Stacey: The Finale

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A beautiful tease mends a broken heart.

I was startled awake by the feeling of something pouncing on my bed. Cracking open my eyes as I groggily came around, I saw Stacey bouncing up and down like a little girl trying to wake her parents on Christmas morning.

"Daaaaaan, it's time to wake uuuuuuuup!" she whispered in my ear. Smiling mischievously, she straddled my legs and flipped up the covers. Poking her head beneath the sheets, she popped right back out and made a playful pouty face. "Awww, you really aren't up yet, are you? Let's see if we can fix that!"

I was finally fully awake and aware of what was happening. Stacey was sitting happily on top of me, having pulled back the sheets to expose my boxers. She was still wearing her pink panties, but she'd taken off her t-shirt; in its place she only had on a lacy pink bra. Similar to her panties, it wasn't see-through; nonetheless, she looked amazing in it, especially when she put her hands on my chest and leaned down to me. Her cleavage was simply awe-inspiring, and her just-out-of-bed tussled blonde hair was absolutely adorable. She even smelled fresh and warm, somehow reminding me of freshly baked cinnamon rolls.

"So what are we going to do with you today?" she smiled sweetly, sliding forward to where she was sitting directly on my soft cock. "By the way, good morning, baby," she breathed, giving me a tender kiss on the lips.

She'd never done that before!

"Good morning to you too, Cinnamon Girl," I said sleepily, arching my back as I stretched and yawned.

"Mmmm, I like your morning wake-up stretches!" she grinned, feeling my hardening cock pushing against her panties. "But what's this about 'Cinnamon Girl'? You've never called me that before."

"You've also never climbed on top of me in your panties and bra before, smelling like a freshly baked cinnamon roll."

"I smell like a cinnamon roll?" she asked, gathering her hair and bringing it to her nose. She sniffed her shoulders and arms, then ran her hands all over her body before bringing them to her nose. "I guess I do smell kind of cinnamony, huh? I've never noticed that before. I wonder what it is?"

"Maybe your perfume?" I offered.

"I haven't put any on yet. Besides, you've smelled my perfume. It's not cinnamony."

While sniffing up and down her arms again, she pressed her panties-covered pussy in small but insistent circles on my growing cock.

"I think he's finally waking up!" she giggled, giving me a huge grin.

She slid down to check her handiwork; as I lay flat on my back in a pair of loose boxers, she could clearly see the bulge of my cock. While staring at my partial erection, she wore a bright smile. "God, baby, it looks so good, it makes my mouth water. It really does. Don't guys normally wake up every morning like this, though? You know, with a huge hard-on?"

Reaching down to cover it with my forearm, I pressed it flat against my thigh, only to have her gently pull my arm away. "Baby, no, don't hide it from me. Let me see," she said quietly. Smiling, she stared admiringly at it for a few moments before reaching out to caress it. As she held me in her hand, her pretty smile grew into a soft, warm grin. "I love it, you know. I love your cock, especially when it gets hard. It makes me happy to see you like this, so please don't hide it from me, okay?"

I knew I must have been blushing like crazy, but I nodded anyway, and her smile grew even brighter. "Thank you. You'll see; it'll be more fun if you let me see you, just like I'll let you see me. You get to show off this big cock to me as much as you want, and I'll love it every time. Now are you hard because of me, or is this just your usual morning hard-on?"

"Stacey, it's you. C'mon, you felt it. I wasn't hard when you first jumped on top of me. I haven't gotten even a morning hard-on in over a year. Last night was the first time I came pretty close to having a full erection of any kind."

"Well, it looked pretty hard to me last night, and it sure looks hard now." Petting it, she grinned. "It feels hard, too. This definitely feels like a big, hard cock. This counts as an erection, doesn't it?"

"It's getting there, but it's not all the way there yet."

"Would this help to get it all the way there?" she cooed, slowly sliding her bra straps down each shoulder. Staring at me the whole time, she sexily darted her tongue between her teeth. When her straps were loose, she gently pulled each slender arm through the loops, leaving her shoulders and upper chest completely bare. Smiling seductively, she reached up and lightly caressed the newly exposed skin of her breasts.

Her nipples were still covered, yet I was seeing more of her gorgeous mounds than I had ever seen before. She began to get goose bumps all up and down her arms, then on her breasts too, which made them look even more beautiful.

After spinning in my lap to face my feet, she arched her back, and her shimmering blonde hair floated down to her pink panties. Lowering her ass onto my cock, she used her strong thighs and tight bottom to give me a firm squeeze. "Mmmm, you feel hard between my legs. You really love my ass, don't you? Are you fully hard for me yet?"

She leaned back on her hands until her silky hair kissed my chest, and all I could do was grunt. Though I couldn't see her face, I could hear the sexy smile in her voice as she said, "I want your big, thick cock to get rock hard for me. Please, baby, let me feel it pressing into me."

Sitting back up, she slid her hands inside her panties to squeeze her ass. She spread herself open, then slipped her panties halfway down her spectacular bottom.

I could see goose bumps on her golden curves, and her little moan was devastating.

Leaning forward until she lay flat on top of me, she slid her panties-covered pussy up and down the length of my cock. Then, while lifting her hips as she pushed back up my body, she used two hands to spread herself; hovering her half-uncovered ass over my stomach, she sexily wagged her tempting tail in my face. With a hot moan she lowered her mouthwatering bottom and slid down towards my feet; dragging her pussy over my arching bulge, she paused to grind her moist mound back and forth on my flared crown.

