Summer is Hot in Cozumel: Ch. 03

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Knowing the guys are coming, Summer puts Jake on the spot.

"Ooooh, you sneaky little devil!"

That was Summer's reaction upon discovering what I'd laid out for her to wear to the club that night.

I'd told Summer that with the guys' flight scheduled to arrive later in the evening the tentative plan was for all of us to meet up around midnight at a local nightclub. Dave would call me when they arrived on the island.

Summer was over the moon with excitement at the thought of us all soon being together again for another few weeks. "This time we'll have more time to be together, and we'll be in our own private paradise!" she said, bursting with anticipation.

We had a full month scheduled in Cozumel. It was to be both our dream honeymoon and a nice breaking-in of our new beach house, courtesy of Dave.

We were trying to figure out a way to move there, but in the meantime we had at least managed to wrangle a month of leave from our jobs. For Summer it was easy, as she was her own boss. She said her Pilates clients all seemed genuinely thrilled for her when she told them she would need to hook them up for a month with some other instructors while she was off on an extended honeymoon. My work situation was a little touchier; fortunately my boss was also a friend, plus I'd never missed a day of work in six years, so he didn't bust my balls too much over giving me the time off. He even gave me paid vacation time, along with a nice honeymoon bonus.

We were a week into our month on the island, and Summer was dying to go to this one dance club Dave had recommended. With the guys scheduled to arrive later, Summer and I decided to make that the night to go to the club.

Sometimes Summer wanted to surprise me with what she'd wear for a given occasion; other times she would have me choose her outfit for her. Ironically, her outfits were usually at their sexiest and most revealing when she'd pick them out. She called her choices her "being baaaaad!" outfits, in honor of our wild first date together. She called my choices her "classy yet still a little slutty" outfits. It was sort of silly, since they were both variations on the same themes. I always felt that her choices really weren't any more daring than mine, but she would just laugh, "That's because you're not the one wearing them!"

To her way of thinking, Aaron's New Year's Eve outfit for her was "baaaaad," and she meant it in the best possible way. She always became dreamy-eyed and wistful whenever she thought of the incredible scarf dress she wore that night. She felt the same about the drape blouse and scalloped skirt she wore on our first date, back when she'd asked me to show her what I would want her to wear to turn me on during a night out together.

Conversely, in her estimation something like a simple, tiny shift dress might be a bit slutty, sure, but it could still be classy. It didn't matter that it might be totally see-through or so short that her gorgeous bare pussy was often exposed. She still felt "properly attired" in such an outfit. She didn't feel like those types of outfits constituted nearly as much of an overt attempt to be flirty and sexy as her "baaaaad" outfits.

"You want me to be really baaaad tonight," she grinned, running her fingers over the items I'd laid out for her. "You know I'll become all emotional and cry the whole night if I wear this, especially around them. These clothes were a big part of the happiest night of my life, other than New Year's Eve or our wedding night. That first night with all of us together, the way you loved me and supported me...the way you made us all feel so good...that was when I knew I had found the man I would marry. Mmmm, thank you for reminding me with this."

It was admittedly an oddly inappropriate and even visually jarring outfit I'd laid out for her. She knew what it meant though, and they'd know, too. She had no doubt they'd know.

"If I'm to wear these to a dance club, let me do one little thing..." she said, heading off to the kitchen. She came back with a pair of household cutting shears and smiled, "Aaron will especially appreciate this. Watching that man design an outfit around me, remembering the way he did it, I'm feeling inspired! Okay, go now. Go to the club, and I'll see you there in a couple of hours."

"But how will I ever find you?" I joked, leering at her. I knew she had to be planning something really good if she didn't even want me to see her getting ready.

"Oh, I don't think that'll be a problem. I have faith that you'll locate me easily enough," she said, smiling wickedly as she traced her fingertips across her bare belly button. "Hold on a second, though, before you go. There is one thing..." she added, becoming serious.

