Summer Voodoo: The Finale

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The Music of the Ainur...

"May I offer you anything?"

Summer touched Christina's lips. "Yes, you may. These, please."

Standing before Summer, the nervous beauty moaned. John was waiting downstairs in the bar with Christina's room key and instructions from Summer to rejoin them in an hour, so the girls were by themselves in the posh suite.

Summer leaned into Christina, gently brushing their lips together. "Christina, you have such beautiful eyes. Please don't close them. Let me see you."

When Christina's hooded eyes slowly opened, Summer's hands went to the trembling woman's chin. Holding her steady, she began with a series of soft kisses all over her pristine face; first her lips, then her cheeks, forehead and eyebrows, ending back on her mouth.

She could feel Christina shaking as she slowly slid one of the spaghetti straps off her shoulder. "Shhhh…" she said, cupping her face and kissing her delicate collarbone. "Have I told you what beautiful arms and shoulders you have?" she whispered while trailing a dozen feathery kisses across her shoulder blade, over her deltoid and down her arms.

Kneeling, she kissed the palm of Christina's left hand. The young wife's thighs were visibly trembling as Summer took each finger into her mouth; gently sucking them one by one, she soothed Christina's shivering stomach with elegant, comforting strokes. Then, wrapping her arms around Christina's hips, she pressed her face to the sweet tummy; lightly humming to it, she caressed it in wide circles with soft lips.

She could see Christina's hips beginning to move in subtle arcs. Keeping her arms wrapped around the precious woman, she used her nose and mouth to nudge the black dress up just enough to enable her to lean in and kiss the bare trembling flesh above the silk stockings. Christina's thigh twitched, and she moaned when Summer's lips alighted on porcelain skin. Summer alternated between kissing and gently blowing, her hands traveling down to caress Christina's warm, supple bottom through the dress.

Her heat rising, Christina lifted the back of her dress and quickly moved Summer's hands onto her bare curves.

Summer smiled to herself, finding deep beauty in Christina's lustful desperation.

Taking the raised dress as her cue, she ran her nails up the backs of Christina's smooth white thighs, to the subtle curvature defining the beginning of the sultry brunette's ass; using only her fingertips, she traced along the beautiful divide of the taut, quivering bottom.

While nudging the front of the dress a little higher with her nose, she watched, felt and listened as Christina moaned through her first orgasm.

Slowly coming to her feet, Summer kissed her enthralled lover on the lips, savoring the feel of her trembling mouth. Biting and tugging on the other shoulder strap, she pulled it down…down…down, until Christina slipped her arm through. Summer trailed kisses over her hand, forearm and upper arm, nibbling along the collarbone and across the shoulder before nipping down the back of her arm. Still caressing her ass with one hand, she slid the other up her rib cage and the triceps of her slender arm; she gently raised it, holding it high above their heads. When Christina cocked her elbow, Summer leaned in to kiss her ribs and arm pit, then the tender underside of her elevated arm.

Christina shivered at the sensation of soft lips describing loving sonnets across her tingling flesh…then they were moving directly onto her naked breast. Even as Summer took the magnificent mound into her mouth, she slid a fingertip through the split of Christina's ass; locating the tight, warm pucker, she paused to linger there.

Immediately cumming again, Christina subtly collapsed into Summer, who maintained a steadying hold on her.

"God, Summer, what are you doing to me?" she panted, once she'd regained her bearings.

"I'm making love to you, and I want you to let your beautiful body go. Whatever happens, don't hold back. I want it, and I want you," she said before taking Christina's bright pink nipple between her teeth, which made the already moaning woman let out a sudden gasp.

Whereas Summer's ass was her most sensitive hot spot, for Christina it was most certainly her breasts.

Summer cupped one into her mouth, trailing kisses all along the fine borders of the brilliant pink areola.

Christina's breasts were perfectly formed alabaster teardrops, very firm despite their ample size. Her areolas and nipples were remarkably pretty in their feminine pinkness, thought Summer, who then realized with delight that Christina's inner lips and vagina were also going to be shockingly, prettily pink.

She made a mental note to savor that first view of Christina's spread-open pussy, knowing it was going to be an incredible visual treat.

Christina had begun a definite rocking motion of her ass on Summer's hand, which responded with a firming finger. Shuddering in anticipation, the sexually charged brunette pressed back against it, forcing the tip into her virgin asshole. Summer continued to lave and suck her breast, stopping only long enough to allow Christina to slip her other arm through the loosely dangling shoulder strap, at which point Summer kissed across her perfect white chest to her other breast. She nibbled all along the inside contour; nudging beneath it, she placed gentle bites on the very bottom of the supple curve.

Christina's breasts had no sag. There were no seams separating her lovely mounds from her chest.

They were perfect, Summer realized.

"Baby, you have the most beautiful breasts I've ever seen," she said, moaning as she pressed her parted lips to the soft globes. Nudging one with her mouth, she delighted in the way it responded with a sweet little return jiggle.

"So firm…" she smiled, nudging it again, only this time with her nose.

"So perfectly shaped, with the prettiest pout…" she continued, tracing a line with her fingertip around the entire breast.

"With just the most heartbreakingly gorgeous nipples…" she added, nuzzling the erect nub with the tip of her nose. Leaning in, she fluttered her eyelashes to caress the pink bud with butterfly kisses.

When Summer took the excited breast firmly into her mouth, Christina's ass quivered as she cried out, "Ohhh, god…you're making me cum again!"

