Stratocaster, gleaming brilliant white in the firelight.

I couldn't believe it. I was like the kid who discovered the golden ticket in his Willy Wonka chocolate bar. What an amazing gift, and she'd managed it without giving away the surprise. She'd never let on that she was thinking of getting it. She had never even hinted at it. No, she'd simply paid quiet attention whenever she saw me surfing online for guitars.

I stared at Summer, my heart breaking. I was speechless. My mouth was moving, yet no words were coming out.

Still on her knees, she was the most beautiful girl in the world. "I love you," she said, her eyes filled to overflowing.

"Dude!!" shouted John. "Enough, already! That settles it! All that..." he said, just sort of waving his hands towards Summer, "...and all this..." he continued, gesturing around our living room to Summer's beautiful decorations, "...and now she hits you with a new Jeff Beck Strat too? Look, asshole, either you marry this angel or I will!"

"Hear, hear!" Aaron said.

"Don't ever lose her," added Dave, and he was dead serious.

Summer just sat there, beaming; beaming at me, beaming at the guys, beaming at the ceiling to some faraway place. Caressing the guitar, she held it lovingly between her breasts.

Pulling her to me, I hugged the stuffing out of her. When I leaned down to kiss her, she was crying again. Her beautiful face was glowing, her eyes sparkling through her tears. Her gorgeous tears always ripped through me like lightning bolts anyway, but this time they completely destroyed me.

"Baby, I've never been this happy," she whispered, kissing me over and over.

"Jake, she is truly beautiful," Dave said, watching as I cradled her in my arms. He nodded, and I nodded back.

Turning to the guys, Summer said, "Wait, we're not done yet! There's still a little something else, sort of like those gift certificates, specifically for each of you. Here...." Literally crawling under the tree, she slithered on her stomach like the world's sexiest python.

Unable to resist, I leaned down and bit her luscious ass. Letting out a cute yelp, she giggled while blindly swatting at her attacker. She didn't even turn back to see who it was.

Now that was adorable.

Once she found what she was looking for, she slowly slid back out from beneath the tree, providing us with what may have been the most remarkable view of the entire evening. On her stomach, legs spread, hips high, it was like she was offering us her perfect thighs, her amazing ass, her divine pussy...the whole universe.

"Oops," she giggled. "I guess I hid them back there further than I thought!" We were about to say something when, in explanation, she offered up three little gift-wrapped boxes.

She turned her attention first to Dave. "Having never met any of you before, I tried to tailor each gift based on the things Jake has told me about all of you. Believe me, I pried and pried for as much info as he could give me! David, this one's for you...." Smiling, she handed him a small green box.

Dave opened it, and inside there was a bed of baby's breath cradling a tiny scroll wrapped in gold ribbon.

"Summer, how on earth do you come up with this stuff?" I asked in admiration.

"Shhh..." she giggled.

Unrolling the tiny scroll, Dave traced a single fingertip over the elegant raised calligraphy before reading it aloud…


To our tireless constructor of dreams, my gift to you is an invitation to build your vision of the perfect Christmas holiday evening. You could choose a group activity, or maybe you'd prefer something more intimate involving just the two of us, leaving the others to sit around sucking eggs as they imagine all the fun we're having! Whatever you want to do, wherever you would like to go, simply lay the blueprint, and your wish will be my command.

Santa's Helper

She looked over at me, and I opened my arms to her. She held up her finger, as if to say, "Wait a second." Turning back to Dave, she gave him a warm smile. "Is this gift acceptable to you, Mister Construction Man?"

"Whatever I want? As in...anything?" he asked in wonder.

"Yes...anything and everything. Whatever you desire, we're going to do it, whether it's the whole group together or just the two of us on our own. It will be your night to do exactly as you please."

"That's an incredible gift, baby," I said.

Studying her for a few moments, Dave just smiled and shook his head. "You're amazing, you know that?"

"I'm happy, that's what I am! Okay, good, so you're happy too!" She clapped her hands excitedly, and while still on her knees she leaned over and hugged him, giving him another kiss on the lips.

There was that ass of hers again, with her panties barely maintaining any purchase. Driving me crazy, they were just sliding right on down.


"Mmmm...very nice," she said, releasing him following a final long, wet kiss.

Smiling happily, she turned and handed a yellow box to Aaron. "Here's yours, sweetie."

He opened it, and inside there was the same baby's breath cosseting another scroll wrapped in gold ribbon. Similar to Dave's reaction, Aaron just stared at Summer before turning to me, shaking his head in wonder.

