Sisters: The Finale

Sisters: The Finale

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Competition can be a beautiful thing.


Competition can be a beautiful thing.


Submitted: July 08, 2014

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Submitted: July 08, 2014



"Okay, here we are," Matt said, as we all stood before the glowing fire Angie had started in our red brick fireplace. "So how are we going to do this?" he asked, the excitement in his voice evident amid the comforting sounds of the flames beginning to crackle and pop.

"You and I are going to take pictures of our dates, together with us and individually. We'll also take some shots of the sisters with each other. You're going to shoot the ones of Julie and me, and I'll do a bunch of you and Angie together."

"And just what will we be doing in these pictures?" grinned Angie, asking the one question that was obviously on everyone's mind.

"Whatever moves me," I answered. "You girls are my muses, and we'll take it from there."

"Moves you, or moves this?" she smiled, palming my crotch.

"Right!" I said, and everyone laughed. "So who wants to go first?"

"Since this game is yours, I think someone other than you should go first. That way we can all get an idea of what we'll be shooting here," Angie said.

"Okay then, you and Matt, let's start by taking some basic prom-type pictures with you two; you know, the formal kind. It'll be a nice commemorative of the evening," I said.

After positioning them in the center of room, I had them strike a formal pose. They smiled for the camera, and just as I took the picture Angie stuck her tongue out. "There," she said. "The perfect shot to commemorate such a goofy idea. Prom pictures? Really? When did I marry Orville Reddenbacher?"

Julie laughed and said, "She's right. Matt, stand directly behind Angie, like when you were dancing with her."

"You mean when he was humping me like a dog," Angie smirked, which earned her a pinch in the ass from Matt.

"Yes, exactly, when he was humping you like a dog," grinned Julie, quickly getting into the spirit of things.

"Okay, like this?" asked Matt, placing his hands on her hips.

When Angie crossed her arms behind their heads, I took the picture.


"That was good," I said. "More."

She turned her head and kissed him on the lips.


He slid his hands onto her bare stomach.


He moved his hands up to her breasts. Grinning, she cupped her hands over his, making him squeeze her tits. Moaning softly, she went back to kissing him.


She turned to face him, again slipping her arms around his neck. When he set his hands on her lower back, she pressed her hips to his crotch, grinding him. She slid her tongue into his mouth, and they began seriously making out.


"Having fun, sweetie?" Julie asked Matt, more a statement than a question. She was grinning at the sight of her sister devouring him.

Never breaking their kiss, Matt nodded enthusiastically while slipping his hands inside Angie's tights to cup her bare ass, pulling the tights down a bit in the process.

They both moaned when he began squeezing her naked bottom.


"Okay," I said, "that's good for a start. Let's switch places now. Take some shots of Julie and me together."

I handed the camera to Matt, who handed it straight to Angie. Explaining that he wanted to go change his clothes, he headed off to the bedroom.

"Okay," Angie said, "let's try this...." She went to the kitchen, returning a moment later with a small bunch of grapes. With a cute leer she told me to go sit in our lounger chair. "Just lean back. Julie, stretch out sideways across his lap. One at a time, feed him grapes."

"Because of the toga? The whole Greek goddess thing?" I asked.

"Yes, the toga," she smiled. "It fits."

Julie sat across my lap, lowering her bare ass directly onto my crotch. Grinning, she began moving on my growing erection. "I've been naked all night, waiting for it...wanting to feel your cock pressing into me. All I've gotten was a little bit of lap-time at the table in the club, and some sexy dancing. I've been dying for it ever since you fucked my baby sister right in front of me this morning. I think it's about time we fixed that."


Wriggling against me, I felt her moist heat through my pants.

"I told you I was super horny. It feels like you are, too," she added, grinding in my lap.


She held a grape up high, as if she was going to drop it into my mouth.


"You look incredible, Julie," said Angie. "Okay, lean back across his lap. This time, Dan, you feed her the grapes."

As Julie stretched out, I leaned over to give her a grape. Her toga was pulled below her breast and one of her feet was on the floor, leaving her legs spread with her bare pussy exposed to my appreciative gaze.


Julie took a glance between her legs before looking up at me. "Do you like my pussy?" she smiled, and we both knew it was a rhetorical question.


"Okay, share a grape now, mouth to mouth," Angie called out.

Placing one between my teeth, I leaned down and kissed Julie, our lips pursing the grape. When my hand went to her bare breast, she arched her back.

"Yes, touch me," she moaned, slipping her tongue into my mouth.


"That's awesome. Okay, take the grapes and squeeze them over her naked breast, then lick the juice," Angie said at last, after we'd made out for a solid minute.

Julie smiled at her sister, and Angie grinned right back.

I squeezed a few grapes over Julie's breast, making her giggle, then I leaned down to lick her nipple but the angle was all wrong.

"Okay, Julie, lie facing him on your side," said Angie. "Take his hand and position it on your ass, over your hip. With your other hand, hold his head to your breast."

Julie cupped my hand over her bare bottom while pushing her wet, juicy nipple into my mouth. Gasping when I took the whole areola inside, she pressed harder against my lips. As I hungrily sucked her breast, she hissed, "You're driving me insane."


"Again," Angie said, "only this time go ahead and pull her dress all the way up in the back. Also, I want you to lick between her tits so I can get a shot of the juice shining on her bare breast."

I lifted her dress and slid my hand into the crack of her ass. With a hot moan she arched her back, raising her chest to my lips. Grinning, I hovered my mouth between her breasts.

"Swear to god, you had better fuck me tonight," she whispered.


"I heard that, you little slut," giggled Angelina. "Okay, this time sit up and face him, straddling him with your knees. Pull down your strap, then put your arms around his head."

Julie positioned herself on my lap, and my hands went straight to her bare ass, one on each cheek spreading her wide open.

Trembling, she pressed her breast back into my mouth.

"Oh my god, that's so gorgeous," Angie said. "Hold that pose."

