Summer Voodoo: Ch. 03

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Midnight Voodoo, and the divine light...

The morning light finally did come, finding its way into John's consciousness a little past eleven.

Blinking, he opened his eyes, and was forever after glad that he did. The first thing he saw was Summer's beautiful face, only a breath away.

"Good morning, sleepyhead," she smiled, gently caressing his cheek.

"I was the one who was supposed to do that," he said, returning her smile.

"Do what?" she asked, painting his lips with her fingertips.

"Watch you while you sleep."

"Darling, you would've needed to have woken very early to have done that. I've been awake since eight, and other than one errand I had to run I've been in bed with you all morning, just watching my beautiful man sleep."

"An errand? You've already gone out this morning?"

"Uh-huh," she answered, smiling serenely.

"Well then, good morning to you too." Reaching between Summer's bare breasts to touch her 'voodoo necklace,' as he'd taken to thinking of it, he noticed that it was glowing a luminous crimson against her golden skin. Holding the mysteriously beautiful thing up to the light, he closely examined it.

"An angel of light…" he finally said again, staring at her in awed reverence.

"Of love. Shhhhh," she whispered.

Pressing his face to her heart, John kissed her chest. As she held him to her breast, he closed his eyes and recalled the countless perfect moments they'd shared. He reached up to touch her face, and that's when he saw it; suddenly sparking, Summer's eyes had cast a dazzling light, drawing his gaze downward.

"I love you, John Harris. I will love you forever," she whispered, watching as he gazed in astonishment at his left hand.

"Summer…" he whispered in return.

"I have its mate," she said, offering him her wrist.

"But…" he stammered, mesmerized by the golden wedding band on his ring finger, as well as the matching golden bracelet adorning her slender wrist. The detailing of the inscriptions was so intricate, so delicate, and so completely foreign to him that he wasn't certain he was looking upon something entirely of this world.

Smiling softly, she kissed his hand before nuzzling it with her lips. "This is my promise to you. Your ring will always keep me with you, and I've taken you into this bracelet, which will never leave my body. When we make love, now and forever, it is as husband and wife."

"Summer…you did it…you really meant it…" he whispered, his heart soaring.

She nodded devoutly, her eyes shining like diamonds, and they fell into each other's arms.

~ ~ ~

Lying beside Summer in the early afternoon, John studied his ring and her bracelet; noticing that they each shared the same otherworldly workmanship and unfathomable script, he simply didn't know what to make of them.

With the blessing of their lovemaking still upon him, he gazed into her beautiful eyes.

"I love you, John," she whispered, touching his lips.

"But what—" he started to ask.

"Shhhh. Just know that I will always be with you," she smiled, caressing his face. "This love will never end."

There was a knock at their door.

John reluctantly hopped up and threw on some shorts to answer the door, where he was met by a lady stooping over a serving cart loaded with warm muffins, a large carafe of freshly squeezed orange juice, a pot of coffee, and a few mugs and glasses.

"Continental breakfast, compliments of the hotel…" the lady said, pushing the cart into the room. She wore a white baseball cap bearing the hotel's logo, so her face was shadowed.

Despite her saying it was a complimentary breakfast, John went to get her a tip.

"No tip necessary," the lady said quietly, but John insisted.

"No tip necessary," she repeated, whispering it as she poured cups of coffee and orange juice.

"Baby, don't argue with her. Maybe it's hotel policy. Here, come back to bed and have some juice," Summer said, patting the coverlet.

John turned and sat on the bed.

"Will that be all?" the woman asked.

"Yes, thank you," smiled Summer.

As the gracious woman wheeled the cart back out the door, she finally looked up to say, "Thank you, pretty lady."

John's head shot up. As the woman was closing the door, he got a brief yet very clear look at her face.

It was Madame Charlotte.

John stared in shock at Summer, who continued to wear a serene smile.

"Summer! That's her!" he shouted, jumping from the bed to run to the door. Throwing it open, he expected Madame Charlotte to be there, no more than one or two steps away...

...but the hallway was empty.

Bewildered, he ran up and down the stairs, which were only a few doors from their room. Nothing. There was no one there.

He ran back down the corridor, to the alcove with the ice and vending machines. Still nothing.

He silently walked the hallway, listening at each door, of which there were only a few. Again…nothing.

She had completely vanished, as if into thin air.

Going back to their room, John called the front desk, and Summer listened in amusement to his half of the phone conversation...

