Summer Voodoo: Ch. 02

Summer Voodoo: Ch. 02

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A magical day of destiny in the French Quarter...


A magical day of destiny in the French Quarter...


Submitted: August 30, 2014

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Submitted: August 30, 2014



"Summer, after everything that just happened, and with as beautiful as you look right now, it would almost be a shame for you to change out of those clothes," John said.

"Baby, if you don't want me to put on something else, then I won't. I can wear this to go out dancing, too."

Summer had on a pair of faded Levi's and a bright red tank top. The soft, well-worn jeans hugged her perfect ass and hips, allowing for a tantalizing few inches of bare tummy to show below her spaghetti-strapped tee. Both the jeans and top were skintight, making Summer's sexiness almost painful to behold; her every movement a symphony of flowing, sensual harmony, she was infinitely elegant despite her casual dress.

She just couldn't help it.

They were back in their hotel room following a remarkable day out together exploring the streets and shops of the French Quarter. Their initial destination had been Café du Monde, for Summer's beignets, but they didn't quite make it all the way down to Decatur Street. Instead, they made their first stop at Jackson Square and the St. Louis Cathedral.

As they took in the sights of the old church, Summer was thoroughly enthralled. With John hugging her from behind, she lovingly caressed the carved woods while gazing in wonder upon the ornate fixtures, her eyes shining brightly.

"We sure don't have a place like this back in L.A.," he whispered.

"No, we don't. This is truly beautiful, yet it's much more than that. Baby, can you feel how special this place sacred? There are spirits with long memories watching over us here. Their presence is so powerful, it's almost tangible."

Walking through the small park afterwards, they stopped to read the inscription beneath the statue of Andrew Jackson. As they stood gazing up at the noble general tipping his hat, an elderly gentleman approached them to ask Summer if she would pose for a picture. When she graciously accepted his invitation, he led her to one of Jackson Square's many wrought-iron benches, where he snapped off a dozen shots of her in a variety of poses. Once they were done, the kindly old man and his white-haired wife clasped her hand and thanked her.

"You just made his day," the wife smiled to Summer. "He does this every time we come to the French Quarter. He always has to take a picture of St. Louis Cathedral, with the prettiest girl in New Orleans in the foreground."

"And you're the prettiest one ever," the husband added, giving Summer a conspiratorial whisper behind his cupped palm.

Summer really was the prettiest girl in New Orleans. She was absolutely radiant.

Later, at Café du Monde, Summer finally got to enjoy her beignets.

There, she also broke a young boy's heart.

John and Summer were sitting in the outside patio area adjacent to the bustling sidewalk. Next to them at another table was a family of four: a mom and dad in their late thirties, their twelve-year-old daughter, and a little boy.

Summer noticed the boy making faces at her while pointing and laughing. He was also pointing and laughing at his parents' faces. When Summer looked at John, she laughed too, finally understanding. Everyone had powdered sugar all over their mouths, and the little boy thought it hilarious. He kept pointing and making faces at her, so she started making funny faces right back.

Soon enough the mother also noticed what her son was doing; turning to see what was making him laugh and carry on so happily, she saw Summer leaning down to make silly faces for him, her face caked in powdered sugar.

With the little boy looking on in laughter, Summer was pretending to be unable to get a beignet in her mouth, not without making a complete mess of it all over her face.

The mother gave her a warm, grateful smile. "You know he's never going to leave you alone now."

"He's absolutely wonderful," Summer grinned, sitting back up. The daughter and the dad laughed too when they saw Summer's messy face.

"First time trying a beignet?" the dad teased, knowing she'd done it on purpose.

Summer smiled for him, then she beamed at the young boy. "Yep! Messy!"

"Haaahaaa! Messy!!" laughed the excitable little boy.

The delighted mother handed Summer a napkin to wipe her face.

The little boy, though, he just kept laughing. He shoved another beignet in Summer's mouth, making a real mess of her, and she laughed and laughed while letting him thoroughly cover her face in powdered sugar.

"That's enough now, Stephen," the mother giggled, tugging on his hand. Turning to Summer, she grinned. "See? Once he decides he likes something, he gets a one-track mind."

Summer was smiling through her messy mask. "I don't mind at all. God, he is just the cutest little guy. How old is he?"

"The little twerp is six. You want him?" deadpanned the daughter.

Laughing as she cleaned her face, Summer leaned down to little Stephen and cooed, "You're definitely a doll, but I don't think your mommy and daddy are quite yet ready to give you up."

The mother invited Summer and John to join them at her family's table, where they shared small talk over coffee. A short while later the father mentioned that they had a show to catch at the Aquarium, and they needed to head out.

Reaching down to take Stephen's hand, Summer gently shook it. "It was nice to meet you, Stephen. You be good for Mommy and Daddy, okay?"

Stephen gushed, "You can come too! We're gonna see sharks!"

With a tender smile Summer said, "I'm sorry, Stephen, but I can't go with you today. Maybe next time, okay, sweetie?"

When the young boy's big blue eyes filled with tears, his sister came and took him by the hand. "Come on, Stephen," she said patiently, leading him out of the patio area.

