Summer: Ch. 01

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Summer temptations...

Thin apartment walls: a blessing or a curse?

Wide awake and pondering that very question, I again looked over at the blood red digital display. That accursed clock on my nightstand was mocking me, I just knew it.

"That's right, you loser! It's now 2:13 a.m., and you're still staring at me!"

I shared a two-bedroom apartment with a guy named Bill, who had his girlfriend over that night. Despite having never met her, I already felt as if I knew her. For one thing, Bill had been bragging about her for months, constantly telling me that she was "so fun and so smart." He wouldn't shut up about how "nice" and "sweet" she was, and there would always be some new adventure where she supposedly drove him crazy with her lack of inhibition. Mostly, though, it was simply her "unbelievable hotness" that blew him away.

"Dude, I'm not even exaggerating. You'll see," he said smugly.

Typical Bill, bragging about a girlfriend, making her sound like she was Miss July or something. Unfortunately, at least as I saw things, he was occasionally right. Some of his girlfriends had been hot enough that I could have easily imagined them cavorting in the grotto at Hef's mansion. The way he talked about his new one though, damn, I had little doubt that whenever I finally did meet her in the flesh she would make me envious as fuck of him.

In the meantime, I'd already been introduced to one highly compelling aspect of her: how incredibly sexy she sounded when she was fucking.

It was those thin walls. I could hear her in Bill's room, fucking and talking, whispering and giggling. I could always hear just about everything. They tried to keep the noise down, but it was no use. Never mind the bedsprings squeaking and the headboard banging; I could literally hear her breathing, even her quiet breathing. Laughing, moaning, crying out, whatever, it was nearly as if I were there in the room with them.

If nothing else, I'd already decided that her breathing and her voice when she was fucking sounded every bit as hot as he'd described the rest of her. Just hearing that girl was driving me insane. I could only imagine how bad it would become once I met her, and I had a face and a body to go with that voice.

Her name was Summer. Of course it was. Summer. Who actually names their daughter Summer?

Yep, she really was driving me out of my mind, and I hadn't even met her yet.

~ ~ ~

It was 6:30 a.m., which meant that Bill had already left for work. It was still dark in the apartment, and I'd stumbled out of bed to go take a piss. Standing naked at the toilet while trying to aim my morning hard-on, I waited until I finally softened a little before letting loose.

Suddenly the bathroom door swung open, and in walked Summer!

Oh, fuck. I'd forgotten that she'd spent the night. When I'd heard Bill shower and leave the apartment that morning, I'd gotten up to go, thinking I had the place to myself. I didn't need to turn the bathroom light on just to take a piss, not with the street lights providing sufficient illumination. Assuming I was alone, I also hadn't bothered to throw on any shorts, nor had I bothered to close the bathroom door.

Summer just came walking in, her hands fanning out her hair. Yawning, she was scratching her head, and all she had on was a men's dress shirt. Fortunately for me, she also hadn't felt any need to turn on the bathroom light.

Still, there I was, completely naked, holding my half-erect cock sidelong to her while taking a piss!

"Ohhh! Sorry!" she exclaimed.

Quickly spinning on her heels and bailing, she closed the door behind her on her way out.

'Christ…' I thought.

Finishing my business, I grabbed a bath towel and held it around my waist. When I opened the door, there she was, leaning against the hallway wall. She had a foot up against the doorframe, one knee bent and the other leg straight. Her arms were folded across her chest, and she wore a patient grin.

"Sorry about that. I didn't know anybody was in there."

"No, it was my fault," I said. "I should've closed the door. I spaced. I thought I was alone here."

"That makes two of us. I didn't know you were here either, so no need for apologies. Besides," she added, overtly looking me over, "I'm not that sorry."

'Wow! Did she really just say that?' I thought, grinning to myself.

"At least you didn't walk in on me, right? By the way, I'm Summer," she smiled, offering her hand in greeting.

'Yes, you definitely are,' I thought, though what I said was, "Pleased to meet you, Summer. I'm Bill's roommate, Jake."

I accepted her handshake while holding my towel around my waist with my other hand, and she giggled, "I guess you didn't realize I came over last night."

"Yeah, I know, I heard you two—" I started to say, regretting it before I'd even finished my sentence. "I mean Bill's told me all about you, so I figured, you know.…"

"It's okay, Jake. Bill told me he had a roommate, and I know these walls are pretty thin."

I noticed two things then. One, she remained smiling - nearly smirking - as she looked me up and down. Two, we were still holding hands.

"It's not just the bedroom walls either," she giggled. "You really needed to go, didn't you?"

Oh, Jesus, she'd been listening to me taking a piss!

Delighting in my embarrassment, she laughed, "I'm only kidding! I was just getting up to, well, you know, go myself."

That entire time, I'd been standing in the bathroom doorway. When she released my hand, I put it up high on the doorframe.

"Excuse me, but nature calls to little girls too!" she giggled, ducking beneath my arm and brushing my hip with hers while sliding by me into the bathroom. When she leaned down, she also turned towards me; for a brief moment her shirt opened, treating me to a quick glimpse of deep cleavage and bare thighs as she pressed her breasts against my ribs.

"Excuse me," she smiled again, once she was past me. Stooping to sit on the toilet, she pulled her shirt over what looked to be a bare hip. "I'll just be a second, then I'll be right out."

I took that as my cue to close the door and give her some privacy. Good thing, too, as I was already becoming hard again due to our sexy encounter.