"You're going to make me cum," Julie said, staring into my eyes.


"Julie, your ass looks absolutely incredible, arched and spread open like that. Give me some more. Just go with it," Angie said.

Moaning hotly, Julie began grinding her pussy on my bulging cock. Leaning in to kiss me again, she breathed into my mouth, "I wish it had been you with me on that dance floor tonight. I would have let you fuck my brains out."


"Julie, I promise we'll all go dancing again this week, and you two can fuck as much as you want," said Angie. "Dan, move your hands up to her hips. Julie, arch your back a little more."

Julie was fucking me through my pants, and we were making out like crazy.


"Jules, you won't believe how amazing your pussy looks in that one. It's spread wide open, and your perfect asshole is right pink and pretty. You have such a beautiful ass."

Sinking her nipple into my mouth, Julie moaned, "You're taking pictures of my wet pussy...and my asshole. Oh god, please, suck me...keep sucking me! Mmmmmm, I'm...cumming!"

Her whole body shook, and her pussy drenched my pants again.


"Wow," said Matt, having changed into a t-shirt and sweatshorts. "Jesus, look at that," he added, watching his wife's gorgeous ass twitch and spasm.

"Okay, let's switch," I said.

Julie was still shaking as she slid off my lap to let me up.

"So did you two enjoy that?" Angie asked happily, reaching down to stroke the crazy erection showing through my slacks. Julie did the same, smiling to her sister when their hands met at the head.

"Hmmm, I wonder why my husband's hard cock is so wet right here?" grinned Angie.

"Oh, I guess you could say I had a little bit of an accident on your husband's hard cock. I'm really sorry about that. Do you think you can forgive me?" giggled Julie.

Angie and I laughed, but Julie just took her by the hand and brought her to the rug in front of the fireplace. "Angie, lie down on your back. Matt, give her a massage like last night, only this time massage her front. I want to see her face as you touch her."

When Angie shot her scheming sister a suspicious grin, Julie responded with an oh-so-innocent smile.

Moving onto the floor, Angie stretched out and arched her back, raising her arms above her head. When she was all set, she gave us a sexy smile.

"Ready when you are."

Kneeling beside her, Matt began to caress her face, and she nuzzled his fingertips.


"Angie," Julie said, now directing everything, "pull your top up a little to show off more of your sexy stomach. Matt, run your hands over her tummy, then down towards her tights."

Leaning over Angie's upper body, Matt started swirling his hands down her torso just as Julie had instructed.

With a mischievous grin, Angie reached above her head in search of his bare thighs. He scooted closer to make it easier for her while continuing to stroke lazy circles over her stomach.


His cock had thickened, and he clearly wasn't wearing any underwear.

Angie immediately noticed his bobbing crown peeking out from the leg hole of his shorts. Biting her lip in anticipation, she slid her hands up his thighs and pulled the hardening shaft free; when Matt slipped his hands inside her stretchy tights, she fed his cock into her mouth.


As his fingertips slid through her small strip of pubic hair, she sucked harder on his cockhead. "Mmmmmm," she moaned, pressing forward.

"Oh my god, that's amazing," Julie said, finally noticing that Angie was sucking the tip of Matt's erection. "Matt, move closer. Angie, pull his shorts up higher."

They both did as Julie instructed, the natural result being that another few inches of cock slid into Angie's mouth; with her head turned sideways, it was bulging her cheek.


"Okay, Angie, I want you to do something similar to what I just did," Julie said. "I want you to give Matt a sexy lap-dance."

Reluctantly pulling away following one last slurp, Angie grinned, "If I'm going to dance for you guys, can we at least put on some music?"

While I went to go turn on the stereo, Julie instructed Matt to sit in a chair she'd moved to the center of the living room.

When "Panama" from Van Halen came on, Angie began moving her hips and swinging her breasts in rhythm with the music. Dancing directly in front of Matt, she shook her ass in his face, until finally he reached out and grabbed it with both hands.

She playfully slapped away his greedy mitts. "Uh-uh, naughty boy. Hands to yourself, otherwise the bouncer will have to escort you from the premises."

"Angie, run your hands up your top, like you're getting ready to take it off," Julie said.

"Like I'm getting ready to, huh?" laughed Angie.

Grinning, Julie just nodded.

Angie said, "If you insist...."

Her crisscrossing hands went to the lower hem of her top and began slowly pulling...higher...higher...higher....


"Perfect," Julie said.

When Angie saw the beginning curves of her tanned breasts come into view, she paused to look at her sister.

"Perfect," Julie said again. "Keep going. Do something sexy with those amazing nipples."

Angie pulled her top all the way up, baring her breasts to Julie and me but not to Matt, who at least had an incredible view of her naked back and gyrating ass. She teased her nipples for us, making them fully erect; doing circle-caresses with her palms over her inviting tips, she moaned softly.


"Now sit on his lap, facing us," Julie said, thoroughly enthralled as she watched Angie lower her dancing bottom directly onto his enormous bulge. "Good. Go ahead and grind on him, and keep touching your tits."

Matt was doing everything he could to drive his dick into Angie's pussy. She had become very wet, which was plainly evident through her sheer tights, and her bared nipples were wildly erect. Closing her eyes, she tugged on her succulent little turrets while her hips and pussy sought the best position for his cock.


"Okay, turn and face him now, and put your arms around his head," Julie said.

Peeling off her top, Angie pulled it over her head before tossing it away. When she turned to face Matt, his look of astonishment made her smile. "Enjoying the view?" she teased. "You've been wanting my naked breasts forever, haven't you?"

"Fuck yes," he groaned.

"Here they are, baby," she said, climbing back into his lap. She began grinding her hips again, and Matt was obviously aching for her. He wanted to feel her bare breasts. He wanted to guide her hips.

He just wanted to touch her.