"I know," I said. "Believe me, I know. Sometimes I can't believe it either."

Turning back to gaze into her eyes, he said, "I never dreamed there could be a girl like her. She's just...." He leaned forward to touch her chin and kiss her on the cheek, then he read the scroll...


To our clever designer of software, my gift to you is an invitation to design something clever and soft for me to wear. We will be attending a formal New Year's soiree at the luxurious Loews Hotel in Santa Monica, and you shall dress me for the evening's festivities, decorating me as you please. Offering you my unadorned body, I will be your willing muse...and your eager model. Let your imagination run wild, and I promise to follow.

Santa's Helper

Aaron looked up, his eyes narrow slits, then he smiled knowingly.

"Same rules apply?"

"Absolutely," she answered, returning his smile with a seductive grin.

"Anything and everything again? No questions asked? Nothing is off-limits?"

"Anything and everything...whatever you want. No questions asked, and nothing is off-limits," she replied, flashing an even sexier grin.

"Nothing painful or illegal, though. That goes for you too, Dave," I added.

"Of course," they both agreed.

"Summer, what's this about a formal New Year's party in Santa Monica?" I asked.

That little imp, she actually laughed! "Oh, didn't I tell you? Why, it must've slipped my mind! Yes, baby, we're all going. We have a reservation for five for New Year's Eve, including dinner and dancing. Surprise!"

"You sneaky little devil," I grinned, again shaking my head in admiration.

"I think I like my gift," smiled Aaron, giving Summer a happy yet sinister look.

"I'm glad," she said, simply glowing. "I want you to love this Christmas. I want us all to love it."

Aaron held out his hand to her, and she leaned over to hug him, only to have him teasingly pull away. Grinning, he pointed above their heads.

"You sat here on purpose, didn't you?" she smiled, slipping into his lap to give him a kiss beneath the mistletoe hanging from the tree. "I'm glad you did..." she added, affectionately nuzzling his lips.

When Aaron took her in his arms, her body went completely soft and pliant. Stretching out across his lap, she lay back invitingly, and he kissed her again. Moaning just above a whisper, she cupped his face with both hands and slipped her tongue into his mouth. Cradling her with one arm, his free hand captured her hip, and she instantly arched her back. As their kiss grew in intensity, he tentatively caressed her bare stomach before sliding his hand over her hip and onto her smooth thigh, and her legs opened in response. Going beneath the garter, he began stroking long, sensual patterns up and down her silky skin, gently grazing her pussy at the apex of each pass.

Finally, he lifted from their kiss.

"Mmmm...that was very nice too. Thank you for such a wonderful Christmas kiss," she said breathily, her eyes shining with desire. Subtly rolling her hips to increase the pressure of his fingertips against her satin-covered pussy, she gave him another kiss before saying again, "Mmmm-hmmm, very nice. Thank you for this."

"My pleasure," Aaron said, helping her back to an upright position.

Summer reached for the last box, which was red. Grinning, she handed it to John. "I'm pretty sure now that you'll especially enjoy your gift."

John opened it as Summer sat before him on her knees, her hands on her thighs, her ass resting atop her heels. She looked like an anxious puppy eagerly awaiting a command from its master; that is, if a puppy could ever be stick-a-fork-in-your-forehead gorgeous and sexy. Because she was arching her back while wearing panties that were barely hanging on, fully half of her deep divide was showing, and her hips were completely bare.

Again unable to resist, I leaned over and treated her exposed split to a playful lick and a kiss. She giggled, but didn't move, nor did she move when Aaron added a few kisses of his own to her naked bottom. She just glanced down and affectionately stroked his hair. "You boys are so silly," she said, smiling happily while watching his lips travel all along her inviting crevice. She caressed his face as he trailed his tongue through her sweet cleft, until finally he sat back up and gave her a lopsided grin.

"What's it say?" he laughed to John while still grinning at her.

John began reading...


To our rapacious lover of mirth, merriment and all things mischievous, my gift to you is an invitation to pick a game for us to play - any game your scandalous heart desires. In whatever you create we must all partake, yourself included, and I will do anything you no monkey business! Oh, okay, since it's Christmas, perhaps a little monkey business will be encouraged!

Santa's Helper

Summer wore a beautiful smile as she looked expectantly at John, who just grinned at Aaron while motioning with his hand. "Okay, throw it here."

When Aaron tossed him the mistletoe from the tree, Summer fell laughing to the floor. Lying on a pile of blankets, she giggled, "John, you big goof, it doesn't work unless it's hanging somewhere and we just happen to find ourselves beneath it! Besides, you don't need any mistletoe to kiss me. You were already entitled to a nice Christmas kiss."