Wanting to extend her lover's orgasm, Summer continued sucking hard, and with all the bucking Christina was doing Summer realized with a small giggle of satisfaction that her finger had become completely buried deep inside Christina's warm, tight bottom.

Once Christina's orgasm began to subside, Summer stood and kissed her on the lips, then on each eyelid; while cupping her face to hold it steady, she whispered, "You are truly beautiful, Christina."

As Christina stared into her angel's loving eyes, her heart burst, and tears of joy again spilled onto her soft cheeks.

Kissing each tear, Summer whispered, "Let it go, beautiful. Let it all out."

When Christina threw her arms around Summer, sobbing into her neck, Summer gently held her, kissing her hair while purring words of love and encouragement.

Again taking Christina's face in her hands, Summer leaned in; their eyes wide open, they came together for a tender kiss seemingly without end. Gazing in wonder, Christina's deep blue eyes just kept softening and softening, until they were mere hooded slits.

Her whole body went slack. Finally, she'd stopped trembling.

Never breaking contact, Summer slid around her side to hug her from behind. "I've been wanting to do this all night…ever since I first saw you in this dress," she whispered, leaning in to lick her ear. She kissed the base of Christina's neck, and once again the porcelain shoulders began to tremble.

When she reached around to cup Christina's breasts, the panting brunette's delicate hands quickly moved to cover hers. Cupping and squeezing, fondling and pinching, Summer attacked the hyper-sensitive mounds. As she tugged and pinched the nipples, Christina began to moan, "Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!"

Taking the dress's zipper tab between her teeth, Summer's soft lips began a slow descent down the flawless back. She even trailed the tip of her nose down Christina's warm, smooth skin, simply for the sheer pleasure of experiencing such a classic beauty every way she could.

"Yes…yes…" moaned Christina.

Once the zipper was undone, Summer released Christina's breasts. Needing her hands free in order to tug the skintight dress over those gorgeous hips, she savored every perfect inch of Christina's body as it was slowly revealed in all its shimmering glory.

Stepping out of her black dress, Christina allowed Summer to move it away.

"As badly as I've been wanting to do that to you all night, I've been wanting to do this even more…" grinned Summer.

"Ohhh, god!!" came Christina's startled moan.

Having spread Christina's ass, Summer was gently blowing on her sensitive pucker and responsive pussy.

"Don't you dare hold anything back…" she commanded, pressing her face into the hot divide. She grasped Christina's luscious ass and opened it wide before leaning in to kiss and nip between the soft, tender cheeks. Using her hands to move the moist flesh in decadent figure-eights, she caressed her face with Christina's rich bottom and succulent sex, luxuriating in her gorgeous lover's fragrant excitement.

Suddenly shifting her attack, she clamped down on the dripping wet pussy, and Christina immediately came yet again.

"Mmmmmm…" Summer purred, opening wide to fill her mouth with the lush, sweet folds. She used her tongue to roll the delicate labia into Christina's bubble gum pink depths before pressing inside; pushing in deeper and deeper, spreading the lips apart, she was intent on tasting every bit of Christina's beautiful pussy.

When the flood came, she just held her mouth open and drank it in.

Slipping her finger through the moist divide, she slid it back inside Christina's writhing bottom and started driving in and out, until her moaning lover was wildly humping on her hand. Christina eventually lurched forward into a jackknifed position against the bed, her ass raised high. Unable to resist such an incredible temptation, Summer pounced, inserting her long tongue and three fingers from her other hand deep into the inviting cunt. Pulling the clutching pussy open from the top while thumbing the deep pink clit, Summer began probing the front of the silky hot walls, searching for the G-spot.

Soon enough her experienced fingertips located their prize, and they commenced a steady stroking of the more textured, spongy sex.

Christina was going out of her mind from having her ass and cunt speared simultaneously; also, Summer's fingers were doing something inside her pussy that was giving her a sensation she had never felt before. Panting and yelping, she began to hop up and down, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

Summer intensified her dual attacks, adding a second finger inside Christina's ass while more aggressively spreading open the beautiful pussy. Making sure not to catch Christina with her nails, she nonetheless clawed at the responsive G-spot with three fingers.

Christina felt like her pussy was being torn apart, and she also sensed a strange new something building deep inside her. It was almost as if she needed to pee; that was the only thought she could manage amid her rising delirium.

She felt Summer's fingers touching the front wall of her pussy, pressing rather than stroking, then…what in the world…

"OHHHHHHH GOD!!" she cried out, cumming and cumming; something was definitely happening to her that she had never felt before.

"MMMMMfhhh! Mmmmmmfh…oh, yes, baby, let it go!" she heard Summer cry, laugh, then cry again, and from the suddenly-no-longer pussy-muffled sound of her voice she could tell that Summer had pulled her head back.

Christina could feel herself gushing, squirting…peeing?

'Am I peeing on her?!' she thought, in a wild panic.

Steeling her nerves, she looked between her legs and gasped in shock at the most remarkable sight of her young life.

Her pussy was gushing a clear fluid all over Summer's beautiful face, and the amazing girl had her mouth open, laughing wildly in celebration while crying out for more. Closing her eyes as she rolled her face back and forth against the gushing slit, she was joyously bathing herself in something Christina knew wasn't pee, yet that was all she knew. She had no idea know what it was…but whatever it was, Summer was covering her face in it and eagerly lapping at it, trying to drink it…just completely reveling in it.

Realizing that her thighs were violently vibrating even as her pussy wouldn't stop pulsing, Christina felt her legs suddenly give out, and she collapsed to her knees.