"Just one? Of these two things? You really will be a scandal," I said, grinning like an idiot.

Giggling, she gently punched me. "As if you wouldn't absolutely love that! You know, come to think of it, one of these nights when we all go out together to a club or wherever, I should do that. I should just go topless. Mmmm, or maybe even bottomless, and really show off my pussy. How hot would that be for you? God, how much would you guys enjoy taking me out completely naked?"

She was grinning as she mulled over the possibilities, then her expression changed. "But no, I'm serious. Before we go out tonight with the guys, I wanted to talk to you about something very important."

I gave her a stern look. "Look, Summer, I love you, but no, we're not taking Alex home with us. We'd never be able to get him through Customs."

Her hands went to her mouth in shock, then she punched me again. "No, you dummy! Not that!"

"Oh, okay then. So what is it?" I asked, with a smug grin.

She took a deep breath before slowly letting it out. "I know we've talked about it before, and you were fine with what happened with Alex and Dimitri, but I also know we both pretty much chalked that up to 'What happens in Cozumel stays in Cozumel.' We may never see them again, so no biggie, right, that's our feeling there."

"Right," I said. "As long as you're okay with it, I am too. You're still okay with it, aren't you?"

"Yes, I'm fine with everything we did. It was fun, and they were really sweet. For me it was just harmless, wonderful sex, and it felt good to make Alex so happy."

"Plus you got to cum a bunch of times. That never sucks," I laughed.

"True. Alex was almost as horny as you are," she grinned.

"Do you regret not doing more with Dimitri too? A missed opportunity, perhaps?"

Summer thought about it for a moment. "No, not really. Flirting with him was fun, but really it was more about Alex for me. I wanted to suck Dimitri's big dick, obviously, or else I wouldn't have done it, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. He truly has a fantastic dick. Still, yours is even better, plus it's attached to you, the man I love more than anything in this world. But you know what? You all have wonderful cocks. I have to say, I've been super fortunate there, especially after Bill. His didn't do all that much for me, and it wasn't only because he wasn't very good with it. He just didn't have a long, thick, gorgeous cock like Dimitri's or John's. David's is awesome, too. God, it's so thick, and Aaron has the best cock of the whole group. Of all the guys, mmmm, his dick comes the closest to yours. Honestly, I love sucking every one of you, even Alex with his slimmer cock."

She was caressing me through my shorts. "I love sex, baby. I love it more than anything. You know I love having just about any cock in my mouth, or anywhere else inside me." She grinned as she stroked me to hardness. "Anyway, no, I don't regret not fucking Dimitri. I wouldn't have regretted it if we had fucked, either. I'm sure I would've loved it, but it really didn't matter to me one way or the other. I sucked him because his dick looked so good, and I knew he wanted me to; also, I knew you wouldn't mind. Once he became nice and hard for me, mmmm-hmmmmm, I definitely wanted to suck him. I'll always enjoy sucking a big cock, especially one that gives me lots of cum. Still, I guess since that's all I did with Dimitri, that was all I wanted to do with him; certainly nothing was stopping us from doing more. I was naked, sucking his dick. I could've easily just climbed aboard and fucked him. He could have simply rolled me onto my back and fucked me, and I gladly would have let him. The thing is, once he came, and I got to enjoy his cum in my mouth, the thought never even crossed my mind to do anything more. I'd gotten what I wanted, and he seemed happy too, so that was it."

"That's not what you wanted to talk about now, though," I said.

"No, baby, it's not. With our three friends, this isn't just 'What goes on in Cozumel stays in Cozumel.' I know you and I have already talked about how we all play together, but we really need to talk about this again. Honey, we're married. I'm your wife now. I'm no longer just your girlfriend; merely someone your friends can pass around between them because there are no consequences."

"Is that what you think happened before?" I asked incredulously, staring at her in shock. "Is that how any of them made you feel, and is that how you felt? We weren't married, so nothing really mattered? Did you feel like you were just being passed around?"