She climbed up into his lap, straddling him while wrapping her arms around his neck. When she leaned in to kiss him, his hands went straight to her naked hips. Pulling back for a moment, she gazed into his eyes. "Merry Christmas, brat!" she grinned, then she leaned back in and bit his lip!

"Oww! Hey! That didn't feel very merry, or even the slightest bit Christmas-y!" he laughed.

"That's what you get for manhandling me and throwing me in the pool, you big jerk!" she giggled, then she leaned close and whispered, "That's also what you get for staring at my breasts in the pool. You knew they would show right through that skimpy white top, and you threw me in anyway. God, if only I'd been wearing some sexy white panties, too...." Wiggling her ass on his crotch, she grinned, "Ooooh, it feels like someone likes that idea!"

Kissing him again, she started sucking softly on his tongue while pressing her tits against his shirtless chest. One breast had escaped her top, and she made no move to cover herself. Her back was to Aaron and Dave, so they couldn't tell that she was drawing her bare nipple across his chest.

By that point her panties were about ready to fall off, and John was squeezing her naked bottom with both hands, so I doubt the two guys would've noticed her nipples anyway. They were far too busy staring at her incredible ass, which Summer was happily grinding on John's apparent erection.

Finally she broke the kiss, and John asked, "Any game I want? And you have to do it too, no matter what?"

"Yep. Whatever your fiendish imagination comes up with, I'll have to do it, and so will the others," she said, giving him one last nip on the nose.

Grinning, she climbed off of him and scooted back into my lap, pulling my arms around her waist as she turned to face the guys. Playfully grinding her ass again, she giggled, "Hey! Something's poking me!"

"Can't imagine why," Aaron deadpanned, and Dave clubbed him in the head with a pillow.

"What?" laughed Aaron, then John clubbed him too.

While they were busy clubbing each other like drunken stooges, Summer took that opportunity to lean back and press her lips to my ear. "I want you to make love to me, right here. That would be the perfect ending to the perfect Christmas Eve," she whispered.

Shifting in my lap, she waited until she had the guys' attention again, then she smiled at John. "Sweetie, it's just like I promised in your scrolls. Your gift, Aaron's gift, and David's too…you'll see. Any game you come up with, I'll play it for you, all the way. Anything Aaron wants me to wear, I'll proudly wear it for him. Whatever David desires, I'm going to give it to him. This is my gift to you. I want you all to be as happy as I am, and I will do everything I can to make this a truly wonderful Christmas holiday for each of you."

Holding her close as she continued talking, I reached down and pulled my cock out through the leg of my shorts. When she felt it touch her ass, she lifted a bit, ostensibly to make us more comfortable. From the back, I nudged her tiny panties aside. She arched her hips, and I slid deep into her welcoming pussy.

"Mmmm, the best Christmas ever..." she purred, gasping softly as her silken warmth enveloped me. Leaning back to press her tongue into my mouth, she brought my arms around her waist again while slowly grinding her hips in my lap. We were just sort of gently rocking back and forth, quietly fucking, when she whispered, "It's Christmas Eve, we're making love, and your friends are right here with us. This is so beautiful...such a perfect moment. Thank you, baby."

If the guys noticed what we were doing, they kept it to themselves. John lay staring off into space in front of the fire. Dave was reading his scroll, seemingly studying it for hidden clues. Aaron was looking at us, but his eyes didn't appear to be focused on anything.

I continued rocking us back and forth, back and forth, luxuriating in the heavenly sensations of fucking my beautiful Summer, so gorgeous in her wonderful little Christmas set.

"Cum with me," she whispered, her breathy voice covered by the sounds of the crackling fire. I felt her clench her ass and thighs to hold herself steady, her pussy melting as she came. Moaning into my mouth, she drenched my balls in her sweet cream.

Knowing I wasn't quite there yet, she panted, "Aaron's watching us fuck, baby. Do you think he realizes I'm cumming all over your beautiful cock? Is he wishing I was in his lap right now, my panties pulled to the side, his hard cock buried deep in my hot pussy?"

Oh yeah, that certainly did the trick. Just as she was finishing her orgasm, I flooded her pussy with my own, and she moaned her satisfaction into my mouth.

"Merry Christmas, Summer..." was about all I could manage in response, though I did kiss a new tear from her cheek.

While holding her in my lap, I grabbed her Santa's Helper robe and draped it around her shoulders. After tucking myself away and helping her from the floor, I said to the guys, "I think we're going to head off to bed now."