Summer quickly rolled over onto her back, positioning herself so that Christina's pussy was directly above her face. She continued to laugh and rejoice as the beautiful pussy rained down on her, until finally the gushing slowed to diminishing pulses. Christina's delectable flower was just dripping, dripping, dripping, and Summer was licking up every drop.

"God, Christina, you're amazing! That was the best ever!" she squealed happily.

Simply unable to get enough of her lover's radiant body, Summer pulled Christina's beautiful ass and pussy right back down onto her face. Nearly frantic in her desire to devour her delicious prize, she couldn't decide whether to feast on Christina's pretty pucker or whimpering pussy, so she just kept switching back and forth, wildly fucking whichever tempting pink hole she wasn't attacking with her mouth.

Christina had just finished one devastating orgasm when she felt something similar rising inside her again; then, like a dam bursting, it came crashing down on her. Screaming to the heavens, her mind and body utterly out of control, she wailed in exquisite anguish while clutching at thin air.

Summer cried out in sheer exultation upon seeing the eruption and feeling the sudden splash of the thinner golden liquid against her lips and chin. Wanting every drop of Christina's warm release, she started swallowing as quickly as she could, but the rushing torrent soon overwhelmed her. With her mouth filled to overflowing, all Summer could do was lie back laughing in ecstasy as her beautiful lover surrendered all over her joyous face.

Happily cupping Christina's quaking ass, Summer drank her down, until finally there was no more.

Nearly in shock and panting from exhaustion, Christina collapsed again, her ass landing on Summer's chest. Summer just lay laughing and laughing while smoothing her hands over her shining wet face and laughing even more.

Eventually she leaned up to hug Christina's stomach and kiss her heaving breasts. Christina's arms were stretched out atop the bed, her torso and head hovering above Summer's radiant smile, and Summer could not stop hugging her; again and again, moving up and down her body to hug her seemingly everywhere, she was giggling like a child.

"What...what just happened?" Christina finally asked, still panting a mile a minute. "Holy christ, Summer, what did you do to me?"

Deliriously happy, Summer couldn't stop laughing, and she just kept hugging her. "So beautiful…so beautiful…letting go for me…" she managed to say, somehow squeezing it in between hugs and kisses all over Christina's thighs, stomach and breasts.

Christina looked closely at Summer's face, then at her neck and chest, and the soaked carpet beneath them. Stunned, her hands went to her mouth in shock. "Summer, what did I do?!"

Pressing her face to Christina's stomach, Summer cried out, "Oh, baby, you did it! You gave me your—"

"Summer, look what I did! I peed on you!!"

"Ohhh god…you did…so much!" she moaned, rolling Christina onto her back. Propping herself up on her elbows, Summer beamed joyfully at her confused lover.

Ashamed of what she had done, Christina began to cry. "Summer, why are you happy? I just humiliated myself! I did the worst thing ever to you!"

"Oh, god no, baby, you did the best thing ever, over and over! You did exactly what I wanted you to do. I begged you not to hold back, and you didn't! Look how happy I am!"

Studying her, Christina saw that it was true. Summer was genuinely overjoyed. All Christina knew was that she had squirted god-knows-what all over her, then she'd definitely peed like crazy on her, and Summer was bursting with happiness.

She pulled Summer's face down to hide her own, only to have her ecstatic lover shower her in the happiest kisses she ever could have imagined. An overwhelming sense of rejoicing was growing in her heart, until with a rush of celebration she realized that she didn't feel humiliated at all. With her tears of shame turning into grateful sobs, she suddenly understood what she really did feel…and it was nothing like humiliation.

It was more like a miracle.

"Thank you, my angel. I love you," she whispered, her heart bursting again as she reached up to touch Summer's beautiful face.

Breaking into her own happy sobs, Summer kissed Christina so passionately that both women almost seemed to become possessed. Unwilling to let each other go, they rolled back and forth across the carpet, laughing, crying, and wildly kissing.

They came to rest beneath the open window, Christina atop a giggling Summer, and after covering her face, neck and chest in a starburst of loving kisses she sat up on one elbow to stare happily down at her. "I really want you out of that dress," she grinned.

Still giggling, Summer raised her hips and shimmied out of her silver sheath. When she was completely nude, she held her tiny dress up high while smiling triumphantly, as if to say, "Ta da!"

Christina stared in reverence at her Holy Grail, for there before her in the shifting moonlight shone Summer's impossibly beautiful body, her divine pussy laid bare.

"God…" she whispered, gently touching Summer's inviting pink bud.

Spreading her legs, Summer opened her flower to Christina's adoring gaze.

Her mouth watering, Christina slipped between Summer's silky thighs; lowering her face to nuzzle her cheek against the tiny pelt of soft fur, she took in Summer's heated scent, which made her own pussy palpitate. Slithering her way up that perfect body to take a breast into her mouth, she briefly sucked the tip before lifting her head. "Angel, I finally get to make love to you, and do you know what you're going to be doing?"

Summer grinned, waiting.

"You're going to describe exactly what you just did to me, then you're going to tell me what all that was that I felt gushing out of me. You drank it like it was the finest champagne, and I want to know what you were drinking. You have to tell me."

Summer reached down to caress Christina's lustrous black hair. "Beautiful girl, keep looking at me like that…keep touching me this way…and I promise I won't just tell you, I'll show you."

She pulled Christina up for another long, hot kiss, and for the first time they pressed their naked bodies together. Rejoicing over the feeling of their breasts touching and their pussies kissing, Summer took Christina's gorgeous bottom in her hands as she said, "Baby, just touch me and kiss me. Don't stop; that's what matters. No matter what happens…no matter how crazy you make me…don't stop, keep going, and you'll see."