The crests of her ass and hips were absolutely incredible, and the split dividing her tanned cheeks was achingly beautiful. Stacey's ass was truly flawless. There was even a growing wet spot in her panties that became more prominent every time she pressed the thin cotton to her pussy by sliding her body up towards my stomach.

Perched atop my cock, she pushed herself up into a fully erect sitting position before reaching back to unclasp her bra. With her arms folded in front to hold her loosely hanging bra to her breasts, she looked over her shoulder. "Better?" she smiled. Grinding her pussy with a sensual dancing of her hips, she grinned, "Do you get even bigger and harder than this?" Adding a little squeeze with her ass, she moaned, "Mmmm, because you feel really big and hard now."

"Just a little bigger," I panted.

"Mmmm, there's even more of your cock for me to look forward to? I can't wait," she grinned. Tossing her bra to the floor, she arched her back again; pressing her pussy down hard, she began a steady rocking motion with her hips. Her naked back looked so perfectly sleek and sexy with her long shining hair spilling down to tickle my stomach, and the sight of her bare breasts swaying atop her ribs was making my mouth water.

Giving me a delicious final grind, she put her forearm over her breasts and climbed off. Turning to face me, she grinned, "Touch yourself, baby. I want to see you hold it and stroke it for me."

Though it was still covered by my boxers, I lifted my cock and squeezed it below the head.

'What a surreal moment,' I thought. 'Here I am, holding out my dick for Stacey's inspection. Stacey, of all people! She's just standing there, with only her arm covering her gorgeous naked tits. She has nothing on but a sexy smile and tiny panties that are barely covering anything anymore.'

I could scarcely believe any of it.

Smiling happily, she exclaimed, "I think we're making definite progress!"

I waggled my cock at her, and she did the cutest little giggle as she jumped up and down, clapping excitedly.

God, she was gorgeous.

Beaming like a beautiful child opening her birthday presents, she said, "See, I told you! Isn't this fun?"

I laughed, "I'm certainly not going to complain about having you as my alarm clock!" Waggling my erection at her again, I grinned, "And as you can see, I definitely approve of your morning attire."

"I'm so glad," she said, reaching down to retrieve her bra while still covering herself with her forearm.

Because of the show she was putting on by going topless for me, I was actually somewhat able to overlook the fact that she was only wearing panties in front of me, which I found thoroughly amazing.

"Okay, sweetie, you're good and awake now, so I'm gonna go hop in the shower and get dressed," she said, still beaming brightly.

"Get dressed? Awww, do you have to?" I asked, pouting for her.

"Yes, silly, I do! I have big plans for you today!"

Never lowering her arm, she draped her bra over my head, smiling as she turned to leave. When she was at the foot of the bed she paused to tug her panties down below her ass, though only on one side, which somehow made it even sexier. Grinning over her shoulder, she swished her hips like a stripper before darting out of the room with another of her adorable little giggles.

Her bra was still draped comically around my head, and my cock was throbbing.

I noticed the subtle scent of cinnamon.

~ ~ ~

Once I heard the shower start, I got up and knocked on the bathroom door.

"Come on in!" she said.

She was singing in the shower, and the whole bathroom smelled like steamy flowers as I took my morning piss.

After finishing my business, I headed to the kitchen to make myself a bagel. I heard the shower shut off, then Stacey called out, "Dan, could you c'mere for a second?"

Returning to the bathroom, I found her standing at the sink wearing a bath towel...a very short bath towel. Though she was holding it together in the front, the tops of her breasts were still showing. In the back it just covered her bottom, at least until she leaned forward to brush her teeth. The towel rode up then, exposing the lower third of her bare ass.

With her golden tan and luscious curves, her ass was like succulent fruit.

Continuing to brush her teeth, she took a few palmfuls of water to rinse her mouth before leaning down to spit out the toothpaste. With each rinse and spit she pressed her ass against me, until I began to rise in my boxers.

Looking in the mirror, she gave me a happy smile. With her towel tied in a loose knot between her breasts, she leaned forward to set her hands on the sink. Pressing her ass against me again, she closed her eyes for a moment before opening them to stare at me.

"Up or down?" she finally asked.


I had no idea what she was asking me.

"Put your hands on me, like this...." She took my hands and placed them on her hips. "Now, press into me."

Squeezing her hips, I pushed forward.

"Mmmm, nice. Okay, up or down?" she asked again. "My hair? Should I wear it up or down today?"

"Where are you going? You don't have to work this weekend, so what's the plan?"

"Where are we going, you mean. Didn't I tell you? I'm kidnapping you today."

"Okay then, Miss Kidnapper, where are we going?"

"I was thinking of taking us clothes shopping. I want to get you something nice to wear for me around the house that will show you off even more than your usual shorts do, and I thought you might also enjoy picking out some sexy panties and things for me to wear for you. Does that sound like a fun Saturday?"

Grinning, I nodded at her in the mirror.

Never taking her eyes off me, she shifted her hips. "You know what? I can't feel you the way I want to, not with this thick towel in the way. Let me feel you holding me. Go ahead, put your hands on my hips beneath the towel."

I slid my hands up her thighs, onto her bare hips; in doing so I managed to raise the back of her towel to where I could see her naked bottom.

"Yes, Dan, just like that." She leaned forward onto her forearms and pushed her bare ass against the front of my boxers, catching my hardening cock in the length of her warm divide. "Mmmm, I think you approve of this outfit even more than my last one," she smiled. "You're getting hard for me right away now."