Back in my room, I'd dropped the towel and was just starting to put on some gym shorts when I heard a light tapping on my door. I opened it, and there she stood, smiling shyly as she watched me finish sliding my shorts over my hips. I really should've adjusted my cock to make it less obvious. I was still kind of hard, which she couldn't have missed.

She hadn't. "I just wanted to say how glad I am that we finally got to meet, although we probably shouldn't tell Bill about…this…" she said, conspicuously grinning at my erection, then she glanced at her own unbuttoned shirt before looking back up to my face.

"Umm, no problem," I said uncertainly.

"I mean it's not like we did anything wrong, you know. I didn't try to see your…ummm, I mean, walk in on you in the bathroom. Me, dressed like this, and you, the way you your towel, I meant."

With her hands clasped behind her back like an innocent little pixie, she was just sort of stammering while shifting her feet back and forth. Her top was buttoned in the middle, but that was it, and the way she moved inside her shirt was driving me batshit crazy.

"No, you're right, this probably wasn't how he planned on introducing us," I added charitably.

I didn't know why, but I was already feeling...guilty? I also felt that I was getting this weird vibe from her, like she was wanting me to cover for her with Bill.


"Anyway," she chirped, "I just wanted to say hi, and good morning. It's been fun meeting you. I'm sure we'll see a lot more of each other!"

She turned and ran down the hall, which I found both surprising and utterly adorable.

~ ~ ~

At a very youthful-appearing twenty-six, Summer looked just like Isla Fisher, Vince Vaughn's redheaded love-interest in Wedding Crashers.

She had the same long, thick hair, as well as the same lush, curvy body. She was slim and tight yet somehow still voluptuous, with the same gorgeous white smile that was seemingly always on display. She definitely had the same mischievous sparkle in her eyes. Though Summer had Isla's rich auburn mane, she didn't have the typical redhead's fair skin and freckles. Due to her mixed Irish-Italian ancestry she was that rare redhead with green eyes and a golden brown complexion.

She absolutely had Isla's crazy, infectious enthusiasm and playfulness. Like a human hummingbird, her motor constantly pinned to redline, she was a perpetual fountain of unbridled happiness and positive energy. A five-foot-seven curvy little dervish, she was all hips and tits, with wild hair and a perfect ass to die for, topped off by her never-ending cherry smile.

Truly, she seemed more sexy elf than human girl. I could've easily pictured her in green velvet, with pointy ears and shoes, baking up thousands of delicious erotic cookies.

The only time she wasn't Miss Bubbly Sunshine was when I'd hear her fucking; then she sounded warm and sultry. Her breathing, her moans, even her words, they all took on a deeper, smokier timbre. It was such a hot transformation, the way she would go from being a giggly girl to a lust-filled slut of a woman once she began to fuck.

She was like a drug.

~ ~ ~

A few days passed before I saw her again. She was a Pilates instructor who worked all over the city, and for the most part she came by or stayed over whenever her work schedule encouraged it. What that basically meant was she crashed at our place any time she didn't feel like going home to the apartment she shared way out in the 'burbs with some flaky roommate.

It was the following Saturday morning, and she and Bill were puttering around in the kitchen when I came in to have breakfast. While Bill was dressed for his big weekend golf getaway with his buddies, Summer was only wearing a tiny pair of royal blue satin tap panties and a tight white belly-shirt. The tap panties were amazingly low cut, and damn were they loose around her legs. The thinness of her white top made it abundantly clear that she was braless, and either the kitchen was really cold or she was very happy to see us that morning because her proud, beautifully long and thick nipples were standing out quite prominently.

And it certainly wasn't cold.

"Hey," I said, walking into the kitchen. "I didn't hear you guys come in last night."

"Yeah, we tried to be quiet," Bill said.

"This time," Summer joked, kicking him under the table.

Chuckling, he said, "Summer told me you two already introduced yourselves a few days ago."

Summer quickly looked at me before looking back at Bill. Picking up on her unspoken message, I said, "Yeah, we met after you went to work. We sort of ran into each other in the hall."

Summer said, "I trust you slept better last night, Jake? No noisy people keeping you up all night this time, I hope."

Bill pulled her into his lap. "Oh, c'mon, babe, we tried to be quiet!"

"You mean you tried to be quiet!" she laughed. "You don't want Jake to hear you, yet you sure don't seem to mind him getting an earful of me!"

"That's true. Why should I?" he smirked.

"You're such a retard. Maybe Jake here doesn't want to be kept up all night by jungle noises, did you ever consider that?" she grinned, slyly turning to me.

"I slept just fine last night, Summer, thanks."

"I'm glad. I'd hate to impose on you."

"Oh, please!" Bill exclaimed in good-natured exasperation. "Summer, enough with the crocodile tears over poor Jake! He's a grown man, for crying out loud. I'm sure he can handle a little noise."

Summer grinned again at me, even poking her tongue through her lips. "Oh, I'm very well aware that he's a grown man. That's not the point, though, and you know it. How would you like it if you had to listen to, you know...if you had to listen to him?"

"Why would I ever have to do that? I'm either gone, or asleep, or…" he started to say, before pausing with a shit-eating grin.

"'Or…' what?" laughed Summer. "Jeez, you're such a...guy!"

Still grinning, she climbed from his lap and went to the fridge.

Happy as a clam, Bill turned back to his newspaper and breakfast.

