Summer is Hot in Cozumel: The Finale

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The passion of Summer ignites.

Frightened, bewildered, nearly in shock, Summer stood shaking. Aaron went to her and held her, whispering, "Shhh, everything's fine, sweetie. Don't worry. It's nothing bad."

"Nothing bad?! He just walked out on us! I've never seen him this angry! How can you say it's nothing bad?"

Aaron looked at Dave and John, who both nodded again.

Pulling away, she leaned back against the counter, her arms crossed below her chest. Waiting, she stared impatiently at them. "Okay, talk."

Aaron took a deep breath. "Summer, you need to know that your husband saved our lives. I'm not exaggerating, either. All three of us literally owe Jake our very lives, so believe us when we say we will never hurt him."

Stunned, Summer could only blink in astonishment.

John said, "Look, he doesn't like to talk about it. Long story short, there was some asshole drunk driver, and a crash. Our car was on fire. Jake was badly hurt, but conscious. The rest of us were knocked out. Summer, he didn't bail on us, not even when it might have meant giving up his own life. One by one, he dragged us out of that burning car. We woke to paramedics treating us down in a ditch. Firemen were hosing down the remains of the car, which exploded right after Jake pulled me out. On top of everything else, he suffered a broken back and the loss of a huge hunk of flesh when a heavy piece of the exploding car nailed him. Girl, that crazy husband of yours threw himself over my body to shield me. Instead of trying to save his own skin, he intentionally took the hit."

Summer whispered, "That jagged scar on his back...he said he got it from slipping on some rocks at the beach when he was a kid."

Dave said, "Summer, now do you understand? We truly are happy for you and Jake, and we're happy too. Even though we can't have you all to ourselves, we really aren't suffering. Yes, I'm deeply in love with you, but I will never try to steal you from Jake. I'll kill anyone who ever tries to hurt either one of you."

"It's true," said John. "We will never try to steal you from him. Our lives are a miracle, and you're our love...a blessing from above. I am nothing but grateful that you're now a part of us."

Aaron took Summer by the hand. "If Jake loved you and you weren't Summer, we would still support him. We'd do whatever we could to help, and we wouldn't try to steal you. We will always be there for him, no matter what.

"That's not what happened, though, is it? Wasn't it enough that Jake was already my best friend? I'm talking even before the crash. Wasn't it more than enough that he was our guardian angel, saving all of us? Now he's given us his most precious angel of love."

Summer collapsed sobbing to the floor. She lay in a fetal position, hugging her knees as she cried. Aaron knelt to lift her into his lap, and she curled tightly against him. Cradling her in his arms, he carried her to the living room couch and gently laid her down.

Lying back, she closed her eyes and whispered, "It's really true. I've made love with all of you. I've given you everything I have, and you've overwhelmed me with your love, yet never when we were alone did any of you have a single bad word to say about each other or Jake. Not once did any of you give me even the slightest feeling that you were thinking, 'If only you weren't with Jake.' You never tried to undermine him, or each other. That would've ruined everything for me, and none of you did it."

Opening her eyes, she looked up at them. "Yes, John, I did come up with an answer to the question I was wrestling with. I found it on my wedding night. When Jake invited you to come down for our honeymoon and help us christen this beautiful home, and you were all still so happy for us, I knew it was real. I had no more doubts. That was it, and I had to make a choice. I didn't know why you guys are the way you are, but I could either believe it, rejoice in it, take the chance on following my heart and being deliriously happy, or I could play it safe. I could close myself off to you and try to protect against getting really hurt. I chose to follow my heart, and yesterday Jake even made me promise always to do so, as a condition of his own happiness."

Dave said, "I guarantee you that he meant it, too. Oh, and like Aaron said, don't worry about Jake. He's fine. He's all pissed off or whatever right now, but it'll take him about two seconds to get over it. You just listen to what he tells you, Summer, because he really does mean it."

Grinning, she said, "Nobody has to convince me anymore. I believe him. I just hope he doesn't stay angry at you guys, although I'm pretty sure I'll be able to shmooze him back to normal. He's easy. He's a sucker for my sweet-talk."

"Ya think?" laughed John.

