Summer is Hot in Cozumel: Ch. 02

Summer is Hot in Cozumel: Ch. 02

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Summer treats her new friends to a sexy taste of heaven.


Summer treats her new friends to a sexy taste of heaven.


Submitted: August 17, 2014

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Submitted: August 17, 2014



"Dimitri, you're going to be as red as a lobster if you don't put some sun screen on," Summer said, lifting her head to check on him. She pressed her finger to his naked hip, showing him the white spot that immediately appeared.

He was lying on his back, and she noticed that his sleeping cock lay to her side across his right thigh. Even flaccid, she found it quite impressive.

Moving over to sit directly alongside him, she squeezed out some sun cream and began rubbing it into his thighs, hips, and chest. Sliding her hands down his stomach, she smiled to herself when his waking cock began to thicken and lengthen, stretching across his thigh before inching its way up his hip.

During her next outward sweep, the side of her hand made contact with his bobbing shaft. She continued down his thigh, noting with satisfaction that his very large dick had become fully erect; it stood straight up, thick, tall and proud. With his enormous slab no longer in the way, she paused to admire his heavy balls. When she leaned forward to cup them, he lifted his head to watch her with a relieved smile. Returning his smile, she lowered her head and wrapped her lips around his weighty globes. Taking one then the other into her mouth, she grasped his cock and began gently stroking it as she sucked his oversized balls.

Dimitri spread his legs, and Summer climbed between them. Perched on her knees, she steadied herself with one hand while licking her way up his towering shaft, until her lips encircled the circumcised head. Stopping to gaze into his eyes, she smiled, "May I please suck your beautiful cock?"

"Da...yes, please," he groaned.

Summer grinned. "Thank you. God, you have a gorgeous cock. Don't pull out, okay? Cum in my mouth."

Wide-eyed, barely able to believe his good fortune, Dimitri merely grunted his assent.

After hooking her hair behind her ear, Summer lowered her mouth over his large plum. Sucking on just the head, she teased his slit with her tongue, enjoying the taste of his increasing volume of pre-cum; then, removing her hand, she slid her lips down his shaft, taking him deeper. Pausing at the halfway point, she relaxed her throat before going further. When she had only two more inches to go, she repositioned her head and took a deep breath; she forced her mouth the rest of the way down, until her bottom lip was kissing his smooth scrotum. Holding that position while moving her head side to side, she hummed on his cock.

Moaning happily, she deep-throated him for as long as she could, then she pulled back. After catching her breath, she did it again, this time in one motion. She began wetly slurping up and down, up and down, taking his seemingly never-ending pole all the way to his balls, and it was too much for poor Dimitri. Clutching her breasts in sheer desperation, he capitulated with a sudden cry, erupting in her mouth.

Wanting to catch at least some of his massive load on her tongue, Summer pulled her head back. Moaning happily again, she swiped at the corner of her mouth to retrieve an errant drop before sucking her finger clean. With two satisfying gulps she swallowed everything down, finishing with a wide grin. "Is that what you were wanting, Dimitri?" she asked sweetly. Still kneeling between his legs, she licked all over his cock while tickling his ribs.

"Da! Da! Amazing!" he said, laughing from her tickles.

"You're pretty amazing yourself there, big boy. You really do have a fantastic cock," she smiled, softly sucking his tip to coax every last bit of cum from him. Holding his dribbling shaft between her lips, she savored his final delicious spasms.

"Summer, thank you so good. You are truly beautiful princess. And yet I think this is not good job you hire me for, no? I must go do some work now, yes?"

Laughing, he pulled himself up and got dressed on the porch. After giving her a sheepish grin, he disappeared into the house.

Once he was gone, Summer crawled back over to her towel and happily collapsed facedown before dozing off again.

A short while later she was wakened by the feeling of someone gently rubbing cream on her legs and bottom. "Mmmmmm, that feels nice," she said quietly.

"Very pretty bootiful," she heard.

Without opening her eyes, she smiled. "Mmmm, yes, Alex. Is good, is good."

He stroked her as if she were the most fragile thing in the world, and her ass tingled at his tender touch; each tentative caress sent chills up and down her spine, straight to her overheated pussy. She felt her young lover straddle her thighs; unlike before when he was wearing shorts, this time she felt nothing but a long, hard and very naked cock nestle in her warm divide.

Wriggling and flexing on his shaft, she used her perfect bottom to masturbate him.

He squeezed each cheek, marveling over her exquisite ass. "Princess is...angel," he said, and Summer melted. Reaching between her legs, she spread her petals and raised her hips, offering herself to him.