Smiling softly over her shoulder, Summer said, "Don't mind Bill. At least I care that you get your beauty sleep."

Bill just sniggered into his paper.

Summer glanced over at him before giving me a cute grin, then she went to her hands and knees to open a cabinet next to the fridge. Spreading her legs, she bent all the way down, poking her head inside the cabinet. She made a bunch of racket as she rummaged around, looking for whatever it was she was searching for in there.

All I knew was that her ass was sticking way up in the air not five feet from me, and Bill had his back to her. Her tiny tap panties had tightened enticingly over her ass and pussy mound, making it obvious she wore nothing else. Damn, the shape of her full pussy including the split of her lips was detailed to perfection.

She stretched one leg straight towards me as she reached deeper into the cabinet, which gave me a quick shot into her panties. All I could see was a shadow of pink inside her open panty leg; I couldn't see any details, but it was also obvious she was shaved.

She apparently found what she was looking for, and while still on her knees, basically doggie-style, she scooted out backwards with her raised ass sliding right towards me.

Holy fuck, she was amazing.

"Feel like eating something, Jake?" she asked, smiling sweetly as she showed me the pan she'd found.

I knew she'd said it that way on purpose. She was definitely teasing me, and I returned her smile. "That sounds excellent. I'll eat whatever you're offering."

She bounced around the kitchen for a few minutes before placing a plate in front of me. Leaning over to scoop an omelet onto my plate, she pressed her heavy breast into my bare shoulder. Her hair smelled incredible, even over the wonderful aroma of the food. When she stood again, she slid her breast across my shoulder, and I could feel her erect nipple through her thin top.

"Satisfactory?" she asked, giving me a sunny grin.

"Very," I said, looking pointedly at her and not my food. Her breasts were absolutely mouthwatering in that skimpy top. For more than a few moments she just let me take her all in; from her bare legs to her barely covered pussy, over her sexy stomach, all the way up to her gorgeously swelling breasts with their very erect nipples.

"Good," she smiled, once my eyes had finally returned to hers. "It's the least I can do."

When Bill looked over his shoulder to tell her his breakfast was great too, she quickly turned away. Once he returned to his paper, she turned back to me with a hot smile and silently mouthed, "Behave."

Again…damn. She was killing me. Whatever she was doing, she wanted me to play her game, and she wanted us to do it without Bill knowing.

Standing at the sink rinsing dishes, she asked, "Bill, what are we going to do about my car today? Will you be able to run me over to pick it up?"

"Oh, fuck," he said.

Bill was obviously thinking about his golf weekend, and wanting to get going. He was already dressed and just about ready to leave.

"What's up with your car?" I asked.

"It's at the dealer getting the moonroof fixed. I have the day off today, so it's no biggie, but I need to go pick it up."

"I'm not doing anything important today, so I can run you over to get it."

Bill gave me a quick thumbs-up behind her back.

"Are you sure? I mean, after the other night…." Grinning, she kicked Bill again. "I don't want to be any more of an imposition to you. First I rob you of a good night's sleep, and now you're my taxi service?"

"It's really no biggie. Just let me know when you wanna go."

"See, babe," chuckled Bill, "I told you he didn't mind hearing us the other night."

"You mean hearing me! That was so embarrassing! Why didn't you tell me Jake was right there in the next room?"

"I dunno. Must've slipped my mind. I was kinda distracted there, you know."

"Slipped your mind? Suuuuure it did. You probably wouldn't mind if I ran around here naked," she grinned, casting a flirty glance my way.

"Why would I mind? I certainly have no problem with watching you run around naked," he said into his paper, appearing quite pleased with himself.

"I'm talking about him, you dork," she smirked. Spreading her arms behind her, she leaned back against the counter. Smiling as she offered me the full view of her mind-blowing body, she added, "I hadn't even met Jake yet, and already he was hearing me fuck."

It was definitely a good thing I was sitting at the table. Between the visual show she'd given me, the feel of her breast on my shoulder, and the way she was smiling as she described herself fucking, I was as hard as a rock, and my little running shorts weren't doing a damn thing to disguise my condition.

"If you don't want him to hear you, I guess you need to make less noise," Bill teased, enjoying her embarrassment. "Either that, or just accept it, and don't worry about it. Like you said…thin walls."

"Okay, I'm outta here," I grinned.

I got up and walked behind the table so Bill wouldn't see the erection his girlfriend had given me. He didn't see it, but Summer sure did. Though I tried to scoot my way by without showing her the front of my shorts, she still caught a glimpse of the huge tent I'd created. Her eyes widened, then she brought her hand to her mouth, suppressing a giggle.

As I moved past her, she whispered happily, "Ooops! Sorry!"

~ ~ ~

Still buzzing over her, I'd showered and gotten dressed. Bill was long gone, and Summer was waiting for me in the living room. She was simply standing there, incredibly gorgeous and sexy in a white sundress with yellow flowers. I couldn't help but think, 'As short as that tiny dress is now, it's going to be absolutely deadly when she sits down or bends over.' It was also low cut on top, which she emphasized by wearing a push-up bra that highlighted her already ample breasts. She had her hair down and loose, and she finished off her breezy ensemble with a pair of white sandals.

She looked like a happy song.

"Ready to take me now?" she asked with a warm, inviting smile.

"Sure. I'm ready if you are."

"Let me just grab my things," she grinned, leaning down to pick up her backpack from the couch.

Man, what beautiful breasts…so full…so firm.