She looked up at him with a warm smile. "So, John, that was it. When you guys were happy to come here and be with us, that was what really did it for me. That's when I handed you the keys to my missile shield, and I've been defenseless ever since."

Spreading her legs, she slid one hand inside her panties, the other beneath her tank top. Moaning softly as she caressed her pussy while cupping her breast, she said in a smoky hot whisper, "Now all I want is to get attacked, over and over and over. I want to be completely annihilated."

Her sexy display made Dave smile. "Summer, what about those two-front wars you mentioned earlier? Are you saying you're hoping for those too now?"

"My dear David, are you threatening me with an attack? Who knew you were such a warmonger?" she teased, batting her eyes.

"Nope, sweetie, on that score nothing has changed for me," Dave said.

John laughed, "Dude, please tell me you didn't hit her with your cheesy line about hating sausage fests! 'Girl, my cock is the only one I want to see in my fantasies.' You didn't drop that Barry White bullshit on Summer, did you? No way! Not Summer!"

Aaron laughed too. "You didn't. You couldn't. Not to Summer."

Feigning offense, Dave said, "Man, screw you guys! Yeah, I said that to her, and I meant it! I prefer being alone with a beautiful woman. Is there something wrong with that? What are you guys, a bunch of Druids? All I wanna see is Summer. I don't need to see some guy's O-face and another guy's hairy ass. Excuse me for not being a fag, you sick fucks."

Summer howled with laughter, then she said to him, "Sweetie, you're fine just the way you are. If you don't want to share your toys, that's perfectly okay."

"But what about you?" he asked.

Pausing for a couple of beats, her sunny grin melted into a serene smile. "I'm no longer scared like I was before."

"Back when you were still afraid of being judged," Aaron said.

Summer nodded. "Whenever you guys wanted, I would've let you all take me together. I almost started it that one day."

"You're talking about that time you suddenly jumped up from Dave's lap and ran into the kitchen, when all you had on were your tiny g-string bottoms," John said.

"Uh-huh. I was still afraid to let myself go. I couldn't make the first move because I didn't want to risk losing any of you, and I don't fear that anymore. I'm not specifically asking for it now, but let's put it this way: I definitely won't say no, and I may even initiate it. If it happens, I'm sure I'll love it, the same as I love everything else we do. The main thing was I didn't want to let any of you down. Also, yes, I needed to know that if we did it, no one would treat me coldly once we were done. I couldn't take it if you made me feel like I was just some worthless party favor to you."

"Uhh, no. Definitely not," said John.

"Now why would we do that? We love beautiful, sexy sluts!" laughed Aaron.

Summer guffawed, and he ducked when she tried to kick him. Laughing together, they ended up wrestling on the floor, kicking and tickling each other.

Chuckling as he headed for the front door, Dave said, "Okay, while it's quite fascinating and all to hear how Aaron loves sluts, I'm gonna go find Jake."

~ ~ ~

"Hey now, what's all this I'm hearing about sluts and party favors, and why wasn't I invited?" I grinned, walking back into the house with Dave. Having found me sitting on the beach, he'd filled me in on everything. Try as I might, I couldn't stay mad at them for wanting to include Summer, and we both knew it.

Summer let out a squeal of delight the second we came through the door. Disentangling herself from Aaron, she jumped up onto the couch and immediately moved into attack position: poised on her hands and knees, stealthily eyeing us over the back of the sofa...readying to pounce.

Calling after her from down on the floor, Aaron laughed, "Yeah, that's right, you better run! You knew I was about to pin you for the count, you little slut!"

Pulling her panties to her knees, Summer taunted him by wagging her bare ass right in his smiling face. She let him eat her pussy and fondle her gorgeous bottom for a few sexy moments, then she stuck her tongue out at him while scrambling over the back of the couch. Hopping down behind it with a cute giggle, she started to run towards me, but her panties around her knees made her stumble. When a laughing Aaron threw a pillow at her, she just peeled off her panties and fired them at him.

Grinning, she came shrieking towards me before leaping into my welcoming arms.

"When most people come home, they just get their dog greeting them at the door, barking and wagging its tail. This jerk gets a naked centerfold squealing in delight, leaping into his arms," Dave said.

John smirked, "I sure never had a dog like that."