"No, Jake. God, no."

"Good, because that isn't what happened, and that is not how any of them felt about you. You weren't just my girlfriend, Summer. You knew it, I knew it, and they all knew it. You were already my wife. We just didn't have the piece of paper yet."

"Jake, I know. I knew, even then. That's why what happened, happened. If I had felt like they were just using me, and didn't care about me, I never would have let things go so far. I only went that deep with them because I fell in love with them, and I felt that they'd fallen in love with me, too."

"Summer, they do love you. John, Aaron or Dave, any of them would take a bullet for you, and they would all marry you tomorrow, for real. In their own way, they love you every bit as much as I do."

"I know that, baby. That's why I wanted to talk to you again. I love them too, for real, just like you said, and I'm going to want to make love with them every chance I get. I know it sounds strange, yet I always feel like I'm in this beautiful, perfect world when we're all together, and it's a place I never want to leave. It's as if I have four guardian angels...four lovers; not just sex partners, and not merely 'friends with benefits' either, but lovers: men with whom I'm deeply in love, who truly love me. There is something different with you, though, something above and beyond, and we both know it. They know it, too. While there is nothing I would ever deny any of them, it goes far beyond that with you. It's not a matter of denying you, as that's not even possible. I'm yours, Jake. I'm your wife, your Summer, and you will always be my life."

"So what are you worried about?"

"I guess I'm just telling you, or asking you, I don't know, but are the stakes different now? You always said that it wouldn't matter whether I was your girlfriend or not, you'd want me to keep being the way I am. You said that you would want me to stay the same, even if I became your wife. Look, I know what you mean, and I know you're right when you say that we were already married before. Still, we really are married now; not only in how we live and feel, but in fact. You are my husband, Jake. I married you, for life. I am your wife. My body is yours...completely yours. Do you still want me to give it to your friends, even though they're not just friends?"

"Summer, I never wanted, expected or asked you to give your body, your love or anything else to my friends."

"I know, and you're right. It's not fair of me to put it that way. It just happened, and I was the one who made it happen. No, we made it happen: myself, David, Aaron and John - not you. Baby, you never asked me to do anything, and you certainly didn't force me into it. You didn't guilt trip me into it either."

"No, I didn't."

"Okay, but do you still have no problem with us, meaning all of us, being lovers? These people, Jake, these wonderful friends of ours, they're not just Cozumel. What happens here isn't going to stay here. We're going to see them again, then again and again. I know you're not asking me to have sex with them, and I'm not asking whether you want me to, as if I have no say in the matter, yet I am asking you: Do you want me to have sex with them?"

As I thought about her question, I studied her beautiful face. "Baby, I know this will sound like a chickenshit cop-out, but the only way I can answer you is to ask you the same thing. Do you still want to make love with them - strictly on your own terms, not because you think I want you to, or even because you might feel obligated?"

"You mean because we did it before, so now I might always feel obligated to give them what they want."


"Jake, I can answer that one very easily. No, I would never do it out of any feeling of obligation. I'm at least stronger than that. Besides, no, I don't feel obligated. I didn't then, and I don't now. 'Obligation' never had anything to do with it. Also, yes, I know there's a big difference between your merely being okay with it, as opposed to your really wanting me to do it."

"Okay..." I said, wanting her to understand that I never had any specific desire for her to have sex with anyone but me.

"Jake, I didn't do what I did with them merely because I thought you wanted me to be that way. That was never my motivation for why I allowed myself to be with them, or even Alex. I'm not 'performing' for you by flirting with them or having sex with them. When I flirt, and especially when I fuck, I do it because I'm turned on. I truly want it. I realize you also get turned on by watching me flirt, and I absolutely love that about our relationship, yet I know you don't require it of me. You just love me for being the way I am. This may sound harsh, but you love me so deeply that all you want is for me to be happy, even if that means allowing me to have sex with other men and fall in love with them. If that also means letting your best friends fall in love with me, you still want it. That's what you've been saying, and when it was all of us together back at the house, that's how we were living."