"Hello, yes, this is room 410.… Thank you, but no, I just wanted to check something with you.… No, nothing's wrong.… Oh, not at all. The room is fine, and the service has been excellent.… No, nothing like that…. What I wanted to ask is whether you have a woman named Charlotte working here right now.… No, she's a server, and she just brought us our complimentary continental breakfast.… You don't have anyone named Charlotte who works here…. Yes, she just brought us breakfast. We didn't even order it.… Yes, I know it's well past noon.… No, I didn't know you stopped offering your complimentary breakfast a couple of hours ago.… Yeah, that makes sense.… Yes, she said it was your complimentary continental breakfast.… No, she was wearing a baseball cap with your logo on it.… Okay, we won't.… Thanks, we certainly will…. Yeah, I'll let you know."

Immediately upon hanging up the phone, he told Summer to put down her glass of juice.

"Summer, I don't know what's going on, but the people at the desk are saying we should call the police. They didn't send anyone up to serve us breakfast. They don't do that here, and their room servers would never wear baseball caps or visors. They also don't have anybody named Charlotte on their staff."

Summer just continued to smile while nibbling on a banana-walnut muffin. "Honey, you should try one of these. They're really good," she said, smiling even more sweetly.

"Summer, didn't you hear me? They said we need to call the police!"

"To report what, exactly? Is it a crime to serve someone breakfast?"

Sitting up, she took a sip of coffee. "Mmmm, this is good too. Baby, come have some breakfast. The food is fine. You have a long day ahead of you, and unless I'm mistaken you're definitely going to need your strength. Remember, a certain gorgeous yet lonely businesswoman from Boston is counting on you to show her a good time tonight."

When they were done with breakfast, John set the dishes outside the room. Returning to bed, he found that he had missed one coffee cup on the nightstand, so he grabbed it and went to add it to the dishes he'd left outside the door.

Though it had only been fifteen seconds, and despite the fact that there was no one in the hallway, nor had anyone made a sound outside their door, the dishes were already gone.

'What the fuck?!' he thought, thoroughly frustrated.

Again returning to the bed, he heard Summer starting the shower. When he joined her beneath the warm spray, he described what happened with the dishes. With a cute giggle she hugged him and told him to forget about such silly things. After a little feminine persuasion, he gave in; refocusing on her, he took great delight in the simple joy of soaping and fondling her full, firm breasts, which seemed even larger than usual to him.

"Summer, what's your bra size?" he asked, hefting her heavy mounds back and forth.

"I hardly ever wear one, but I'm usually a thirty-four D. Depending on the bra, sometimes I'll go with a large C, or even a double-D. Why do you ask?"

Hefting her breasts again, he showed them to her. "Don't they seem quite a bit larger now? Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me, but I swear they've gotten even bigger than they were in Mexico."

"Uh-huh, I noticed that also, the last time we took a shower together. I'm not bloated or anything either, and I already had my period, so I'm definitely not pregnant. Come to think of it, your dick seems extra big now, too. I mean, god, you've always been really big anyway, but now it's like, mmmm, damn, baby!"

Giving him a sexy smile as she took his cock in her hand, she stroked it and tugged on it, playfully stretching it to where it looked freakishly long. "Don't you see, darling? It's this place. It's magic."

"Magic, huh? As in maybe it's something 'magic' that the voodoo lady put in our food," he said, smiling uncertainly.

"Yes, magic. Do you have any other explanation?" she giggled. "Besides, you're certainly not hearing any complaints from me about your dick being so huge. I absolutely love it. Are you complaining about these being bigger?"

Making a pouty face, she cupped her soapy breasts.

"Nope, no complaints here…" he said, grinning as she went to her knees to slide his cock between her tits.

"It looks to me like they were made for each other, my breasts and your big cock," she said, again smiling sweetly, and with a deep moan of satisfaction she took him into her mouth; thoroughly indulging herself, she hungrily sucked his incredible dick while enjoying a slow, luxurious titty-fuck.

Once she'd gorged on his majestic erection to her heart's content, she stood and turned to face away from him. Placing her hands shoulder-width apart on the shower wall, she bent at the waist and stretched up onto the balls of her feet, presenting her ass in full. Arching her back, she spread her legs. "It's not just my breasts and mouth, either," she purred, smiling over her shoulder. "Your big, gorgeous cock fits perfectly inside me everywhere...."

~ ~ ~

"Wow! Now I'm really not joking. Your husband truly is an idiot," grinned John, standing in the doorway of Christina's hotel room.