Wagging her gloriously naked tail as wildly as she could, Summer made an adorable "Rrrrruff! Rrrrruff!" barking sound. Giggling, she dropped to the floor. On her hands and knees she started panting with her tongue lolling out, excitedly snuffling around my shins, all the while continuing to wag her beautiful bare bottom in the direction of a thoroughly amused Dave and John.

She turned to Aaron and grinned, "You want slutty? This is slutty!" Laughing, she wagged her tail even more provocatively, her ass raised high in the air.

Patting her on the head, I said, "That's a goooood girrrl!" When I reached down to pick her up, she eagerly jumped into my arms again, happily licking my face as I carried her back to the couch. I sat us down, and she curled into a little ball in my lap while continuing to wag her tail in Aaron's face.

"Dude, I think your dog is in heat," he said, kissing her dancing sex.

Nodding excitedly, Summer giggled, then she gave us an adorable whimper when he pressed his tongue past her wet lips and deep into her pussy.

"These friendly Irish breeds, they seem to be in heat all the time," I said. "Think maybe I should I get her fixed?"

Summer growled menacingly.

"Uh-oh, better watch it! She's a smart one, and I don't think she liked that!" laughed Dave.

While grinding her pussy on Aaron's face, Summer broke character to look down and giggle, "Hey! What kind of freak sticks his nose up a dog's ass? Only other dogs are supposed to do that!"

We all cracked up, and John crowed, "Well, Aaron? What have you got to say for yourself?"

"Woof?" he deadpanned.

"That's better," Summer said, happily wagging her tail again.

When Aaron resumed eating her ass and pussy, a moaning Summer slid her lower body off the couch; kneeling, she spread her legs, fully offering herself to him. She leaned into me, slipping her upper body between my legs before looking back at Aaron. "Since you're German, you must be a military dog. So, okay, here's a command for you: As you were, soldier!"

We all whooped with laughter, especially when Aaron responded with a crisp salute before rolling onto his back between her legs. Reaching up with both hands, he cupped her ass and brought her pussy down to his mouth.

Summer moaned, and as her eyes fluttered I stroked her face. "They told you everything, didn't they?" I asked.

She nodded with a little smile.

"Summer, I'm sorry I lied to you about the scar. I promise, I'll never lie to you again."

"Why did you want to keep it a secret from me?"

"He wants to keep it a secret from everyone," John said, coming over to take a seat on the arm of the couch.

Standing at the kitchen counter, Dave added, "That's true. His mom is the only person he ever told, and even then he sorta bullshitted her. He left out most of it. You're the only one who knows the real story."

I looked up and said, "I owe you guys an apology. I should have understood that you had to tell Summer."

From the general vicinity of Summer's ass came a mush-mouthed, muffled sounding, "Duh!"

Summer reached down to swat Aaron. Wiggling her ass on his face, she giggled, "Didn't anyone ever tell you that it's not polite to talk with your mouth full?"

"Sorry!" came his muffled response, and Summer just laughed, dropping her head to my stomach. As Aaron ate her pussy, she moved her hips in languid circles while nuzzling her face against me.

"Do you at least understand now?" I asked, caressing her cheek. "I mean about why I trust them, and why we all trust each other?"

"Baby, I do, though not for the reason you might think," she said, moaning over the wet sounds Aaron was making between her legs.

"What do you mean?" I asked, lifting her chin to look at me.

"Jake, the friendship you four share is not only about what happened on that one day. Yes, you have an extra bond because of the crash, but if that had never happened do you really think they would screw you over and try to steal me? No, baby, I'm telling you, they wouldn't."

"I would! You taste too damn good!" came the muffled response from below.

We all cracked up, then John said to Summer, "The man does have a point."

Summer reluctantly giggled before saying, "That's bull. David, would you steal John's girlfriend? He never saved your life or anything, right, so does that mean his girlfriend or wife is fair game, and John can just go fuck himself?"

Dave came over and pulled up a chair alongside John and Summer. After pausing to think about it for a few moments, he grinned, "Well, yeah. John's a douche."

There was an explosion of muffled laughter from the area of Summer's pussy. Out popped a hand, and Dave leaned down to low-five it. As we all laughed, Dave slapped John on the back before heading towards the bathroom, telling us, "I'm going to grab a shower."