A few moments later we were pulling out of the apartment complex, and I asked, "Okay, so where are we going?"

"Just head over to the auto mall. My car's at the dealer there."

As soon as we were on the road, she kicked off her sandals, tilted her seat back and put her feet up on the dashboard. "Mmmm, it's such a nice day. I just love the feeling of the sun on my legs, don't you? Thank you so much for taking me. You're so sweet to go out of your way like this for me."

"No problem," I grinned, and it really wasn't. I would have gladly driven her to Timbuktu if it meant she'd keep her feet up on the dash like that. The top was down on my convertible, and the wind was rippling her dress all over the place. She was holding her hands in her lap so her dress wouldn't fly up over her hips, but I was still getting an incredible view of her golden brown thighs.

"I better be careful with this dress, huh? People might get to see more than they bargained for," she giggled, smiling as she leaned back and stretched her arms over her head. Her dress instantly flew up, showing off her white lace thong. Laughing, she quickly shot her hand down into her lap. "See? A girl's got to be careful in this car! That's why you took the top down, wasn't it? Pretty sneaky."

"Me? You asked me to take the top down! I'm just the innocent chauffeur doing your bidding."

"Details," she giggled. "The sun feels awesome on my legs, so can you blame me for wanting us to go topless?"

"No, I wouldn't blame you at all," I grinned.

"The car's top, funny guy! God, I have to be careful with every little word around you, don't I?"

She was really enjoying herself, and so was I. "Hey, I didn't say anything. All I did was agree with you."

"Uh-huh," she said, her angelic smile shining brightly. "You're totally innocent…as pure as the driven snow."

"Exactly. Now you're getting it."

"Funny, though," she said with a mischievous grin, "and maybe I'm just imagining things, but it seems that for such an innocent boy you sure do keep having certain, ummm, things happen, whenever you see me." She released her dress again, bringing her hands up to smooth them through her long, flowing hair, and her dress immediately began whipping all around. She never lowered her legs, nor did she make any move to hold her skirt down. She just gave me a sexy grin as I stared hungrily at her bare legs and lace-shrouded pussy. "Why is that?" she continued. "Was it simply a coincidence that the two times we've met you were in the same condition?"

"Yep. Entirely coincidental," I said, totally deadpan.

She was enjoying playing along. "It's just normal morning stuff for a guy to get that way, huh, and both times I've seen you it was in the morning."

"You got it."

"Well, coincidence or not, it's probably a good thing that Bill doesn't know, don't you think? I mean it's not like we're doing anything, right? Still, you're a guy, so how would you feel if your roommate and your girlfriend kept having these coincidental incidents like we've had?"

"I guess it would depend on how I felt about the girl, and how she felt about me and the roommate."

"Oh really? How broad-minded of you," she teased. "So if I was your girlfriend, you wouldn't mind if I ran around naked in front of your roommate?"

"You haven't run around naked yet in front of me."

"Details," she smiled again. "You know what I mean."

"Well, look at Bill. You heard him this morning. He said he wouldn't mind at all if you ran around naked in front of me."

"And you believed him?"

"Sure, why not? What's there to worry about?"

"You mean since it's not like you and I are having sex or anything."

"See, now you get it," I said, laughing.

"You're so full of baloney," she giggled. "So is Bill. He's just showing off for you. I know him. He's fine with the little things, but he gets totally jealous if he thinks I'm really flirting with other people. Just a little flirting and he acts like I'm the town slut, as if I'm actually having sex with everyone."

"We haven't flirted though, right? So he's got nothing to worry about," I grinned.

"Now you're the one who gets it," she said, beaming. "I don't think he'd be too happy if he knew about our bathroom incident, even though we didn't do anything. Like I said, it's not like we had sex."

"Or this morning in the kitchen," I added, still thinking of how she was bending over to show me her ass behind Bill's back. I was thinking of her breasts, and the way she dragged her erect nipple across my shoulder. I was thinking of her, and I was looking at her bare legs next to me in the car. I was becoming hard again.

"Yes, exactly, like in the kitchen. We didn't do anything there either, yet there you were again, looking like that…" she grinned, staring at my growing cock. "Mmmm, yes, just like that, Jake. That's how you were in your bedroom too, after we ran into each other in the bathroom. Yep, it's probably best that he doesn't know about these things. He might think I was up to something."

"That's just silly. All you did was make breakfast."

I was catching on. She was mentioning all three times she saw me get hard, yet she wasn't saying it by name, and she wasn't admitting to having anything to do with it. She was also saying she wanted to keep it a secret from Bill.


"Did you enjoy your breakfast, by the way?" she asked, slowly tracing her fingertips up and down her smooth, tan thigh. When she slid them between her legs, mere inches from her pussy, I gulped and turned my attention back to the road.

I wasn't even sure if she knew what she was doing, or what she was doing to me. She was just so naturally sexy that the way she was caressing her inner thigh might've been completely innocent.

"You serve a great omelet, no doubt," I said, staring straight ahead.

"Good. I'm glad you enjoyed your breakfast. I was just so embarrassed over what we were talking about, and you hearing me the other night. Sound travels like crazy in that apartment! I've heard you breathing and stirring in your room, so god knows what you've heard from me. I could hardly face you."

"If it'll make you feel any better, I haven't heard that much."

"Really?" she asked hopefully. "What could you hear?"

"Oh, just the usual. You know, lots of giggling…stuff like that."