When he started to bring his hands up, a grinning Angie made another move to stop him, until Julie said, "It's okay, let him touch you. Matt, slide your hands inside her tights. Pull them all the way down. Angie, arch your back. I want you to tease his face with those awesome tits."

Matt did as he was told, and Angie's incredible ass came into view; right away his hands became frantic in their desperation to experience every supple inch of her perfect bottom. He wanted her ass so badly, it was almost funny to watch.

Thoroughly enjoying his frenzied attack, Angie laughed while caressing her nipples across his face. He nipped at her swaying breasts, trying to capture those bedeviling tips, until finally she stopped teasing him and gently lowered one of her soft treasures into his welcoming mouth.

They both moaned when he sucked her areola, then he began laving each erect bud with long, hungry strokes.


"Excellent," Julie said. "Matt, pull her tights a little lower."

He tugged down on them, but they wouldn't budge. "I can't. She's sitting on 'em."

Sighing theatrically, Angie stood and playfully waved her ass in his face. After kicking off her heels, she peeled down her tights and sexily stepped out of each leg.

My god. Except for her jewelry she was completely, gloriously nude.

Holding her arms above her head, she posed for us, cocking her hips one way, swaying them another...back and forth...her posing becoming a provocative dance...

...Salome absent her veils.

Giving us an incendiary smile, she spread her legs.

I think we all moaned.


Grinning over her shoulder, she returned Matt's hands to her ass while dancing her beguiling bottom right back in his face.

"Oh...fuck," he said. Spreading her open, he slowly drew his mouth through her deep split before burying his tongue in her glistening sex.

"Yessss...take me," she hissed. Arching her back, she bent at the waist and spread her legs wide, her expression one of sheer bliss.


"Awesome," Julie said, snapping off a shot of her sister's firm breasts wobbling enticingly.

While Matt was slurping away at Angie's pussy, she was grinding her ass in elegant figure-eights. "Oh, Julie," she moaned, "your husband is eating my pussy...mmmm, god, he's pushing his finger into my ass...."

Julie moved to where she could see her husband's face happily buried in her sister's beautiful divide. "Jesus, Angie, you have the sexiest pussy ever," she breathed, excitedly clicking away. "No wonder every cock always gets hard for you."

Angie was moaning, quickly building towards her climax, when Julie suddenly stopped them. "Okay, Angie, get down on your hands and knees between Matt's legs. I want to get some simulated blowjob shots."

"Simulated? And just how do you propose to do that?" laughed Angie, turning and going to her knees between Matt's legs.

"Baby, take off your shorts," Julie said.

Hesitating, Matt looked at her.

"I know. Just do it," she grinned.

Clearly more than a little shocked by everything his normally shy, reserved wife was doing, Matt nevertheless took off his shorts. He was fully hard, his towering erection standing straight and tall against his stomach.

"Angie, now raise your ass way up high. Pretend like you're sucking his cock," giggled Julie.

"Pretend, how?" laughed Angie again.

"Just bring your lips really close to the head, like you're about to put it in your mouth," Julie said.

"Like this?" grinned Angie, stroking his cock a few times before guiding it to her open mouth. Spotting a pearl of pooling pre-cum, she pressed her tongue to his drooling slit. When she pulled back, there was a gossamer thread stretching from his tip to her lower lip.


"Wow...that's perfect. You're amazing, Angie," Julie said. "Okay, now pretend like you're taking him into your mouth."

Angie gave her that same bemused look.

Julie grinned, "Just do it. I don't care how."

Returning her sister's grin, Angie brought her lips to Matt's dick and took about half of it inside. "Loik thish?" she asked, her words a thick jumble with her mouth full of cock.


"Exactly," said Julie. "Keep going."

"My pleasure," Angie smiled, briefly pulling back to swirl her tongue over his large crown. Then, inch by agonizing inch, she slowly fed his entire length past her cherry lips, deep into her mouth. Breathing through her nose, her bottom lip pressed to his scrotum, she took a moment to savor him before she began moving her head up and down. Using one hand to pump his shaft while the other gently squeezed his balls, she moaned in hunger as she eagerly sucked Matt's cock.

"God, Angie, the way you arch your back and moan, you are so damn sexy," Julie said. "I love how your ass moves like that. You totally get into it, as if sucking cock is the only thing in the world for you."

"Sometimes it is," Angie grinned, pausing to lick all along Matt's pulsing erection.

"Pretend to deep-throat him," Julie said.

Angie stood and leaned down, her new position presenting just an incredible view of her ass and pussy, as well as her beautiful breasts swaying between her spread legs.


Supporting herself with her hands on his thighs, she parted her lips and lowered her head until she had his cock at the back of her mouth; then, angling her head and shoulders, she created a straight shot into her throat. She slowly pressed down, until finally she had her nose buried in his pubic hair. Once she became comfortable with taking him all the way on each stroke, Matt held her head in place and simply face-fucked her.


"Perfect. You two look so sexy together," Julie enthused. "So, baby, is my hot little sister as amazing as you've always imagined?"

"Oh, yeah...a thousand times better," he groaned, releasing his hold on her. Angie took over then, moaning even more hungrily as she gave him the sexiest blowjob ever. Alternating between using her hands to corkscrew him into her mouth and licking all up and down his shaft before sucking hard on the head, she made sure that he could always see her wolfish eyes; more than anything, it was just the sheer desire with which she devoured his slab that did it for him.

"She's incredible...god...amazing..." he panted.

"I love pretending to suck your cock," she said with a salacious grin, momentarily pulling back to nuzzle her face all over his glistening pole before attacking it again.


"Awesome, Angie," said Julie. "Now I want to try something different."

Julie was totally into directing her sister. Really, it was as if she had completely forgotten about having her own pictures taken. She just wanted to play with her willing new toy.

Pulling away, Angie wiped her chin on Matt's t-shirt; then, looking at Julie, she awaited her next set of instructions.