As the family made their way to the sidewalk, Stephen kept looking back, sadly waving his little hand at Summer.

"Oh my god," Summer whispered to John. She was waving at Stephen with one hand while holding the other over her mouth, her eyes also having filled with tears.

When John gave her a comforting hug, she broke down sobbing into his neck.

"You are an angel of light," said a voice in a rich Jamaican patois.

Summer and John turned and saw an elegantly dressed, middle-aged black woman smiling at them. She was off to the side of the patio, sitting by herself on a low wall.

"Come, pretty lady, sit with me," she said, patting the open space next to her.

Summer looked at John, who just shrugged.

"It's okay, pretty lady, bring your gentleman friend too. Madame Charlotte won't bite. I just wanna talk for a spell."

Clasping hands with John, Summer led him over to the mysterious woman, and they sat beside her.

"Pretty lady, please, let me look now…" she said, gently taking Summer's hand and turning it so that the palm was facing up. With a wondrous expression of happy discovery, she beamed at Summer. "Yes, Madame Charlotte could see it, you truly are an angel of light. Look…there it is…there's the sign…" she continued, tracing over a distinct path in Summer's palm.

"The little boy, he could see it, and those old folk in the park, they see it too. I felt you, pretty lady. I felt you comin', long before I ever saw you. I could feel you swellin' up inside me. By and by I saw you in the park, comin' out of the old church. I watched you, then I watched too when you filled that little boy's heart with golden dreams. Pretty lady, you are the one. Your hand tell the truth. You are the Shining One, finally come."

John sat observing the lady, unsure as to what to make of her.

"Here…" she said, reaching behind her neck to unclasp something before kissing it and laying it carefully in Summer's hand. "Take this. It go to you now."

Studying the strangely compelling thing resting in her palm, Summer saw that it was a ruby heart pendant with a cross on top and an intricate swirl pattern on the bottom. Attached was an exceedingly fine silver chain of intertwined vines.

Summer looked up at her and whispered, "It's beautiful."

"My mama, her mama give it to her, then she give it to me. 'Charlotte, you keep this,' she say. 'It keep you safe, so you can do what you were put here to do. When you're all grown, you pass this on to your child.' Mama, she long gone now. Before she go, she touch this and say, 'I know you never had no child of your own, but you have to pass this keep the next one safe too.'"

Pausing, she gazed in rapture at Summer. "'Mama,' I say, 'who do I give it to?' Mama, she just smile and say, 'When the time come, you'll know. Child, you won't be needin' nobody to tell you. When Erzulie come again, you'll see her, like I see her in you. No mistake, you'll know.'"

She cupped her hands around Summer's. "This is Erzulie's veve...her symbol. Erzulie is love, pretty lady. Her symbol, it say who you are, and it keep you safe so you can go on doin' what you do, makin' people happy. When I see you, I knew Mama was right. I knew it was you, pretty lady. Erzulie had finally come, as an angel of light."

Taking the necklace, Charlotte kissed Summer's hand, then she kissed the pendant again before setting it around her neck.

"But you don't even know Summer," said John.

Tears of joy were streaming down Summer's face, and Charlotte's deep brown eyes also shone glistening bright. Reaching out to touch Summer's cheek, the kindly lady held the moistened fingertip up to the sunlight. Her face aglow in adoration, she appeared to be worshipping the prisms of light dancing through Summer's tears. Pressing her fingertip to her chest, she formed the shape of a heart...then something else.

Finally turning back to John, her voice became strangely distant as she intoned, "Oh, I know her…yes I do, young man. Madame Charlotte been waitin' a thousand lifetimes for her."

Summer hugged herself against John, burying her face in his chest. As he rocked her in his arms, he pressed his mouth to the back of her neck and nuzzled her fiery auburn hair.

When they looked up again, Madame Charlotte was gone.

Stunned, John leapt from his spot on the low wall; his head on a swivel, he searched everywhere for her.

"She's gone, baby. You won't find her," Summer said, pulling him back down beside her.

"Summer, what just happened?"

"Shhhhhh. Just hold me."

Her beautiful face a glowing miracle, she smiled for him, and all he could do was take her back into his arms.

They hugged for a short while before Summer stood and took John by the hand. She led him over to the River Walk, where they held hands as they strolled along the banks of the Mississippi.

As John stared at her in wonder, she looked straight ahead, happy tears still sparkling in her faraway eyes. Finally he said, "Tell me something, Summer. Is it always this way with you?"

Asking it with a gentle smile, the warmth, love and admiration were clear in his tone.

She just swung their hands together like children at play and kept walking. After a long silence, she quietly said, "Thank you for bringing me here. No, it's not always this way with me. This place, this time we're spending together, this is very special to me. I needed to come here."

Eventually they ended up walking west, all the way to the Garden District.

After ooh'ing and aah'ing over Anne Rice's place and all the beautiful old homes with their hanging gardens, John mentioned that they had about earned their authentic Creole dinner. They decided on a loud and festive family restaurant where Summer tried her first étouffée, while John enjoyed a spicy meal of frog legs and boudin with a side of jambalaya.

When they finally returned to their hotel, they began their discussion about whether she would need to change her clothes before heading back out to go dancing that evening.

