Summer is Hot in Cozumel: Ch. 04

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The reunion: Summer welcomes Jake's friends to Cozumel.

I was in the billiards area playing pool when suddenly I felt the room become tense. All the laughing, drinking and joking came to a stop. Everything stopped.

"Mind if I stroke your cue?" a sultry voice purred in my ear.

Grinning, I said, "Help me make this shot, darlin', and I'll buy you a drink."

I felt soft breasts press against my biceps even as a silky pussy mound pushed into my hip. Taking the shot, I sank the eleven ball.

"Guess I owe you a drink," I said, turning to face my sexy helper.

"I guess you do." She was smiling in satisfaction over what had to be my completely stupid look of astonishment. "Does it have to be alcohol, though? I can think of something else I'd much rather drink," she grinned, running her hand over my instant erection. Cocking her head, she smiled at the hot Latina who was watching her rub up and down the length of my shaft. The girl stood right beside us, leaning against a table while playing pool with a few girlfriends.

"You're going to make me cum if you keep that up," I whispered.

"I would certainly hope so," she said, with a knowing smirk. Unbuttoning my pants, she slid her scarlet fingertips inside to pull out my cock.

The girls at the next table gasped, then they giggled together.

Due to some misplaced sense of decorum I turned my body away from the main part of the room. Trying to limit my exposure to the few girls beside us, I leaned back and watched as our beguiling seductress started in with a slow, leisurely stroking motion; then, after handing my pool cue to the astonished Latina, she climbed onto a tall stool and positioned me between her legs, sidelong to the girls.

"Does this outfit meet with your approval?" she smiled, still stroking my cock.

Summer was a vision in red. For starters, she'd straightened her normally full-bodied and somewhat wavy auburn mane. With her long hair made silky straight she looked sexy, sophisticated and vampish, like an eastern European runway model. She was wearing blood red lipstick and a crimson silk choker with an oval onyx in the center. Complementing Aaron's bejeweled sterling silver armband, she also wore his diamond and pearl earrings and anklet. A set of red stiletto heels beautifully set off her bare legs.

Well, they were nearly bare. She'd again smoothed on a subtle misting of glitter lotion, so her legs sparkled when the lights hit her just right, and on her left thigh she wore her white garter.

In fact, she was wearing a variation on her original Santa's Helper outfit. She had on that same spaghetti-strapped, red silk drape top, which only kept her nipples covered when she stood straight; even then most of her golden brown breasts were exposed, as was quite a bit of her upper tummy. With the way she was leaning forward to stroke my cock her lingerie top simply fell away, leaving her bare-breasted in the club. We could see the delicious bumps on her raised areolas, and her thick nipples were fully erect. The sparkle sheen on her skin made for a spectacular effect as her gorgeous tits swayed and bobbled with every slinky movement of her arm.

Smiling sexily at the girls, she kept pumping my cock. "Think the guys will still recognize my shorts?" she asked me, flashing a quirky grin. The girls gasped again when she leaned in and parted her lips, pulling me by my ass into her mouth. Using no hands on my erection she began to face-fuck herself, taking me all the way down. After a couple of long, deep strokes, she buried her nose in my abdomen and shook her head on my length. With her mouth full of cock, she gave the girls another smile as she slowly trailed her lips back up my shaft. Breaking into a wolfish grin, she teasingly dragged her gleaming white teeth along my glistening dick. I jerked a little when she scraped over the ridge of the mushroom head, which she nibbled for a bit before pressing the tip of her tongue into the piss slit. Then she became serious about her cocksucking; for the next few minutes she hungrily bobbed away, moaning up and down my shining wet pole.

The entire time, she never stopped smiling at the girls. Finally pulling off, she took my cock and showed it to them. Looking up at me, she grinned, "God, I love to suck your cock. Mmmm, I always want it in my mouth." She went back down on it, noisily slurping on the head for a few moments before lifting again. "How long are you going to deny me my precious cum? Give it to me, baby. Let these beautiful girls watch you fill my mouth with your sweet cum. I want them to see your big, perfect cock, and I want you to show them how much cum you give me."

She started sucking hard, taking every inch, then she tugged her top aside to place her naked tits in my hands, and that's what finally did it; groaning, I erupted in a massive orgasm. As I shot rope after rope into her laughing mouth, Summer pulled back so that only my tip was resting on her tongue. Giggling like a fiend, she wanted those girls to see my cum firing into her mouth.