Giving me a quick kiss, Summer said, "I still need to get the sofa bed ready for Aaron, and I want to make sure David and John are all set up too. Go on ahead, I'll be there in a little bit."

"Okay then. Later, guys, I'll see you at breakfast. Merry Christmas!" I said, and off to bed I went.

~ ~ ~

Having ditched his shorts and t-shirt, Dave was only wearing his boxers when Summer knocked twice before coming in.

"Oh, sorry, I could've saved you the trip," he said, standing awkwardly by the foot of the bed. "I'm already all set up with a pillow, fresh sheets, and everything."

He was naturally shy anyway, and he felt a bit self-conscious in his boxers with Summer there, especially since he was still semi-hard from watching her all night.

"No biggie. I wanted to give you an extra blanket, just in case. Here..." she said, spreading it across the bed. Leaning and stretching, she tugged the blanket into place. She'd never closed her robe, so Dave couldn't help but see her bare breasts swaying outside her top every time she leaned over.

His cock was hardening again, and there was no easy way to hide it. 'Fuck it,' he thought. 'You're a grown man. Quit cowering!' Taking the plunge, he gathered up a corner of the blanket and pulled it into place.

Summer noticed him staring at her naked breasts, and she also noticed his erection. She smiled to herself, but didn't say anything. Once they were finished putting the bed together, she knee-walked across it to give him a long hug. "Thank you for being here," she said softly into his chest.

"You're very welcome. You truly are a wonderful hostess," he replied, marveling at how magically perfect Summer felt in his arms, and at the power he knew she already held over him.

"Thank you, and it really is my pleasure. I love having you," she said, taking his hands and kissing him tenderly on the lips. "Sweet dreams, David," she smiled, squeezing his fingers, then she climbed off the bed and gently closed the door behind her.

Once Dave was sure she wasn't coming back, he slid beneath the covers and pulled out his rock-hard cock. Jerking himself to an immediate and very satisfying climax, he lay thinking of Summer before drifting off blissfully to sleep.

~ ~ ~

John was sitting up in bed when he heard a soft knock on the door. "It's open," he said, and Summer came in with her arms full of blankets. Laying the top one in his lap, she set the rest of the pile on the dresser.

"I thought you might like an extra," she said, picking up the blanket from his lap. Unfolding it, she flapped it loose, billowing it out and floating it over him.

She noticed he was simply staring at her breasts again. Grinning to herself as she spread his blanket, she realized he'd done the same thing when they were playing in the pool, and also when they were opening presents beneath the Christmas tree. Deciding that she absolutely adored his boyish honesty and utter lack of guile, she gave him a warm smile.

"That's a gorgeous outfit you chose for this evening," he grinned, finally saying something. "I gotta admit, I was surprised you wore it for us. I was also totally honored. I'm sure Dave and Aaron were too."

"It really is a cute outfit, isn't it?" she smiled, posing playfully for him. "I'm so happy that you like it."

"Summer, you're even more beautiful than Jake described. With the way he talked about you, my god, that would've been difficult to imagine, yet here you are. Seeing you in those sexy Christmas panties and that amazing top, there's nothing anyone could say that would ever begin to do you justice."

"Thank you, sweetie. I had to do it. I'd planned everything specifically for tonight, hoping to give Jake a nice surprise. I actually bought this a few months ago, long before I found out you were coming. At first I wasn't too sure about wearing this in front of everyone."

Having finished spreading the blanket, she flopped down on top of him. She held her head up with her hands, her face inches from his, her body pressing against him. Feeling his warm breath, she kissed him again. With their noses touching, she smiled, "I wasn't sure what to do, at least not until you nearly stripped me on the living room floor. When that wasn't enough, you managed to get me naked in the pool."

Grinning, she affectionately rubbed their noses together.

He laughed, "I did no such thing! You attacked me in the living room, and I didn't remove a stitch of your clothing in the pool. You were completely covered."

"Riiiight! Sweetie, you pulled my tiny shorts up into a total wedgie on the living room floor, baring my ass to everyone, and I was as good as topless in the pool, thanks to you. I figured, okay, since you all have already seen me practically naked, what would be the harm in wearing some pretty Christmas lingerie? When else was I going to wear it? I bought it just for tonight."

"Well, I think I can safely speak for Dave and Aaron when I say it was still a very big deal that you chose to wear your Christmas lingerie for us. We never could've hoped for such a beautiful sight, so thank you again."