Summer's things were still laid out across the bed. Following the wild romp she and John had enjoyed in the shower, she'd thrown on some old jeans and her red tank top. John had given her choices his approval, and that's what she'd worn all during their wonderful day together.

With a night of dancing in the offing, however, John pondered his options, savoring the thought of each and every one.

After thoroughly studying her gorgeous collection of sexy clothes, he finally said, "Angel, one thing did cross my mind. When we go out with Christina tomorrow night, we should try to make her feel comfortable. It would probably be a good idea not to freak her out too much right away."

"I agree, but what are you getting at?"

"I'm saying that in deference to her insecurities, I'll probably need to choose something a bit more conservative for you to wear."

"A bit more conservative than what, hmmm?" she grinned.

"A bit more conservative than some of the things I plan on having you wear to go out dancing when we're not with her. How's that?"

"Okay, I follow you. That makes sense, and it's also very sweet of you. So what do you suggest?"

"Two things. One, after looking over my options here, this is the obvious choice for going out with Christina…."

When he held up her shimmering silver silk dress, Summer smiled to herself.

Following her initial talk with Jake about sexy clothes, Summer went shopping. Her mission was to find something similar to her backless red dress, only with the key improvements that would make it perfect. The first thing Jake had mentioned was a thinner, silkier, more sensuous material that would approximate the sensation of touching her skin. The other thing he described was a much looser, "drapier" cut that would allow the dress to flow like a teasing whisper over her wondrous curves. He wanted her body moving freely and very visibly beneath the shifting silk; he didn't want her confined by anything too tight, to where she would be unable to bounce and strut.

With those specific goals in mind, she'd gone looking for something along the lines of an open-back slip.

What she ended up finding exceeded even Jake's wildest expectations.

Like a classic nightgown, it was pure silver in a smooth, seductive silk. It only reached the tops of her thighs, with sexy triangulated cutouts exposing alluring teepees of naked hip on either side of the otherwise straight lower hem. Secured by two thin straps that came together to form a delicate tie behind her neck, it was every bit as revealing in the back as her red dress, allowing a hint of the split of her ass to show. From her hips it swept up her sides to form a high neckline, leaving her bare shoulders and the full swells of her large, firm breasts on display.

Although in a sense she was completely covered, it was the way the dress draped over her body that really turned her on. It wasn't tight at all; in fact, it was quite loose. From the moment she first modeled it for her deeply appreciative salesperson, she realized Jake was right. Floating so enticingly across her ass and especially her breasts, its very looseness made it incredibly sexy.

Wearing that silk sheath, she knew her ass was sure to turn heads. The lower portion constantly swished back and forth over her smooth round cheeks, vividly highlighting them while lovingly describing her rich divide. With her every movement each subtle tremor and sensual undulation of her supple, gorgeous bottom was tantalizingly revealed. The wispy silk made her lush curves seem virtually naked, and she was confident that any ass lover would find it a mouthwatering look.

It was in the front, though, where the relaxed draping really showed her off to the greatest advantage. The silk brushing across her breasts caressed her long nipples into achingly evident erection, more so than any other top she owned. The smooth material combined with the loose draping to make her unfettered breasts seem truly alive. When she wore high heels, each seductive step made her breasts visibly bounce and shudder, and with her perpetually excited nipples the overall effect was nearly illegal.

If it were possible, her breasts appeared even more naked than her ass.

Then there were her bare thighs dancing so spellbindingly beneath the flitting silk hem, every teasing stride of her long, perfectly sculpted legs promising unimaginable pleasures.

Even when sitting, the looseness of the dress would again come into play. If she applied any elevating angle at all to her crossed legs, the hem would slip away from her thighs like rippling water.

Similarly, any tug on her sides or bottom would compel the silk to slide right up, exposing her ass, her pussy...everything.

'Perfect for dancing,' she thought, grinning again to herself.

It was the sexiest 'real' dress she owned. She certainly hadn't packed it for the trip with the expectation of it being her safe, conservative choice.

"Sweetie, you've never seen me in that one. I'm telling you, baby, your plan may backfire. That's a really sexy dress."

John studied it again. "I imagine it is, but compared to some of these other things that I'm definitely going to have you wear, this dress is the most elegant one here. Summer, I don't mind you looking sexy for her. I wouldn't have it any other way. I just don't want to scare her by showing too much, too soon."

"Okay, sweetie, you'll see. You may be risking what I think she has planned for you, but it's your call. Like I said, my rule for this honeymoon is you're to dress me from head to toe. Now wasn't there something else you were going to say?"

"Yes, there was. Since I have to dress you relatively conservatively tomorrow night, that means tonight and Saturday night are show time! Tonight you will own Bourbon Street."

Summer grinned. "Okay, mister, so what are you thinking here? Earlier today I thought you were literally going to walk me naked right out of the room, with your cock still buried inside me. I didn't know where you were taking me or what you had in mind, but I wasn't putting it past you to do something like that."

"And you would have let me?"

"Yes, I would have let you. Baby, you were deep inside my pussy. Like I could ever say no to you about anything when you're giving me such a wonderful fucking. Sweetie, you know me better than that. I don't care where we are, I want you to fuck me. Besides, rules are rules, right? If naked is how you want me, then naked is how I'll be. That's the agreement, and I wasn't about to say no."