"This time," Julie said, "I want you to straddle his lap again, facing him like you were before. I want you to take his cock and place it at the entrance to your pussy, as if you're about to fuck him."

Angie smiled at her sister. "Julie, as much as I want it, and I'm sure he does too, are you really going to have your husband fuck me right here in the middle of the living room?"

Julie grinned again. "No, you're not going to let him fuck you. You're just going to place it there, poised at the opening to your wet pussy. You know, like you can't decide."

When Angie turned to me for guidance, I said, "Hey, Julie's calling the shots."

"I thought you were supposed to be! This was all your idea!" she laughed.

"Since Julie's doing such a great job of directing, I decided to let her take over for a while. She really seems to be enjoying it," I grinned.

Angie gave me a wry smirk. "My, aren't you the clever boy, letting my insanely competitive sister direct me in a sexy photo shoot with her wildly horny husband."

Julie giggled, "I sure think so! That was very clever of him, I'd say!"

As the two sisters exchanged knowing smiles, I added, "Angie, if either you or Julie say Matt is not allowed to fuck you, then he's not allowed to fuck you. It's that simple, and he knows it."

Angie turned to Matt, who nodded with a goofy grin.

Laughing, she turned back to me, and I continued, "Baby, whatever Julie wants you to do will be fine with me, and you know I'm always okay with anything you ever want to do. Anyway, you told Matt that he could do 'anything' to you tonight, and you wouldn't say no. If I recall correctly, you were quite adamant on that point. Also, you're the one who wanted us to have a 'hot, sexy date' with each other's spouse, and here we are. Besides, it's all just pretending for the pictures, right?"

"Exactly," Julie said. "This is all just pretending...for the pictures."

Rolling her eyes, Angie grinned at her smiling sister. "Okay, my sweet, innocent Julia, so you want me like this?" Slowly, seductively, she slithered back up into Matt's lap; setting her knees outside his thighs, her shining wet pussy was spread wide in open invitation to his hungry gaze. She leaned forward and arched her back, returning her breasts to his mouth.

Julie moved behind and below Angie to snap off a series of pictures. Taking shots from all angles, she said, "Angie, you have the most perfect ass and pussy I have ever seen. I'm not exaggerating either. Even your asshole looks like a pretty little present. You don't have the slightest hint of a darker ring around yours, the way most people do. Yours just blends in perfectly with your olive skin."

While sucking her breast, Matt cupped her ass, spreading it all the way open.

Throwing her head back, Angie moaned.

"Jesus, Angie, your pussy..." Julie said.


Reaching back, Angie positioned Matt's cock at her wet opening. He was still spreading her ass, effectively pulling her pussy open too, so the head of his shaft had no trouble slipping between her flowering labia to kiss her pink inner core.

Panting slightly, Angie looked over her shoulder to Julie. "Like that?"

Julie gazed up at their junction. "Perfect. So perfect."


"Angie, please, let me pretend to put the head inside you, just a little," Matt moaned.

Having long since caught on to her sister's game, Angie said, "Matt, I can't let you fuck me. You know I want to, but we can't. You're still my sister's husband. That would be bad, don't you think?"

She rotated her hips just so, until her pussy enveloped his entire crown.

He was inside her.

"See? I can't let you fuck me. That's what we agreed on. All we can do is pretend."

Smiling sweetly, she began moving her hips, sucking the head of his cock with her tightening lips.


"Lean forward more, Angie. Let me see you pretend to take his tip inside you," Julie said.

Angie spread her legs and leaned forward to kiss him. Lowering her hips a few inches, she took more of his cock inside her pussy.

"Yes, just like that, Angie. Don't let my horny husband fuck my gorgeous baby sister."

"I'm not, Julie. He isn't fucking me. I'm pausing to decide whether I should let him fuck me. See? He's not doing anything, and I'm just pretending to let him touch the inside of my pussy...with his cock."

Angie brought her hips down a bit more, taking the top third of Matt's shaft. She moved forward, then back, grinding her hips...each time a little further. With every new thrust she revealed an increasing line of wetness on his cock.


"Matt, you should see this...her lips stretched around you," Julie said, her voice thick with lust.

He looked up pleadingly at Angie. "Please, take the whole thing. Let me feel it all the way inside you."

Angie gave him another sweet grin. "Baby, as much as I want to - and I really do want to feel your gorgeous cock all the way inside me, fucking my pussy - we just can't." She slid down again, taking him deeper. "You know you're not allowed to fuck me. You're married to my sister."

She was doing all the moving, until finally she sat up in his lap; holding herself high above him, she had his tip poised within her velvet caress.


"God, Angie, your pussy is closing around him! His cock is totally pulsing, and I can see your ass and thighs gently quaking," Julie said excitedly, snapping off four quick shots.

"I can feel it," Angie said, smiling to Matt. "Baby, my thighs are getting tired from all this posing."

Staring into his eyes while giving him a soft, sexy kiss, she slowly lowered her hips, impaling herself all the way. When she had taken every last inch of his glistening erection, she moaned into his mouth, "Mmmmmm, I've been wanting your cock inside me this entire night."

Grinding her hips, she savored the feeling of his hard shaft caressing her silky depths. "I can't let you fuck me, but I needed that little rest for my poor thighs. Mmmm, thank you for not fucking me," she added, rising again in his lap.


"So beautiful," Julie said with awe from beneath Angie's ass. "His cock looks so beautiful inside your pussy."

Slowly lowering her hips all the way again, Angie let him enjoy a long drink at her fountain; then she began to fuck him in earnest, smoothly and steadily moving up and down his shining pole.

"Yes, that's it, take him...fuck my husband with your beautiful pussy. God, I love watching you," Julie said, alternating between shooting pictures and simply worshipping with the naked eye.

Kissing and thrusting, hotly fucking, they drove against each other for a solid few minutes before Matt suddenly groaned, "Angie, stop! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum!"

Angie sat up again, then she dropped right back down; she was flexing her Kegels to milk his cock - a trick of hers I immediately recognized by the telltale clenching of her ass.