Pausing to search for the right words, she clasped our hands together. Her beautiful eyes sparkled with tears, yet she remained focused on what she had to say.

"My darling husband, please try to remember that sometimes I'm still a frightened little girl, and I need you to protect me. Baby, I've never been in a situation like this. Our crazy, sexy, wonderful relationship didn't come with an owner's manual. Emotions are all I know, and my emotions are soaring. In my experiences with other men, you know what happens? Soaring always means a huge crash is right around the corner. I need you to tell me that this time we're soaring together; that you're not just propping me up, and I'm not merely dragging you along. I know you love me, and you want me to live as intensely and passionately as I can, but I can't let you sacrifice yourself. I won't do that. I will not allow you to wake up one day and resent me for the choices we've made. I won't allow myself to wake up one day and resent you for not being strong enough to save us."

I stared at her, waiting.

"Baby, I know what you said before, but I still feel like the stakes are different now; at least they are to me. Jake, you promised yourself to me, and you asked me to promise myself to you. You didn't just keep floating along, even though you easily could have. You didn't need to marry me to keep me. You made a decision. You decided that you want me forever, and you included your friends in this decision - your friends who love me too."

"Isn't that everything?" I said, a statement more than a question.

Studying me, she gave me a small smile. "Whether you realize it or not, you staked your claim, and by marrying you I agreed to it. You may not realize this either, and it's something you need to know. As much as I loved you and wanted you and needed you before, your decision to take me as your wife changed things for me. You set me free, Jake. You washed away any doubts I ever could have had. Now I really do need you, a thousand times more. I need my husband. It wasn't just a piece of paper to me; it's what you were saying to your friends, our families, and everyone else: I know who Summer is, and I love her so much that I will devote my love to her forever."

Gently squeezing her hands, I gazed into her unblinking eyes. "That's exactly what I was saying, Summer. I do know you, and I want you just the way you are, forever."

"Jake, that's what I'm talking about. Baby, don't you see? I'm not about to lose that! Not for sex, not for money, not for my own ego or insecurities. I won't lose you for anything. So before our friends arrive here, I'm going to put you on the spot. I'm going to ask you a question, and just for this one moment I need you to put aside any and all thoughts of what I might want. This is only about you and your feelings.

"Okay, are you ready?"

I just nodded, waiting.

"Baby, this is what I need to know: If it was entirely up to you, would we be completely monogamous? Or, instead, do you truly want the kind of life we shared with your friends over Christmas, including the sex?"

I took her in my arms for a big hug before pulling back and clasping our hands together. "Summer, since you're putting me on the spot, you need to hear me out. This will be my best answer."

She nodded.

"Angel, I know I chose wisely. What you're trying to do right now, this is one of a thousand reasons I married you. This is why they all told me that I had to marry you. 'Her heart is pure,' they said. 'She's the one. Don't lose her. She's the one.' They figured it out on their own, right away. I knew it all along. I know it now, with every fiber of my being.

"So, baby, here is my answer: Yes. When your heart tells you to make love with someone, yes, I want you to make love with them. Summer, that's what you were put on this earth to do. You're a precious gift, because your heart is golden. Trust to what your heart tells you. It will never steer us wrong."

Craving clarity, wanting no stone left unturned, she continued to stare at me.

"Summer, if you feel it, I want you to do it. Nothing you feel will ever be wrong, so don't question it. If you trust me - if you trust Dave, John and Aaron - trust those words. We all see it. We all know that the best thing to do, the wisest thing to do, is to trust the heart of an angel. We will always be safe there."

As her tears kissed her impossibly beautiful face, Summer allowed herself a small, ethereal smile.

"That's what I want, Summer, and that is always the approach I'll take whenever it's time to make these types of decisions in my life. If you feel negative about something - if everything doesn't feel right to you - I want you to choose not to do it. Don't worry about what anyone else says. I will support your decision every time. If you feel nothing but love and joy about something, please, know that that's what I want you to do. That is what will make me happy."