Grinning, he shook his head. Just thinking about all the sexy things they might have done had he continued on into the corridor with her was making his cock grow hard again.

Noticing his thickening bulge, she gave him a warm smile. "Baby, you're drifting. Come back to me."

Blinking, John cleared his head. "Huh? Oh, right. Okay, let's begin with the basics. Strip."

"Yes, Master!" she laughed.

Thoroughly amused by his uncharacteristic directness, she happily kicked off her shoes while unsnapping her tight jeans.

'Even if nothing else happens during this trip, damn, just watching her twist and wiggle her hips to get those jeans over her ass will be a memory I will always cherish,' thought John, realizing to his everlasting satisfaction that Summer constantly blew him away even when doing the simplest of things.

"God, I love you…" he grinned, openly ogling her as she worked at taking her pants off.

Having no doubts as to what he was thinking or why he'd said it, Summer giggled, then she writhed even more sexily for him, making them both laugh.

Once she had her pants off, she laid them over the arm of the chair. Bending the way she did, she offered John a delectable view of her shapely hips and curvaceous ass. Turning back to him, she slowly pulled her tank top up her stomach, past her breasts and over her head before adding it to her jeans atop the chair.

Her hands at her sides, she stood before him completely naked. "Okay, Mister Totally Adorable When You're Being Bossy," she grinned, "what would you like next?"

Sitting up perkily, her heavy breasts had just the slightest teardrop pout. Her tempting areolas were faintly bumpy around their darker pink edges, and her long, thick nipples stood at attention.

Complementing her stunning nudity, her beautiful little auburn pelt pointed the way to her flowering labia and subtly protruding clitoris.

Exquisitely sexy legs and slender arms; tanned, toned shoulders; a tapered stomach leading to classically flowing hips…Summer was sheer perfection, standing gloriously naked in a New Orleans hotel room.

"Summer, I think tonight I finally get to see you in that tiny skirt and amazing top I've been hearing about ever since you and Jake had your crazy first date together at that dance club on the beach."

With a mischievous sparkle in her eyes, Summer selected her scandalously short silk skirt from the various items laid out on the bed. Holding it up, she gave him a sweet smile. "I wore this with panties that night. Without panties? Well, you'll see."

Stepping into the asymmetrical skirt, she slowly slid it up her legs and over her hips. She rotated the scalloped wave opening to her left thigh before doing a full pirouette for him, making the skirt float on air. Taking a seat on the bed, she sexily crossed her legs back and forth. Finally, she stood again, turning away from him to dance in place while bent slightly at the waist.

Sans panties, she was showing him just how much of her ass and especially her pussy was exposed in that wicked little skirt.

John stood transfixed, subtly rubbing the steel bar in his pants.

"Hold that thought…" she said, looking over her shoulder to give him a salacious grin. She snatched up the fuchsia drape top and slithered into it; then, turning to face him while steadying herself with a hand on the bed, she leaned way down to slip her high heels on. Holding that pose, she made it easy for him to ogle her luscious tits.

Though her top was very much like her Santa's Helper piece, she knew it was even more open in the front. If she leaned forward just the slightest bit the drape would fall away from her chest, fully exposing her bare breasts.

"Sweetie, this is what I'll be showing people tonight," she grinned, once she'd demonstrated just how revealing her sexy outfit really was. "Watch…" she said, grabbing a bucket from the table and some change from her purse.

Smiling confidently, she walked out the door.

John's intense stare burned into her ass as she swung her hips down the hall, sashaying towards the little alcove that housed the ice maker and vending machines. Glancing to him out of the corner of her eye, she leaned over to fill the bucket with ice. Her legs were totally bare, all the way to the smooth curves describing the beginning of her ass. When she stood to flip back her long, straight hair, her drape slid off her right breast. Leaving it exposed, Summer fed the vending machine a few coins before pressing the button and leaning down again to collect her soda.

Even from four doors away, John could see her erect bare nipple in perfect profile.

When she leaned over to retrieve the bucket, her right shoulder strap slipped down to her elbow. With her top pooled at her hip her breast was revealed in all its glory, and she let it go. After dropping the soda into the bucket of ice, she turned and strutted back to John, each feline stride in her high heels making her amazing tits bounce and jiggle. Waiting until she was only two doors away, she rotated the wave opening of her skirt to the front, exposing her naked pussy.

As she slinked her way towards him, she smiled at the sight of John stroking himself through his pants. Slowing her approach so they could watch each other a little longer, she said, "This is how it's going to be tonight. This is exactly how I will look to everyone. With you and countless other people in the club seeing me like this, I'll be very turned on, and you need to be prepared for that. Baby, I'm going to want to fuck the entire time we're there."

Once she reached him, she playfully pushed him into their room. Following him inside, she said, "Watch my breasts, and watch me in the mirror. Tell me what you see." With the room's full-sized mirror positioned directly behind her, she went to her knees and pulled his pants open. Looking up, she grinned, "Feed me this gorgeous cock before it explodes."