She grinned, and I tried to stare back at her while keeping a straight face. I couldn't do it. I had to look away.

Laughing, she punched me in the shoulder. "You're such a liar! You heard a lot more than giggling, you jerk."

"Okay, fine. I heard some breathing...and moaning...and panting."

"Yes...go on...."

"I heard the bed moving, and…."

"And...what?" she prompted, anxious for me to go on.

"I heard some totally hot female voice singing opera, or maybe it was an exorcism, I'm not sure!"

"Jake!!" she shouted. Laughing, she began raining down a million slaps on my arms and shoulders before finally burying her head in her arms. "I can't believe you heard me, and I can't believe you said that! I'm so embarrassed!"

"Well, you made me!"

"Yeah, well, what about you?"

"What about me?"

"Aren't you embarrassed too? I mean, fine, it's not like we're fucking or anything, but the very first time I ever saw you, what did I see? You were totally naked, with your huge dick in your hand. You were also really big and hard the next two times I saw you."

'My huge dick in my hand? Sweet!' I thought. Watching her as she continued to stare at my erection, I grinned, "You weren't supposed to see me like that."

"You weren't supposed to hear me like that," she countered.

"Touché. So I guess we're even then."

"If you say so," she replied cryptically. "I just know we haven't done anything wrong. We haven't cheated or anything, but it's still probably good that Bill doesn't know. I don't need the drama."

"Fine by me."

"We haven't done anything bad, you know," she added.

"Nope, nothing at all," I agreed.

We finally arrived at the dealership, where I waited for her to get her car. Once she was all squared away, she told me to meet her back home. When we returned to the apartment, she sat us down together on the couch. "Jake, you're a guy," she said, giving me a silly grin. "Can you help me with something?"

"Sure," I laughed, wondering what the "you're a guy" qualifier had to do with anything.

"Okay, here's the deal. I want to get your 'guy' opinion on something. Basically, I want you to help me pick out something to wear for a hot night out with Bill."

"Why do you need my help with that?"

"Honestly? This is hard for me to say, but okay, here goes. I'm not sure, but I think Bill might be getting bored with me. We've been together for a few months now, and it just seems like, I don't know, something's not right with him. It's starting to affect me too. I'm noticing that I don't feel turned on when I'm with him."

Pausing, she said, "I'm sorry, I must be crazy. I shouldn't be telling you this. Just forget I ever said anything."

I didn't know what to say. "Ummm, you sounded okay the other night," I finally offered.

"Jake, it wasn't that good for me. What you heard was mostly for his benefit, plus I was thinking of…well, let's just say I was thinking of other things to get myself excited. Even though it wasn't all that great, it was still one of the better ones we've had recently. I just don't know whether we have 'it' anymore."

"Well, how do you want me to help? I don't know what I can do," I said, and that's really how I felt. Also, I wasn't exactly too hot on the idea of helping her become more attractive to Bill.

"What I want to do is pick your 'guy' brain to help me choose an outfit that'll really turn us both on when we go out; something that'll excite me too, not just him. I'm wondering if maybe he and I aren't getting too comfortable, to where we're taking each other for granted? Maybe I've stopped being exciting to him? I want you to tell me what would really excite a guy."

"But he can't know about this, right?"

"Right," she smiled.

"Bad girl," I chuckled.

"Aren't bad girls the ones guys really like?" she asked, smiling sweetly.

"Bad girls deserve to get spanked," I grinned, thinking, 'Man, this is fun!'

"Ooh, there you go! That's exactly what I'm talking about! Go ahead, tell me what turns you on. Do you like to spank bad girls?"

"Well, yeah, of course I do, though I can't honestly say that I know a whole lot of girls who are bad enough to deserve a good spanking. You're about the only one I know at the moment."

"Me?" she pouted, pure innocence and wounded sunshine. "What bad things have I ever done to you? Haven't I been good so far?"

"So far?" I repeated.

Lord, I sure liked the sound of that.

She gave me a happy grin. "Yes! So far! Have I done anything so far that would make you want to spank me for being a bad girl? I mean it's not like I totally ogled your big dick when you were naked, or when you got all hard in your shorts, did I?"

"I don't know. Did you?"

"Details. Still, it's not as if I wore anything too revealing, like that barely buttoned shirt. I was covered, wasn't I? This morning I wasn't bad when I made you breakfast, right?"

"Depends on your definition of 'bad,' I guess."

"Well, okay, maybe I was a little bad when I was looking for the right pan to make your breakfast," she said, flashing a wickedly sexy smile. She stood and stretched before me, arching her back while jutting her ass right in my face. "Just because I was bent over a bit too much in my loose, tiny panties, and maybe it was a skosh naughty of me to be doing it where Bill couldn't see what you were seeing, that doesn't mean I deserve a spanking, does it?"

She pooched her ass out and wiggled it in my face, taunting me.

"Yes, it does!" I growled playfully, tackling her to the couch. She laughed hysterically as I wrestled her into a facedown position over my lap, her incredible ass thrust high in the air.

Smack! Smack! Smack! As I spanked her ass through her sundress, she writhed and wriggled like an eel caught in a net. She was thrashing like crazy, yet at the same time I noticed that despite all of her laughing, screaming and "Stop! Stop!" protests she really wasn't trying to get away!