"You look absolutely stunning," added Summer. Taking her by the hand, she guided the shy brunette through a full pirouette.

Christina blushed nine shades from Sunday. "Thank you, both of you," she said, her nervous smile accompanied by a sweet, beautiful giggle. "Let's get real, though. Compared to how utterly devastating Summer looks in that slinky little thing, people will think I'm only tagging along as her chaperone."

"Now you're just being silly," beamed Summer. "Christina, look at you. You're going to have to fight off all the men tonight, and probably half the women too."

Wearing her silver sheath with the completely bare back, Summer shot John a concerned look that said, "I told you this wasn't the right 'safe' dress for me to wear tonight!"

John's eyes hadn't been playing tricks on him. Summer's breasts really were in full bloom, and they looked absolutely spectacular in her wispy little slip. Accentuated by her taller silver heels, her smooth, bare legs and perfect ass were simply mind-boggling, while her naked back was almost criminally inviting. The heels didn't just lengthen her legs and raise her ass, they also arched her back and made her breasts stand out even more.

There was also the constant brushing of silk over her nipples, teasing them into permanently erect beacons. Wearing that dress with those heels, Summer merely had to move through a room and the hungry stares would immediately lock on to her gorgeously prominent opening salvos.

Her entire body was on vivid display, menacingly taut, coiled...feral. Summer was on fire, and she looked every inch of it.

Christina had gone for more of a classic brunette bombshell look, with her long jet black hair trailing down to bare white shoulders. Spaghetti straps held her iconic 'little black dress' in place; it was a light, stretchy cotton fabric, very soft to the touch, and since it was also skintight it enticingly revealed every lithe contour of her elegantly sexy body.

The top of the dress featured a wide opening directly over her ample cleavage, exposing the inner halves of each supple globe. Christina was clearly braless, her alabaster breasts showing in stark contrast against the dramatic black.

She had a full, prominent ass, with a delicious flare to her hips. Perched atop classic black stiletto heels, her seemingly endless legs were further complemented by sheer black hose.

Whereas Summer was all hips, tits, and dangerous curves everywhere, Christina was a more slender woman.

Summer ooh'd and aah'd over Christina's outfit, playfully tugging at the mid-thigh length hem while asking, "Pantyhose or thigh-highs?"

Smiling mischievously, Christina inched her dress up bit by bit, until the lace bands at the tops of her thigh-highs were revealed.

Taking it all in, John gulped at her sexy display. The seductive brunette returned his unspoken compliment with a flirty sparkle in her smiling eyes.

Summer, on the other hand, had no problem with telling Christina exactly what she thought. "God, girl, you are gorgeous…just ravishingly gorgeous. If anybody gets to see your legs like that tonight…wow," she grinned, gently running her fingertips along the top band of the stockings.

When Christina felt Summer's electric touch move beyond the lacy border to the bare skin of her upper thigh, she visibly shivered.

"Beautiful…" Summer smiled, staring into her eyes.

Christina was so taken by the moment that she didn't even realize she was holding her dress up nearly to her panties, which, as it happened, were resting demurely in her suitcase.

Although Summer and John weren't aware that she was totally nude beneath her short dress, she was already wildly turned on by the mere thought of it. She hadn't gone bare for a night out since before she was married, and felt a thrill knowing that both she and Summer would have absolutely nothing protecting them against any ambitiously roaming hands.

Oh yes, she definitely knew that Summer had also chosen to go without panties that evening; her slinky sheath left no doubt. Besides the obvious lack of even a g-string impression interrupting the smooth, flowing lines of her perfect ass, she could easily see Summer's golden skin and deep crevice simply by glancing down the back of her dress.

She imagined how they would look dancing together, and how it would feel to hold Summer in her arms on the dance floor…caressing the amazing girl's sleek, silky back…sliding her hands inside that enticing silver slip…cupping and squeezing those warm, lush curves. In her mind's eye she was holding Summer's bare ass in her hands, then she envisioned John wrapping his arms around her from behind…pressing his hips against her dancing bottom…hotly whispering "Christina" in her ear while lifting her dress and driving his incredible cock deep into…

'God,' she thought, suddenly realizing how wet she had become.

She returned to the present when she felt Summer's warm breath on her bare thigh, only inches from her pussy. Having knelt to get a better view of the raven-haired beauty's sinfully decorated legs, Summer was looking up at her with a sweet smile while gently tugging her little black dress back down into place.

Christina couldn't tell for sure, but she suspected and even hoped that Summer had stolen a peek at her naked pussy before pulling her dress back down.