A little bit missed, landing on her chin before it dripped onto her right breast. After wiping her chin, she popped her fingers into her mouth; then, using her fingertips to spread my cum all over her tits, she made them glisten. Grinning, she made a cute "Mmmmmm!" sound as she finally swallowed the large load, though she did let some of it conspicuously dribble back onto her breasts, which she rubbed into her nipples.

"He has the most gorgeous cock ever, don't you think?" she purred to the girls, who huddled closely together and giggled as they watched Summer rapturously rub my gleaming erection all over her face and breasts.

"Here, have a taste," she said, swiping a pooling pearl from my slit. She offered her fingers to the first girl, who in sheer bewilderment simply accepted them; she sucked Summer's fingers, taking my cum, and the other girls shrieked with glee before giggling wildly together.

"Delicious, isn't he?" smiled Summer, swiping my cock a second time to give the hot Latina another taste.

Dumbfounded, the nodding girl again simply opened her mouth to accept Summer's gift.

Once the girl had sucked clean each proffered set of cum-covered fingers, Summer stuffed my cock back into my pants and buttoned me up. "Bye, girls," she smiled, giving them a friendly wave as she took me by the hand to lead me out of the billiards room and into the dance club.

"By the way," she grinned, "you never did answer my question about my shorts." On the edge of the dance floor she stopped and did a full pirouette for me, causing quite a few heads to turn.

I laughed, "No, I'm not sure they'll recognize them anymore! Those shorts look just a little different now!"

"Think they'll like what I've done to them?"

"Unless they turned gay, there's no way they won't. Everyone here sure likes them," I said, admiring her provocative curves.

Employing the careful application of a wonderfully lascivious mind plus a zealous bit of doctoring with some sharp scissors, Summer had taken her tiny red and white nylon running shorts and crafted those simple yet sexy things into an ungodly hot micro-miniskirt. For starters, she'd cut the little triangle-shaped decorative hems on the sides into wide splits that ran all the way up to the waistband. Having removed the crotch, she shaped what was left into a gorgeous little loincloth design that only went down as far as her red satin Santa's Helpers panties. The panties left half her ass exposed, and so did the little skirt, while in front the skirt only came to her pussy. The white lace edging on her panties matched her white garter, and they both contrasted beautifully with her sparkling suntanned thighs.

"I wanted to wear just the panties and really recreate our first night in my Santa's Helper outfit, but I wanted to wear the shorts, too. Also, I wasn't sure that I could get away with only wearing panties here, especially these panties, so I came up with a Plan B!" she exclaimed, giggling into my mouth as she kissed me.

"You were incredible in blue for New Year's Eve, and you're incredible again in red. They'll love you," I said, reveling in her kisses.

"I just hope they get it."

"Well, if they don't recognize what you're wearing, it will only be because you look so amazing that it fried their brains. Face it, baby, once they see you again, they may not even be able to remember their own names. Have mercy on the poor guys!"

"Yeah, right!" she laughed. "They've seen me in a lot less than this! They may not even notice. Anyway, do you think it looks silly wearing them together, when they're basically the same length now? I also considered wearing just the shorts, but I really wanted to wear my Santa's Helper panties for everyone again."

Her cherry lips curled into a sexy grin. "Not to change the subject or anything, but oh, by the way, that gorgeous girl back there? The one who let me feed her your cum? She was just dying to suck your cock. Baby, she would've fucked you in a heartbeat, right there on the pool table."

"Maybe, but she was way more turned on by you. They all were."

"You think so? She was really pretty, too. Get me turned on enough tonight and who knows what I might be up for? I could enjoy her myself, or maybe I could watch you fuck her? Mmmm, baby, that would be so sexy, seeing that hot little slut cumming on my husband's big cock. I'd love to watch you fuck her brains out, just totally putting on a show for me," she grinned, mischievously biting her thumbnail.

I had just started to ask her about us maybe having a threesome with the young Latina when I was interrupted by the buzzing of my cell phone. Checking the number, I saw that it was Dave. As soon as I answered it, he said, "Don't respond to anything I say, and do not start looking around. We're here at the club, watching you from a booth near the bar. We just saw Summer twirl around for you. Goddamn, she looks even more amazing than before! We want to surprise her, though. Tell her we're sorry we missed you guys tonight, but we couldn't catch a ride to the island. Let her know we'll be by the house first thing tomorrow morning, and we'll be expecting one of her killer breakfasts. Say it just like that: 'Summer, Dave said they'll be expecting one of your killer breakfasts.' Then start dancing with her."