She felt his shaft slide inside her pussy, then his body pressed down, covering her. Lowering her head to her arms, she gave herself over to the sensation of being deeply fucked by the boy's long, thin cock. His knees were planted on either side of her thighs, so her legs remained mostly closed as he drove into her velvet depths. Before too long, though, she raised her ass high and arched her back, taking him doggie style. With his hands on her hips he simply pounded away at her precious pussy while she rocked against him, softly moaning, "Mmmm...fuck me, beautiful boy...fuck me...."

Thrusting again and again, he was thoroughly enjoying the wonderfully pillowy cushion her ass provided him in that position; recalling what had so fascinated him earlier, he reached down to stroke her asshole. He gently caressed it before pressing his finger inside, making Summer moan in delight. Her tiny pucker felt so hot and tight to him as he penetrated both holes, eagerly double-fucking her.

After a few more minutes of rocking into her, and sensing that she might enjoy taking his cock in her smaller hole, he pulled out of her pussy to position his tip at her tiny star. Pressing forward, he was amazed at how easily he was able to slide inside.

"Oooooh...mmmm, yes, fuck the ass," she moaned, reaching back to spread herself for him. Alex began a deep stroking, and Summer ground against him each time he bottomed out. "God, I love you in my ass," she whispered. Along with her sexy moaning, the sight of her smooth, sculpted mounds shuddering around his cock each time he slammed into her eventually became too much for Alex, and with a loud groan he came again, filling her gorgeous bottom with burst after burst of hot cum.

Once he'd finished cumming, Summer quickly pulled herself out from beneath him. Grinning, she said, "I know you won't understand me, but there are still a few more things you need to do before you've experienced everything."

Pushing Alex down onto his back, she climbed on top of him into a sixty-nine.

"You haven't had a proper blowjob, you haven't cum in my mouth, and you haven't tasted pussy or made a girl cum with your mouth," she said, smiling happily over her shoulder. While lowering her curvy bottom to his face, she brought her lips to his deflating cock. His hands went to her ass cheeks, cupping and squeezing them, and Summer made sure not to drop all her weight onto his mouth. She kept sucking him and licking him; soon enough, he became hard again. More importantly, he began to understand that he was also supposed to do the same thing to her pussy. Knowing how much she seemed to enjoy having her asshole played with, he went ahead and began to lick, kiss and suck her cute little asterisk too, which had Summer yelping in pleasure.

Because he had already cum three times that morning, Summer knew it would be a while before he'd be able to cum again, so she decided to treat him to the best blowjob anyone would ever give him. For his part, he was also already showing a natural talent for pleasuring a woman, especially with his affinity for eating her ass; considering it was his first time, she was again very impressed. She told him so by wiggling her ass on his mouth while saying, "Good, Alex, good!"

After bringing him to another full erection, she began deep-throating him, including taking his balls into her mouth. When he jerked and moaned, she knew he was getting close. Sliding her hand down to the tender spot between his legs, she pressed her finger into his tight ring. As he tensed up, she lifted her head to whisper, "Shhhh...relax." She persisted, and before too long she had her fingertip inside.

Dancing her ass over his mouth, she playfully wagged it in invitation. He drove his tongue back inside her pink star, and she took that opportunity to slide her finger deep into his virgin hole. He immediately moaned in her ass, which she absolutely loved, and with a long, heavy sigh he came yet again, pouring his young cum onto her tongue.

Summer kept sucking, never pulling off as she hungrily swallowed every drop. When Alex followed her example by sucking her clit, she came too. It wasn't an explosive orgasm; it was only a warm, gentle pulsing, but he was able to tell when her pussy quivered and somehow became even softer, then he felt it become much wetter.

Summer stayed in that position, just panting for a few moments before turning to lay with him face to face, body to body. He was beaming happily, his face shining wet. She beamed right back, poking him in the chest and saying, "Good!"

"Soomer good!" he said, touching her nipple, which made her giggle.

Holding up one finger, she took his flaccid cock and touched her pussy with it. "You fucked me there."

Holding up two fingers, she spun around and showed him her asshole, touching it with his cock. "You fucked me there."

She held up three fingers and held his cock to her lips, only he interrupted her by eagerly saying, "I fucked Soomer there!"

"Good!" she said, clapping excitedly. Touching his lips, she brought that same hand to her pussy.

"I kiss Soomer there!" he said.

When she beamed again, he touched his own lips, and with that same hand he reached between her legs. Smiling sweetly, she spread for him. He touched her asshole and said, "I kiss Soomer there."

"Good, Alex. Is good! All of it! Is good!" she said, beaming even more brightly. She touched her mouth, breasts, pussy and asshole; she touched his mouth and cock, then she cupped his balls, slipping a finger down to tickle his ass. "All good, Alex! Is all good. Alex kiss me everywhere. Is good." She swept her hands over her entire body. "Alex fuck me everywhere. Is good." Again, she swept her hands over her body. She gave him a questioning smile, as if to ask, "Do you understand?"