Spanking her impossibly perfect bottom, I also noticed that she looked and felt absolutely amazing. The more she wriggled, the higher her dress inched up her thighs. Soon I was spanking her bare, golden ass, with only her white thong bisecting her reddening cheeks. She wasn't writhing to get away, nor was she trying to block my hands, which were simply rubbing her smooth curves. Her tiny panties were darkening with moisture over her pussy, and her hips were flexing up and down as I alternated swats with caresses.

"Mmmm, god, you're going to give me welts if you don't stop," she moaned, belying the fact that she was lifting her ass into my hands, seeking more contact.

When I let up, she flopped down onto the carpet on her stomach. For quite a long time she lay panting and tenderly touching her ass. "Okay, so maybe I was a bad girl," she said, smiling sexily while continuing to caress her basically naked bottom.

"Maybe a little, so let that be a valuable lesson," I grinned.

Returning my grin with a gorgeous blushing, she looked up happily at me. "Oh, I learned my lesson. If I'm bad, I know you'll lift my dress and spank my bare bottom...hard."

She was lying on the floor with her legs spread, smiling as she reached back to stroke and caress her beautiful ass. She never stopped touching herself, and she also never stopped looking at me. "Seriously, do bad girls turn guys on, or do you want us to be nice and baby doll sweet and innocent?"

"It's not an either-or choice. We want you to be both."

"How am I supposed to be both, or even to know when to be which one?"

"That's for you and your guy to decide."

I was thoroughly enjoying the fact that we were speaking so freely. To be sharing a completely candid conversation with this uniquely beautiful woman I'd only recently met, I thought it really remarkable.

"Okay, but I'm asking you now," she persisted. "C'mon, tell me. What turns you on? I mean besides spanking the bare bottoms of poor, innocent girls like me."

She smiled disingenuously, her teasing message aided by her continual caressing of her hypnotic ass.

"Hey, who said I was turned on? All I said was that bad girls deserved to be spanked," I smirked.

Trying to be serious for once, she said, "Okay, then let me ask you something. Did that turn you on?" Lowering her voice, she added, "Because it definitely turned me on."

"Summer, I think you know."

"Seriously, I couldn't feel anything but your hand whacking away at my ass. I couldn't tell if you were, you know.…"


"Yes, hard," she said, rolling up off the floor to rejoin me on the couch. "Did spanking me make you get hard again? I'm asking. I really want to know. If you did become hard, don't worry about it. My pussy is dripping wet now because of what you did to me. Besides, it's still not like we really did anything bad, you know."

Shooting me a roguish grin, she glanced down at her moist panties.

I just leaned back, and she openly stared at my fully erect cock bulging in my shorts. Biting her lip as she leered at it, she smiled, "Good to know, good to know. Something to remember then for the future. If I want to get a rise out of you, all I need to do is be bad. You'll have to spank me, and we'll both become totally turned on. You know, Jake, I really love seeing you so big and hard like this. Now stay right there, and keep thinking happy thoughts. I'll be right back!"

She ran off to Bill's room, her sundress flipping up to reveal her rosy cheeks and long, beautiful legs. She returned a few moments later carrying some loose clothes.

"Okay, tell me what you think of these. If we were going somewhere on a date, which ones would turn you on the most?" she grinned, dropping the clothes into a chair.

First she showed me a pair of jeans and a white tube top, holding them up against her body. She raised her eyebrows, as if to say, "Yes? No? Maybe?"

I just nodded. "Possible."

"'K. Be right back."

She took the clothes and ran off to the bedroom. A few moments later she returned, wearing the jeans and the tube top. Her pants were literally skintight. They were low-rise jeans that left her hip bones bare. Her white thong straps were showing, and her tube top was so thin that I could make out the perfectly round shape and slightly bumpy texture of her silver dollar-sized areolas, and even the brownish-pink color of her wildly erect nipples. Her beautiful tummy was bare.

She twirled for me, doing a little pirouette with her arms above her head.

She was stunning, a total knockout, and I told her so. She beamed when I raved about her thong showing, and she giggled when I said how beautifully the tube top flattered her.

"It flatters me, huh? With this top you can see my nipples. I almost may as well go topless."

"Well, since you're asking, now that would turn me on! You have absolutely perfect breasts, by far the best I've ever seen, so I'd love it if you went topless!"

I said it with a laugh, but hell yeah, I meant it, too.

"No duh," she grinned, enjoying my imagery. "Thank you for that, but no, unfortunately I can't go out to dinner totally topless. Also, I don't know, but isn't this outfit maybe a bit too honky tonk?"

"I don't know about that, and sometimes honky tonk is exactly the right look anyway, but I might add that even as awesome as you look in those jeans, it's you making them look great, not the other way around. They're too new, thick and stiff. If a woman wears jeans, I like them to be old, soft and beat up. They should be really thin, even threadbare, and they need to be as natural-feeling as possible. I want them to feel as nice as she does, and those jeans just look too new and stiff."

"Okay, let me try something else. You like the top though, right?"

"Love it. You look amazing in it."

With an excited smile she grabbed something red from the chair and took off again. I was just beginning to sift through some of the remaining things in her clothes pile when she called out to me, "Jaaaaaake! Help! I'm stuck!"

I rushed to her bedroom, wondering what in the hell might've happened to her. When I found her on the bed, I tried not to laugh.

"Oh, shut up. Just give me a little help here," she giggled indignantly. She was on her back, with the jeans unsnapped and unzipped, but they were only a couple of inches down her hips. They were so stiff and tight, she couldn't get them off!