The bathroom door closed, then we heard the shower start.

I said, "Summer, I get what you're saying, and yeah, you're right. We never would've screwed each other over, regardless. I've been telling these guys for years that they make way too big of a deal about it."

"Still, because of what happened that day, things did change," Summer said.

"Probably not to the extent that the crash would ever be the only reason we will never try to steal you, no, but because of what he did that day, yes, there is definitely something more between us," Aaron said, having slid out from beneath Summer to rest his face on her ass while hugging her from behind.

Summer brought her knees together, raising her bottom, then she arched her back to spread herself open for him. She moaned when he kissed all through her golden crevice; when his tongue penetrated her ass, she hissed into my stomach.

"Summer, they've always tried to make it such a huge thing. That's why I hate talking about it," I said, caressing her flushed, unfocused face.

"But why did you want to keep it a secret from me? That's the part I just don't get," she said before moaning, "Mmmmmm, Aaron, that feels so good...yes, do it, baby...go nice and deep...."

"It's that stupid 'strong, silent type' John Wayne thing of his. I'm just glad you know everything now. Deep down, Jake is glad too, so go ahead and ignore him," John said, reaching to join me in caressing her face.

She pulled him close for a long, wet kiss, moaning into his mouth as Aaron hungrily ate her ass and finger-fucked her pussy. While making out with John she began rubbing my cock, and I laughed, "A John Wayne thing? Jesus...whatever. Anyway, is everyone happy now? Can we just move on and forget about it, once and for all? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you people? Here we are, on an amazing beach in Cozumel, we've got the most beautiful girl in the world with us, she's half naked, and all you idiots want to do is dredge up boring old war stories. No wonder our baseball team sucked. You guys are a buncha fags!"

Aaron started sliding Summer's top up her back. "Half naked, my ass," he smirked.

Raising her arms above her head to make it easy for him, she giggled to me, "Honey, I'm no expert, but I don't think they're fags."

Once he had her top off, he tossed it aside, leaving her completely naked.

"See? I think he likes girls," she grinned.

"Well, okay, maybe Aaron's not a fag," I said, taking Summer's breasts in my hands, and her eyes became narrow slits as she stroked me through my shorts.

John laughed, "Better watch out! I think doggie wants a bone!"

Nodding happily, she lolled her tongue out again, loudly panting. Like an expectant puppy hoping for a treat, she wiggled her ass at Aaron before dropping her head into my lap. Making whimpering doggie sounds, she eagerly mouthed my cock through my shorts as Aaron went back to eating her pussy.

When John got up to leave, he reached down to squeeze her breast. Still making cute doggie sounds, she playfully licked his hand while reaching out to rub his bulge. Grinning goofily as she ground her pussy on Aaron's tongue, she stroked our cocks, exaggeratedly panting all the while. Laughing over her silly antics, John headed for the patio door, saying, "I'm gonna go for a swim."

Once John was gone, Summer quickly turned back to Aaron and took his face in her hands. "Since you guys can't seem to take even the most unsubtle hints, allow me to be blunt. Fuck me, Aaron. I don't mean your mouth and fingers, either. No more teasing me. I need your long, thick, gorgeous cock deep inside my pussy. I want you to fuck me while I suck my husband's dick. I want you both to fuck me, right here, right now. Is that clear enough for you?"

She kissed him, biting him with a playful growl. Giving her head a small shake, she tugged on his lip before releasing it, showing him the fire in her eyes.

As quickly as she'd spun towards him, she turned back to me. Using both hands, she opened my shorts, pulled out my cock and fed it into her mouth. Reaching back, she spread her ass for him. When she moaned the deepest of satisfactions around my shaft, I knew Aaron had slid inside.

Summer bobbed up and down my pulsing length, pulling off only long enough to say, "You're soon going to be fucking your sexy wife too, so you can't cum yet." Returning her mouth to my erection, she took it all the way down her throat, moaning as she enjoyed her fill of hard cock at both ends.

Aaron said, "I still can't believe how she does that. She's amazing, the way she so easily takes it into her throat."

Summer giggled, which was the first time I had ever felt a throat giggle around my dick, and I laughed, "That feels awesome! Summer, I couldn't possibly love you any more than I do right now!"