She also hoped that Summer liked what she saw.

Christina had shaved her pussy that evening, using as her inspiration the view she'd enjoyed of Summer's gorgeous sex on the plane. Summer's pussy was truly beautiful to her, and she wanted hers to look the same. Though her pubic hair was black while Summer's was auburn, she felt that their pouting labia were very similar in appearance so her overall look could be similar too.

"Ladies, are we ready?" asked John, grinning as he offered each woman an arm.

"I'm not sure that I really am, but let's go find out," Christina smiled, hooking her arm through his.

"Just have fun tonight. That's all you need to do," answered Summer, surprising and igniting Christina with a soft, sexy kiss on the lips before hooking her arm through John's other arm.

As they walked out together, Christina sassily kicked the door closed behind them; the sound of that door slamming shut felt like blessed release to her, as if a sad chapter of her life had formally come to an end. Strolling arm-in-arm together down the hallway, she felt freedom reaching out to her when the elevator doors opened with an inviting 'ding' before she could even press the button.

When she caught the subtle blush of Summer's sweet scent, she felt a chill of excitement race up her spine.

"It looks like tonight can hardly wait another moment for us," Summer said, smiling as the elevator seemed to anticipate and welcome their arrival.

Standing together in the elevator, Summer glanced at Christina's reflection in the mirrored paneling.

Christina was staring at her, and slow smiles spread across their faces.

Reaching out to press the button for the lobby, John paused to quip, "Going down, ladies?"

"Definitely," said Christina, giving Summer a smoky grin while sexily biting her lip.

Returning Christina's grin as John hit the button, the tip of Summer's tongue slipped between her shining white teeth.

Christina sighed anxiously. She was already dripping down her thighs.

~ ~ ~

"I found this place a couple of years ago while attending a business seminar," said Christina. "I liked it a lot, and thought this would be a good way to ease into our night out together. It's quiet, it's very sexy, and as long as you don't mind things a bit on the spicy side the food is really good. They also have music and dancing here, though nothing too rowdy and crazy."

"So the plan is to save rowdy and crazy for later?" smiled Summer, hooking arms again with Christina.

"Something like that, as long as my nerve holds up. Summer, I have to tell you, I'm really nervous."

"No reason to be," John said, gently rubbing their backs. "You're with friends here, and all we want is for you to have some fun."

"Yes, John, and that's why I'm nervous. I was on the plane with you, remember? I've seen Summer's idea of fun," she said, turning to give him a knowing smirk.

Summer leaned over to purr a sexy whisper in her ear. "You didn't just see it, you touched it, too, and you were about to taste it."

A shudder went through Christina, then her knees nearly buckled when Summer gave her earlobe a playful nip.

They were standing before a small house on a quiet side street. The place had been converted into a restaurant named MV, according to the black and red neon sign blinking intermittently over the solid black door. There were black wrought-iron accents everywhere, and black latticework completed the covered front porch.

Even from the sidewalk they could hear ominously exotic tribal music emanating from the forbidding house.

"Sounds like seduction, doesn't it?" grinned Christina, her eyes glowing.

"Shall we?" answered John. Slipping his arms around their waists, he walked them through the black lattice archway overhanging the wrought-iron fencing.

A few moments later they were seated at a cozy table inside the unusually dark restaurant, with only a scant few blood red track lights offering a spooky, pagan illumination to the room. In the center of their bare black table sat a large cylindrical candle holder made of red glass. Covered in waxy black netting, it cast a constantly shifting crimson light upon them, leaving their faces glowing eerily amid the flickering shadows.

John said, "Okay, I'm going to have to agree with you about this place. High marks on the sexy scale. So what does 'MV' stand for? Did you ever ask?"

"It stands for 'Midnight Voodoo,' which is the actual name," answered Christina.

Summer grinned at the willowy brunette. "Babe, with your long, silky black hair, your lush blood red lips, your perfect white skin and that positively wicked black dress, you look like you were born for this. They must have had you in mind when they named the place."

Christina offered Summer a small smile. "Though I may look the part tonight, I sure don't feel it. This place actually scares me a little, but I thought it would be perfect for us, especially since you mentioned wanting to look for a 'voodoo place' sometime during your visit to the French Quarter."

John glanced at Summer, who merely smiled before turning back to Christina.

"Is something wrong?" she asked, having caught the loaded look John gave Summer.

"Let's just say that voodoo already came looking for her," answered John, pointedly staring at Summer's necklace.