Taking Summer's head in his hands, he slid his long shaft straight down her throat. No warm-up; he just fed it into her throat, until her bottom lip was pressing against his scrotum.

She pulled back only long enough to say, "Tell me what you see as I kneel before you and suck your cock. This is what I'll be doing tonight, baby, so this is what you'll be showing off."

Taking him back into her mouth, she hungrily sucked his dick as if her very life depended on it; while squeezing his balls, she slid her finger up his ass, making him jerk with a sudden yelp. That made her giggle, which made him yelp again. Squeezing his balls harder, she shot him a stern look from around his cock.

"Okay, I get it! Don't rip my nuts off!" he laughed.

Summer giggled again, and he said, "All I see are three things. I see your beautiful face concentrating on sucking my dick. Your amazing eyes are smiling, and they're a brilliant shade of aqua green. I never realized that about your eyes. They look green now, almost turquoise, yet they're often a deep blue, which was why Aaron chose sapphires for your necklace."

Pulling off for a moment, she looked up from her knees. "You're right, my eyes seem to change colors. Although sometimes they do look deep blue, I usually consider them to be green." Before she took him back into her mouth to continue wetly slurping up and down his shaft, she added, "Keep going. What else do you see?"

"Mmmm, fuck, I see…your perfect breasts. They're not covered, even after you pulled your strap back up. Your nipples are so fucking gorgeous. They're close to an inch long when they're erect like this, and the edges are ringed in goose bumps. Jesus…keep going, you're gonna make me cum…your breasts giggle when you giggle; they're golden brown and mouthwateringly smooth and firm. You really do have perfect tits, Summer…absolutely perfect. God, I can see every bit of them."

As she took his long shaft down her throat, she slowly stroked her finger in and out of his ass; no longer punishing him, she was committed to pleasuring him, and she could feel his balls rising.

"Mmmm, god, I love sucking your cock," she moaned, pulling up to swirl her tongue around his drooling tip. "Okay, you can see my naked breasts. What else?"

When she went back to sucking and fingering him, he said, "Your bare, incredible ass, Summer, I can see it in the mirror, moving in those awesome circles you always do. You have the faintest thong-shaped tan line above the crack, and your gorgeous little asshole is the same color as the rest of your ass. You don't even have a darker shadow there; it's just slightly pink. I can see the tiny opening; it opens and closes as you lean over more. Your pussy lips are spreading open too, and I can see inside. I can see your pink cunt."

She moaned around his cock. "Mmmmmm, yes, baby…a lot of people are going to see my pink cunt tonight."

With a loud groan John let loose four thick blasts of cum into her mouth, and her happy moans grew frantic; unwilling to let even a single drop escape, she began quickly swallowing. When he was finished, she licked her lips and smiled, "This is what everyone will see tonight, so stay with me. Showing me off this way, my pussy is going to be dripping wet, and I'm going to want to have sex. I'm telling you, a lot of people will try to fuck me."

Taking her hands, John pulled her to her feet. Searching her eyes, he came to a decision.

"Angel, will you promise to tell me the truth if I ask you something, even if you think it's not what I want to hear?"

Surprised by the sudden change in his mood, she affectionately squeezed his hand. "Of course I will. You know I would never lie to you."

"I'm not talking about lying. I'm talking about keeping something inside just to make me happy."

"John, I want to make you happy. That's all I ever want."

"Then I'm asking you to tell me the truth."

"Okay, I will. What do you want to know?"

"Summer, would you be disappointed if I told you that tonight I don't want to take you out dancing?"

Surprised even more, she nevertheless waited for him to continue.

After caressing her hand for a few moments, he reached up to touch her face. "I know I said I wanted to, but that was before everything that happened today. I don't want to expose you tonight to a bunch of horny, groping drunks. We can go out and show you off and get wild anytime, like in Mexico, or back home. We're going dancing tomorrow night too, with Christina. This little bit of time I have with you, I may never get it again. I don't want to waste it by getting drunk and sharing you with morons who don't deserve even a glimpse of you."

Smiling warmly, Summer gazed at him in wonder. "Baby, no, I won't be disappointed at all. I'd be happy to wear this and show off for you in some nightclub, but—"

"Summer, I never want you to show off for me. I only want you to do it if it's something you really enjoy, because it turns you on. Not"

"God, that's exactly what Jake says!" she laughed. "Okay then, let me rephrase it. John, I'd be happy to wear this outfit and go out dancing with you. It would turn me on like crazy, especially with no panties. Yes, just for myself, letting people see me this way turns me on. Absolutely. I love that feeling, though I would never wear something this sexy to a club, not unless I had someone with me. Still, even if I didn't love it, I would do it for you. Of course I would, if that's what you wanted."


"Exactly, baby. There's a 'but.' You asked me a question. The answer is yes, I'd love to go out with you dressed this way, but no, I'm not disappointed that you don't want to, and I won't be disappointed if that's not what we do tonight. What you said earlier was right. I would keep my feelings to myself, if I thought it would make you happy. That's true, and tonight is a perfect example."

"Meaning you don't really want to do this tonight but you'd do it anyway, just to make me happy."

"Yes, I would. If this is what you want, then I'll gladly do it. I'll have a blast, too, but it wouldn't be my first choice tonight."