With her mouth full of cock, her eyes smiled brightly. She began to move back and forth, her body tensing as Aaron rocked into her while laughing, "You're already cumming! I love fucking you, Summer! God, I love it!"

"Mmmmmm-hmmmmmmm," she moaned, clearly thrilled to be taking us both at the same time. Thoroughly gorging herself on cock, damn, she was so incredibly sexy.

Once she was finished cumming, she pulled off. "Lie down," she grinned, positioning me on my back. She straddled me, moaning hotly as her pussy enveloped my shaft. Crying out, she took it all the way inside her silky wet sex; then, starting a slow grind, she leaned over and began sucking Aaron's dick before pulling her mouth away to say, "You can't cum yet...."

"Aye aye, Cap'n!" he smiled, saluting her again, which made her giggle around his cock.

Laughing, he quickly pulled out. "Damn it, girl! Stop that! You can't do that!"

"Do what?" she asked, smiling sweetly as she continued to slide up and down my shimmering pole; fucking me as she sucked his dick, her pussy's moist sluicing sounds were a glorious symphony of rapturous lust.

"You know exactly what! That giggling thing, when I'm in your throat! It's fucking amazing! I almost came!"

"Sorry. How about if I do this instead?" Taking him back into her mouth, she used her hands on his ass to ram him home. "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" she growled playfully.

"Aaaaaaaahggggh!" he groaned. Pulling back out again, he was laughing like a madman. "Damn it, Summer, stop that!! You told me not to cum!"

Beaming with joy, Summer was absolutely flying on her sexual high.

Rubbing his cock all over her face before popping it back inside with another playful growl, she sucked him like she was starving. When she finally came up for air, she panted, "I didn't say you can't cum, I said you can't cum yet. I definitely want you to cum...deep inside my ass. Fuck me now, Aaron. Fuck my ass while my husband fucks my pussy...."

She tugged at his hip, guiding him into position, then she slid my body diagonally off the end of the couch, enabling Aaron to remain standing at the right height behind her. She leaned down and kissed me...and kissed me...and kissed me. For five unrelenting minutes she kissed me while impaling herself on my erection; when Aaron finally managed to wedge his cock up her ass, she screamed through our kiss, never releasing her mouth's purchase.

Aaron and I quickly managed to work out a decent rhythm together, and Summer began cumming nonstop, continually flooding my balls for the next few minutes. It was an incredible cum for Summer; with tears rolling down her cheeks, she cried out, "You're both inside me! Yes! Ooooooh...fuck your wife...fuck your wife...."

Kissing her wild eyes, I whispered, "We love you, angel."

"You can't stop! I want all your cocks inside me, fucking me forever!" she shouted. Taking my face in her hands, she gave me the most intense look I've ever seen; it was part lust, part shock and awe...and all Summer. "Never stop loving me...never stop fucking me...never stop...." It began as a soft cry, then she was saying it over and over, until it became a continuous breathy chant.

"Summer, we will all love you...and fuck you forever," I moaned deliriously into her mouth.

"Anything you ever want," Aaron panted, hammering her tightest hole, "but you can never stop cumming like this! No one cums like you, Summer! It just keeps pouring and pouring!"

Letting loose a gorgeous scream, Summer tugged Aaron around to her side. While I kept pounding her pussy, she frantically sucked him all the way down, moaning on his cock. Out of her mind with lust, she used both hands to pump him into her mouth. "Mmmmmphhh! Mmmmmphh!" she moaned around his shaft, then she pulled off and cried, "YES! FUCK ME!"

When he slapped her upturned bottom she shoved him behind her again, moaning, "Put it back inside me! I need you both inside me!" Driving wildly into her ass, he missed, accidentally jamming himself in her pussy. Letting out a primal wail when she felt two cocks drilling her clenching cunt, Summer erupted in a massive gush of clear, shooting liquid. "Oh god...oh god...yes...both of you in my pussy...oh god...oh god..." she panted in a rolling chant, until finally Aaron pulled out and slid back into her ass.

We were thoroughly jackhammering her; she was screaming and wailing, completely out of control. With her head whipping from side to side her long, shining hair was a wild blur of golden auburn sexual frenzy, and still she just kept cumming and cumming, drenching me in her ecstasy.