Making sure that Summer could hear my end of the conversation, I said, "Yeah, dude, that sucks. She'll be really disappointed, but I'll tell her. See you tomorrow."

When I hung up, Summer exploded! "No!! You can't be serious! They're not coming tonight? That totally sucks!"

"I know, I know. Dave said they got in too late to catch a ride to the island tonight so they'll be here first thing tomorrow morning. Oh, and he said to tell you that they'll be expecting one of your killer breakfasts."

"Oh, is that right? Yeah, I'll give them a killer breakfast! I'm going to put rat poison in their eggs! That's the least they deserve for letting me get my hopes up, only to bail on us! I was so excited about seeing them!"

"I'm sure they're disappointed too," I offered gently.

She sighed. "I'm sorry, baby, I know it's not their fault. I'm just being a spoiled brat. I don't want to ruin our night, so come on, let's go have some fun. Once you get me dancing, I'll get over it. Come on..." she said, pulling me onto the dance floor.

It was a slow song, thank god, and Summer melted into my arms. I can handle the ballads, but I'm completely hopeless with the fast ones. As we began dancing, she returned to the subject of having a wild threesome with our hot Latina. Grinning, she told me she definitely loved having sex with girls, which she described as "amazing." She said she was eager to do it again, though nothing would ever replace the feeling of being filled with a hard cock.

"What about strap-ons?" I asked.

"Please. No strap-on is ever going to feel like a warm, pulsing cock inside me. Besides, I love cum. A strap-on or a dildo can't give me a real man's hot cum."

"What about what lesbians always say, that only another woman really knows how to go down on a woman."

"That's the biggest joke I've ever heard. There's nothing a woman can do with her lips, fingers and tongue that a well-trained, properly motivated man can't also do," she smiled. "The main difference is that women usually aren't in such a big hurry, while most men can't wait to move on to the main course. If I can get a man to savor it and take as much time with it as a woman often will, then the only things a woman can offer me that a man can't are breasts and a pussy. Sure, breasts are absolutely gorgeous, and pussies are beautiful too. I won't lie, I love going down on a really responsive woman. Still, my body is built to make love with a man. As much as I enjoy eating pussy and having a woman go down on me, those things could never replace what happens inside me when a man makes me cum. I simply crave cock and male cum. God, sometimes I think I could almost live on it...just sucking cock and drinking cum.

"How did you describe it, Jake, earlier this evening? You said something like I was put on this earth to make love. I think you're right, baby. That's exactly how I feel, and that feeling seems to be growing stronger every day."

"Excuse me, but would you mind if I have a dance with your date?" came a gruff voice from behind Summer.

She didn't want to deal with some obnoxious drunk so she just buried her head in my neck and whispered, "Say no. Tell him I'm not your date, I'm your wife."

"Thank you for asking, but my wife would like to finish this dance with me," I said, looking over her shoulder towards the guy.

"Okay then, how about the next dance? She's awfully pretty," he said, becoming a little pushy.

Summer turned to face the guy, doubtless intending to tell him to buzz off; instead, she shouted with joy while jumping into his arms. "JOHN!! OH MY GOD, YOU'RE HERE!!" she cried, wrapping her arms and legs around him right there on the dance floor. As she frantically planted kisses all over his face, a laughing John held her up by her ass. Between kisses she managed to squeal, "How did you get here? David called to say you guys couldn't make it tonight!"

"And you believed him? That big gorilla is a lying bastard, and so is your dear husband," John said, smirking at us.

When Summer turned to me, I copied her earlier gesture of making a little halo shape above my head.

"Huh?" she asked, thoroughly confused.

While still holding her off the ground, John had a big grin as he turned her to face a secluded booth in the corner.

Shrieking again with joy, Summer jumped down and dashed over to the booth. With a happy whoop she launched herself through the air, landing in the laps of Dave and Aaron. Immediately throwing her arms around their necks, she pulled them together, trying to hug and kiss them both at the same time.


"Owww!" they shouted.

She giggled, "Oh my god! I'm so sorry!"

In her wild enthusiasm to hug them she'd accidentally rapped their heads together like a couple of coconuts, and they both appeared to be seeing stars.

At first she was mortified, then she punched them while laughing, "Serves you right, you jerks! That was the worst trick ever! How could you buttheads be so mean? You even had Jake tell me that you expect a killer breakfast, after bailing on me? You guys just suck!"