From behind the camera Julie called out, "Yes, baby, do it! Fill that gorgeous pussy with cum!"

Once again, Angie smiled sweetly at poor Matt. "Cum? We're just pretending for the pictures, and you're not even fucking me. I'm only pretending to take every rock-hard inch of you all the way inside my pussy. That's what you asked me to do, wasn't it? I'm not letting you fuck me, so why would you need to cum?"

I couldn't help but laugh at the torture she was putting him through. 'I did warn you, dude, and so did she,' I thought, chuckling to myself.

"And just what do you find so funny, Mister Director Man?" Angie grinned, looking back over her shoulder at me while continuing to fuck him silly.

Damn, she was gorgeous. Smiling like that, her back arched so beautifully as she raised and lowered her ass again and again, the wet sounds of her pussy building in intensity with every god, she was stunning.

Truly, Angelina was a symphony of unbridled sensuality.

Timing it perfectly, she gave Matt's cock one last finishing grind before pulling off.

He erupted in a massive burst, firing stark white ribbons of cum straight up into the air; one, two, three shots landed on his chest and stomach, then heavy rivulets of cum began oozing out, flowing thickly down his pulsing shaft.

With her man's throbbing cock pouring forth its pleasure, Julie kept shooting.

Angie strutted over to stand before me with her hands on her hips, moist lips pouting between spread legs. "So what was so funny?" she smiled, mimicking a federal prosecutor's stern tone. "One would think you've never watched people take sexy 'pretend' pictures before."

"Which reminds me," I grinned, "Miss California Blonde here was very clear in her request to have her own pictures taken. Near as I can tell, she's hardly gotten to be in any so far."

"You're right," Angie said. "Julie, come over here. You too, Matt. I want you to lie on your back in front of the fireplace, just the way I was earlier. Julie, I want you on your stomach, between his legs. Hubby, you too, on your stomach, between her legs."

Julie handed Angie the camera, and we all moved into position.

Considering everything that Julie had just made Angie do, I could only imagine what Angie was about to put her through.

"Okay, now what?" Julie asked anxiously.

"Julie, I want you to pretend to clean up Matt's mess, like you're a gorgeous blonde kitty enjoying a nice saucer of milk."

"Meow!" giggled Julie, and she began happily lapping away at Matt's cum.


"Excellent, Julie, lick it all up," Angie said. "If you're a good kitty, I'm sure the boys will give you lots and lots of nice, warm milk to enjoy."

"Mrrrrow," she purred, making Angie laugh.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked.

"That's easy," she said. "While Julie's cleaning up Matt, I want you to tend to her pretty bottom. She deserves another massage, kind of like the one you gave her last night."

"Kind of like?" I asked, grinning.

"Yes, kind of like," she answered, her eyes again sparkling with mischief, "only this time maybe you could go ahead and wing it a little."

Turning back to us with her chin covered in cum, Julie giggled, "Mmmmmm-hmmm! I like the sound of that!"

"Wing it a little? Okay, I can do that. I'm on the case, boss!" I laughed, sliding between Julie's legs.

"Ummm, hubby? Aren't you forgetting something?" laughed Angie right back.

"Forgetting something?"

"Yes, sweetie, you're definitely forgetting something. C'mere."

I stood again, and Angie undid my pants. "Duh," she grinned.

"Oh...that," I said, smiling sheepishly.

"Yes...that. What, were you planning on keeping these on all night? I don't think so, mister." Pulling out my cock, she stroked it a few times while giving me a sexy smile. "I'd say my gorgeous sister deserves a proper winging, wouldn't you?" Kneeling before me, she began licking and sucking my growing dick, and as I thickened in her mouth she indulged herself in a series of long, wet slurps before adding, "To give her what she really wants, this guy needs to be nice and hard...."

Once she was satisfied that I was fully erect, she pulled off and had me return to my spot on my stomach between Julie's spread legs.

Julie was still licking Matt's balls, cleaning up the spilled cock milk. She had her hand around the base of his thick, rubbery length when she looked back at Angie. "Do you want me to pretend to clean this too?"

"Yes, sweetie, pretend to clean every inch of him."

Grinning brightly, Julie brought her lips to Matt's gleaming shaft and began licking up and down; pulling it by the head, stretching it out to lick all along its shining wet length, she moaned with pleasure as she took his balls into her mouth.


"That's great, Julie, keep going. Do the whole thing," Angie said.

Releasing his balls, Julie grasped his pliant shaft and immediately sucked him all the way down. She began to pull up on it with her lips, tugging and stretching it; when he stiffened in her mouth, her eyes smiled.


Moaning happily, she started bobbing her head up and down.


Pulling off for a moment, she giggled, "I can't believe I'm sucking my husband's dick right in front of you guys."

"Oh, please. You know you love it," grinned Angie.

"Mmmmmm-hmmm," smiled Julie, going right back at it.

Down at her other end, I'd been far from idle. After lifting her toga over her hips, I'd started off by smoothing my hands all over her incredible ass. When she wiggled invitingly beneath my fingertips, I spread her open, and she moaned in appreciation.

Clicking away, Angie got some great shots of Julie's spread bottom and moaning smile.

Flattening my tongue, I licked from the top of her pussy all the way through her shockingly wet sex before continuing up to her asshole; pressing deep inside her tiny pucker, I made her squeal around Matt's cock.


I repeated my long stroke from her pussy to her ass, stopping to spread her bright pink labia with my fingers before running my flattened tongue through her wet center. When I reached her asshole again, I reamed her deeper pink star for an easy two minutes, making her ass squirm and twitch. As I squeezed and tongue-fucked her sexy bottom, her hips were jerking up and down off the carpet.

"Julie, lift your hips all the way. Get up on your knees," Angie said.

Moaning around Matt's erection, Julie did as she was told.