"Summer, that's what I'm saying. It's not my first choice either, not tonight."

"Baby, that's fine. So, okay, what do you want to do?"

"Don't laugh, but I want to take you to that Haagen-Dazs, the one we passed on our way back to the hotel. I want to watch you eat ice cream and make a happy mess of your beautiful face while we walk together somewhere quiet, maybe down by the river, or we could go to Jackson Square and Café du Monde again. I don't know, exactly. What I do know is that I love you, and on such a perfect night all I really want is to see the moonlight shining in your sparkling eyes."

Once again, Summer stared at John in wonder. Her bottom lip quivering, her eyes filling with tears, she moved into his arms for a long, tender hug. Pressing her lips to his neck, she whispered, "Baby, that is the most beautiful thing you have ever said to me. Please, that's what I want too, then I want to take you to bed and make love with you the rest of the night."

"Summer, that's exactly what I mean. I don't want to get drunk and not be able to remember tonight. I want us to make love and just talk all night long, sober and aware. I want us both to be fully there, you know? I don't want to stumble back to our hotel and instantly crash. This time I want to go to bed with you and fall asleep in your warm embrace, like you're really my wife. When I wake up tomorrow morning, I want to feel your soft breath on my lips. More than anything, I want to watch you sleep in my arms, as my beautiful lover."

"Then that's what we'll do, and I promise I'm not just going along with it to make you happy. Ice cream and a quiet walk together sound much better to me tonight than going crazy in a dance club. The thing is, do you still want me to wear this?"

Grinning coyly as she pulled her top over her head, she knew what his answer would be. Taking his bemused smile as confirmation, she slowly slid the silk skirt down her hips before adding a sexy little shimmy to make her last bit of clothing fall to her feet.

"After seeing you in that outfit, god, I don't know if I can handle you wearing it in public, but I'll force myself to try! Maybe Saturday night, our last night here. That should be the night we go wild and let New Orleans really enjoy the prettiest girl in town."

"Fine by me. I wouldn't want you to get in trouble with the guys, you know. If they found out that you didn't take me out dancing at least once in a super sexy outfit, you'd never live it down. They might lose all respect for you, and even call you a fag…" she grinned, tickling him. "But what about tonight, Mister Romantic? Now we're back to taking me out completely naked!" she giggled.

Posing nude before him, she sassily set one hand on her hip, the other on her thigh.

"Hmmm, now there's an idea. Seriously, though, you know what I want you to wear? You're gonna crack up at this, but it's exactly what I want to see you in tonight. You'll be so adorable."

"What? Tell me!"

"Okay, for starters, just throw on your red tank top. It doesn't matter, and in a minute I'll show you why."

Summer slipped her tank top back on, and her nipples were bullets. When John couldn't help but ogle them, she glanced down to check them out.

"It's your fault," she said, flashing a sexy grin.

"Uh-huh. Sure it is. Admit it, Summer, you love your breasts almost as much as I do. Okay, next, put on your walking shorts and those comfy slippers."

Giving him a curious look, she nevertheless slid her tiny khaki shorts up her legs before slipping her casual flats over her pretty feet.

"That's it. You're ready," he grinned. "Come on, gorgeous, let's go see just how adorable you can be."

He took her by the hand and off they went, with Summer beaming like a happy child.

Upon leaving the hotel, they hadn't walked half a block when John suddenly pulled a laughing Summer into a cheesy little souvenir shop.

"What are we doing here?" she asked, giggling as he led her from one display to another.

"Laugh all you want, but this is serious business. We're on a mission to find you the biggest, warmest, woolliest, goofiest New Orleans sweatshirt you've ever seen, and that's what you're going to wear tonight," he chuckled, tugging her over to the sweatshirts display. "Oh yes, this is the one…" he grinned, holding up a purple hoodie with green and gold accents representing the traditional colors of Mardi Gras. 'The French Quarter' was emblazoned on the front, above a depiction of two laughing Mardi Gras clown masks.

"Here, try this on…" he said, handing it to her.

When Summer pulled it over her head, she laughed, "Baby, it's way too big!" Turning her back to him, she giggled gorgeously. "See? It goes past my bottom! I could use this as a sleeping bag!"

"Exactly!" he laughed.

He picked out a second, much smaller one for her, along with a couple of t-shirts and coffee mugs.

Summer started to pull off the oversized hoodie, until John said, "No, leave it on. That's what I want you to wear tonight as we walk around. You have no idea how cute you look."

Going to a display mirror, Summer couldn't help but giggle again when she saw herself. "I look like a little girl wearing one of her daddy's shirts."

"You look totally beautiful. You look like Summer," he grinned, coming up from behind to wrap his arms around her waist.

After having everything rung up at the register, he led her back out into the sultry evening air. With a crescent moon shining bright and the distant sounds of jazz wafting over the narrow avenues redolent of jasmine, it was a perfect night on the Bayou. Returning to their leisurely stroll down Dauphine Street, Summer skipped and danced at John's side, never letting go of his hand.

When they came to Jackson Square and the charming little park, Summer instantly took off, skipping her way across the grass.