Christina kissed her again; then, flashing a cherry smile, she slithered back down her body, all the way to her pussy. Hovering just inches above Summer's perfect sex, she stared in wonder. "There you are, pretty flower. Did you know that you are all I've been able to think about ever since I first saw you, and now you're finally mine…" she cooed, kissing and petting it.

"Mmmmmm…" Summer moaned, arching her back.

Christina gently spread the coral lips, revealing the brighter pink depths. "Little girl, you are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, and your scent is truly wonderful. I bet you taste like heaven, don't you?"

Pressing her mouth to Summer's glorious center, Christina tasted another woman for the first time.

Gasping when she felt the soft blush of Christina's lips upon her pussy, Summer wrapped her legs around the raven-haired stunner's shoulders. "Yes…yes…take me…" she moaned, stroking her gorgeous lover's hair while cupping her own breasts.

Christina began to kiss and lick, exploring the inviting folds. Tentative at first, uncertain as to what to do, she flicked her tongue inside before moving up to the swollen pink clit. Trying to recall some of the things Summer had done to her, she spread the beautiful pussy open and took as much of it into her mouth as she could.

She found it intoxicating; it was the sweet, tangy taste, definitely, and the rich scent of arousal drove her crazy as well, but what she quickly discovered was that more than anything she loved the power she felt in being able to pull Summer's puppet strings. She had never considered herself to be a particularly skilled or assertive lover, yet there she was, reveling in her ability to coax such beautiful responses from a goddess like Summer.

Her learning curve proved to be very short, once she fully gave in to her passion. Pulling Summer wide open, she pressed her fingers and tongue inside and happily fucked the precious cunt. Attacking her prize with unbridled zeal, she smiled to herself, remembering how incredible it felt when Summer played with her ass.

She'd never been kissed or even touched there before, and Summer had done a whole lot more than merely kiss it and touch it.

She slowly licked her way down, until she found the smaller indentation between the beautifully spread legs, then she pressed the tip of her tongue to the tiny star.

"Mmmmmm…" Summer moaned, rocking her hips back while holding her legs open with her hands behind her knees. She was offering herself in full, just aching to be taken.

Pressing a finger to the winking opening, Christina was surprised by how easily it slid inside. She tried adding a second finger, grinning to herself when it joined the first just as effortlessly. Encouraged, she added a third before leaning down to take Summer's clit between her teeth.

Summer shrieked, and Christina giggled, falling more and more in love with her newfound power to pleasure and excite. She began a steady, hard fucking of Summer's ass, until Summer's hips began jolting up and down in rhythm with her sensual attack.

Curiously exploring everything, Christina switched tactics, replacing her fingers with her tongue. Still grinning with wonder, she realized she was experiencing another first: the lurid sensation of slipping her long, pink tongue inside someone's tight little asshole. Again discovering that she loved it, she began to slap Summer's ass while thoroughly rimming her.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me!" shouted Summer, thrusting her hips against the wicked penetration.

Thrilled to no end, Christina kept tonguing the sexy opening while smacking those perfect curves.

When Summer began cumming, her pussy pulsing and clenching, Christina knew that she just had to touch it. She dipped her fingers back inside the beautiful slit, only to have Summer take her by the wrist and jam half her hand inside. Watching as three fingers were quickly swallowed up, Christina was mesmerized by the bucking motion of Summer's dancing bottom.

Sitting up, she pressed three fingers straight into Summer's ass while adding a fourth inside her pussy. She began to fuck her with both hands, again making Summer shriek in delight.

A panting Summer reached down to guide Christina's wrist; she wanted to make the invading hand fuck her pussy harder and faster.

"More?" Christina whispered, completely in awe.

"More…mmmmmm…fuck me…" Summer moaned.

Deciding that John's cock was every bit as thick as her wrist, Christina curled her thumb into her palm before pressing her entire hand inside Summer's pussy.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!" moaned Summer, and suddenly her pussy let loose.

Startled, Christina quickly pulled out. Having released the floodgates, she watched in astonishment as that same clear fluid came gushing out of Summer's wildly jubilant pussy. It wasn't squirting, though, the way hers had; instead it was flowing out in a smooth, thick arc, like molten lava.

Summer's hips were shaking, her perfect cries the sweetest music Christina had ever heard. As she watched Summer's gorgeous pussy issue forth its precious gift, she knew once again that she just had to try it, and she leaned down to take it into her mouth.

Silently rejoicing, she discovered that she loved drinking it. 'My god,' she thought in amazement, 'this is Summer's cum, and I made it happen!' She found the very idea to be an immensely satisfying turn-on, and all she wanted was…more.

Remembering what Summer had told her to do, she drove her hand back inside the liquid pussy while clamping her mouth down on the swollen clit.

When Summer screamed again, Christina couldn't help but laugh with joy. She was beginning to understand exactly why Summer had been so happy to have brought her to such a physical and emotional peak. She wanted to take Summer to that same place, and she wanted to be right there with her; no hesitating, no pulling back. She wanted to drink, cavort, and completely lose herself in Summer's pussy…Summer's ass…Summer's ecstasy.

Having no idea what she was doing, she began a tentative probing motion deep inside the divine blossom. Summer panted, "Baby…on the top, towards the front…feel for where it becomes less smooth and silky. Search for a small place where it's a little rougher…more textured and spongy. That's my G-spot. That's what I was pressing on inside your pussy when you lost control."