"Perfect," her sister said. "Now spread your legs and arch your back as you pretend to suck your husband's cock."

Similar to the way Angie had done it during her massage from Matt the previous evening, Julie spread her legs and raised her ass like a bitch in heat.

"See, Matt? That's the position I gave you last night," Angie grinned, gesturing to Julie's lewd offering. "And that's at least some of what I wanted you to do to me," she added, nodding towards where I was noisily sucking and fingering Julie's flowing pussy, including rubbing her G-spot while plundering her asshole with my other thumb.

With her moans increasing around Matt's cock, her thighs and stomach began to quiver.


She came on my tongue, a small gushing of fluid accompanying the soft pulsing of her inner walls against my stroking fingers. When she was finished, she remained in the extreme doggie position, her legs still trembling.

"God, Julie, you should see the way your ass and legs are vibrating," Angie said. "Your pussy is so open and wet, it looks as if it's hungry."

"Mmmmmm-hmmm...very hungry," she moaned, grinding her ass.

Directing all of us, Angie said, "Okay, hubby, now press against her ass while she pretends to suck Matt's dick. Julie, reach back and place Dan's cock at your hungry pussy. Remember, though, just as your husband wasn't allowed to fuck me, my husband isn't allowed to fuck you either. Got it?"

Giggling, Julie paused in her cocksucking. "Your husband can't fuck me. Got it."

Happily gorging again on her husband's dick, she began imitating Angie's corkscrew twisting motions up and down the shaft while feeding it into her mouth.


"Now hubby, remember," Angie grinned, "you can't fuck my sister's beautiful pussy. You two are only going to pretend that your big cock is touching her open wet cunt. Got it?"

"Just pretending. Nothing more. Got it," I said, exchanging smiles with both sisters when Julie turned back to look at me as she placed my cock at the mouth of her glistening pussy.

"Like this?" she asked, spreading her lips before pressing the head into her bubble gum pink depths.


Her immaculate pussy was incredibly hot and wet as it kissed the tip of my cock.

"Mmmm-hmmm, like that," said Angie. "Just keep pretending to take him inside that gorgeous pussy. Oh, and Julia?"

Julie turned to her sister.

"Don't you dare let him fuck you."

"Wouldn't dream of it," Julie said, taking a break from the blowjob she was still enthusiastically pretending to give Matt.


Moving the camera aside for a moment, Angie paused to admire her sister.

"Julie, my god, you have the sweetest pink pussy. It's just amazing how shocking pink you are inside, almost like fluorescent pink. It sure is a good thing we're only pretending, though. Your pussy looks so tiny and tight that I don't see how you'll ever fit my husband's super thick cock in there."

With a gorgeous shudder Julie turned to watch my shaft nudge its way into her silken slit. "I don't either," she said, smiling at me. "It's a good thing you're not allowed to fuck me. Mmmm, such a thick cock would surely tear me apart. Imagine if I wasn't just pretending to let it barely slide inside my pussy."

Grinning happily, she started moving her hips back and forth, taking my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy.


"Baby," she said to Angie, "how much should I pretend to put inside me, and should I pretend to grind on it too, the way you did when you fucked my husband?"

"Here..." Angie said, grasping my shaft with a gentle hand. "Try pretending to put about this much inside...."

When she fed half my cock into Julie's spreading pussy and began fucking her with it, repeatedly pumping it in and out of her sister's tight sheath, our sexy blonde let out a perfect moan.

"Julie, pretend that you're unsure about letting him in there. Pull forward, like you don't think he should be inside you. Then push back, as if you're checking again to see whether it would be alright for you to fuck my husband. Pull forward...push back. Do it for a dozen deep strokes or so, pretending that you just can't make up your mind. Remember, that's Dan's cock inside your pussy, and he's not allowed to fuck you, so I want you to keep sucking Matt's dick while you fuck your baby sister's husband. Okay?"

"'K!" mumbled Julie, devouring Matt's erection even as she began to fuck me much more aggressively. On each entry stroke her pussy made a deliciously moist sluicing sound; with every exiting stroke my cock pulled her grasping inner lips beyond her body. God, she was so wet. Moaning nonstop around Matt's cock, she thoroughly loved taking us both at the same time.


Since she was openly fucking me, I decided to return the favor; grasping her slender hips, I began stroking deep into her incredible pussy. When my hips started slamming against her ass, she cried out in joy around Matt's cock.

Angie was beaming. "Yes, baby, fuck my beautiful sister. Fuck her hard...that's what she wants. Make her cum while she sucks that gorgeous cock."

Reaching down to hold my ass in place, she left only a few inches of cock showing between my body and Julie's clenching cunt.

"Ooooh, Julie, you should see this...your tight little pussy is completely stretched open around his thick dick," Angie grinned, snapping off one picture after another.

As Julie's thighs quaked through her orgasm, she moaned long and hard around Matt's shaft. "Oh, yes, fuck me...both of you...mmmmmm, fuck me...."

While pounding away at her tender pussy, I was also penetrating her tiny pucker with my middle finger; when I bottomed out deep inside her ass, her trembling hips went crazy, wildly dancing around the dual invaders. Using moisture from her dripping sex for lubrication, I began twisting a second finger into her, and it wasn't long before I was moving easily in and out of her welcoming clutch.

She was cumming all over my cock; hips twitching, pussy clenching, a cute little gush of clear juice squirted out.


"Oh my god, Julie!" Angie exclaimed. "You are just going to die when you see your pussy gushing cum on this big cock!"

Finally taking a brief respite from the insatiable blowjob she was giving Matt, Julie turned to her sister. "Are you planning on taking pictures of your husband's thick cock pretending to fuck me here, too?" she asked, playfully wiggling her ass around my fingers buried in her tightest hole.

Angie grinned. "Maybe just a little, don't you think?"

Giving us a shameless smile, Julie said, "Mmmm, okay, maybe just a little...or maybe a whole lot. In fact, maybe your husband should fuck my tight little ass until I completely lose my mind."