"John, please," Summer said, with a note of caution.

Watching the two of them, Christina again noticed the strange feeling of disquiet that had been growing in her mind ever since they'd taken their seats at the table. She took a deep breath and said, "Summer, the way your hair is shining tonight…your incredible breasts…your whole body...pardon my French, but you look absolutely fucking amazing. My god, you're literally glowing. I just have to say this: You are the sexiest, most impossibly beautiful woman I've ever seen."

Wordlessly losing herself in the candlelight, Summer stared intently at the flickering flame.

"It's more than that, though," continued Christina. "I don't quite know how to put it, but I think what I'm trying to say is…Summer, you almost don't seem real. I don't mean like fake boobs or anything, since yours are obviously natural. What I mean is, god…it's like you're not even the same as us."

She turned to John. "Am I being crazy here? You can feel it too, can't you?"

He reached across the table to give her hand a quick squeeze, and her heart skipped a beat when he added a subtle yet urgent nod. His eyes were on fire, trying to tell her something...willing her to understand.

Deciding to press onward, she turned back to Summer. "I have to ask…your bracelet, I've never seen anything like it before. I worked as a jeweler for many years, yet I've never come across a piece with such intricacy. Also, though I didn't want to pry, I have to ask about that necklace. I saw John staring at it just now, and you weren't wearing it before. Where did you get it? More importantly, do you know what that is you're wearing?"

Summer said nothing. Continuing to gaze unblinking into the shifting candlelight, an ethereal fire was revealed in her shining green eyes.

Intrigued by Summer's mysterious silence, Christina glanced over at John. Though he too was staring intently at Summer, she wouldn't abandon her searching of the light.

The moment was interrupted when a young waitress came by to take their orders.

Alarm bells went off inside Christina when the waitress set their glasses on the table. The girl accidentally spilled some water on Summer's arm, and unless Christina's eyes were playing tricks on her, Summer's new golden bracelet didn't reflect a drop of moisture.

At the same time, Christina also noticed that John was wearing what appeared to be a new wedding band that matched Summer's bracelet.

As soon as the waitress left their table, Christina said, "John, don't freak out, I just want to try something…." She dunked his fingers into her water glass; then, pulling them out, she examined his ring.

A shiver ran through her. The ring was completely dry.

Having missed it in the shower, John finally saw what Christina had instantly noticed.

"What the…" he said, dunking his ring finger again before pulling it right back out.

His golden wedding band remained dry as a bone.

"I have to see…" said a trembling Christina. Taking Summer's forearm and gently laying it flat on the table, she poured water on the bracelet. Summer's wrist became glistening wet, yet her bracelet stayed completely dry.

A stunned Christina pulled back from the table, her hands going to her mouth in awe.

When Summer suddenly lifted her gaze from the glowing candlelight to lock eyes with the startled beauty, Christina was thrown back into her chair, struck by a bolt of astonishing revelation. Gasping, she stared wide-eyed at Summer.

John said, "An angel of light, Christina. That's what the woman called her, just before vanishing into thin air."

"Who? What woman?" she whispered, her eyes still wild as she held her hands over her mouth while staring in shock at Summer.

Taking his own deep breath, John proceeded to tell Christina everything that had happened since they'd last seen her.

"Oh my god…it's true," Christina finally gasped, barely able to breathe.

Giving her a gentle smile, Summer caressed her hand while whispering, "Shhhhh."

John said, "Christina, you could feel it. You even said it, and that was before you knew about any of this other stuff. Something made you feel that Summer isn't the same as us."

"I did feel it. She's…perfect. That's what it is. She's beautifully, impossibly perfect…in every single way," Christina whispered.

Summer turned to John and took his hand. "Please, baby, don't scare her. What happened to my beautiful man who wanted to make sure that Christina felt comfortable tonight, who even chose this dress as his 'safe' pick so we could all just have fun together without it becoming too much for her? John, we need to get back to that place."

Christina surprised them both when she suddenly laughed, "Wait, hold on a second here! John, you wanted to protect me? You tried to prevent Summer from being too sexy, and this is what you chose as her 'safe' outfit that wouldn't send me off screaming in terror into the night? Christ, if this is her conservative dress, I just have to see how you dress her when you're going for full-on sexy!"

"You should have seen what she had on last night," John grinned.

"Or just go out with us again tomorrow night," added Summer, flashing an inviting smile.

"Serious? As outrageously sexy and fuckable as you look tonight, this is your 'conservative' dress?"