She began moving her hips, trying to direct Christina to the right spot.

Like a wildcatter striking oil, Christina cried out in celebration when her fingertip discovered the small, spongy patch. Giggling to herself as she petted it, she mapped out its location in her mind's eye, wanting to ensure that she would always be able to find it.

Making Summer shriek again, she pushed nearly an entire hand past her tightest ring. Excited by her reaction, she sucked her clit while firmly stroking her G-spot, until Summer exploded a second time; squirting, squirting, then a long stream shot out.

With her face doused in warm, clear cum, Christina shouted in exultation before diving right back in. Sucking her lover's gushing pussy for all she was worth, she tried to keep her mouth locked in place in an effort to drink everything down, but she found it difficult to maintain any solid purchase due to Summer's wild bucking and thrashing.

They were both laughing hysterically when Summer suddenly sat up and pounced on her. "Congratulations! You passed!" she exclaimed. Beaming brightly, she mimed placing a graduation cap on Christina's head, even adjusting the tassel for her.

"Uh-uh…not yet I haven't," smiled Christina, tickling Summer's breasts.

Laughing like young girls at a slumber party, they rolled around some more, and again Christina ended up on top. "You made me do more than just cum like crazy, you know. I still have at least one more trick to learn…" she grinned, launching another tickle attack.

Shrieking with delight, Summer tried to roll onto her stomach, which only inflamed Christina even more once she saw Summer's bouncing ass spreading open. When the sexy brunette pounced on those wonderful mounds, biting into them, a squealing Summer playfully slapped at her.

"Hey, you! Where do you think you're going? You're mine now," giggled Christina, squeezing Summer's perfect bottom while lovingly caressing it with her face.

With a sexy moan Summer slowed to a stop, encouraging Christina to take her from behind. She went to her knees and raised her hips, opening her legs wide. Pressing her face to the carpet, she reached back to spread her ass. "Fuck me, Christina," she purred, eagerly wagging her tail.

Grinning at the beautifully lewd sight, Christina sat up on her knees and drew her hands through Summer's vivid split. She dove straight for her enchanting lover's tempting asshole, penetrating it again with her tongue even as her slender hand plunged right back inside the blessed pussy.

During all their wrestling around the room they'd managed to knock Christina's purse from the table, and it lay on the floor within her arm's reach. Grabbing it, she reached inside.

With a muffled hum, the long, thin vibrator invaded Summer's ass.

Screaming as she clutched at the bed covers with one hand, she grasped a leg of the nightstand with the other. "CHRISTIIIIINAAA!! FUUUCK!!" she howled, when Christina slammed it home. Since Summer was in the doggie position, Christina didn't even have to twist her hand to reach her lover's G-spot. Free to hammer away, she was amazed by the sight of Summer's pussy stretched around her wrist.

With a vibrator set to 'Puree' humming deep inside her ass even as her pussy was being thoroughly savaged, Summer was a goner.

Christina laughed in triumph while continuing to pound away with the vibrator; then, quickly pulling her hand out, she twisted onto her back between Summer's legs to catch the first spray from her shimmering pussy.

"Ohhh god!!" shouted Summer, whole-body spasms rocking her as she came all over her enthralled lover's laughing face.

Intently focused on capturing every drop of Summer's sweet nectar, Christina was startled by the sudden sensation of two strong hands spreading her thighs. She jumped, but her initial panic was quickly replaced first by joyful recognition then sheer ecstasy when she felt a tremendously large cockhead nudging open her soft labia before gently pushing inside her warm, welcoming pussy.

Arching her back and spreading her legs all the way, she continued to drink from Summer's cascading fountain while letting John take charge of fucking the writhing goddess in the ass with her vibrator. As he slowly inched his way deep inside Christina's satin pussy, she happily moaned into her fiery lover's gushing sex. Even though John tried to be gentle, she was so wet and so far gone that it was only a matter of moments before his lengthy cock pressed against her cervix.

Christina instantly came; not another wild eruption, but a long, liquid, rolling wave.

Wanting more, she brought her hands to Summer's quaking breasts while taking the dripping pussy back into her mouth. Thrashing her head about, she devoured the clit, and Summer began to moan and shake.

When Summer felt sharp teeth biting her ass, it took a moment for her mind to register that Christina was still sucking her pussy. Whirling her head around, she was sent over the edge by the sight of Christina's beautiful pussy being ravaged by John's thick, solid cock.

"Oooh!" exclaimed Christina in happy surprise, when another gushing of Summer's hot release splashed against her face.

Laughing hysterically again while eagerly drinking her fill, she reveled in the clear gushing cum, then her laughter turned to delirious cries of ecstasy when Summer shouted, "I can't stop it! Ohhhh god!!"

Christina realized that Summer wasn't merely cumming; instead, her entire body had been overcome by a delicious series of amazingly sexy spasms, and suddenly she was peeing.

Swallowing as quickly as she could, Christina still couldn't keep up with it; her mouth kept filling to overflowing, and she rejoiced over the thought of Summer thoroughly drenching her face. Realizing that she had done it - she'd caused her angel to lose every last bit of control - she erupted on John's cock in another long, gushing orgasm.

"YES! YES! YES!" she cried out, again and again. Overcome by pure lust, she joyfully baptized herself in Summer's rushing stream; bathing her face, she drank mouthful after mouthful while bucking her pussy against John's pile-driving cock.