He smiled right back. "Alex good. Bootiful pretty princess good. All good. Kiss...." He made a kissy face. "Fuck me...." He made a crude hip-thrusting gesture, which had Summer doubling over in laughter. She came up applauding, nodding her head.

"All good. No bad. Is all good!" he said excitedly.

"Yes!" she squealed, excitement in her voice too. She clapped again for him, and he responded with a comical bow of appreciation. When she hugged him, she noticed that he returned her hug with no tentativeness or hesitation.

Finally he sat back and looked at her. "Soomer..." he began to say.

She smiled at the way he pronounced her name. Pointing to herself, she said, "Yes, Soomer."

" good?" Showing her his cock, he made his crude hip-thrusting motion again. He had a sincere look of uncertainty.

Taking his flaccid length in her hand, Summer gave him a warm, genuine grin. Petting it, she looked up at him with a tender smile. "Alex, yes, is good. Alex fuck Soomer very good." Nodding eagerly, she made a gesture of crossing her heart, then she leaned down to kiss his cock. Sitting back up again, she touched her pussy. "Pussy."

"Poosy! Yes!"

She touched his cock. "Cock."

"Cock!" he grinned, playfully wagging it at her.

Laughing, she touched her pussy again. "Is good pussy?"

"Yes! Yes! Is good poosy!" He leaned down to kiss it. "Bootiful pussy!"

Giggling over his innocent enthusiasm, she touched his cock. "Bootiful cock! Is good cock! Bootiful, pretty cock." Again, she kissed it. She came up smiling, nodding her head as she took him by his hands. She ran their hands together from his eyes, over his mouth, down his chest, onto his cock and across to her body, where she repeated the whole process.

He smiled in understanding. When she leaned over to kiss him on the lips, he awkwardly returned her kiss.

She put her hand to his mouth, slowing him down. "Slow," she said, holding up her finger.

By then he understood that "slow" meant to slow down and let her show him what to do.

She leaned in again and just gently brushed their lips together, until they were sweetly kissing. After a few moments of soft kisses, she slid her tongue out to touch his lips, and he copied her. She lightly licked at his lips and tongue, then he did the same to her.

Soon they were comfortably kissing, and she noticed that his cock had become hard again. With a gorgeous giggle she climbed into his lap to straddle him; she pressed his erection into her pussy, taking his firm shaft deep inside her silken sheath. Touching both their lips, she kissed him. When she finished her kiss, she smiled and pointed to their mouths. "Is good."

"Mmmm, is good. Soomer is bootiful kiss," he said, kissing her again.

Riding his long, hard cock, she slowly fucked him, kissing him the entire time; soon he became an excellently responsive kisser. Also, as much as he was enthralled by her "poosy," he seemed to be even more obsessed with her beautiful breasts. He couldn't stop staring at them, especially when Summer began bouncing up and down in his lap, fucking him with wild abandon, her breasts bouncing right along in rhythm.

"Breasts," Summer grinned, pointing to them. "Breasts."

"Mmmm, Soomer breasts, so bootiful pretty," he smiled.

Taking his hands, she placed them on her ass, then she dropped her hands onto his ass and squeezed. "Ass," she said. "Ass."

"Soomer," he answered, groping her full, lush bottom, "is bootiful, bootiful ass!"

"Alex is bootiful ass too," she giggled, squeezing his firm cheeks.

Laughing, he flipped her over onto her back and climbed between her legs. "Fuck me," he grinned.

Summer laughed too, sexily spreading her legs. "Yes! Fuck me!"

Alex and Summer happily fucked for another twenty minutes; she fully surrendered her body to the eager boy, wrapping her arms and legs around him as he relentlessly drove his granite cock deep into her wet, welcoming pussy. "Alex, beautiful Alex...fuck me, baby, fuck me...mmmm, fuck me, beautiful boy," she moaned, and she was thoroughly delighted when he filled her womb with another load of fresh young cum.

When he was finally finished, Summer reached down to scoop out some of his warm gift from her pussy. Showing it to him, she said, "Cum."

"Cum," he said, pointing at his cock. "Alex cum."

Nodding, she gave him a big grin. "Super good, Alex cum!"

He rolled onto his back, smiling serenely. Moments later, though, his expression turned curious, and he sat up again. "Soomer?"

She grinned, waiting.

He pointed at her pussy. "Soomer, cum?"

Giggling, Summer gave him a happy hug as she nodded excitedly. "Soomer cum! Very good cum!" She counted it off on her fingers for him. "One, two, three, four! Soomer cum!"

She took him by the hand and led him to the water. Pointing at his cock, she said, "Alex, cum." Collecting two handfuls of water, she squeezed them through a small opening she made by cupping her palms together, forcing an arcing stream to shoot out.

"Alex, cum," she said again, and he nodded his understanding.