"I did try to warn him about how sexy this one really is, but he didn't believe me," Summer said, smiling at John. "He just wouldn't accept the possibility that even though something is covering me it could still be less conservative and 'safe' than some of my seemingly more revealing things."

"John, are you blind? Look at her! Can't you see how that dress moves over her body? Have you watched her walk in that thing?"

"No, I hadn't. I mean I have now, but I hadn't then, not when I picked it," he admitted sheepishly.

"Sweetie, as amazing as she looks right now, just imagine what's going to happen when she dances in that dress. Her perfect legs are already bare, her mouthwatering bottom may as well be, and try to picture how those impossibly beautiful breasts of hers will look beneath that silk, especially with her nipples standing out the way they are. Honey, she's going to be showing everything...just everything. She's going to look like pure sex."

John grinned. "You're right, it's a whole lot sexier than I realized. Still, I'm telling you, even as amazing as she looks right now, this one is much less revealing than what she's going to wear tomorrow night."

"Well, okay then, I appreciate the thought. Wanting not to push me too hard tonight, that was very sweet of you. I admit it, you two could easily scare me off. Summer is just so damn sexy, and god, she's so comfortable with it. Yes, she could definitely intimidate me into chickening out. So could you, John, or have you already forgotten that I've held you in my hand? You're the first new man I've touched since I've been married. Jesus, after what I saw and felt on that plane? Please. Summer knew you wouldn't exactly be 'safe' for me tonight either."

Summer smiled softly. "He's beautiful, isn't he? Doesn't he have the most gorgeous cock?"

Shifting her legs beneath the table, she leaned up onto her elbow to look at John. With a knowing smile she took a sip of water before turning to give Christina a warm, sexy grin.

"Well," Christina giggled, "I haven't come across very many, but yes, he certainly has the biggest and nicest-looking penis I've ever seen."

Nearly choking on her water, Summer spluttered with glee at Christina's use of the word 'penis.'

Christina laughed, "Oh, shut up! You want me to say it? Okay, fine! John has the best COCK I've ever seen! You know what else? When we were on that airplane, it took every last ounce of willpower I had to stop myself from sucking his gorgeous COCK right there in his seat. I bet you also don't know just how close I came to marching him and his big COCK straight back to that restroom. After I saw what he did to you, god, I totally wanted him to fuck my brains out too!"

Blushing with embarrassment yet also thrilled with herself over her brazen performance, she gave Summer a wide grin. "There, was that better?"

Absolutely beaming in delight, Summer raised her hands in applause.

Though still blushing, Christina nevertheless curtsied in her seat, and they both laughed.

"Yeah, well, like you said, you haven't seen very many," grinned John. He playfully kicked Summer, which only made her laugh even more.

Christina grinned right back at him. "Yes, I'm sure that's all it is, John. The thing is, though, it's not just me. I'm guessing Summer has seen quite a few 'gorgeous cocks' in her day, and she still seems to think yours is pretty hot stuff. In fact, she seems to be head-over-heels in love with it."

"Mmmmmm-hmmm…" Summer said with a happy smile, accentuating her point by reaching into his lap to stroke him.

As Christina watched Summer's hand glide back and forth along John's thickening shaft, she bit her lip and said, "Anyway, getting back to this 'not wanting to scare off Christina' stuff, now you've got me really curious. So, okay, how much more revealing are we talking here? Summer, you're practically naked already. My god, you look like a silver-clad sex goddess. What more can you do? Go out with no clothes on, completely naked? You can't possibly do that, not in public."

"Pretty much," answered John. "It just depends on her mood and how she moves. Even when she's wearing something she can still be completely naked, or she can start off clothed and end up naked. Don't put it past her."

Hungrily eyeing Summer's lush breasts, Christina grinned. "This I've got to see."

Gesturing with his eyes, John gave her a smug smile. "With Summer, if you want to see, usually all you have to do is look."

Following his glance, Christina gasped.

Summer was sitting sideways in her chair, leaning on her hip with her bottom facing Christina. Her bare legs were drawn up together on the seat, and the hem of her silver sheath had climbed nearly to her waist.

Christina stared in amazement at Summer's fully exposed ass and pussy.

Smiling sweetly, Summer painted a polished fingertip up her bare thigh before slipping it through her moist lips.

"See how easy it is for her? Now imagine how easy it becomes when her clothes don't even cover her to begin with," John grinned.

With her gaze locked on Summer's beautiful nudity, Christina quietly said, "I'm going to sleep with both of you tonight, aren't I?"