Finally Summer was spent, and her quaking legs gave out. Collapsing off to the side, she lay laughing on her back. Christina leaned over to kiss her, and while they were both still being fucked by John they started making out, at least as much as they could manage through all their heavy panting.

Once Summer had regained control of her legs, she broke off their kiss and turned to suck Christina's clit while John's pummeling cock drove in and out of the sexy brunette's incredibly beautiful pussy. Quickly withdrawing, John fed his swaying erection into Summer's mouth; as she noisily sucked him, she teasingly rubbed her writhing lover's swollen bud, then she spread the delicate labia and guided the large shaft back inside. Plunging in, John fucked Christina for a few long strokes before switching again to Summer's mouth.

He alternated between them for the next few minutes, until Christina brought Summer's hips back over her face. Reaching up to grasp Summer's wonderful ass, she pulled the auburn-maned goddess into a frenzied sixty-nine.

With Summer sucking and rubbing her clit while John continued to deep-stroke her pussy, Christina was beginning to think she was in the middle of a perfect dream, at least until John suddenly moaned, "I'm getting close...should I pull out?"

Realizing it was no dream, that it was all really happening, Christina pulled her mouth from Summer's pussy only long enough to shout, "Not if you value your life!"

Laughing along with John, Summer grasped his balls and said, "Give her your biggest load ever, baby, and don't you dare pull out when you're done. Just keep fucking her. Don't stop until you fill her up again. I want to see her gorgeous pussy overflowing with your hot cum." Then she spun around to kiss Christina's sweet, blissful face.

"I love you! I love you! I love you!" Christina kept chanting, moaning it into Summer's mouth to match the cadence of John's steady thrusts.

Summer knew John was cumming when a wild-eyed Christina suddenly let loose with a gorgeous shriek before biting her tongue right in the middle of their kiss. Giggling through the slight stab of pain, Summer lifted the euphoric brunette's limp upper body until she was able to hold her up, then she moved her towards John, saying, "Let's lay her on the bed."

Being careful not to pull out, John lifted her off the carpet, and with Christina locking her arms and legs around him he was able to stand and lay her on her back atop the covers. Quickly scrambling to join them, Summer leaned against the headboard; spreading her legs, she showed John where to bring Christina, and he scooted her up the bed until her head, back and shoulders were resting in Summer's lap.

While caressing Christina's glowing cheeks, Summer said to John, "Make love to this beautiful woman."

When John resumed long-stroking her, she reached up to touch Summer's face. Summer playfully cupped Christina's breasts, which made the excited brunette grin in anticipation. "Oooh, no mercy, huh?"

"I'll be gentle this time, I promise," giggled Summer.

John smiled, "I take it her breasts are her weakness."

"Mmmm, yes, they are, although my pussy would definitely have something to say about that…" moaned Christina, rolling her hips on his cock while arching her back to press her breasts into Summer's hands. Summer didn't want to distract her, so rather than tug, pinch or otherwise roughly handle Christina's perfect treasures she simply caressed and comforted them; only very lightly did she brush her thumbs across the sensitive nipples.

"Baby, you know you graduated, right…without any shadow of a doubt now…" smiled Summer, again miming giving Christina a graduation cap.

Continuing to moan in response to the glorious fucking she was receiving from John's indefatigable cock, Christina looked up with a sexy grin. "I never knew women could cum like that, and I didn't even know we had that one really sensitive spot. I never would have found it on my own."

"It's a fun spot, huh? I bet you'll never forget how to find it now!" giggled Summer.

Christina laughed, "Oh, you can count on that! Now that I know where it is and what it does to me, god, I may never leave the house! I might have to become a lesbian, just to see how many women I can make lose control like that!"

"Hey!" said John, mock-pouting.

Gazing into Christina's eyes while caressing her face, Summer smiled sweetly. "No, baby…not a lesbian. We love men, too."

"Mmmmmm, god yes, we do. I could never give this up…" moaned Christina, pulling John by his hips deep into her pussy.

"I know I never could. I worship his cock," Summer said pointedly, reaching out to touch John's chest.

"I thought that whole 'worshipping' thing was Dave's territory," he grinned.

"It is, but it's mine too, you know. I worship all your cocks," she smiled, sexily stroking his powerful erection as it slid in and out of Christina's warm, silky slit.

Christina panted, "Mmmmmm, baby, I know I will definitely worship your cock. You can be Father John, and I'll be your wayward nun. I'll kneel before you and take your sacrament anytime you'll let me."

"That's exactly how I feel. I'll take his cock any way he'll give it to me…as much as I can get," Summer grinned.

Moaning happily, Christina writhed in her arms. "Summer, that other thing we did…you know…the peeing…it was absolutely incredible to see you lose yourself that way, especially knowing you made me do it too. I never knew that could happen, either."

"Neither did Summer, not until about a week ago! I've still got the scars to prove it!" laughed John, lifting his shirt to show Christina his scratched-up stomach.

"Oh my god! Summer! You did that to him?" exclaimed Christina, guffawing in astonishment.

Still laughing, John added, "This is nothing! You should have seen the other guy!"

"Summer!! Mommy needs to teach you to play nice with your toys!" laughed Christina, wagging her finger reproachfully at a blushing Summer.

Hiding her face in her hands, Summer cutely peeked out between her fingers. "I'm sowwy!" she said, using her baby-talk voice. "They distwacted me!"

John chuckled to Christina, "Summer made you lose control too, huh? Did you even know what was happening?"