Once their heads began to clear, they started laughing too. Barely able to contain herself, Summer attacked them again, albeit with much gentler hugs and kisses. John and I joined them at the table, and it wasn't long before we were all hugging her at the same time, smooshing her into Aaron and Dave. Laughing giddily, Summer shouted, "Woohoo!!"

When we finally separated, John took Summer by the hand and stood her before us. "It's been too long, Summer. Just let us look at you."

After blowing us all kisses, she raised her arms over her head and did a sexy twirl.

"Hey! That's your Santa's Helper top and garter...and those are the shorts from when you took your little detour into the pool...only they kinda shrunk!" laughed John, instantly noticing what she was wearing.

Summer jumped into my arms. "Oh, Jake," she said, her joyous eyes filled to overflowing as she hugged me.

"What? What'd I say??" asked John.

"You remembered," I grinned. "Summer was worried that you guys wouldn't even recognize the special outfit she wore for this occasion, especially after the way she doctored up the shorts a little."

"A little?" repeated Dave, laughing as he admired her long, bare legs displayed to perfection in her sexy heels. "Look at those shorts! They used to cover at least most of her mouthwatering bottom, but now they're just...they're just going to kill me!"

Beaming, Summer turned away from us, then she arched her back and flipped up her tiny makeshift skirt.

"The Christmas panties!" shouted Aaron and John together.

Raising her arms high above her head again, Summer did another sexy little dance, showing off her Santa's Helper panties. "You all remembered!" she exclaimed, jumping up and down with joy.

"See what I mean? Simply by noticing what she was wearing, you guys just made this beautiful elf from the North Pole very happy," I smiled.

"Good god, Summer," John said, watching as she excitedly danced around, cavorting like crazy. "Fuck me, but I already loved that top and those panties, and that was before I ever saw you jump up and down in 'em. Girl, your breasts are even more beautiful than I remembered."

Summer didn't realize that as she was jumping up and down her gorgeous tits were bouncing completely free outside her top. She was simply too excited to notice.

"Ooops! Christ!" she giggled, holding her hand over her mouth. Blushing as red as her outfit, she tucked herself back in before smacking John on the shoulder.

"Hey! Why do I get slapped?" he laughed, playfully tickling her.

"Because you're such a perv! How long were you going to let me do that before you warned me?"

"Umm, forever?" he said, ducking as she tried to smack him again.

With a cute little growl she jumped on his back, and he stumbled into the booth, depositing her between himself and Aaron. She wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging and squeezing him over and over. "God, I missed you so much," she said, kissing all along his throat.

Touching her face, John said, "Not half as much as I missed you, angel."

"At least this time the wait was shorter," added Aaron, gently caressing her bare back.

Turning to face him, she pressed his hand to her heart. "You're right. Thank you for coming to the wedding. At least this time I only had to wait a month to see you again."

"A month is way too long, Summer," he smiled.

Nodding, she slipped into his arms, curling herself into a ball in his lap. "Thank you so much for coming. This is perfect," she said, caressing his jawline with her lips.

John took off to get us some drinks, and Summer stayed in Aaron's arms, nuzzling him. After savoring her tender kisses for a few more moments, he leaned down to whisper, "Sweetie, I think the big galoot to my right wants to say hello to you too."

Squeezing him again, Summer smiled her love to Aaron, then she slid from his lap to knee-walk across the booth to a grinning Dave, who was holding out his arms in welcome. When she reached him, she climbed straight into his lap and straddled him. "Hey, you..." she said softly, resting her hands on his chest. Staring into his eyes, she mouthed, "Thank you so much."

"So how's our gorgeous miracle doing these days?" he smiled, taking her hands. "Enjoying your honeymoon, I hope?"

Nodding shyly, Summer began to cry as she whispered, "Thank you...thank you...oh, David...thank you."

Dave looked over at me; embarrassed, he quickly turned back to Summer. When she saw that he had also started to cry, she threw herself into his arms, hugging him with every ounce of love in her body. With Summer sobbing into his neck, Dave buried his face in her hair, and they were both trembling. For the longest time they just held each other, unwilling to let go.

"Look at you, Dave, you big softy! You're acting like you've missed her or something," grinned John, having returned with drinks.