Pointing at her pussy, she said, "Summer, cum." Taking another handful of water, she let it gently flow between her fingers. "Summer, cum!" she explained, smiling brightly.

Recalling how her pussy had overflowed with wetness when she shook, he beamed in understanding. Scooping up another handful of water, he let it flow over his palm. "Summer, cum?" he grinned, holding up four fingers.

Flashing a gorgeous contented smile, Summer happily hugged herself. "Uh-huh!" she exclaimed, nodding goofily as she held up four fingers. Making an exaggerated "Wow!" face, she gave him the "We're not worthy!" bow.

Exploding in laughter, Alex picked her up and tossed her high into the air. Squealing in delight, she giggled like a little girl when he caught her, then she wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned in to kiss him.

As he carried her back towards the house, they never stopped kissing.

~ ~ ~

Dimitri and I were dressed again and sitting on the back porch when Alex came striding up the sand, laughing as he carried a giggling and still completely nude Summer in his arms. It had only been maybe two hours, yet Alex was scarcely recognizable as the intensely bashful boy who could barely lift his head from his shoes when we'd first met.

Dimitri was beaming with pride at the sight of him. "Is miracle," he said to me in wonder.

After setting Summer down, a grinning Alex grabbed the crossbeam directly above our heads and again made his loud whooping noise as he ripped off a few silly pull-ups. "Haaa!" he laughed, spotting some fishing gear over in the corner of the porch. Smirking at Summer, he used one of the longer poles to retrieve his shorts from the roof.

Summer came and sat in my lap, curling herself into a little ball. She was facing Dimitri as Alex whispered something serious to him in Russian. They exchanged looks, and the boy nodded. When Dimitri whispered something equally serious in reply, Alex seemed uncertain, so Dimitri whispered it again. Whatever Alex whispered back, it made the big Russian smile and nod.

Alex came over to us and shook my hand. "Thank you...Mister Jake."

I clasped his hand. "I'm happy for you."

Alex looked over at Dimitri, who translated it for him. Alex shook my hand again. "Thank you."

Going to one knee before Summer, he took her by the hand. Gazing up at her in deep adoration, he said, "Thank you, Soomer. Is miracle angel."

Summer had tears in her eyes as she leaned down to hold his face in her hands. "Thank you, Alex. Is miracle angel too," she whispered, then she kissed him.

Intently studying her, his expression revealing both concern and confusion, Alex reached up to touch the tears on her cheek. "Soomer?"

"Is good...bootiful good. Alex so bootiful to Soomer," she said, smiling softly as she touched her own tears. She happily hugged herself again, and he grinned in understanding.

When Dimitri indicated to him that it was time for them to leave, the love-struck boy graciously kissed Summer's hand. After thanking us, Dimitri led his starry-eyed nephew to the door. Still gloriously naked, Summer gave them each a warm hug and a kiss, along with an invitation to stop by anytime they were in the neighborhood.

As our new friends were walking out to their truck, Alex couldn't help but turn back to the house. He just had to take one last lingering look at Summer, who responded with a cute little wave goodbye from our front porch.

Simply staring at her, he finally shouted, "Soomer! Most bootiful angel!"

Summer hugged herself for him again, then she blew him another kiss.

With a wan smile, he finally climbed into the truck. Dimitri fired it up, waving to us as he backed out of our driveway.

After watching them drive off, Summer and I returned to her towel on the sand. As she settled in to read her book, I checked my cell phone messages; there was only one, but it instantly made my expression brighten. When Summer saw my reaction, she sat up excitedly.

"Baby, what is it?"

Smiling in anticipation, I handed her the phone, letting her listen for herself to the message from Dave...

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I'm looking down at the ocean right now. We're thirty thousand feet in the air, and John is trying to convince Aaron to go to the lavatory with him so they can join the Mile High Club together. Aaron's proving to be a tough sell, though. He's saying John's a fag, and John's making kissy faces at him, calling him a boring stick-in-the-mud.

Same ol', in other words. Anyhow, I wanted to give you a heads up that we're on our way. Oh, and hey, tell Summer to check the bottom-left drawer of the main dresser in the master bedroom. She should find a yellow 'Cozumel' tank top there. It's just an old, beat-to-hell little t-shirt, but don't throw it away, at least not until Summer tries it on first. She'll look absolutely amazing in it.

Christ, John just pinched our stewardess's ass. She seemed to dig it, actually. Oh, shit, now they're getting out of hand.

Okay, gotta run! Aloha, bienvenidos, and all that jazz! See you kids soon!

Tossing the phone, Summer squealed in delight as she jumped up and hugged me. "Did you hear that?! They're really coming! All of them! They're coming! They're already on their way! Wooohoooo!!"

She did her sexy little victory dance again, then she took off like a naked banshee, whooping and hollering in pure joy all the way across the sand before launching herself headfirst into the crashing surf....

~to be continued~

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