Bent at the waist, her head resting sideways on her folded arms, she purred, "Press into me like you're fucking me, and could you rub some lotion on my shoulders? The bottle is right there...the yellow one."

While pushing into her naked bottom, I leaned over her shoulder to grab the bottle.

Spreading her legs, she arched her back and pressed her bare ass firmly against me. "Lower..." she said, raising her hips. When I pressed again, she stood on her tiptoes, forcing my cock lower still. "Lower, baby..." she whispered, reaching back with one hand to pull my hip down and forward. "Put your cock between my legs, like you're going to slide it inside me, then rub the lotion into my shoulders."

Backing away, I took a glance down.

Though my cock wasn't fully hard, it was definitely jutting forward, sticking straight out in my boxers. With her towel bunched up on her lower back, her smooth, golden ass was completely exposed.

My god...for the first time in my life, I was seeing Stacey's naked pussy. I stood frozen in place, spellbound by her glistening perfection.

Turning her head, she noticed that I was openly staring at her ass, her pussy, and my protruding erection. "God, you look so damn good when you're hard, you know that? I love the way your cock sticks out so far," she said, giving me a smoky leer. "Baby, if you want to take it out, I won't mind. Mmmm, just slip it between my legs. Let me feel it touching my ass...mmmm-hmmm...pushing into my hot pussy."

I stepped forward, and she raised her ass before lowering it to trap my cockhead between her thighs, the top of my crown pressing against her bare pussy lips. I couldn't see any of it, but I could sure feel it.

So could she, apparently. "Yes, that's it, I can feel you against my lips. You feel hard, baby, really hard, even through your boxers. Rub me now."

Leaning into her, I began spreading the lotion over her soft, smooth shoulders and upper back.

"Mmmm," she said as I rubbed her, and really we were rubbing each other; while I was stroking her upper body with my hands, she was using her ass and pussy to caress my cock. As I applied the lotion to her shoulders, I was actually sawing back and forth, almost in a fucking motion. My hands kept bumping into her towel, until finally I slid beneath it to smooth the lotion over the center of her back.

She lifted her chest from the sink, and her towel noticeably loosened.

With the towel bunched up at her lower back, my hands slid easily over her body. Peeking down, I noticed that her towel had opened all the way, leaving her bare breasts pressing against the sink top. Her lower back and stomach were still covered, otherwise she was completely naked.

"That feels so good," she purred, writhing beneath my hands; she was trying to make me rub wherever she arched her back. "Is this your favorite outfit so far? I can't tell if you're as hard now as you were before."

I sawed more conspicuously into her.

"If only you weren't wearing those silly boxers, then I'd be able to tell for sure," she grinned, moving her pussy up and down my shaft. "I wish I could feel your bare cock touching me...pressing into me...sliding deep inside my pussy. Wouldn't that feel sooooo good? Mmmm, but I know we can't do that."

As she lifted herself onto her elbows, I looked into the reflection of the mirror. Her bare breasts were visible; I could also see them from the sides, yet my view stopped just shy of her nipples.

Smiling sweetly, she cupped her hands over her breasts. "By the way, you still haven't answered my question. That's why I called you in here, remember? Do you want me to wear my hair up or down today?"

"Down. Always down, or in a ponytail. Never take your hair away from me by wearing it up. I want to be able to see it moving."

"Moving? Like this?" she giggled, swinging her hair back and forth over my hands. "Does my long hair turn you on?"

"Stacey, your hair is always amazing, but it's even more incredibly sexy against your beautiful back."

She gave me a gorgeous smile. "You've really been studying me a lot lately, haven't you?"

"I really didn't mean to. It just started happening one day, and the next thing I knew I was constantly noticing you...all of you."

"Baby, I want you to notice my body, so don't apologize. I want you to become as hard as a rock every time you see me. I love this new you, Dan. I love how I can always feel your eyes on me now, checking me out. God, it turns me on, and I'm doing the same thing too, you know. All those times you've hung around here wearing nothing but your little shorts, don't think I haven't noticed. I love seeing your bare chest, and I especially love the way your cock makes such a perfect bulge in your shorts. Sometimes my mouth literally waters when I see it, like when we were in your bedroom a few minutes ago. I'm telling you, I enjoy looking at your body every bit as much as you like to look at mine."

As she was smiling at me in the mirror, I noticed my cock had partly worked its way through the fly of my boxers. I felt moist heat directly on the top of my shaft, and suddenly she noticed it too. "Mmmm, yes, that's it..." she purred, clenching her pussy lips around me while sliding back and forth along my length. "God, baby, I want you inside me," she moaned, coating me with her juices.

When my bare shaft suddenly popped straight up, slipping between her ass cheeks, she cried out in celebration. "Yes! I can feel it! Baby, you did it! You're totally hard!"

Yes, I really was. Finally, for the first time in far too long, I was fully erect. While part of me was deeply thrilled, another part of me was in a panic. Mainly, though, I just felt...relief. I knew it made no sense, yet my overriding emotion wasn't so much one of lust but rather a grateful feeling that there was real hope for me again.

Hugging her from behind, I said, "You did it, Stacey. It's all you. Thank you, angel."

Again holding her towel together with one hand, she turned to face me. Though I'd stuffed myself back inside my boxers, she giggled at the obscene pup tent I was still making. Beaming, she draped her arm around my neck while burying her face in my chest. As I hugged her close and kissed the top of her head, I felt her warm tears on my skin.

"It's coming,'s coming. You're going to be fine, I just know it," she said, smiling warmly while wiggling her hips against me.