"Holy..." John said from the patio, where he stood simply staring.

Summer sat up and extended her arms to him. "Love me, me..." she said, calling to him through sweet tears.

John wasted no time in shucking his shorts and rushing to her side, where he leaned down to kiss her. She was moaning in a sexy rhythm; her shining face, taut ass and naked shuddering breasts registering the jolts from each of our thrusts. Hotly staring into his eyes, she twisted her amazing body to hug him. "Love me," she said again, and she wore an expression of utter bliss when he simply nodded while feeding his cock into her mouth.

"Oh shit, I can't hold it," Aaron groaned, watching in astonishment as Summer added John's enormous erection to ours in her insatiable body.

Trying to make Aaron cum, Summer responded to his desperate groans by wantonly moving her ass up and down his cock, finishing off every stroke with a wicked little grind at the bottom. With each thrust, she moaned on John's dick, "Mmmmmph! Mmmmmph! Mmmmmph!" Pulling off, she shouted between panted breaths, "Yes! All of you inside me...every minute...every day...filling me with cum!"

When she went back down on John, I grasped her breasts and held on as Aaron and I exploded together inside her. Releasing the cock from her mouth, she screamed while clawing and punching at my chest and John's stomach. For what seemed an eternity she screamed, clawed, and wildly flailed like a woman possessed. She just kept clutching and clawing, clutching and clawing, until finally her shattering orgasm had finished crashing through her. Flashing feral, ferocious eyes, she gave us a never-ending moan when she took John back into her mouth, frantically jacking him with both hands.

As Aaron and I rode out Summer's incredible orgasm, she reached back to Aaron's hip, holding him inside her. She wouldn't let any of us pull out; she wanted to remain filled with the sheer bliss of her lovers' pulsing cocks.

I don't know how Aaron's was doing, but mine had lost only a little firmness. It was still long and thick, and only a little less than fully hard. I kept pumping, and Summer went back to thrashing and clawing at John, pulling him by his hips and ass into her mouth.

John was bucking, then his breath started coming in shorter gasps, and Summer began to make a rising shrieking sound - it wasn't even human. Her throat was working John's cock, swallowing, swallowing, taking her third load of cum into her body, and I felt a hot flood spreading over my balls.

Tears were streaming down Summer's beautiful face, and that's when I noticed she wasn't only cumming, she was peeing.

Completely losing control, she pulled her mouth from John's cock and screamed, "FUUUUUUCK!!"

"Dude!! She's peeing! She's peeing as she's cumming! She's peeing!" shouted John.

Summer's ass was flexing, her stomach trembling, but what amazed me the most was the way her thighs were literally vibrating. When her body gave in, she flung herself down on top of me; then she just let it all go, covering me in her warm release.

She had allowed herself to disengage from Aaron's cock, but not mine, and both he and John looked on in sheer awe as Summer hotly moaned through the long, crushing moments of her total surrender.

Then, finally, she was done.

"Love me..." she whispered over and over, her tears freely flowing, her thoroughly drenched pussy softly quivering around my shaft.

Pulling up his shorts, Aaron went to get a warm wash cloth. Upon his return he went straight to Summer, who slowly lifted her face from my chest.

There was a stunned silence.

Summer's face, neck, chest and hands were covered in blood. She had bloody rivulets running down her nose and chin, and speckles of blood shone on her forehead and cheeks.

When we all simultaneously turned to John, Aaron said, "Oh...fuck."

John looked like he'd been in a knife fight. His hips, stomach and pelvis were ripped to shreds, scored with random scarlet streaks. He turned to check his ass, which was also a bloody mess.

Summer whispered, "I'm so sorry. I couldn't help it. I was—"

"Sssshhhhh. You were beautiful, baby...the most beautiful ever," I said, touching her hair.

John took her hand and kissed it. "No apologies necessary, angel. That was amazing."

Pulling his shorts on, he nodded to me, gesturing to my body. Following his glance, Summer gasped. Aaron's mouth opened, and even began to move, yet no sound came out.

My chest and stomach were completely Ginsu'd.

Summer lowered the side of her face into the blood; she nuzzled her cheek against me, purring as she moved it in slow circles. Coming to rest on my chest, she reached out to touch the only part of Aaron she could reach, which was his knee. "Smart boy, staying behind me like that..." she breathed, her luminous face glowing with a divine smile.