"It was my pleasure. Thank you for my Christmas kisses too," she smiled, leaning in and kissing him again.

"You sure don't need to thank me for that. I like kissing you," he said, grinning as he kissed the tip of her nose.

"Then kiss me again," she said, breathing it into his mouth. "Kiss me as much as you want, as often as you want. I like kissing you, too," she continued, nipping at his tongue.

They kissed and kissed, sucking each other's tongue while making out for a solid few minutes. Wanting to take a moment just to look at him, she pulled back, and he quickly glanced at her bare breasts pressing against his chest. She lifted a bit higher, smiling as together they stared at her erect nipples. "My breasts must also think you're a great kisser," she grinned. "They're going to want us to kiss a lot more, you know, so let's make sure we're always beneath some mistletoe." Moaning into his mouth, she began tracing her aroused tips back and forth across his bare chest while hotly kissing him, until finally she forced herself to stop. Panting, she touched noses with him again. "God, baby, I could do this all night with you, but I still need to set up the sofa for Aaron, and Jake is waiting for me to come to bed."

He gave her another deep, wet kiss, making her moan on his tongue, then he looked into her eyes. "Before you go, could you leave your robe here with me? I want to keep it tonight, just to have a little bit of you with me while I sleep."

Touching his face, she stared in wonder. "For someone I just met today..." she said, again kissing him hotly, "...that is one of the sweetest..." she purred, kissing him even more hotly, "...loveliest..." she continued, "...most beautiful things anyone has ever said to me." Throwing herself into passionately making out with him, she simply devoured his kisses, moaning as she pressed her breasts against his chest.

When they eventually slowed to a sensual caressing of lips, she breathed into his mouth, "Of course you can keep it tonight. That was a wonderful thing for you to ask." Sitting up, she slipped off her robe and held it out in offering to him. Sighing, he brought it to his face and deeply inhaled her sweet scent. Her warm smile turned into something sexier, and he pulled her back down, kissing her lips...her neck...her throat....

"May I?" he asked, kissing between her collarbones before pausing just above her breasts.

"You may," she said, grinning over his formal manner.

He trailed kisses down into her cleavage, until her bare breasts were touching either side of his face. Cupping them with both hands, he turned his head one way then the other, kissing the soft, smooth, perfect skin. Again and again he kissed her sensitive mounds, and she let out a delicious little moan, making them both smile.

He slowly drew his lips back up to hers, where he paused for a moment to gaze into her eyes before giving her one last sweet, lingering kiss. Holding her radiant face in his hands, he found himself at a loss for words. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, of that he had no doubt. It wasn't just her stunning looks, though. No, there was something else, something much deeper...something overwhelming.

Hers was a purity of beauty he could feel in his very bones.

Staring into her shining eyes, he finally said, "Thank you for an absolutely amazing evening. Goodnight, Summer."

She pulled him close for a big hug, then she gathered his hands together. Bringing them to her lips, she gave them each a soft kiss. "Believe me, John, you are very welcome. Goodnight, sweetie."

When Summer turned to go retrieve the stack of bedding she'd set on the dresser, John reached out and gently touched the exposed cleft of her ass.

Looking over her shoulder, she gave him another warm, sexy smile. "Mmmm, I think you want to do more than just kiss me."

"You're so beautiful, Summer."

"You are too, John. You really are. I'll see you tomorrow morning. Sweet dreams, baby."

As she stood to leave, he let his fingertip linger in her tempting split, hooking her panties down nearly all the way. Giggling, she again looked back at him. "See! You're always trying to make me naked!"

Her arms were full, and she made no move to pull her panties up. She just giggled even more brightly as she scampered out of the room, her disheveled satin panties only covering the very bottom of her wonderful ass.

~ ~ ~

Aaron was watching TV when Summer came bopping cheerfully into the living room. "Hey, you," she smiled, dropping the bedding on the love seat adjacent to the sofa. She began pulling off the couch cushions, and again Aaron marveled at the sight of her.

Summer had taken off her robe, and there she was, with her panties again barely maintaining any purchase on her lush, sexy bottom. If that wasn't enough, she may as well have been topless every time she leaned over to grab and toss another couch cushion.

For her part, Summer noticed that Aaron was still wearing his sweatpants. "Are you going to wear these bulky things to bed? Don't you have anything more comfortable to sleep in?" she asked, playfully tugging on them.

Like Dave, Aaron was also a bit shy. He too didn't want Summer to see his hard-on, so he tried to keep his back somewhat turned to her.

"Do you need to borrow some shorts or something?" she asked.