For a few perfect moments we simply held each other, until finally she grinned, "Okay, I'm going to go get dressed now. We'll have fun today, you'll see." Then she turned and walked out of the bathroom.

The second she was gone, I closed the door and pulled my boxers off; still erect, I climbed into the shower and immediately began to masturbate.

More than anything, I wanted to cum. Damn it, I just wanted to cum again.

Nothing. My cock began to flag, and without Stacey there to keep me excited I soon went soft again.

As I stood dejected beneath the warm spray, I thought, 'Still, it's progress. Try to be positive.'

~ ~ ~

Driving along in Stacey's convertible, I was once again struck by her sweet beauty. With her flowing golden blonde hair complementing the bright shine of her perfect white teeth and full, pink lips, she was simply radiant. When she caught me glancing at her toned, tanned legs stretching out from beneath her yellow sundress, she teasingly pulled up the hem and slid a scarlet fingernail between her sexy thighs.

"Enjoying the view?" she smiled.

"You're just gorgeous, Stacey...absolutely gorgeous," I said, nearly in awe.

"You're not too shabby yourself there, baby, with that hot body and big, bulging cock," she smiled, squeezing my hand. She was really laying it on thick, and she laughed over how slutty she knew she sounded. She always laughed, which was just one of the countless things I was discovering I loved about her.

Something had changed, though, and it was me. I realized I was beginning to lose my usual reticence. I was becoming comfortable with telling her how I felt, and I was no longer ashamed to talk with her about my sexual problems.

I also realized that when I was with her I was genuinely happy, and I couldn't recall the last time I'd felt real happiness.

"So," she smiled, "we're not finished with you, not by a long shot, but are you at least having some fun now? Are you enjoying your new toy?"

"You mean you, or getting hard-ons again?" I asked, laughing with her.

"I meant your hard cock, silly, since that's what started all this. But sure, since you brought it up, are you enjoying playing with me too?"

"Yes, to both. Truth be told, I'm having way more fun with you than I am with my other new toy."

I had decided to let it all out.

"See, Stacey, my other new toy still isn't working right."

"Oh, c'mon!" she exclaimed. "I felt it, clear as day! I still haven't seen it, not naked anyway, but I definitely felt it, and it was as hard as a rock! Plus you showed it to me in your boxers. It was definitely hard, Dan. It was long, hard, and absolutely gorgeous."

"Stacey, I still can't cum."

That one stopped her in her tracks. She just stared at me.

"I tried, Stacey, two more times. I took a shot at it last night after you went back to your room, and I tried again this morning in the shower. I thought it would be a sure thing this morning, since you'd just turned me on so much. For a few moments there, you had me completely hard."

"You were definitely hard. I could feel it," she giggled. "I just wish I could have seen it, too, along with the look on your face as you were experiencing your first full erection again. I didn't get to see it, but it felt awesome against me. You have no idea how badly I wanted you to put it inside me."

"I'm glad I didn't."

"Why? Because we're 'just friends'?" she grumbled, dripping bitter sarcasm.

"Well, yes, that's part of it. I don't want to lose my best friend, even if she is no longer the tomboy she used to be," I said, gently teasing her.

"Yeah, I would hope by now that you finally see me as being more than just 'one of the guys,'" she said, grinning mischievously.

"You know I do, Stace, but I also like the idea of moving slowly with this, like you said."

She sighed. "Baby, I'm trying to keep it slow. I really am. Listen to me, because I mean this in the very best way: If it was anyone but you, I would have fucked you this morning for sure when I was lying on top of you with my panties halfway down my ass. I wanted you to see me...all of me. I wanted you to pull my panties off, and I was dying for you to bury your tongue and especially your cock inside me. God, I wanted it so badly. I didn't do it, though, and I didn't do it in the bathroom either, where I wanted you even more. Because it's you, I'm trying to be good."

"I appreciate that, Stace. I really do appreciate everything you've done."

Ignoring me, she continued, "So what's the other reason you're glad you didn't put it inside me?"

"It's what I'm trying to tell you, Stacey. I'm still not all the way there. I can't cum! When I have sex again, I want to be able to cum! I want to get hard and do it whenever I want, just like I used to. Fuck, I want to be able to masturbate again! Do you know what it's like to not even be able to masturbate? And yeah, if we ever do have sex, I want to be able to explode inside you. I want to fill you with cum, and not just once in a blue moon."

"Baby, it's not 'if' we have sex, it's only a matter of when. Don't think for one minute that I'm letting you off the hook with just a great hard-on. I blew it with you when we were younger, but I'm not going to blow it this time. After spending nearly our whole lives together, we found each other again for a reason. Believe me, you're going to fuck me until I scream, and I'm going to fuck you like crazy. I'm going to make love to you with everything I have. We have so much catching up to do, and I'm not the least bit worried about your cock or its ability to perform. Don't you worry either, because very soon here you're going to be inside me every single day, filling my happy pussy and hungry mouth with gallons and gallons of cum."

Her expression became more serious, then she put her hand to my cheek, caressing me with the backs of her fingertips. Her eyes had again filled with tears. "I promise you that, on my heart. Baby, this is my life's mission now, to make you whole again, and to make amends for the mistake I made in letting you get away from me before. Don't you understand yet, Dan? This isn't just a game. I love you, and I've always loved you. Now that fate has given us a second chance, I'm going to make you want me forever...the same way I want you forever."