Looking up at John, she softly giggled, "Before we do this again, you guys may want to have me declawed."

"Never in a million years, angel. When we go on our honeymoon, though, should I make sure to have the front desk set us up with some plastic sheets?" he teased, giving her a gentle smile.

Summer moaned, "I can't believe I did that. I've never peed myself before. At first I thought I was just cumming again; you know, squirting and gushing. Jake and Aaron were both still inside me, driving me crazy, and my god, John, you must have shot a gallon of cum in my mouth! I just lost it then. I lost control."

"That's what I thought it was, too," I said. "I just thought you were having another one of your huge, gushing orgasms. Then I noticed it wasn't coming in gushes; it was pouring out fast and steady. I couldn't believe it. Summer, that was incredible. You are incredible."

Finally managing to regain his voice, Aaron spoke with deep reverence. "That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen. The way you totally gushed cum, then just completely let yourself go, Summer, you are a goddess."

Summer sat up, looking surprised. "Wait...are you guys saying you enjoyed that? You want me to go Jack the Ripper while peeing on you?"

John smirked, "I think you guys may have truly fucked her brains out. She's still not all the way back on earth with us."

"What's with this 'you guys' stuff?" she grinned. "Sweetie, you didn't get all those kitty skritches merely from being an innocent bystander. You were fucking my brains out too, you know. But wait, I'm serious. You guys really liked the way I totally lost control?"

"Summer, hold still..." Aaron said, reaching for her bloody face with the wash cloth.

She held up her hand, stopping him. "No...leave it. I want it on me." Gently running her hands over John's waist and my chest, she gathered more of our blood, which she smoothed all over her face and body. When she was finished, she beamed with pride. "I only wish I was also covered in your cum," she said, turning to us one by one.

Aaron smiled, "Summer, just like you said about us, you also don't seem to take unsubtle hints very well. So, allow me now to be blunt. Yes, watching and feeling you lose control the way you did, gushing on us, screaming, flailing wildly, even completely losing it and peeing - with all our cocks inside you - that was the most intensely erotic experience I've ever had. Yes, I really liked the way you lost control. In fact, I loved it. If I were Dave, I would even say I could worship it."

John added, "Summer, what you just did here, that was perfection. You wanted to make love to us, and that's exactly what you did. You surrendered your body to us. The way you held nothing back, how could we not love it? You showed us all what it really means to make love."

Toweling his hair, Dave finally came strolling back into the living room. When he saw all the crazy carnage, he stopped short. "Whoa! What in the hell happened here? I leave you kids alone for just a few minutes and the place turns into a Hieronymus Bosch painting!"

Grinning shyly, Summer looked up at him. "I had a bit of a missile defense system collapse. I kinda got invaded, a lot, and my central command centers all sorta went kaflooey!"

Dave could see the blood easily enough, but it wasn't until Summer's coquettishly blinking eyes directed his gaze to her pooling pee that he broke into a knowing grin. "I guess they sorta did go kaflooey, didn't they?"

"I think you would have been proud of me," she said, smiling softly.

"I'm sure of it," he answered, kneeling before her. They stared into each other's eyes, searching: he, seeking any signs of guilt or shame; she, looking for any trace of disappointment or rebuke.

Happily, they found only pride, understanding and love.

"Angel, you must have been beautiful beyond compare," he said, with a look of pure adoration.

Slowly studying us one by one, it felt as if Summer was laying bare our very souls before she finally whispered, "Being in love like this...the amazing sex...this incredible ride we're all on...where does it ever end?"

Lowering her head again, she pressed her face against my chest to collect more blood, then she kissed me, sharing the metallic tang. Pulling back from her kiss, she waited.

"Baby, I think you already know the answer," I grinned.

With her face a beautiful crimson glow of love, sex, tears and magic, she reached out to gather all our hands together. Gradually, wonderfully, her shining eyes revealed a warm, confident sparkle.

"Mmmm...the answer is we make love, and this ride never ends."

~to be continued in "Summer Voodoo," where Summer spreads her wings beneath an enchanting Cajun moon~

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Submitted: August 26, 2014

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