"Do you want to sleep with both of us tonight?" smiled Summer, shifting in her seat. Her quick sideways movement made her breast slip from behind its silky covering, and Christina let out another small gasp.

Maintaining her even smile, Summer allowed herself to remain exposed.

"You know I do," said Christina, reaching over to touch the inviting dusky pink tip. "The question is whether I'll have the nerve to go through with it…" she added, staring into Summer's eyes while caressing her gorgeous nipple.

Arching her back, Summer covered the spellbound brunette's hand with her own and purred, "If you want it to happen, it will. You're so beautiful, Christina. You know I want to make love with you."

"What about John?"

"If you make love with John, I'd love to watch."

"Is watching all you would do?"

Summer again smiled sweetly. "Of course I'd want to do more than just watch, but that would be entirely up to you."

"What if I can't go through with it? Will you hate me, thinking I'm nothing but a coward? Summer, I've never done anything like this."

"Shhhh. No matter what you do, it will be perfectly fine. If you don't want anything more than a nice dinner, dancing, and some friendly company, we'll be very happy to enjoy those things with you. Christina, we didn't invite you out to seduce you. We just want you to have some fun."

John added, "Look, I know you only just met her, and this will sound like total b.s. coming from me, but Summer doesn't lie. Ever. About anything. I'm not even sure she can lie. The point is, she's telling you the truth. We talked about it, and all we were hoping for was to share a fun evening with a beautiful woman - a beautiful woman who, by the way, seems rather lonely and frustrated. As far as we're concerned, you absolutely deserve a fun night out. The topic of seducing you never came up, and it's not why we're here."

"Still," Christina smiled, "you two almost can't help but seduce me. You know I want you…both of you. John, we all know I want your cock. I'm saying it: I want you to fuck me tonight. And yes, I'm well aware that I shouldn't want to have sex with you. I'm married, and I've never cheated, but you know what? I just don't care. I want to make love with you. I want to wrap my legs around you and take every gorgeous inch of you deep inside me, then I want you to fuck me all night long. Summer? I've never even been with a woman before, yet somehow that doesn't matter now. I want her so badly, I almost can't take it anymore. Summer is living beauty…sex incarnate. She's completely irresistible."

"So are you," Summer said.

"Yes, well, no one ever resists you, of that I am absolutely certain. No one. Plenty of people have managed to resist me my whole life. You and John are the first people in years to make me feel sexy and wanted."

"Then just enjoy feeling sexy and wanted. You should, because you are. You're very sexy, and everyone who sees you tonight will want you."

John nodded, adding, "You're one of the most stunning women I've ever seen. Seriously, you're like a classic Hollywood femme fatale, or a Bond Girl. Any man or woman would feel privileged to take you to bed, but the most important thing is that you simply enjoy yourself. If making love is too much for you, if it will only upset you and make you feel guilty, then don't even worry about it. We'll just have a fun, casual night out together with no seductions, no sex, and definitely no pressure."

With tears in her eyes Christina giggled, "You can't imagine how silly that sounds to me, hearing myself described as a Bond Girl, or a femme fatale! Me, a femme fatale! That is so funny. All my friends would die laughing if they heard that."

Summer said, "Okay, but let me ask you something. How many of those friends of yours have seen you looking like this, dressed and made up this way?"

"The answer to that would be, oh, precisely zero. This is the first time I've worn anything really revealing since I've been married. I don't even own a dress like this. I had to go shopping today just so I would have something halfway decent to wear tonight. I knew I wasn't going to be able to keep up with you, Summer, but at least one time in my life I wanted to wear something truly glamorous and sexy!"

She was crying, and Summer took her hand. "Christina, how many of your friends know you have a perfect body and an absolutely beautiful pussy, with gorgeous pouty lips and the prettiest little landing strip? Like you said, they've never seen you in such a sexy dress, with nothing underneath it but a pair of silky thigh-highs and a pussy to die for."

Christina moaned, "Oh, god, you did look!"

"Of course I looked. I wanted to see every inch of you, especially your beautiful thighs and sexy pussy. It made me so wet when I discovered you weren't wearing panties. Christina, from the very first moment I saw you in that dress I wanted to tear it right off of you. I still do."

"Summer, I couldn't believe it, but when you were down by my thighs I found myself actually hoping that you were looking up my dress. I wanted you to see my pussy."

Summer grinned, "Oh, I was definitely looking." Then she turned to John. "Baby, you are going to go absolutely crazy when you see her naked. She has the most beautiful pussy ever."