Christina grasped him by the hips, and they enjoyed a slow, sensual grind together, his cock buried all the way inside her. Looking up at the two of them, she breathed, "Mmmm, yes, she did. She made me squirt something, and at first I thought I was peeing. It didn't feel quite the same, though, then I looked down and saw that it was something else…something weird, and definitely not pee. Whatever it was, I was gushing it like crazy, and she was happily drinking it while laughing in celebration. God, we were completely out of our minds. She wouldn't stop, either. She just kept going. She kept making me cum and cum and cum, until I felt it building inside me again. I couldn't do anything about it. I had no idea what was happening."

"You were too busy screaming," Summer giggled.

"Your fault!" laughed Christina, beaming sweetly. "Anyway, I was doing it again, and it just wouldn't stop! Summer was laughing and rejoicing so much, I had to look down to see what was happening. That's when I saw that I was actually peeing on her! I couldn't believe it! I was peeing on Summer's beautiful, happy face, and even right into her mouth!

"I became really upset over what I'd done to her, but she wouldn't let me stay that way. She made me understand it, and even feel good about it." Pausing, she gazed into Summer's shining eyes. "You made me feel more loved than I have ever felt in my whole life."

Smiling happily, she nuzzled her face between Summer's breasts.

"The part she's leaving out is that she made me promise to tell her what it was and how to make it happen, so she could do it right back to me," grinned Summer, moaning when Christina gently bit her nipple.

"Summer said she would show me, and she did!" giggled Christina. "That's when you showed up…and started fucking me. You just spread my legs and slid your long, thick cock all the way inside my pussy. God, that was so amazing…." Pausing again, she gave John a wicked smile. "Has she made you lose control too?"

"No, not yet, but I definitely plan to. I would absolutely love it," Summer said, grinning at him as he raised his hips and drove his glistening wet shaft deep into Christina.

"Mmmm, baby, fuck me…" moaned Christina, then she stared up at Summer. "You want him to do it on you…or inside you?"

"Yes," Summer said, smiling mischievously.

"Have you ever had someone do that?" asked Christina in a panting, breathy voice. "I mean actually go inside you while they were fucking you, or even in your mouth?"

"Never while fucking me, and only once in my mouth, until you just did it. You gave me as much as I've ever had…" she said, running her fingers through Christina's dark, exotic hair.

"Summer, god, we were totally going on each other's face. We were drinking each other's cum and even each other's pee, as much as we could swallow. It was absolutely incredible. You made me want it so badly, and now I can't wait to do it again."

As John continued thrusting inside her, she shivered in pleasure over the thought of all the amazing things she had done with her new lovers, and Summer hugged her even closer. While basking in the warmth of her beautiful Summer's comforting embrace, she slowly said, "I definitely understand now why you were so happy. I felt the same way when I was able to make you do it. You want your lover to surrender to you, and once she does, you just want everything she has to give. Making someone completely lose control like that, it really is the most awesome feeling ever."

Holding Summer's hand, she said to John, "If you want to do it inside me, you can. I want you to."

Smiling with pride, Summer lovingly caressed Christina's breast. "That goes for you too, baby. If you can let go on him while he's inside you, do it."

"Summer, when you first let go on Jake, and probably also when you did it on Christina, it wasn't as if you made a decision to do it. You told us that it just sort of happened…that it was out of your control," John said.

"Yes, you're right. That first time with you, Aaron and Jake, I was like Christina. I didn't even know what was happening. I just couldn't help it. I couldn't help it this time either."

As John continued pounding away at her hot pussy, Christina writhed beneath him, moaning, "I sure didn't know what was happening, except that it felt totally amazing. John, I mean it, if you ever want to go inside me, or if it just happens and you can't control it, I won't mind. I want you to give it to me. Never pull out."

"What if he's in your mouth?" asked Summer, caressing her face.

"Never pull out," she repeated, moaning with her eyes closed.

"Mmmm…won't David just love you…" Summer whispered.

John was thoroughly enjoying fucking Christina, who was just so damn sexy with the way she continually rolled her slender hips and delicious ass around his thrusting cock, and her breathy voice was pure silk.

"God, was Summer ever right…" she smiled, grinding against him. "Baby, you really do have an incredible cock. You're touching me places no one has ever touched before, and you're so warm."

"Doesn't he feel amazing? Once he's inside me, I never want him to stop," Summer said, pinching Christina's nipple.

"Mmmmmm-hmmm…he can fuck me forever…" Christina moaned, rolling her hips again while arching her back.

"Summer, I'm getting close…" groaned John.

Christina panted, "Wait. Slow down. Even though Summer says I've graduated, I still haven't…not yet. Quick, baby, pull out."

When John withdrew, Christina took him into her mouth, sucking him with long strokes before pulling off and rolling onto her stomach. Looking up at Summer, she grinned happily. "Sucking him isn't what I'm talking about. I just did that because I wanted to taste myself, plus I still hadn't sucked his cock yet. From the moment I first saw it on the plane, you know how badly I've been wanting to suck his big, gorgeous dick."

Taking a peek back over her shoulder, she wiggled her heart-shaped ass at him. "See anything you like?"

"Christina, that's what you meant? You want him to take your ass?"

"God, yes, Summer. Until you showed me tonight, I never even knew my ass could be a part of sex. You can't exactly fuck me, though, not completely anyway, and after seeing how much you love it in your ass, you've made me want it too. The way you tongued me there and slid your fingers inside just drove me insane, so I can only imagine how incredible it will feel to have John's huge dick deep in my ass, fucking me like crazy."

"Baby, he has a very large cock. Are you sure you want something that big for your first time?"