When I pulled out, she spread her legs wider, pooching her ass even higher.

"You really are the most beautiful sister in the world," cooed Angie, busily clicking away. "You know that, don't you?" Reaching down, she stroked Julie's soaking wet pussy, making her gorgeous sister flinch.

Quickly glancing back at Angie, our happy blonde goddess grinned.

Returning Julie's grin with a decidedly more wicked look, Angie knelt to press her mouth to her sister's pussy; then, just as I'd done earlier, she trailed her tongue all the way through the delicious slit to the winking pink asterisk. When she slipped it inside the vulnerable pucker, Julie let out another perfect moan.

"So beautiful," Angie said, licking her lips after giving Julie's quivering bottom a thorough tongue-fucking.

As I positioned my cock at her pretty pink ring, Julie reached back with both hands to spread her ass for me.


"You're incredible, Julie. I can't wait for us all to go dancing again," Angie grinned.

"Mmmmmm-hmmmmm...tiny panties...pretending to fuck..." moaned Julie.

When I forced the head inside with a firm push, Julie sucked in her breath.

Noticing Matt's sudden look of shock, I wasn't sure that she hadn't bitten his cock!

Julie slowly exhaled, and Matt sighed with relief.

"We're only pretending here, Julie, so relax," Angie giggled. "Just pretend you're taking my husband's thick cock up your ass. Imagine how amazing it will feel to have another man fucking you in your tightest, most taboo place while you're sucking your husband's dick."

Julie was shaking as I pushed very deliberately into her hot, silky bottom. She continued slurping away on Matt's cock, imploring him to cum in her mouth, and judging from his look of sheer anguish he was definitely about ready to blow.

With one final shove I hit bottom, making Julie scream through her orgasm. I began a steady reaming, my heavy balls slapping against her pussy as my hips smacked into her ass, and she just kept crying out, "I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"Do it, Julie!" Angie shouted, snapping off a few close-ups of my glistening length driving deep inside her sister's exquisitely tight vise. "Take those cocks, you sexy slut! Show our husbands just how hot you really are!"

I was fucking her hard, ready to cum, and while pounding into her I was thinking that she had to be able to feel my cock pulsing in her ass.

When Matt finally came in her moaning mouth, she frantically tried to keep up, swallowing every drop. Her pussy squirted my balls, and her whole body quaked as I exploded deep inside her, flooding her ass with a torrent of cum.

She collapsed to the floor, and I followed her right down, her pillowy bottom making for the most wonderful of resting places. Eventually my cock softened, until finally it was forced from her ass with an audible 'plop.'

I noticed my cum pooling in her dilated pucker, slowly bubbling out.


"Damn, Julie, you should see how sexy you look right now," said Angie.

Jesus, in all the excitement of taking Julie, I'd forgotten about Angie!

"I believe you also mentioned wanting to get some shots of the two of us together," she grinned. Handing me the camera, she started raining kisses up and down Julie's back.

Julie didn't move; when her sister covered her smooth bottom in tender kisses, she just moaned and spread her legs. Using both hands to open Julie's gloriously lewd sex, Angie began lapping at her pussy; licking up the clear cum there, as well as my thicker cum dribbling from her pulsing star, she trailed kisses over every inch of those sweet, perfect cheeks. She licked all over the flawless curves and back down through the tempting crevice, where she lingered to suck the crinkled pucker clean...swallowing, swallowing, swallowing.


Eventually they both glanced up at me. Julie had a dreamy look in her eyes, while a beaming Angie resembled a vampire who'd just dined on a victim with white blood coursing through his veins. Her face was liberally coated in her sister's pussy juice; her lips were swollen, and my cum dripped from her nose and chin. Working her tongue, she was licking up whatever she could catch when suddenly Julie rolled over and pinned her to the carpet.

Licking Angie's face and sucking her tongue, Julie kissed her with ravenous passion. Grinning as she slid down her body, she alternately sucked and squeezed her breasts.

Clutching her sister to her chest, Angie moaned when Julie hotly breathed, "God, Angie, you have no idea how long I've wanted to do this to you. I swear, I've been dying over these breasts ever since we were kids." Lovingly sucking her sister's full, lush mounds, Julie pressed them to her face, fully savoring them. "All those times we showered and took baths together, playfully soaping each other up...mmmm, every inch of our drove me crazy. Anytime we had the house to ourselves you teased me with those tiny cut-off t-shirts and leotard wraps; then, when you were in ninth grade, you started wearing them to go to the movies with me and our boyfriends. All those sundresses where you left half the buttons open, and I could see your nipples...all those see-through lace blouses you wore to school...and you never had on a bra. You never needed one, either. You just always let everyone see your perfect tits."

Grinning, Julie looked up. "I could never decide what I liked you in best. Remember that time we went to the beach with the guys, and your bikini kept falling off in the surf? Even when it stayed on, it was totally see-through anyway. Every guy there was drooling over you. That whole day I was turned on from watching you, especially when all you wore that night to hang around the campfire was that unbuttoned peasant's blouse. You had a million of those, but that one was my favorite because it was white and completely transparent, and you only tied it at the very bottom. God, you were so fucking sexy. I wanted to tear that thing off of you, right there in front of everyone. With the way the firelight was dancing on your naked breasts, you can't even imagine how gorgeous you were that night."

She gave her sister's nipple a lingering nibble before smirking, "It wasn't only about your perfect tits, though...." Sliding down further, she lifted Angie's hips until she had her doubled over backwards, her knees by her head. Grinning even more brightly, she dove tongue-first into her writhing playmate's satin-smooth pussy.


"Oh my god! Oh my god!" cried Angie, thrashing out of control as her golden blonde sister gleefully ravaged her.

Julie laughed, "After everything you've done to me tonight, you just lie back and let me have my turn now! Did you think I'd already forgotten what you did to me on that dance floor? Flipping my dress up and licking my pussy, right in front of all those horny guys? You sexy bitch, was I not supposed to notice that?"