As we stared into each other's eyes, I took her hand and kissed it. "Stacey, I love you too. Every day I realize more and more that I have completely fallen in love with you. I've always loved you, and I'm certain you've always known it. We were just too young, that's all. It wasn't our time yet to be together. You're a miracle, and even though I couldn't see it back then, you've always been perfect. Maybe it is fate, the two of us coming together now like this, but I just want to be whole again before I try to be with you. I need to know that I'm able to give you everything you deserve, and right now I still can't."

"You will, baby, you will. Just be patient; there's no hurry. I'm not going anywhere, and there is no deadline here. Whether it's today, tomorrow or whenever, it'll come when it's meant to come, but I promise you, it will come...and when it does, so will I," she added with a sly smile, a cool fire burning in her beautiful deep blue eyes.

~ ~ ~

When we got to the mall, the first place she led me to was a lingerie store.

"Those shorts and boxers of yours have to go," she grinned. "I want something that displays you much more nicely...something silky to the touch."

She went to a saleswoman and quietly spoke to her as she gestured back at me. Smiling, the saleswoman waved me over.

"I think I have just the thing for you. Here..." she said, leading us to a display table, where she handed me a pair of silk shorts. "Go try these on for her."

She pointed out the changing rooms, and I headed into one of their little booths. I took off my shoes, pants and underwear, leaving my shirt and socks on as I slipped on the new shorts.

Stacey knocked lightly on the door. "May I come in?"

Once she came inside, she took one look at me and laughed, "Oh no, that definitely won't do! Silly boy, lose the shirt and socks, then come outside and let me see you!"

After she'd stepped back outside, I stripped off everything but the shorts. "Ready?" I called over the door.

"Ready and waiting," she called back, the grin obvious in her voice.

When I opened the door, there she was, standing with the saleswoman. I hadn't counted on that!

"Come, stand in front of the mirror," Stacy said. "Let us look at you."

Standing behind me with the saleswoman at her side, she positioned me before the mirror. After looking me over, she asked the saleswoman, "Do you have any smaller ones, maybe with an opening in the front?"

"I sure do. I'll be right back," she said cheerfully.

When she took off, Stacey put her hands on my hips and whispered in my ear, "Don't look now, but I think she likes you! Did you notice the way she was checking you out?"

"You're imagining things," I chuckled.

"We'll see," she grinned.

The saleswoman, Veronica, according to her name tag, came back with a pair of light blue shorts.

"Perhaps these might be more what you have in mind," she smiled to Stacey, handing her the shorts.

Stacey held them up to the light. They were certainly quite a bit smaller than the first pair, and they had a large opening in the front that closed with a single snap in the fly. They were also semi-transparent, which Stacey was discovering to her great glee by moving her hand around inside the material.

"These just might do the trick. Go," she said, handing them to me.

I went into the changing room and swapped the one pair for the other. "Ready?" I asked again.

"She went to go check on something," came Veronica's voice.

Stacey called from across the store, "Come on out. I'll be right there."

Exiting the dressing room, I stood beside a smiling Veronica in front of the mirror as Stacey returned to inspect me in the smaller shorts. "Turn around and face us," she grinned.

When I turned to face the two women, I realized I was also facing anyone else who was in the store. Stacey didn't seem the least bit concerned about that, though. Smiling as she stood behind Veronica, she gestured with a glance to the pretty saleswoman openly checking out the front of my shorts. I looked down too.

The silk boxers were so brief that the head of my circumcised cock was peeking out of the large leg hole; also, the light shining through the shorts made it easy to see my shaft and balls.

When I noticed Veronica staring intently up and down my body, I started getting hard; the shorts began to rise, revealing the underside of my lengthening cock.

I sheepishly tried to tuck myself back in.

"May I?" Veronica asked, grinning to Stacey as they watched me fumble around.

"Please do, before he gets himself arrested," Stacey said, and they both laughed.

Veronica reached down to the front of my shorts, where the head and a few inches of my rising hard-on had poked straight through the open fly! I'd forgotten to close the damn snap! Brushing the sides of my shaft with her slender fingers, she pulled the shorts up and over the head, tucking it back inside. Snapping the button closed, she primly patted me right on the tip!

My erection sprang straight up, and Veronica smiled while staring at the head peeking above the top of the shorts. "They certainly do flatter him, don't they? He wears them so well," she said, grinning to Stacey.

"To flatter him even more, don't you think they could maybe stand to be another size smaller?" Stacey replied, giving Veronica a sly look.

"I couldn't agree more," she giggled. "You have an excellent eye for proportions!"

"It helps to have a great model," smiled Stacey, turning to give me a sweet grin.

"Absolutely," Veronica said, looking me over one more time before smiling again to Stacey. "I think I may have something that will truly flatter him. I'll be right back."

Once we were alone, I chuckled to Stacey, "You're enjoying this way too much, you know that?"

"Me? It looks like you're the one who's doing the enjoying here, Mister No One But Stacey Can Get Me Hard. Yep, it sure looks to me like you're thoroughly enjoying being on display for Veronica. And to think, the first time I ever really get to see any of your bare cock, I'm having to share the moment with another woman!"

She was beaming happily, reveling in her tease.

"It's your fault," I said, still grinning. "You put her up to it. You're the puppet master here. I'm just the puppet."

Smirking, she said, "I thought with puppets it's their wooden noses that grow long and hard. You seem to have your puppet parts confused."

Before I could respond, Veronica returned with a pair of white shorts. She escorted me into the dressing room, where I was in and out in a flash.

"Oh, my!" she said with a sexy smile, after she'd tugged back and forth on the waistband to make a few adjustments.

"Those will work. Oh yes, those will definitely work. Excellent choice, Veronica," grinned Stacey.