As he pulled out the sofa bed, the corner of the metal frame caught the string tie of Summer's bikini panties. He continued lifting, and her beautiful panties were quickly undone. Aaron was too busy worrying about his huge erection to notice, though, and Summer didn't notice it until her panties were already fluttering down her thighs.

She giggle-shrieked, and Aaron looked over to see her clutching the strings on one side of her panties. Along with her bare hip being exposed, her smooth, delectable pussy was completely uncovered.

"Now everyone's trying to get me naked!" she laughed, pulling her panties back up.

"What...what happened?" he asked, dumbfounded.

"It was an accident, sweetie. When you lifted the bed from the sofa, the frame caught my panty strings and pulled them undone. It's a good thing you didn't turn around just a little sooner! They fell all the way to my knees before I realized what was going on. God, everywhere I turn tonight, someone's accidentally pulling my panties off!"

"Well, I must say, I'm sorry I missed it. That sure would've been an amazing sight."

"As if you haven't already gotten enough peeks of me tonight," she said, giving him a knowing smile. She sighed softly to herself when she felt Jake's cum begin to drip down her leg from their earlier fucking. She simply adored the feeling of warm cum on her body, and was sorely tempted to scoop it up and bring it to her mouth.

Willing herself to ignore it, she continued on with Aaron. "Besides," she added, her coy smile turning to laughter, "we were talking about your underwear, not mine. I'm already down to my panties, so it's about time somebody in this house returns the favor!"

With the sofa bed pulled out, she unfurled a sheet and swung it over the mattress. Grabbing a corner, Aaron helped Summer shape it to the bed.

"Hold on..." she said, climbing onto the bed, then she knee-walked across the mattress to the corner opposite Aaron. Facing away from him, she bent low to pull the sheet down tight over the end. "Gotta tuck in the sheets," she said, and he could hear the sexy smile in her voice.

Aaron drank in the amazing view of her bent at the waist, legs spread, her ass again raised high. He noticed something glistening on her inner thighs, but she spun around and knee-walked over to his corner before he could process the thought. Bending directly in front of him, she leaned down to tuck in his side of the sheet, which had pulled up when she'd tucked in the other corner.

He was once again treated to the glorious sight of her bare breasts swaying outside her satin top, and his cock was rampant.

Of course Summer couldn't help but notice his erection. She knew he had some sort of underwear on beneath his sweats, and still he was making quite an impressive tent. Suddenly realizing that he'd caught her staring, she flashed him a guilty smile. Sitting up and taking a deep breath, she was about to reach for his lengthy bulge when he flopped down on the bed beside her.

After letting him settle in, she turned to lean over his body. Knowing that his hungry eyes were locked on her breasts, she pulled the drawstring on his sweats. "Lift..." she said, sliding her hands under his ass, prompting him to raise his hips. She tugged his sweats down and off, revealing to her happy gaze his fully erect cock standing tall inside a pair of gray boxer briefs.

"See? Don't you feel better now without those bulky sweats?" she grinned.

"Ummm, yeah," he said nervously. "Much better."

Aaron was fairly freaking out, at least until it dawned on him that she wasn't saying a word about his obvious erection. She was acting as if she hadn't even noticed it. Maybe he was freaking out over nothing, he decided, though with little conviction.

Summer got up from the bed to grab the big pillow she'd brought. She tossed it to him, then she spread out the wool blanket she'd also brought for him.

"All set, sweetie?" she asked, plopping herself back beside him. His legs were under the covers, but the rest of him was exposed.

"All set, thanks."

Dropping her head onto his chest, she looked up at him. "Thank you for coming. This is just so wonderful."

"Thank you for having me. You've made a beautiful home here, Summer. I know it's all you, too. No way Jake makes a place look this nice by himself," he said, and they both laughed.

"Ah, c'mon, he's not that bad. But you're right, he does let me add my 'girlie stuff,' as he puts it."

"Well, you've done an amazing job with everything. The Christmas decorations are awesome."

At the mention of the decorations they looked around the room together, checking out all the pretty things. There was still a warm glow coming from the fire.

"Here, let me blow these out for you," she said, jumping up from the bed. Walking around the room, she blew out all the candles, then she moved over to the Christmas tree. "On, or off?" she asked, gesturing to the blinking lights.

"Off is fine. The fire is perfect, and that way nothing is competing with it."

"Okay," she said, clicking off all the lights before returning to his side. She lay her head on his chest again, and they quietly watched the fire together. After a little while, she rolled onto her back and lay sideways on the bed.