"Jake, okay, while I push from up here, pull down by my feet."

She lifted her ass and slid her hands into the sides of the pants, trying to wedge enough space to where she could gain some leverage. I was tugging at the other end, and with one good yank I managed an inch or so of movement down her hips. Finally, with both of us working together in a sort of back and forth seesaw motion, she was able to slip them over her ass. From there they slid easily down her legs, and I tossed them aside.

I was kneeling at the foot of the bed, so I only caught the end of her slipping her panties back over her smooth mound. She'd apparently pulled them down too, along with the pants.

Laughing, she sat up. Leaning back on her hands, wearing only her white lace thong and tube top, she was breathing hard. All tits and hips, her hair wild, she looked positively feral...and hotter than fuck.

"Okay, scoot," she smiled, after letting me take in the sight of her for quite a few long, delicious moments.

As I turned to go back to the living room, she got up from the bed. I saw her ass in their full-length mirror, and I watched her peel off her tube top. With her arms crossed above her head and the sides of her naked breasts bouncing into view, she looked like a goddess. Her silky back, sculpted legs and curvy, perfect ass were completely bare.

My god.

"Scoot. I'll be right out," she smiled over her shoulder.

A few minutes later she returned to the living room wearing another skintight outfit, only this one was a mind-bogglingly short halter top dress. Deep scarlet, it was made of a softer cotton that was at least thick enough to prevent her from showing through. She did a full turn for me, and I saw that her back was totally bare. There wasn't a stitch of clothing covering her; the view from behind included nothing more than her auburn mane flowing down her sexy naked back, all the way to the tempting divide of her gorgeous ass. Whenever she arched her spine even a little, I could see half her bare bottom.

She'd obviously taken off her lace thong. She was just...fuck.

"And this one?" she asked, studying me.

"Very nice. Definitely the right thing if you're going out for an elegant evening, compared to jeans and a tube top."

"Okay, but does this just completely knock you out?"

She was really studying my reactions.

"Okay then, I'll be honest. It's close. It just misses the mark, though, for two reasons. I love the bare back. That is just a perfect, stunning look. Swear to god, you look like a goddess."

"Thank you. That's wonderful of you to say. What are the two things?"

"Remember, this is just my personal preferences we're talking here. Other guys might feel differently."

"I understand. I'm asking for your personal preferences. Tell me."

"Okay, the first thing is tied to the second thing. It's the material of the dress. I normally don't prefer tight things on a woman unless they're made of a super soft material, to where it feels like her skin. Satin. Silk. Thin cotton, stretch lace, or even Lycra. I want to feel the warmth and suppleness of her body. Thicker material like you have there, it denies me that touch I crave."

"This is awesome," she grinned. "I love learning this. These are exactly the kinds of things I want to know. Tell me more."

"Okay, the second thing is the tightness of the dress. Like I said, going back to the first thing, if a dress, skirt or top is going to be that tight, then it needs to feel soft and sexy. That being said, I still prefer loose and flowing to super tight. I'd rather something be see-through than tight, and along with see-through I like things that are loose, flippy and revealing. Unless it's something really thin and sexy, most things that are skintight usually don't allow the body to move freely. I want to see those subtle movements of her flesh. I also want access, including visual access. I like for a woman's body to flit in and out of sight beneath clothes that only barely cover her. Nothing flatters a beautiful woman more. Nothing. That's what gets me hard, quicker than anything."

She stared intently at me. "That's what you want your woman to wear in public? Something that allows her body to flit in and out of sight? You don't go insane with jealousy, knowing other men are also seeing her dressed that way? Seriously?"

"Absolutely. Nothing turns me on more than to see a beautiful, confident woman openly displaying and enjoying her body in public. The ability to see bare skin is much more exciting to me than seeing her body wrapped up in skintight clothes. Her body will always be more beautiful than anything she could ever wear. Her clothes should flatter her, not the other way around."

Summer's mouth parted. Her lips were moist and shining.

"Even with soft, silky clothes," I continued, "I still prefer something that drapes loosely over her body. I want it to move. It should shimmer and entice. A perfect dress reveals, then denies…a constant tease."

Summer's eyes were on fire.

"I want other men and women to enjoy her beauty, and I sure as hell don't want to limit my own enjoyment of her to when we're alone at home. Why would I want to deny myself the thrill of seeing her when we're out together, or even when we're just goofing around with friends? I want to see her through their eyes, too. I want everyone to lose their minds over her wherever we go, and she should always get off on turning people on. Their hungry reactions should inspire her."

Still staring at me, she again bit her lower lip. Slowly, hotly, she breathed, "God, you can't imagine how much that turns me on."

"Summer, there's your sexy voice I love so much when I hear you fucking. The way you are right now, just totally turned on, this is how I would always want you to be, especially when we're with friends or we're out together. This is how I'd want you, and this is how I would want others to see you."

Her eyes flashing, she grabbed the last of the clothes from the chair, telling me to stay put. She disappeared again to the bedroom, but at least on her way out I was again treated to a few seconds of her beautiful back and a little of her ass as she slinked her way out of the room.

When she returned, she seemed a little uncertain and even a bit shy, maybe for the first time since I'd met her.

"Is this what you mean?" she whispered.

Oh yes, it was most definitely what I meant. She'd gone far above and beyond anything I'd ever imagined.

"Fuck me…" I whispered hungrily.

Nibbling on her lip, she waited anxiously.