"Summer, c'mere a second!" he called after her, and she happily skipped right on back to him.

"Part of your outfit for the evening…" he said, sitting Summer on the same wrought-iron bench where she had posed for the kindly old man's pictures. "Gimme those shoes, girl. I want to see you play barefoot in the park. If you're going to skip and dance through the grass, I want you to be able to feel it between your pretty little toes."

Quickly kicking away her shoes, Summer tore off racing across the grass before launching herself into a series of joyous cartwheels.

Almost immediately she was joined by a little girl who had been sitting on a bench with her father, the two of them laughing together as they watched Summer run and play in the grass. When Summer did a cartwheel only a few feet from their bench, the girl squealed in excitement while pulling away from her daddy.

The dad and Summer exchanged friendly smiles, then he laughed and said to his daughter, "Okay, Amy, but don't go too far! I'll be right here watching you!"

"Watch me!" the little girl shouted, tumbling off into her own series of adorably awkward cartwheels.

"Now you do one!" she exclaimed to Summer, who went right back to doing more cartwheels. She did a continuous circle of them before stopping in mid-cartwheel to perform a handstand; teetering, she held it...until the laughing little girl rushed over to push her in the butt, making her collapse in a heap.

Exclaiming in delight, the little girl then tried to do her own handstand, only to topple right into Summer's lap. Laughing together as they playfully tickled each other, Summer finally took her by the hand and brought her back to her father.

"Wait here, Amy! I'll be right back!" she grinned.

Dashing across the grass to a cotton candy vendor, she bought two rolls in pink and another two in blue; then, hurrying over to John, she handed him one of each. "Hold on to these. I'll be right back."

Skipping back to the man and his daughter, she knelt to Amy's height. Smiling brightly as she handed the little girl the other two rolls of cotton candy, she lolled her tongue out and fake-panted, "Cartwheels sure are serious work, huh? People who do cartwheels deserve some cotton candy!"

The giggling little girl gave one of the rolls to her father, then she paused before saying, "But daddy didn't do any cartwheels! How come he gets some?"

Beaming, Summer reached out to tickle her tummy. "Amy, it's super hard work for daddies, trying to keep up with their happy little girls! Don't you think he deserves some too, for being such a good daddy?"

"Awww, okay!" she giggled, happily hopping up into her father's arms.

"Bye, now! You be a good girl for daddy!" chirped Summer before dancing away to rejoin John on his bench.

John watched with Summer as the man and Amy got up and walked across the park. Amy was excited and full of glee, as only a little girl shoveling down enormous hunks of cotton candy with her daddy in a park can be.

"You're amazing, Summer. Look how happy you just made them. Oh, and hey, I never knew you could do cartwheels and handstands," John said, grinning in admiration.

"You never asked, or I woulda toldja!" she smiled, happily munching on her own cotton candy. She tore off a chunk and fed it into John's mouth, then she tore off another chunk and shoved it in his ear, and he retaliated by trying to shove some up her nose.

When they took a break from shoving food in each other's head, John said, "Show me that handstand again. How long can you hold it?"

Summer ran to the grass and went into another handstand. Bobbling, trying to maintain her balance, she hand-walked around in a small circle; upside down, she looked over at him and asked, "How long do you want me to hold it?"

"Until we go out dancing tomorrow night!" he laughed, rushing over to tackle her. As they wrestled around in the grass, he said, "See, I knew you'd look absolutely adorable in that sweatshirt. The way it totally covers your shorts, you couldn't possibly look any cuter."

Summer gave him a sly smile. "I bet I could. Go grab our bag."

While John was retrieving their things, Summer reached beneath her sweatshirt to unsnap her shorts. Quickly slipping them off, she hid them behind her back.

When John returned with their bag, Summer grinned, "Open it." Holding it open for her, he expected her to reach in and pull out a t-shirt, or maybe even the smaller sweatshirt. Instead, he watched as Summer gleefully held up her khaki shorts before dropping them into the bag.

His mouth agape, he simply stared at her.

"Betcha think I look cuter now!" she giggled. Sitting bare-bottomed on the grass with her arms folded around her raised knees, she shot him an incandescent smile.

"Okay, true, but I bet you won't do any more cartwheels!" he laughed.

"Oh, do I hear a dare?" she crowed, teasing him with a wide grin before leaning over to tickle him.

"No! Definitely no dares! You'd do it for sure then!" he said, tackling her again. Summer squealed, then went on the attack. Laughing and crying out, they began rolling around in a fierce wrestling match, until John eventually let her win.

There on the cool grass, they lay together; looking up at the buildings and the clear night sky, they listened to the relaxing sounds of carefree people strolling all around them.

"I really love this place," John said.

"I do too, and I really love you," she purred, kissing his hand.

Content to enjoy the stars while listening to the music and laughter of Jackson Square, they shared a few moments of quiet tranquility.

"An angel of light…" John finally whispered, with a distant smile.

Leaning up onto her elbow to face him, Summer's breath caught when she saw tears welling in his eyes.

"I love you so much," she whispered back, resting her head on his chest. When he put his arm around her shoulders to hold her close, she said, "I can hear your heartbeat."