He couldn't believe his good fortune. She was lying on him with her knees bent, her spread legs pointed towards the fire. Letting his eyes travel down her body, he could see her sleek stomach tapering to her delicate hip bones. Her panties were so low and loose that he could see the firelight flickering on the smooth skin of her bare mound. If she hadn't been completely shaved, he would be staring at her pubic hair. He could also see her bare chest subtly rising and falling. Her nipples were covered, but that was it. Her beautiful breasts were otherwise naked.

'It just doesn't get much better than this,' he thought.

The fire crackled and sparked, and she startled, opening her eyes.

That's when she noticed it. "Uh-oh. Don't look now, but I think you did it again!" she giggled.

"Huh?" he said, his reverie broken.

"Look...." She was peering straight up, and he followed her gaze to the light fixture hanging directly above them; to the mistletoe hanging from the light fixture directly above them.

"You sure are a sneaky one," she said, fixing him with an accusing stare. She couldn't hold it for long, though, and her stare dissolved into a sunny smile. She rolled over and pulled back the covers, slipping in beside him. "This Christmas just keeps getting better and better," she said, biting her lip. He took her face in his hands, and their slashing tongues came together in a white-hot embrace. Wanting to avoid any chance of hurting her, he tugged her upper body a little straighter, until she just slid on top of him beneath the covers.

"Merry Christmas, Aaron," she whispered into his mouth while writhing against him. His hands went straight to her ass; squeezing it, caressing it, he was savoring her bewitching bottom that had driven him up a wall all night, and she smiled, "Mmmm, you feel so good."

"Me?" Arching his hips, he thrust his granite cock against her pussy. "You mean this?"

"Mmmmmm, yes," she said, kissing him.

"Or do you mean this?" he asked, fiercely returning her kiss.

"Definitely that too," she whispered.

"Or maybe you meant this?" he added, firmly squeezing her ass.

"Oh, god, yes...that! Mmmm, that feels so good, especially when you also do the first thing..." she moaned, pressing her ass into his hands and her pussy against his cock.

"You can't imagine how good you feel to me," he said, caressing her ass, "and you can't imagine how beautiful you looked tonight."


"First it was in the pool, and especially when you pulled off your top, then you slipped your shorts off beneath your towel."

Nuzzling his lips, she grinned. "I was wet. My top was useless, and I had to take off those shorts."

"You looked like a wet dream, but when Jake unwrapped you in front of the fire, holy god, Summer...."

"Did you like that better than the pool?"

"It was when you were doing the presents...oh god..." he moaned, lurching up into her pussy.

"Mmmm, you feel amazing…keep doing that..." she said, grinding her wet slit on his hard shaft. "What did you like so much about me giving out the presents? My bottom was covered, wasn't it?" She wiggled her ass in his hands as she whispered, "Sometimes it felt like my panties weren't even there."

"That was the most gorgeous sight ever, Summer. You, on your knees...your incredible ass. Your panties were so loose, I just wanted them to move down that tiny bit more."

"You guys sure like my Santa outfit!" she giggled.

"Speaking of which, where's your red robe? You were wearing it when you went to Dave's room."

"John has it. He asked if he could sleep with it tonight."

"That sneaky bastard!" said Aaron, and they both laughed.

"Hey, you're not doing too badly yourself here, you know. I was never under the covers with him, and you pulled my panties down even more than he did."

"He pulled your panties down?" he groaned. "How?"

"Like this...." She placed his fingertips at the top of her panties, directly in her exposed split. "When I start to move, keep your hand right there. Hold it firm."

Grinning, she began slowly sliding her way up his body. Immediately his fingers were forced deeper into her sexy divide, and as her panties slipped further down her ass her tempting breasts inched ever closer to his face. Continuing to slither up his body, she didn't stop until her panties were pulled well below her ass.

With his cock throbbing as hard as he could ever remember, Aaron found himself cupping Summer's smooth, naked bottom, very near her pussy.

Satisfied that she'd successfully demonstrated her point, she laughed, "Just like that, only I was getting up from the bed and moving to walk away!"

"Since John already nabbed one piece of your Santa outfit for tonight, can I pick another?" he asked hopefully.

"You want this?" Grinning, she offered him her Santa hat.

"No, keep wearing it. You look absolutely adorable in that hat."

She took his hand and set it high on her thigh. "How about my garter? You seemed to love playing with it when we were opening the presents."

"Summer, if it were up to me, you would never take off that garter. With your amazing legs, that tiny halo of white lace is just the sexiest thing ever."