"I'm sorry," I said, but I couldn't help it. My cock was granite, and I wanted to cum. I at least had to stroke myself.

With a knowing smile she watched, letting me die a little over the sight of her. "I thought so. This is what turns me on, but I've had guys tell me, 'No, you can't wear those things. They're way too sexy. It's too much of a hassle, having to worry about every guy who sees you dressed that way.' You, though, you say you'd welcome it. You'd want it. Jake, that drives me insane. I'm as turned on as you are, with your big, hard cock. I swear, my pussy has never been this wet."

I squeezed my erection, and she let out a gorgeous moan.

She was wearing white stiletto heels and a short, flippy skirt. Whispery thin. White silk. The skirt was asymmetrical, cut longer on the right side than the left, with a subtle undulation in the hem forming a rising wave in the center. At its shortest point, directly over her pussy, it only covered her when she stood straight. At its longest, it slipped down to mid-thigh. Otherwise her thighs were totally bare.

I didn't dare check to see whether she was wearing panties. As close to the edge as I already was, I knew that if I caught even a glimpse of her naked pussy I would blow my load right then and there. Just the thought of how that ultra-thin silk would feel sliding over her bare hips and ass had me nearly on the brink.

Her top, though, that's what was really putting me in danger.

"You said you'd want me topless," she whispered, studying my face as I stared in awe at her mouthwatering breasts.

Her top was simply breathtaking. Silk again, fuchsia instead of the white of her skirt, it was a wondrous drape. That's literally what it was: a drape. It covered her trim stomach, and it had narrow shoulder straps, but the magical thing was the way it draped over her breasts. Framing them in a wide, sweeping arc, its elegant folds formed a deeply plunging neckline, such as it was. It came down nearly to her belly button, leaving her entire chest bare. Only her nipples and a small portion of the outer curves of her breasts were covered. The bottom of the drape pooled loosely at her waistline, otherwise her back was also completely bare.

"You said you prefer something thin and silky that moves, shimmers, and sometimes exposes me," she grinned, her smile growing as she took in my stunned reaction. She set her hands on her knees, which she kept close together. Leaning down like that made her drape fall away, fully exposing her bare, natural breasts. They were literally flawless, and I simply stared, mesmerized by her tantalizing pink turrets rising above her gorgeous castles.

"So beautiful…so perfect," I said, gazing upon her in sheer wonder.

"You'd take me out dressed like this? Exactly like this? If I was your woman, you'd let other men see my naked breasts totally exposed this way, bare nipples and everything?"

"Yes, and I might not ever let us come back home," I said quietly, looking down past her belly button and back up to her pendulous golden brown breasts with their beautifully erect tips. Finally, I returned my gaze to her shining green eyes. "Summer, you might change into something less perfect, then I'd be sad."

"If I wore this in public, I'd need to be careful with how I stood, sat, or moved."

I just grinned. "Summer, figuring out what you can get away with, that's half the fun. Also, a big part of it is making sure not to act concerned or self-aware. You can't be constantly pulling your skirt down or holding your top closed. It ruins everything if you do that."

"Show me," she said, smiling as I continued to drool over her bare breasts. Leaning in a little more, her smile grew more seductive. Her erect nipples were dancing mere inches from my lips, teasing me to where I could almost taste them. "Show me, Jake. Show me what you'd do to me if I was all yours. I want to see where that line is; the point where it becomes too much."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm positive. Take me out somewhere. I want you to show me what you'd have me do to turn you on; to turn us both on. Let's go right now, before I chicken out."

I changed into some slacks and a nice shirt while Summer fidgeted outside my door. When I emerged from my room, she looked straight at my crotch and grinned, "Okay, new rule: You are hereby forbidden from wearing underwear in my presence. You can always see my nipples, so you know when I'm excited. I want the same thing. If I make your cock hard, I at least deserve to see it."

"What if Bill's here?"

"Then he can look, too," she smiled. "All I know is I want to see your cock."

Marching right back to my bedroom, I shucked my underwear.

"Commando it is!" I exclaimed, returning to the living room.

She grinned as she appraised my much more conspicuous bulge. "Very nice. That's how it should always look," she said, reaching down to give it an affectionate caress before grabbing my hand and tugging me towards the door.

"Wait," I said, stopping her. "I'm going commando now, but what about you? Panties, or no panties?"

"How do you want me?" she giggled, again tugging me towards the door. Once we got to my car, she wasted no time in jumping into the convertible.

"Top down, m'lady?" I smiled, climbing in beside her.

Turning to face me, she leaned back against the door while slipping off her high heels. Settling in, she arched her bare legs over the center console. When her scandalously short skirt fell away from her smooth thighs, she gave me a seductive grin. "Mmmm, definitely top down," she purred teasingly, and as we headed off into the night her fingertips were flirting with the silk drape that only barely covered her nipple….

~to be continued~

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Submitted: July 15, 2014

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Yes YES oh god YES !!!!! That's exactly what I've been trying ( in vain ) to convey to my lovely wife for ever .... You completely captured the essence of my fantasy in " There and back again " !!! Brilliant keep it up !!!!

Fri, December 26th, 2014 4:10am


Dickie351, I'm confused. Is your comment in regards to "There and Back Again," or this first chapter of "Summer"? In any case, this was but a teasing appetizer, so pull up a chair and get comfy. With the "Summer" saga, you're in for quite the gourmet feast.

Thu, December 25th, 2014 8:44pm

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