"You can make my heart beat. Summer, this has been the best day of my life."

"Oh, John," she said softly, wetting his shirt with her own happy tears.

After quietly kissing and snuggling together for a few more minutes, John said, "Angel, unless we want to get you arrested, I suggest we get moving."

"Huh? Why would…oh!" she said, when John slid his hand up her thigh...over her bare ass...onto her exposed naked hip. "Oops! I guess it rode up a little there, didn't it?" she giggled, tugging her sweatshirt down.

Once they left the grassy area of the park, John made a reluctant Summer slip her shoes back on. Together they walked the quiet side streets of the French Quarter, and it didn't take long before they found the Haagen-Dazs he'd mentioned.

"If I get it all over my face, you have to lick it up!" she laughed when John changed her order from a neat little bowl to a messy triple-scoop cone. While the girl behind the counter got their order ready, John swiped one of the miniature spoons used for giving samples. Slyly slipping the tiny spoon beneath Summer's sweatshirt, he tickled her bottom with it.

Giggling, Summer did a quick check of the store and the immediate surroundings. Seeing that the coast was clear, she leaned against the glass display counter and tugged her sweatshirt up over her hips, baring herself below the waist. While attempting to engage the girl behind the counter in idle conversation, she teasingly pooched out her naked bottom at John, who just kept running the plastic spoon back and forth through her smooth slit.

Though she tried to keep her giggling to a discreet minimum, Summer knew she was failing miserably, which made her giggle even more.

As John was paying for their order, Summer pulled her sweatshirt down, only to have the smiling counter girl motion for her to take a look back over her shoulder. With a knowing smirk the young girl said, "Check it out…."

Turning to see her full-body reflection in the store's window, Summer blushed a thousand shades of scarlet.

"Don't be too embarrassed. You have a really pretty butt," the girl grinned shyly.

"Oh my god," giggled Summer.

She and John were both laughing as she physically dragged him out of there; once they were outside, she took off and ran down the street, all the way back to the park.

When John caught up to her, they laughed like teenagers who'd gotten busted trying to sneak into the movies. Holding hands again, they made their way down to the River Walk.

"Messy, messy!" Summer said, smiling like a goon. They were strolling along the lighted path overlooking the river, and fully half her face was covered in chocolate ice cream. It was all over her lips, it was dripping off her chin, and there was even a little dollop of rainbow sprinkles on her nose.

Offering him a lick, she brought her cone to his face; hesitating, he pulled back.

"Now you be good," he said, smiling accusingly.

Feigning a look of righteous indignation, she giggled, "Moi? Oh, okay, I'll be good."

Again offering him a taste, she leaned in to join him in licking her cone. First their tongues met, then their lips, until they were making a sticky, sloppy mess of each other with their passionate kissing.

When they eventually pulled back from their kiss, Summer beamed at the sight of his messy face. "I love you like that, looking all silly and adorable. Now if only I could just cum ice cream, you'd always look that way!"

They licked each other's face before using a couple of napkins to get the rest, leaving a sticky residue that had them both laughing.

After walking together a little further, he pulled her down onto his lap on a bench overlooking the river. Surrounding her with his arms as they watched the boats go by, he affectionately stroked her thighs all the way up to the bottom of her sweater, and Summer hummed a happy tune.

"I really love my Mardi Gras top, baby. Thank you for getting it for me," she said, leaning back to kiss him on the cheek.

"I knew I'd love you in it," he smiled, caressing her legs with his fingertips.

"Mmmm, as big and hard as your cock is right now, I was kind of hoping that pretty soon here you would love me in it. In fact, how about you love me in it right here on this bench?" she grinned, nipping at his ear.

"Sounds like a good idea, I must say," he said, playfully biting her nose.

Turning to face him, she straddled his lap and slid his hands onto her bare bottom, making her sweater lift just enough to expose her gorgeous thighs and ass. After pulling out his granite shaft, she raised her hips until her slit was poised above the tip. As he positioned himself at her moist entrance, she leaned in to kiss him, hooking her arms around his head. When their tongues met, she lowered her hips, sheathing him in her drenched pussy. Letting loose a breathy moan, she sucked his tongue while clenching her silky walls on the hard flesh driving deep inside her; riding up and down his long, thick cock, hotly fucking him along the banks of the Mississippi, her face glowed with sheer ecstasy beneath a brilliant Cajun moon.

John was thoroughly overwhelmed by her impossible beauty, and finally he whispered, "An angel of light, here in my arms. Summer, who are you? What are you?"

Staring into his eyes, Summer spoke in a voice unfamiliar; deeply haunting, it sounded distant, even eerie, like something from a dream. It was the voice of an angel that said, "Shhhhh. As we walk back to the hotel, I want your beautiful cum dripping from my pussy and all down my thighs. We'll walk forever, taking our time, holding and loving each other. I want to feel you with every step, and when we finally go through the lobby I want to see it in the mirrors, shining on my legs. I want you to take me to our room, where you will strip me naked, then you'll carry me to our bed and gently lay me down. I will hold out my arms and spread my legs; I will give myself to you, and you will know that I love you. When the morning light comes, you will know who I am, and you will know what I am...."

~to be continued~

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