"God, you guys just love my Santa stuff, huh?" she giggled, giving him a happy kiss. "Thank you, though. I really am glad you like it. So, okay, do you want my top?" She pressed her breasts against him. "Or maybe my panties?" Moaning, she danced her ass in his hands while sliding her tongue into his mouth.

Eventually pulling back from her steamy kiss, he panted, "Can I have both?"

"Mmmm, you want both? That's a lot more than David or John got. You want me under the covers with you, completely naked. When we were doing the presents, god, the way you kept licking all through my bare bottom, I thought you were going to untie my panties and take me right there. Now you want me naked in your bed."

"You know that's exactly what I wanted to do. You were driving me insane," he said, slipping his hand between her legs.

She moaned when he touched her pussy. "Mmmm, but you didn't do it. You restrained yourself. That means you are a very good boy, so you deserve all the Christmas presents you desire...." Sitting up, she crossed her arms and pulled her satin top over her head before laying it on his pillow. "There's my top, sweetie. Now my breasts are bare for you," she purred, leaning down to press her nipples against him. "Mmmm-hmmm, you feel so good, your hard chest caressing my soft breasts," she said, slipping her tongue back into his mouth.

He felt her arm reach down and make jerking movements beneath the covers, then she lifted her hips. Her arm came back up, and she brought her damp panties to his face before placing them beside her top on his pillow. "Here are my panties. Now my ass and pussy are naked for you, too. Merry Christmas, baby."

She pulled his hands back to her bare ass, moaning at his touch. Lifting onto her elbows, she presented her breasts to his mouth, teasing her erect nipples across his lips until he sucked her tips inside. "God, John only kissed the insides of my breasts, and he never took my top off. I wasn't totally naked under his covers...he didn't suck my nipples...oooh, yes, do it...."

Sliding a hand down through Summer's ass, Aaron felt her wet heat. She moaned into his mouth when he sucked hard on her breast while brushing across her tiny puckered star with the tip of his ring finger.

" Christmas ever..." she breathed, reaching down to stroke his erection through his underwear before rubbing it against her clit. "Maybe tomorrow night I won't be the only one who's naked in your bed, okay?"

Aaron's cock throbbed against her bare pussy.

"Mmmm, yes," she purred, grinding her gorgeous sex on his rock-hard shaft. "I love when you do that."

"Oh god, Summer," he groaned.

She leaned down and kissed him again, smiling eyes meeting a frantic gaze. Finishing their kiss, she whispered, "Thank you, Aaron."

Slipping from beneath the covers, she knee-walked across the bed, her sensual curves shimmering in the firelight. "See you tomorrow morning. Sweet dreams, baby," she said, blowing him a kiss.

His final vision of her was when she leaned down in front of the fireplace to warm her hands, presenting her heart-shaped bottom and glistening pussy to him. As she turned and walked out of the room, her perfect ass hypnotically flexed and released with every elegant stride of her strong, sleek thighs.

The last thing Summer saw before leaving the living room was Aaron sliding his hand into his underwear and pulling out his hard, shining wet cock.

She smiled to herself.

~ ~ ~

Climbing into bed, she pulled me on top of her and spread her legs. Grasping my cock, she guided me straight into her silken depths. "Do it, Jake. Fuck me again," she moaned.

"Merry Christmas, baby. You were so beautiful tonight," I said, kissing her.

"Thank you so much for this," she panted, filling our silent house with her happy sobs when I speared her pussy. Spreading her legs wide, she gripped my ass and clawed at me, making me ram my cock inside her until she cried out, "Ooooooh, yes, baby, fuck me!"

That's when we heard Aaron gasp and groan. We slowed for a moment, and I gave her an accusing grin. She smiled sweetly, and I laughed, "See! I knew that was why you picked this house!"

She grinned expectantly. "Why, baby? Why did I pick this house?"

"Why? It's obvious! Listen to that poor guy! You're doing it again!"

"Doing what again?" she giggled.

"It's the thin walls thing again, honey, just like you warned me when we were putting up the decorations. I told you my friends would love you, and they were definitely going to love hearing you. Now, here we are, and yet another guy is being tortured by your beautiful sounds."

"At least you're not the one being tortured this time, so fuck me until you make me scream…" she said, grinning as she pulled me back inside her delicious pussy, and she cried out with joy when I slammed home.

~to be continued~

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Got more than two bloody thumbs up , that's for sure !! the missus is in for some serious trouble when she gets home !!!! WOO HOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just lurve this story !!!!

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Have her read it with you. That usually works like a charm. :-)

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