She was looking down, staring at her wedding set. Her engagement diamond dazzled through fallen tears.

Squeezing her hand again, I pressed my face to the back of her neck and spoke softly into her long, gorgeous hair. "Now would that be the case, regardless of the woman? Hell no, it wouldn't. With most women, I'd want complete control over those types of decisions. I didn't marry most women, though. I married the one and only you, and I trust your heart with my life."

Summer was trembling in my arms. I held her close, until finally she looked up pleadingly. "Baby, you all say I'm an angel, yet I'm also just a girl. I'm not perfect. I make tons of mistakes. You're much smarter than I am, so I can't be the one to decide everything. That's just crazy. I'm all about emotions, and you're the sensible, logical one. I have to be able to trust you to make those big decisions. If you don't guide me, I'm terrified that I'll screw up."

"Do you mean what you say?" I asked, which clearly surprised her.

Pausing, she blinked. "Yes, you know I do."

"Then if you trust my judgment that much, trust it enough to believe in me."

"I do believe in you!" she cried out through her tears. "How can you ever question that?"

I held her tightly to me. "Summer, if I'm the smart one, and you want me to make the big decisions, why are you doubting and fighting the most important decision I've ever made?"

Summer pulled back with a look of shock. She simply stared into my eyes, trying to read me, worried that her idyllic house of cards was already falling apart.

"Jake, I'm not—" she began to say.

"What do I love, Summer? What do I trust more than anything in this whole world, and what makes me happy? What did I decide to give my life to?"

As she stared into my eyes, I continued to hold her hands. Finally her soul broke asunder, and her tears flowed like rain. She kissed my hand before pressing it to her pounding heart. "This..." she whispered. "You decided to give your life to this."

Nodding, I kissed her heavenly eyes.

Reaching up to wrap her arms around me, she spoke in a halting voice. "I love you, my darling husband. I don't know what I ever did to deserve you, but I understand now what you're telling me. If you say that the smart thing to do, the right thing to do, is to trust to my heart, then I need to believe in you enough to know that you're right. I do believe in you, baby, so I won't doubt your decision.

"I'm just scared because I've never lived like that before. No one has ever placed himself completely in my hands, believing in me the way you do. I've never believed in myself the way you believe in me. Just promise you'll always be there with me. Promise you'll let me know if I'm ever hurting you, or hurting myself."

"I will," I said, tenderly kissing her on the lips, "but trust me, you won't. You will never be alone, Summer. I wouldn't have married you if I thought there was any chance that the real you would end up hurting me. I've seen the real you. I know when you're happy, and I know what makes you happy. I know what I've gotten myself into by marrying you, and I couldn't be happier with my choice. Just love me as best as you can. That's all I'll ever ask."

A soft smile came to her glowing face. "I promise on my heart that I will always try to make you happy, Jake. I will never fail you there.

"Still, since I'm apparently going to be handling all the 'social decisions' in our marriage," she said, jokingly rolling her eyes, "can we at least put your wonderful brain to good use by having you handle the important stuff? You know, like the household finances and the big, scary talks with our kids? I suck at finances, and our children will need a parent who tells them smart things, not just one who constantly hugs them and cries with happiness all the time."

"Okay," I said, making a dumb face, "I think we've got it all worked out now. You, lover! Me, fighter! Guh!" Lumbering around like a caveman, I clubbed her over the head with a pair of tube socks.

Laughing, she pulled me down onto the bed for a big kiss. "That is not the club I want you to pound me with, my darling Neanderthal." Tickling me, she shot me a wicked grin. "So you think you know what you've gotten yourself into by marrying me, huh? We'll just see about that! Grab what you need, and go get yourself ready in the other bathroom. You don't get to see me tonight, not until midnight at the club. Now scoot!"

~to be continued~

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Submitted: August 20, 2014

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