'These shorts are obscene,' I thought, as I stood before the two women ogling my cock.

"I guess I forgot to mention it," Veronica giggled, "but these shorts don't offer a snap in the fly."

"They sure don't," Stacey said, smiling proudly. "Baby, do you like your shorts that much, or is it just the fact that you know Veronica is enjoying seeing your gorgeous erection standing so nice and tall through the fly? Is that what's making you so hard?"

"Whatever it is," Veronica grinned, "I think those shorts are keepers, don't you?"

I tried to tuck my cock back inside, but I was so erect that all I succeeded in doing was to reposition it vertically, with the upper third jutting out above the top.

"He'll keep those on," Stacey said to Veronica. "We'll take that pair and a half-dozen more of the same, in whatever colors you have."

"Of course," Veronica smiled. "Just let me remove the tag if he's going to wear them out."

"Of course," repeated Stacey, with a mischievous little grin. "Please do."

Returning her grin, Veronica reached down and pulled my waistband out; ostensibly looking for the tag while peering inside, she exposed my entire cock. "Mmmm, there it is..." she smiled, before bringing out a pair of small scissors. She stretched the wispy shorts over my hip to show my cock to Stacey, then she snipped off the tag. Shooting us a flirty grin as she subtly ran the back of her hand all along my solid length, she said, "I'll gather up your other pairs and meet you at the counter."

"You can gather up the other pairs but we still have more shopping to do, so don't ring us up yet. We have to pick out some things for her," I said, nodding towards Stacey.

"Of course. Would you like any assistance?"

"That'd be great," I grinned.

"It would certainly be my pleasure," she said, smiling to Stacey. "So what are we shopping for today?"

"Don't ask me. Ask him," giggled Stacey.

"So, you very fortunate man," Veronica said, "how would you like to decorate your beautiful lady today?"

God, I was still fully erect inside my shorts; well, half inside, anyway.

Smiling happily at the sight of my semi-exposed erection, Stacey turned and playfully flipped up her tiny sundress to flash her naked bottom framed at the very top by a white thong.

"What do you have in sheer panties for my beautiful lady?" I asked.

Glancing back over her shoulder, Stacey was wide-eyed and excited.

"How sheer would you like them?" Veronica asked. "Somewhat sheer, maybe lacy sheer, or completely see-through nude?"

"Yes," I said, smiling devilishly.

"I see!" she giggled, beaming at Stacey. "A little of everything, it is!" Flashing me a knowing grin, she took off around the corner.

Stacey stood in front of the mirror. "C'mere," she purred, once we were alone again.

I slipped behind her, and she snuggled close against me after wrapping my arms around her waist. Looking at me in the mirror, she began moving her ass on my erection. "Mmmm, your cock is still so hard. I can see every inch of it in those shorts, and so can Veronica. Tell me, what's doing this to you? What's making you so hard?"

"It's you, and it's her. It's you showing me off to her."

Grinning, she made a "Who? Me?" face.

"It's the fact that I'm wearing nothing but these shorts while standing out in the middle of a store. It's knowing that both of you want to see my cock so much. It's the feeling of getting hard that I've missed for so long, which I'm really enjoying again. It's all these things, and I'm just letting it happen like you asked me to."

"That is what I asked. Dan, this is exactly what I want. When you start to become hard, I want you to let it grow all the way hard, then I want you to let it stay that way. Whenever I'm with you, don't worry about other people seeing it. You have a fantastic cock, baby, so if they want to look, I'm going to show it off to them. I want you to stay hard now, too. I want Veronica to keep seeing it and touching it. You know she wants it, and I want you to see her lusting for it. I would love it if she could watch your gorgeous cock slide into my ass like this...."

Whereas only a few inches of my erection had been jutting above the waistband, the rubbing Stacey was doing against it with her ass had forced those silky shorts to slip well below my shaft. She had exposed my entire cock and was sliding her soft, warm split all up and down my solid length.

"God, Stacey, you're driving me crazy," I moaned.

"Crazy enough to make you cum?" she asked, hotly whispering "cum" in my ear. "I'd love to make you cum on my ass, and especially inside my panties. Will you do that for me, even if she's watching?"

"If I get there, I won't stop, that's for sure."

"Just tell me how to get you there, and I'll do it. Whatever you want me to wear, whatever you would like me to do for you, just tell me how to make you cum, and I'll do it."

"Just let it happen, Stacey. Like you said, it'll happen when it's meant to happen."

"I know, baby, I know, and you're right. I just want it so badly. I want to feel your cum, Dan. I want it inside me, and all over me. I can't wait to suck your cock and taste your cum. Mmmm, I can't wait for you to fuck me. God, I want you to fuck me right now, with Veronica watching us, then I want you to fuck her too. You know she wants your cock."

She was trembling beneath my hands.

"Slow, Stacey, slow. You said you want to keep it slow. We're just having fun, remember?" I teased.

"Damn, this is just torture," she breathed, wantonly grinding away on my cock.

Veronica returned with a handful of sheer panties. "These should be just the things you—" she started to say, stopping short when she saw my naked cock sliding in Stacey's beautiful ass.

Looking back at the stunned saleswoman, Stacey moaned, "Oooooh...Veronica, I'm sorry, but I have to get out of here. Please, just ring us up for all the panties and shorts. We'll take everything. I don't mean to be rude, but I've been waiting my whole life for him, and I can't wait any longer. I really, really need this gorgeous man to take me home and make love to me."