"Yeah, Dave," said Aaron, eagerly piling on, "I mean, c'mon, she's only the sweetest, sexiest, most beautiful and wonderful woman in the whole world. Okay, fine, on top of everything else she also loves you to death, and she's absolutely in ecstasy over being in your arms again. Still, you call those reasons to start blubbering? Jeez, what's the big deal?"

Ignoring them, Dave and Summer just kept hugging in unbridled joy.

Finally Dave pulled back, yet all he could do was look on in sheer wonder at Summer. She gave him a deep, heartfelt kiss before turning to his hecklers with a warm smile. "You two, be nice to him. Yes, I do love him to death, and he's the reason we're all together here."

"No, Summer, you're the reason we're all together here," Dave said, unashamedly letting us see his tears.

John leaned over the table to kiss her shoulder, and Aaron said, "Dave's right, Summer. He's had this house down here for years, and we've never even seen it. We've also never spent this much time together, not as adults anyway. We've always been too busy, or just too fucked up in the head. Because of you we've come together again, and now we're here on this beautiful island. It's entirely because of you. You've changed everything, and all for the better."

When John, Aaron and I raised our glasses, Summer reached over to squeeze Aaron's thigh. "Just so you know," she said, smiling at them one by one, "I expect you all to marry me, exactly the way you said you would if Jake hadn't hooked me first. You'll see. I'm serious. You all said you'd marry me in a heartbeat, and I'd marry each of you in a heartbeat too, so that's what we're going to do. I'm starting my own harem, and you sexy boys are it."

"Don't look now, but I think she really is serious," Dave said, chuckling into her hair.

"Oh, she's definitely serious," I said. "If I got hit by a bus tomorrow, she'd marry any of one of you meatheads, without a moment's hesitation."

Aaron said, "John, first thing tomorrow morning, find out the bus schedules. Dave, drug Jake, then take him for a walk. I'll knock out the bus driver."

"Sounds like a plan," Dave grinned.

"I'd just have to kill you two also then," laughed John. "Don't you guys get it yet? This doesn't end until she's all mine. Jake saw her first, but I saw her second, so I'm next in line in succession to the throne."

Summer grinned at me. "Okay, we may not be able to take Alex home with us, but we're definitely keeping these guys."

I held up my palms in surrender. "That's fine, but you're in charge of housebreaking them. That big one there, he looks like he could make quite a mess."

"Oh, I'll clean up his messes, you just leave that to me," she said, smiling at Dave as she began grinding her ass in his lap. "Any mess you want to make - any kind of mess - just make it in my mouth," she whispered to him. "I want you to do it in my pussy too, and don't think for a second that I won't also want you to do it in my ass," she whispered again, nipping at his ear.

His head snapped up, and he lurched into her pussy. As they stared into each other's eyes, she took his hands and solemnly nodded. "Yes," she whispered.

Turning to me, Dave laughed, "Dude, I'll wear a collar. I won't chase cars. I won't even chew on the sofas. I'll be good, I promise, but you gotta let her take me home with you!"

"Yeah, yeah," I said, "I know your type. At first you're all cute and cuddly, but before too long you won't be able to stop humping her leg."

"Yeah? So?" he grinned.

"Yeah! So?" added Summer.

I said, "Look, it'll get embarrassing. With him shedding everywhere and tearing up the house when we're gone, we'll never be able to have Mom over for a visit."

"Here, you mangy mutt, have a doggy treat," said John, throwing a popcorn kernel at Dave, who caught it in his mouth.

"That's a good boy!" Summer said, petting him on the head.

Dave responded like any happy dog would, giving his owner a big, sloppy lick on the face. Laughing, Summer licked him back, and that kicked off a pitched face-licking battle. Aaron started laughing, so Summer leaned over and licked him too, at least until he pulled her down and started licking all over her face and neck.

"If you're gonna lick me, at least do it right!" she giggled, pulling his face to her exposed breasts.

Summer lay on her back, her tiny skirt flipped up to her waist. While Aaron licked and sucked her breasts, Dave caressed her thigh, only inches from her tempting sex. Her bare legs were spread, and Dave was staring directly at her panties-covered pussy. He had to have noticed her new strip of pubic hair peeking out above her panties.

Summer suddenly seemed to realize where she was and what she was doing; bare-breasted and lying on her back, she was surrounded by four horny men in a secluded booth of a nightclub. Aaron was sucking her nipples and Dave was admiring her pussy, nearly touching it.

Clearly, that thought set her on fire.