His eyes narrowed to wolfish slits as he stared at the tops of Christina's thighs, and her face went flush. "God, John, it's like you're looking right through my dress," she whispered, before turning back to Summer. Touching her face, she smiled, "Maybe the second most beautiful, but thank you."

Summer caressed her hand. "Your friends, the people who know you, they just haven't been fortunate enough to see the real you. When you go home, show them. Be as sexy with them as you've been with us. Let them see who you really are."

Christina laughed, "You mean show them my pussy?"

Summer and John laughed right along with her, then John said, "No, of course not. Well, okay, maybe, if it's as gorgeous as she says it is, but what she means is you shouldn't feel beautiful and desirable only when you're on vacation with us. This is the Christina we know, and she's very sexy and fun. This should be the Christina everyone else gets to see, too."

Sighing, Christina leaned back in her chair. "Maybe some of my friends would like to see me this way, and I'm sure that at least a few of my co-workers and clients would enjoy it, but my husband would never go for it. No way. He'd lose his mind if I ever wore a sexy dress like this at all, much less to go dancing. Thigh-highs and no panties, with such a short dress? He'd have a heart attack."

"I'm sorry," Summer said, squeezing her hand.

"So am I, but thank you."

The food arrived, and their mood immediately brightened.

John said, "Fantastic dinner, Christina, and thank you for bringing us here. This place really is awesome. Once we're done, I was thinking we could go to the House of Blues, then maybe we'll hit a full-on dance club. What do you ladies think?"

"Sounds great to me," answered Summer, "and yes, thank you, Christina. This was a wonderful choice."

"I'm glad you guys like it," Christina said, with a warm, sincere smile. "I'd be a little afraid to come here by myself, but with an angel of light watching over us, c'mon, what could go wrong?" she grinned, kissing Summer's hand.

Summer kicked John, making him laugh.

Christina smiled at them. "Anyway, yes, I'm definitely up for that. I'm sure the House of Blues has dancing, so I'd suggest we go there first. We may not even need to go anywhere else."

Nodding in agreement, John excused himself to use the facilities. A few minutes later, upon exiting the restroom, he saw a waitress approach their table and collect the credit card receipt.

"Thank you, ma'am, and thank you...pretty lady," she said, looking up with a smile before turning to go back to the kitchen.

John freaked. It was Madame Charlotte.

"Hey!" he yelled, but she didn't acknowledge him. She continued on through the curtained doorway into the kitchen, and he took off after her.

Christina called out, "John! What are you doing?"

He was leaning over the cash register, trying to see into the kitchen. Turning back to Christina, he shouted, "That's her! That's the voodoo lady! She's the one who gave Summer that necklace, then just vanished into thin air! That's her!"

Christina rushed over to join John at the counter. Leaning across the register together, they were trying to get a good look into the kitchen when finally he said, "Fuck this." Hopping the counter and pulling open the curtain, he nearly collided with the young waitress who'd been serving them throughout the evening. Startled, she jumped back, and John demanded, "The other lady, where is she? Where did she go?"

He was looking past the young girl, into the kitchen. There were two cooks who glanced up from their work, clearly surprised to see him there; one was a tall kid wearing a hair net, the other was an elderly fat woman.

"Where did who go? What other lady?" asked the young waitress.

"The waitress lady, Madame Charlotte! The one who took the credit card receipt! She was just here! She went right through this curtain! Where'd she go?"

The young girl looked at him as if he were insane. "Mister, it's just us three here: me, 'Twan, and Gramma Jessie who owns the place. I'm the only waitress on tonight. Ain't nobody just come back here but me, and there's no way out of this kitchen 'cept to go through that curtain."

Christina exclaimed, "What are you talking about? A middle-aged woman just came and took my credit card receipt! She spoke to us, then I watched her walk through that curtain, with John calling after her. I saw her, plain as day!"

Holding their receipt in her hand, the waitress showed it to them. "Like I said, I'm the only one on tonight. I cashed your card, and you left me this. Nice tip, too. Thanks."

John and Christina stood staring in frustration first at her, then at each other.

"No way," he said.

"I know. No way," added Christina.

"Summer, you saw—" began John, turning back to their table, but she was gone.

John and Christina frantically scanned the room before spotting a goofily smiling Summer leaning against the front door.

"Summer!" they exclaimed simultaneously.

"Are you two supersleuths ready to go yet?" she giggled.

~to be continued~

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Submitted: September 01, 2014

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