Growling playfully, she tongue-fucked Angie's pussy, jamming it deep inside before sucking hard on her gorgeous sister's swollen pink clit.


Slowing her attack, she started licking and sucking Angie's ass and pussy at an easy, relaxed pace. She gently lowered her hips back to the carpet; kissing her beautiful thighs, she lovingly nuzzled the warm, soft skin. Sliding down, she returned her lips to her sister's succulent sex, worshipping it for many long moments with tender kisses and adoring licks.

"As much as I always wanted to attack your tits, you drove me totally insane with this..." Julie said, nipping at the shining wet labia one last time. Rolling Angie onto her stomach, she bit her supple bottom. "And especially this...your amazing ass. It was those sundresses you constantly wore. Somehow you always managed to find the shortest, sexiest sundresses, and on those rare occasions when you even bothered to wear panties at all, god, they were so tiny and see-through. Whether we were at home or at school or out together with all the guys, I spent my entire high school career ogling your gorgeous ass, and it's only gotten better since then. I swear, by the time you were a senior your dresses had become even shorter, and your legs were absolutely perfect. Angie, it was just ridiculous how sexy your ass looked in those sundresses. Those things barely covered you, and half the time they didn't cover you."

She nipped and kissed all over Angie's bottom before pressing her face between her sister's spread legs and simply devouring her. For the next few minutes she ate Angie's glistening asshole with the manic hunger of a starving woman; then, rolling her beautiful baby sister back over, she forced her mouth all the way inside that luscious pussy.

Flashing a wicked grin as she bit Angie's clit, she said, "I always loved how you showed off your gorgeous body to everyone. Whether it was your amazing breasts or your mouthwatering ass and pussy, you let us see everything, and I absolutely loved it." Again she playfully nipped at her sister's brilliant pink bud. "So when we go clothes shopping tomorrow, not only am I going to treat myself to a bazillion sexy mini-dresses and tiny skirts for going out to clubs and things," she purred, pausing to lick Angie's tempting curves, "but I'm also going to get about ten thousand of the shortest, hottest sundresses we can find, just to wear every day. I'm talking barely-reach-my-ass short, and especially front-buttoning ones, the kind that I can open from the top and the bottom. I want them to be as short and revealing as yours always are, and I'm going to start wearing them with high heels and no panties everywhere I go. God, I can't wait."

Diving back in, she ate her sister in a frenzy, whipping her face from side to side between those beautiful thighs.


Writhing ever more desperately on Julie's urgent tongue, Angie began whimpering that she was about to cum.

"Yes, cum for me, sexy girl...cum for me...let me taste you," moaned Julie into her drenched slit.

In the meantime, while Julie was ravaging her sister's molten pussy, Matt had begun to stroke and kiss Angie's breasts.

Moaning deeply over their combined attack, she reached out to bring his hardening cock back to her lips.


Julie's thrashing and sucking on her clit finally did it; her orgasm washed over her in a rolling wave of full-body pleasure, its crest spilling forth into Julie's mouth. Hugging her sister's trembling thighs, our ravenous blonde minx drank her fill, until finally Angie descended from her liquid peak.

Having given her baby sister a wonderful orgasm, Julie rolled over and beamed for the camera; lying on her side as she ran a languid hand over her bare breasts, she looked supremely satisfied.


What a beautiful picture: Julie, resting naked and happy, her golden hair framing a gorgeous shining wet face simply aglow with blissful serenity.

Angie wasn't nearly finished, though. Spreading her legs, she breathily moaned, "Fuck me, Matt. Just fuck me."


"Jesus, babe, you should see how amazing you look right now," I said, setting down the camera so I could fully take in the sight of her.

"I bet I look desperate for a proper fucking," she said, giving Matt a hungry leer. Pulling him down on top of her, she wrapped her legs around his hips and whispered, "No more pretending. Take me now, and this time take me all the way. Show me everything you've always wanted to do to me." Reaching for his cock, she guided it to her steaming slit. "Fuck me, baby...just fuck me," she said again, breathing it into his mouth.

Slowly dropping his hips, Matt slid home, and her entire body shuddered. "Oh god..." she moaned, stroking his hips with her inner thighs while caressing his back with her fingertips. Her passion rising, she was doing everything she could to pull him in deeper, even clutching at his ass with her feet to urge him on.

She was so wet that we could actually hear the moist sounds of his cock sluicing inside her; picking up his pace, he drove harder and more steadily into her shining pussy.

"Yes, baby, fuck me...take me...cum inside me!" she cried out in a sexy ramble.

With a lusty moan, Matt sucked her breast into his mouth. When he bit her nipple, she clenched him tightly while yelping in delight.

"It's squeezing me! God, your pussy is squeezing me! Gonna cum! Gonna cum!" he roared, his back arching.

"Do it, baby! Cum in me!" she moaned, clawing at him with both hands.

When his massive orgasm flooded her womb, her entire body was rocked by gorgeous spasms, and they cried out together. Writhing beneath him, she held him inside her, seemingly unwilling to let it end; gasping with each electric aftershock, she just kept rolling her hips, thoroughly savoring the moment.

A few minutes later, after everyone had calmed down a bit, Julie stood and offered me her hand. "Take me to bed," she purred seductively.

"You two have fun tonight. We'll see you in the morning," Angie said with a warm smile, her eyes sparkling.

On our way out of the living room Julie and I stopped to take one last look back at Matt and Angie, who were snuggling beneath a blanket in front of the fireplace. Noticing that we were watching them, Angie reached up to the coffee table and grabbed the Cleveland Indians cap filled with the remaining commands for the rest of the week.

Giving us a sexy grin, she dumped all the little slips of paper into the crackling fire.

"I don't think we'll be needing these anymore...."

~the end~

To be continued in the next series, "Stacey."

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