"I can certainly see that! Sweetie, I understand. God, do I understand. I'll ring you up right away," Veronica said, professionalism combining with lust and disappointment in her voice. As she eyed my cock moving in the ass of our wildly turned-on blonde, it was plain to see that she'd been looking forward to taking part in Stacey's next round of sexy games.

Stacey had me throw my clothes on, and we hurriedly paid for our items.

"Take me home," she said, grabbing my hand and leading me out of the store.

We drove home as quickly as possible, trying not to crash. As soon as we walked through the door, Stacey pushed me onto the couch and pulled my pants open. "Take those off!" she growled playfully. While I shucked my shoes, socks and pants, she pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it into the kitchen.

"I need to cum, baby, and I want you to watch," she said, her eyes on fire. Facing me, she straddled my thighs and brought her ass straight down onto my lap.

Right away she noticed that my erection was sticking straight up again above my shorts, which made her grin from ear to ear. "Jack yourself off for me, baby, and watch me cum." Taking my hand, she placed it on my throbbing shaft and began masturbating me with it. "Watch me. Just keep watching me. Mmmm, I love your cock," she said, adding her hand to mine. While corkscrewing her palm around the head, she pulled her sundress over her hip before sliding that hand down her stomach. "Watch me, and keep stroking yourself," she purred, smiling seductively as she traced circles on her sexy tummy.

I was as hard as a rock. I wasn't about to lose it either, not with her there.

She slid her hand into her panties, letting me see her trimmed blonde triangle where her wrist was stretching open the thong. Immediately she began fucking herself, and as she bucked up and down in my lap her fingers plunging in and out of her pussy were making gloriously wet sluicing sounds.

"God, yes, I'm cumminnnnng!!" she screamed, and her whole body shook.

Nearly frantic, she pulled her hand from her panties to press her drenched fingers into my mouth. Tasting her hot wetness for the first time, I eagerly sucked each one, and she stared intently as she watched me sample her sweet pussy.

With her free hand she pulled her sundress up to the bottom of her breasts. Arching her back as she touched herself, she eventually pulled her hand from my mouth and used both hands to whip off her dress.

Finally, I was seeing her bare breasts. They were every bit as perfect as the rest of her, and even larger and heavier than I'd imagined.

For a good thirty seconds she pinched and tugged on her long pink nipples before plunging her hand into her pussy. Quickly pulling it right back out, she spread her glistening wetness all over her breasts while arching her back to present her glorious mounds to my mouth. "Taste me," she moaned, pressing her moistened tips to my lips.

Sucking them gently, I could scarcely believe what I was seeing and feeling. This beautiful, amazing girl was moaning deeply, her whole body trembling; taking my face in her hands, she brought it to her chest, smothering me with her breasts.

After allowing me a few exquisite moments to enjoy laving and thoroughly mauling her incredible tits, she slid down my body until her face was at my stomach and her breasts were enveloping my cock. "Do it," she said, looking up at me. "Give it to me. Fuck my tits."

As I started driving my cock between her breasts, she used both hands to press them around my dick. She was kissing my stomach and jamming her tongue into my navel when...whoa! I felt my cum beginning to rise!

She pulled down my shorts, squealing in delight when she saw the rest of my bare cock come into view. Wasting no time, I took her breasts in my hands and started thrusting between them again.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck my tits! Fuck me! You're going to make me cum again!" she cried. She slid her panties below her grinding bottom, then she reached down with both hands; one went to her pussy from the front while the other attacked her ass from the rear. She started furiously fucking herself, and I was pumping just as wildly into her breasts. Tossing her head around and screaming as she came, her chin and lips made contact with the head of my cock.

An electric jolt shot through my entire body, and I shouted, "Stacey! I can feel it! It's coming! It's coming!"

"Yes! Let it go, baby! Give it to me! Give me your cum!"

After allowing me one last pump between her tits, she lowered her head and took me in her mouth! While twisting up and down my cock with both hands, she began hungrily sucking the head and the first few inches of my pulsing shaft. Jesus, it felt like she was pulling my entire body into her mouth, right through my balls!

She suddenly pulled off, though she continued to fist my cock as she looked into my eyes. "I can taste it! I can taste your cum now! It's pouring into my mouth! It's happening! You're doing it! You're going to cum! Give me your cum, baby! I want you to cum all over your Stacey's beautiful face!"

That did it. My orgasm raced through me, shrieking up my cock until it exploded! I screamed at the top of my lungs as wave after wave rocked me, and it just wouldn't stop; I kept shooting massive ropes of thick white cum all over Stacey's exultant face. She was aiming the blasts into her open mouth, and I came so much that even after her mouth was full and cum was spilling down her chin she was still able to paint her gorgeous face with it. As each new shot scorched her skin with an audible splat, she let out another sexy moan, and it all seemed to go on forever.

When I finally stopped shooting, she let go of my cock and reached up to her cheeks with both hands. "Oooh, yes..." she moaned, spreading my cum all over her face. Laughing in exhilaration, she smoothed it into her skin before licking her fingers. Once she was satisfied that she'd evenly covered her entire face in my cream, she took my cock back into her hot mouth. She licked all up and down the shaft, then she laved my balls, cleaning me everywhere. Returning to my cockhead, she sucked hard on the sensitive tip, grinning as she swallowed my final few pulses of dribbling cum.

Stunned...obliterated...we collapsed together, floating off into the happy beyond.

An hour or so later Stacey stirred and got up. I smiled to myself when I noticed her panties were still stretched across her thighs from when she'd pulled them down earlier. Stopping in the middle of the living room, she simply took them off and left them on the floor. Completely naked for the first time with me, she headed to the bathroom.