"Oh my god," she moaned when Aaron cupped her naked breasts before burying his face there. Unable to help himself, Dave reached out to touch the inviting tuft of auburn hair peeking above the top of her panties. Summer jerked, and we all saw the moisture quickly spread across the crotch of her panties. As Dave pressed into her satin softness, her pussy instantly enveloped his finger. Barely even touching her, he was sucked right into her welcoming depths. She was just burning hot and soaking wet.

"Ohhhhh, god," Summer managed to moan, "I can't take much more of this. Guys, you either need to stop right now or...please...just rip my panties off and fuck me."

Aaron sat up, and so did Dave. As Summer slowly pulled herself together, John handed her a drink. Taking a big swallow, she leaned back against Dave. She closed her eyes, just breathing and smiling.

"Thank you," she finally said. "You guys really don't realize how badly you drive me insane, do you?"

"Baby, the feeling is entirely mutual," I said.

"Mmmmmm," she hummed to herself. "So is everyone okay with the way I altered my shorts?"

"I think I can speak for all of us when I say they're a smashing success. Love your new hair too, Summer. You look even sexier now," John said, trying to help her relax. He was gesturing to her long, silky, newly straight hair.

"It grew so fast, too. It's really beautiful," said Aaron.

Summer misunderstood them. Her eyes had remained closed as John gestured to her hair, and she was probably still thinking about Dave touching her pussy while Aaron sucked her breasts.

"You like my new hair? Mmmm, I'm so glad," she smiled sultrily, then we all watched in amazement as she slid her hands down to her hips to untie her panties. She lifted her ass and took her panties away, dropping them on the table. With her eyes still closed she spread her legs and ran her fingertips through her pink lips, explaining as she touched herself, "I didn't change it much. I'm still completely bare here...." She caressed her naked folds, showing us her soft, glistening wet petals. "I just wanted a little something extra, and you're right, it does grow fast," she added, brushing her crimson nails across the small strip of hair she'd grown since the guys had last seen her.

Moving her hand away so she could show us, she finally opened her eyes again. With a dreamy expression she grinned, "Having just a little strip of hair above my bare lips, doesn't it make my pussy seem more naked? I think it looks sexier this way."

Everyone was just smiling while trying not to laugh.

"What's so funny?" she asked, beginning to giggle when she noticed our growing chuckles.

"Nothing, angel. You're absolutely beautiful this way," Dave said, giving us all a stern look. He brought his hands to her face before running them through her silky auburn mane. "Your long, straight hair is gorgeous too."

"You don't think the straight hair makes me look cold and bitchy?" she asked, smiling sweetly.

"'Cold' and 'bitchy' would not be the words that come to mind, no," I said, beaming.

"It looks fantastic," said John, and Aaron nodded his agreement.

Running his hands through it again, Dave said, "It's stunning, Summer."

"Okay. I'm glad you all like it." Looking up, she gave us a sunny grin. "Mmmm, I can't believe you already made me cum. What's it been, not even fifteen minutes since John asked me to dance? This must be a new world record! I'm going to have to watch myself around you boys, aren't I?"

"I would, if I were you. No one in their right mind would blame a person for wanting to watch you," John said.

Summer grabbed her panties from the table and threw them at him. "You know what I meant! I'm just saying, I must have missed you guys even more than I thought. Look how easily I let myself go, and I came so quickly, even here in a nightclub." Grinning at Aaron, she playfully kicked him. "You, sir, need to stop taking advantage of my sensitive nipples with that amazing mouth of yours." Then she reached up to touch Dave's face. "And you, my darling, need to stop driving me totally crazy with the way you look at me."

"And how do you propose we stop doing these things?" smiled Aaron. He was holding her foot in his lap, gently rubbing it. Her other leg was bent at the knee.

Jesus, her legs looked incredible, and her bare pussy was a moist, shining beacon.

"Mmmmmm, I have no idea, and I really don't want you to stop anyway," she purred, lazily dropping her hand between her legs. "I guess I may just have to cum a million times, huh?" She spread her legs and moaned when she slid two fingers all the way inside her pussy; then, arching her hips, she began slowly fucking herself. As she picked up the pace, she pressed Dave's hands to her naked breasts and smiled, "Sorry, baby. I know you'd rather have your hands on my bottom."

"I believe I'll be able to soldier through, just this one time," he grinned, pinching her nipples.