"Might as well start with the best, right?" grinned Christina, giggling into Summer's stomach.

"You be extra careful with her," Summer said to John, then she gave Christina a warm smile. "As for you, Little Miss Horny Girl, I don't want to see any more of those crazy impaling moves. You could seriously hurt yourself if you do that with him inside your gorgeous bottom, so ease into it this time, okay, baby?"

"John, fuck me in the ass," Christina said, playfully growling into Summer's pussy.

Summer laughed when Christina aggressively took her by her thighs, pulling her forward. She stopped laughing, though, when Christina's tongue suddenly drove inside her pussy. Christina held her thighs open, but Summer made it a moot point when she went to her back and spread her legs.

Christina looked up from Summer's pussy to stare into her eyes. "Baby, I want to climb inside you…" she purred, giving the moist petals a tender kiss, "…and live here forever…" she continued, gently separating the sweet lips to lick the vibrant pink silk inside, "…so I'm going to make love to this gorgeous flower for as long as our beautiful man makes love to my virgin bottom…even if he fucks me all night, which I'm hoping he will."

Wanting extra lubrication, John slid his cock back inside Christina's pussy, and he also coated his fingertips before smoothing them all around her tiny opening; then, withdrawing his glistening erection, he positioned the head at her shining star.

Quickly popping her index and middle fingers into her mouth, Christina wetted them before slipping them inside her ass. While panting hotly on Summer's pussy, she reached back to spread her soft, gorgeous globes. "Fuck me, John. I want every inch of you all the way up my ass…" she breathed, biting Summer's clit.

Summer knew that Christina was likely to thrash and jerk the moment John attempted to force his wonderfully thick cock into her virgin hole; readying herself, she pressed her pussy firmly against Christina's mouth.

"Ohhhh, Summer…" moaned the sultry brunette when the large, spongy head slipped past her tight ring. It felt to her as if a small apple was wedged in her ass, and her entire body tensed.

"Relax your pretty bottom, baby…completely relax it. I know it's hard to do, but you have to relax for him…" Summer whispered, stroking her hair.

Nodding her assent, Christina shifted her focus back to her beautiful lover's waiting pussy. She smiled to herself, unable to decide what she enjoyed more, the feel of Summer's perfect thighs in her hands or the taste of Summer's mouthwatering pussy on her lips. Stabbing again and again into the precious well with her long tongue, she found that her favorite thing was simply to savor Summer's sex by licking it and petting up and down the pink slit, just to watch it respond to her loving touch.

Her goddess's golden pussy was so enthralling to her that she realized she would be happy forever if she could just lie there and breathe into it; to be able to touch it and lavish it with deep adoration was nothing short of a dream come true. Summer's divine flower was a vibrant, sacred altar, and the most breathtakingly beautiful sight of her young life.

With every fiber of her being, Christina had come to understand what Summer meant when she spoke of worshipping.

Flattening her tongue, she began at Summer's gorgeous asshole, licking across the tempting crinkle before making her way over the tiny bridge of flesh separating the sweet pucker from the soft petals of her fantasy lover's tantalizing pussy. After a short pause to nip at the tender folds, she moved to the succulent opening of the blushing rose; lingering for an extended taste, she eventually slipped through the top of the delta to lave the drenched, swollen clit. Upon her ascent of the gently curving mons, she nuzzled her nose, lips and tongue in the sparse auburn pelt, then she painted a serpentine line of teasing kisses back down to the hot center of the beautiful treasure. Using her tongue to spread Summer's moist, pouting lips, she pressed her full mouth inside her angel's welcoming home.

Floating in a dream world, Summer became aware of an ethereal voice sparkling through her consciousness. She felt a sublime warmth suffusing her entire body, and she cried out in joy. Her heart soaring, she fell hopelessly in love when she realized that the beautiful sound capturing her soul was Christina singing a wordless aria of devotion deep within her pussy.

Looking on in astonishment, John whispered, "I can't even imagine how that must feel…."

Summer's eyes were overflowing with dazzling tears as she stammered, "Oh, John, it's…she's…god, she's so beautiful…."

Christina was also crying, her heart soaring as well with a revelation of eternal bliss beyond anything she had ever imagined. In giving her love to her angel, she knew she had become truly blessed.

"As long as I live, I will never forget the sight of you two together tonight," John said, his hips having finally made contact with Christina's smooth, flawless bottom.

He was all the way inside her, buried to the hilt within her velvet caress.

Her voice shining like the first rays of a new dawning sun, Christina cried her heavenly song into Summer's body, and John felt it all washing over him; recalling every joyous moment Summer had given them since she'd first come to grace their lives, he wanted to cry, and scream, and simply flail away.

Summer saw him then, and she knew. She saw his tears, and felt his heart breaking.

"Let it happen, baby…let it all come out now…."

Christina was rocked by John's primal cry of release; when she felt his incredible torrent of cum, her shimmering voice cracked, becoming even more beautifully ethereal in its anguished longing. As her heart rejoiced, her sky blue tears came down like a cleansing spring rain.

The last thing she remembered before drifting away was the perfect embrace she shared with Summer; their naked bodies pressing together, their breasts gently kissing, their glowing eyes speaking the promise of their love.

Their embrace would be forever…

Christina's purity and innocence: a snow white miracle of beauty.

Summer's golden radiance: an eternal spirit of light.

Anyone fortunate enough to look upon them would bear witness to the magic of that moment...

...when angels came together, and fell in love.

~to be continued in "Mayan Summer"~

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Submitted: September 05, 2014

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