I could hear her peeing, and I got up to go get us a glass of water. When I brought it to her, she had her head cradled in her folded arms atop the sink counter.

"Hi," she said, beaming.

"Hi yourself, beautiful. I thought you might be thirsty," I smiled, offering her the glass of cool water.

"I am. I'm very thirsty." She took the glass and set it on the sink counter; then, guiding me by my thighs, she moved me directly in front of her. "Hello, you," she said to my cock, which was hanging heavily before her gorgeous shining smile. "Thank you," she added, gently petting it. "Thank you so very much." She took me into her mouth, and with her hands pulling on my ass she began to face-fuck herself.

"I love this cock," she said, pausing to kiss the tip. She stuck out her tongue and made a sharp point of it before pressing it into my piss slit. "This is a beautiful, gorgeous, long, thick, absolutely perfect cock." Sliding her mouth all the way down until her nose was nestled in my pubic hair, she hummed a happy tune, breathing through her nose while vibrating her throat around me.

Pulling back, she held the shaft before her wet, parted lips. "This cock gives me the sweetest, hottest cum, and I will never tire of drinking from it." She nibbled on the head, lightly nipping at it.

Cupping my balls, she said, "And you fellas, I want to thank you too, for giving me such a long and wonderful cum bath! I was beginning to think you two would never run out of cum for me, and I love you for it." She bounced my balls back and forth in her hand, alternately sucking one then the other. "Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I dearly love you guys, and I'll never forget what you did for me."

After spending a few more moments planting sweet kisses on them, she turned her attention back to my cock, which was growing in her hand. Kissing it and cooing to it, she purred, "Hi, gorgeous. I sure missed you. Now that you're back, I need to ask a little favor of you. See, your owner and I still have some unfinished business to tend to, and we need your help. You won't regret it, I promise. Come with me, handsome. I have a very special place I'd like to show you."

Never releasing me, she led me to her bedroom. When we stood beside her bed, she lay on her back and seductively spread her legs. Positioning me between her beautiful thighs, she brought my cock to the open mouth of her pussy and pressed me inside.

"Now, Dan. Make love to me," she whispered.

Releasing my cock, she stared wide-eyed into my eyes as we kissed, her hands cupping my face; our first real kiss, ever since we were children. Moaning, she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me further inside. When my hard shaft slid all the way in, kissing and caressing her silken walls with each sublime inch of deeper penetration, she let out a gorgeous gasp.

"I love you, Stacey," I said, and she hugged me tightly.

Her eyes remained wide open, boring straight into me. "God, Dan, I love you so much. Baby, please, never let me go. Promise me we will never be apart again. Promise you will stay inside me forever."

"I will love and cherish you forever, angel. I promise you, Stacey, I'm all yours."

She squealed with joy against my neck, her happy tears burning my skin.

As we continued making love, she gazed into my eyes while sensually grinding her hips against me. "Mmmm, you feel incredible inside me. God, this is even better than I always imagined," she whispered, "but there's something I have to tell you."

"You know you can tell me anything," I said, savoring the heavenly warmth of her pussy's magical embrace.

"Baby," she said slowly, hotly, "I stopped taking my birth-control pills."

"I know," I said, giving her a teasing little grin.

"You know? How?"

"I saw the full case in the bathroom wastebasket. You threw it away two nights ago."

"Yes, I did. Do you know why?"

Staring into her eyes, I kissed her; waiting for her answer, I kissed her again.

"Dan, I threw them away when I realized there was no turning back for me. Baby, I'm deeply and hopelessly in love with you. I want to be your wife, and bear your child. I just couldn't do that to you, though, not without telling you first. Now that we're making love, and I know you're going to cum inside me, I had to let you know. I'm telling you now, before it's too late."

Kissing her loving eyes, I stared in wonder at her impossibly beautiful face. "Stacey, there is nothing in this world that would make me happier than to be with you forever, and to start a family with you."

Sobbing into my neck, she hugged me even more tightly.

"Listen to me, Stacey. You know I will do whatever you want, but I need you to tell me that you want me to cum inside you, knowing what it could mean for us."

Even if I live to be a hundred years old, I doubt I will ever see anything as beautiful as her face was that very moment, smiling through her joyous tears.

Her eyes were shining brightly as she brought her hands up to touch my face. Holding her gaze steady, she said, "I love you with all my heart, and I offer to you everything I am and everything I will ever be, body and soul. I beg you now to make love to me, and to cum inside your Stacey's unprotected womb, knowing that by doing so we may create a child together. I love you, and all I want in this world is to have you inside me forever. Daniel Thomas Gibson, will you marry me?"

Choking up, I kissed her sweet tears. "Yes, Stacey Lisette Fairchild, I would be honored to marry you."

Then, finally, in a culmination of a lifetime, we cried out together when I came inside my beautiful Stacey.

~ ~ ~

As it turned out, Stacey didn't become pregnant that day. No matter; we were deliriously in love, and we had the rest of our lives to have children.

Stacey had cast aside the darkness that threatened to destroy me ever since Angelina was taken from this world. Angelina was a brilliant light that should have shined for an eternity, and my profound sadness over her passing will never completely fade away.

I was blessed by my time with Angelina, yet I was equally blessed by the gift of Stacey. In my darkest hour, she was the golden angel who came to me and delivered me from the brink of crushing despair.

She was my miracle.

~the end~

~ ~ ~

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Submitted: July 12, 2014

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