"Thank you, and I promise I'll make it up to you. I need to cum now, though, and unless I do it this way I'm liable to become really baaaaad," she said, smiling sexily for us as she rubbed her foot in Aaron's crotch. With Dave continuing to worship her bare breasts, she stroked Aaron's erection while fucking herself deeper and harder. When she was getting close, her hips started to buck, and her soft cries turned to breathy gasps. Leaning over to kiss her, I took her moans into my mouth, which also served to prevent anyone walking by our table from catching a clear view of her.

I placed my hand atop hers; she pulled out, wanting me to take over. When I slid two fingers inside while rubbing her clit with my thumb, her pussy immediately began to spasm. Moaning urgently, her pitch rising, she broke our kiss only long enough to whisper, "Fuck me."

Faster, harder, I began to slap her pussy and pound my fingers into her. Her legs trembled, and she shrieked into my mouth.

"Do you want a big one?" I whispered.

"I want you to fuck me, right here in this booth," she said hotly. Reaching out to grasp my cock through my pants, she leaned up and captured my mouth, sucking hard on my tongue.

Having received my answer, I slid my pinky and ring fingers into her thoroughly drenched asshole while curling my middle and index fingers inside her pussy. Quickly locating the rougher, spongier texture of her G-spot, I rubbed it fast and hard.

Screaming into Dave's coat, she released a broad stream of fluid over my hand and onto Aaron's legs, where he was still holding her foot. Her other leg kicked out; John caught it and held it steady, laughing in amazement as Summer continued to crash through her orgasm with small, flowering eruptions of clear cum arcing from her delectable pussy.

When she finally began to come down, I kissed her and smiled, "You're really getting good at those."

Returning my smile, she sighed happily, "You mean you're really getting good at giving me those."

"Oh my god, Summer! That was the hottest thing ever! I've never seen a girl do that before!" laughed John.

She gave him a warm, sweet smile. "I just started doing it a few months ago. I still don't do it every time, either. It's only with a really big cum, and god I love when it happens. It's the most intense feeling ever."

"Can you do it whenever you want? Can anyone make you do it?" asked a wide-eyed Aaron.

Laughing, Summer took him by the hand. "Don't worry, I'll do it for you too. You'll have no problem getting me there."

"Summer, I have to feel that," John said.

"You know you will," she smiled, rubbing his arm with her bare thigh.

Noticing Dave's conspicuous silence, Aaron and John simultaneously shot him accusing stares. Paying them no mind, he just continued caressing Summer's breasts, occasionally switching to her face.

She was positively beaming at him.

"Okay, asshole, why are you being so quiet? How come you're not freaking out like we are?" John asked, throwing Summer's panties at him.

Dave took those sexy panties and caressed Summer's face with them. While nuzzling her cheek against the moist satin, she smiled to John. "Don't you remember when David and I went to the beach on Christmas Day, and I played for him with those boys? He saw me do it then." She chomped down on her panties, giggling as she tugged them from Dave's hand. With another adorable little growl she began to chew on them, making him laugh, and he laughed again when she stretched the panties over her face. She was wearing them like a ski mask, until she pulled a leg hole over her head and wore them around her neck like a bandana. Beaming at John, she added, "Compared to some of the other huge, crazy gushes he's made me do, that one at the beach was only a little baby squirt."

"You really suck," John grinned, shaking his head at Dave.

"Yes, he really does, and it's soooo wonderful," giggled Summer.

Giving her a sheepish smirk, Dave playfully snapped her panties around her neck, making her giggle even more.

Summer eventually pulled her makeshift skirt down, which really didn't accomplish a whole lot. Minus her panties, her pussy was still exposed. Her bare, shining lips were there for anyone to see, even after she got up to stand by the table. The sweet curves of her perfect ass were also exposed, as was the rear view of her very wet slit, which had thoroughly drenched her succulent thighs with a clear sheen of liquid Summer.

Seeing her like that, I just couldn't resist; I leaned over to cup her ass and kiss her pussy. When she reached back to snug my head against her bare bottom, I pressed my mouth into her deep split. She leaned down across the table, her arms extended forward, her breasts swaying beautifully. "You bastard," she grinned, grinding her ass on my face.

"It's your fault. With the way you look in that skirt, you're making me hungry." I licked a line up her thighs and over her graceful curves before returning to her sweet divide.

"If you're hungry, then eat," she moaned.

"I'm going to go pay the bill," Dave said, laughing as he stopped to touch Summer's hair. When she reached out to him, he squeezed her hand before leaving, with John joining him.

Aaron leaned down to Summer. "Jesus, you are so fucking sexy," he said quietly.

Grinning, she reached for the front of his pants to rub his obvious bulge. "Don't stop. I'll cum quickly," she said, turning back to me. I was sucking her pussy, and she was moaning into her arm as she tugged down on Aaron's zipper. Noticing his look of panic, she just smiled, "Please?" He was not about to say no to Summer, which he proved when he let her reach inside his pants to stroke him. With a sweet little moan she pulled his cock out and slowly licked the length of his shaft all the way to the head before taking the entire thing into her mouth.

"Summer, we can't do this here," Aaron whispered. "Any second, someone will see us."

"Then as quickly as you can, show me how much wonderful cum you've saved up for me," she said, moving her ass in circles on my face. As I sucked her pussy, I fucked her gorgeous little asshole with two fingers while she hungrily jacked Aaron's cock into her mouth. She was pumping him hard, alternating between using her mouth in a deep sucking motion and her hand in a fast corkscrewing frenzy. "I've missed your cock so much. Please, cum for me," she whispered, gazing into his eyes. "I love you, Aaron, and I want you. Please, let me have you." Closing her lips around him, she moaned with delight when he immediately began firing off one hot ejaculation after another. She swallowed as much as she could before wantonly letting the rest spill down her chin and onto her breasts, which she left untouched.

"Mmmmmm, so obedient," she purred, moaning as her soft orgasm flowed over my tongue.

Hugging her from behind, I covered her breathtaking nudity with my body while Aaron zipped up. She stood and pulled us into a sandwiching hug, which is how we stayed until Dave and John returned.

"That was quick," Dave chuckled.

"Even quicker than the first one! We both came in under a minute!" giggled Summer, squeezing Aaron.

"Hey, wait a second. Both?" asked John, looking murderously at Aaron.

"Mmmm-hmmmmm...both," she grinned, tightly hugging Aaron, who scooped up a bit of glistening cum from her chin. Smirking at John, he slipped it into her mouth. Swallowing happily, she spent a few moments sucking sexily on his finger before releasing it with a cute 'pop.'

With a rueful laugh, John shook his head at him. "Dude, you suck too."

Smiling drowsily, Summer said, "It's time to take me home, boys. I'm wiped out, and we've got a big day ahead of us tomorrow. Little girls need their beauty rest."

"Are we still on for your usual killer breakfast tomorrow morning?" Dave asked, teasing her as we prepared to leave.

"Oh, I think it's safe to say you've all earned it," she said, beaming at us.

After only a few moments of waiting outside the club, we piled into a minivan cab. Everyone was laughing and joking, except for Summer. As soon as we were rolling, she leaned against me and fell asleep.

When we arrived back at the house, I carried my groggy little girl to bed, where she giggled as I undressed her. Once she was naked, she slid beneath the covers and called out in a sleepy voice, "Goodnight, everybody!"

All the guys came in, and she was absolutely radiant, hugging and kissing them goodnight. Her sheet had fallen to her waist, so as she gave each of them a hug she was naked in their arms.

"I apologize for not tucking you all in tonight, but at least everyone has their own room this time, and your beds are already made up. Sorry, Aaron," she said, smiling sweetly again.

"Ahhh, crap," he said, returning her smile. Leaning in to caress her tummy, he pulled her panties from around her neck and tugged them down over his own head.

Giggling her approval, Summer reached up and snapped them against his neck.

"Hey, since Aaron now has his own room, plus your panties, does this mean you'll come tuck me in when it's time for beddy-bye?" John asked her, smirking at Aaron.

Dave laughed, "No, you idiot, it means Aaron is now available to tuck you in. You two can just eat shit and die, 'cause this time Summer is going to be tucking me in every night!"

Summer gave them a warm, tender smile. "You're all a buncha goofs. God, I love you guys." She looked impossibly adorable as she stretched and yawned before lying back fully nude on the bed, her arms above her head. Her bare breasts were amazing, and her gorgeous smile was simply spellbinding. Noticing our mesmerized stares, she purred, "You really are a buncha goofs...a bunch of wonderful, beautiful, sexy goofs. See you boys in the morning."

As we all began to walk out together, Summer suddenly jumped from the bed and grabbed me by the arm. "Whoa, hold your horses!" she giggled. "Where do you think you're going? Someone's gotta tuck me in too, and baby, tonight that someone is you."

~to be continued~

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Submitted: August 22, 2014

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